Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1974
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Oilfield Death MAGNOLIA. Ark. (AP) -Carroll Wayne Vickers of Stamps was killed Saturday «nd another man was injured in an oil field accident in south- em Nevada County Sheriff DRlVHNl r THEATRE! NOW SHOWING Clyde tovlniton Mid. Covington said Vickers, wr» was in his late 20s. was kille. instantly when the oil dcrek o which he was working over-ba anced and fell. The injured man. Roy Biddli 36. of Stamps was takun to Magnolia hospital. Covingto Golf King ·SSSSSSSSSSS -PLUS- TM ' "BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE" 18 Hoi* Putting Court. Mon. and Thurs. DOLLAR* DAYS Play as many games as you can « to I I p.m. Only $1.00 Discounts or Passes :ept«d on Dollar Days 50 W. Township Rd. Phone 443-2686 wld Saturday that Biddle wa n an undetermined condition Hit that Biddle's injuries we; f a serious nature. Biddle' Condition was reported stabl Sunday. The accident occurred froy Field south ot Waterloo bout 2ft miles north of here. 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Mat 2 p.m. (PC) ROBERT BEDFORD thcalcr Is rented by \VARNE - . f o r liiis engagement. Their a minion Is ADULTS C50, CH2LDRE n.00. (Pass IJsl Suspended) HI «=45 Feature! . Sun-Th.n. | Fri-Sat 7:M-5:1« (Cl Sat. * tan. Mat. 2 P.M. H /VtarkTWoin-s uekktUci iy Dollar Sale DOLLAR DAYS ARE BACK! Bonanza Sirloin Pit oil this week, Monday to Friday, June 3rd to June 7th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. will be selling a ONE BUCK LUNCH. Just another of Bonanza's old fashioned prices. ill li Chicken Fried Steak Includes FRENCH FRIES HOT TEXAS TOAST Bonanzaburger /4 lb. Beef Pattie Indudes: · TOASTED BUN · FRENCH FRIES · CRISP TOSSED SALAD CRISP TOSSED SALAD Also AroiroWe at Low, Low Prices: · Barbecue Baked ··am · Homemade Strawberry Cheese) Coke · Country Corn · Fresh Strawberry Shortcake BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT 2356 North ColUg. Photm 321-3W5 HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Children Frightened Fortune Teller By Dear Helen: We have a woman in our town who says she can tell Fortunes, and she's scaring my young daughter and some of Her friends to death. They had their fortunes told by her, and now my daughter wanders around the house, very nervous, and won't eat or sleep. The woman saJd she is going to be in a horrible accident within a month. The girls are charged for each visit. What really hurts is the woman used to be a good friend of mine until she started claiming she saw visions. She hates me because I called her a fake. And she's making a fortune on her "fortunes." What can be done 1 -Worried Dear Worried: A call to your district attorney's office may give this seer's" fortunes a turn for the worst. Since she is charging for her disservice, she can probably be closed for operating a business without a license (if not Tor fraud). Your daughter and friends? When the accident doesn't happen, they'll be cured. -- H. Dear Helen: You mentioned a doctor's way to choose the sex of your un- n child. My "Astrologer's y" works! You take your birth to your local astrologer, who will prepare a birth control chart, giving fertility dates, and telling you which days to conceive for either a boy or a girl. I've had two beautiful successes from this method, and use no other form of birth control (the r h y t h m method) between babies. -- Now A Believer Dear NAB: Don't count on continued 100 per cent good luck! Your astrologer is working on the same principle described in the book I mentioned. "Your Baby's Sex, How - - - ' keep recommend medical tests, and do not guarantee results. Remember too: even the person holding a plumbob over a pregnant woman's stomach will have 50 per cent accuracy in predicting the sex of her child. Your astrologer has better odds t h a n they give you in Las Vegas! --H i »· jot* wanted · ean- qtttet. Me one ha* ben hurt aiace no oae knowi about it. I'm fairly content with my lite. but... The families get together often. I can't help remembering -- and wishing for the excitement of meeting secretly, and very physically. God forbid. Helen, if I had the chance I'd probably do it again. Please help me. I'm fighting a losing battle. -- L.C. Dear L.: Feeling this way. you probably will do it again, if not with your nephew-in-law, then with some other available man. Why making not concentrate your husband on that Can Choose." B u t mind the authors Dear Helen: My problem is married to my husband's niece. He started making passes at me four years ago, and two years later I finally succumbed. It was more from sexual boredom than anything else, because 1 truly love my husband, but when you've been married 16 years, well, you begin to wonder what you're missing. (I discovered it was hVyfail was short. I think available man. Perhaps he's as sexually bored as you are, and needs a mistress-type wife to bring him out of it. -- H. -FUN-MART- Open 9 aj.m. to II p.m. · GO-KARTS · GAS-BUMPER KARS · MIN-E-GOLF · MOON WALK · KIDDIE RIDES · CONCESSION · Birthday Party Rates Highway 71 Nerth -Sprinadale- ·AYITTCVILIC, AHKAM»A« Country Enjoys Clear Skies And Warm Weather By The A'Mctalcd Press HaU and high winds battered parts of West Texas, but most of the nation had clear skies and warm weather today. It was (air over the Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, Southwest, Lower Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley, East Texas and much of the Rockies anc western plains. Thimdershowers and thunderstorms continued, however over the southern Atlantic coastal state! and much of .the, plains and Texas, parti: of Vorthwest Texas had 1% inche* of hail Sunday, plus a few tornadoes during the night and winds gusting up to 60 rallei per hour A coid front from western Montana to northern California. Blanketed the area with clouds This cloudiness held temperatures along the Pacific Coast to cooler readings than those reported inland "' Temperatures ranged f rorri' 3« degrees at Pellston, Mich," to 85 degrees at Nellis Air F«rc« Base. Nev: Phoenix, A£i;: and Needles, Calif Th. TIMES b On Top of Th* N«w* S*vm Day* a Wtwk THE PlZzA DELIVERS] CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 am. SUPREME? DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs iobject to ehufc without mtte* STEAK SHAKE SPECIAL $1.50 Value Oder Good Hon. tiro Than. A DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED CHOPPED SIRLOIN Ov«r '/4 Pound) YOUR FAVORITE SHAKE OR MALT Both Location: 124 W. Dictum, Fayetterllle Phone 443-3123 minute man m*9mb*r ivAcn yttu'rt htttfry· · it only latox M minute me*/ 529 N. College, Fayettertlk Phone 521-1062 KTEW, Tuba, Channel 2 MftaMMl I Ml UM* III Fayettevllle) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tohw, Channel 6 KOAM, PHttbwg, Chamial 7 KTUL, Tuba, Channel 8 CkMMi t ·« eeku, !· Farettnrine) KQED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, ChannelJl KODE, Jopfin, Channel 12 . KUHI, JopKn, Channel 16 ICUwwl * M eabto In FeyettavilM CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC erv 9 CH, TV Tim*. Weether · Music 9 Channels-FM Radio All on 'The Cable" WARNER CABLE of FayeHeville Phone 521-7730 O MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-T2 - "What Ar« B«»» Fri.ndi For?" (1973) T«d B....II, Barbara F«ldon 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Red Lin* 7000" (1963) Jamet Caan, Laura Devon, Gall Hire MONDAY EVENING * S:M - Nrw. . . World Report 14 Andy Griffith * Kilter Rofen .. . . . . 11 Truth or Conaeaneneaa 7 To Tan The Truth 1 it I:M Electric Company 11 Twilight Zone 1* Newa 2, 3. J, t, 7. 12 Truth or fonaaajiamaa I * I:M- 11 Lodca i 3. 5. «. GET OUT OF TOWN M la Hickory era** r at "a*. Are* THE BARN He* . 191 BITER FRAN'S "Per A Cteael Tim TMJ.M. NIW HIMMCII HOUtn: ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT if THE FAMOUS OKLAHOMA BARKING DUCKS EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER FAYETTEVILLE 521-10*3 Hew* * l:et- Dragnet S g Wild. Wild Worth ol Anlmala 7 To Tell The Truth 2 Untamed World 3 Open Door 11 Hoaan'a Heroea M Lat'» Make A Dai] u * 7:*» - Bawb.ll World of Joe Garagiola I. 3. 7 Billy Graham Crusade *, a 12 Rookiea ~ g Gunemoke '.. . ... ,, ]c Video: the New Wave 11 * 7:li - Baeeb.ll I 3, 7 *·:··- Movie S, a, 12 University of Chicago Round. Uble 11 Here'* Lucy a ]a * »:!» -- Oick Van Dyka a. i« * I:N CBS Heporta a, If Waartington Straight Talk .... 11 Today'a Yoga * 1I:M New* * lt:M- Johnny C*rson Perry M-*m " Pictur* of Dorian Cray 11 1, 1 I. . I. 12, 1« Movie «. i«i In the Wep» of » Dead Man *, 12 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound ±333 N. College 2. J. i. 7 Picture of Dorian Gray Tomorrow * 1Z:55 Project f *!:«·- Rallfioua Town Hall J TUESDAY MORNING *«:» - Momenta of Meditation t it t:30 -SMS Korum . . . . . 3 Garner Ted Armetrong « * «:S5 -- Inipiralion j *·:»- Mews - * * «:4S News 12 **:»- Light of Ufa Today in Apiculture 7 * «:H _ HarvcJt Tlma Tabernacle 5 Project . i * 7:W- Timmy and Laaaia 12 CBS Hem . . «, t « Country Muaie Tim. . . a Today t, t, a, 7 Gentle Ben 12 * I:M Captain Kangaroo a, n Cartoon Circue · Buy Your Carpet Direct Frorif Th* Local Peepk That M*k« It., Wh«r« You Gtt Th« Best And Save The Most. ; ; : Lawrence Carpel Mills, Inc, SPR1NGDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY «8 WEST 751-7MI *»:H Oklahoma; Tue*dT ....... ...... · 3-A.M. ...................... · Din»h Short . .............. 2. 5, 7 9*Mrae Street ... .......... . . . 3 Thousands of Folks .. cheek the TV direehxy every day and they'll reai your ed in'- thi» ipoce. It's priced at a special; low monthly rote. For information call the Northwest Arkansas 1IMJS, display advertiiing department, 442-624^. Joke fa WUd Movie It'i Your B *»:J» Gambit 1*J . .. 12 Jeopardy Love American Stria I2Le»vr It to Carol * !·:·»- * 12:M Now You See It ............ _. ._ Wizard of Odd. .:... 1, J, i 1 All My Children .............. 12 * U:J»- Hollywood Squarta ---- 2, X J. T Love ol Life ................. ft. 1 Brady Bunch ................ S. 13 NDWI . * 11 :· M:ke Davglaa Jackpal Young and the ITnTlaaa * 11:J»- e. u . Baffle . Search for Tomorrow .. * 11:55 . TUESDAY ' AFTERNOON * B:«*- All My Children a. J. », 7 " " !*hi| Donahue "abletalk . * IMS - i «, T. 12. II 1 , I. a. u Three on a Match . Aa th« World Turna , Let'a Mak* a DeaJ * lt:M - Mekxly ataiaiea t W !:·»- Guiding LiJht ( 1« Daya of Our Llvee I. 1, , 1 Newlywed Cam* i, 11 * bit- Edge of Nifht 14 Girl In M; Life ( II Ooctora - - - - *·:·»- Price l Right General Koapltal .. Anotner World w S:»- Match Game How to Survire a Marriage On* Life to Lrra .. Uncle Ze* Ltacy Shew ., Petticoat JtroctkJB . Dinah Shore All My ChUdmi ... Three an a Mate* Dick Tan Dyke . I, I, I. T I 1* . i. «, i, I i | I, 7 a. U 1 * !:·»- Cartooni Tattletale Today'i Yon To Tell the Truth Somtnrt ......... Prttkoet Junction ............... 2 EM nah Shore - .............. .. X All My Children ..... . ......... S Three on a Match ... ...... ...... 7 Joker 1 ! Wild ................. · Human ftelatlona ............... 11 Petticoat Junction ............ 1* Uncle Ztti ...................... I LOOT Show .................... U *«:·- Star Trek ...................... » Merv Griffin .................... 2 Jeopardy .. ...................... ft I Dream *»f jeatnnle ............ T FttlHive .................. M Bonanza ....... .......... . ..... Comer Pyle. USMO .............. ( Andy Griffith .................. U lamama Street .................. 11 W 4:»- Beet Die Clock I. U J, S. 7 TUESDAY EVENING * i:W Twilight Zone New« . .. ... Andy Griffith Milter Roger. To Tell The Tr_ Truth of Conaequencea * ·:*»- Newt . . . . Electric Co. Truth or CooeattjiMiMea Bicentennial Leetuja Bererty Bonn Uocy BilJbilUea Wild Kingdom ... Led Make a Deal Hoaan'a Heroea Seven Stan Over Kansai Duatyi Trail . To Tell 0e Truth Dragnet . . . Younf Maude flappy Day* ' 'a Journal 'ING ' ., j icea . t, «. 7. S. 1?, ice* ra «, «. 7. », 12. Kansai ".'.'.'.. J. 1, raativa: .... «. ». S 1 .::::::::::. 16 g U 1 7 16 11 · 11 1C i a i« 7 12 g 7 11 li 12 n · Hawaii rive-O Billy Graham Cruaade Black Journal ' . . * 8:30 Shaft *»:*»- Marcus Wclby MD Police Story 2. jf f ;36 Today'i You * M:«- Newi j. »,».«, 7.1. Johnny Canon . . 1,1 Perry Ma*on :.... ' Picture of Dorian Gray Movie * lt:W -- Newi Tomorrow 2. w 1«:M Project * 1:*»- Project S. |12

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