Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 7, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1974
Page 8
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Finalist In Pageant Miss Linda Christian, slxteen- yenr-olri d a u g h t e r nf Mr. and Kirs. Thomas C. Chrislian nf Mavliclri, has been selected to be a f i n a l i s t in Ihe 11*71 Miss Arkansas Teen-Ager Pageant to be held June 29 at Ihe Arkansas Arts Center. Contest- a n t s will he housed al ( h e Sheraton Inn in L i t l l e Rock. The Miss Arkansas Teen-Ager Pageant is Ihe o f f i c i a l s t a l e preliminary Ui Ihe Miss National Teen-Ager P a g e a n t lo be helrt in A t l a n t a , Ga., in August. Contestants from over the stale will he judged on scholastic achievement, leadership, poise, personality and appearance a n d each w i l l recite an essay nn "What's Right About America." She is sponsored by Moore's Chanel. _____ Photo Needlepoint Said 'Challenging By IRVING DESFOR When Eileen Widder of Forest Hills. N.Y., sought a new- photographic challenge. she turned lo photographic needlepoint. "Needlepoint'.'; popularity with both m e n a n d w o m e n seeking a creative diversion is really booming." she says. "It's" challenging and yet relaxing. The results are colorful, d e c o r a t i v e a n d long-lasting. . .and by combining two hobbies, designs from your own photographs can he adapted to add a unique personal touch," Eileen is the prettier half of the Widder t e a m , well known in Photographic Society of America salon circles as the hus* b a n d - a n d - w i f e duo with the highest ratings and as top award-winners in world-wide salon competitions. They spe- cialise in all types nf techniques i n v o l v i n g color which they process and print in their a p a r t m e n t . Getting materials for needlepoint work has become f a i r l y easy now because specialty shops offering supplies, instructions and designs have sprung up in almost all communities throughout the country. "To adapt photos for needlepoint work, however," Eileen cautions, "avoid subjects with too much fine detail or soft focus areas. The photos musl be suitable almost as graphic designs or have poster-style impact." CREATES P O R T R A I T In creating a needlepoint per trait of her husband, Albert she used t h e positive print as a paper negative, contact-printing it on high-contrast Kodalith f i l m . From this she made a high-contrast print, then copiec it a g a i n on Kodalilh film to achieve a black-and-white nega tive with no middle tones. The process of transferring images from negative to posi tive on high-contrast fim nnti' a photo is reduced to its sim plest graphic design, is one o! the usual creative techniques in photography. The next step is to transfer vork from graph paper de signs. In that case, the e n l a r g e mage may be projected o graph paper instead of plai vhite paper, and then drawn Or, for a photographic grap japer design, procure a trans arent sheet of black square -- 10 or 20 to the inch -- iron an art supply store, place it o: he enlarging paper for an ex pnsure, then make another ex posure of the design enlarge*: n the usual way on the sam sheet of paper. The result wil be a design on a graph pape ackground. Still another way is to use th .ranjparent sheet of Mac squares as a negative. Put it i .he enlarger negative carrie and double-print it with th negative of the original design The size of the graph square can be varied with this method To make a needlepoint of on of her solarized color photc graphs which appeared on PSA Journal cover, Eileen WH der used a different techniqui She mnlderl a clear plast: wrap over the cover to protei it, then placed the neerflepoin canvas over it. Following th o r i g i n a l colors, she painte what she saw with acryl paint. The paint can be dilute with waler and it becomes w terproof when dry. Then sh followed the colors with mate ing yarn lo m a k e an artist needlepoint facsimile. Photo hobbyists who are slic f a n s , but who do not have darkroom enlarger, may pro ect effective transparencies white paper and sketch the pi lure for needlepoinl a d a p t a t i n That's substituting a slide pro ector for an enlarger or a ca of being resourceful. All in all, needlepoint work a challenge to put your imae nation, ingenuity and creativ faculties !o «-ork. "It can extend your phot anoth says i, the design lo the needlepoinl fabric. Eileen describes severa methods of accomplishing this and suggest; t h a t a No. 14 can- va:- (14 threads to the inch) is best for portraits. The finer the canvas, the easier it is to interpret detail. "1 put the high-contrast negative into an enlarger and project the image to a desired size on a sheet of white paper," she reports, "Then I trace the design with a bold m a r k i n g pen. No more darkroom work is needed. "The needlepoint canvas is placed over the drawing and it is traced onto (he canvas. The canvas is quite coarse so the picture underneath is seen easily. Use only waterproof m a r k - ing pens or India i n k . otherwise the ink mi'ht bleed when the canvas is blocked." Though this is the simplest and quickest way to get the design onto the fabric, some people might prefer to m a k e a photographic print the desired size from which to make a tracing. W O R K I N G DESIGNS Other; may find it easier t« graphic ability into area of achievement." Jeen Widder. "And that's also good idea " Cheese, Beef, Pork, Turkey Some Food Prices Decreasing Bj- MESCAL JOHNSTON GOOD BUYS POULTRY - Fryers. eg?s, irkeys. and parts. PORK -- Hams and picnics, ausage. Boston bull roasts. iced loin, bacon, neckbones. BEEF -- Ground beef, chuck iasls round slcak. OTHERS -- M i l k . cheese. er. bologna, [ranks: t u n a ; oxen fisb. V E G E T A B L E S -- Potatoes, nions, cabbage, celery, corn, arrols: dry beans, peas, rice; anneri vegetables. FRUITS -- Bananas, pine- pplcs. oranges, g r a p e f r u i t , iclons, canned and frozen i ices. Heloise Told How To Make Baby's Food 'ear Heloise: I'm the mother of a in month- Id son. I love lo cook and have ound it both interesting and conomical to make most of my on's food. IF you want to make your wn, buy Eresh vegetables anrl ruits. Cook them in water, then ut them, water and all, into he blender. You will have foods nal w i l l be less expensive. Example: One large bag of efietahles costs about 30 to 35 ents. It makes about five large ; of fonrf. If you bought the ars al the store It would cost 5 cents or more per jar. I aved around 40 cents on this. This can also be done with meats. I recently bought a xnind of beef liver For 8fi cents, 'rom that 1 got a large serving or my h u s b a n d (I don't like i ver) and five small ja rs of purecd liver for the baby. Those jars usually cost 25 to 0 cents in the stare, so not, only did f save another 40 cents here, but my husband "ate for ree"! Susan Amersnn )ear Heloise: When holding down a full- ime job away from home, it seems like I never get closets and drawers cleaned. I'm always too tired in the evening. Now, T get up a half hour earlier each morning and clean one or two drawers or cabinets. It's nice lo have some spare ime on Saturdays! Mrs. F.T LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: Some time ago a young man wrote to tell you lhat he had no idea what nylon net was. You told him lo go to the yard goods department! I can just see him asking iawn mower and rake salesman tor nylon net! Ruth Reynolds l^ower prices for some types of cheese will b* reason enough for some consumers to celebrate J u n e Dairy Month. Prices continue to drop for all cuts beef and pork, aiw3 turkey prices are al their lowest level in many months. Produce prices are c h a n g i n g less lhan those tor meat. However, waler melon, pineapples, and honeydeiv melons are featured at attractive special prices, potato supply is still below normal, but new-crop harvest is helping to reduce price and improve quality. Canned f r u i t a n d vegetable | supplies, well below those o f ! other recent years, will affacl the produce skuation in at least two ways, first, prices for processed vege tables will continue their upward trend tiven a f t e r this year's harvest is processed. Second, demand From commercial canneries for fresh f r u i t s and vegetables may hold prices of fresh produce above normal summer levels. In this situation, fresh homegrown vegetables can help stretch summer food budgets. In addition, properly processed home-grown vegetables may help stretch next winter's fcod budgets. PRESERVATION For those who do not already own home freezers, it costs less to equip for home c a n n i n g l h a n for home freezing. However, equipment are necessary. A deep utensil in w h i c h jars can be covered with water for processing is adequate for fruits, t o m a t o e s , preserves, a n d pickles. For canning low-acid vegetables, however, a pressure canncr is foods to necessary lo temperatures heal high enough lo kill nil botulism spores. In Ihe absence nf a standard pressure canner. a pressure saucepan that will register 10 pounds pressure may be used for processing low- acid vegetables. If a pressure aucepan is used For home arming, it is recommended hat vegetables be processed 15 ninnies longer t h a n ecommended time for the pro- grealer ten home- green beans have a grea dency to be soft than canned ones do. HEATING METHOD R e s e a r c h by the United S t a l e s Department of Ag universities, commercial companies proved repeatedly that riculture, various and has heating before freezing is needed for all vegetables except green peppers. Healing vegetables helps to reduce bacteria, bul its major purpose is to natural chemical changes. Until the time vege- d e l a y :essing in a standard pressure :anner, QUALITY CONTROL Quality in home-frozen vege- ables depends, first of all, on hoice of a garden fresh product of a variety tha-t freezes veil. Even with a good choice fresh vegetables, quality of he finished product varies with care in preparation, packaging materials, a n d naintained by reeve r. Some vegetables, nature, give excellent" quality ionic-fro/en products. Others arc fairly good lor freezing, and arc hardly worth the Because thetr end pro temperature the home by their tables are ready to pick, en- zyzmes help them to grow and mature. Heating stops Ihe action of these enzymes. If the enzyme action is not stopped by heating, frozen vegetables may toughen, discolor, or develop straw-like flavors and odors. Necessary as It is, heating should not be overdone. Overheating or delayed cooling may cause softness in home-frozen vegetables. Immersion in rapidly boiling water is the best heating method for most vegetables. The time for heating in w a t e r (or blanching) varies from 2 minutes for tender greens, ;ome e f f o r t . ducts are not always satisfac- iii/me uceiiEjg labels ieh£ nnui i ban canning. and home-frozen oods are less likely to spoil nan home canned ones. Fur- hermore, the initial cost of the tome freezer takes care of llie m a j o r cost of home e q u i p m e n t . Home Freezing supplies can be as expensive as one chooses to make them. but an adeqquate job can be done with moisture-resisinnL packaging materials or con- diners and deep pans for icating anrl cooling vegetables Before they are frozen. Since cooling can be done in Uie k i t chen sink, a single large pan for heating may be the on!.\ special utensil necessary for lome freezing. For successful home canning or pickling, special canning jar. and appropriate processing iui j , Uie uimcu oittieci uupm i- menl of Agriculture gives no recommendations for fwczing green onions, lettuce, radishes, or eggplants. USDA's recommendations Cor freezing potatoes include only French fries, though commercial companies (and some homemakers) freeze new .potatoes successfully. Freezing keeps quality for cooked tomatoes, but no home freezing method keeps the crispness desired in fresh tomatoes. Even with recommended preparation methods, vegslables thai have a high percentage of water, such a s s q u a s h a n d pumpkin, are sometimes considered tinsat isf act o ry after freezing. Tn home fn;eaing cauliflower and turnips have a tendency to turn dark. Frozen Girls State Set For June 9-15 Girls State, I h e American Legion Auxiliary sponsored governmental training for high- school j u n i o r s a t Camp Robinson in Little Rock, is scheduled to begin Sunday. June 9, and continue until June 15. Selected by high school principals on the basis of outstanding scholarship, leadership, citizenship and service N a i r . daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David McNair; Karen Rosso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rosso: and Susan Taltey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Talley. The number o[ 'girls who may attend is based on the menv bership of local auxiliaries, anr on t h a i basis, seven girls are sponsored by Shellon - Tucker Unit No, 27. With- an increase ft · Friday, June 7, 1974 HIM miwiiiiiiti»«mm«iniii.: Births REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Smith of Winslow, 3. Deans, and peas to cooking for sweet complete potnloes. Three vegetables that are not heated in the water before f r e e z i n g a r e mushrooms, pimentos, and tomatocsr Green peppers may be heated in water or frozen with no preheating. Mushrooms are heated by steam or in fat. Pimentos are oven roasted, and tomatoes are cooked until tender in their o w n The quickest method lor blanching vegetables is also (he best for quality retention. Before you start scalding, prepare all of one type of vegetable tlvat you plan to freeze. Place 6 to 8 quarts of water large container over high heat. Bring the water to a rolling boil and lower into it about a quant of prepared vegetables in -a perforated basket or cheesecloth bag. Start timing 4-H Club News ELK1NS There were 12 members two leaders and ten guests present for the June meeting held at the high school lunchroom in F.lkins. Renee Shofner gave a demon stration on using water colors and Connie Fitzgerald demonstrated the proper way to bathe a dog. Jeanie Carter gave a progress report and Nancj Bailey also participated in the program. Plans were completed for roject tour and picnic June 15 harlotte Nelson was enrolled as a new member. the to a boil, number water comes Time exactly of minutes back t h e recommended for each vege table. When scalding is complete, lift the vegetables from :he boiling water and dump :hem into n large container of cold water for quick cooling. Reuse the boiling water to scald other small batches of prepared vegetables. a daughter, Junt Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hill of Bentonville, a son, June 4. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Russell of Rogers, a daughter. June Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Shepherd of Elkins, a son, June 4. Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Smittl of FayettevUle, · daughter. June 4. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil H. Taylor of FayettevUle, .« daughter. June \. . Connie Fitzgerald On Maneuver Fireman Apprentice WWDtm S. Weathtrtord, son of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Weatherford of FayetteviHe, is participating in "Solid Shield 74" a joint service training exercise off the east coast near his home port of Camp LeJeune, N.C. He serves aboard the dock landing ship USS Portland. Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Hootenanny, Lincoln School CafterU, 1 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2- Way Radio 53) N. Col1*g* For Your Pr**cr1pH«n N**ds QUAKER DRUG Z2 E. Center -- 442-42M Ctty ParklBg Lot IB Keat Saturday Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbel] School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. iniiiiiipiiiaroBiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBi^ Dear Heloise: The man who painted my houes last week passed this real Efeni oil to me. 1 was well-smeared with paint on my hands and arms. He told me to try remo^ng it with baby oil. I was a bit skeptical--but it's magic, pure magic, and it doesn't burn. Winifred Stevenson ...And three cheers for baby oil to which babies no longer have exclusive rights! Heloise Dear Heloise: My husband came np with a wonderful idea for using those big white plastic bleach bottles after they're washed out. Why not use them for hoi caps in the garden? Cut off the bottoms, then caps screwed on for the cool danger of frost, but take them off for ventilation during the heat of the day. Evelvn M a r t i n Fayetteville High School juniors in membership of the American who will attend Girls State this Legion Auxiliary, an increase year are Selma Dyer, daughter in the number of girls eligible of Mr. and Mrs. Don Dyer; to a t t e n d will be possible. Paula Goode, daughter of Mr. Organizations making finan- ancl Mrs. M..T. Goode; Crystal cial contributions for this proj-' Higgins. daughter of Mr. and ect are Noon Lions Club, Kiwan- Mrs H.G. Higgins; Luann is Club. Business and Profes- ' " and sional Women's and the First Me- National Bank. " J a n u a r y , d a u g h t e r of Mr. Mrs. Jim J a n u a r y : Lucy Removal of Unwanted Hair Permanently -- Gently -- Safely on Face, Arms, Legs, Body by Electrolysis th» only medically approved way) Licensed by the State of Arkansas Phone 521-3540 LEIGH'S CLINIC Office Hours: Tlmrs. 9:30 a.m. - 7:08 p.m. Fri. 9:30 a.m. -5:0»p.m. Sat. 9:30 a.m. -12:0 Top Prices Paid For Old GoW and Jewelry. Underwood's You and Your Friends Are Cordially Invited To The Grand Opening Of \\oon All ices: Babies, children and ddults One sitting per subject Additional subjects---Groups or individuals in same family--$1.00 per subject No proofs--Choose from finished professional portraits (poses--our serectiorO You may select additional portraits offered a I low prices Photographer on duty SATISFACTION GUARANTEED JUNE 4 thru JUNE 8 -- 1 0 A.M. to 8 P.M. Hwy. 71 B North at Rolling Hills Dr. NO HANDUM CNMCE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, JUNE 8th and 9th FROM 12:00 NOON UNTIL 8:00 P.M. Refreshments Will Be Served SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS DURING OUR GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION Next h Wyatt's Cafetori* 3340 North DON'T MISS THE Boston Store J U N E SALE SATURDAY is your lost chance TO SAVE on summer apparel and accessories. VALUES THROUGHOUT THE STORE! Shop Northwest Arkansas Plaza 10:00 a.m. until 9=00 p.m. Use Your Boston Store Credit Card, BqnkAmericard or Master Charge. Phone 521-6250.

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