Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 1, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1974
Page 11
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FUEA. lURKTr -- SWAP HER Sunday. June fed ud weir Baxtay there. alter, weather penaseUaf. LocMM IVi miles south of Oreeaarad on VS. 71 hitbny. Dnln Deeded (LOO per da;. Ml earlhual of vaJa*. trie mj*-4M p.m Not responsible for IMI or aocUat. For more Information call Jim Farmer, 4U. OS attar 9:01 pun. Came to buy, sen or trad*. LOOKING for a retired peraoa er onanfe who wouM be luaLiaaluJ la eperetau a unlouo ant aad dower, ehep. CaJl alter 5 mm. : -- It. Hwy. troitan . e ta FarettnUle. Aln amral OARAOE SALE, Babrdar and Votkiwaeen aLr-oonditicoar, 4 TV**, aui- tar amp, tapa player, domes; foral- ture, miaoeUaaaoas. Ill H. CbHrch. GARAOB Sale: day, 9 mjo. Tmrd-Boaw Mam of ehake- ara oa EBath aokool. Baoy Ham, dlslin, aton, Jan, bottles. Am, orian, 1965 TMaderOtn. Ford leader, Oomlof, all iraet, aame anttajan, nj*a. LAJtGaT carafe sate: Friday and Gatar- dny.' i mile south Wlkon'a Market Basket. Hwy. « lint, ereiymaal must ·ell SWAP AAEET ANTIQUES June 1 and 2 Tier* you can buy, sell or trade bin*, glassware, lots of mlsceUan- DIU itema. Somethinf for every- ne. 6 miles nprth Fayetteville on Lghway 112. near GreatJiouse - · · ' Open Datl* Phone «42-27a* JEANNE GRIATROUSB 4-Sdwoh And Imtnidiem ·1 --Anmunc»m«mr» LADIES IBM WPUNCH Only 3 openings left In tuftrt ea. free Aptitude AnalysS. Fsyctteville Bualnaea College Phone M2-2241 -- 221 S. Locuat Lie. by State Dept, of Iducation TllOTD PATrTB. rOMJFJtLT A-l KB- PATJUI, 8PR1HODALE, la now at Hlekon Ortek Marina where they ha*, all awlll- ·tw» tol work on any eulnt or boat. -Any ata*. Wa are now O.JC.C. franchlsed Uercnuir JranoMsed, Chrraler ootdrlya ir apain. ItareraR boaks. Tb« txtow mentioned delUKHKnl ·storale lot« win be, aold ^ lot to ·the hurhert bidder on ctoaed bid baaia on June 5. 1«T4 In the alter noon- KAaCE ·Leila Jomea 'and 5 p.n p.m. . -- between wjth bid opened at J $100.00 REWARD for tafornaation laadlM to the arrest and carfKUon of peisonj Involved in tne bordery of Bob Bloufs service More Phone Sn-8060 Stout Palroleum «., tec New Orleans Sea Food Phone 521-0622 Open For Business May 30 2739 North College, Fayetteville (Just South of House at Honda FULL LINE OF FRESH GULF SEAFOOD Open »:» until I'M OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY To a*e TOUT proent knowledse to ncreasc your Income. Otter your clients and oun « wel^talaDced iroffrmm of health Insurance, life insurance .tad mutual fund*. Comprehensive training at our expeiiae CALL. DON HYDE U3-343L From 10 JLnx to »:» p.m. Kon. thru Thun. MUTUAL Of OMAHA Life Insurance) Affiliate: United of Omaha Opportunity Companies S for .looat arw rimx anar- 4. .brptBC ataMkaad.Tint boottewpmc. 'Rapiy lo Box M» c-o Norlmat Araaaaaa Tiala, nyaneMlki. ITDCD TO WOUE? Bat « raaUae. Take care of roar . aad eara neaey too. Flayoooae Mapaay wortfs lamat tor party plan new ktrtaf aupertson we Irani. Work Iffl December. Top eamnujs, boena. -- ehaaee k oatel ID Hawaii with peimaaenL Write details ol axperiaat* I Box H-H 0. c-o It. W. Ark. AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE OPERATOR Need automatic screw machina op. eratora. lat and 2nd ahlfta, Experience preferred but wHl teach peraons with food mechanical hack. cTotiDd. ExceUentv worlrbiat condl. tlona.. Contact peraonnel, cicflew- U.tUt afternoon, or 442«M amar 1:00 BXPEHErlCED OTOK, aay ah», Fay- atwrilla Ooontry Cmb, apply ' Ir. Weir.' Shakeapeara HUhway ft SoSouth. Fayett»TlB» NEED manaio- tor wen bowa faod aawMlan. raent in aprlntdan, UO »er week wniK tralnlna-. than SUO per wat*. wltt faaar om bonui plan, option to bay stock. Apptr room Ho. W rUrttan Ian Bprtntttale. TaeMay, HaW 4 » 5. J pjn. bll 9 pm. 10-rWp Wantod station naanaor. leaated _ old Howard'i Dlaconot ceater, aalary Plus oonxnluloi. D Mereated call (SHI 7714m or »·«·» at ths saiUOB, WOUAH to do some light Uuuaawuia In fluscnarate tor room' and board, cam also REAL ESTATE CLASSES Starting June '4th. Sfady tor your Real Eatate Lieanaa New! FaycttcvUlc Bualneaa CoHeie Phone 442-2243 -- 221 S. Locuat Lie. by Stata Dept of Education AKT CUKES, as*i *·* atari] J 1. Qualified and certlBed Inatruetors. Reasonable lee iadudea materials. For details can 442-MB. DRIVER . education classes, enioU sonvner driver tra]Ala( classes few FayeUeville Adult aUncatMn Program. Phone *t»71al for more Infenna- JaSaai FUU. or part Una oaataen, R.0» pe hour, ullbta and weeWads remlred. Awlr la paraoa. apt-Dee Hart Ho. X WASHINGTON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER OPENINGS EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Day openinx for' erberfehcy medical technician. Moat be Jt yean old with exnerience In all areaa of emergency medical ceare. MEDICAL STAFF SECRETARY Must be well veraed In medical xermlnbteAY 'have,- all aecretarlal skills includlnc apeedwrltln(. and/ or ahorthand and be abie to attend all staff meettajjv ran ttme no- attlon. Excellent atartini par and full benefit*. HOUSEKEEPING Two full time poattlona open for daya only, 'lookine -for permanent employees with experience preferred. Apply In pereon to the personnel w/ArTTBB, APPLY Trl TO- a B BAX-»qK. KAHAOER lor · unit apartmeK complex. Olivers** oaaale wl« aaamoloyad wif. onferrad, Aeartment and Mimee farnkataed In airnanie for aerrkH. Maat be willlntt k work aad accept rraponal bilHy. Dtme. consist of: ahowlnt apart. meats, eoUeetlnK rent, aaawarhur pnaaw reports, 5»rd work, aad mata- n qaaHfled, plamae ean 5J -- WASHINGTON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 20 W. Worth St. An Hqaal Opportunity EmployeT WATTRE Pnja Bunt. 3fB5 Noras PIZZA HUT S^AORGASBORD Mondciy Night 314 So. School ALL THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 LIBRARIAN/CONTROL CLERK for Computer Installation Position requires one or more years experience as librarian in medium-sized computer installation. EDP Control experience and/or tight accounting background helpful. Send your resume giving personal data and v«jrk history to Personnel Department: DAISY Division of Victor Comptomeler Corp. P.O. Drawer 220 Rogers, Arkansas 72756 An Equal Opportunity Employer Malw/rwmoler . between »« and for aatanrtaw. Haat be able for Dot to IptMall ippotntnsents, tope aoountaty and wen Salary opea oepandUC on eauettote Replr to Boa K« e/o Mmlhwest Ark- anaaa TOtXS. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS DATA . tone, win work 1 alattt from 11-7 an Saturday and aaaday »-U ienoe preferred. . DOTTART WORKERa _ fall time and HOUatmtauPERl -- fan Kma day i t ba available ' ' Comaot Peraonael aala Keraarial atapltal Ta-sm ualaiia » ajn-» ajn. Itonday Hara FMay: aataraay aA OB. A aVeoal Opaerluntty aaraatayar *W taktsat applloillona for aaore man- er. Sand rename to ape-Dee Mart, JU. Box ». FayetterlOe. . Apache and Starcraft Campers New and Used Sines Body Shop 442-2691 Safe It* PLTWXJIH, tav daor, V4. .oto. matte. alr«aMtU«ad, en. Ptoaa *O- l»i CKBVT aMil, eaodltlOD. to cyltodrr, loar aoor, OKI OH Chrir: tao door, crllmfcr, US. SB-3U7. SAVE MONEY EFOU TOu fAJ fOUB ADTO Homowirxavs. rmumAiick CALL ST1VX LBCBKBB IOB * WOTK. · AJL TU. I fM- etV alat! (VCHINOS 4O-*W , dtankal eoodlUon, ha a fm dnla la tody, tan none MMOD2. an TOYOTA Oonoa. n t l lop. AM ra items coadiUoa. M3-32« , · I»T MCNAnLT It-U. More MW *Ht taui! a Udory too. Ideal eoooomj tor nmr wtia'or m. aa wadlMba. ry- ' 23--Machinery And Farm' 'Equiprnwil ' ' ' . ' IMS QrTCKMATIOKAL flooat. Good con. 4»km. 59M. V Hanoa' Marine, 'in ~ VW SKDAK, am radio, fmd coodi Uoo. PtaM 4434089. FOR SALE, Penna Ooard btatomateooa' 2rtti insecticides, the non-pol»onoiu wa^ o control insects. For information catf fler 8 p.m. 1973 VOLVO 142, eepeei. am/fm radio. 15.CH) actaal miles, very clean, K," (parry line). Bowlen rarden tractor, plow - · euravator and wapm. Good condition: |XO. pbooe «m TO- appreciate; 1»4 dieyy pldi- V. SMaS actual milai; Phone H3-B38. 1974 KTJSTftO U GHIA. VI. aotomatic, factory air and power.. ercenent condition, lov m!]«. »«« call HAVE sold rey land and. vUl now seO my bay equipment which tnciudec Ford* le«l tractor, mower, side delivery rake, baler, and truck wtta-14' tied and cattla rack. Total f400a Owner, ' 1383 FORD pickup. uceHenl comUUon. HD* AUls Cbalmen boUdoaer. ' Phonav i,~ntrkk ICaaafar. Rt Tataa Center, Kanaaa Una or call TTBACTIVX 'effidamt cocktail waltren peraoa, Ramada WATTimn aa*Md. Apply ·AKT TOO OAR WASH ATTEJraAlTT. MAIM ixadad. uotr IB penoa. Bamada Fajattrrtlle. $680 PER MONTH tewd 8 good ptiople to start mmedialely at manager rrafnetu. Pharw 521-6371. S»AETAM tnial-MIUr. Air · dltiaMd,' carreoM, raar bedroom. · flc* at J3.S93. PKone StL-lOO alur K». tion. Phone 53USM ton plckap, rood condi- 23-livnradi-rer SaU ADtrrm Healy' Sprite. Great m -- run ; to drive. Pbone 521-2173 190 FORD automatic D Ranter Pickup, ft cylinder LW.B. WO. Call after 5 p.ra 19S7 PorftlAC Grend Prtx, one owner new' radial tires, alr-condUlonlnK, powe ateerinr, botory'-tapt.-(47S. phone Mi etttl after 5 pm. CAMPER RENTALS HoUtUy* - Weekend. - Vftc-illoo. Cadi or write for reMrvatkm NOON AN REALTY P.O. Box 7S4 Bofan. Arkanaas T2ff5 Pnone OS-44*) 20 Motercyeltu MOTORCYCLE RACES Short track. Saturday. Juza 1, pjn. Mot»iCnai, Sunday June ' z, 1:30 pjn. Tike Hwy. If Eaat from rayeitnrllla to Baldwin and (ollow tha atxna. 19«8 ouc wiln lOtt R camper, foa wheel drive.- 4T,eO : milei, four speed atr-conditloned, 92^50. no trade. Phon 442-7250. . : . : , · · - · 195T CRBWOUn' two door hardtop Ot with Mali rise kitaka, Holly carln rator, tear speed bansmlista, ill rea apd, aica , interior, .new tires, chrora mas; wbeeta, runs Booi. 1650. ET7.23B1 or (I7-2U4, , . . ' , . . . · : ' . IM FORD pKt^p. ton V* loll . speed, real clean track, excellent condition. Phone 442-36TH. " 19H WHZJS, .low. mileage, clean, .lock out. nubs, two bar, alumlnom top, Phone' ttt-TSO. -Oft TOROKADO. .low miles, one owner alrUnsdWoned. U power, WOO. Can 442-TSO. ' ' - ' - ' FOK : Sale: U4n mpa tar a oua, OOBrertWe lojMll tTpea a^ ·-·-· atoea Body. San 4IMBBL 16-$4rvkM work, reaunlaat walll. panaa and ODBTOK eomWnln, aad balUX. CaU 4» 20 oc OUTTM. opanmca for oMMren a«s w. wtaaaara. nmoel play. S A L E $$ SAVE $$ RV«OS Suzuki . *5«J RVUS Suzuki - ) TM12S Suzuki ' |T05 TS100 Suzuki i TSiaS Suzuki ! 1*5 Suzuki : · - r - - I GT5M Suzuki ' » PRICIB EFFXCTTVE TILL JUNE M D D SUZUKI Hiway 71 South rayetteyttle. Artc. TXTNV nnaV VoUrJwacen .frame, Re nault englAe. cracked tranamlsslon none- inl *UO. 443-3711. ISn MOHTZ- Cvto -laaUrdia" S.OOO railM, 11* 10,500, aocwt up to worth fou. *-c Tmde. Totcl 93 ins OT-6 TKEP for sale. Low mlleat » t cytteder. See at Trallwood Mobile Bnraa Park, Fjpace Mo. 9. 1STJ DODOE ptctooj, :« cylinder, ard anm, factory air, ; leas than . miles, excellent condition: Pnone 571-2703 1973 GRAh* Torino, 6,800. 1997 VW, 1800. 1-Ai Soh REGISTERED SANTA GEtrrRlKHS BULLS : 9 to 20 monthc old,' 2S to-choocai 'rom. Two yearling Brahman bulls,' Hidden Valley Ranchea (417) 476-2177 . FTVE craln [ed fat hogs all. . Phone 413-ZJ85. . . HORSE SALE · Jurie 3 . : Bentonville : Livestock Auction; '.7:00 p.m. -'. ; Plenty: of. Hor.sw . Buyer* THREE 'wrters.Arabian.itWIn years old, genUe. Phone 130 GOOD, J'ounc slock rawz^ over Vt wHh oalvec, rest springers. Would' con-. ·Mer : selling: part to suit buyer. Phone: CT-3F15. : · · . · · . . . : BREEDING BUU£ for sale, obarolais, shortcorn, H Simmenral. %- Maine Anlou. From' I3» up: CaU sttoam Sprinli 534. JOHN Deere 10-10 tractor and brasbhoir, automatic nKderl metal bins," food condition: Phone C4M214 -alter p.m: ' TWO black Walkers -- mar* and 2 year coll -- excellent temperament. 'weD mannered -- flashy and ran to ride, sa-6744. PERUANENT registered Pinto mare, Black and white. Very jenlle for -anyone. Saddle and bridle. Priced reasonable. Phone 443-3CT7. . OHAROIA1S BuB, 2 years oH. Purebred. $350. CharbUls oow 3 ywr M. VGO. Blur* cow, 4 yean o)«L 9225. Phoo« 443-2711. ! ' ' CHILD OABX. latest pasa «IT far nalwrattr ataomt tauadliaa aoaalaaa he oalldran a«s» . · · to n Dsontus- can sa«n, 4U-3m or ' HONDA On. SUTC. Need, battery and tune, |Zr5. HoRMmade cycle trailer 150. cycle, trailer and 2 helmets for 1300. BAtHBTl'linc la m» home, tenead hot maala. Farmlattei. Pnone aT vU-STC« SELF STORAGE HOUSEHOLD AND BUSINESS NEEDS Ifcrto- to S*»» U0 lAwen Bd. SPRINGOALE CAU, TSl-tua at HAT HAOUrTO, baaa prtca He field ta bara. Pbona- ABaa aaaoata. «3-»8 or Laxa.artOa.aara «O-M54. Termrt«s? Pests? toy Jehmen S21-37M QUALITY CONTROL and PRODUCTION WORKERS Scott Pop-r Otmpony'* nirwly d«rv«lof»d plant in Rogen, will accept app|leoton» en* more w««k. Good opportunity 1SW TRIUMPH, orKlual onUUoa. Call small equity. Paoaa «*»3DZ. 9UZUKITB 1«. S irjeotlst old, TM ,. remlly tUnesa 'aareea aale. r^ YAMAHA aacrfflc* for IGG Yard and Barnyard Sale Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2 Highway 62 W. to 62 Drive-ln Theater · . : . . . . Follow Markers: , ' , 1 Whirlpool Refrigerotor] elaelrie range, S.C. Adding chine, crotibow, antique shotgun, chain saw, two 7^4 h. p. ' outboard motors, horses and saddle, 3 year old ahgus cow, 3 hogs, 2 beagles, baby clothes lots of miscellaneous items DIRECTORY --Air C-wdrrkmlno-- For Residential f Cbnanarcial A Serrke. HaaJtoJ Air call SBKLTOM |UU tWa. OONORaTTE -- CARPENTER WORK OF ALL KDTDS. PATIOS DRIVET/ATS AMD. AMD REMODELING. DOM TORK iale * aantaa. malatlatlaa, GOOD RIVER TOP SOIL AND CRAVTCk PHONE KOADO, POKES. CLIARWO, RIAaDH- toggina- BRUSHHOOGING -- Plowlnr. -- barrew- InaT -- ard leveanaT -- an types CBatam tractor work -- reasonable rates -- free estimates. Work Guaranteed. Phone 443- DTTCHWTKH Fast,' low coat trench : for water, 2ae, riactric Kne. Harrow (»·) trench. Kinto Lawns, trees or pasture. to join rhi» growth non-wovwn» manufacturers. taUL-A-erroltT, children bear a MMe da- er ala*t Paaae For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 S A L E Oofflfiprj Snotv ^ taprtceKoreltlaaeVao aMTM. 9% Of. SHOT ··. "-**'* o**. "Njif* 1 *^ ^^TM* 5*j 1 ^^^--^ ,, ** Pormarwnt potitVora f or dependable oaar.»5iv» individuol.. Good woo. progression and solid company paid benefits including group Insurance, paid holteJoyi, vacation, retirement plan, e»c. Complete on the fob training program. Excellent working condition*, tfwee shifts, seven doy.operation. Apply Employment Secuirty Division, 700 West Cypress, Rogers, Ark. 7J756. Phone 626-4755 An equal opportunity employer CAMPBELL SOUP 0. Now Hiring for Day Shift Work TURKEY PROCESSING TO START JUNE 10, 1974 PAUL'S TRAOTOR RTRTKat PBOeT« 4B-aTR, If no answer mil aner 5 ·» PJa. DiroiwrrcR TRENCHSIC. FMI. LOW Oaat Trench for Water, O«fc ElectrK Lines, Now "5 incb" Trencb, UJnlmum aamava .10, Lawns .Trees, or Pasture. Oreif UuXey H1-SM TD PLACT AM AO PI IHJS "* BACEBCat aad Dam* Track work. John Mular -- Pit -Corpernter- 14ew Cbnatrnetion, Reiuudelaal. Oeneral Repairs, and Concrete Work. Experienced Quality- Workmansnip. CURTIS TTRTDO- LER, *4V3«aJ. HOUSE PAINTTrT(3 AST* CARPENTRT WORK -- OUTODE AMD Df. HAVE REFERZKCE*. RAT XAOSDALE. e«» or 4474MO. nnanent job opportunities offering -the following rotes of pay after short training period: Drawers, $2.67 per hour . Livehanging, $2.73 per hour Crapping, $2.62 per hour Other jobs, $2,57 per hour and up ExceHenr employe benefits. Apply CAMPBt-M- SOUP CO.. 1100 W. 15th ST., Fay*tteviH«, Ark. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST We have an opening for a Programmer/Analyst who has heavy experience in developing and writing systems, procedures, and documentation of complex EDP programs, in COBOL. We offer challenging work, a good salary and a full line of benefits to the qualified person. If interested send your resume giving personal data and work history to Personnel Deportment' DAISY 2JO 727M Con*. COMPLETE BOMB REPAIR, aperii earpenler, we' to rati»eiitei work that yonr nuaband won't Phone 443-21M. REKOOELUO and cabinet work, quality craftsmanship, very reasonable prices. late Menaces. Oan Da-rut .nokerr M-4S4. ' · : ' · awral iiaalrii aMaaa A* aaDt BmaRaaea. was* aaraaaa. faapar Anliiaua CARPET WAREHOUSE m W. T9*. FaUamatfU. 1 Itaft Wtwat .tf lir. Qatiek, Bwy H i. MACK MINE* CONCtTrt CONSTtlXTION mmrr ***- Mptt .v , mm* *m *.· -Concr.rt.1 Work- --DM, Orovel. Top Soil-- PAJSTING, papi-r b*a»to, tprir t-siBt*. h.wt rock naL*. ntten CatrptatZTf - : --Ditch PLOWIHO - CalUTmtln.! - gtot _ Ftn« frtdjuf. FTIJ.J · Wayn* Tackrtt *t S.B-11B. lutad, drc.i1ir -- Boston -- mower l(l.vd.t.r -- All toolj -- Omt Grinding * HaoOrlll* Rd.. -HBitfing- YARD WOftK, ftauUrtf, General C!MTV ·.p, HcdtXM TrlmnH, F»tt Service. R«*,v mmUt mmi tULbUt. Pbo*M 921^3*3. rm SVimxiU, patios, trailer levellae and aklrt'itf. bteek work, cenaeat work. Dave, DCPEtTTMaUX earloe and kooae deait- rafciceaees. tnutwactar. Pnone Laaaacaatas. Leietta*. Tap SHI rat CaaapMe lawn oare ar or ay fM M call ninays J · lean SarrUa, *C-naV isjaalll Bd Pwsrwai at Setae* -rPaint Pap-w^ --Piano Tonln,,-- PIANO'CARE PHOMX 442-737 TO PLACT AN AD IX THIS ·/CE WOULD COST OrTLT PKB HCnfTB -«00firra- REfTEW TOUR apban roof .and drive. ; Karrsnty. Put new color in dull, lifeless, . ablnilei. JHone ' --Septic Tank S»r»k»-- SEPTIC TAirXS PUHPCD Local auatneaa. Pttaae 44T-ram tewta* Ifactatiw Pit**.w»? 8hi,w-« 9-rw- tell* wit] rep*Ur w*y m-mk«, W« *T» your intboriM^ WMI« ud Elm.. ta»i«r. W* ruT-ntc* a-trrlo* wort. .WA )iiiti r ·r-rlcf atect.wjarti.1 «a eUMtol. PtMcM -Small Engine Rttpatr- lAwwaowsra and amau enalaea repaired or toned. Free pickup and delivery. 52L. ' '"· after 5 pm. , Al.lH,VnXZ. SPECIALUrf FROM LITTLE ROCX. BTEVZ'S TAX1OEFUCT PSIOTal --TrortDT-- CUSTOM TRACTTJat 1KMUC Bruahnw. Plow and Mae RarrV B. Clarke, tOOtO at! 4 JS -Tree TREE and atmb aprarlnf. staae ttomsa and bonded. Paoae Xeja Tree Sarrice at nt-rtsi TKDI, Cat aad remote Trees. UaHa. buured. Pnaae !»·»» nra from saa, nark* rjaa naiii a tb Hwy. n, Bprtojomle, TS-I..!

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