Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 29, 1974 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1974
Page 24
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· Northwest Arharwat TIMCS, Wwl., May 39, 1*74|34-AporrmnH For M-Wontod To Buy 34--Apartment* Far R*nt nuczj run ooon WAIfTTD 3 hjn 'W-T* model Chtvy, OMC, or Iflt*rn*U«i*l wither wltfaoqt tod. Vujt bt rod truck. 731-OR. B U Y I N G U.5. SILVER COINS PAYING 190% ABOVE FACE (Subject to daily eH*nR«. call for quoit), Also need small com and iUiap collections, top dollar paid, FAYEITEVILIE COIN STAMP JMl N. College. 521-«21 STEVE CUMMINGS APARTMENTS 443-4757 Walking distance to Campui 1 bedrtxm furnished, $75 water paid 1 bedroom furnished, $75 2 bedroom furnished, $100 2 bedroom fursishtd, $115 2 bedroom furni»he«d, $140 (New) Designed for UofA Students rw*n »p*rt- « tnrt Unl- . Pnon« 521 · NIL'K 2 bedroom, l i k e new. btArwn, fumlstirt **J , L block from ca Ihree bHrown, unfuml.'hM lir«e yard. 4 , befort 10 p.m. 3 BF.DROOM fumlOWi · pa [tin Mil ' Cfnlral sir. carpel, larae rotffu, end elosrti. t}u!el. n[-s1reet Iv^tlon on North Carlarvl. /eposil -dnd lease required. No I*-:*, call «M1-H c s C O I N S H O P PAWN pAvlnr IMS over face for Silver. 'Buy Sfll All U.S. Coin* IS* S. Thompson 751-3718 31--Wonted To Trod* CAN OFTER SMALL S ROO1W rURNISHED HOUSE AND UTH. ITIES TO YOUNG M A R R I E D AGRl STUDENT IN EXCI1ANGF FOR FARM WORK. 33-- Rooms For R*nt PIXIPJjK'S INN. Jit West Moonlaln, a (#w iwms Dj-wn Iro.-n H I M per week ptvxi* rooms available May 1 Stwrfr lIvlnsrTTKxn. Vitchen. hath monLh, Phone JT^gpj. after 5:W 34--AparlmertH For Rent EETTES APARTMENTS. 122 West Mel dow. On* and two bedroom aparUrwnl compJMeJy Jutnlshed, catpeled and Jrsp «d. ,lr-fond!tion«d, all bilk P»il exrt *l.*clrifHy, W and 1135 monthly. Phoi H K U : For * siunrp. bills J40.W. 113 paid, private drive W. MixinUb. 413- ·URN1KHKI) orve bedroom ajmrtmenl, to rampyji, $?7,50 monthly, waLci ThiXiC 521-3X3 a f t e r 5 p.m. Mf'K, (iirnKhori, 2 bedroom aptartm an uAfurn^ed 2 hednwrn house with h.nly .^nrd. Phone S21-5614 i r i l M S H K r ) h.iL-he:or apajlment. cleai .(i romrorLaWe. utilities paid, hlway 71 niih. for 1 or 2. tM/wetk, onth. 112-^013, «'^-9774. ON1-3 BEDF'.OOM apartment, 1 block Trotn ptit. ttJrnhh«4, utilities paid, $110 APARTMENT -- DUPIJ^XES -- MO BILE HOMES, FumlOiet] and u n / u r n d. Hanna Mar!n« 600 W. 6th. Phoni . . only. Funilshrt rtfidencj', ITS. »lr-c( dill lined, witcr paid, 6 North Dunn ON'K bHrocrn. furnl*M efflei . ment, alr-conrlltLDned, all utilities pat'! MO per maiUi. located on N. OoCexe One bfdroom, large furnished apartniei all ulll.tles paid, localed two Hor Irom UA, (120 iwr month. Call Schutt A Taylor, 531-2717. IiAHGE lurnKhed ofie bedroom, mard' couple or o'der Tcrson, tJS plu? ull UPS, ni» does, iniuire at 309 West SprinjT r\VO bcrtrnoTTi turnLshed apartmenU C'tn- *ral air-co:idrtlonln electric JciU'hen. -lo-vi-dll carpclinj;. Otf-Mreet parking, a monlh. Water paid KW763. AS'O bedroom, air pus. Siro wi'Ji I-hone 112-2770. ore uli.ity paid. JAMKSTOW.V. !'^ IVrjlfi Duncan, fum- l one bednxmi aparlmonl, alrttvi diLioncd, ^ha^ tarpcl, dishwastier and all paneled, flii per monlh, you pey i*'i ' and elertrirlly. '"all Don Dlncl«!ine. 1163 or *42-*H53 arler 7 p.m. 3 ROOM: furnished aporlment. private aiice, private hatli. Close In lo^allcw, [wr monUi. utilities paid. Call O, H. Gamble. 21-4^ir.. MAI JO rcawnm»1e need^'l to nhare berfroom apartment, 1% Mocks fi campus. ^*5. Phone 521-8M8. ONE bedroom furnished, ISO, utilities pwld, no pete f East 45. Phone «34 SPACIOUS one bedroom furnlshtd apar ment, rarpeled, central heal and half btocfc to campus. tf»5, water SUMMER SCHOOL Al summer rates -- 8 u n i t s -- 2 bedroom lownhousr, I ",a bath*. Air conditioned furnished or u n f u r n - ished. Dishwasher, disposal. fro«t free refrigerators. Shade tree*, Balc o n i M . Electric range. Quality and quiet. R e a d y now. Call M1-866G or a f t e r hours 442-8071. 808 TOWNHOUSE 80S Lawson St. ONE bedroom mobile bom*, furnished ' --conditioned, only $Sfl per month, Villa Mobile Home Park. Phone 443-22 FURNISHED apartment. Brown Apart- monls. 213 N. church. Phone HM444. Now Taking Applications fo SUMMER FALL Call 442-8722 Corner Hill and Pulman St MAPLE MANOR APIS FAYETTEVnO.E'S FINEST Now leasing one. two, three f o u r bedrooms -- Furnished or u furnished. 3001 Wedlngton Phon« 521-7206 -- Office In Apt. THE LITTLE WOMAN 34--Aportnwnta Far Rmtt 4-AportnwtH MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two blocks of cunpus. Summer 442-4VOO, S21-42W. or SZl-ZMt BEVERLY MANOR APIS. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE TDK YOU1 INSPICTTON; BX bXrwm. l«» room I" month. Itochln'f J««lrj. Uln. MOB i room, Widlllontd. himlihri. ler. sewtr [»lii, *!» thrw bedroom, Urt« TWO btdroom horn. ·« BMW partly tumU«d, «100 ptr month. Pb»nt 443-mi nlrrn nlct. l»« twdreoerw. furalihcij Oo« bedroom efflclenc: ·partment. Utllttie* pak. , . . . 8:00-5:00 clll SchcKn Inn. 521-5913. After 5:00 and w«kend Mil UZ- ncy «id, $10. rrom "It's just perfect! I know exactly what I can exchange it for! " 34--Apartments For Rent NOW LEASING 34--Apartments For Rent ·g STUDENTS: Furnished apartments bloclfs from campus. Collates in c ry, 10 mtnutw from ORrnpus. 165 up. TOWER APARTMENTS. One bedroom, umlshetl, cto^e to University, available or summer and fall. Call 321-3W6 or 442- Family Atmosphere. 1. 3 Bcdrotims. Furnished or Un- furnlshnd. S t a r t i n g .it $101. Central rieat Sc air. All utilities p a i d except electric, Complete l a u n d r y facilities Daycace center on premises. Country Club Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201; After 5 p.m. 521-8796 OSK bedroom nparuneuts, (So to S125, all utilities paid, One bedroom duplex, water and gas paid, {100 per month. No pels. Phone 521-2561. O NK BE D ROOM a pailtnent. wished incltiiin(T dlahwasrier, .rarbage dls.»sa], central heat and air. Completely car- 8110 mDnth. All bills paid, 1138300. Oall before 9:30 .or a f t e r 5:00 p.m. , BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer · and fall. Phone 521-2761 SKULL CREEK APTS. 90* N. Lercntt S21-J741 L UK! * bedroom ftmlcked er urfurnl*hd. All utUltlei twM. two ·wfmminx poob. tennis court*, laundry, grocery, fai fvcllltlw. mil conditioned. rURNISHED trl-plOL nve g* 1 NMF campuB. one bedroom, panelfd, til tbow- «r and tub, married couple AJso one efficitcoy (w maturt itttdtnt. piioa* *C"A GREAT PLACE FAMILIES" One Bedroom Two Bedroom Bedroom , FOR 107.00 125.00 . 143.00 FURNISHED apartment--emrtenciM, one and two bedroom-some-air conditioned; ·cry quiet envIronment, close to cam- FURNISHED, two bedrooms, carpel. IViUiIn walkinz distance of campus, oH ,(reet parking, J120 pliu util.tlK. Call J43-7125 after 6 p.m. iURKISHTiD very quiet location, large rooms and bath, ample off st parking, utilities paid, ?DO per month plit^ deport- PIx»e 4434003 after 6:00 All utilitie« paid, centra! heat and a/c. unfurnlahed, ' '" WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewlj 521-3073 Office Hours »:»-5:30 Closed Saturday* Sunday* CHATEAU, INC. 1TM N. Levtrttt rayettevUl« SZ1-33U Mir. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1TM N. Lcverett rayettevllle 521-3313 M*r. Apt No. J KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. GirUnd Fayettevllli w»ter pall small family. WO per nrnOt. ,, nice 5 lorw room!. Chain link fence, unusual p!ay equipment. Belween University and rjownlowr. tquare. M3-7087. , NEWER t*ree bedroom house, 1W bate. cenlr.1 »lr and h»l. ""« I"" 1 "'"f eralor. dose lo U of A, denps 1 i«»"'?· J1IJ per monllh. Fh»n« 443-3157 or *U- 4S11. SPECIAL SUMMER RATES RAZORRACK PLAZA now taking applications for Ji^f- 1. Kurnlshed, 2 bedroorni, 2 bath fully carpeted, dishwasher, pod, all bills paid. Walking distance to Ucl- rersity. Phone 521-alT6. paid. ?D5. Call 5?1-352T. apartment, c'os« pets, aU bills NBAK UN'IVEE'.STTY, one bedroom, ear- pelfrf air contHlloncd, 5100 month. All utilities paid, -J42SM3 or 521-152^. SUMMER SPECIAL 2 bedroom apart- menU, 7 So. Duncan. Well furnished, ntral air, dishwa*er, disposal. $125. Phone 52,-5TO. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Feature*: · Central Air » Shag Carpet* · Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher Disposal · Pool · Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom S127.50 -- Two Bedroom All hills paid except electric 443-3216 Mr. Apt. No. M COLONIAL ARMS " r 1211 N. Leverett Fayettevllle 521-2110 HIT. Apt No. 1 JENNY LYNN 11 South Duncan rayetteville 521-7240 ; IKr. Apt. NO. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Fayelteville TWO bedroom. unfurnished except (of kilchen ante ind drapei. couples oe ll family preferred, J1S per month, deposit Phone 443^300. TWO bedroom house, nlwly timii*«l, central heal and air. carpel, onslree* parting Phone 4tMS« »ller i r..m. LARGK furnished 1*0 bedroom hoist near campus, nice yard, »lm»idilloner. available through August 22, deposit required Phone 443-2227. LAKCiH furnished home, near campus nice yard, window a!r-condiHoning, available thromrh Aususl 22, J200, deposit required. Phone 413-227. IjARGB. 3 bedroom house on 3 acres. (145 monlh plus V, utililitl. Deposit required Oil S2WOM. Mir. {Ken-Claire Apt. NO. SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PHIV. FURNISHED, two bedrooms, air-con, dllioned, carpets, paneling, new app.I- ances, lumlshed. garage, washer-dryer outlets, no pets, deposit, married couple. US. 44S4538, 41?-6153- rsioB three bedroom trailer, partly for- nlsbed, Mils paid. Country luring. »l(fl nor month. Also l.o beSroom duplex. SSJ NOW retitlnr for sun and two bedroom ap merit Co., 521-41M FURNISHED apartment H3I per moath ' rtnuiets. Kerr ID- «2-2iS7. 5Z1-1346. per month, with lease, flione 4l?-7IMn. Tft r o three .and four bedroom boils« fnf rent furnished, completely carpeteil. nicely decoraled. designed Tor studenlj and faculty members. 443-2H1. ^ SURMSHED, 3 bedroom, washer ami diyer, carport 9SSS4 California. Phona 37--Mobilo Hemai I Spaces For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENTS Two bedrooms, central heat and air-conditioning, disposal, off street parking no pets. Available immediately for summer acid fall. SlOo, plus *50 deposit. With fireplace, ¥135 summer, J150 fall. Call 52I-S13 or 521-1539 Our Cars Are Almost Always Local Cars. We Do Not Buy Cars Out of State. To the Buyer This Means the Advantage of Being Able to Talk to the Original Owner in Most Cases. See Our Selection Today. 1974 OLDSMOBllE Omega 2-Door Coupe, Soft-Ray 1in»ed gloss, body side molding, 3-speed standard transmission in floor, heavy duty radialor, front floor mats, two-tone int, whitewall tires, and radio. This is a brand new car. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Sea HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today FURXISHED, quiet apartment, utilities palfl sincfe mature p«rscxi. [70 month. Phone -112-fillO. THKEE bedroom, unfurnished apartment Iliway 62 West. Phone W3-96K or 36T- 3XH. unlumishei, 1 bedroom, blocks to University. TIRED OF BIG COMPLEXES? Now Leasing Ne wApartment* At 33 Sycamore Six 1-Bedroom Apartment* Eight 2-Bedroom Townhouses · Luxuriously Furnished Sc draped · Beautiful harvest gold appliances including dishwasher. · Water and gas paid · Individual fenced-in patios Call Vic. after 3 p.m. 521-15S4 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 pan Buy it at Whirfield's for only $3015 1974 GMC Vt Ton Pickup. Folding bock seat, full foom »eat, body moulding, 4-speed transmission, gauges, heavy duty rear springs, 7.50x16-6 ply tires, tinted glass, below eyeiine mirrors, heavy duty radiator, wideside pickup box, 292 C.I. V6 engine, two tone paint.- Buy it ot Whitfield's for only $3440 1973 OLDSMOBUE Delta 88 Royals 4-Door Hardtop. Factory air conditioning, power steering, po\yer front disc brakes, 350 C.I. V8 engine, tulrbohydramatic transmission, AM/FM radio, vinyl interior and whitewall tires. Another local one owner with 18,000 miles. WHITFIELD'S PRICE * 3250 1972 OLDSMOB1LE 98 luxury Sedan. Factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, power windows, 6-way power seat. 'n telescoping steering wheel AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl top and whitewall tires. J3295 local one owner car 1972 FORD PINTO Slalion Wagon. Here is a really sharp little economy wagon. Bucket seats, 4-speed transmission, radio, luggage rack and whitewall tires, local one owner with 25,000 actual miles. Priced at only $2295 1972 OLDSMOBllE Toroncdo Custom Coupe, Factory pir conditioning, po\yer steering, power front disc brakes, tilt 'n telescoping sleering wheel, AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl top and whilewall tires, very clean car $3295 1970 PONTIAC leMans 2-Doof Hardtop. Factory air conditioning, power sleering and brakes, turbohydramatic transmission, floor console, bucket seats, radio and while- wall tires. White paint with black vinyl top and black vinyl interior. A very nice local car wilh 30,000 actual miles. Drive it home for only $18°5 1970 GMC "Jimmy" Ulility Vehicle. Here is that very hard to find, used, 4-speed drive unit, 350 V8 engine, turbohydramatic transmission, factory air conditioning, power sleering and brakes, radio, sew tires and 4-wheel drive. See this o ne today for only $2495 1969 CHEVROLET lmpo|a, 4-Door Sedan, factory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydramalic transmission, radio and v/hilewall tires. A very clean car $1295 1969 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Town Sedan. Foclory oir conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydramatic transmission, radio, and whitewall tires. Lots of good transportation for only $1295 1965 VOLKSWAGEN "BUG". Looking for some really economical transportation? Well here's th« answer. 4*speed with radio. Engine recently rebuilt. Hurry, it won't last long ot only $695 1973 GMC Vi Ton Pickup. Factory air conditioning, power fleering, power front disc brakes, turbohydramatic Irani- mission, 350 V8 engine, radio and long wide bed. A very nice truck for only $3695 WHITF I ELD MOTOR CO. OlOSMOBILE-OMC NORTH EAST AVE. - 521-7282 WHO SHOULD I CALL???? It you h a v e PROPERTY to SELL -- LET US WORK FOR YOU! We have h a r d working salesmen and we NEED and WANT your listings. CALL US TODAY. NORTH OF UofA . U--459. And on a DEEP LOT wilh SHADE TREES. This neat 3 bedroom f r a m e home has living room, den Ac kitchen wilh built-in range, dish- w a s h e r i disposal. REASONABLY PRICED AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. SIX INCOME UNITS H--127. Each 2 bedroom. 1 bath u n i t is COMPLETELY FURNISHED AND IN GOOD CONDITION- AH units have central air. disposal and huil!-in-range. GOOI OCCUPANCY AND GOOD LOCATION. Listed by Mrs. Hammers. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY U--1« EXCELLENT RENTAL -- CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY. 2 bedrooms, kilchcn, living room, bath and saragc. PRICED at ONLY 511.500. ATTENTION!! INVESTORS or DEVELOPERS M--141. 3 Acres on SOUTH SIDE of EAST TOWNSHIP ROAD adjacent to NICE RESIDENTIAL subdivision. GOOD VIEW ALL UTILITES. Zoned for single family dwellings. Llslcd by Hal Modlin. LIVE A COUNTRY LIFE H--163 YET only 15 MINUTES from TOWN. This 3 bedroom home on ONE ACRE with BEAUTIFUL VIEW also has 1',-z baths, central heat air, nice kitchen, carpets and 2 car garage, A GOOD BUY listed by Mr*. Hammen. $15,000 DOLLAR BARGAIN M-455. 3 bedrooms, 1 hath, range, w-d connections, carport, LARGE FKA LOAN and on a Qui«t street in SPRINGDALE. Listed hy Hal G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer ;$125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished ' Also Renting for Fall; All Utilities Paid, , Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Putman - 442-6638 SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoanuy. Also for J u n e Sept. Completely carpeted. AU utilities paid except Electricity. Arkla gas heating and air condi- ioning. _ 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouaej Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator IM-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office M3-2141 -- Apt. 100 All bills p*Id tv«p4 mlcT. HI WhJtham, 442-4363. FURN1SHKD one bedreom. carpet, air- CPndlUonpd, private narkini, sintrle re- male. *G, no peuu 442-4538 or 442-CT5 35-- Duplexes For Rent NEAR rampus 2 bedroom, attic fan, Available June 1 and one available In July. Furnished J90 month. Phone 4432601 utter 5:00 p.m. THKE B 2 bed room duplexes , walkln pr distance Lo University. $ll(M:t25 per month. Phone 44-3-2050 or 443-H1. FURMSl-rSD two bedroom mobile horn?, carpeted air-cond i lion ed, near UA f i l l per month, gas paid. Phone 26M563, alter n. THREE bedroom furnished mobile home. owlet! off Hlwaj" 71 South on Cherry strccl, evcellent location to factories, JM per monilh. Phone 53.-14M until S, 521- 6S1 evenings. ·nVO bedroom, a i r conditioned, ftrmlshc^ and carpeted, T95 per monlh, gas pair!. Phone 3214444 until 5, 521^861 evenings. COUNTRY I«ANE -- Ol larm In th* city -- we love It -- we think you will -spaces nnd a rental. 521-4S66. TWO bedroom unlLiniifihed, central heat and air. washer and dryer connection s, carport. JL25 per month, Phone 443-3149. DUPIJ3X lor rent. (» a month. All utilities paid except electricitv, £S deposit. Phone .-XU3. THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES The ultimate »n 2 bedroom furnished and unfurnished. iVt batha fenced patios washer-dryer connections, all electric Kitchen, 1591 Levere tt Street. Ph one 443-201^ New town houses. 1828 N. Gregg- Phone 521-4975. TWO BEDROOM furnished, 239 Soutti College. WO. Phon DUPUIX apartment, furnished, two bed- n, Rlr-rond I tinned, (TS plus clectric- ]\v. 1107 N. Leverett. 412-741» or 521-6828. bedroom brick. SUM) KO deposit and hills. 2£tt Holly. Phon* 443-7081 and after 6:00, liGT-jm ONE bedroom hripk duplex. Close In. Stove anrt refrigerator, i-arpet $85 1224 Duncan. Phone 442-4629 or 412-2138. monthLv. HO cleaning tfenosH, no pel*. Phone. 2S7-3519. TWO bedroom, furnlsiied land air-conditioned, and three bedroom, two bath, lished on spacious lot; ALSO eHiciene* cabin. 412-2021. TWO bedroom, two baths, alr-condltloned 1 , wa*er/dryer, J110 per month, Incladei lol rervt A BBS. J^-7152, Jim Reed. C1/SE to plants, two bedroorn atifl sludy, carpeted. No pels. (SO. Jtas paid, marrieH couple or adult, 442-3M5. TWO brrfroom, furnished trailer, air- I'onflilloncd, all uLiLLtles paid. R25 poc month, located In Villa Mobile Hom« Parfc. Call SctiulU A Taylor. 521-2T1T. SUITABLE for couple, Air (Wirlltlonpfl trailer. $BO plus electrlclly. Phone K7- TVfO bedroom, Eumtshed, shag carpel ing. air-conditioned, nice yard, JU5 per .nlh. Phone 4K-9SM. TWQ bedrowfl _ furnUhed. alr-condilloned, T\VO bedroom Mmishetl. $35 plus utll- Shenantloah Villa, J110. K»« («W. Phon* ilies 1232 S. Uunn. Phone 443-37S) or 1441-4137. 267-3SM. AlR-OOMnrnONF,D furnl*erf trarpeled, $% plus utilltjps. Phone 443-2029. \\X bedroom duplex, near UniversHj\ lyifiirnisiied, $100 per month pliu ulllities and deposit. Phone 443-4914 alter 3 p.m. FURNISHED very nice and convenient Neilleship Apts-. 1»W Kettleship, FtoOM 53-3372 after 5 'call 442-9048. REALLY NICE, cine or 2 bedroom apartment on KRywood Lane. Phone 521-4739, UTLEY and Company, Inc. On the Square Sines 1742 OFFICE 442-8241 HOME REALTOR Mrs. Hammers .. 443-2083 HalModlin 521-4108 H. L Utley . .... 442-4044 Experienced, Responsible Soles Representatives NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT IEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large pooli. recreation room. Summer rates effective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL « HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of tti« Selene* ring Building. One and two TM furnished apartment, Englneei bedroom, available ,. ~ summer and fall. Summer rates. 521-3835. now. Also leasing for Furnished - bedroom apartment 1 !-- air condlfbried-carpet--Ki near University--H3-STC7 after 4 p.m. TWO bedroom fomirfied B parlments. J105 per month plus uBllttM. Cloea (o campus 700 N. Garland. Summer raf« June 1 tfiroush Au*ust 23. - DUPLEX, unrnrnlsbe fl, two bedrooms, artulls preferred, on Whlllock Street Phone 442-9554. LUXURY PLUS All conveniences and ehag carpet In two bedroom, unfurnished townhouaes, great \'iew, f230 per month, Call Lee Boss at Gallery of Homes. 521-7272. . stove, dishwasher, dbposa!. washer/dryer connections, fireplace, Roo4 S^iool area, fully shag carpeted throughout. cenLral air/beat. 1190 per month. Fhoni FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rate«... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorback Annex - 57S-3951 LUBRICATION SPECIAL! at HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS, INC. Now Thru MAY 31st On ALL Chrysler and Datsun Products Oil Filter Special -- Reg. $8.25 SPECIAL . . . $5.98 Lube Job with Oil Special 99* Pack Front Wheeel Bearing and Check Front Brake Linings. Reg. $12-98 SPECIAL . . . $6.98 Disc Brakes $3.00 Extra We hove an expert body shop to repair body damage quickly and efficiently. All Specials Effective Thru May 31st HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS 3372 N. College 442-4251 GET TAN On redwood sun deck at rear 01 two bedroom duplex, close to University. Paneled throughout, stove and refrigerator furnished, $165 per month. Call Lee Boss 521-7272. TWO bedroom duplex J12 a month. Oal MIMnrf Graue, 112-1210 or Sfaffec Rca; Estate, 521-11SO. BEDROOM, central h«t/a!r f carport shag ca rpel, wa slier/dryer conn«l Ion s disposals, furnished, very quiet Garden space coup!*s preferred, no dots. 4427269. TWO BEDROOM, furnished duplex apart lent, no utilities paid. Phone 52MM5. DUPLEX, unlumlshed, two bedrooms, a dulta preferred, on WhUtock Street. Phoni ' TWO bedjoom, furnished duplex apart menl no utilities paid. Phone 521-4M Also available, unfurnished duplexes. NEW, two bedroom unfumlsfied apart ienl all otilili«j paid. » per month Phillips Drive, 521-7106. GUARANTEED QUIET, Cduplcs and t tare *Lng1e* onl;. TWO bedroom furnlhsed, except store tnd refrtgera JUXL Call 521-1621 attci 5 9Jn. TWO bedrowa, BhaB carpet, «tove and refrigerator furnished. Centra] heat an alr-condLUoned, garbage disposal, wasb/ er/dr-er cDiuiecUonx. 442-WT8. 36--Hovset For Rent THREE bedroom house. Copperlo stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, d i sfx a!, central heat, window air-conditioner plenty closets, double car garage, fenc backyard. For permanent couple onl; S160 plus 950 deposit. W Bel Air 44: 3287 FALLING FOR FRILLS Many people go househunting in a remarkably casual 2 BB[ROOW, Ata, 1W batlis, centra h«*t marrktT rotiple prsferrer). No pel $125, 4M f*e:ton a. Phone 443-260 i Her 5:00 p.m. 2x60 furnished 2 bedrooms, «ixtrai » l r Ltioning, water ind gas paid, no els. Phone 2S7-3519. Karminfton. Villa MOBILE HOME PARK Central location * Dverazed lots · Paved Strcels » Swimming Pool · Playground · Recreation h'dz · Storage btdg · Underground ulilities · Ofl Street Parking. Cntranc« Acrcwa rrom Holiday Inn B R A N D new two bedroom. a#xl2, fully elert. nicely furnished, washer and r hook-up, alr-conditloned, gas fuin- shed Jt25, 150 cl«an-up deposit, 1900 iloek Korth CoLlese. 442-M1M. FURNISHED 1 bedroom, fllr-eonrtilloned, mobi! R home, must be quiet nnd reliahl?. no diildren, no peU, $110 mwlh. raWt md irii lilies paid, Also trailer SIMCPS, mall trailer weicomev $30. sevrrr pafd. NIBIOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK Alr-cond, moW la bamei ta Goad Uvinj ·! Good Prices W«*l Rnd SI -- 1W ml. N,W. of UofA. CmU 521-5323 or 521-5514. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONIY 3 mile* U nf A. -- 1 mile NW Ark. Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2452. LOT FOR mobile r»om«. Gas and VJtw fumis.heii, KO' a month. Phone 26M519. Mobile Home Owner* SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up Tor a limited time only. Call today. SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOMB VILLAGE. Highway IS By-Paw. 443-4757. Swimminf pool, rtoragt building*, patio, gas grill** and lights. Laundry. JUNE SPECIAL way -- and sometimes end up making costly One of the mistake* a househunter can make is to buy the frill instead of the house. All too often a family vill foil in love with an eye-cotching feolure and buy the rong house. This mistake happens frequently and in oil price ranges. . Families skip over careful consideration of the mo^or Factors because something minor has really grabbed thejn. The lure moy be a charming fireplace, o glamorous lighting fixture, a garage door opener, or even a dogwood in bloom. Yielding to superficial attraction* lik« th«»e can result in your family winding up with a thyoucjhly unsuitable house. Bear in mind that the*e some alluring features can usually be added »o another hou»e at o relatively small cost, considering the amount of the overall purchase. If there is anything we can do to help you in the field of real estate, plaese phone or drop in THE SULLIVAN AGENCY, 434 N. College FayetteviUe. Phone: 44242»4- We're here to help! FRONT-END ALIGNMENT PONTIAC-CADILLAC SALES SERVICE Phon* 4-

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