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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 7, 1974
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INSIDE- Kditot'inl , . , 4 For women -. fi Amusements 10 Sliorls 13.14 Comics 15 Classified IB-ID 114th YEAR-NUMBER 340 The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1974 LOCAL FORECAST- Clnudy skies and mild temperatures with showers and thunderstorms likely through lonit'lil and decreasing by .Sntwcla.v. Lows tonight in th« Irnv 60s with highs Saturday in the upjK-'r 70s, Sunset today 8:31; sunrise Saturday 6:00. Weather map on page 19. PAGES-TEN CENTS ·-. ' ' - Five Injured Tornadoes, Wind Storm Sweep Country --TIJlFSPhoto by Ken Got* AFTER THE STORM .. .mobile home in park on Mi. Comfort Road destroyed during storm Damage Tops $5 Million Poor Killed In Tornado At Forrest City KORRKST CITY, Ark. CAP) -- A tornado that ripped through this east Arkansas town of 12,500 Thursday evening left Foui 1 persons dead, more than 100 injured and caused damage estimated at more than $5 million. Rescue workers continued today to comb the debris searching for more persons, but Police Chief David Parkman said he believed all of the victims had been found. "We are slid going through nil the debris, but we do feel like we have alt the victims out." Parkman said. Parkman estimated the damage at $5 million or more. Hundreds of persons were reported homeless. llODiES FOUND Two bodies were iound in tlie slionlder-high debrics Unit once was a '15,1100-square foot Gibson's discount store and a 25,000-square fool supermarket. Fire Chief .lack Rico, who stayed on the scene most of the night with members of his rescue unit, said two or three oilier persons may he found in the rubble. Rescue operations were hampered by- a hard rain that began about -\ a.m. The dead were identified as Inez Spears, 19, Lois Jean Smith, 17, Harvey Hampton Sr. ami Johnny Duvis, both in their 70s, Hampton was the father of University of Arkansas football player Harvey Hampton Jr. Slate Police said -IB persons bad been admitted to Memorial Hospital nt Forrest City and t h a t 17 other persons were admitted to hospitals in Memphis, Tenn., which is about 'ID miles northeast of Forrest City. In addition, more than 50 persons were treated at the Forrest City hospital and released. A spokesman said most of those hospitalized at Memphis were in critical to severe condition. State Police also said 151) to 250 homes had been destroyed, Two city patrolmen said they followed the t o r n a d o after it first touched clown inside the city limits near the federal compress. WARNING J G N O K K D Patrolman C. E, Kennedy said be stayed w i t h the twister and warned persons not to drive toward the storm. He said, however, that many ignored his warning. Kennedy said the tornado stayed on the groujid for 2U miles. He .said he saw two separate storms. He said he could see two distinct Cunnrl clouds and that iliey seemed to converge near (he Gibson-Kroger complex. He estimated t h a t the storm was traveling about 30 miles an hour. "it was yellowish-brown," Kennedy said. "Stuff would go up in the middle, then fall out the side, 1 '. "You could see halves of h o m e s , T V s . iTe d s , conches,., just going straight up," he said!. "Every time it hit a power line sparks would fly aiid the line would blow. Natural gas lines also burst and some cmighl tire," At one point, ;1 live electric wire dropped on Kennedy's patrol car. He was not injured, but said the incident "jolted me," i;»n HOMELESS. About loll of the; city's homeless were being housed at the W a s h i n g t o n Street Community Center. Power 1 i nes were k nocked down, but electrical service was generally restored in the city within about one hour. A South western Bell Tel-jphone Co. spokesman -said about 1.1GD telephones wore knocked out of service. Kersh Hall of the Forrest City Times-Herald newspaper said three churches w-civ destroyed. He said some two-slo- ry apartment buildings were left with only the ground floor intact a [for the storm. Mideast Tour Called Spbo! Of New Emerging U.S. Power A \n\vs A n a l y s i s Hy K K N N E T I I .T. FKEF.U WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Nixon's Middle East lour i.s a major diplomatic act, not because of any expected agreements but rather for its .symbolic represcnUUicm ' of Uie emerging new American power in the area. There may be a few tangible results from the President's five-nation swing that si arts next Monday--establishment of full diplomatic relations with Syria, for example. 13 tit the main purpose as staled by White House spokes man Gerald I,. Warren Un's week is to "consolidate what has been achieved on tlie road to peace" by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. Left unstated by White House officials but clearly understood i.s that Nixon's visit means the United States is committed at the highest level Lo creating an entirely new status in the Middle East, not only among the Arabs and Israel hut also oil the part of (he superpowers. That, this con be done simply by Mi.xon visiting Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria. Israel and Jord a n is not accepted universally. Ami some critics .say the Wa- tergale scandal at home is the real reason for the President's journey. W A R M W E L C O M E However, leaders of the nations involved in the trip have indicated Watergate has not affected t h e i r plans to welcome Nixon warmly. And American experts generally agree that the ProEi:l-?nt's journey is important and wi lo effecl ive. His presence will underline what Kissinger has described as the U.S. commitment "to bring about a just ,md per- f m a n e n t peace" between Arabs and Israelis. By being only the second American chief executive to travel in that part of the world in HO years, Nixon will be sup- p o r t i n g the U.S. pledge to bo even-handed in its trujtment of Middle Eastern nations. A corollary of the point that only President Nixon of the major world leaders can travel in both Arab capitals and Istviel is an object lesson aimjd »u Moscow, Each step Uie President lakes in the Middle East reflects a diminishing Russian influence, This w i l l be particularly true, if. as is hoped by American officials, Nixon is welcomed en- t h u s i a s t i c a l l y . VEKY IMTOUTANT From all indications, these hopes will be fulfilled. Ksyptian Ambassador Asraf Ghorbal told a newsman this week She visit is of "tremendous importance" fo his government. Syrian leaders have been m ore rest ra ined, 1 i 11 t hey/ a re ready to give Nixon FI warm welcome, if for no other reason than to create a f r i e n d l y atmosphere Lhat could help them obtain American economic ii(L Jordan and Saudi Arabia are traditionally pro-American, and Nixon is expected to pledge them aid and cooperation for ( t h e future, For Israel. Nixon will he working to convince the Jewish state that the new U.S.-Avals relationship will not be at. its expense. i H ;ill goes as planned. Nixon will tour the Middle East in an act m a r k i n g one of iho most d r a m a t i c diplomatic Ira us formations of recent years, Two Counties Hit By Heavy Rain, Storm VIi 1 . and Mrs, Michael Crouch Traihvood Mobile Home Park .scaped .serious injury Thursday night when their mobile homo was destroyed by a storm which moved through Northwest Arkansas, spawning at least two confirmed tornadoes. The couple was sitting on a couch in their living room when the trailer overturned. They .said the couch provided protection from flying debris a n d probably kept them from being more seriously injured. Several injuries wore reported in t h e Elnuialo and Tontitown areas where tornadoes on the ground were confirmed bv Stale Police, Trooper Tom Baker confirmed a tornado at Tontitown at 10:11) p.m. and Trooper Charles Mi Her confirmed one in the Elmdale area at 10:23 p.m. / A spokesman for Trail wood Mobile I tome Park said the Crouch trailer was the only one heavily damaged, but several others were .shifted around and .some damage was reported to new homes on the sales lot. The Federal Aviation Administration said 2.31) inches of rain were recorded at Drake field between 7 a.m. Thursday and 7 a.-m. today. Unconfirmed reports of tornadoes were received by the Fayetteville Police Department at 3(1:12 p.m. when Ruddy Johnson told authorities a tornado hud passed over the Greiithousc Springs area and at 10:19 when Margie Rowbotham said one wont, over an area near Ra/orhack Golf Course. At .Greathonse Springs Trooper Tommy Williams reported elect r ica 1 wi res d ow n sho r t ly after midnight. Trees were reported flown in the area, some blocking roads, and Comity Judge Vol Lester said county voiirt crews were removing them with chain saws. Lesfer paid at mid-morning the water was rising rapidly in the area ROADS'OUT Lester said roads were washed out in the Heav-O-Rama area, along Whin Creek south o! West Fork and at Wheeler. I n neighboring Rcntou County, damage was mucl 1 lighter. Civil Defense Directoi Llarley True said flooding; was reported after up to four inches of rain fell overnight. He said some bri'dge and road dtt mage bad been reported and that Sugar Creek at Oella Vista was "on the ra-mpage." A spokesman for O/nrfcs Electric Cooperative Corp., where employes were working by candlelight at mid-morning. said many rural electrical lines were down especially in the Clear Creek area between Fay- ettovillc and Tontitown. "We don't know how many arc without service," thr spokesman said. He said flooding in the Clear Creek area washed out utility polos about 5:25 a.m. today, plunging a large area into darkness. Outages are mostly : fronv trees and limbs falling on power lines, lie said. A spokesman for Southwestern KIccIric Power Companv said isolated reports of trouble in Faycttevillc were received but the main problem w a s in Springdale. A power 1 i n e was downed tCOXTIN'UED OX I'AGE TWO) Damage Said Likely To Be n Millions --TIMES.^huto by Ken Good NOT A THOROUGHFARE . . . Fayetteville policeman stands on top of car found in Skull Creek at North Street after water went down hmo !y Ken Good) ON PEACKKUL VALLEY ROAD .. Jtiiflt miter rushes to road in southwest Sprinydah NEWS BRIEFS Traffic Blocked i ! Traffi ic on College Avenue at Sentence Suspended WASHINGTON ( A l ' l IMI Of Nixon Link To Cover-Up Formal Disclosure Sought WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Now that the secret is out. President N i \ n i ) \v;mts fnrnui] court disclosure thai a federal jiriind Jury linked tiim with liio Watergate cover-up. Tlie maUor was to he? argued today' before U.S. District Jurli*e John J. Sirica, who barred such disclosure originally. After it was reported Thursday thai, the Watergate grand jury votcjd 1(1 to fl to include the 1'residont nmong unimiicled coconspirators Nixon asked Sirica lo lift the protective order. There was no indication whether special prosecutor Leon Jaworski would agree or con tost the matter. The motion was filed bv White House lawyer James D. St. Clair minutes before the court c-lose,l Thursday. "The reasons for the continuance of the protective order are: no longer compelling," St. Clair He referred to- "Ihe grind jury's n a m i n g of cei'Uiin individuals as co-conspirators," in- d i c a t i n g that Nixon was not (lie only person on the list. The names were expected to he made public eventually when prosecutors Fife ;i "hill of particulars" for the f o r m e r Nixon aides and campaign workers schedule:! lo go on irinl Sept. 9. Much EI hill insures thnt Defendants are aware of allege- lions against them and is almost routinely requesti-il bofrn'e trial. Legal ex|ei T ts said ttic- "rand jury's inclusion of the President weakens his legal argument for continuing to withhold subpoenaed tapirs and documents. Jaworski's a t t e m p t to pry 54 tape recordings from ill? White | Mouse is to be heard by \l:r Su. promo Court next month, [oi'iss- 1 ing on whether executive privi- llege entitles the President not lo release evidence rcqiie.slcd j i scaled f i l i n g , so t h e public for the cover-up ( r i a l , j k n o u l e d g e probably made l i t t l e "1'lic argument thai Mr- J;i- uorski wili make u-ill bo cssen- J l i a l l y lhat executive privilege [case List year, the U.S. Court [does net and cannot coverjof Appeals ruled t h a i executive c r i m i n a l activities by any [privilege was a question iff difference. In deciding a previous lajics memoir the executive .branch of tbo government," Sti jpreme Court expert P h i l i p Kur- 'land told N'RC News. lie added: "What the "rand competing in'.eres'.s--between the President's need for confidentiality in his official illltie?. and "a strong snowinf! of need" by another insti'.iilinn of gov- ... . .... ,, . . jury action floes is lo document crnment. ih" fiu-t thai the activities w e r e ) The disclosure added a poinn- criminal activities und t h e r e - j t i a f l y explosive element to Iht- f'-r,' ' h a t the liipt-s -hould be!House impeachment inquiry. "I produced as outside whatever t h i n k i t ' s ;i nuttter members executive privilege might ex- w i l l view rat lie r seriously." ist." jsaul Hep. Peter \V. Rodino Jr., Constitutional authority A l e x - l c h a i r m a n of the J u d i c i a r y Corn- l a n d e r M. Ricke] said thnt n a m - j m i i t c c . j ing the President in (hi- case j Committee KepubKcans gen- puts before Ihe court "a f i n d i n g ] o r a l l y urged: t h a t its decision 0.1 of probable cause !h:it the s t u f f j whether Ihc President's role in involves criminal acivily." | Water gate was grounds for im- Jaworski undoubtedly would jpeaehment he ha sec I on the evi- liavf disclosed the grand .jury'? drn*f:o rather t h a n on what I h e action to the court, possibly in grand j u r y has concluded. WASHLMGTON (AP) -- Sec- relary of State Henry A. Klssiri- gr today defended the administration's $:.; billion foreign aid bill for Ihc next fiscal year as necessary to the achievement of a "more .just, peaceful and cooperative \vor!d." In a statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the secretary said the aid measure will help establish a feeling of trustworthiness lo ward Hie U n i t e d States by both its friends and prospective enemies. For instance, he said, "the prospects for lasting peace within Indochina and the M i d d 1 e Kasl depend upon America's capacity for constructive action." Kissinger .stressed the importance of foreign aid lo increasing stability in Ihc Middle East. Tlie aid bill provides $,'=() m i l lion for Israel, .S2."iO million for Kgypt. S2D7 m i l l i o n for Jordan and a S100 m i l l i o n special re- qnircmcnl fund for possible use by Syria and other area nations. T!i secretary's appearance was part of an intensive campaign he has conducted this week on behalf of the foreign aid bill and in defense of the new American role in Ihe Middle Kast. As part of lhat effort, he gave a news conference Thursday, in whieh lie-said there w a s "some validity to (he criticism" t h a t his intensive efforts in the Middle Kast may have been cosily in other areas n! foreign affairs, *i!l he said, in response to questions, thai his role in ar- r a n g i n g m i I i t a r y disengagement between Israel and Kgypt and lalcr Syria w i l l "not become tlie normal p a t t e r n of diplomacy." Center Street was blocked for ! ^,,,1'^, f^" |v 'l'^.,:'^ l !; approximately 2.5 ini»".-'--ii suspended one month 'jail' sen d u r i n g Hie busy morning hours t,., lct . am! ;1 $ Hm f mi , foi . ,.,. fl]s . today when a ear driven by | i n g to answer " f u l l y and accn- a Washington County D e p u t y ' ralely" questions ahmil tiie ITT Sheriff J.I). Snow. -15. collided | a n t i - : r u - l case before a Senate with an A b i l i t i e s U n l i m i t e d ; committee, t r u c k driven by K r v i n Porter, 5"). _ Daughter Kidnaped u . LJ i J H A X O K O K . T h a i l a n d ( A P -H e i r e s s H u n t e d 'Three men ;;rabiici he f i . - i r SAX FKAXCJSCO ( A P ) ·- 'year-old daughter nf a Coln'Mdo \v.\sm\Y"lTY , ·.,,; o The Fill hunted f u g i l i v e heiress man winking in Thailand and . . , ' U N I A 1 ' ~ Pr «" Palricia Hearst today as a sns |(lragged her screamiim iiv. . a , l l l i n l l ''l lawyer .lames D. St. pected bank robber' a f t e r her, car five days ago in a ' I M I I U'il| C l a i r said loday President Xix- indietment in the A p r i l h o l d u p j miles southeast of (Bangkok, the on will not give up all docu SPRINGDALE-- At least two tornadoes and a major wind ·storm, swept, through northern ·Vashiugton County T h u r s d a y light, -leaving five persons in- iured and damage expected lo ·each into the millions of bllars. Twisters dipped down at Ton- titowrt and Elmdale Lake during tlie night, accounting for all if the injuries: At, .Springdale a high, straight wind downed recs, stripped roofs and dis- aiplcci power and cornmumca- ions. Taken during t h e night to Springdale Memorial Hospital for storm-related injuries were: i sixHveek-oUl infant. Laura Jayroe of Tontitown, who was treated and 'released; Larry .Milner. 20, Route 1, admitted uid in satisfactory condition; Larry Wilburn, 21. Route I. treated and released: and Clifton Sisco, .1C, believed lo b» from the Elmdale Lake area admitted and in satisfactory condition. ' Mrs. Cleo Wood of Tonlilown was taken 'to Washington Regional Medical Center for treatment of v/risl fractures, Sho was in f a i r condition today. Kxcept in the case of the Jayroe infant, authorities were not ink- in determine this morning h o w t h e victims' i n j u r i e s ·ere sustained F A M I L Y THEATER Mr. and Mrs^ Eugene Jayroe of Tontitown and their daughter were taken to the Springdale hospital after their mobile home on a gravel road off Hwy. 68 west overturned and trapped the infant under a dresser. The parents, who sustained cuts and scratches, did not require hospital treatment. The baby was X-rayed and released. Damage caused by high winds and the two tornadoes spotted by Troopers Tom Baker and Charles Miller at 10:19 p.m. in Tonlilown and 10:23 p.m. at E l m d a l e w a s extensive a l l over the area. Trees were felled onto power lines, causing the area's electricity to he on and off throughout the night. A spokesman for Southwestern Electric Power Company, Leslie Howell. said five poles snapped w i t h transmission and power lines down on Hwy (i8 west at and north of Gulen- sohn Road, south on old Johnson Road, on Old Missouri Road, on Grove Avenue, and in several olhcr places throughout town. A U X I L I A R Y POWER Springdale's police and fire departments were on auxiliary :jo\ver for a few hours during the night. While service was restored within an hour to about SO per cent of the customers. Howt-H said more t h a n 100 residences and businesses are still without power today. SWEPCO workmen will be on the job throughout today p u t t i n g up, lines According lo the fire department, dozens of arcing electrical lines were reported by citizens throughout Ihe night. No serious fires resulted. Assistant Jhief Floyd Bohannon said a ire at tlie Jayroe's mobile home resulted when a gas line ignited a f t e r heing broken when the trailer overturned. Sparks from downed power lines did cause some small fires in tree limbs. These extinguished themselves, Rohannon said. Signs w e r e bent, dirt roads (CONTINUED O.V PAGE TWO) Hearing That May Result In Contempt Citation Underway of a San Krancisco bank by theU^mgkok Post reported lo'iay. ments subpoenaed bv former Symbionesc [,il«:ralion Army, i The Posl sai:l the fntiie: 1 . | W h i l e aide Jolin Khiiich- Tlie armed robherv in- J""' Trevino nf Mancos. C'olo.. man. A federal judge imrne dictment returned bv a 'federal] 'l'" 1 '»« Vi't received a rmsom diately begin, a hearing tl«t '·'' '" "" ' T.mda. could lead In a contempt cita- linn against the President. U.S. 15i.slri-.-t Judge Gerhart i r . ^- Resell a.sked Xixon'.s lawvcr .!-;;»V P ?!James 0. Si. C l f , i r : "You'are .'.''* /\'"|-^vin^ he uiic 1'reskienl) will grand j u r y Tliur.sdiiy i bislricl Crairt cliiinsod Hearst's status in the April 15 holdup from miilf-riii! witness to suspt-ctec) felon. (j cj j l f n i f i n d for Ihr ^irl, fanda. Missl Cut Rejected WASEi[\OTO\ T A: ; K s n r 1:^,000 ami Tli.dOfi Walk OH Planned j ROMP:, Itnlv (AP) -- H:slv's! _^ _ . . [public i r j j n s j « r t a t i r » n WTR dis- j p, JS t-d bv Sen. Mikt- M a n - . i i r l f ] , nipterl today when ,ii10.COO i HMonl.! ',\i-ro n-jcrtnl Tiiurs- transporl wm-kors walked i J i f j ( j a y on n ,]i c a n \(,\.cs the job in. starred four-hour | -j'i ie airliini dupiic;jU:d Ihjuso protests, j r o j o c t i n n last nioiuli of ;m The throe m.ij"r LilKjr Itxk'i'- j iirnondiiicn; ti) rotiuirt 1 vvilh- attori^ called tht; strike to p r o s - j d r ^ w n ! nf KJll.OOO of ilu- ap- surc the ^ovfrnnit'iil i n t o iidopt- j p r o x i i n f i t H y -HiXOOi) ET,^. i?roun:l ing a inorr sociali-stic L r a n s - j t r o o | l i ; arir] airmen station*:-:! on purlalion policy. ' f o r e i g n Mil. 1! the court's or- tit-r." "1^ t h i n k ihat's a f a i r read Gesell, w h o bad said curlier that unk-ss P-hrlichmnn i-cts all the material f r o m his outs White House files that he detims nccc.-Hrtry tor hi.-, de I'enso, hi- might have to di.siniss t!ii; cor)pir,'K:\' Cii.-.t- ct^ainsi Kh- rlichman. then s n i d : "I [irriM)SO to l i i i v t - a hearing inio whti 1ms cu.iLudy and eon icul . . . so I can Uike appro- priate action under the con- tempi statute. "The dismissal the President's action seems to be pointing for is o course I should not follow u n t i l f have exhausted every other opportunity," K h r l i o h m m i , Nikon's former dome-tie counselor immediat- ly took the stand as a witness. Khrliehman is one of six def e n d a n t s in a case charging a civil rights conspirac' ai^ Dr. Ix'wi:-, Fielding, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who hat! been t r e a t i n g Pentagon Papers figure Daniel Kllsherg. Khr licit man has subpoenaed ,'dl 'tis porsonal papers from J a n u a r y lilVl through April 3D, 197-1. aiid the \Vhite House had «jgreed to give him and his lawyer access to the documents. lint President Nixon had told the judge in a letter that he, the President, would make the f i n a l determination ot what F.h- rlichm;in could use nt his trial. fjL-seJ! said that decision w a s no to the court alone.

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