Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 8, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1974
Page 10
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10 Morthwv* Arkoiuat TIMES, Sot., Jim« 9, 1974 PAVCTTKVILLI. ARMANIAft 34--for $ok -- Mbc»Hcm«eui 34--Apartm*nfe For R*irt KAT fcr Hk NWn* baler. TV. IBM typewriter tor » Vxcvl:«nt pan4ittw. Standard mcrftL ( -kH ·TARS color TV', brand ntw. rWlnn Uwn mo«*r, l*o yrin Ptwn* HiroM't Conooo 442-773 bf T:Sfl ».m. * 6:00 p.m. WM heavy duty *trrtch vLItch M-wIna viadiinn. nalloMlly adrertiseti at T!W35- nxii can b* TWIT now H38.9S; 3D yean part* aid UW r*r«nt«-«. DOM «v*rj- Mag? Don't rutta the b«t owl ev-jt Arallab'e tor Inspection at Urd1«-i _ 9BT«. Hwy. Q W,, Fl» ' i 9 to 9, Von.-Fil, tit] I Bat BCRATCHT;D -- in «Mpn«, ,,,,_, . _. ^ ,__ J : _, FREIGHT ha i rKflvtd S ONT «w«»TM. tiimis«rf tfftdertcx apart- brantf few iljoaK »wi"njt mjif*ilr.« withjment, alr-eond*rtler«d, all BUlltlat j»]«), To P1oc», Canctl or Correct Your Cla.slfiad Ad for Tomorrow'! Paper CALL BEFORE 4:00 P.M. TODAY 442-6242 Aik For Claufied j ttodn from tampuf. OotUgti in country. 14 mlntitatw tram otmpu*. M5 up. TO'AT R APA RTM KXTS, Ont »n-l two bedrootn, turn'sb*-! clr* !o University. *v«l[*bl for rintnwr and Nil. Call 521- or 4+3-4922, »p«rtm«tit-- eff.cimc:**, and tm) bedroom -yxn-xir conditio in «ry qolet ·avirannfai. rfos« to on* FURNISHED, Iw« bedroom*. carp-*. Within waiving dlitanc* «t etmyut, *f- .rtrwt parting- Jl» ptu ntililiM- Call 4U-7U5 after I p-m. ONE bedroom furnlAed apartment, clTwt to eunpuat. no ilr. no p*ti, ill b'.LU paid. 135. Call W1-3S3T. THREE bedroom. unwrn Hi*»y ft W«t Phon« fully available puaH b-jtton rtvtne tuiM-En crxitroli JOT tnakErix buttonhole. ^inc will tw sold on a tirtA om*. firrt ·vrvnj tesLt for 149,35. UnUM Freight ·a!**. Hw, C W.. Fay*tt»vil, 9 to 9. Mcr-.^m, till * 9it PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College AIL THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 THREE room furnished apartment for mature lady, no air, DO pell, Wi. Utilities paid. Hi. 751-2138. METAL Detccton -- G*rrttt, the Ai'i ChoKr*. GoM and *!|Ter crtnt Bud Mkd. Oill Ah* iUncoln. Ro?er», Art. 27-Musical Mercbanrfis* DRUM SET, m*Ullie r*d. c xc«Ucnl con- ditio . (100. Fhon« tt3-3Sd5u «PL\ET-OOSSOLE PIANO: Parm cmn be Uken n*r by responi.b:« party to thLi vicinity or. »m*ll monthly b Wt'U arnnK oonv»nient ln«ptction. «r write Plunkelt Mu»k: Co.. 2-tU Dodson. Fl SmUh, Ark. Phone T82-W75. BTERCO -- Component «'stern» [6) Oom- pJrte with I *p*«d cbanrer. ipva d usl cm-pr, A M/FM multiplex tu Ui« 51 F *\*gt* to fun* rM » ( , also «Mn Jacfcen for tape deck record ·n«J pl*y and headphone Jink. JS9.9S ·adi. United Freight Siki, Hwy. S3 W.. r«yeHtv«lt. Open 9 to 9. Mon.-Fri., UN « sal. ORGAN. M»rni vox. small, two try board, electric, Wataul cabinet, xond cond itioo. $306 or b*st c*Ter, OiH S302, rtrminften. 28--Antiquw--For Sola 1WO Mk drop-front desks. Oak Kpfnntac wheel, walnut wmrti aland Brach'i An- tJque »wp, 3M N. W. 5th St., Bentonvilte. WHEN antlifue brow-ring -- viiit Brach'i «pncra1 Itne of Antigaes. 306 N. W. 5th .TOST arrived at PWA Gfflllbs Antlijue* -- Fall shipment fran Europe- S12 NorHi Siid «.. Fort Smith, Ark. T2W1. Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- PrfmiLlvM -- GUM Chini -- Braa -- Collector'i Items Prairie Grove. Ark. Phon* M6-2S8] » LIZ'S ANTIQUES * Hwy 113 North ~ 443-4871 30-WonlMl To Buy WANT to buy: In Lincoln ictmx dislrtct, .vnmll *ert*e* will) hns*. Phon* 846-7744. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING ABOVE FACE (Subject to daily ehargre, cali for quote). Aljo need small coin and stamp collections top dollar paid FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2561 N. College, 521-«n C 5 C O I N S H O P PAWN y»ylnr !M% over face for Silver. Buy Sfll All U.S. Coinj 1308 S. Thompson TS1-JTH nuCZB TOR GOOD USED roiwrrupj: A APPUAMOCS mcnn INO ANTIQUES 442^91 WANTED 2 tor, 'ffl-70 mode! CSwvy, OUC. or lateraatiaaA! wrttwr bed. Miut be zmd truck. 7S14 3 T-Wanted To Trad* CAN OFTER SMALL 3 ROOM rtniyiSHEp HOUSE AND urn^ TT1TS TO YOUNG MARRIED ACRT TTJTEVT IN EXCHANGE TOR FARM WORK. CALL 33--Room t For Rent SLEEPING ROOM, shafe balh willi e o'.her, private *nlra.i«, o-fsUert fwrti close ico Vot\. atident 4«-*«s. FTJR.MSfED one bedroom ajwrtment, i condition, ca.-pel, private ] f.e. Ii-6. a* prtv 442-1535 TIRED OF BIG COMPLEXES? Now Leasing New A a p rtmer, U At *33 Sycamore Six 1-Bedroom Apartmtntc Eight 2-Eedroom Townhouaej * Luxuriouily Furnished lraped · B e a u t i f u l harvest gold *ppHtnc« including dishwasher * Water and gas paid · Individual fenced-m patios Call Vic after 3 p-m. 521-15«4 For K»rrf XATT7RE Idol's, or gr» *rrnitfj*l ip« rtm«n'.. Oer,tral BIT. tric atitrtitR, wiU-to-wia DELMARR i. Rxm* 448-3313 «r 442 aptrtnwnt, vouth bt^nxvn, tvo htft tniler. - ' JHCAT ctMvocy *liljtl.ff paid ·M If. a?«rtm«.l for one XMr h Ifyn:r» BoMtr srev.1 CUMMINGS APTS. Ctec it Cxrapu 44M757 T»« HajuB-m fcmi.*^, rHwM.f to M fata vtllitw. OM aMdroom far^!*rt. fM ftaf ·tJl.lJ'M N*w two kKraere fara- Ww4 wiii t $» per month. kv»b*i on N. On* bedrmcn, lant rumi*«n all vlilitlM P*S1. Looted two b'ockj from UA, »3D per monlh. C*Jl Sdwlti TtyEor. 521-7T17. rURNISKED rety nice and convenient " "· ' Apti.. 1540 NettlesWp. Ft*M after 3 nil 443-30*5. .,..iLZ roommate nwded to share bedroom apartment, 1% blocki f THKEE nxm fumithH uptL*ir« apartment, outsi'lc *ntr»r,c*. G*i *r«J *ril«r fnrn!**!, nxnw i4295 »nn 5;00 p.m. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom e f f i c i e n c y Jurnlshed apartment. UHlLtiee paid. No pet*. ¥70. From «:00-5:00 call Scholar* Ian. 521-5923. A f t e r 5:00 and week ·ndj call 442-9196. THREE or four room fumiihrd * part- men Ls, war University. Phon* 442-6J86. 2 BEDROOM, ttrnljbe'1, |90 plus Utiltt 1212 So, Dunn. +13-3780 or 267-:ffl94. EVERYBODY rea-to tb» TO4E9 ADS. Von *T»! MKNT arnrtmert, furnfibcd, nd r*b]e paid, private entr Cf. T*x\t U3-2T8 or 7^1-99*7 THE DAVIS APTS. Comer of Mountain and Locust. Furn- USed, 4 rwxm and tile bath. Fud site ge and refrfnrator, Paneled through, ort-ilre*-! partcin*. T.V. cab, air ^i!lon«d, couples or mHdl«-aa«d aen- t!«man or lady Clove to fquare. Phone 44?-T74« 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. JAMECTOWN, 525 South Dunoan. farn- inod one bedroom apartment, air-conditioned, shag carpet, dishwasher and all panel erf, (135 per month, you pay water and eleotricily. Call Don Dinfiledine 521' 3163 or 442-fflSl after 7 p.m. SUMMER SCHOOL At aumm«r rate* -- 8 unita -- S bedroom townhouae, IVi baths. Air conditioned furnished or unfurn- iihed. DLxhwasfier. disposal free refrigerator!. Shade trees. Balconies, Electric ranjre. Quality and quid. Ready now. CtU 521-8660 or ifter hours 442-8071. «08 TOWNHOUSE AM Ljwson St. SKULL CREEK ARTS. no N. iv«rtn 5JI-2761 L !. uid » txdraom nimlited w unfurniihei]. All utllltia p«ld. two iwlmmlnx poolc, tennis courte laundry, (rocerr. «M OcUltia. «lr conditioned. APARTMENT -- DUPLEXES -- MOE HONTEK Purnistied and unfa rn- d. Hanna Mar In* 600 W. 6th. Phorw 521-6ES5. MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVUXE'S FINEST Now le.u{nr one. two. three or four bedrooms -- Furnished or un- Curnlfihed. 3001 Wcfiinffton Phon* 511-TW6 -- Orfic* In Apt. 1 SUMMER RATES i AVAILABLE FOR YOUK INSPECTION: i CHATEAU, INC. 1TM N. Levcnlt x rayettcviU* , S3I-3313 Mgr. Apt No. 1 CHATEAU IV 17S4 N. Lever«tt , Tayetttvlllj I 521-3313 r MgT. Apl. No. 1 ' K E N CLAIRE ! 1900 N. Garland ' FayettevJUe «2.»1 Mir. Apt. Ho. M ^ COLONIAL ARMS 1 1211 N. Lrventt f Fayettevllle 521-2110 M»I. Apt. No. 1 ? JENNY LYNN \ 11 South Duncan rayetttvlllt 521-T2W f MBT. Apt. NO. is i GARLAND GARDENS _ 2000 N. Garland r Fayettevill« 1 «2-S*l Msr. lKen-Cliir« Apt. No. I (4) SWDIMKC POOL OK POOL P1UV. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 1 Bedroom* Furnished or Unfurniiried May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 NEAP. UMVERSTTT, MM tedroom, carpeted air conditionel, J100 month. AH ulitlies paid. H^Ri« or 5Z1-7SM. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bed roorrn, central heat and air-conditioning, dlcpoMj, off street parking no pet*. Available immediately for jam- mer »nd fall. HOS. plui KO drpout With fireplace, S13S *umrn*r, TUO faU. OlU 5Z1-6M3 or 531-I53» NOW LEASING Family Atmosphere. 1, T, 3 Bedroom*. rura*h«J or TTn- furniihrd. SUrtini at (101. Central heat * *!r, All irtUitio [Hid except electric. Complete laundry it, cilitie*, Ztayeare center on praili'ai Country Clab Road Office Open *-i ; Alter i p.m. UI-*n* 1?73 MONTE CARLO LANOAU COUPE elrrtrle wiaiiom, tilt irhe*]. factory tjpe. power iteerin*. ptnrer bTAke*. laetory air. Landau top. radial tlrea and iporl wheels, a white beauty maroon Interior. Locally owned 1»,09« actual milea. OZARK MOTOR CO. Hwy 71 South By Buxi«r Ch*f TOR WISHED or nnrtrnlfbrt. 1 brtrtwm, Whltham. I b:ockj lo Unl ^rLty. G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer '. $125 Per Monih 1 Bedroom Furnisried Also Renting for Fallt All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Putman -- 442-6638 NOW AVAILABLE I It 1 BEDHOOM UNTTS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. rritndly «tmc«pher« 2 Urge pool* recreation mom. Summer rate* effective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL « NOW rer.tlnz for summer anil fall-and t»o bedroom apartmnete. Kerr In vestment Co., 521-41M «2-2w7. 5a-i34i UNFURNISHED apertmenl tro bed' rooms. SW-HS per month pliar »25 rlean up deposl!. Reference reniired. South " Kock SU.. Apt L2. «2-7790. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER On» bedroom efficiency furnished apartment. Utilities paid. $70. From »:00-S:00 call Scholar* Inn. 521-5923 After 5:00 »nd weekend! call «2- HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block aouth of the Selene* Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished apartment available now. AI*o teasing fot tummer and fan. Summer rat** S21-38. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 1071 Two Bedroom 125 w Three Bedroom 143.00 All utllltiei paid, centnl heat an, »/c. unfunUjhed. families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS ICES N. Lewii 521-3073 Office Hours 1:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays If Sundays SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING Tor immediate occupoancy. Also for June Ac Sept. Completely carpeted AH utUitle* paid except Electricity ArkU xu heatlnf and air conditioning. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated rtost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer W Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of PI ay ground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office 4U-2141 -- Apt. 100 THE LITRE WOMAN W--Offic* Spaa, Building* For Rent FKICK «T|4 warehouse sptct en Sttmet reel, present fcftticn at auns«t Carpet Ftione 7jl-M63. OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT N. College, 5 offtcea «nd · eceptEon room. C*ll Jamei Baker 21-1300. 'I'm supposed to entertain you while Emily gets dressed. Is there anyone in particular you'd like to talk about?" 35--Duplex** For Rent TWO bedroom duplex, near University, unfurnished, $100 p«r month plui ulllllies and depoiiL Phone 443-1911 after 3 p.m. DUPLEX, unfumishea. two bedrooms, adult! preferred, on Wfcli:ock Slieel. Phone 44M154. 37--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent LUXURY PLUS All eonveninc*a and ihaff carpet in two bedroom, unfurnished tawnhoiLsea, great view, ?230 per month. Call Lee Boss at Gallery of Home». 521-7272. GET TAN On redwood sundeck at rear of two bedroom duplex, close to University. Paneled throughout, stove and refrigerator furnished, $165 per month. Call L*« BOM 521-7272. TTTO BEDROOM duplex, unfurnished alove, dishwasher, disposal, washer/dry* er connections, fireplace, Root Sthool area, luHy shag carpeted throughout, cenlral air/heat. J190 per raontb. Phone 521-1S2S. TWO bedroom duplex, H25 a monlh. Call Mildred Crane, 443-l.MO or Stagecoach Real Estate, 521-llSO. 2 BEDROOM, central fceat/air, carport, aif carpet, washcr/drj-er connedlcms, .posals. furnished, very quiet- Garden space, couples preferred, no doss. 4427269. DUPLEX. nnfiunLshed, twn bedrooms, adults prefefred, on Whlltoc* Street Phone 442-985,. NEW, t wo bedroom unfa rnlshed apartment all utilities pa14, I13S per month Phl!lip« Drive, 521-710*. GUARANTEED QUIET. Owples and mature slnglei only. TWO bedroom un- CUmlhsed, except (tore and refrigerator, J95. Call 521-1621 after 5 p.m. TWO bedroom, shag arpet, Bto%'e aod refrigerator hirnl sfted. Centra] heat and r-cond ItLoned, jrarba^p d isposal. wasb- er/dryer nonnectlons. 442-8878. 36-- Houses For Rent THREE bedrc furnished house, ally located, available now. Phone day* -.Infill 442-7S29. UNFURNT5HED, 4 Mr. 1 Mil hath * one ^i bath, l^lvingraom dlnin? room A den. *150. Hwy IS West. Ptwne 443-3391. UNFURNISHED, 3 bertroom, l^S bath, house norOi of University, $100 UOey and Cb., Inc. 442-8311. NEWER houa« three bedroom or two and a den. m baths, c«Mrai heat and ?1S5, deposit required. I*hon« 443-4331 or 44KH57. THREE bedroom house furnished for s. Phone 4-12-5481. Very nice, 3 bfdroom nicely furnished. Located at Farmlngton. Close to .shoripi churches, and schools, phone 267-333-1, THREE bedrooms, 1J4 tile baths, backyard fenced, modern appliances. Phone 5?L-30S9 after 5:00 p.m. UNFURNISHED two bedroom house. Ml. Sefiuoyah, fireplace, basement, stove and refrigerator furnished, couple *rna]J child, referencej. Jt25. Available JtiJy 1st. 521- 229S. UN*FURNISHEI 3 bedroom house with i1 tacfied ga rage. CentraJ heat a nd sir, SIM. Cleanup deposit 1445 Addlnston, 442-W05. 'O berlnxm house, remodeled, thi oek^ Aouthwert of square. $100 month, plus deposit. Phone 443-2517. FTTRNISIfED apartment IKO per raonttx. Unfurnished apartment 9100 per month. Al! billi paid «c*p* water. 44.V4.ifil CREEKWOOD VILLA Check Thece Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpeti · Queen ilze b«d« * Frost-fre* re- frig. * Dishwajher Dispcwal · Pool 9 Free TV Hookup. Low rummer rate*. SI17.50 -- On* Bedroom 9127.50 -- Two Bedroom All billj paid except electric 44*338 PUTMAN-HILL APARTMENTS t^hed two bedroom ip«rtn«nt»--«lr eon dldoned--carpet--jrartaxe ditpcaal-- near Unirersitj---W2-9W7 after 4 p.m. REALLY KICK, one or 2 bedroom apartment on Xaywood L-ftne. Phone 521-4739, 35--Duplexw For Rent NEWLT frcont«d, 7 bedroom Tinftrm- fihed duplex apartment North ft Unl- ty, ma tried coupl* only, no pet*. Utley anij Co.. Inc., Pho DUPLEX for rent. pO · nwoft. A] I itjn paitj e»c*pt eleetueiiy, J25 deposit. Phone 443^6Eo. SICE two bedroora. Like new unfurl IA«J. centra] beat and *lr marrie-5 c«ip!c, r.o pel!. Phone 44^389 or 443- «1S aft»r 4:08 p.m. DUPLEX tajement ipartment, «6^ jj n . d*:L IO month pias otilitlw for couple. lifi for 2 boys. 443-40M. hedreom fumiitted at 1530 North air^rorditi«rd, carpet. fUO plot -. Phor« 44M17S, two bedroom, TMrp«t, tir- loditioned. R15 per month piuj dranit i fciil.1 paid. Phone 442-^20. NTTTRXISKKD. two bedroom duplex, irrtral heat and ilr. w«U-to-wafl carpet. J\» pics tt!U. Xarr-ed wcpW emlv. J BRTmoOM fuml*a3 1123 Sbafc Wert AT««. «. 50 depc*rt *M one ynr t rfquirrt. ilurt b* duiet couple ntddte-afcil widow. 443-3790 or 3S7- 2 BEDROOM house and one bedroom di p!ex. Nice furniture. Central air and carpet, Off-street parking. 443-3546 after 4 p.m. NICE, furnished, air conditioned. 2 room, water/sewer paid. O25. Nice furn- jshed 3 bedroom, t»cxe tot. $150. 442-3936, TWO bedroom duplex, $85 per month, with Tease. Phone 442-7*45. FURNISHED, two bedrooms, air-conditioned, carpels, paneling, Dew appH- unrw, fnrni she d, gara ue, wash*r-dr3'er outlets, no pets, deposit, married coup!*. J135. 442-4553, 442-5753. TWO, three ,anfl four bedroom booses for rent, furnished, completely carpeted, nicely decorated, desired lor rtudents tad faculty members. 443-Z14J. 37-Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent TWO bedroom mobile borne with and air-conditioning. RIO per month, gas paid, 125 deposit. Phone 521-3914. TWO, moderln, dose to UofA, shopping, work. One and two bedroom; f75 S100. Call 447-4589 for detail. FOR SALE or Rent: Spartan mobile man don. Sx3S. furnished, on* bedroom with rfudy area, alr-condLUoned, shag canW.. Phone 521-3910 after 5:00 p.m. FURXKHED 2 bedroom, air-conditioned, mobile home, mast b* quiet and reliable, no children, no pets, J110 month, cable and trtil.lies paid. Abo trailer 'spaces small trailer welcome. 13), sewer paid. 12x«l. 3 bedroom trailer. Purnlshed. Spanish style. No children or pets. Phone 442-5251. FURNISHED, TWO bedroom, cenlral air, wasr-r. drjier, pool, aduHj. 5110. 1 * miles fro mSltidervt Unim si Weslem Hills Mobile Home Park, Hwy. 52 W James Pebworth, 521-S9M. TWO tedroom, run.lshed', air-conditioticn. 9tienandoah VII!*, (UO. git p»id. Pbone 443-057. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADUtTS ONLY 3 rnllei U of A. -- 1 mile .NW Ark. Plaza on 71 bypaas and Jonnaon Rd. Phon« U3-2452 GOOD OOCNTRT [ivinf lp«cel at Green Acre*. 15 West phone 442-4638. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or "73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Se« HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 Villa HOBCLB ROMS PARK Central location · Oversized lots · Paved .Street JT · Swimmin? Pool · Playground i Recrealion bide · Sloraife bid? * Under zrounrt utililiM » Ott Street Parking. hwy. n N. Entrance Across from Holiday Inn BRAND RCW hre bedrfwrn, 50x12. nil carpelcd, nicely fumishett, washer a: drj-er hook-up, a!r-randitioncd, gas [ur ished, H25, 1550 clean-up deposit, 19(K Kock North OolLese. 442-3424. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK ap-tcct * Air-oood moWlff bone* r*nL Good Uvla.1 at Good PrLc« We*t E-Tid St - 1% ml. N.W. «C UofA. QOi 521-5323 or 5d*5eaO. Mobile Home Owner* SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up For a limited time only. Call today SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Pas« 443-1757, Swimm ins pool, storag buildings, patio, gas grilles and lights. Laundry. FURNISHED mobile homes. Also s for rent, Wnyn« Hinkle Mobile Horn Park. Hwy. 16 Ea*l. Rione 4-13-2S5S. 38-Mobile Homes For Sale 10x55 plus metal storage building, i furnished, e.vrepl for refriaerator. ran and window air, *2,250. Phone 442-65,% 12x60 WESTBROOK, furnished, 3 bdt Cfirpet. good location with trees. K; t-pllrnt condition. Hione 531-^)8 or 44: 4318. EVERYBODY reads the TIMES WANT A Da You an! 1972, 12x50, shag carpet. 2 bedroom central a i r and heal. Furn i shed, owner. Excellent condition. 447-7230. Specia. 14x70 Furnished Less Than $7.20 Per Sq. Ft. Mobile Homes Phone 442-6225 2556 Ml, Comfort Road FayetteviLe, Akansas 1972 12xal mobile home, two bedroom: Pickup low monUiIy pav-menls. See t Springbrook Park. No. 20. Phone 442-«K 1969 12x65 mobile home, air-conditione« carpeled, two bedrooms, two baths, liii nisfwd, ttooA condition, availab)e-fiunim«i Phone 4J2-2970, CHANDLER TraUM Cttnrcy, Inc. Loca ·nd nationwide. ICO Approved. Phon T51-W7S, Joftn-wn. At*. MOBILE HOMES OH ML Comfort Rd. -- U2MSI Tayetteville SALES and PARK Open tU t Each Evenln* 14x70 HOUSE trailer. Tnlly carnctej. iw bedrooms, two full baths, lived :n Jes i a year. Phone 8-S143. 1971 MG-GT COUPE mag wheels, 4 speed, one owner $2450 OZARK MOTOR CO. Hwy 71 South By Burger Ch«r Springdal* 47-*«ol Estot^-Tor Solv- UFLDINO SSidlO, » R. e*Lltnf, owidtilt j;, 1 y, fl. tioor · nd utrvlc* door, nachir- shop or storage, HVKN room, l.WO square I*«t. c«n*l id pan*link', 1250. Ition* C*rl »\ i43-63S2, WtD OPEN SPACES f you have » "don't fence me in" eellnf. you most lee this lovely home with loU of space both In nd around it. In the Butt«rfie!d School area, and priced at o n l y 37,500. Call Tor an appointment to ace It. Phyllis Freeman 521-6300 -r 521-1088. FREEMAN BAKER ASSOCIATES « A( x* REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 H-- For Rent--Miscellaneous SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LIGHTING BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TERM RENTAL E. !9th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phone 751-7068 43-Real Estate--Wanted WANTED to nut »r tease: pasture land .DO) acres or more, any and all acreages considered Pboot after 5:31 , 521-5160. 45 Lots For Sale HAVE, several small tracts of land 01 Hwy. 71 Ponlh of Fayettevitle at wins suilabl c tor mobile homes, 01 lanent ones. Will .sell on easy lermi enl and give option to buy. D. V Collir^^-JPhone ^4-28^1. 46--Farms Acreages APPROXIMATELY 20 cleared acres, mile from lake. Vi mile from pavemerv Cash, terms or contract. Phone 412- BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS. CLOSE TN. NEW AREA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW ALL UTILITIES, YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE TERMS ARE AVAILABLE BY OWNER 442-7511. --BY OWNER: IfiO acres, nenr Devil 1 _ Den, mostly wooded, mountainous, or chard, log cabin, year round stream 500. 443-316?. UJNG TERM LOAA^ on larse ana farm*--Federal Land Bank Amoe. Pbon« M2-6I73 for mo 47--Real Estate--For Sale 47-R«J. Ertot.--For Sab CONTEMPORARY WITH STYLE This home has lota of features you would not expect. See if it fits your needs, 3 Br 2 Baths, Family room with fireplace, etc. It also has an intercom system. Check: il out at $42,500. FftyllU Freeman 5216300 or 521-7088. FREEMAN MINIS-FARM ACryatal clear sprinj-fed *tre*m ]uws through this farm year ronud. Twenty level acres In Fescue -- balance timber. One year old Steel-trussed automatic Broiler douse. Four bedroom modern home. Close in West of FayelteylHe on Blacktop. Call us for appointment to see it. Evening! call 442-644-S. FRONTIER OVERLOOKING NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Tf a view is what you are looking for call us to see this lovely home with m a n y many extras. It has lots of decks, fireplace, good location Priced at 542.500, it may be the dream house you have been took- FREEMAN REAL ESTATE Company Doug Hartley Les Davis Arthur. Clark Bill Lazenby . . 1015 N. ColEege 521-6700 442-6446 521-4443 751-9724 , 521-5833 YANCY REALTY Office Phone 8M-2153 ra REALTOR Prairie Grov* Ark, P. O. Box 281 Hi way ·?? -- 2 miles west Prairie Grove Ark. 727S3 WAITING FOR YOU? This NEW 3 Br 2 Bath home is wailing for someone to claim it could it be yours? To see anc identify call Jo Dodson -- 521-6300 or 751-7537. O n l y 521,500. FREEMAN OFFICE PHONE Bob Yancey Bill Yancey Vern Heeve* S4S-215.1 824-32S9 84fi-?690 846-2544 OLDER HOME IN SPRINGDALE on a lot zcined C-2 for f u t u r e development. Now renting for more than though for payment. Llye In 1 unit rent I he other 2. Owner has ne wjob and no t i m e to m a n age. Will give great terms to the right person. J17.500. Call RanriaH Webb 521-3M or nights call 521- FREEMAN AN UNUSUAL HOME With 5 bedrooms, 4 l ,i baths, forma l i v i n g and dining rooms, panelei tcn w/f Ire place, light kitchen wit] dhl oven and Kitchenaide dw b r e a k f a s t area and utility room t.ols of closets and storage, beau i [ f u t marble floored entry wit itaircase to upper siory. So man: nice features you will need to in .spcct for yourself, PLUS 3,5 ACRE of privacy. WALK TO SCHOOL 4 bdrm, 3 bath brick and fram near Root. Large beamed ceiling den with FP, larjje deck overlooking private wooded back yard lots of closets and storage, carpets. A/C and drapes. Below replacement. TO SETTLE ESTATE 2 story frame on appro*. 1.5 acres corner of Lafayette and Mission. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, elevator, living, dining, k i t c h e n . Good condition. Can sell off 2 building lota or enjoy the privacy. LOOK AT THIS For Just W1.500. n bdrm »nd den. 2 bath brick In NE area cen. heat and air, drapes, ?- car garage, fully equipped kitchen. LiMed by Julie Eaves. TWENTY-FIVE ACRES Just minutes from downtown. C i t y water and gas. nice view, less lhan 31,500 per acre. Nice for one or ten homes. 1985 N. Collego Julie Eaves Jan Henson Wilma Coolick Lori* Stanton S31-8500 442-7262 521-6509 521-70S7 442-8714 NEW SUBDIVISION Now starting two-three-four bedroom homes. All h a v e large family rooms with fireplace. T w o baths and large two car garages, all built ins. Quality construction throughout. Drive up Mockingbird Lane today anrf choose your home Financing available. GINTONIO BLDG. CO. Phone 521-3373 after 5:00 p.m. or 521-1753 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. WORTH YOUR MONEY Brick, 3 large bedroom?, d i n i n g area, livingroom, central tieat. dark orange shag rarpe!, wood paneling throughout Only J1S.500. In Lincoln, turn north off * 62 on West street. Go 2 miles ajid Ted Lanfrfonl. YOU'LL LOVE THE KITCHEN OF THIS 3 bedroom, \\'i baths, cedar ranch house with over 1,400 sq. ft. in Butter-field School District. Low 20's. Phone 4425087. 1966 DODGE WINDOW VAN V8. automatic transmission, excellent condition. $1095 OZARK MOTOR CO. Hwy 71 South By Burger Chef Sprinzdil* FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates... We offer reasonable rent AIL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kjtchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Coll or Come By Unjversity Housing Rozorbock Annex - 575-3951 NORTHEAST We have a spacious 4 bedrnnin 2',2 bath home nearing completion h u L you may still choose the carpeting. This lovely all brick home has storage galore, and Is b u i l t by Chester House, one of the best and most meticulous bmlrfers In this area. This home ia in w a l k i n g distance of Koot School. WILSON-ADAMS ADDITION If you are looking for a well- kept. 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in a prestigious area w a l k i n g distance of U of A, pity park, and shopping, then eall us. We ha\-e just listed this one. Tt ts located on 2 lots and is landscaped to perfection. Bttter hurry. 2 BEDROOMS We h a v e n Z bedroom. J b a t h home located in Northeast and only $15,000. WIN WOOD DEVELOPMENT CO. 617 N. COLLEGE -- 52t-4-«« O. H. Gamble 442-2734 Glenda Robertson 442-5a4 Milli Hond 442-8157 He] en K irhy 442-500; Mildred Winborn 521-667: Margaret Parrish 442-761! jE?ss than three mile* from Prairis 3rove, on good country road, spa- iioos 3 berirotim modern home: :arpeled throughout, brick t r i m 1 dirre of .and. approx. 1400 sq. ft. in food condition, total price of 16,000, Term. 1 ; can rie arranged. 80 acres w/approx. 50 in perm, pasture, all under fence. Well and 3 ponds. '/ a mile from b l a c k top, 2 e°od broiler houses insu- l a t e d and automatic 25.000 rapa- c i t y one new steel truss one pole type in Kood condition, 3 bedroom. 1 b a t h home, large barn, block barn, and older poultry houses for hay storage, this one priced to sell for 65.000. Terms can be arranged. acre.?, all under fence aboul 1 mile from town about 60 acres open pasture hal. in timber. 2 wells, good creek, 1 pond, cellar, well house and b a r n , 3 bedroom mort- n dwelling. Total price $53,001), Terms can be arranged. 29 acres \s mile from black top, approx. 22 acres in open pasture 4 miles from town, very nice 2 bedroom house w/nearly 150 sq. {{. carpeted w/fireplace, stone veneer, well and 3 ponds, good fencing, shed, barn and pump house, tolal price §47.500. Terms can be rranged , 30,000 broilers in two new houses; w/stee] tnis"., well i n s u l a t e d , latest style pa ntypc auto-feeders. 6 miles f r o m town, 1 mile from blacktop: 85 acres of land most En open pasture, well, large spring, large spring fed pond, rivers, f u r n i s h abundance of water; 3 bedroom dwelling is c a r p e t e d w/nice large fireplace, barn, smokehouse, c o l l a r and well bouse. Total price SlOo.OOO. Terms can be arranged. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT Owner wil| carry balance 2 Br with 238' of highway frontage barn, cellar, storage bldg., gooc garden spot, owner leaving stale I m m e d i a t e occupancy. TOWN COUNTRY REAL ESTATE Call W3-28J4. 442-5932 or 442-59SO Any Hour 656 ACRES AT $125 PER ACRE, ONE MILE FROM JACKS FORK RIVER IN MISSOURI OZARKS. FOR SALE BY OWNER. PHONE (417) 264-3470 or (417} 264-3122. SPLIT LSEVEL w i t h i n walking d.sf.inn of University. Four bedrooms, 2* baths living room, dining room, 2 iinneTer dens, woodburnina fireplace, small of fice. large storage areas, concrete p shaded lar^e. corner lot, central heal/air more than 2200 si. II. Hoar space Available immediately. 443-4077. Home Loans FHA-VA CONVENTIONAL Call C. R. BATES 521-3325 NEAR UA A ^ood piece of income property with a gross income of $3SS per month.. Pricert at M2,SOO. Owner w i l l sell or t r a d e for acreage preferably without improvements.. Dial 442-K36. SUBURBAN ,1 bedroom brie. l?i bath.s. fireplace, u e n t r a L heat atuJ air, on l a r g e lot of a b o u t .5ff of an ncre, Just off Hwy. !G East. F a y e l l c v i l l e School phone. Aboul 1,700 sq, ft. including 1-car garage, $27,500.00. CALL: HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy 16 East 442-9236 1972 M TON CHEVROLET PICKUP with self-contained over, hc.iri 10!a' camper. Both in excellent condition, i n c l u d i n g jack? to remove camper, 35Q V8. 3 speed, $3495 OZARK MOTOR CO. Hky 71 South by Burger Chef in Springdal* Low Mileage Demo Sale 1974 CAPRICE CLASSIC 4 door white, fully equipped, lots of extras, 3,500 miles 1974 CAPRICE CLASSIC 4 door white, fully equipped, lots of extras, 4,800 miles 1974 MONTE CARLO LANDAU blue with white top, normal equipment, air, power, fully equipped, 6,000 miles 1974 CAPRICE CLASSIC 2 door, green finish with matching vinyl top, toads of accessories, 6,000 miles CHEVROLET 3403NorthCoHfge AvcntM / 442-4201 -fdyettevMIe

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