Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1974 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1974
Page 25
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16 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., June 5, 1974 FAYITTCVILLC. A R K A N S A S 24-Ooa», C«rt$ 27--Musical Merchandise w h i l e Icmatcs. V - E f « TM m.ili m a t u r « »hi1e malr. I v n f c m M r j lt*n. aie bioan bnn'JItl 1'norc 5:00 p.m. jn-.T.TI. Al;c RKx;iFTKFiK:n i»nc pjr col, verv f n i a l l tluys. ri^o COLLIER REXALl EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment Call 443-3441 Collier* ha* 50 Lb. gacka of Wiynt knd XKCO dog food Compete Line of Pet SuppHe* k.t all Collier Stores. 25--Horn* Needs--For Sal* T\VO retr^erA^OTf. Iro^'-iris, t*w l a r o-.r »E»rtmcnl. r e a s o n a b l e . W i l l d c l l i ' ANTIQUK nrw ?rsrs TV, Si:- l,\. lj nc. JltO. C-i I A1RUNK co'.or 1 rlc saw. phone m-:^i, PL KA Ft ANTE. r7-..l inH ,1 r e f i i j t c r a l o j s »ah,w jr H;C". U n l ' i n i t r i i . 'S:i M i l ! S I N N E R Spnnz litit new. pine NEW Uprich: sweeper w i t h aL'.it-hmcnU J.V). ICO j c a r oM walnut Jenrn'-Lifiri lcd JT? FVioric -ML'-SSO s u i t , perfcol rrfi-Miiri. I --f (Ongmal price J57JJ £CO F, Sv-6. MA'ITRESVKS * M.\TTm:C; F O U N D A - TIONS -- ^L'.:»i ir,) sr-iKXTinrAE deseed w i t Pi olra m e a g r e of l rcss fnr hp.iJlhlul .mip.-x'jl. "'hfv;e J i n n or cMr.i f i r m q u a l i t y in hca\v i t i c k s . A l s o havo quern ,'tnrj k i n z · vaiiahrc fur o u r i n - i x - c l i o n . MJI!;C F r l f r J i n n trJav a I U n i t e d ]-"rc^hl P"H Hwy. E-J w.. Rc-eHcville. Opo.'i 1 t ' . .. Monday (luo-.ijjh J . . i , ViLl K H i t u n l a y . ini.-hir.c. TV j c l . vasliinj; hcr nsftj] hou=rhoM items am] - goat J,irK. (jn.;;vr. BBIIROOM PWTS O Sonic still In lory parkin;: cat Ion b. Tiinr sets I n c r l m J c dresser, elicit, plalc i:hbs mirror Jipfld(y\-irr3. Ali ^r S13S.93. r.-i.^h E^ tonns. A v a i l a b l e al L'nitcrl Frcisht Faks, Hi way fi2 W,. Fsycltcv]i3r. Open S to 9, Mon. thiojRh KrL Till 6 Kat. KEEP carpets bcaul'ilul despite frxj'.s of a busy family. Buy Bine Luxlre. Kent «l'f.-lric shampoocr jl. Po't l-"iiriiitu 603 W. JJickson. NEW- USED WILKIHS ^l 9 .". HOME FURNITURE Norn* fcrancft At Oitcount Fric*t Pfr«n« 321-3043 410 N. PJ'AKF, Vifcing. Kin a, an.l Xocvbl sTvT- J n = n i a r h i n r d , ?,ilcs und ^..'i-vji-p. f\:n- plcle J m c ix' cdhini'ts ronnnrrc;al I'Mtfi in f l o c k . N R l i u : i i i l Kibiics, 313 Ycuiig £1. ' lN'f; IJOOM s-elv. Kaiuous m.-inuf^c- . l ; ( ( c r c n l i l y l r s -- sonic \ u l l i ^ijiv china calf: nets. Trthle mill hins hardwood chairs- [31. !lSf.I*5 or f.K t c t n T a n v . i liable. Uji:lc-d shl Falr-s H w y . fiJ \\'., I M v r l t c v j l l f , !» to 3, Mor.-l'r:,, til] 6 .il. a n i v c d i n s h ^ p i i i e r U ;ivs O.lrl luct-ps .iV-,ft i f c o i v c S1KMV. Pitrjilifc f j i l j s i c ' i T i n m c N . H u t i A , i i t i . n u l i r Rave. Cn^li or K v /; ( c n n s , K.-JCS. uw-v. i;^ u', F.I 9 lo 3. Ji]or,.-Kn., til! 6 i 26--For Sale -- Miscellaneous v . i l h 3 spcr-1 ..'nni'r, j.j-ca;rri, vor, A M / K M m u l t i p l e x t u T t i e r . :·'! F *.!:iRP^ lo f u n o FM *V!.'», UmlC(! F i O ^ l K.ilcs, l l w r . " B-J IV.. I c v i J i r . Open 0 to 9. Mon.-Fcl., ll!| 28--Antiques--For Sale Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitives -- Glasi China -- Hrais -- Collector's Jtcm. Prairie Grove. Ark- Phone 816-2? 34--ApartmenJs For Rcnl '( ,^ X t-^ - - M O- fl ti'."\ ur.I ( \V. Cth. I-ho,-,e MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVJLLE'S FINEST Now IcriMni; one. two. t h r e e or f o u r bedrooms -- Furnished or un furnished. 3UOI W e d i n q l c m Phone 521-7^06 -- Office in Apl. 1 UK'S A N T J q U wy 1L2 North - l 30-Wantcd To Buy B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING M ABOVE FACE ( S u b j e c t lo d a - l y uhanKe, i - a l l f. i l a r n p collecli'Jiis top dollar pai FAYE1TEVILLE COIN STAMP 2o61 N. C o l l e g e , 521-61?! WANT TO P-UV IMA NO. ril 0^27? Ti5 WANT If* buy i c s C O I N S H O P PAWN J'.iyiuS 110'^ o \ c r face for Silve Buy A: S e l l All U.S. Coins 1^08 S. Thompson 751-37 ui^ti"H:s-r i-rtiCES ron GOOD USE fURKITURt; Jt AS'PIJANCES INCLU ISO ANTIQUES 412-2501 WANTED 2 Ion CMC. or Irtlem bod. ^^ust bo coo B ETiodc] Che l wither witho k- 751-C!3S- 31-Wonled To Trade CAN OFFKR SMMAj 3 nOO\ K U 7 1 N J S ) ] K D H O U S K A N D irPM ITIES TO VOUKa M A T i n i K A G n i STUOKNT IN EXCHANG KOn J-AHM WOHK. 33--Rooms For Rent PEOPLE'S IN.Y, 311 WcsfTii i!hiT, i m v v t t e C U l u i l L I V . O l f s l i r r l p j i i k -IO.MJ _1*'_ U'^V S l i i r i c n l . -1LVIHS. ILOOM lor jTirl MotirotiTTciiITji~fii -o rirlo In vvnil:. PFntiie 77.|.~*,V1. 34--Apartments For Rent STEVE CUMMINGS APTS. FBN'DKH straio.-ii.ter imd ca s e with Fi-i dtr amp, I.ors than v c i i r o'd, S'^ TafMSST. TV. h : n n » l no I"OE*. SAl.K. Perm a Guard I rai-Ji ii-jseclicrnlfs, ihe nun [ i-E'.air with .i^rc \A's: !(»'·; p!i-s.ler (,tul suit, ihra;ich J S , f !·', I',;. 1 ntuc t-a^ 1 , n,vr!l lo ti;? "V" a i iho Olil \ ^. and :S1. Hour* f r n i n 9:iO 1o 6:00 i til nl^ y. SLIGHTLY SCRATCHED - Ir. -.Mp.T UXCLMMED FKEU3HT h n s r e r c i v c i l 3 brar-.d r e w zi^-'ds .o'.%'n^ niiii-h:nos · luljy e v a i l a h l c - pa-h b-j::n:i i i ' v c ^ e an.1 1'new w j a bs sou i-i « f i r - i ix'-no, /: 5 c r v r t J l « s . s fur SH.ij. U:..U1 Fr.-i'ht Sfllc^. Hwy. u J V,-. K a i c u i ; v i ] : 0 to 9, MO---F:-:-. nil S A-,!. P f Z Z A HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT . For $1.45 O.VK U'«llr.-irrl. [l!t/m!:-d r K i n n n II. . - i l l - r u n . l i l K . r i n l . nil utililii' S-'U |cr n i u r i U f . Joc.nteil oti N. .·ill u l i l u j c a - p.ij[l. m U.\. siaj r «r Taylor. 52l.;;ir. TUKKK mm furnisheil np.irlnunt (c "·" ' ' . t : f i p[)i'l. coni/c t,]- ninL-^ o n l v . Xo pot. A|i;ily 81 S-T.W. S n i i n a A I * . 1. T H I i K K r«.'in Iiu^hM Tpiijirs aiw m o m , « . u t « l c rntr,imr. i;o r t ni! u a l c fiiuus'10,1. rhorit: JIJSNiS .ndcr o : (M p.n SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER O n e ticrfrooiu c f f k - i c n c v f u r n i s h t i a p . i r t m c n i . U l i l i l i c s paid. N'o p d STO. From 8:00-3:00 call Scholar Inn, 521-5923. A f t e r 3:00 and week ends c a l l 442-9195. THE DAVJS APTS. ·'-:-·?f v: M-M::!.i!n flr-i [»,-JM. V^!^n -'--'I. i rix.::i; a-.-j t If bain. i-MlT j / =i"'.si: s - · ! i i - f r U f . ^ s o r . psT-.fhrt fpro-j = ' METAL Deieziors -- Gz-Tf.i. L-* p7- fess:oja!'s CSralce. GoM sri s'L^f COTJ toi^bt azd soud. Call Aba Liccu 1 --!, SJ* ESoT, Rogers. Aric. FOR OWNERS fences, Rock Fiower GardEns, Sidewalks, Curb* Link dE'AS, !. Trees, Koures, and THE WEED-EATER Cuts graii xvilhut dani.i-.-c to t^i zl3ve and \viih -ul dull ng bladti You won't believe 11 unlil you sa il. Call or write for free "demon LAWN" "EQUIPMENT SALES Fayetlcvillc. Ark. ?L'T01 27--Muwcal Merhandis« BTIN'ET-CONSOLS PU,VO: FajrL-.9r.l5 Wii h» talt«r o x e r by r£-.3,--h'e r-iriy k tTiii viriniiy on xmall nio.Ttnly fesjf. W**11 arrarge cwver.knt ir,i;prrt;a-.. r*a nr writ* PlonfeeJt Mu.-.r To , liU DoiiM n. smith, Ark. Phwe 7?3^o;3. , p:-vaie bsth. CTe in !«'aLoi, m-vit'u ul;l.t:ej pat-]. Ca!] O. IL SUMMER SCHOOL At 5ii:Tiincr rales -- S u n i t s -- · bedroom lovnhoii5p. Pi balhs. Air conditioned, furnished or u n f u r n - ?sritd. Di.vhwasher. disposal froil- :re-p refrigerators. Shade trefs, Bal- f--nfe. Electric range. Q u a l i t y and qujei, Ready now. Call 521-aCcO or a f t e r hours 442-S071 «03 TOWNHOUSE 0$ Lawton St. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple I and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 13th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 NOW LEASING r§ Friendly Family Atmosphere. 1. 2 A .1 H e d r o m n s . F u r n i s h e d or Un- f u r n i s h e d . S t a r t i n g M 5101. C e n t r a l heat n i r , All u t i l i t i e s paid except etui-lriu. Complete l a u n d r y f a - cilities, Dayearc center on premises C o u n t r y Club Road O f f i c e 0pm 0-5 521-7301; A f t e r 3 p.m. 521-8796 All FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bodroonis, c e n t r a l heat and n i r - f o n r l i l i o n i n g . disposal, o f f street p n r k i n c no pets. A v a i l a b l e i m m e d i a t e l y for sum- m e r a n d f a l l . SL03. plus J50 d e p o s i t . W i l h fireplace, $135 s u m m e r , 1150 fall. C a l l 5 2 1 - 6 5 1 3 or 521-1,130 STUI1K NTS: 1'ui ntsr ic ^ a pa rim rnts, ^ U'.otJcs /roin r-;inip'Ji- Colt;i?o^ in conn· try, 13 J i i i m i l c s from t-ampus. !5 Up. TOWKH ArAUTJIB.NTr-:. One ' f u n i i s l i f f l , c:ose lo U i n v c r a j l y . lrr Miiiuiicr aii'l fall. Call iJl-XI nil utililipj; |.;ii-l. One l»criroojii diiplox! w a l c r anil ?;^ PALI I, JIOO per niwlh. Ko I-IIRNlStfED apartment--ofric-irncics, one and 1'iV'o hcdroom-sonic-air co^'JIiior in vcr- fln]ct environment, close to c W i t h i n w a l k i n g distance ol rampu^ off* strrf^t riarkrriL,'. Jllfl plus utilities. Call 11^-7]2T. a f t e r it p m, I-'UK XJSHKIJ vciv miot If KM t ion, hvi lar,ie itronis a m i I n t f i . ample of( .strce! plus deposit. Iliouc Iw-K»'i a f t e r 6:M O,\K hciircum furnis.hcJ ajiartmcnt, rloic to cii mpu.s, no 31 r, uo pels, all bill. 1 ! psiri. $!5. c»ill 5^l-:tf27. '171P.BE bcdrtKHi], nn^irm.shcd apartmcnl. Hiw.iy C2 West. Plione ·II2-9G1S or 267. U K I S I H - J I t or u n f u v n i - i h c ' l 1 hrdroorn 15 U VVli!!h;un, ^ b!x:I-:s (o U n i v c r a l l v ' ' FtMSHEO vrn - nice an.J rmivp firslnp Apis., I I H N'fltleship, Pnoa rLn-"172 jillcr 5 call -m-DOlS. THE LfTTLE WOMAN "You're fortunate to be married to a man who believes in absolute equality for women." ^ 34--Apartments For Rent I:I:ALLY ;;icr;. one or 2 bedroom aparf mcnl on Kaywood I*inc. Phorie 521-47E?. SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Leverett 521-2761 1, 2. and 3 bedroom furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid, two swimming pools, tennis court* Launrtiy, grocery, fits facilitEea, air conditioned, HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science E n g i n e e r i n g Building. One and two bed room, f u r n i s h e d apartment, a vn liable now. Also leasing for summer and fall. Summer rates. 521-383S. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Brdrnom 107.00 Two Bedroom l'^5 00 Three Bedroom 143.00 All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnished, families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073" Office- Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays S u n d a y s CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: · C e n t r a l Air · Shag Carpets j u e e n size beds · Frosl-free ref r j g . · D i s h w a s h e r Disposal Pool · Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom §127.50 -- Two Dedroom All bills paid e x c e p t electric month r.MSHED ernrtmcnt yiH) pe iimished aisartmcnt 5100 per month. Alt h i l l s raid except ivater, 611 Whilharo. FU R.MS H PJ I I r j-p:cx. aave K.IS r Nca --·-ijnis, one bcdiioAni. panels i}, lile a" ,1 ni I 1 u b, ma rri ed cotrplo AIM :iejicy for mature studenl/pnone j G L E N D A L E Renting for : Summer i$125 Per Month . 1 Bedroom Furnished Also RenPing for Fall: ; All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Coll Paul or Elsa Rosenber 632 Pufman -- 442-663 NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDItOOM IrNlTS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly atraosplicrc 2 large poola ri'trcalicm room. Summer ralei fpctive June 1st. CALL 5Z1-7200 9 TILL 6 MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Rates. 412-1460, 521-1219, or 521-22C5 BEVERLY MANOR APTS U::i' UR MSTIE D aiM rtmeni m 0 be, us. 5.-0-S65 jvr m-intli p!in 515 cleai ,\pl. il 412-7700, SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnlsho, « n n i r - TM n '-,!''j lilics " ail1 ' $TM- f ' r °n- S.OO-aitK) call Scholars I n n , 521-5323 F an1 w e c k e n d s rail SUMMER RATES A V A I L A B L E FOR YOUR INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. I ' i X. Levcrett F i l y c l l c v i U o M g r . A p t . No. J CHATtAU IV JT»I X. Lcverclt T'ayclliville 521--21.1 Mgr. A p l . No. I KEN CLAIRE 1900 X. Garland Faj-cttevifle 442-SSS! Msr. Apt. No. H COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. L«verc(t Fayc-ttcvme 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. Xo. I JENNY IYNN 11 South Duncan Fayclteville 551-7:10 Mgr. Apt. No. IS G A R L A N D G A R D E N S 20ft) N'. Garland r-iyetlaville -clair« Apt. \'o SWLNLMING POOL OR POOL PBIV. SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For i m m e d i a t e occtipoancy. Also for J i n i a Sept. C o m p l e t e l y carpeted. Alt u t i l i t i e s p a i d except Electricity. A r k l a gas h e a t i n g and air condi- tionJi}£. I -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Town houses B e a u t i f u l l y Decorated Frost-Free Ilefri«crator 16tj-Lb. Capacity Freezer GO Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere t9M Melmar Drive Office 443-2111 -- Apt. 100 34--Apartments For Rent P fIT.\J AN-HILL .yAUTMK t.TS Furnished two bedroom aparlnients condit ion ed-- carpel--?art«ige disposaL-- rrar Ur.lvcr-.ilv--H3-S79T after -1 tm FURNISHED ons bcrfroom, carpel, air eonJillo;icd, privale jwirfcing sincle fe male. fC, 1:0 pels. 4!2-1i3S or 41 35--Duplexes For Rent ON*; Ix-'i Garland, clcrlririly. fiiniislied at 1K10 Norti ilitio:ietl. carpet, SUO plu e -U2-I17S. laiJIN'JSllHU livo bC'Iroom. carpet, air conditioned, ?U5 [K-r month plus deposit no bills p a i d . PrtonD 1J'.'-9J20. UMIGK clc;in l»o bedroom duplox, lars* a r d n e a r R a m a v Jr High, $100 j)Iui dcixwit. Phone 412-ZTTO. paid. Hwy. 16 \\csl. Jlln month N F U R N I S H K D two bf'lroom 'ntral Jjeat anr] air. waH-to-tvall 1*0 plus h i l l s . M a r r i e d couple GET TAN On redwood sundeck at rear o two bedroom d u p l e x , close to Uni v e r s i t y . Paneled t h r o u g h o u t . , slovi and r e f r i g e r a t o r f u r n i s h e d $165 pe month. Call Lee 521-727?. LUXURY PLUS AH conveniences and shag cir. pet i n two bedroom, unfurnhhec tuwnhousrs, grnat v i e w , J230 pci month. C a l l Leo Boss at tlailorj of Homes 521-7272. 2 BKDEtOOM furnished 11^3 HrniUi \Ve$\ Avenue. JSt. M ilerwsit and one yeai I p n s c requited. Musi ije tiuiet rouble or middJc-ai-Cft widow. J I 3 3 i ^ O or 1\JT ONE bHroom (inuisticd iluplt-v, ',: b'ot-l {mm campiu. 5T5 per nitmlli. Call 521 1I6 afler 5:00. A1K-COKD1TIONED lurnlshpd rarp. $93 plus utilities. Phone 4l3-'»3. T\VO bed room il uplex, nea r Uiiiver%i ly u n f u r n i s b c i l , J1DO per month plus ittil and dcposiL Pfionc 413-101-1 a f t e r 3 p.m DUPLEX, inifurnishet! (wo Iw.lro. adults preferred, on 'Whillock Slrael LUXURY PLUS AH conveniences and shag car pel in two bedroom. unfurnlshe, great view, $23(t per month. Call Lcc Boss at Gallery ot Homes, 521-7272. GET TAN On redwood sundeck at two bedroom d u p l e x , clo,se ·rsity. Paneled throughou id r e f r i g e r n t o r f u r n i s h e d . onth. Call Lee Boss 5 rear o: to Unl- i t , 5 tO S1G5 per 11-7272. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with tow mileage for less than $5000. Ses HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates... We offer reasonable rent AIL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnjshed, Utilities Paid includes Kjtchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Coll or Come By Unjversity Housing Razorback Annex -- 575-3951 35--Duplexes For Rent WO !SKiiKfXM ilujVot, unlurnShe-l slovc. dl-hiv.T-hsr. ilj^-wal, v.aslier/dry- er conned Ions (ircj'yc^, Itori H^oo! a. f u!! v S^M g o'i i iwt cd 1 brou^hou t t i a l ajr/hc-it. Jl'.O [-er JIIO:I'UL I'ho.-ic l"i\*O bedro-un rtup'rx, Sl'i n .Mildred Crauf, ll?-(wlO or - i KsUle. WM1M. 2 HKDKOOM. ccnlral heal/air, carport, s (Mrpol. v a s h c r / i i r j e r connco'Ions, IKisuU, lur/ilslicrj, vcr' quiet GardeT cc, cou]i:^ [jj cfcrrcJ, no doss. 412- COUPLK only, or.c car lease. 11^5 Lurn F D U P L K X . rnLshf*!. twfj bodtowns, a- duils yreterred, on ^Yhlllock strccL ·J17-5S5], 1^VO bedroom, furnlihcd iluplex aparl- ment. r,o ulllillcs paiJ. Phone 5214I5 Also available, unfurnished duple-*cr. NKW, tv\o bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d it all u l i l f t i o i iaM, $1M per :l!ps Uriv*. a-710S. FUKNISHED th:oo bedroom. l!i baths, nrar c.'driipjs. *110 tx?r mositlu Phufic G U A R A N T B K D QUIET, couples and /nature s ingle s on ly. T^'O b- d room un* fjrnltiscd, cxcepi stove and relrigerator, lilt). Call 521-1621 aJlei 5 p.m. T\VO bedroom, sbag cnriMil, s1ov e and re/rigerator fumishci!. Central heat and a l r - c o n d f H o n e d , garbage iJi.sposal, wash- tion^ 4I2-SYI3. ^-^A^^ 36--Houses For Rent THKRR bcdromi, t'k from Unn'c p:e, uimicd-afc rno-Iern liou.-.c. one .Mly, for teachers or poiitssiun, Piioac 413- TI I R K B h o f r o o n i lumished liousc lra| ly local ed , a v a i l iib!o now. days 521-1100 or n i g h t s 4I2-T633. KB bedroom, tivo bath, unfurnished, riil air an-3 hc;it. carafe, stovp, dish- her, carpel, ^Quth^cj,! SprlneOalp n . rho::c 731-^1?. T\VO bedroom YOUNG 1S - O.\1AN d e s i r e s lo b i i a i e f.\[ s-cs on [arse oilier hotiic. *M per in-ji Nc;ir rampus. Phone 52i.;0o3. 36--Houses For Rent 2 BKPKOOM Iw.uc and WTC bedroom du- p!ev. ;;iu- ruiniltn-i?. C\Ni(r;il a i r ;ind i-arpd. O f f - M i c e t |.a:king. -Hf^Ui a f t c f I i».m. NK'K, (urnnhnl. a i r ewidit^nr,!, 2"fjeT , w , U e r / s c - A c r j)--i!ij. S12.J. Nice I ' t i n 3 bedioom, l.irae bt. $15fJ. 412-S936. NICK, clrafi o'ti:r h*)Ui?. 'J beiirooiiid, s«Mnra1p dinlnKKXvii. M.inicd couple or sm;i|l f a r n H y , Slf'J mcwil.T, dciwsit re- ·\itl-.ct. Phone WM1T5. ST',\CIOUS t'.-impu-. 2 bcvlroirvn, furnMied. !uio ^itiy'c. doulilo. tin l i r e j i u n m i c r : plus u t i J i l J c s , S1W deposit Color T.V. H6:i a / t r r 11 a.rn. EVERYBODr reacTs the Tisres" '\VANT ADS. Von are! .j-^aGt; [urniihed hous^ 3 b!wks of cam- pm. window air-comliUocier. large yard, -·-ilablp summer only. Deport requireJ. TlVO bedroom duplex. KS per th lease, Phone 412-75-I.x MOBILE HOMES i-2 HcJrooin mobile home, J 1-2 Kedroum mobile home J 1-lifcdroom mobile home, } These arc all iiir-c-ondittoricrj, -,il| bills paid and all carpeled, fo~ lirixjtjt no drunks, no paitics. -I12-SS"!. FURNISHED, two bedrooms, air-con- Onioned, carpels, paneling, new app 1 !- ancci. I n r n i s l i e d . garage, washer-dryer nutlets, no pets, deposit, mariied t-ouple. $1:5. 413-}o3S, 4l2-irT3», T\S - O, throe .anl roiir bedroom house.-; foi rent. / u r n J s l i p J . compielely cnrpeted nicely d«?c»rated, designed lor iludents and facjlty mcmtjer.s, -J13-2L-11. 37~Mobil« Homei For Rent Spec« FOH S.\LK w F'.oul: gjwi U n mob; M n i u n s i ' j n , SsS^. l u r n K h c d , ' ore beJrooiu vi-lth stu'fy area, aii-'Cojidllloned, shag carpol. I'liunc 321-3LUU alter 5:00 p.m. T\VO wodci n. c[O)C to UofA, shorqii n i, wort, 0,10 find two bedroom. $73 ant SKXJ, Cjl| 4I2-!S5J lor delai'r. KirHNIsHKIl 2 Lvriruom. air-oonilittone4. nioblTu homi-. m u i l be quiet anrt rellabt-'. no d i l J J / c n , no pels, f U O monlb. eabl* and uli] t i e s I'.ilii. Alio t r a i l e r spaces Miia)' I la i ler wclt-onic. f JO, scwcr P* I'-t \i\t'J3, 2 ho-11 oom tra I lor. Fum I she i!, S p n n M i slyle, No chtidicn or pels. 1'hona F U K X I S H K I ) , T\VO bedixxiin, central air, washer, dryer, pool, a (J tilt s, ?110, 1',', miles f i o rnSluJcnl Union al Woslern H i l K .Mobl'o Home Park. Hwy, 62 WesU James Pefv-vorih. 5a-OrO. LOW Jiiimer rates, apptj' all year, islirrf, tvto bedroom home tor parti couple without pets or c*i)ldr-n. nVO bedroom, air conJHIrned, furnished and carpeted. f95 per nionUi. gas paid. Phone 5 2 L - I I U until 5, 521-6S6J eveninirs. nvo bedroom, furnished alr-condlt!one^, KTienindoari V i l l a , $110. gas jtAiA. Pfion* 413-1757. Villa MOBILE BOMB PARK Central locatrcwi · O\-er5izod lots · Pa\ffl Streets · Sivinnuln* Pool * Playground · Kccj-eaLinri 3)Mg » KtoittRe bliip · Un^lcr- ci-ound utilities · O/[ Street Patkins. hwy. 71 N. 443-2214 E n t r a n r e Across from Holiday Inn AT LEWIS FORD HAPPY D are here Again! WE'RE HAVING A USED CAR SALE RIGHT OUT OF THE ROCK 'N ROLLING FIFTIES. PRICES ARE SO LOW THAT EVEN FONZIE WOULD LOSE HIS COOL! ALL YOU CATS DRIFT ON DOWN TO LEWIS FORD AND CHECK OUT THESE USED CARS-YOU'LL THINK IT'S 1954 NOT 1974! 1973 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO LANDAU White wilh while vinyl roof, 15,212 miles, power, air and all the extras. Must see appreciate ihis one. $3795 1971 PIN-TO 2-Door Economy 4 Cylinders, 4-speed, 34,000 miles, a brand new set of tires, lots of good economical transportation. 1971 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 4-Door. Reg. ular gas 400 V8, powel, select air, becu- tiful blue metallic with white vinyl roof,. local one owner we sold new. $2295 $1775 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO COUPE. Light blue with dark '/2 vinyl roof 302 V8, power factory air, local one owner we solcf new, 24,982 miles. 1972 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Door. All the economy at a reasoable price. Red, 28,850 miles. A real nice one. $1995 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO 4-Door 351 2V Regular gas, V8, power, factory air, tocal one owner car with only 32.235 correct miles. $2495 1972 PINTO 2-Door, Dark green with matching interior, brand new whitewall rim, 4-speed for economy. 29,214 miles. $2095 971 PONTIAC GRAN PRIX. Model J, AM/ ·M stereo, power steering and brakes, windows, tilt wheel, automatic air, lime green with dark green roof. $2795 1972 PONTIAC CATALINA BROUGHAM 4- )oor harcftop, local one owner with only 29,042 correct mileSj Power steering and Brakes, windows, factory air gold color, Double nice. $2775 972 FORD LTD 2-Door Hardtop, regular gas 400 V8, power, air, steel radial tires. A focal one owner car that's a gold beauty $2895 971 FORD LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE. Local one owner wagon we sold new, power, j factory air, all the nice extras. Bright red. $2295 1972 GREMLIN 2-Door. Economy 6 cylinder, automatic, air condilioned, brand new set of steel radial tires, double sharp. JUNE SPECIAL FRONT-END ALIGNMENT FRONT-END ALIGNMENT During the Month of June, 1974 PONT I AC-CADILLAC SALES SERVICE $2095 1972 PLYMOUTH GRAM SEDAN, 4-Door hardtop, power, air, AM/FM stereo, sper-d control, 17,800 miles, local one owner. $2695 $2585 1973 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 4-Door HarcJ- lop. A real bargain on o super nice car, 23,946 miles, power, air new tires, vinyl roof and all llie extras. $2995 1971 VOLKSWAGEN FASTBACK. Mag wheels, new tiros, vinyl roof. A real nics economy sedan. $1895 1972 MAVERICK 2-Door. A real little yellow gold economy special, 3-speed, new lires, runs nice. $1995 1969 FORD LTD 4-Door. Local one owner, real nice car, 390 V8, power steering and brakes, factory air, sharp $1495 1972 CHEVEUE MALIBLJ 2-Door. Olive gold with black vinyl roof. Only 31,000 miles, power, factory air. A double sharpie that won't stay long. $2795 PICKUPS 1973 FORD F-100 EXPLORER 360 VS. Cruiseomalic, power, factory air, 10,900 local miless. $3495 1973 CHEVROLET C-l 0 FLEETSIDE. Regular gas, V8, power, air. all Ihe nice extras, blue. $3395 1972 DODGE ADVENTURER, V8, 3-speed, blue wild white top, good clean truck, $1995 1971 CHEVROLET EL CAM1NO. Nice Gem lop included, V8, poweer, air radial tires $2395 HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN WITH OLD FASHION PRICES. SOMEONE SAID FONZIE WANTS TO TRADE IN HIS MOTORCYCLE! FORD LEWIS FOR 3373 N. College 442-5301

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