Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1974
Page 12
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tl Nertrw** ArVanso* TIMES, Men., Jur* 3, 1974 34-- 28-Antiqu«~For Safe WKIRIjTOOL OTJElMl oonc-r. DIMNG ROOM wts. Famous manur-ic. tertr. Different it1ri - KMIIC with m*1(*lrx ctilTift r,ib':ncts. Tahlc wiih m«WH,-c hardwcwd rtwlrr. (3* ("asfx or Efc t*rmt available. United FrflgHl Sale*. Hwy. S3 W-, FayMtcvil]*. Open D to 3. Uon.-FrJ., till « Sat. 30-Wanted To Bvy MOSEY SAVER SftU *M rhalr n w!i Arrived In shipment, avaiiab'e » S',I33.9,v Oilr] pieces also received. IOVCMMU fur 5110.^-. Durable Talmas over Kin]wood frame*. Hur/y. quanHJ« *rc limilo-J. Pave. Cash or EZ terms. United FivicM Sales. Hwy, 62 W. Kayrlleville. open 9 to 9. Mon.'Fri.. till i Pit, C S C O I N S H O P PAWN Paying 100^ over face for Silver. Buy A: Sell All U.S. Colni M S. Thompson 751-3711 SoU - 19SS APACHE (ent trailer. scU-co-italni-d rv», Nw upright (weeper with *ilacli- ments. foO. 1M «r old »-a!nut Jenny' Lind bed, J75. Phon# 442-WQG. WANTED 2 ton 'GB-'TO model Cherr, CMC. or International wlthor irrilioal bed. Mart b« good Iruct 751-«39a. 31-Wante«JT»Trad» OPENING! TRADER JIM'S 703 W. Emma Across from Apollo Thcaler BUY-SELL-TRADE Consignrnenlt Welcome Color TV's, dinettes, large selection o( ffofld: u«*d stoves, refrigeratorn. chests, stereo*, other household misc. T«rm«, ANTIQUES OppOBsom bottom cablneLv Oak table*, criibberobes desks, chairs, trunks, cut flasi, f r u i l j a r s silver. · nd QUIET J-lrrplnff »nd irtu-ly room, teach* r trafiuAlo slurlcnt, private enlraric* acralnr. Phone WE DELIVER Hours 9-7 Sunday: 521-4134 USED 6o*rt, 3x1, H K'ait. 3\6 ft. g~ir French tloor, KW aho screen, two ·luminom awnliic type windows, complete wrth scrffns, J12L50 eatSi. OAT HAT behind baler, 83c. Phone 2S7- 3575. FOR KAU:. Perma Guard D]atoma(.'eoJS earth Insect!ehfPS. tfce non-polsonouy to cwitrot inserts. For informal ion 442-3506 after S p.m. WHEEL, chair with accessories, walke retriRe rator, men's JO-spoed biic with lourlnR RCrc*srrJM, r^iotorraphic largeti, dralUnj; machine. ^5?1-M76. KAY FOR. SALE: Behind the fialrr e: delivered. Phone 443-46% or 736-6907. NINA'S 1007,. polyester pant suit, size 8 through IE, *lfi.DS. I mile rast Lowell to th* "Y" at the Old W 1W. and 3J. Hours Irom 9:l» to 6:00 Alonday through feturday. ICK effic ·tcrences. OVERHEAD Omper for pkkup . 'M Chevrolet pirtcup. «OQ. Phone 442- icj-, w a l k to University, IJbiJIs paid. Phone 321-2176. TURKU hcdroom apflrtmenl [or hoji or - : -Is-. walk ins dislanrc to University, nimer rales, $150 per month, bills id. Phone f4Z.7554. I'"UR[JISKEn two room upstair?, ai mcnl, no pels, J.7D blllr paid, hiwjy 16 c^. Phone 531-7437 STRE7PCH STITCH -- We have (6 new 1974 hea \y d u [j- itre Lch at Itch *ewln? machines, natknially advertised at flS They can be your now $130.^5; CO y. parls and Inbor ^uarnnlrp. Docs every, thing! Don't mis.? Die hesl deal evi ofleiert. Available for fnspwtion at Unitetl Frelaht S*alcs, Hwy. K2 W. Fyet(evil!e. Open 9 tc 9, Mon,-PrI., till fi Rat SLIGHTLY SCRATCHED -- In shipment UNCLAEvSED FREIGHT has received 3 brand new liaap sewing machines wllh fully available push button reverse and buiM-lTi controls for ma kin? buttonholes. Th«« will be sold on a lira! oonie, iii-sl Fen-ed Iwiis (or m^S. United Frciffhi Fates. Hwy. 62 W. F*yetlevil!e 9 to 9 Man-Fri., tUl 6 »t. PIZZA HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 2325 N. College ALL THE PIZZA AND SAtAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 METAL Driecton -- Garrett. Uw pry feulonar* Choice. Gold and silver coin fcoujtt «nd told. OaU Ab« Uacota. (36- CSS7. Rof*r«, Ait. FOR OWNERS of C h a i n Link Fences, Rocl Flower Gardens, Sidewalks, Curhs Trees, Houses, and Etc. THE WEED-EATER Cut* grass without damage to the above and with out dulling blades You won't believe it u n t i l you se it. Call or write for free demon sirat ion. Phon« 52I-7OT1 P.O. Box 611 LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES FaycttevJUe, Ark, 72701 MATH1AS DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve LADIES Summer Shoes -- II of Discount J*ric«. Good selection ladies' men'j western boots -- Tony Lama etc WESTERN' Shirts -- $7.*8 r u Western Blouse* -- M.5'$5. AMERICAN made canvas -- $l.5" k up. LADIES braj -- Carnival brand -',a Price. GOLF SHOES--Ben Ho?an Fo- Joy 27--Musical M«rchandi« 8 PIECE dn»n sel, ZiMjten cjmha!!, twa 34", one 16", oae 1-J", drum!; pool ro- diiion, orntels excellent, -vparc heads pro!esiio^aily (ur.cJ, Call 52-21 ANTIQUE PTASO, PHONE «,%3115. F.EA9OXABLE STEP.EX) -- Ccmtxncn: sjilcms f6 Ccm pfett with 3 spe^d chansor, si-ca da? t cove r, Ai!/FM multipLc x iu U3*t SI F s*sge; 10 fur.e FM si · l« exira jaokers hr up* deck recon and p'ay arwi headpnone jaci:. !-: «eh. UnilM Fre;jbt Sales. Hwy. G2 FavetlertHe. Opea 9 to 9. Mor-.-Fn-. « Sat. ·PL\'ET-CON3OLH PIANO: Parent can be taken over by responfib:* part in this vicmrty on small mo-th:y b3,;j = or write PJunkelt Music Co.. 2411 Ixyi-^. Ft, Smith, Art Phone 7S3-i075. UPRIGHT PIA.VO. PHOXE 4 ft. AM-FM He PX tniTtafe, S t r player with guitr hookup, SI 75 Grew, sp- I- WUK1.IT22R orpan, du* lo IU health ·ill sell two ocUve Too! pedais, bench kwH- orian lamp, ITS. Plxwe 442443^050. ORGAK, Maffnavox, sma!!, Iwo board. ectric. Walnut oabir.e!. cofxlitton. $300 or best offer. OiQ XT 33C, Farmiagtoo. Sab Battlefield Antiques Fvrnttur* -- Primitive* _ GltM ChiriJ -- Br*w -- Collector's Itcma Pr*iri« Grov«, Ark. Pbone M*-2Wl «;- 112 North . i!3-(S"2 ic-Bflltcr Springs, Kavelltvflle VAST lo buy tiifd piano, phone 3SI-2MS. VKI rovii ai j-con'l ilioner, 110 ily. phone 521-5764 afler 6:OTJ p.m. iVEST P1UCXS FXft GOOD USED FURNITUKB ft ArPLlANCXS WCLOr NO ANTIQUES WJ-HH f»r l»rrt SUMMER SCHOOL At lummer ratr* -- ft u n i t s -- 2 bedroom townhoiMc, l','i balha. Air c o n d i t i o n e d . Turnichcd or u n f u r n - ished. Dishwasher, disposal, frotl- f r e c r e f r i g e r a t o r s . Shade trees, B a j confer. E l e c t r i c range. Quality and q u i e t . Heady now. G i l l W1-M60 or a f t e r hours 442-8071. MW TOWNHOUSE 306 Law son SI. Iwo room apart- r stoi« a n l Vnl- li!it!«, Phore 2 BKDROOM lumfsh*^ ipaptrnmt with wnLnt! air, mrpcl, lar?* rooms, clr«rls. Qulel, o*f-rtretl locallm on North flarian'l. lJcjK)iit and kase required N P*^. Call 4*2-1 ITS. CAN OFFER SMAli 3 BOOM FURXKSHFD HOUSE AND lH*n^ TTIES TO YOUNG M A BRITD AGRI STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOR FARM WORK. CALL 267-3697 NICE 7 bHroom, lji- new. Married couples, no pels. Phone 4434R6 or 443- 4«6 atler 4:00. 33--Rooms For Rent r-TJItNISHEP rooms, sriare kitchen, ulil- I Eos psiirj. RHJ to M3. Fayetleville. Phone, 4H-31T2, BLiY furnished room lor hov, wefklng distance to University, tfiowcr, plenty parking, HO per month. Phone 443- BEDROOM for rcnL Male slu'Ient. Share , and klkftcn. Walking dlstatic* ol nun. Phone 112-7311. IAROB rooms *vi)lahr« May 1S-239 Hiock. Share livlngrxxwn. kiltiien, bath. *5p per rnonuX Phone 442-8713 aHer 5:00. 34--Apartments For R»nt THE DAVIS APTS. omer o{ Mountain and Locust. Furnished, 4 rooms and tile bath. Full sl ge and refrigerator, paneled ttirous out. Off-sired rwritinK, T.v. cable, Air ditionci), couples or middle-aged se sn or lady. Cto^e Ui sijuare. Phone 77« 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. THREE room, furnished apartment, trtil l "-- -nltl. eonvenlrnt to University. Phoni 2 or «2-2«t3. QUIF7T, small apurlment near city part ana campus. Partially furnished. Call .... ajlrrnoons and evenings. N FURNISHED upslalri. Water anrf gut ·aid. In Panninrton. ?? per month, deposit required. Phone 35T-3S10. GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland -- Fayettevill* 442-S981 -- Mgr. (Ken Claire No. W) SUMMER RATES AVAILABLK LARGE two bedroom, wall-to-wall carpet, ecu I ml heat and air-oonditlon«d, gnrb*S disposal, decent ru mi Lore and off stree' parking. Pnonn 443-3t6 after 4:00 j.m DOV\'NEyrAIRS, nice, small 3 room furnished apartment, balh. one person ovei 50- JoO monlhly, utilities paid. Phon( 442-rG13 after 5. COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. LcvcretL -- FayettevlUt M2-S981 -- M«r. Apt. No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE URSIFHKD, 1 bfrtroom apartment; bedroom furnished house. 1 WocJcs nm campus- Nnw available, no pets {'2-3118 _..B bedroom rurnished sarase apait menl. l~*o blocks soulh o* U of A, air conditioned ulilrtiej no( paid ISO p*s ith, Phorc ader 4:30. 442-7127. ES1TS APARTStEIJTS, 123 Wpst Mf (low. One ani two bedroom apartmenl; completely lurnished, carpeted and rtrap- ed. air-t'onditroned. all bills paid except creo1ricit-. ISO anJ 5135 nwnttily. Phone FUKXIRHFin on« bedroom apartmpnl clo^c to rumpus. M7.SO monthly, wa(*i paid- PhoriP 521-2CKS alter 5 p.m. JENNY LYNN 11 3. Duncfn -- Fayettcvillc 521-72W -- Mjr. Apt. No. 15 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE STEVE CUMMINGS APARTMENTS 443-4757 Walking distance to Campus 1 bedroom furnished, $75 water paid 1 bedroom furnished, $75 2 bedroom furnished, $100 2 bedroom furslshed, $115 2 bedroom furmsheed, $140 (N«w) Designed for UofA Students TiS'O bodioom furnished apartment. Central air-aKirf-tjoninp, elettri-c kitchen, walMowail carpeting, Off-slre*l r a r k i T i , «30 a monih. Water paid. TiVO bedroom, arr condi1:o«ed, rear pus. S100 wi'Ji r,« utility ^e -112-2710. CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 1764 -V. Leverett -- FayetleviU* 521-3313 -- Mar. Apt, No. 1 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FUP.SISHKD apartmer.L Brown A part- menu. 719 N. Cfiurch. CTwr.e 4424444. 5!5 Sooth Dnncaa, rum- one bedroom apartment, alr-cco- d r shag cf-rpet. diwiEber »d «![ paneled, 1135 per, «u pa? mter ar.d electricity. Call loft Dii^lediTM, 521 · 31S1 or 442-S1S3 after 7 pjn. ROOM lumisheu ·psrtn»nt T private ^linnet, private l»th. Close in loration, r*r month. utiLUH paid. CaU a H. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- FayeltevJIe 442-»Ml -- M*r. Apt. No. *4 SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE ONK BKHROOM uparlmeni 1 Kock from campus, I-"urn!shfd, ntilitits p*ld. JltO month 521-4803. \PAKTSTKNT -- DUPLJJXES -- fO- Btl.B HOMBS Furnlshtd an1 iinlurn- shcd. Hanna MariM 600 W. Uh. Phone OSB bedroom fumishH. IW, utllille* . no pets, last 45. Ptvme 443-4805. SPACIOUS one btdroom himlsfitd apartment, carpeled, central heat and sir, ~ b!ock to campus. |95, water pttd. rayettevllle'a N«w«l Apartment* Garland Garden Apts. 2000 N. Garland Fayetteville PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVTIXE'S FTNEST Now leuing one. two. three or four bedrorma -- Furni»heJ or unfurnished. 3001 WedinRton Phon* 521-72M -- Offic* in Apt. 1 NOW LEASING Priendly Family Atmosphere," l. 2 Sc 3 Bedrooms. Furnished or Unfurnished. Starting at $101. Centra heat air. A H utilities paid except electric, Complete laundry facilities, Daycare center nn premises Country Club Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201; After 5 p.m. 52I-87M BEHIND THE WAIL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 anct 2 Bedroom* Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 NKAR UN1VBKEHTY, one bedroom pctcii air rondltionpd, J100 montlt. XH ui.iliU^ paid. 4-1.'SK2 or 521-7621. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bedroom*, central heat an air-conditioning, disposal, street parking no petj. Available immediately for *um- mcr and fall. $105, plus «SO deposit. With fireplace, (135 summer, (ISO faU. Call 521-6543 or 531-1539 STUDENrg; Furaiihed apftrtmrafj, J blocks from campus. Cottates In oflon- lr-, 10 mln utev from eunpax. K5 up Phone 4-12-9353. TOWEK APARTMENTS, On« beflroom [urnished, close to Univ-ersily, ai»i!abli summer and fall. CaU 521-Wtt or 442- ONE bedroom apartments, 185 to J125 all utilities paid. One bedroom duplex water and gas paid, HOD per mouth No pels, rhone 521-2661, FURNISHED apartment--efficiencies, and two bedroom-Hcne-air candJtia in ver' quiet ·nvironmeat, clOM to cam pus. 531-2226. FURNISHED, two berfroomj, carpet Within walking riistuice of campus ofi street parking «2fl pin aUIiUec. Cal 4J2-7125 a f t e r S p-m, FURNISHED very q uiel local k*i, tw. large mom; and hath, ample off ftreet parting. uliRties paid, $90 per month p!m deposit Fhon* 442-M08 after 6:00 p.m. ON'E bedroom rnrni**d apartment, clos lo campus, no air, no pet*, all bill paid. JDS- Call 551-3527. SUMMER SPECIAL 2 bedroom apart ments, 7 So. Duncan. Well furnishei! central air, dishwaaber. disposal, Phone 521.3971, FURNISHED, quiet apartment. ulJIitfi paid, jingle maturv person. $70 month. Phone 4-12^110. FURNISHED or unfamished, 1 bedroom 3 ttocfci Ui Universit FURNISHED very nice and convenient. NeWeship ApU., WO Nrttleshjp, P 521-^373 after 5 cell 442-906. FUR MSHED tri-pie*. MT« gai! N*a campus, one bednxvn, paneled, rite «tvsw er and tub, married coup!*. Also ant efficiency for matur* aturfent. phone *C . G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer · $ ! 2 5 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimrmng Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Pufmcn -- 442-6638 NOW AVAILABLE 1 ti 1 BEDROOM UNTO AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. rritndlr «tmo«jh*« 2 Urge pool*, recreation room. SmmMr ntw ectjre Juo* lit CALL 5Z1-73W t TUi « Tcullng tor miuuti «nd and two bedroom apartinrels. Kerr In T»nt Co.. MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Two block* o* mttpas. Summer M2-4UO, S21-42M, or BEVERLY MANOR APTS · (wrttncnl, two p«r nxxab p*« ta d«n- ~ RE ALL T mac. eat or 1 kHmn «t»rt LAFF-A-DAY Villa HOStLB HOME PARK Ccnlial I oca lion · Oversized lots · Paved ilrcels · Swimming Poo! · Playground « Recreation bMz · Storage bldtf · Under- round utilities · Off Street Parking. h«r. n N. 443-221* Intranc* AxeroOT from Holiday Inn NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK ·picci * A)r-eood. moMl* ttame* aat rent. Good JJvbj at Good PrJ«s Ww* End St -- H= ml. N.W. ol UofA, CUD 21-5323 or 92L-55U. "Go borne, Robert The first thing you have to learn is not to make house calls." 34--Apartment* For Rent SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER On« bedroom efficiency Turnlshed apartment. Utilities paid, $7fi. From 8:00-5:00 call Scholars Inn, 521-5*23, After 5:00 and weekend* call 442' 9198. THREE 2 bedroom duplexes, *' a11 distance la University. S110-S325 per itii. Phone ·MS-'.ftX) or 4-13-1001 TWO bedroom rornishea apartments. $105 per monlh pita utilities. CJos« to cam- jus, 700 N. Garland. Summer rale* June ' Vouch. August 23. 4J2-M18. SKULL CREEK APIS. MO N. Leverett 521-2761 1, Z, and 3 bedroom fumlsfaei) or unfurnished. All utilities paid, two iwimminc pools, tennis court*, laundry, grocery, em* facilities air conditioned. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.00 Two Bedroom 125.00 Three Bedroom 143.00 All utilities paid, central heat «nd a/c. unfurnished, families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS IKS N. Lewis 521-3073" Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sc Sunday* LUXURY PLUS All conveniences ind shag car pet in two bedroom, u n f u r n U h c t townhouses, great view, 4230 per month. Call Lee Boss at Gallery of Homes. 521-7272. POTMAN-HILL APARTMENTS Purni.shed two bedroom apartments--air conditioned--carpel--jr a rbe^e disposal-- r University-- H2-8T37 after 4 P.m. FURNISHED one bedroom, carpet, air- conditioned, private partanc, single fe* le. *85, no pet*. 44?-453S or *4a*753. SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FOB YOUS INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 1TM N. Leverett Faycttevlll« 521-3313 U(T. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 17M N. Irf!V«TB« Tayetteville 521-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 KEN CtAIRE 1900 N. Garland Fayettevjlle 442-8981 Mgr. Act. No. M COLONIAL ARMS 1311 N. I-everett Fayettevilla 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 JENNY LYNN 11 South Duncan Fayetteville 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. NO. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Fayetlcvlll* 442-8981 Mgr. (Ken-Clalr« Apt. No. SWIMMING POOL OB POOL FRIV. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check Tries* Features: · Central Air * Stiag Carpets » Queen Jlze beds * Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher Disposal » Pool * Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates, $117,50 -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All biH» paid except electric 443-3216 FUKN15HED apartment R^J per month. Unfurnished apartment ¥100 per month All bills paid fcvwpt water. 641 Wtotham, 44243S2- flWRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoancy. Also for June Sept. Completely carpeted. All u t i l i t i e s paid except Electricity. A r k l a gas heating and air condition injf. 1 _ 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 M*tmar Drive Office 443-214! -- Apt. 100 HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One Mock aouth of the Science Enxinteriax Baildinx. One and two bedroom, furnished apartment, available now. Also leasing for cummer and fan. Summer rate*. SZ1-JB38. i"Of Mttt BEDROOM furnirfjed 1121 flnath Ww Avenue, i?5, 50 rt*pojil and one ycu e rc^tiirM. Mu$l be n«ift rouple mifMtc-sgfil widow. «3-378G or 367- TWO bedrooms, /uraished, *Jr-axxlrHon ed, carport, storage room, wariwr-dryei conrcdions. Oil after 5 pjn. MZ-44 or 53-5568. N E A R oampo* 3 bedroom, attic Ian. AvaiUb^ June 1, und on« i^i'ablc in July. FMrni!*H, 130 month. Phone «S- 35--Duplexes For Rent ON'K lcJroo(ii furnished duplex, Vi blwk i carnpja. J75 per monlh. Call 521- K-H6 after 5:00- PLJJX lor rent. $!W a month. AH ulili- pnir] except electricity, $s deposit. me S21-K13. ON'B bedroom brick duplex. Close ir e and refrigerator, carpet. JS5. r.E S, Duncan- Phone 442-#w3 or 442-2158. \1H -CONDITIONED, ru (95 plus utilities. PJion T\VO bedroom du[:ex, near Unlversitv, untarnished, $100 per month plus utilities unr] deposit. Phone 413-1911 alter 3 p.m. DUPLEX, un/utjiished, two bedrooms, dulls preferred, on Whillock Street, I'hone 442-03*). o BEDROOM dur'Kv', unlumishcd stove. *1 Lshwa she r, d is posa!, washcr/d rj r connections, fireplace, Hoot Hcloo area, (ully shag carpeted throughout, central air/heat. $190 per month. Phoni 521-1625. GET TAN TVVO Ijerfroom dupiev, ?135 a month. Ca, ^UMrct1 GraTie, '112-1310 or Stngeooach i Estate, 52.-USD. 2 BEDROOM, centra! heat/air, carport g ranct. washer/do'cr connections disposals, furnished, very quiet. Garden space, couples preferred, no doij. 442 "265. DUPLEX, unfurnished, two bedrooms, a tlults preferred, on WliiUock Street Phone rn\ r O bedroom, furnished duplex apart mcnt, no uUlities paid. Phone 57140J Abo available, unfurnished duplexes. EW, two bedroom unfurnished apart ment all utilities pa r fl, $135 per moot Phillips Drive, 571-7106. GUARANTEED QUIET. Couples and ma lure singles only. TWO bedroom lurnlhsed, except ttn-e and relrigerator , Call 521-1621 altei 5 p.m. TWO bedroom, Bha? carpet, stove « refrigerator furnished. Central heat a aJr-condiUoned, jrarbaac disposal, washer/dryer connections. 36--Houses For Rent SPACIOUS campus 2 bedroom, turniij-hei Mature iinyle. double. Entire stimme L-iQO plus utmties, 1100 dcposll. Color T.V 21-HfiJ after II a.m. FURNISHED three bedroom, 1 balhs 531-7S21. L.\ElGB furnished house 3 blocks of cam pus, window air-conditioner, Jaoje yard i table summer only. Deposit requi T\yp bedroom, unfurnished, «« p1u:_ utilifies. close lo campus, 7S8 "Cleveland Phone -m-1757. UNFURNIHUED, 3 bedroom, 'i balhs Mrport, storage room, buJll-ln oven. N'fce lornlion, av-ailable now. J1S5. Call 2507. TIIREB bedroom house, furnished, blocks from rampus. J125, all utilillc pa:d. Phone 321-4162. K1X bedroom, (on room house, $150 pe month. Rochier 1 * Jewelry 7 Ea^t Mom Lain. UNFURNISHED, nice 5 lar« room Chain link fence, unosual piny equipnien Between Univcrsilj- and downtown squan SIM. 442-TOS7. T\VO bedroom dupJcx. ?ffi per month w i t h lease. Pliune -M2-7S15. MOBILE HOMES 1-2 Rctfroom mobile home. Sill 1-2 Bedroom mobile home $101 1-lBedroom mobile home, ?I The^e are all air-rorirfiConed, nil b: paid ami all carpeted. SW deposit, drunks, no parlies. 4-12-SS73. N'E^VER Uirre hcdroom house, 1V4 balhs central air and heat, raniie and refrfj erator. ctow to U f t A, deposit r«iuireu JI70 per monlth. Phone 443-3157 or 4434531. FURNISHED, two bedrooms, air-ctm ditfonerf, rarpcts, paneling, new appl nnccs, furnished, garage, washor-drye lutlels, no pets, rftposil, married, couple ·H'S. J42-153S, 412-6753. TWO, three .and Tour bedroom houses for rent, famishctf, completely carpeteri nicely decorated, dasigrjed for students and facalty members. M3-2I41. , 2 bedroom, washer anc dryer, carport 959'i California. Fhoo« 7S7-5115. 37--Mobil* Homes Space* For Rent D two bedroom mobile home ca r pel ed, a i r-conrationed, near UA per month, gas paid. Phone 1E7- 5, THKKK bedroom furnished mobile home lotvtled off Hiway 71 youlfi on Cherr Street, excellent Jocatfon to /actorici SSfl per month. Phon« 521-H44 unlil 5, 521 evenings. TWO bedroom, air conditioned, fornisneil and carpeted. J35 prr month. ?as paifl Phone 521-1444 unlil 5, 521 686* evenings TWO bedroom, two balhs, a i r-cond i (ioned was*ier/drser, 1110 per month, inc]«d« lot rent * HAS. 442-71W, Jim Reed. TWO bedroom, ramrshed air-ronaitioned 1 , LONG TERM LOAJTS on am i nancloah Villa, HID, fpu paid. Phone larra*--Federal Land Bank torn 443-4i57. HZ-«2r3 for mar* i " 7-Mobil« Home* for Rtnt Spacvt ames Freeman »hy!lis Freeman o Dodson Randall Wcbh IHAND new two bedroom, 50x12, fully srpeter). nicely furnished, washer and r'«r hook-tip, alr-condiliofiH, gas turn- shed. J1S, J50 clean-up deposit. 19W took North Cwllege, 442-3131. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U oC A. -- I mile NVt Ar! Plaza on 71 bypass and Johrmon Rd. I'none tij-2452. GOOD COUNTRY living spaces M G \ci*s. 16 West. Phone 413-1$??, Mobil e Home Owner* SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up For a limited time only. Call today iHENANDOAH MOBILE EIOME VILLAGE. H iifhwa y 16 By-Paw 443-4757. Swimming pool, storage Duildings, patio, gas grilles ant ights. Laundry. FURNIirED mobile home?. Also sr« for rent. Wayne Hinkle robi1* HM Pprtc. Hwy. IS East. Phone 443-2658. 38-Mobile Homes For Sale 5 BOANZA. mobile home, two ns, one acre land fenced, was ci iyer, ca rpetwt. M ir OTnd i Lioned, si D tiled. S13.GOO. H1M95X tl 12\65 mobile hom roled, two bedrooms ished. good condition, a Phone li:.'-29TO. , air-conlitioiud two balhs. fui vailable summer 14x70 HOUSE trailer, fully carpeted, tw bedrooms, two full bath?, lived in li than a year. Phone 1S-3143. 1972 MODEL SUBURBAN lxS Jurnisheii ^ bedroom, l',i ba pick up back pajTnenls- WESTERN HtUS MOBILE HOME PARK Hwy 62 West al 71 Bypass 521-6990_ MOBILE HOMES ICt. Comfort Ad. -- Faj'etteville SALES and PARK Open tU ft £ach Evenlai CHANDLER Tuner CWiTOT. tac. Leo ·nil oatiODwlde. IOQ epprorcd. P 751-OK.1 Jobnioa Ait. 39--Office Space, Building* For Rent 7-*ml Estato-far Sal*- 47-t«al VA-NO MONEY DOWN 'ake your pick. Brkk 1 bath In pringdalc al $17.500.40 or 3 Br bath In Fajellevllle al 111.500.00.. Sal* BY OWNER LOT WITH BEAUTIFUL VIEW. FACING EAST ON EAST RIDGEWAY. $12,000. PHONE 751:7537 521-5158. r,jl-M*« FREEMAN REAL ESTATE WALTOB 1617 N. College 521-6300 ROOT SCHOOL 3A 121 is excellence in living. Over XOOO sq. ft. of living, 4 bed, 3Vi :aths, patio, decks, unasual fea- .ures and all on a large lot wilh i view. Priced in mid J60s. Call 21-130Q for an Appointment or niles: 'auline McKinney James Baker Shannon Martin 521-1549 442-5090 442-6095 BAKER 03 ASSOCIATES REALTOR REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 ONLY $21,500.00 WALKING DISTANCE--SHOPPING. SCHOOLS CHURCHES -- Living room with fireplace -- Separate dining room -Convenient kitchen with breakfast area -- Two bedrooms and a study -- Two full balhs Large basement with work shop and storage -- Central heat and air-conditioning -A t t a c h e d garage -- You can't beat the. Call us today. Office 442-7391. ONLY $23,500.00 ROOT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- WKSTERN RANCH WITH CARPORT -- Covered entry porch -- Formal living room -Three nke bedroiims -- One and half baths -- Large paneled family room with dining area -- and joining kitchen -- Slidinjf glass doors to patio -Central heat and air -- Overhead storage in carport -- Carpets, drapes and curtains included -- Large level lot in choice family location. Pleaie call us today. Office 442-7391. ?reat Country Living With m a g n i f i c e n t view, beautiful ew 3 bedroom and den. 3 bath cine \vith carpets, drapes and all he nice built-in* the housewife ke^. w i t h almost FOUR ACRES of 'RIVACY. Kayeltevitle waler, hone and school (bos), natural as. It's an outstanding home and etling. t And Cozy /cry well kept 3 bedroom and en 2 hath brick and frame in B u t t e r field area. Self-clean range, DW and disposer, carpeted, drapes, entra- atr 2 car garage. JUST W.800. retty Red Brick bedroom in NE area. Central teat and air, carpeting, carport, 4«ar new home on level lot near hopping. ONLY S21.000. Listed by Elizabeth Weathers. Irirk Duplex n Giles Addition. 2 bedroom*, uen- rat heat. 220 wiring for window unit, always rented. Low main- enance hip type roof. $23,500. 98$ N, College r ulie Ea'i» 'an Uenxon Wilma Coolick Lorii Stanton KINCAID COMPANY D3 MALTOB 333 N. Collecc--U2-T391 George W. Lewii 44?-4753 Mike K. WaUon 442-B711 Hugh Kincaid 5?1 Margaret Hunlley 521-1340 OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 905 N. Collece, 5 offices and _ . reception room. Call James Baiter 521-1300. ' ELIGIBLE VETERAN Have you used your benefits urv rter the GI hill to purchase L Koine? 10Q7c, loans can he receive* on fair value homes, Only clo-ijnj costs needed. Check with us the following: 1. Two BR, plus b a s e m e n t shop room. Carporl, shady lot. NE Fay $13,900. 2. 3 yrs old, 3 BR, l l /a baths CH *15,950. 3. 3 BR. den. fenced B/Y CH 4. 3 BR. l\'- bat r*. Brick CH $18.600. 5. 2 BH, 2 levels, ft yr» old. 1. milps from Fay. l^arge, *hady lot JIR.SOO. 6. 3 BR CH. Fenced B/Y. Excel lent Cond. J19.500. 7. 3 BR, Hi batha, CH A. edg of city. $21,500. R. NF. Fay, 3 BR, 1',i baths. CH A. Large level lot. Fenced B/Y f 24,500. FAUCETTE BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Collega 521-1300 41--For Rent--Miscellaneous WIT-Jj rent pasture (or horses in city northeast near Bult'rfieltJ acfroo]. Phone. JI3-ST13. SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT UGHTING BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. IXMiG O RSHORT TERM RENTAL E. l»th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phon« 751-7068 42--Wanted Tn Rent Or Lease JFARRIBt) coup!e wishes to rent olrlcr, furnishpd hwwc in good condition. Call 442-2IKI aflcr 4:00 p.m. 43--Real Estate-Wanted WANTED lo rent «r lease: pasture [and, 1,000 acres or more, any and a!| »IM acreages const tiered Phone after 5 r3fl p.m.. 521-5460. 46--Forms Acreoovs 23 ACRES. An Ideal spot lor a country home. 24 acres in permanent pas(u r c balance in woodland. 2 ponds on bl art top roar] between Prairie Grove and Hwy 18 West w i t h a beautiful view of 1ne Illinois River farm Tanti. Phone 443-37SO. BY Owner -- IM ft. irontag* lot with, tany beautiful trees and a breaUilar.kinjf ew. localed on App!cbury Drive. Ph 756-GI12 aller 5:» [,m. J9,500. TWO ACRES on 60 ff. wi dc ere ek. xi trees. good welI, T^vf m 11 cs from ci ly good roads. Price J6.STX)- Good jn?. Phone W3-5S25. APPROXIMATELY 20 cleared acres. \\ mile from lake, \i mil* from pavcmenl. Cash, lerms or contract. Flione 443-5S79, --BT OWTfER: 1W acrts, near Devil'i rcn. moslly wooded, moutit*fnous, or- rir.ird [off rania, year round *tr*am. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Se« HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 REALTORS 1M2 N. College Office 412-5,15 Bubbye Halbrook Sylvia Danfnrlh Christine Blondeau Cathy Boyd G. C. TauceUe Res. 113-222 Hes. 442-9935 RCE. 521-21)0 Hes. 521-5!7 Res. 442-22T7 HOW ABOUT THIS ONE"! Brand new, 3 BIG bdrms. 2 baths family room fireplace and all th things you want in a new home All this in Sutler-field School dis Iricl For only $42,.SOO. Call Phyllis Freeman 521-7088 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE KALKXt 1617 N. College 521-6300 LOOKING For A Home? Then Call BARRETT-FINCHER BY OWNER 2-3 bedroom, brick, with centra heal. 22x28 separate workshop garage. 1 acre corner lot with : in feiiued pasture. In Fayetlevitl city limits, good neighbors. $24,00C Phone 443-5535, 11006 down anrt assume loan. 8 month ol' 3 bedroom, hrick, 1% hams, cvnlral hea carpet, atlartied garage CDnvvnienl to srhool and store. Phone FAMILY home. Fir* eedrooms, tbre bathrooms, liviofroom, dinuurrwxn, kn ciwn, wflti room. On mvi k*, $40,OM. Call 443-310. 521-6509 521-7087 442-8744 COUNTRY HOME Completely redecorated with ex* pensive materials, furnishings and fixtures. All rooms very large wilh about 2700 aq ft heated area. Separate din ing room. 3 fireplaces. Two ceramic baths. CH A. Double garaxe with hobby room and workshop. A beautiful home to see by appointment -- and its on 29 acres inside city. RED ARROW Three bedroom l l ,f. bath home located in beautiful Red Arrow addition- C e n t r a l heal. Large loan can be assumed. Buy owner's equity for approx. (2,000. HILLSIDE ftUNGALOW Older 2 BR frame home in a nice setting on Mt. Sequoyah. Needs paint, repairs, and 1 TLC. lis c u r - rently bringing In $TS a month aa re n ti 1, Priced low. Judge Us By Our Standards "It Is Helpful To AH" REALTORS 1202 N. College Office 412-5351 Evenings and weekends call* B»bhye Halbrook Res. 443-2227 Cbristine Blondeau Res. 521-2004 G. C. Faucelte Res. 442-2217 Sylvia Dan forth Res. 442-99X5 C a t h y Boyd Res. 521-5971 8A 737 -- 4 BR. 2',2 ba. home In Butt erf ield dial., cuatom drapes. Bell-cleaninB oven and all In excellent condition. Priced below re- platement at W5.500. For an appt- to see call 521-1300 or nites, Shannon Marlin 442-609J Pauline McKinney 521-1549 James Baker 442-5090 BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS The Same Convenient Locatinnl Thp Same Friendly Sales Staff! The Same Professional Service! REALTORS 442-5331 BA 119 . is COMFORT and CONVENIENCE. Located in thr- B u t t e r field School district on large level landscaped lot. Kitchen equipped with all extras incl. siiir-irlc:minK£ oven, desk and additional dininf- area. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths with extra stoargt: in garage and u t i l i t y room. See this room yanrt comfortable home for £19.500 and c o m p a r e for yourself. Call Pauline ML-KJII- ney at 521-1300 or 521-1549 for an a p p o i n t m e n t . BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College. 521-UOO Owner anxious lo sell. Drive down take a look and make an offer on [his 2 bedroom home, all remodeled inside, carpeted, new cabinet!, double n v e n , Located on L acre. NEWIIN REALTY CO. 839- 2522 or 839-2259 West Fork. ArkanMi Home Loans FHA-VA CONVENTIONAL Call C. R. BATES 521-3325 . S ao-ej, 5 mites out ol Sprinc Hwy. ffl Jst AH fenced flat land, spring fed pond. Call TSl-Ttt aftfrr 5 1ar« p.m. HOUSE for sale, to be moved. 1 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! W* don't rwcd cpecial summer rate*..., We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex dote To Campus. 2 Bedroom*, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kjtchenerle $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Came By Unjversify Housing Razorbock Annex - $75-3931

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