Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1974 ツキ Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

HEU IrE A WfKKMICNEECVS, A*;C THEN.'O AテつサD iKiFEJCTiCW, HElL fin TliSSW-RMMCWAT eClP 6ASS IN WS EARS MS TEN Mi'* UNTILTHE"/HEAL HOD MICH WLIARS.THAT5THE COSTCfANOROiNAIW CrclCE CALL TDENT^ R3UAテつォ?!iRR TOENW COLLARS He SHOULD PiERCE iWR EAR?. CHECK fCVR E^ES 'Rテつ」 HGVS. ASTHMA; 1 A PBCFET vwrcw.' HE HAS A BOAT, ANO -iVOO GET SEASICK ~~ I CCNTGASE FI ITVPK'S THE ENOUPANOLO i k DOORBELL, MMD/ItM WATTING II MWBB TILL THc BGHT SI ITS HIM/ ONE COWES ALONG. Measure HARD TO SPOT. テつキ K SURE QUO ; VJU'REOUTOP : THE THANKS, SON. .FEELING BETTER PUT テつサ) AM OVERSEAS CAU.1O FTTZROSi BAD HKS, MR. P1TZROY. テつォ OUR PEAL WITH TftE C6IN j THIEVES ISNT DONS VUELU. SOME SHEIK OFFEREP THREE MIUION. BUT WITHDRAW OUR OFFER, BUT.. X CAN'T COMPETE W1TW OIL-RICH SHEIK. THANKS PORA600D TW UKEEACM omftrs rwtows. MAttlV Of OuRWOObP, *xi -MINK four tuost / WHY SHORE, ELUJNEV- ENNVTHIWG ELSE? UH-NOW 31 THAT VOL) MENTION IT rw HAUIN; CHICKEN DUMPUM'S FER SUPPC-R TONIGHT, LOWE6ZV--COOIO VE SPflRE ME fl CUP O'.ROOR PERTH DUMPUN'S: INTO . BUXSCTOHE'S ROOM.'.' TH 1 ftfOOft. DONE STOPPED S4-UWW THTWCE -- WJJGSTONE1S THROAT'/ LAST CALL! SUPPER'S RSADT! AFTER THIS IF MOT HERE OWTIMB FIRST TIMIE.V6I? SAW A VO WOP A FREIGHT TRAM ASKED TO LET BEAT you TO A PUlP? .T. A6KEEP Kテつ」 MAP MALF A 5AIP HE A TO S5AT /^テつ」 TO A PULP AND I AeREEP MAPPSNS5/ BEETLE? I THOUGHT I COULD Pld UPA UTTUE EXTRA MONEY BUT\n*4AT,ARE \CU6ONS YOJ DOIKX5 WITH THAT WASON f CX5 M THE WINTERTlMe? R*9テつォ--!fidfere A LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Kidney Stone Cause Must Be Eliminated SWISS ACTOBAT, -S C WAS StWVED IN k'UCHLDJ, SWiT7ERL*ffi W A CAGfUmt 12 LIONS. LATERJHE KrereR,hWO KEPT THE (.IONS LMDtP- CONTROL DURING- SCHNEIDERS SHAVE, WAS iWMCKED AMD K4.LED B/ THOSE SAME -4NIWALS A CIAY'TEAPOT" fOUMD IN THE RUINS OF ,4 TOWN HEAR UR a IRAO, WAS AfADE SOOO XEARS A60 THf DISCWCRY OF reft il the aiTAN Of ZANZIMR WHO DIED IM 1856 HAS NOROOF- Tlie SUUftl'S SON IMPORTED HIS FATHER HAD APPEARED IN A DREAM AND ORDERED THAT HIS TOMB BE LEFT OPEN- A MSH THAT HAS SICK OBfffO fOK MOKC THMt IOO YIMK FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope uiiiHiinHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuii minium nming niiiniiiiitiiiiuniiiniiiBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiMnnnM mmm An auspicious day. Seek solu tions lo pending problem through conferences, consulta tion with experts. Be concis and efficient without steppin on anyone's toes. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan 20) M i x c d influences, mixc possibilities. How you react t opposition and unexpected ob staclcs will tell the tale. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb 1C) Especially favored now ah creative efforts (writing especially,) travel, meetings purposes. Earnings can be i, creased through any of thes avenues. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Stars now promise benefit from past efforts as well a surprising developments - an achievement - in recently sta gnant areas YOU BORN TODAY are a extremely intelligent individual highly imaginative and origin; in your ideas and methods Your curiosity is boundlesi thus you are unceasing in you quest for knowledge. Thi curiosity, incidentally, make you a "natural" tor the field of journalism, science and e: p 1 o r a t i o n . However, yo Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find iut what your outlook is, ac- :ording to the stars. FOR TUES., JUNE 4 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr 20) Gel another's point of view before making final decisions. You may be pleasantly surprised at the new perspectives you gain. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Be flexible, but not easily iurned by every wind that blows: eager to lake new steps forward, but not at the cost of future losses or setbacks. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Curb a tendency toward inertia, lackadaisical action. Stress self-discipline. Current matters need f u r t h e r study. Some trends changing. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Lunar influences encourage well-organized moves, but you wil' need all your resourcefulness to straighten oul a few kinks before "taking off." LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Stellar influences somewhat a d v e r s e . Shun contentious matters, unscrupulous persons, risky and untried ventures. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You may now expect a "different" approach from others; also a real surprise The manner in which you meet these w i l l have great bearing on ultimate aims. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct..23) Satisfactory gains indicated through carrying on with present operations, but day will not be good for starting new ven- SCORPIO (Oct. 24 lo Nov. 22) You may encounter a few baffling situations: Remain undisturbed, neither overanxious nor careless. Avoid excesses and extremes. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) 0 テつキ NテつサfテつォtiwMテつサ ArtoMM TIMiS, Mon* JWM J, 1*74 1 have had two kidney stono ttacks. Does this mean that can anticipate more attacks? 'he pain is so bad that I live n constant dread that It will appcn again. -Mr. T. H,, Calif. Dear Mr. H.: Anyone who has ever cxper- ?nccd an attack of kidney tones can appreciate the inten- ity of that pain. Doctors who real such conditions feel, too, hat. there are few less dis- ressing types of pain. The fact that you have had wo atacks of stone in the kid- ey or in the ureters'does not mean that you will have hronic susceptibility to stone ormation. ELIMINATE CAUSE H does, however, mean that he basic cause for the Porma- ion of the stones must be eliminated if you are to be free if concern. Infections, inflammation anc vritation are responsible for the leposit of calcium, which is the Beginning of a stone. Some stones contain uric acic and are related to a gouty ten lency. This can he controller )y diet and drugs. There are now many extensive tests by which the cntira urinary tract can be studied. Special dyes. X-rays, studies of the blood and the urine can help pinpoint the exact reason for slone formation. Only in this way ean you bt 'reed from anxiety. My wife says she has a "nervous stomach." Is (here such' a condition? --Mr. E.B.L., Ohio Dear Mr. L.: The term is often used by the laity as a description of wide variety of intestinal complaints. . H docs nol have any medical significance. The stomach is . said to he a very sympalhetia : neighbor, and quickly reacts to conditions in nearby organs. This might include disorders of ; the intestines, the liver or lha テつキ gall bladder. : MANY CAUSES "Nervous stomach" may therefore have m a n y physical and emotional causes. The only way to be relieved, of course, is to carefully evaluate the nature of (he com-; plaint and follow through with" (he many available studies. MHiiiiiiiiiiniiimM^ テつキ B. JAY BECKER u n u s u a l versatility and read ness of comprehension fit yi for many other vocations, ai you could succeed admirably ; an editor, musician, rcsearc worker, actor or novelist. Yo love travel but. unlike mo: born under Gemini, you ha\ great stability, not scattering energies but content, when necessary, to "stay put" and concentrate on immediate objectives. Thus, you often succeed more quickly in reaching your goals. Birthdate of: King George III. of England; Rosalind Russell, stage and film star. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Saucy 5 Graded 8 A witch 12 Baseball brother It Hebrew priest M Nebula in Taurus ISMarqtrisof Argyll 17 Shore bird IS Dawn IS Card game 21 Dramal 34 Complacent 25 Phrase ID equation 2S Place to pitch tents 3BSainte (abhr.) n Tapestry テつォ Tier JSCots 35 Nap W Bulgarian corns r Hoarder 41 Girl of song 42 Tel -43 Center of social ring U Morning- glory, for one テつォ w.WJl area 50 Discharge 51 European river 52 Droop 8 Capital of Latvia DOWN 1 Leather moccasin 2 High note 3 Gypsy husband 4 The black gum 5 Dregs 6 House wing 7Predka- ments 8 Scrawny animals 9Sandarac tree 10 Manner of i n Competent 1C Lad Avg. soiotioa time: 27 rain. HFiHE EテつォB suHsa an cosmi 20 Recipe quantities 21 Flat, circular plate 22 Fictional dog 23 Detail 24 Chalcedonies 25 Minute openings 27 Flower 28 Enameled metalware 29 Pitcher 31 Actor Walter 34 Shore bird 3$ Steal 37 Tourist's need 38 Wheel hob 39 Eager 40 languish 41 Corse of cities 44 One -- time 45 Wnrttemberg Italia Answer to HE2JE BSEE 4テつォ Equip 47 Greek 's puzzle. letter On Contract Bridge (Top Record Bolder to Master** Individual Championship Play) IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIH^ South dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH *A V A K Q J f l U 4 9 8 6 3 + A 7 WEST EAST *5 * J 7 6 W 9 7 , テつサ 6 5 4 A K Q J M 7 * 5 4 2 * J 4 2 + K 9 8 6 5 SOUTH A K Q 1 0 S 8 3 2 V S 3 2 The bidding: Sooth West Norfli East 3* Pass 4* Pass Opening lead -- king of dia monds. Some hands played in the a n n u a l world championship prove lo be downright embarrassing to the participants. For example, consider this deal played in 1973 in the match between the Dallas Aces, who were the defending champions, and another U.S. team consisting of Paul Soloway, John Swanson, Jeff Rubens, Andy Bernstein and the father-son combination of B. Jay and Mike Becker. When Soloway and Swanson were North-South, they got to four spades in the manner shown easily making seven! When Wolff and H a m m a n o f ; the Aces held the North-South . cards, they bid the hand exactly the same way and also made seven! There was no strong Feeling- at the lime that cither North player had done anything parli-- cularly wrong by raising three spades to four, although the' odds in favor of making seven' were about 3 to 1. The Italian team, when they, played Ihe same hand against Indonesia, managed to reach the grand slam. With Garo/.zo'. North and Belladonna South, the bidding went: South .Wect North. East テつキ 3* Pass 4* Pass ' 4* Dbte Pass Pas テつキ RedMe Pass 5 NT Pass 7* Knur clubs was a cuehid in-, fcrentially accepting spades as t r u m p s and, at the sa-mc time, requesting South to pinpoint his hand f u r t h e r . Four diamonds was also a cucbid, showing diamond con? liol. The subsequent redouble by South confirmed first-round diamond control. Five noti'ump was the granrl slam force, asking South to bid seven spades if he had two of I he three top trump honors. So Belladonna bid seven, which he made, and the Italians thus provided another dramatic example of their over-all excellence in the field of s l a m bidding. PONYTAIL i apn t uimk that the surprise party you threw for Gloria Gkckmyer i acceptable as Current Events!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR, Readera respond more quickly and tnvnV. given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Atway* insert your telephone number or your name and address If you do not havテつォ regular hour*, give a preferred time to have praapeds call you. PLACE YOtJZtSELP in th* revder'a position and art younetf wtwt you wouW likテつォ to know ("about your offer). Thテつォ answer TOO give will make a good Classified *d. WANT ADC THAT PAIL to bring eatfefaction do *e, not throacfc any lack ef raaderthip. but becaiM* they do art eontaia eorufH hsrormattoo to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can bテつサ MClUテつォd. far WOV advertisement by ordering coneecutiv* intertioni. You can atop your テつキd in th* event of re*ult and then pay only for the day* it was Thar* an alao vary ipatiil nUテつサ for thoaテつォ wfao an

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