Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1974
Page 16
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14 · Nort(.WMt Arkansas TIMES, TV,ur*., June 6, T974 HtYlTTKVILLI. A R K A N S A S nmilli m i ' i ' r : ; in 1 1 i n i ' i i i Aubrey Shepherd ::.- How To Extend A Seven Hour Float '-·'· Bill Kennan and the fishing reporter have been Jeen on area streams pretty frequently of late. Their jreports are not glowing enough to sound dishonest, "their stringers are never full enough to appear heavy, and their hard luck tales are too ludicrous lo evoke sympathy. One Wednesday afternoon the two set off like Arkie voyageuers to float a lengthy slretch of War Eagle Creek between Withrow Springs and Highway 45. With the astuteness of an experienced river fishing guide the shaggy-headed fishing reporter had scouted the lower part of the route only a few days earlier. On the preceding Saturday, he' had been told by a party of canoeists that the same trip had taken them seven hours. Confessedly, the fishing reporter had noted that the party had caught few fish, but he attributed that fact to their probable lack of savvy, and he refused to accept the idea that suggested itself to him at the moment -- they had paddled constantly, taking turns fishing and seldom giving their lures time to sink. Having for five years wanted to float all the way through this stretch, which during the summer be_comes pretty difficult because of low water and ob- _strucfions, the fishing reporter was determined not to miss a good opportunity to take this trek with an enthusiastic partner like Bill. By getting their boat into the water by noon the two hopefuls expected to fish pretty thoroughly and extend the reportedly seven- hour float to nine hours, reaching the take-out point about dark. The first hint of bad luck appeared in the form of a mudhole in the road near the put-in spot. The fishing reporter's sub-compact wagon made it halfway across, An excellent pushing job by Bill and restrained rocking" unstuck the car. After launching the boat, the anglers drove the now mistrusted car back through the mudhole, tilting along one slippery bank like joy- riders at a county fair. Having missed the worst of the gumbo on the return ride, the anglers determined to play it safe and park the car in an out-of-the-way place. Unfortunately, the only closeby, safe-looking off-fne-road space big enough for parking the low- slung Detroit horseless miscarriage was an opening leading into a grassy meadow. As the fuzxy one backed cautiously into the opening, he commented on the likelihood of the farmer deciding to do his haying that -afternoon -- and maybe bailing up the tiny car with- -tmt much noticing the clatter. Getting Strikes Is Encouraging Once underway, the anxious anglers found it diffi- ; cult to hook the many small fish that struck their lures. But getting strikes is encouraging, and they kept casting. Soon they were catching an occasional sunfish. The sun was high and the water was calm-too calm, the reported remarked. Only four days earlier, the river had been rolling along at a good clip hut now it was peaceful except in the runs between ' »,, h S i It T" , so ' ther e-was still sufficient current to help the floaters make the trip, if not too much _time was wasted. Rounding the first big bend, the boat passed beneath a spectacular rock overhang and directly over ^r f'k bl . ue « catflsh - The scenery was not all so ex"W 1 ^^ 6 TM. 0 . 1 ?! ^ the , \ vh .° le . area is beautiful, : the . They counted seven squirrels near the water's edge and they photographed a bluff lined with swallow's nests. As the sun lowered, bass began to strike and n ° "° fiCe ' · h l r h - ' S n * c r '·""OI'V -slowed their boat, causing them lo have to paddle hard on the opposite s,de. That is (he kind of trouble float fishermen like to have; so the two were pleased o work a little harder. But even a little harder wis not " As the sun dropped closer to the horizon and beein required for a trip anymore than that IIP is in^ or has failed jo catch a fish or fake any ga , P or tha a s f ° o t l ° the mafc »« on a camping tri - made the trip in seven hours Limbs Hold Snakes By 8 p.m. the paddlers were no longer fishine Thev were only occasionally desperate but always steadV in their efforts to finish the trip. As night came, thev talked about the fact that the moon wwild not come out until nearly daybreak and wondered whether the flashlight they had left in the car would work The H^L- n arMS we v!' e ° bvi °"sly dangerous in the dark but even so each one was welcome, for it meant speed and a shortening of the distance to the car · A person can see pretty well outside at night. Manv duck hunters and trotliners and other oiitdoorsmen avoid using a light as much as possible. When a boat is pulled beneath low-overhanging limbs bv a stron° current in the dark of night, however, there is no wav fonts occupants to see well enough -- with or without a light. The truth is that very few of the limbs actually hold snakes and having a light would have onlv made the boatmen feel compelled to check each one 'There; fore they actually saved a lot of time by not l)rin«in« ' the light. ' " B · , About 10:30 the fishing reporter astounded the man . in the back of the boat by pointing out that they were at last in the section of the river he had come to fish · that day and it was too bad t h a t Bill had to get to work by 7:00 a.m., for time seemed right for catching some ; smallmouths .with top water lures. Once he was as. sured that they were not going to stop paddling and . start fishing again. Kennan grew pleased in the knowledge that his partner at least knew where they were. Ironically, the only real miscue in directing the boat ' Occurred in this area. By going to the right of a log, . the river guide found himself confused and for a mo' ment afraid they really were not yet in familiar water. But recovering his bearings, he directed that the boat . be pulled back upstream and soon it was on the right route once more. Eleven O'clock had passed when the men reached ·the ford where the car was parked. When Bill remarked that he'd have been a bit worried had he not had complete faith in his guide, the balding fishing reporter rubbed his crown in wonder, afraid to question the _comrnent and unsure whether to credit it with the "sarcasm it ought to have contained or to accept the apparent sincerity as an extremely fine though clearly undeserved compliment. Pro Teams Busy Signing Diamond Talent Riding In The Dirt Frtdie Green, left, and Chuck Ciniiiingliann, liolli of Fayefle- ville, enjoy some hike riding at The Worlil Of Two Wheels located on Highway 71 ai Brentwpod. The park calers to cyclist of all kinds featur- ing plenty of room and'low use fees. (TIMESpholo by Ray Gray) Cleveland Management Tries To Save Face Formal Protest Filed CLEVELAND (AP) -- Texas Ranger Manager Billy Martin t r y i n g t o save face says the Cleveland management by filing a formal protest against tlic Tribe's forfeiture of the pair's violence-ridden Tuesday night baseball game. "They should do w h a t the President (Nixon) didn't do." Martin said. "Just come out an admit they Tnadc some mistakes and that they will do everything' they can do to prevent it from happening again." Martin said the actions of Indian General Malnager P h i l Seghi anil Executive Vice Pres- nt Ted Bontla were "ridiculous." , Br'er Frans, 965 Collect Slow Piich Victories Two area slow pitch Softball :eams picked up victories Wednesday evening at AsbeM Park. Br'er Frans slopped Standard Register (1-4 as Jerry Taylor hecame the winning pitcher and Roger Grant the loser. Mike Butler and David Courtney contributed two RBI cacti for Br'er Frans while Herman Evans managed t\vo for the losers. Turn Heflin and Butler scored two runs each for the winners. In the second game Loval Q65 edged Lazenby Real Estate 7-5. Bub Hatliff was the winning hurler and Tut Morrow the loser. Alton Pennington pro duced two RBI for the winners and Gary Westerman had two for Lazenby. The Indians filed a formal protest to the forfeiture with American League President L e e MacPhail Wednesday morning. "While we deplore the incidents which led to the lor- feiture, we also feel t h a t there was no warning given to the fans during the course of the game by the umpires that any continuation of interruptions of play would lead to a declaration of a forfeiture of the game," the protest telegram said. The Indians' management also said the umpires lost control of the game. The Indians won Wednesday night's game 9-3 hefore 8,101 orderly fans. More than 25.000 Cleveland Indian fans turned out Tuesday night on 10 cent beer night. Early in the game a few young persons started running around -he outfield between innings. By the ninth i n n i n g firecrackers, beer bottles and chairs were being thrown and the number of persons running on the field had grown considerably. When the Indians knotted the score at 5-5 in the ninth the Rangers rushed onto the field '.o fight the fans, who had gathered around right fielder Jeff Hayes Suffers Heart Attack COLUMBUS. Ohio (AP) Woody Hayes, Ohio State Uni versily football coach, was ad mitted lo University Hospital today and taken to the Coronary Care Unit. Hospital officials refused to confirm Hayes, Ohio Slate's football coach for the last '4 years, had suffered a heart attack. Burroughs. The Indian players came to the assistance of the Rangers. Martin said the troublemakers were drunk and referred to them as beasts. Statements from MacPhail and Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn said promotions such as 10 cent beer nights would have to be made known to their offices in advance so that security studies could be made. Bonda agreed that a security study should be done, but denied t h a t the beer promotion had anything to do with the-oc- curancc. "You're giving beer a bum rap." Bonda said. Bonda said a number of things combined created the ninth inning melee. He included: --Retaliation for a fight the Rangers and Indians had in Texas last week. --A large crowd (25,134) on a warm night. --A lot of young people in the crowd who played follow the leader after seeing a few fans run on the field. --The Indians tying the score in the ninth, --The Texas Rangers leaving the dugout with their bats to fight fans in the ninth. NEW YORK (AP) -- Major League baseball dripped into the Lucrative free agent market place again today, computing the summer draft of high school and collegiote prospects. Scouts and farm directors ran through 23 rounds of the regular draft Wednesday picking 523 players in the hopes o! duplicating the 1973 success of teams like the Son Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee rewers, who all came up wit hinstant major leaguers from their drat choices. San Diego, which drafted oul- lelder Dave Winfield straight nto a major league uniform ost year, had first choice this ime around and selected shortstop Bill Almon of Brown University. Almon, who set eight season records at the Ivy League school, has not hired a professional negotiator and plons instead to do his own contract bargaining with the Padres. After San Diego drafted Al mon. Texos had the second choice. A year ago, the Rangers chose and immediately signed a local prosoeci, pitcher from Sacramento. Ca- Clyde's success in fluenced this year's home stole selection r i g h t-handed pitcher Tom oggs of Austin. Then, midway through the second round, thi Rangers announced they hac signed oggs, just as they had signed Clyde during the draf last yeor. LONDON, Ona. (AP) -- Ken ryden, who redently signed a ew contract to play goal for h e M o n t r e a l Canadiens, ednesday night opposed Pres- lent Clarence Campbell's lews on violence in the Nation- 1 Hockey League. In a keynote address to the nnual conference of the On ario Educational Co-Ordina- ors' Association. Dryden said: "I would initially disagree with Clarence Campbell and his uggestion at an inquiry into ' ilence in hockev that th COMPLETE LINE Of BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY MATERIALS DISCOUNT PR ICES BANKAMERICARDtMASTER CHARGE WELCOME DELIVERY SERVICE ALSO NEW HOMES AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL LOCATIONS PKELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER kCO. 2401 NORTH GREGG ON Welt Township North Gregg Phone 442-2351 Ken Dryden Lashes Out At Violence Tag Held By NHL NHL does not condone . "By its lack of action in ttx matter." Dryden said, "the NHL certanly does condone volence." Dryden pictured *e National Hockey League Players' Association as being donnmted by Toronto lawyer Alan Eagleson and described it as "incapaWe" of doing anything to rid hpcVey of the violence tag that has been attached to it Sport is "not necessarily" character-building at all. he said. If You're Self-Employed em 2587 No. College Ask year MFA Insnnnee Agent abort a plan that may let yon build retirement dollars NOW and defer paying Income tax on those dollars mrtfl LATER on a plan provided by MFA Life Insurance Company. Fayetlevllle ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS BUFFET Both Noon and Evening Bring the family! Child's Plate Only $1.35. W» have three private dining rooms that will accommodate up to 350 people. Buffet Noon and Evening HIGHWAY 71 NORTH 4414323 MR. QUICK Weekend Special Friday · Saturday - Sunday ELECT A QUALIFIED SHERIFF QUALIFICATIONS: j DICK HOYT | OPPONENT SPEED READING SKILLS Fayetteviile's Program for Accelerated Reading Is Curenfly Enrolling Students for Its Next Five-Week Course Beginning June 17 Price $32.50 Accredited by Arkansas Dept. of Education. Call 521-7597 or 521-4487 HAMBURGERS FOR 3 FISH SANDWICHES Friday Only MR. QUICK 1525 South School Fayetteville Phone 442-9333 POLICE EXPERIENCE POLICE TRAINING EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS comisr coma 2 Years Deputy Sheriff, Washington County 9 Years City Marshal and Chief of Police, Johnson, Ark. Plus, Military Police and Criminal Investigator Never Dismissed from Employment Graduate, CID School (Top 3 In Class) Graduate, Ark. Law Enforc. Tng. Acad. Intoximeter School (Top 3 In Class) Licensed by State of Arkansas As Senior Operator Graduate, Civil Def. Aux- Police Sch. Explosive Ordnance Recon- naisance and Explosive Sabotage Course ALL Diplomas Available for Your Inspection 3 Yrs. University of Arkansas, 1114 Credit Hours) College of Business Admin. Transcript Available For Your Inspection International Association of Chiefs of Police Arkansas Law Enforcement Officers Association Northwest Arkansas Peace Officers Association Arkansas Municipal League NONE. NO member Or my family is connected In ANY WAY with bail bonding or privet* security business. About 2 Years Deputy Sheriff Reason for Termination? Special Short Course at Arkansas Law Academy Enforcement Diplomas? ? Transcript Available? fct , ·§, , * a · NOI11IW0M AncVHM PMC* Officers ? Qualified Experienced Mature Judgement ELECT DICK HOYT SHERIFF WASHINGTON COUNTY W-brWekBort

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