Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 30, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1974
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

WU. IT HURT MORE THAN A FUNCH IN THE NKE OR LESS THAN A PUNCH IN THE NOSE? (o LIKE TO mi WEARSRESCEP, BUT I'M A?f?AID IT fSOSAW C««fl [OHO BANT* Hl'RT ANfAWfK / TO SET THANAftNCH /PWCHE0IN INTHEN056 J THENOS£' THAT "5 HOU) I J(»6e PAIN, LUCILLE.,. THAT'5 HOU I DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT I PO UNCLE WTTH AN OIL WELL. vjsppo OLD sogsosE THREE MILLION. ,. OB MAVBE YOU'P 1 LIKE TO UP IT TO JTHKEEANP A.HALf I MILLION, EH? KtBl VOU STM.L AROUMP XTALKEPTOTHE 1 DON'T KMOW. I'LL HAVE TO CONTACT OUR MAN IN AMERICA. NOtfU. ACCEPT OUR OFFER TOR-rue SNOW CDBtCDUECSHN WHtN THeV 0*X YOUR 5TS61CHHISW1NOS e we OPIMMC GOODV PER VOO, HONEV POT- vecwoeoour flW PLRV NOW I PICKED UP ALL MY THINGS OFF TH 1 FLOOR MADE MV BED LIKE ME TOLD ME, flUNT LOWEEW HOW MUCH 1 NOTHINW WJULIT COST? J QUESTS.- WHERE.» THE. NICEST PLACE IN DOGPATCH CfftOMA*K£.BLfr (-/ tQOKE£POK*tfif£ TO SfJDING THEfAKS AFTER BO- GOLDEN V£ARS- THIS THAT 6TS THE STOMACH PUMP? CAM 1HATWU1060 600D WJTH THIS SffcW WHAT5 Trie CHAPLAIN DCXN? FILLED OUT AIX CrlAPLAIN? "HI!, SE£ THERE-J] THATS WHAT COMES FROM BEING NOSEY/ f E --Itelfere Jt orJfct/ RAMPSIDE HALL near Barrow-ln-f^jrtten, t UAS BUILT WITH 12 CHIMNEYS -SO EACH OF THE OWNERS 12 SONS COULD.HAVE A ROOM WITH A FIREPLACE 1606 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Early Recognition Key To Diabetes S*/1!*3S BANK IN RATZEBURSf 6KMAW ERECTED TO EMPHASIZE THE VIRTUS' OF THRIFT, DEPKTS WITH EMPTY POCKETS -^MOMAft RGVA-BZAH . TRIBESMEN of Tibet, R A IONS-SLEEVED SHEEPSKIN OOfiXrMIWa IIIMIII FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope TtMfS. Thwm., May S8,J«N A number of my readers have| e x p r e s s e d concern about diabetes. Confusion apparently exists In their minds about this condition. To allay anxiety for those who have .some family history of diabetes, it should be stated: 1) Diabetes is almost always a controllable disease. 2) Diabetes must be recognized if it is to be controlled. These two concepts arc fundamental to good health and longevity in people who may have diabetes. It is estimated that more than one and a half million people in America have mild diabetes which is undetected because of the absence of symptoms. HIDDEN DIABETIC Intensive, educational cam paigns are aimed at flushing out the hidden diabetic. When the unknown diabetic is converted into the known diabetic diligent uninterrupted care hy ie physician can erase Mlonlial threat to health and re! With dietary control insulin nd oral drugs, the diabetic can 've a normal life, free of any l»!ll!!llll!IIIUIlll»i«!!IDI!lllll!n!llilllMi;ill!IHIIIIIIIIII«li«!!llllilM^ Look in the section in which ·our birthday comes and find vhat your outlook is, according o the stars. FOR FRIDAY, MAY 31 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Travel under especially bene- 'icient influences. In fact, some exciting circumstances attending a short trip should give yo ua big lift. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Care needed in routine activities. Make no drastic changes arbitrarily, and be especially careful about details. There's a tendency to let the mind wander when it .shouldn't. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Don't be discouraged if your efforts seem unappreciated, .nstead, draw attention to them -- but in a subtle manner. CANCER (June 22lo July 23) An excellent day for dealing with superiors, for making them saware of your ultimate goals and expressing your willingness to take on more responsibilities. LEO (July 2'! to Aug. 23) Rule out extremes and risky chance-taking. It is sometimes difficult for the Leoite to stress conservatism, but it's a must d u r i n g this somewhat misleading period. VIRGO (Aug. 21 to 23) Take a second look before accepting new ideas or unusual propositions. Don't waste time ai:d energy pursuing a will o' the wisp. Be especially careful about financial involvements. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Planetary influences somewhat mixed. Be constructive planning. tenacious in implementing. System with flexibility needed. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Perccptiveuess, reflexes and business acumen should he keen now. Especially favored under d a y ' s influences: m cliandising, property transactions and ' financial negotiations. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Keep a l e r t . Generous influences offer new routes and means for attaining better-than- average gains. Don't miss out! CAPRICORN (Dec, 22 to Jan. good day in which to s another group that must he irought into medical focus icfore any overt symptoms o diabetes are present. The unknown, the hidden, the 20) A capitalize on your ingenuity and a l l - a r o u n d competence. Properly exercised, even your most minor talents and efforts will be appreciated. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) In the tight spots, patiently wait out those things which call for more thought and delaying tactics. Avoid impulsiveness, at all costs. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Some misleading influences prevail, so be careful of your involvements -- with people or situations. Avoid anxiety or undue suspicion, however. YOU BORN TODAY have been endowed with a high order of intelligence; are extremely ambitious, creatively inclined and unusually dexterous with your hands; could reach top- level attainment in professions where you can combine your mental and physical ability. You are original in your ideas, but can carry out those ol others with great facility, even improving on them as you go along. With your keen perception, you quickly analyze the most complex of situations and your lively imagination helps you in straightening them out. You could excel at writing in any form or in the theater; at any occupation in travel or dealing with the public -- or a combination of both. Music as an avocation would make an admirable outlet for your emotions. Try to curb tendencies toward restlessness anr extravagance. Birthdate of Walt Whitman, renowned poet; Pope Pius XI; Joe Namath, illus trious football player, NTIflllMllliMiiiiiiMillliimiiniiRWIllfflllinflnilH B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Marten* Individual Championship Play) Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Health resort 4 Cloth measures 8 George Bernard -32 Ugly old woman 13 Legal claim 14 Enormous 15 Constellation 16 Supported 18 French revolutionary leader 20 Hinder 21 Caresses 24 Victor -28 Penitent 32 Ibsen heroine 33 Eggs 340taries 36 Swiss river 37 Departed 39 Upsets 41 Nonsense creature 43 Back 44 Ventilate 46 Deduce SOBlackfriar 55 Madrid cheer 56 Mine entrance 2 Amazon estuary 3 Culture 4 Beetles 5 Cover U Married 17 Vehicle 19 Likely 22 Fastened 23 A step 25 Bellow 57 Scandinavian (Bulgarian 26 Seize coin 27 Sense 7 Smugly organs superior 28Farm person animals 8 Rose of-- »Fnrnace 9 Hovel » Zola novel 10 Mature 31 Otherwise 35 Dyed Avg. solution time: Vt mjn. 3S Characteristics MVase « Relatives 45 Be conveyed 47 Wade through river UChariec Lamb « Peruse SJITomder 51 Lyric poem 52 Marble Answer to yesterday's pnde. 53 Container MCncfcoo 58 Inlet 59 Pleads 60 Feminine name 61 Father DOWN 1 Counterfeit HS S@E 3aHD DDK) SDE BK@ HJHE BIBB prone BBS" ncapacitalion. The socalled "prc-diabctic 1 camouflaged diabetic ·pre-diabetic" can ravol their potential by a serin of Mood ind urine studies. Specialty groups, such as th* Joslin Clinic in Boston, e'jrist ui many large hospitals afl ·»·» he United States. Their highljr refined tests mak« it pouibl* predict the nossifcimy «f diabetes. Studies of " vessels, the kidneys, th«-p«i»- creas and the Mood.mran can uncover the pre-di»b«tjo and the hidden diabetic. If there is any history of diabetes in the immKlilt* family it is wise to take advantage . of simpie di*gn««ti« analyses that arc avnlaM*- everywhere. ; SHADOW Or PEAK Many people live in th«! shadow of concern and fear that; they eventually will develop thii. disease because It exists in' some member of their ftmily. The anxiety that is generated can he destructive to n»rK»l»l happiness. Diabetes can be contrOUtd if it is recognized early : and treated intensively. Dr. Coleman welcomes letter! from readers, and, while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use questions in his column whenever possiMt and when they are of general inlerst. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman In care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Vest dealer. Neither side vulnerable. leld the East W»st hand*, Oxif bidding went: : WEST *J 1098 V 8 6 EAST * « 5 4 J 3 * A K J 6 J * K Q 6 + 7 'Bridge lends itself to the use of numerous bidding conven- ,ions. In general, it is best for a partnership to adopt as few artificial bids as possible, for oo many conventions lead to oo -many misunderstandings. Nevertheless the fact remains :hat in a well-oiled partnership t is possible t o ' effectively employ a liberal handful of worthwhile conventions. Take this deal which occurred ri the Playoff for the right to represent North America in the 1971 world championship. Pitted against each other were a Los Angeles team and a New York cam. Oddly enough, this was Board No. 1 of the 160-board match! When the Westerners held the bands shown, they bid as follows: West 1 + 2* 4* East 1* 3» 4NT 6* Declarer went down one when le lost two t r u m p tricks. When the New York team i+ i* : s* sv : 4* 4HT »V «· The bidding was th* saint ·'· at the first table except Uut East, on his last turn, bid fiv» spades instead of six.. , ' However, there was much more meaning to the East-West Kidding than meets the *y«. This pair were using a convention called Key-Card Blackwood, according to which the responder to four notrump treats the king of trumps as an ace. In effect, this means there are five aces in the deck! So when West bid five hearts in response to four notrurap.- East knew his partner had! either two aces without the kinj of trumps, or one ace with th* king of trumps. This in turn meant that · slam would either automatically go down or at best depend an a finesse. So East closed th* bidding with five spades, which was made, and the New York team got off to a flying start with a 500 point gain on th* deal. The Los Angeles team wo* the match, but Key-Card Black-: wood registered a clear-cut victory on the first hand. PONYTAIL why ar« you wmftiag out «f itke haven't even started to talk nfrtfwt ···sMst -i Delivered to your door seven doys a week for less than 11 * a day. That's o bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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