Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 3, 1974
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Controversy Surfaces Over 073 Overseas Rice Sale N E W . ORLEANS (AP) -Rep. Otto Passman. D-La.. says every grain of rice in Louisiana can be sold for cash within 10 days. His remarks seemed designed to sooth angry rice farmers, who accuse Passman of acting against their interests when he tried to block the sale of 35,000 tons of 1973 rice to Cambodia and South Vietnam under the PL-480 program. Rice farmers said Passman was trying to depress the rice market at a time when a New Jersey rice exporter badly needed lo buy 1973 rice cheaply to fulfill a long-overdue contract to Indonesia. But Passman said late last week thai Louisiana. Mississippi and Arkansas rice farmers would be able to sell their entire old crop before the 135,000 tons of 1973 rice, but could locate only 80,000 tons. And he asked that any rice farmer with 1973 rice still on hand contact Gordon Dore. president of the Supreme Rice Mill in Crowley. La., to sell that rice. CONTROVERSY BEGAN The controversy started last vear when Connell Rice Sugar Co. of Wcstfield. N.J., contracted to sell Indonesia 100.000 metric tors of rice, which then was selling at $13.50 per hundred pounds. Due to a world rice shortage and spring flooding in the rice' Louisiana, Arkansas, growing areas of Mississippi and 1974 crop month. is harvested in a prices quickly shot up to more lhan $30 per hundred pounds. And Connell delivered only 28,000 tons of rice to Indonesia, according to the Rice Millers' He said Iran had tried lo buy Association. Passman said he tried to Weather Forecast Warmer weather- is forecast Monday [or Ihe Midwest and Great Lakes. Cooler weather is expected for the Borthern plains and Atlantic coast. Showers are forecast for t h e central plains, upper G r e a t Lakes and Florida. (AP Wire- photo Map) Miami Goes Into Hurricane Season Aided By Satellite i. MIAMI. Fla. (AP) -- The six'; month Atlantic hurricane sea'._ son began today with weather officials hoping for improved ' warnings through a special ; weather satellite Launched May ! "·' The space craft, the Synchro , nous Meteorological Satellite, ; already is sending back pic ; lures every half hour from its stationary position 22.000 miles above the Brazilian coast. Dr. Kritz Haslcr, meteorologist at bhe Goddard Space Flight Center at Greenbelt, Md., said the pictures have "incredible detail." "They even show the shadows of the upper clouds on the lower clouds, which we have never seen before," Hasler said. National H u r r i c a n e Center of fictals in Miami said Fridaj that patterns for the past 100 years show there will bo eighl io 10 storms of tropical-storm status this year, with two 01 three hitting the U.S. m a i n l a n d _.. The last major storm to , strike the United States was . . . H u r r i c a n e Camille. which raked Ihe Mississippi Gul" ,. Coast with winds of nearly 201 _'· miles an hour in 1169. Mor '\ lhan 300 people died. In an average year, about si: .'; hurricanes will develop and kil 50 lo 100 persons in the Carib bean and between Texas an Maine while causing more than . .S100 million in property dam ;. age. a center official said. Storms are named when the; ]_ reach tropical-storm statu ·"with sustained winds of " iriiles per hour. They are up . graded to hurricane statu ··when Ihe winds reach 74 m.p.h · This year's names are Alma Becky, Carmen. Dolly. Elaine Fifi, Gertrude. Hester, Iv.\ Justine. Kalhy. Linda, Marsha Nelly. OJga, Pearl, Roxanne · Sabrina. Thetma. Viola an Wil ma. Lack Of Economic Equilibrium Makes Cash A Good Investment By JOHN CUNNIHF Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) -- Eco- omic instability is producing onie odd consequences in the nancial markets Cash, for in- tance, is considered by many o be the best investment, all lings considered. The main ingredient of t h a t erm "all things" is doubt-- uubt about the likelihood of conomic equilibrium returning oon, doubt about the chances if conventional investment out- els growing more attractive. Stockholders of Salter. Walk- · Securities Ltd., a London- b a s e d conglomerate, were !rowing incerasingly restless as they s a w bhe firm's assets .old off for · c a s h. Financial .rouble? No. As the chairman explained at the company's annual meting, the world's economy is in a critical condition. It becoming increasingly difficult to invest in industry be cause of stock market slumps and socialism. Cash, he told relieved share- nolders, is "high yielding, rela- jvely secure and easy to manage." American money managers also seem attracted to c a s h Mutual funds are organized to nvesL mainly in corporate shares. Rut many mutual funds are keeping a large portion o their money in cash instead o ;tocks. Ironically, this conservative posture may be one of the big reasons why the stock marke fails to move ahead. If mone remains on the sidelines it is o no use to the stock market. While the cash position o mutual funds is now approach ing 10 per cent of assets, a verj high figure, the cash posiljon o bonk trust departments may be even higher. They too are re luctant to commit their cash. While investor indolence ha a history of many months, new factor conceivably couk be introduced that also wouk keep money f r o m being vested in productive industry s an old element: Gold. The ited U.S Senate last week to permit Americans to wn gold beginning Sept 1. The old market, which has b e e n uieting down in recent weeks, rew excited again. Based on the m a n n e r in hich Americans h a v e been Heeling antiques and silver nd plates and art, which they have intrinsic as well as aper oard value, they would gold if they were also per litted to get their hands on it. riey have been forbidden to do » since 1933. Informed guesses suggest the House again at granting will per- Retrial Begins HAMBURG. Ark. (AP) -he murder trial of James Wil ams. 43. will begin t o d a y at shley County Circuit Court lere. iWilliams was convicted by an 1-white jury in December 1964 T the rape and murder of ttaudine Degges, a housewife 'ho lived in an isolated area outheast of Crossett. He was given the death sen- ence and was held on a death ow at Tucker Intermediate Re- ormatory until his sentence 'as commuted to a life lerm A retrial was ordered last ear by the state Supreme lourt on a plea by Williams' awyers. They contend that Uiere had Ken discrimination in the se- ection of the jury for Ihe first rial. Medal Of Honor Winner Cultivates Marijuana FAIRPIELD, 111. (AP) -Kenneth Kays is not your government-issue hero. His victory garden is full of marijuana, and he is determined to keep it as a symbol of his freedom. Kays, 24, won the Medal of Honor and was honored at the White House for his heroism in Vietnam. A draft resister-turned-medic, Kays lost a leg in battle in May 1970 but repeatedly crawled past his lines lo rescue and .reat wounded comrades. Today his battleground is 1,000 square-foot patch near his trailer in this southern Illinois town where he farms the illegal marijuana plants for his own personal use. With practiced ease, he swings down the rows on his artificial leg hoeing, raking and tilling. A headband secures his long, sun-tinted hair which cascades into his beard. Kays was raised in Fairfield, population 6,000, and attended Southern Illinois University. He was discharged from the Army in 1970, and has b e e n living here on disability checks since. What he did in Vietnam and what he is doing now are part of the same personal quest for freedom and what is just, even if it conflicts with the law, Kays said. Kays resisted going into military service. When his induction notice came, he left for Canada. But, unsure he was doing the right thing, he reported 31 days late and volunteered to be a medic. The medal he earned has no value of itself, only the experience it represents, and has often been a source of trouble, he said, brings him unwanted attention and praise. Kays, arrested twice and convicted once for possession and cultivation of marijuana, was sentenced to one year's probation. Two weeks after his first ar block delivery of 35,000 tons of rice under the PL-480 program because it was a giveaway to South Vietnam and Cambodia. 'It's running out of their ears." he added, The veteran Louisiana con gressman, chairman of the House Appropriations subcom mittee on foreign aid, said 20 000 tons of the PL-480 rice would be shipped as a com promise. Passman said he was upse :hat rice farmers could believe he could sacrifice their inter ests. "I'm the best rice salesman Louisiana ever produced," h declared, a statement secondec Saturday by Jim Larrison o rural Wilmott, Ark., and Kin u Moll of Oak Grove, respective ly the president and immediat past president of Ihe Northeas Louisiana Rice Producers Asso ciation. "I thought I was the darling of the industry," litll con eluded Passman. "If I were woman, I believe I'd cry ove the matter." Hot Springs Site Of Weekend Plane Crash HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) -Terry Young. 20, of Shrevepor La., apparently received on minor injuries when he eras landed his single engine plan Sunday night about two mile east here, a spokesman for th Garland County sheriff's offi said. The sheriff's office spoke man said the plane did catch fire, but "did frees. Newsmen hit the som seen said that it appeared the plan didn't sustain major damage. No majo further detail mediately available. s were im Networks Ready For Impeachment Coverage NorihwM* ArkonMH TIMES, Men., Jon. 3, 1974 »*YtTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS By JOHN LENGEI, Associated Prrsn Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tele siort networks have spent an Climated M5.000 for installing quiptnent that has hardly been armed up for coverage of amera-shy House members in ic impeachment inquiry. The cameras were working s Judiciary Committee Chair- ian-Peter W. Rodino Jr. hang i the opening gavel and sev- ral opening statements were ad last month. T h e n cameramen were booed out. There could be live coverage witnesses the committee may call in three or tour eeks, but that has not been ettled. And there is doubt that there ill be coverage of the com jitlee's actual debate and vol- ng on the articles of impeachment. House rules are silent on al- owlng coverage of committee usiness. which could be con- Irued to cover debate and vot- ng on the articles. In several lusiness-format sessions so far he committee has permitted lublic attendance, but no tele- ision. American Broadcasting Co. upervised the installation of quipment to be used also on a pool basis by NBC, CBS and iblic Television. The costs are plit evenly. The Judiciary Committee room presented special prob- ems. . , There is nothing special about 20 high-intensity lights lung below the 30-foot-high ceil- ng grate, nor the steel scaffold camera platform facing the ,wo-tier curving panel dais. What is unique is the so- called "treehouse," a scaffold erected outside the building to hold cameras shooting over Rodino and members to catcf :accs of committee staff anc witnesses at tables facing the dais. A window and paneling had to be removed for the treehouse cameras and. although a little Kouse was built, its insulation is less than perfect. A draft from the treehouse is thought to be the cause of a stiff back from which Rodino suffers. He's t a k i n g regular heat and message treatments for it in the House gym. Kevin Dclaney. director of ABC news in Washington, esti mated the installation costs at $45.000. We had to take the chance or be left without preparations." he said. Disappointed! "Well, the feeling was that they've (the committee) never been able to decide among themselves" if they want TV. Delaney said. Couple Apprehended Driving Missing Executive's Auto DALLAS (AP) -- Policemen lying in wait Sunday seized a man and a woman they accused of starting to drve away in the parked car of business executive Dan Burney, who disappeared May 21. Officers said a subsequent search of the couple's apartment turned up a set of keys which belonged to the missing man--Dan Burney. 47, a senior vice president and general counsel of the LTV Corp. Detectives disclosed near midnight they also were questioning a second woman. 20. to whom-they said the man in custody linked the case. They said the -mini, 29, and his woman companion. 21, were carrying a small child as offi cers took them into custody during the afternoon in South Dallas. Detectives C. I.. Hallman said there still were no clues to the whereabouts of Burney. He said p a t r o l m e n firsl spotted the missing man's car about 11 am., checked the li cense plates and found the tags had been issued for another vehicle registered in Fort Worth. Officers reported finding one of the plates issued for Burn ey's car last Wednesday. They said there was a third set of ,ags in the automobile when ,hey searched it. "They're not talking and no charges have been filed against them." llalliiin said of the man and woman seized in the car. Detectives said one of the keys on a chain identified as Burney's fit his office door in the downtown LTV Tower. Security guards had inscribed "Burney" on it. Investigator W. K. King of the police missing persons unit said, without explanation, that officers suspected the Burney cur may have been driven to Memphis. Tenn., and back during the past week. Burney's wife reported her husband disappeared last \vcek. He was last seen the night of May 21 when he worked late at his office. A parking lot attendant told of seeing Burney drive away in his car. The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week sheriff discovered still growing mari- rest, the Kays was ,, _ _ ,, juana and arrested him again. The prosecutor is seeking to revoke probation. "I don't wish to fight, but I'm not going to quit," he said. "I will trust to the courts to see that justice is done. My only weapon is the truth. No man has the right lo dictate to an- FATHER JAMES VAN BURST Spirit-FilM Catholic Priest from Dm Scotm College, Snuth- Keld, Mich., will be teaching at FAITH TEACHING MINISTRY. WED., THURS., FRI. NIGHTS JUNE 5, 6, 7, at 7:30 P.M. FAITH TEACHING MINISTRY n NOT · church, but Is a building dedicated (o the teaching of Gods word for worship of Jesus. Fayetterilte, Hwy. (2 West (Turn South at Hawkins Body Shop) Call 443-4UC for Imfo. oLaaulih Evelyn Hills FoyettevilU WE'VE MOVED TO EVELYN HrUS For Those Good Values . . . Come See Us WATCH MMHI SWIFTS WHAT IS FIRST FEDERAL UP TO? 75% LOANS TO BUY A LOT MAY WE SERVE YOU? 2 Locations To Serve You first federal savings FAYETTEVIUX, ARKANSAS Hoi limn *t ArfcantM P1«i» PHONE 5214434 or 521-3534 SUMMER ENSEMBLE Moke your latest Leslie Fay this one. Ribbed polyester bodice with pleated arnel skirt and topped with a contrasting stripe and diagonal check jacket. Block/white. $67.98 Better Fashions Second Floor Open Mon. and Thurs. 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