Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1974
Page 18
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| Ul O O 111 60 IN AKP KAVt ONE EAR THAT'S SIX EAR* TELLTH6MTO STOP 05 ON THE RJUKTH EAR! HAVE CUE EAR PIESCEP...THSN I'LL 60 IM ASAIN-THEM WJ 60 IN A6A1N.THEN III 60 IN A6AIN,, rr HAPPENED CM 1WE RSST HOt-E! CONGEATUUTy7 FO a SWUNG// _ ^ - r BY CHANCE, AW. SflWVEIf, ARE YOU OWE OF THE THIEVES? MR.FrTZROV WANTS TO Gt-TTHE SNOW COIN COLLECTION FROM THE THIEVES-NO QUESTIONS ftSKED- ., WP RETURN IT TO THE UWIVERJITV. ABPUL, ISlft YE5,\ FARVERD SIR. JWHERE MY NEPHEW is IN SCHOOL ? 5, SHE IK ALI , ALSO , ms cousin AND TWO OF THE KING'S SONS. INDEED HOT, SHEIK,' ^ MY FATHER REPRESENTS ' A MR. FtTZROY, AN AMERICAN ALUMNUS OF FAKV£!?P UUIVERSnY. EH? THIS SHOW COLLECTION BELOHGS.TO FARVEKP? AN'TWOS* WHAT WANT* rrnatAUMi SITS H* SO MAO J C0ULP LfcT TH'WRMINT SETONTH 1 FLOOR YO'DON'T ) f MEED NO *. BOOK.? ALL ] YO'NEEDS . ISAGOUPLA DRUTHERS'/ THEN WHOSE DRUTHERS WOULD YO' DRUTH EP. TRUSTP-SOME.80OK- "S WRITIN'STRANGER'S- I OR VOW* ·sDRUTHERTRUST OWN? ) MAH OWN /'WOBODY KIN TELL" ( IPAMARRIAGE. ISHAPP-i^EPT · , / TH'FOLKS THAT'S I SOF^FERIM'FUM ^""^-/--\-^f U O oc AFRAID H/6-60T50M6 PAP MEtOS-- THOSE 1p HAV£ TO COM OUr/ Vs^ OPAV-- AM ELECTRIC CORN! POPPER' O i n THE BANK SENT WE THIS SILLY KK5T1CS TOCAY MY CHECKING ACCOUNT IS OVERDRAWN I'M GETTING TiRED - OFTHAT S?)S BANK/ IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY; TIMS THEV HAVE A PROBLEM THEV V/RITE TO ME ABOUT IT- 20 · Northwest Arkonw* TIMES, Thur.., Jun* 6, 1974 FAVBTT1VILLI, *»K*M»»» A HORSEMAMSHIP CONTEST IN EAwV INVOLVED GALLOPING AT FULL SPEED AND ATTEMPTING TO SNATCH OP A Koosnn etutao MSOTTSAND up TO rrs HfftD OfNEWSUINEA, ' IS USED AS A MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION Wm THE DEAD A MOWl COAi MINE Ert VAlklNSlKfi WIHtRl,... CONSTRUCTED. IN A CAVE TO DE^toNSTWE' rar afffAr/ew of / feeat MM FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Cholesterol Goes Up, Weight Goes Down imiiniiiiiiiNiminiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiii inini uiiiu iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn ui iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBifliiiiisi Look in the section In which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. FOR FBI.. J U N E 7 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Much activity and movement indicated. What appeared to be status quo is actually in the process of change. Be prepared lo improvise. TAURUS (Apr. 11 to May 21) Caution should he clay's keynote. Let others lake the i n i t i a - tive. Retain your quiet, efficient manner and remain in the background as much as possible. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) You now have greater freedom of choice and movement :han you have had in some time; "can also expect some invaluable help from a member of the opposite sex. CANCER (June 22 lo July 23) An idea which comes lo you in the a.m. has good financial potentials. But don'L make your 'inal decision for 24 hours or you may have to revise. LEO (July 2'l to Aug. 23) Curb your innate aggressiveness now. Use more subtle tactics to get what you want. all will depend on y o u r approach. VIRGO (Aug. 24 lo Sept. 23) You may be offered an unusual proposition. Investigate with a view lo long-range benefits, and consider whether or not it suits your standards. Some misleading influences. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Especially favored now: professional endeavors, opportunities to increase prestige. You may be given added responsibility but, with il, there's increased potential. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Heed danger signals as well as attractions where finances are concerned. Not many, but one or two could prove troublesome if you are not alert. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) Be prepared to cope with strangers, oitil situations. Pinpoint objectives; lie selective about ways and means. Step up momentum where possible CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Make sure you have checked all f»icts and factors before m a k i n g agreements or commitments. But Ao not quibble fool ishly and lose out. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You may find yourself drawn in two directions at once -- as the Aquarian is at limes. Key to solution: The "easy" road is not necessarily the best one. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Good news! Some unexpected largesse will tide you over a d i f f i c u l t spot, money-wise. Romance favored too YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with unusual individuality, originality and adapt ability. Your governing planet, Mercury, indicates alertness anil versatility, but you are often dissatisfied with your accomplishments. A perfectionist at heart, you often feel despondent because you feel "yen could have done better." Never lose confidence in yourself. Fos tor your talent for sensing the needs of others and knowinj how to cope with unwieldy situations. You usually work best when you're "on youi own" hut are more t h a r cooperative when need be. Your thirst for knowledge is all-con The water diet, which has been so popular for reducing weight, has come into unfavorable notice because of a recent study reported in the "Journal of the American Medical Association." This diet, sometimes referred to as the Stillman diet, is based on a regime high in animal fat and protein. In addition, there is a marked restriction to carbohydrates. Fundamental to the diet is the need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A group of research workers at the Harvard Medical School and the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital in Boston have found that t h e i r subjecs in this "water diet" study consumed more than twice the amount of choleslerol normally f o u n d in (he average American diet. WEIGHT LOSS It was true that the subjects studied lost weight. There 'was, however, an immediate rise ir he cholesterol levels of t h e lood. TJUE rise was so marked hat il is considered risky for eople in the middle-age group .nd especially for those who may have heart disease. Although healthy young adult? ire not as readily harmed ! :uch a sudden increase of cho Nourish it, since greater your education. summg. higher your accomplishments You could excel as a journalist architect, scientist painter, lawyer. musician Birlhriate of: Paul Gauguin, French painter; Dean Martin,singer, actor Bob Dylan, popular singer. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Fastener i Tennis stroke 8 Cuts off 12 Singer Perry 13 Past USamoan seaport 15 Above It Military group M Put aside 29 Thick 21 Affirmative 22 Pro's companion Z3 Drilled »TVs Barbara J» Overwhelm U Perceived 32 Cord game J3 Accounts « Actress Hayes IS Youth » Fortify « Intertwined O Overcomes 47 Remain too long 49 Wicked 50 Queen of Carthage 51 International language 52 Flower 53 Early garden 54 Through 5$ Germ DOWN 1 Furnace slag 2 Musical sound 3 Minor prophet 4 Comic character 5 Immature animal form 6 S-shaped molding 7 Swamp 8 Mourn 9 Unobstructed 10 Fastens 11 Gratify 17 Heathen deity 19 Communist Avg. solution time: 23 mln. Amwer to yefterday's pun] 22 Crow's cry 23 Hinder 24 Be in debt 25 Corded fabric 26 Existed n Cloth measure 28 Menu item 29 Heir 31 Pig pen 34 Husband of Titania 35 Serling, etal. 36 Possesses 37 Penetrates 39 City official 40 Metallic ore vein 41 Eager 42 Yield 43 Constructed 44 Bacchanalian cry 45 Ascend 4f Snow vehicle 41 Summit *·» esterol, repeated, or prolonged isc of such a diet, even in tha voung, may be potentially dan- ferous. The general conclusion is that :here are many safer, and more jermanenl, ways of losing weight. A wave of confusing information seems to have struck the American people because of overemphasis in (he media about a condition known as Reye's disease. This rare, very rare, diseasa has been observed by physicians and recognized as a complication of a virus infection. MEDIA ATTENTION Doctors themselves have not induced in their paleints any fears about this condition. But unfortunately, Reye's disease became eyecatching in t h e media, Symptoms, all of which could be applied to many other diseases, created panic in 4ha minds of some mothers who i- denlified Iheir children's symptoms with this unusual condition. If you are one of those who have been frightened by the reports, disregard these anxiety-producing details and con- linue to take (lie sound medical advice that only your physician can offer. IW]ll[nni!!!!!l!l!lilJlin!!l!ll![llll!il!ll!niill!lll!lllll!!llli MIIIIIII1IIIIHIIW B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) iiiiiiiiiDiiiiiiiDinniiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiiNJiniiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiwn lonlh dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH 9 2 » j 10 3 a z * J 7 2 WEST * K Q 5 4 ¥ 8 2 4 K 5 4 K Q 10 8 5 EAST * 10 8 7 6 * A Q 6 4 3 4 9 6 3 SOUTH * 3 V A K Q J 1 0 9 7 B 5 » 7 + A 4 a match against Austria. Smith's two club bid was strong and artifical, and Garozzo's double showed clubs. Declarer eventually got to six hearts doubled and Garozzo had lo choose between a spade and a club lead. lie reasoned that declarer might be void of spades -fudging from North's double of four spades and East's willingness lo play four spades doubled -- and accordingly Garozzo led the king of clubs. This proved to be an error -spade lead would have stopped the slam -- when declarer took the ace of clubs nd played eight rounds of trumps to produce this p r r i i ; n n : The bidding: South West" North East 2 + Dble Pass 3 + *» 4* Dble Pass 5* Pass 6* Pass Pass Dble Opening lead - k i n g of clubs. There are many highly lalen- ted players who do extremely well by executing fantastic squeezes, extremely rare LJes chapelles coups, and sundry other feats of magic. But the fact is that these very same players are ofttimes the victims -- rahcr t h a n the architects of these exploits, a n d that cy suffer even as you and I do in such situations. Consider this deal whore (he rcnowed expert, Benito Barozzo of Italy, held [he West hand North: »A J' + J 7 West A K Q · K *Q East Immaterial Sooth «7 *4 Declarer now led the five of trumps, forcing Garozz.o to part with the king of diamonds, whereupon declarer discarded a spade from 'dummy, played a club, and " " South had losers lo so made the slam, caused one of his disappear, just as Garozz.o had so often done to so many of his opponents. PONYTAIL "Merge allowances? Is that your idea of asking me to go steady?!" Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than 111 a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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