Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 8, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1974
Page 12
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II Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Set.. June I, 1974 ·ATrrT«.viLL». A»KANSAS ORIVMN TlttRTRE NOW SHOWING "Magnum" 8:40 Florida's Wildlife Officers Face Trigger Happy Poachers -- PLUS -MCQUEEN / MocGRAW THE GETAWAY * SAM PfCWNRW RLM r «»' FPOMRRST ARTISTS B31 "LE-MANS" with Steve McQueen Open «:« Fet. Trl» SunL Mat -im«ia,»/j»t. i RJK. JMaNCWNAN RalM (I'fil THE STING WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture ·«n nfn. * prfH. trffj IDMUUimiUN as BILLY JACK in TON LOSERS' Funniest Western since "Cat Ballou" (R) Mel BrooVcs TBLRZING SADDLES Op**) 7 p.n * *20 ~mfr.-nu.tinu.tmmt* San. Mat. 2 pjn. WALKING TALL Joe Don Baker Sat. 7:15 9:1 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. 4 PC OToOE John Astin By CINDY ROSE THE EVERGLADES, Fla. (AP) -- It's sundown, Jim Sis- runk Is in his pickup truck, ights out, driving along nar- ·ow, bumpy levee roads on the ookout for poachers. The setting is the swamp, eerie in the blackness with fire- 'Ik's catching movements of oi- lers and raccoons, frogs singing in husky voices and the lights of Andytown 18 miles away. But the beauty belies danger 'or wildlife officer Sistrunk. "It's hazardous work," Sistrunk says. "We get into a lot of hassles. People a r e more ikcly to use those guns now than they ever have before." Earle Frye. director of the Florida Game and Fresh Water i-'ish Commission, says that in he past three years there has occn a rash of violence involving wildlife officers. "It's the same in all areas of .he country, more men are ·dllcd and hurt," he says. "It's lard to understand the taking of life over a misdemeanor like deer-poaching." Dan Crowdcr was killed May in north Florida when he :ried to slop a deer hunter. Conally Campbell was shot five times near Fort Lauderdale by deer-poachers. He lived. Leon Walker died in an auto accident in Columbia County during a high-speed chase. HUNG IN EFFIGY Five officers were hung in effigy after arresting a ring of organized deer killers bagging an estimated J35.000 yearly. "If somebody decides they want to h u r t a wildlife officer, they've got the advantage," Sistrunk says. "They can do it, there's no way that man can stop them. They've got guns to hunt. They can just shoot first. The officer can pull his gun and get a shot off but he'll be hurt." In Florida, there are only 153 state wildlife officers to protect millions of acres. Sgt. Sistrunk and his seven officers are responsible for protecting the ani mats in 700,000 acres of Everglades. "It's a lot of land but if a poacher "does it regularly we've got a 50-50 chance to catch him." Sistrunk says. "The good hunters tip us off." Most poachers in Florida are after deer, weighing about 100 pounds and selling at M5 a head. Deer meat often Is iatan andhi$ sons Devla Hades TM R DEVIb MADE ME «*- DO IT CONTINUOUS FMM DAIK J SHOWS DIIVI.IN IHUTtl PH. 751-S724 NORTH and SOUTH SMORGASBORD ALL THE PIZZA and SALAD You Can Eat $145 1 MONDAY 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. BRING THE KIDS Only lOc Per Year of Age HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SITE BOTTEL Hacked-Off Niece Has Irritating Aunt Study Shows West Coast To Have Least Church Affiliation Rap: Last winter my mother, aunt and I moved into a one-family house to save on expenses. My aunt has t h i s terrible habit of clearing: her throat or 'hacking," as we call it, for several hours in the morning and evening. The noise shakes the house almost -- it's like when a man clears his throat, then spits, only she adds an ixtra hack afterwards. She wakes me with it, and on weekends when you want to sleep. it's misery. My mother sits .with her fingers in her ears, : sighs, and sometimes shakes her. fists. I'm getting the brunt at both ends; My aunt claims she must hack to breathe, but she doesn't do it when other people are around or when she'i working or busy. I asked her if she stopped breathing at those Jmes. She had an operation for her sinus problem some years ago but it evidently didn't help, and she refused to get more treatment. I've tried .bejng nice but I'm on the verge of yiotene'e. Wha't can we do? -- Hacked To Pieces Dear Hacked: The old tape recorder routine miglit work here. If your aunt could hear herself as others hear her she may understand why you can't hack those hacks. When people live close, _.. annoying habit can drive others up the wall in two ways: 'repetition is bad enough, but anticipation is even worse. We'll bet you wake up before the hacks start, then he there with eriled teeth, waiting. If your aunt can't see t h i s then perhaps a suggestion thai you split up your h o u s i n g arrangement may send her to he doctor again. - Helen and ·---- fear Rap: · Thii is. in answer to the young person who waj wishing for the ood old depression days so she ould make ends meet. Here re the facts: A grocery clerk earned round K a week, working -8 m. .'until 6 p.m. with no coffee reaks, just an hour for lunch, o overtime pay for Saturday ghts either. Yes, those were the days! otatoes were 15 pounds for 25 ents;- you could get 24 pounds flour for a dollar (and make inderwear from the sacks), amburger cost 13 cents a ound,' beans 5 cents and pea- ut ~ Sutttr 1C cents a pound, eaches were 20 cents a bushel you picked them yourself. We made ends meet by retching them around our mpty middles. Most of us eren't lucky enough 'to have ven $8 jobs! -- From-Terre aute. Inc. chopped up and disguised with hamburger for illegal sale. Alligator-poaching has de dined since strict federal laws in 1972 which forbid interstate transport of the skins. Gators taken now are usually caughl for the edible tails. Sistrunk says he's been she at once. He wasn't hit. But there have been other tough ones, "I could havi drowned fighting one guy to gel the skins he threw into a canal. We were both big and it took me a while to subdue him. NEW YORK (AP) _ The people of Utah. Rhode Island and North Dakota are more ei- ' t e n s i v e I y affiliated with churches than the populations : the na- In contrast, t h e smallest de- ree of church affiliation is in he West Coast states of Wash- ngton, Oregon and California. These are among conditions urned up in the first com- ilation in 20 years'of religious tatstics by denomination in each region, state and county n. the country. "The West Coast seems to be attracting a non-church sort of population," observed Douglas fbhnson, of New York, one of search team that collected the )«ar Helen And Sue: · "M.C." who downs nonvirgins 5 being "prostitutes" w o u l d ave. « hard time getting into eaven. even though she's so nper-pure. Sure, I'm in favor of waiting or sex until I'm married, and know everyone isn't doing il as M-C, seems to think), but · prefer the way my mother jlks to me about It. · Mom never preaches or criti izes. She has long talks with me instead. She says sex before marriage is l i k e opening all h ^ r i s . t m a s presents before Christmas. She has also taugh me that humans are different from animals in that they have soul and conscience, and sex with. Just anyone can make a oung person hate herself, even laybe subconsciously. --Love your column. -- A.L. (Got a problem? Or a subjec or .discussion, two-generation tyle? Direct your questions to ither Sue or Helen Bottel -T both, if you want-a corrrbi ation mother-daughter answer -- in care of Northwest Arkan as TIMES. "REDECORA.T TVItoeit ta residential interiors md exterim. JOSEPH G. PRICE Contractor of FbK Pai»Uag. 521-1598 ^^ wJds true, with the - slimmest segment of church-belonging-- 3.S per cent--in the Pacific coast region. The heaviest affi iation is in the New England state*, where 60.4 per cent be ong. Th 237-page statistical re- jort was a joint project of the llenmary Research Center, 'athoKc agency in Washington, D.C., and research sections oi .he interdenominational Nation al Council of Churches and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Sy igures "This doesn't necessarily mean that the .West Coast is ir religious, since many of the n e w r e l i g i o u s movements spring from there," he added. 'But it does indicate that the migrations to the West involve some sort of tacit rejection oi affiliation with the organized churches." Heavily Mormon Utah tops he list of states in the proper- ion of church affiliation, with 3.6 per cent of its people be- onging to churches. North Da kota is second at 76. 6 percent and Rhode Island third, with 75.3 per cent. The scantiest percentage of church affiliation is in Washing ton State, where only 32.5 per cent belong. Next, in small degree of membership, is Oregon with 33 per cent, and California, with 33.5 per cent. Regionally, that same pattern is how the 50 s t a t e s percentage of people nod. Here rank in belonging to churches: U t a h , 83.; North Dakota 78.6; Rhode Island. 75.3; South Dakota, (9.2; Wisconsin, 67.3 Minnesota, 66.3; New Mexico (3.3; Massachusetts, 63.2;'Iowa 62.4: Nebraska, 60.4; Con necticut, 60.4. Louisiana. 591; Pennsylva nia, 59.2; Texas. 56.2; Illinois 55.2; Oklahoma. 55.1: Ken lucky, 54.8; Idaho ,53.6; Kan sas, 52.7; South Carolina, 52.4 Montana. 52.3; Vermont, 52.1. New'Jersey.'51.6: Mississippi 51.1: Missouri. 51.1; North Carolina, 50.7; New Hampshire 50.3; Tennessee, 501; Alabama 47.8; Wyoming. 47.6; Arizorii and Ohio, 47.4 :New York, 47 Georgia. 46.2; Michigan, 45.9 Arkansas, 45.8. Maine. 44.8; Indiana, 44.6 Virginia. 43.3; Delaware. 43.2 Maryland. 42.8; Colorado, 41.5 HMce BecM He*d Of Law Enforce**!. Body .HOT SPRINGS, Ark (AP) -. J. Rict of th* slate Gam* nd Fish Commission was lect«d president of the Ar- ans»s Law'Enforcement Offi- jrs Association Friday despite n attempt to give the Job to heriff Marlin Hawkins of Conway County. The election at Rice followed he tradition of the organ- zation. The association elects a ifth vice president and moves im up one notch each 'year.:. This was Rice's year. . However, someone nominated: Hawkins, saying his close asso-* iation with Democratic guber- latorial candidate David H. _ 3 ryor would promote · better.; relationship between the. associ-.; lion and the governor's office. Pryor, 39. and Republican Cen Coon meet in the Novem- ler general election, but Pryor s a heavy (avorite. The association also elected Iheriff Ed Hall of Woodruff: County as the fifth vice presi-: dent. Hawkins is not In line lor president. The association also urged; Congress to permit local and. state law enforcement agencies? .be heard before action is; taken on a measure to seal: records of criminals within; Jiree to five years after they; lave finished with the judicial' system. Virtually all law en-;. forcement officers are opposed' to the bill. - Florida, 41.2; 40.5: Hawaii, 37.8; 33.3; 32.5. West 379; Virginia Nevada Alaska, 37; California Oregon, 33; Washington HOT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. HK FlZZrV MHWlCtt SlfREME* 0 Th. 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For information aril the Mm Hi wen Arkansas TUMp, display advertising department. 442-4242. SATURDAY EVENING * «:·» - ... n . :·. 7 i. T Jimmy Dean -....- ' News 2, Lawrence WeQt : · Johnny Manna' Stand Up And Cheer It Hee Haw ; I * «:M -- . Police Surfeoa ) Treaaure Hunt',...:. .,-,..·.- .,;,.':]2 flrUn Kfith .. , '...-,:. Z Dragnet ."..',/. S Camcolendax : '. n I've Cot A 9ecre 1« That Good Ol« NaahVn* Moaic 1 * 7:« -Partridge Family .... Emergency All In th'e'ramiiy':;; W 7:» War and Peace Movie , Maah ' *·:»»- ' Movie I S. S, T Mary Tyler Moor. ». 1» M ·"*» -^ - ' ·. H fcS,7 11 .. I 14 11 t, 11 , M Bob Newkart t *»:·»- Carol Burnett I, U Neiu. 11 Owen Mannal] .. I, 12 * IMt -- ' . ' · = , . . N»w« «, S. 11. * H;J» -- · New. t, i t. 1 Movie t, t. 1« Dpc DM ..: 11 * .'MM -- ' - ' " Movie «. I. ». T * 11:» Mori* 11 * IZ:N Wacky World of Jonathan Winter. * Bmd of Ijf. ,.... IS Soul Train S Htm Tor Tour Uf« 1 Movie '..... T Dm KrUkjwrli B«k CaaeaH .. s * lt:« - !:» - SUNDAY HORNING * f:M- Party Una Acroaa tb« Tennt * «:» - Acraaa th« Penc* Sabred Heart Today'. World * «:«- PaaUr'a Study With thU Kinx D«»ey and Goliath' Search Outreach afoale a=d th. Spoken 1 Kid Power Amazlac Grace Voice of Victory Faith for Today Oomond. Goapei llnitnc JobUea . Voice «/ Victory Thai I. the Life w «:·*- «»Birlog« TawnJvafl J.mea .. BiUey'a Cometa Thy Xincdom Corn. "-* Amazilic Chan ....... Herald of Trugk Oral Sober* **··-· EvatujeHatie Tempi* . Goapel of Chr«t Let Th* Bible Speak Herald Of TmthT.7T.. S-UT:^..:::::::: * »:» .... T ... U .... 1 . S, 12 .... 2 7 ... 1« 1 . I. f Look Ui Up *mt Lira Kathryn Kuhlman . Viaion On Day of P(atOfalf .. Oral Roberta if le:W - rait* for Today .. Can tlv. Daeiir .... Oral ·oberta ..». 5, e. "erJTal Tjraa Jerry FalwelL BUly Jame. Haraia * y i.r3. D ^°" or · nalOfiM 14 Hour of Power . . . . Itaka A Wialt Jimmy Swaccart Bookahelf .TTT To Be Announced * II:N Church Webber'a World Other People. Oaher Plaiaa''.'. Churcti Serrice l«aet th* Pnan ............V. it n-.m Krangel Temple Attorney-. Speik . . . . . . . . . . . To Be Announced Name of the Gain* Wraatlfng Direction. '. * K:J» Meet th* Prop X . I . * 11. H ...'. T ... S ... 1 ... 1 ... S ... T S, U

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