Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1974
Page 17
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NorphUt Fir* Kills NORPHLET, Ark. (AP) Liura Sims, 95, died Tuesday night when (ire destroyed the home in which she and two oth- er elderly women NT*! tw» miles north of Norphltt. Deputy Sheriff David Vines said Rachel Wilson. 84. was at home with Mrs. Sims when the fire occured. He said Mrs. Wilson told officials -that the fire began whwi Mrs. Sims tried UP tight a kerosene lamp and it ignited with a flash. Mrs. Wilson said Mrs. Sims w a s startled and ttirow the lamp across the NOW SHOWING room wher eit broke and the fire began. ching TV movies, but when the bad parts came on i went outside to talk to my younger brother and two of his friends. My folks let us stay up for the late, STARTS WED. "Magnum" 8:40 so this made four boys I knew them all well. Nothing happened but talk. But we were having such -- PLUS -- '·BUTTERFLIES ABE FREE" it was t a.m. and Dad roared out to "get inside fast." He said I was a "disgrace." (PC) THE, STIffO WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' HMUieHIM as BILLY JACK in TWRNiosair MocGRAW THE GETAWAY -- PLUS -JAMES GARNER lit Walt Disney Production "ONE LITTLE INDIAN" M £Sp ma Funniest Western since "Cat Ballon" (R) Mel Brooks S7WDLES HOT DELIVERS!, Can. Mat. 2 p.m. (PC) ROBERT BEDFORD This theater is rental by W A R N El BROR for ftis- engagement. Their mission Is ADULTS tlSO, CH1LDRE1 B.«. (Pass List suspended) 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m 7:00-9:U (O) ·at * Iim. Mat. I PJW . JeREast · Paul Wfaifield HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Dad's Discipline Not Equally Administered Now I'm grounded and can't go on a special date with one of these guys next weekend (that we'd planned before). Helen, when we just sat on the front steps and talked very quietly, disturbing nobody -and my brother was even there -- why do I like get called bad "streetwalker" when my brother isn't even punished? We'd have done the same thing inside, and D a d wouldn't have said "Boo." -- ]«-Year-O!d Disgrace" You Dad is suffering from i common parent-disease called "What will the neighbors ink?" That is: had anyone en his daughter (but not his ri!) with four boys at 2 a.m. ey might have spread gossip, d he would be disgraced, ^qual rights" don't apply len it comes to parental disci- ne. His ruling isn't quite fair, and hope your mother makes him alize this. -- Helen ear Faiher of "Ifi": Where can your daughter get more trouble? Outside on the rch talking to her brother, i a dark room watching e late show? You allow movie. Why get ght because the kids forgot time and sat outside until a.m.? Since you've brought up you ughter to be sensible and usted, why ground her for hat the neighbors might ink? -- Sue ap: My fiance's family is (he oblem. His mother called up y mother ami told her inch of lies. His liUlc sister lies hie and spreads rumors think slie's jealous. I don't ant her as my bridesmaid, bul m stuck with her. My folks are paying for the edding, but his Mom does al e bossing. She is a nosy, two ced liar and has done so any rotten things, I won't talk her. My guy and I are beginning fight, something we've never one before. That makes his om real happy as she wants break us up. He says I'm unreasonable!" I'm nervous and upset and ic happiness of m.v wedding being destroyed. What woult ou suggest? -- The "Some mg Blue" Is The Bride ride: Dollar Sale DOLLAR DAYS ARE BACK! Bonanza Sirloin Pit aft this week, Monday to Friday, June 3rd to June 7th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. will be celling a ONE BUCK LUNCH. Just another of Bonanza's old fatnioned prices. Chicken Fried Steak Bonanzaburger ·A Ib. Beef Pottie Includes: · TOASTED BUN · FRENCH FRIES Include* · FRENCH FRIES · HOT TEXAS TOAST · CRISP TOSSED SALAD CRISP TOSSED SALAD Also Available at Low, Low Pricw: · BartMetM Baked Beam · Fresh Strawberry Shortcake · Homemade Strawberry Ch*wt« Cake BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT 12356 North ColUga Phone 521-3565 DENNIS THE MENACE Ketcftam Nerthweet ArtcaneM TIMiS, Wed.. June S, 1974 r*vrrriviLi., ,-- -- n fact I've seen much more Tightening stuff on the late, ate show. Except for two or hr« scenes it would have been Hallowe'en special for the grown-up" kiddies, and as for 11 this business about wssession, etc. what'i new bout that? What, please tell me, made The Exorcist" No. I box of- ice? -- Almost Bored By The .ittle Devi! IBBTLD: ...Mainly (I think we'll discover in time, a razor-sharp press agent! Never underestimate the lower of the Promotion Department. It can build a few hocking scenes, some talkative ·lergymen and a covey of queamish stomachs into a multimillion dollar take. -Helen ,-\ CANY K WNatNLT* WAV OVER WbURHOUSEJOSTfORJtiff BEAMS' VUMTOftlTIN ...An elopement and a move so far away that families can't affect you. But, of course, this is idealistic. Your husband can't 'divorce" his Family for you, even though he could change locations. So learn to put up xvith Mom and Sis, and hope they'll let up on you. Good luck, Baby! -- Sue Dear Bride: I'll never understand why girls insist on big weddings when they know family conflicts will make them nothing but trouble! Why not save the money and spend it on a honeymoon ? Remember: it you and your in-laws use your husband as the rope in a tug-of-war. he'll snap, and so will your marriage! -Helen. Rap: I work until 11 p.m. and I must walk .about half a block to my car. Usually I get a male employe to walk with me, but heMI be on vacation for two weeks soon. I'm pretty self-sufficient, but I wonder about protection against rapists, since this is a dark area. Is it against the law to carry a spray can of something that would sting the eyes but not blind permanently - like the dog deterrent postmen use? - Night Worker Dear Worker: Anything legal For dogs should he allowed Tor use against attacking humans, bul check with your local police de parlment first. And remember a whistle or spray can in your purse is useless. E.ven held 11 r'oud hand it won't help much f a rapist comes from behim and grabs your arms first. Best defense is a working snowledge of judo. Next best a loud scream of "Fire!" This wrings out the curious, while "Help!" might scare them away. If there's a policeman on th beat, tell him you'll be walking alone for a couple of weeks His job is to protect citizens and be will. -- Helen And Sue Rap: What's the big deal abou "The Exorcist"? 1 read Iht book and thought it was mostb dull except for a few overdom parts. Hartn't plarsaerl to see thi movie, but when aft the whoop de-do came out about it, I xvon dere-d what I'd missed. Besides a friend paid my way. We were both turned off h; the picture. Tt didn't frightci us or make us faint or vomil REDECORATE The finest in residential interiors and exteriors. JOSEPH G. PRICE Contractor of Fine Painting. 521-1598 even though the child is now a 16-year-old girl. -- Eileen ((Jot a problem? Or a subject 'or discussion, two-gene ration style? Direct your questions to either Sue or Helen Boltel - or oth, in care of Northwest Arkansas TJMKS, if you want a combination mother-daughter answer.) Dear Rap: A girl complained tbal her Barents always reminded her not to do things sbe hadn't planned 10 do anyway, nr vice versa. Thai, rang a bell with me. My mom would always say, "Now. be careful driving." 'Lock the car door," etc. which oF course, made me impatient. But one day my little sister 'ID was leaving the house and I called after her. "Re careful crossing the street." Sbc turned around with a funny smile and said, "Yeah, I know - and be lome before dark..." I realized suddenly t h a t I was doing (he same thine as my mother! Only then did it hit me t h a t f cautioned her out of love, and force of habit not because I didn't t r u s t her. We broke into laughter, she hugged me and ran out Mm door. And do you know what t hollered aFte r iicv-? -- "O yqp have your library card?" I now u n d e r s t a n d about parents, and why my mother, each time she brakes the still puts her arm out to protecl the child in the passenger seat Thaw Frosted Cake To thaw a frosted cake, unwrap it and place on a cak« rack at room temperature. An unfrosted cake may remain wrapped while thawing. dl 4 days, $186.78* Tour hhlemc New Orleans at a reduced rale of only i186-73 per person for four days and three nights-Thursday. July 4 Ihrough Su nd ay, July 7. Trip fnc1 udes: ·Round-trip air fare Irom Fayotlevillc -Three nights at Boilrbotv OtJeans Hole! »Transfersfrom airport toholel and bacK-Choice of Miss- Tssip pi River Cru ise on S. S. President orBayouCrUisocm MarkTwain ·Choiceol breakfast at Brennan'sOT dinnet al Le Rcslaurant Maurice · Ctioicoo! 1 ol 3 cilytours-Cocktail and a souvenir doubloon ai Ihe Top of Ihe Mart. * Based on mlnimumoMQ pjssengors. Ca11 nowtoensure leseivations: WORLD-WIDE I TRAVEL SERVICE INCORPORATED ^225 Norlh School Avenue 521-746O ., DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Program* (object to ebanfe without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 ICHaniMl ^ ·* cabr» in Fay«tavlll*l KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KfSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (ClumKl « MI cabla in Fiye«.v1««l KOED-TV (ITV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, JopGn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 [ehannal » f* cmbtf In CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Tim* · Weather - Mude 9 Channels-FM Radio All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of FayetteviMe Phone 521-7730 O MOVIES ON TV Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Cti. 8-12 - "Blood Sport" (1973) Gary Busey, Ben Johnson, Larry Hogman 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 -- "The World of Henry Orient" (1964) Peter Sellers, Paula Prentiss 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Bomberss B-52" (1957) Natalie Wood, Karl Maiden, Efram Zimbalist Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "0-Day, the Sixth of June" (1956) Robert Taylor, Dona Wynter 8:00 p.m. Ch. 16 -- "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (1969) Maggie Smith Robert Stephens 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "The Spy With a Cold Nose" (1966) Laurence Harvey, Eric Sykes 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound SU3 N. College 442-S575 GET OUT OF TOWN Oriv. oot t. Hickory Crxk **e. Am ·M 4hM M THE BARN Tl 2M Ealt aff Hwy. Maafcft and ihrimp, awmamaal* dmtaaMM raite. rvftfthai. and uladt. Family Itjrte M fry rrtdar. ·ar q Kiln Saturday. Oa*n 5-10 p.m. ***· m_?"i_ u "·»«-»· ··"«- ··avar Lafca. BR'ER FRAN'S "Far A G*«4 TtoM TwiifM" HEW SUMMIH HOUIta: OPEN 7 P.M. to MIDNIGHT MOM. that (AT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT. ir THE FAMOUS OKLAHOMA BARKING. DUCKS EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER 52M3A3 WEDNESDAY EVENING * S:W Twilight Zone IS Andy Griffith « Truth or Conxequencea 7 To Tell Tha Truth 3 News 5. S Ulster Rosen 11 * 5:3* News 2, a fj 7. 12, 1ft Truth or Con**qu«nc«a a Electric Company . II + «:M- Insida Oklahoma Education . . . 11 News 2. 3. 5, 6 7, a. 12 16 * 6:30- Dragnet i. 8 Hogana Heroes 16 To Tell The Truth 3 French Chef 11 Hollywood Squares 3. 12 Wait Til Your Father Gets Home - 7 *7:00- Chase J, 3 7 Billy Grahsm 5 « The Cowboys « 12 Bobby G e n t r y IK WaAhinrfon Connection 11 * 7:JI Movie I. 12 Hollywoc^ Television Theatre - * 8:00- Mivie J. 3. S. 7 Cannon », If 2, S. S. « 7. «. 12. * 9:00 Doc Eliot H i l l y Graham Kojak Woman + 9:30 -Today's Yoga * 10:H News ...... * 10:30 Perry Mason ..... Salute t' rXirryl y. Zanuck Movie ............ Johnny Cantm * 11:30 -Salute to Darryl F. Zanuck * 12:00 Tomorrow ............... 2 * 1Z:30 - Ptojcct * 1:00 Tulsa Youth Forum THURSDAY MORNING-* 6:25 - MomenU of Meditation *6:30- SMS Forum Garner Ted Arms Ira ng . .' + K:35 Inspiration . * 6:40- Ncvwi * 8:45 Newa ft, 3 S, 16 11 11 1« H 12 IK 7 . I . 7 f 1 Buy Your Carpet Direct From Th* Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Mo it. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. SPRlXnnAI.E, A R K . HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7K1 Thousands of Folks.,. check the TV directory every day . . . .and they'll redd your ad in this space. Jl'i priced at a special low monthly rate. For information call the Northwest Arkansas TIMES, display advertising department, 442-624V. Light of Life .................... Today in Affrlcufture .... ........ 7 * «:55 -- liirvest Tims Tabernacla ...... 5 Tojecl .......................... 6 f m m y tnA LMA!« ............ 12 !B5 New ............. 1» Tountry Mode Tima ......... I Today .................. t, 1, I, 1 * 7 : M - Centlc B«n inta St*»rt J1 Cartoon Circui I * l:» Oklahoma: Thursday I * »:*· - Jinah Sl»r« 2. * 7 Sesame Street 3 i A.M c okcr't Wild U I's Your B«t ...., 12 Merle * * »:3» -Gambit I Jeopard? 2. S To T«ll Th* Truth 1»:M - Vnw YM See K «. It Wizard of Odda I 1. S. \11KTChUdm . u + ll:3« - Brarfy Bunch «. 1! Love ol Life «. 11 Hollywood Squarea 2, 3, 5. 1 * 1D:55 -C n f f e e Rr^ak ,. ft CBS News 18 * 11:M Jackpot a. S. 7 Pajssworrt · 1^ Mike Doujlaa '.".'.'...'.'.'.'.'.'.. 2 Voun^ and Reatleaa a. 1« * 1I:M Celebrity Sweepatakal . . I S. 7 Search for Tomorrow ...... S, 1 Spilt Second _ I. U * 11:55 Newa a. a. 7 THURSDAY ArTKKNOON- * 12:«* Neva a. a. T. 12 !· Phil DonahtM 1 Table Talk i All Mr Children · Leave It to Carol 14 * IZ:» Three on A Ma'ch t. S [.et's Make A DM I i, I 12 Aa The World Turnl ». 1« * 12:35 Melody Matinea 7 * I'M Cutting Ujht U * 1:39- Doctors Girl In M; * 2:00 - Pr!ce Ii I_ Another WV Genera! H Match Game How To Si One Life : * 3:04 - Tattletalea Cartoons . Today's Y Somenet . IIO.OO» Pyr * 3:3* Eye To Eye Joker's Wild Dinah Uncle Zet Dick Van : All My C* Petticoat J Lucy Show Thre« On * 4:W Star Trek Fugitive Jeopardy Merr Grlffta Hir Live* 2. 3, S Gam« ............ 1, Night ft 2. 3, S. y Lifs 1, tllht .. , S. forlt .......... J. 3. S °*P"*^ *· ne « urviv* MarriAg* 2. 3. S To Uvtft 8 ^ oga 2 1, t Iri .'*.'.'.'.'.*.'*.'.'."..'.'.*.'.'.'. Dyke'V.V.V.V.'.V.'.V.'.V lilrtrcn Junction if . , A Yateb ffl« 7 12 16 7 12 10 J 12 11 7 12 IS a n 7 12 H 8 3 1« 5 2 12 7 1« I Dream of Jeinnl* Andy Griffith Cromer Pyle U3MC Bonanza * 4:30 Beverly KillbUliai Bonanza Lucv Show Beat the Clock rUMUnAT KTatNINO-- * 5:H T w i l i K h l Zone News 5. To Tell The Truth A n d y G r i f f i t h Truth of Consequence* MUlcr Rogers w » : *· -- New.s . . . 1. J 5. 8, 7. 12. Trulh or Consequence* -f ·:*» News J, 3, » «. 7. . 12. Woman DrVnet" 5 Police Surgeon ! -Buck Owrn* Hogan's Hcrsies To Tell The Trutk 911m Wllaon p t T h e Waltons «, 18 . [ X s l i o n i l Spelling Bee II i Hip Wil-.on 2. J, s, 7 ' [ C h o p p e r One if, 12 11|* 7:30 Firehouse 8, 1J * 8:0« - . . . 8. IS ^. 3. 5. T ... S, 12 11 Mo Ironside F i r i n g Line *»:«0 s t r e e t s of San Francisco . . . . 5 p Comcdyworld 2. 3. S. 7 J] Who's A f r a i d of Onera H 6 Today's Yoga \\ 1 * 10:00 -"I Xew» J. 3. », «, 7.S. 12, 1« 1 * 10:30 -l(',l ferry Mason | 11 i Geratdo Rivera; Goodnight 3 ; America . \z I Movie 6. 16 . . J o h n n y Caraon 2, 3, 5 T ft + U:3« I G c r a l d o Rivera: Goodnight ' America 9 *lt:M Tomorrow 2, J, 3 f Project * 1:W --

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