Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 29, 1974 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1974
Page 26
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It Northwert ArkonWK r*yrrr«vitL«, AUK TIMES, Wed., May 29, 1974 47-teal Eitate foi Sal* * ACRE - TREES 1.900 »q. H.. 4 bHroom, l*mllyrwm. 3 bedroom, family room pJut rrc. rw l\i b*th. rmrpttrt, self-elfwnLne 01 dl»hw»rtifr. rer.lral *lr. d«»d end slrx.., Owner tran«*rrei. 7 r assurrublt. 123,* 900, 521-2131. BY OWNER 3 fctdmcc, 1U batte, cirptted, central ·ir/lwal. d«a with wo*3bu mtnjj firtplac*. S! itiwutter, douM* electric oven*. En ckt*d b»ck vard. convenient to FbOM 442-3581 or 5ZL-478P. BY OWNER 2-3 bedroom, brick, with central heat, 22x28 separate work-shop- sarage. 1 acre corner lot with ',' a In fenced pasture. In FayctlcviUo city limits, good neighbors. $24.000. Phone U3-S535. BY OWNER 31, bedroom, IVi baths, cedar ranch house with over 1,400 sq. ft. in Burterfield School District Low 20's. Phone 4425087. MODERN COUNTRY HONCE Inside city Itmitx. Nice. 2 bedroom attractive bath, sewing room nice yard and garden space surroundcr by woods, 1 acre included. City utilities and pavement. Attachec garage, iililily, and workshop. Quie ncichbortiood. Refrigerator, range carpeting, drapes, p a n e l i n g .ire n] included. Utilities low, ¥12.400. 521 7003. Legal Notices NOTICE 10 RlnDKR.S Scaled bids lor construction o( an Anltn; Shelter tor the Cits* ot F a r m l n p t o n , A Kansas, will he received by Bobby Ca h.'lc nt City Hall. Farm in pirm, Arknnsa until 2:W P.M.. Jun« 11, 1974. and ttic w i l l be publicly opened nnd read aloud. The Intormnllon for Bidders. E-'orm Bid. Form of Oonlrart, Plans, Specif: Payment Bond, nnd other coniract rtori mrnl* may bo examined In the olfir nl Innovative DcsJpn and Environment Arts U.n.E.A.l fora ted at 32 Ka- fVntpr. Suite 22), Faycttc \-111p, Arfcnnsa payment of $25.00 (or e.ich set. Any Oc nc ra 1 Contractor who h? submitted n proposal lo the Owner. u reluming ,'uch sets proinplly and poorf condition, will be refunded his j),i ment lor as many as three scla. prompt return of all other sols In condition, psymenls will bo rctundet 1 less the actual cost ol re production. The O«mcr reserves the rfcht to wah any Informalities or lo reject any nil bids. Each Bidder must deposit with Tils blrt security In the amount, form and sn" " to the conditions provided in Ihe Info matron far BI riders, All Bldrffrs must rnnform to the reqiiln m«nts of the Arkansas State Ucensln Lav lor General Contraclors. No Bidder may vilhdrnw his bid withl 30 days after 1he actual dntfl ol II opening thereat, Bobby Carlisle. May* Cily o[ Farmington, Arknnsa TTc 3, 5 Found Guilty VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Th Vatican court has found thre men guiHy in the theft of papn valuables and sentenced Ibcr lo suspcmlod jail terms totalin almost five years. It was lh first criminal case in the Val can in morn than a decade. Charges against the men i: eluded stealing gold medal valuable stamps and othi property from the apnrtmen of Pope Paul VI anrf his prival secretary, Pasqtmlc Macclii. The men were employed b the Vatican telephone compan nnd had access to Ihe a par ments. The 1 hefts occurred 1968 and 196G when the Pop and his close aides were awa at the summer palace at Caste Gxtndolfo. Pullout Failing WASHINGTON (AP) -week before the deadline fo withdrawal of all foreign force from Laos, U.S. intelligenc sources say N o r t h Vietnam sti has more than 25,000 troop there. Pentagon sources said it obvious the North Vietname; are not going to get out of Lac by June 4, the date when a foreign troops are supposed be gone under terms of a La t i a n peace agreement. United States personnel w be reduced to a planned groi of 30 -military attaches and Marine embassy guards by th deadline, officials said. Coalition Government Falls, Irish Workers Go Back To Work Nominated Former Attorney General Joe Pnrcell carried Washington Camntf as well as the stale in Tinning the Democratic nomi- Batkm as Lieutenant Gover- »or. !· Washington County he received 6,706 voles (o 5,615 f»r Dong Brandon and 974 for Kenneth Coffelt. Purccll wiO face Republican Mrs. LCMI Troxell in the November General Election. BELFAST. N o r t h e r n I r e l a n d \P) -- The Protestant ex- emist Ulster Workers' Council llerf off today a 15-day gener- slrikc which paralyzed orlhcrn Ireland's economy id brought dou-n tlie British rovince's moderate govern- on t. The UWC announced that it as asking workers to drill ack to their johs. with heavy dustry resuming production "obably on M o n d a y . The announcement came as rime Minister Harold Wilson i f j e d a meeting in London th his cabinet to discuss ays to solve the crisis in the "ovince prompted by the res- nation on Tuesday of Prolcs- ant members of Chief M i n i s t e r i ian Faulkner's Executive, ic provincial government. Leaders of the w a l k o u t gave o immediate reason for calling off. The move reversed early \tremist pledges not to return o work until Wilson made 1 nnouncemcnt on the provincial dministration. Strike leaders wanted an end o Northern Ireland's first at- empt at sharing power bet- ween its Protestant majority a n d i t s Roman Catholic minority. They got it, at least temporarily. Catholic members of (he Executive refused to resign, but a British government statement said the provincial administration could not function vithout Protestants, In London, political sources said Prime Minister Harold iVilson was desperately anxious . h a t power-sharing should continue in the embattled province. He called a meeting of senior ministers to consider a way out of the crisis. FATAL SKTBACK When the coalition took office Jan. 1, it was heralded as a political organ to end cenLuriej- of feuding between Catholics and Protestants in the six counties. Politicians saw it? downfall as a major ant perhaps fatal setback to Britain's ehiixjralc peace plan One sol u Lion a v a i l able to Wilson under the Constitution Act of 1973 would be for Britain to nominate a care take g o v e r n m e n t o f politician willing to serve along wit! .senior civil servants, business Local Students Are Honored Al Hendrix CONWAY -- Area students r ere among those honored at lie rccenl Honors Day at II end',\ College in Conway. Michael Mills of Rogers was ·uvarrlrd the Myrtle E. Charles Service A w a r d for outstanding service and citizenship. Mills is i senior. Zola K, Moon of Siloam Springs was co-recipient of the Hrtslaruling Students in First- Year Chemistry Award. I.ynnc Killgore of Fayettevillc was one of the winners of outstanding service awards with ,he Ilendrix Choir. Church Incorporates Articles of incorporation were approved Tuesday in Washington Circuit Court for the Full Gospel Holiness Mission. The church is n half mile off H\vy. 16 west of Fayettevllle. fncorporators arc the pastor trustee. R. W. Scott: Sam A Floyd, trustee; Paul Killpat rick, trustee; and Mary Killpat rick, secretary-treasurer. men and labor union leaders. This seemed unlikely to satis f y P r o t e s t a n t militants however, demanding n e w elections to the Provincia Assembly, which they believe would reimpose Protestant ru! in the province. Treasurer Mrs. Joan Perry outdistanced two opponents to win the Democratic nomination as Connly Treasurer in Tuesday's primary. She received 7.JJ6 votes lo 3,831 [or former Springdale Police Chief Wayne Hyden and 2,759 for political newcomer Raymond Johnson. She will face Re- puhlican Berl Parker in the November General Election. Italians Register Protest In Organized Demonstrations The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days o Week! ROME (AP) More than hall million Italians' demonstrated today against Fascist violence, while left-wing extremists attacked rightist t a r g e t s with bombs, stones and fire in various cities. All activities [rom industry to the stock market were idle in half-day nationwide strike called to protest the bomb attack which killed six and injured 94 during an anti-Fascist rally in Brescia on Tuesday. Unions and all parties except the rightist Italian Social Movement joined in organizing mass rallies in all Italian cities. Police estimated more than 500.000 persons marched demonstrations hold from the Alps to Sicily. Police said order prevailed as a whole. But in Rome. Milan and olher.cities they reported squads of leftists youths roamed through the streets and attacked a n y t h i n g and anyone they linked with right-wing extremism. In Milan, dozens of youth threw gasoline bombs anc stones at cafes where rightwing 'extremists like to meet. The} set one cafe afire and flee before police rushed to the scene. Other groups hurled two jasoline bombs at the Milan offices of the Spanish airline beria, shattering the windows and setting furniture afire. It was the third atlack against the Iberia office in two months. The Spanish airline became a target of leftist anger ollowing reports that rightist have found refuge in Spain. Police clashed with youths Tying to raid the offices o: Candido. a rightist Milan-based magazine. At Monastery HIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -Marcelo Cactano. the exiled former - premier of Portugal spent his first day in Rio res ting at the St. Benedict Mo naslery, a monk reports. Dom Estevam Bitencou said Caetano spent all of Mon day in a cell which was served for him and left it only to have lunch with the monks. Caetano and former Por tuguesc President Americo Tho maz arrived in Sao Paulo ; week ago after the Braziliai government accepted them a political exiles in the wake o the Portgucse coup. Thomaz. his wife and daugh ter came to Rio last Tuesday. Water District Meet Planned A meeting of Interested patrons of the RDA water dis- rict will be held Thursday «t armington High School at 7:30 ».m. The district covers Harmon. West llvry. 16. Center township vest of Farmington. Campbell ind Moffitt communities. District patrons who have paid deposits are especially encouraged to attend. Plane Mishap NORFOLK, (AP) -- A prac- tics nwsile fired from a Navy A7 Corsair jet attack plane ac- jicfrnlally struck another plane, hut the pilot ejected before the plsne crashed into the AV.antic Ocean, The Navy said Lt. Robert E. R'.io'le. the 'pilot of an A4 jet a i r c r a f t , was picked up by a helicopter Monday and taken aboard the aircraft carrier USS Independence after the accident off Jacksonville, Fla. EVEREST 4. JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOtosroio" RtNTAlS* SALES Fajrelteville Drtf E. Side Square 442-7341 ······*····· ········ GOLD Top Prices Paid For Old Gold ·nd J«welry. Umkrwood'* · · ·· · ·····....i» ···· · · · ...« ., «... « j Highway 71 S. and Hwy. 120 West Fork, Ark. Monday thru Saturday 5-8 Sunday 9-6 WEST FORK WE ACCEPT USDA FOOD STAMPS WAREHOUSE MARKET WE GIVE DOUBLE GREEN STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY! £·· ·· ··· ·· * S P E R f l V ANO · * HUTCHINSON * Quarter Sliced PORK LOINS Lb. Lb. Wilson's Smoked PORK CHOPS Wilson's Certified *7O/* BRAUNSWEIGERLB/O* $-|69 Wilson's Tender made HAM Lb. Shank... Ib. 69c Hams Butt 1L79c Center Cut $1.39 $169 Ranch Rail BACON Fresh Skinless BEEF LIVER 2-Ub. . Pkg. .. .. Lb. ' Quarter SLICED HAMS Old Fashioned SAUSAGE Center Cut PORK CHOPS Lean Tender PORK STEAK t« ······· · SPEHRV AND · _ HUTCHIHSON « .. . . Lb. ··· · · · · ·· 10-Lb. . . Bag $159 1 RED POTATOES CABBAGE K ,12* YELLOW ONIONS ?,-; t 12* CELERY · · * · · · · « · 5 P E R H V AND 4 · HUTCHINSON « AJAX LIQUID DETERGENT 32-oz. Mrs. Tucker's SHORTENING $119 3-Lb. Can 1 HUTCHINSON « Grade A Large EGGS Doz. POT PIES Morton CREAM PIES Jenos or Fox Delux* PIZZAS Tyson Main Course Chicken - Turkey - Beef Slew Salisbury Steak-Veal Tyson-11-Oz. Box DINNERS DINNERS Town talk Sandwich BREAD . . Each )5-Oz. Box Field Trial DOG FOOD Keathtey Vanilla Wafers Griffin l/4 Lb - BO* Fre* TomW.r . HUTCHtNSON Coleman BUTTERMILK Coleman Mtli COTTAGE CHEESE W IJJC White Dairy Old Fashioned 1 ICE MILK Free Ice Cream Cones Served Friday and Saturday With Coupon) 100 FREE SH GREEN STAMPS With $5 or More Purchase (Excluding Tobacco) Expires 6-4-74 ·········· »···················································· ··········«. - · tPEHftv *«» · ·?(*·* AID *spf miv ··· · spumy AMD «s^f Mttv AND ttft*«r *no · SPENMV AND · srtuftT AMD · . MUTCMI»»0» HUTCNIMO* · HUTCHIIMOK · KVTCNIfl »O» · KUTCHmiOK . HUTCXIKSO« . HUTCNIPItDH . JuTCH^wl. I · · · · · · · · · 9

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