Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 29, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1974
Page 13
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Notice Ugal Notie ORDINANCE: NO. 2009 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING TOR THK CONSTRUCTION Or A NEW AIRPLANE H A N O E R FACILITY AT TWJ M U N I C I P A L AIRPORT (DRAKtl K3ELD) IN THK CITY OK. KAYKT- TEVILLE. ARKANSAS; PROVlDtNO KOR THE ISSUANCE OF RKVKXUK MATTERS 'RELATING THERETO; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS. lh« Kayettevllle Board of Dlrec tors deems fl desirable lo contrucl a new airplane hauler facility having approximate dimensions of seventy-five feet by one hundred twenty feel (78 x 120) at the Fayelleville Municipal Airport (Drake Field); and WHEREAS, Ihe estimated cost of said «i rplane tiartge r facility Is 150.000 a nd Ihe estimated expenses incidental to Hi financing thereof is 1500.00; and WHEREAS, Ihe Cily does nol have funds available sufficient lo ac«j mulish the . improvements bul can obtain Ihe nrccss'dry funds by Ihc Issuance or revenue bonds under Ihe provisions ol Date DIM Acl. No. 135 of 1929. N OW, THE REKORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF DUIKCTORS OF THE CITY OF KAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS; Section 1, That the conslrucllon ol · new airplane hanger facility having approximate dimensions ol seventy-Jive feet by one hundred twenty feet (7J x 120) at Ihe Fayelleville Municipal A1nxrL ( Drake Field) li he rebi authorized. ' Section 2. Under tba authority ol UK Con-iLiluUon and laws ol the Stale o Arkansas, Including particularly Act No 135 ol 1829, Alrporl Improve men Revenue Bonds [Ihe "bonds") are hcrcb; authorized And ordered issued In Lhi principal amounl ol Fitly Thousand Five Hundred Dol I ars (J50.50fl.00) tor the purpose ot financing I lie cost ol accom pushing Ihe construction of said ha rise facility, paying necessary expenws incidental thereto, paying the expenses ot issuing the bonds and providing for In- Icresl on ' the yie revenues Tho bonds have been sold In Pi rsl N rational Bn nk, Kayelte vl lie, Arkan and Alellroy Drink, FayeltevJlle. Ar- kniisits, for a price ot pa r fl nd accrue*! interest. TJie bonds shnlt be dated 1. jy?4. »nl shall bear Interest at the rale ot six and one-halt (C£ [tor cent) per annum. The bonds shall b« In denomination of $25,250 each nnd .ih»l be numbered consecutively from 1 It 2 inclusive. Principal and Interest pay mcnls in the amount ol 57,0"^ Q shnl be payable on July 1 ot each year commencing J u l y 1. 1975, until thi pri ncipal nnd I merest are lully paid except that l i n H l payment o( Hie entire Indebtedness if not sooner pnid bo due and payable (en ( 1 0 ) yean Uio date of the bonds. The bonds, shall be initially Issued C OtTirM ATT D*l* of R«rlKtiw«Ma Nun* at City Cleric (Fonn value received, the registered owner but listed below wllj, conveys, trans- siigns and delivers Ihls boftd to ibe a»i£nee ttst lis\*A below: RPXJ1STKRED OWNER Record «hall b* «K*cr*d to tw bood.) Principal Signature Balance Interest Appropriate Due Payment Date Paid Official Titli July J, 1975 July 1, i976 1, 1977 J u l v 1, 1978 Ju\v 1, 1979 1. I9SO July 1, 1981 1, 1382 July 1, 1'fSS July 1. J«H SCHEDULE "A" PIUNCIPAI* IHaTAIXMENTS ON WHICH PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE PRIOR TO MATURITY SIGNATURE Ol PIUKCI PAL DUB PRI NCIPAL DATE APPROPR IAT* UATB AMOUNT PAYMENT BALANCE PAII OFFICIAIj AN[ TTTLJ any of (he bonds are outstanding operate RS ii revenue producing undertaking the airport hunger facility authorized hereby, i it and collect rates and charges for he lease of said hanger facility, which (hall be sufficient to make the required on 5: The City covenants that tt will at all times and of delivery of the bonds (called "tot; ill b* deposited bate UM Bond Fund und. (b) Tb» b*Ja»c* of th* lotat »le proceed* hail b* d*pw!led by ih« City n · special account iMtlculcd "1974 Irport improvement Cwwtwction Kimd" 'Construction Kund") In · depository d*si«n*led by UM City that I* · member Lh* Federal Depo*lt Iiuuraoc* Cor- iralloe, TIM moneys In th* Construction urd In excess of the amounl Insured Ihe Federal Deposll Insurajice Cor- ·oralfon Khali b* continuously secured yy bonds or other direct or fully 0uaran- ecd obligation* of the United SUles f America, except that any moneys avested as herein authorized ne«d not be so secured. The moneys In th* Con tructlon Kund shall be disbursed solely n payment of the cost ol accomplish Ing ' h construction of the alrplan* hanjfer _ j l 1 l t y authorized hereby, paylnj necessary expenses incidental thereto and paying Ihe expenses of issalnc tha bonds. Nsbursemenls shall be on UM basis f checks or requisition* which ' ' contain at least the KUo*!nf ormation: tha person to whom paymen .s being made; tte amount of th javmervt: and the purpose by general ;las s ideation of the payment. Eadi check ir requisition must be signed by one tesignaled representative ot the Board t Directors. If requisitions are osec ihc depository shall issue its check upon Ffcnd payable lo UM J in th* requisition. Th« depository of Ihe Construction Fund aha be required lo keep accurate record as to all payments made on the bus 1 of requisitions, and th* City shall keep xurate records ot all payments --* i the basis of checks. When Ihe Improvements have bee completed and all required expenses nal from the Construction Fund in connectio ilh. the Improvements and the Issuano of the bonds. Ihis facl shall be cvfdci by a certificate signed by the designate- rcpreseDtalive of the City and by tl II obtlK«t1H» payable from the Con- rue Lion Kuod have been discharged. copy «t the certificate ahull be (lied Lth lh* dtposJtory "I the Corul ruction i"und mud upon receipt lhervof Ihc epoftitory of th* Construction Fund shall ake the necessary Ucps to transfer nny remaining balance In Ihe Constniclloi tcvcno* Bend Mayor and the Ci ty Manager, certificate shall slate, among whli olhe ,1 Noll Legal Notice* Airport tniprov Fund c rented by rdinance. eclkxi 19. No rights shall be (teemed arise under this ordinance u n t i l the oods authorized hervUy arc delivered 0 the purchasers therof. Section 20. Tbe provisions of Ihis Or- Jnance ar* hereby declared lo bo separable, and if any provision shall or any reason be held Illegal or invalid. such, holding shall nol affccl Ihe validity f the remainder ot the Ordinance. Section 11. The Cily covenants thai 1 wi LI not take any ac Lion o r suffer x- permit any action to be taken or condition to exist which causes or i . caiu* the interest payable on the bonds o b* subject to federal income luxation Vtthout limlling the generality ol the the City covenants that the 'of UM sale of the bonds wll be used directly or indirectly l i such manner as lo cause Ihe bonds be treated aa ' 'arbitrage bonds' within the meaning ot Section 105 (d the Internal Revenue Code ol I Kt as amended. Section 23: tt is hereby ascertain and declared by the Board ol Directors construction ot a new alrplan Field shoul s possible L order than more efficient air transpor tatlon service may be made availabJ to Ihe city and Us inhabitants al th rltest possible Lime, all of which f hereby declared to be necessary fo the safely and welfare of the citizen of the Cily. This cannot be accomplish without the issuance of Iho bar authorized by this Ordinance, nnd there fore an emergency , is liercby dec 1 to exist, nnd this Ordinance necessary for Ihe immcdinle prtsen han«er facility at Drake be completed as soon lh« publLc p«ace. health arvl lately ll Lake effect and bo In fore* from nd after Us pawai*. ,-ASSED: M.y », mi. Apfttmm . RiiMcH T. Purdy MAYOR TTKST: D"rf*n« Westbrook LTV CLERK Seal) limTTKTCATR TATK OF ARKANSAS ITY OK KAYBTTEVILLE I DARl.KNB WrefTBROOK, City Clerk rlthln and for the City of Kaycllevltle irkansai, do lioreby certify the nncxcd and forenolnjc is a Into and omn:t copy ot the Fayellevi Arkansas, ORDINANCE 2009, therein set irth and the same Is as it appears r Record In Ordinance and Reffilutlur Book, V o l u m e IV at Pa*e 105-119 thereof N WITNESS WtUillKOH, I hav c hereunto set my hand and affixed my ottl ' Seal this Kind day of May. 1971. Darlcne Wcslbrook CITY CLERK l) IlC 23 Northw** Arfcarwn TIMES, W«d., May 29, 1974 AYCTTWIL1.B, ARKAN*A» , W A R N IS (1 O R D E R IN THK CHANCKHY CO17RT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS NO. C n - 7 - l - t l l David Vaughn Plamlir ·Vs. JJeckv Jo Vaughn DetenrJan The Defendant, Becky Jo V a u g h n i warned to appear 1n this Court withi thirty days and answer llie complal SEWING CLASSES ENROLL TODAY FABRIC CITY bonds (c i Ihc r lyncwrllton or printed) registered as to principal and Inlcrcst, in the principal amount ol lii.S-W each. mMiiritis as set forth above. Section 3. The Innrls slinll be osecutert on behaK ot (lie City by (he Mnyor nnd Cily Clerk nnd shall have impressed thereon the t.c^l ol the fits'. The bonds, tajtellier witli inlorest Ihuroon, srinll ho puv;ib!c out Lhc 1HT4 A i q w r t Imp: mcnt Revenue JtoniJ I'liiwJ, ns lifircflftcr ·et forlh. nnd shn!I bo is valid claim of tlic holricrs tticroof only .TRninst such fuml and the revenues pledged to such funds, wliich revenue-A ure hereby ploitKcd and mnrlgnged for tlie *qual anil ratable payment of ltw bonds and ·hall be used tor nn other punxise than to |t;iy tho principnl ot and Interest on the bonds. Tho bonds und Interest thereon shnll not constitute an indebted' ness ot Ihc Cily wilhhi any constitutional or statutory limllnlinn. Section 4. The bonds stiidl 1» in sub- u l a n t i n l l y Iho followInK ' form, and Ihe Mayor anrt Cily Clerk fire pressiiy authorized nnd directed to make «l| recitals contained therein: (Form ot single reeislrreil Iwnd) (To be lypcivrittcn) UN1TKIJ STATKS 01' AMKIUCA STATK OK A R K A N S A S COUNTY OK WASHINGTON CITY OK I'Al'KTTKni.l.B «*, P K R CKNT AIRI'OKT I M P R O V E M E N T R E V K N U K BOND Nn. !l -KNOW AL1. M E N BY THESE PRESENTS Thnt lh» City ol Fayettevllle. Wnshinkitoii County, Arknusas (me "Citv") for viilucil received, hereby ·ckmiwled^es itsclt to owe anil promises gistered owner, Seclion 6. All moneys received from the lea^o of Ihe airplane hanger facility lutfiomed hereby shall be deposited ii such depository or depositories for Ihe Cilv as may be lawfully designated Ironi lime lo time by the Board of Directors, irovidcd lhal such depository or deposl lories shall hold membership In Ihn Federal Uepo.sll Insurance Corporation. All deposits shall be designated so (o Indicate the particular fund to which the revenues belong. Any deposit [n any t u nd in excess of amount Lnsu red by the Ferlcra L Deposit Insurance Corporal ion must be secured by bond' or other direct or r«Hy guaranteed fihljgallons of the United ·States of AmericH, unless Invested Trim intler : tho herein authorized. Section 7. 3971 Airport Improvement. Revenue B nnit t-'untl. A l t revenues derived from the lenwt of tha hanger lacillty authorized herehy shall be paid Into a special tund. wMch Is hereby created nnrt Designate d the "1971 Airpor Improvement Hcvenne Bond Fund"- Sucl revenues so dcrvsiled 1n the 1974 Alrpor Improve mcnl Re venue Bond Fund are hereby pledged nnd shall 1« applied hen?inaHcr set forth. This pledge favor nf tho bends is heron; rrevocnbly mndc according lo the term if this orrflnimce, and Ihe City am he otrtccr nnd employee? of Lhe Cit e.vec u1 c, perfnrni and carry he terms thereof in strick conformity ilh Ilic provisions of I h i s ordinance. Section B: The Cily hereby ««rees ,hat .nl I payments on the bonds anrt interest shnlE bo made only as provided In this ordinance. All bonds paid or purchased either al or before m a t u r i t y e cancelled when such payment or purchase is made and tiall not be Section 9. It Is hereby covenanted and rred hy the CKy with the hnlrters nf ITic bonds Hint the Cily w i l l fnltTiMly and punctually perform all duties w i t h rcforcnt'c io the a i r p l a n e nancer facility inlliomwl hereby rctiuircd by the Const! miun nnd laws of Ihc Slate of ArkansH: mil by Ihls Ordinance, Including thi ·tinning And L-olleuling of sufffcJeut lease ·atcs. a-s herein ^wcified nnd coven«H' IK). "Oie sonrc^at i ii K of the revenues lo the respective funds c rented he rebi and Ihe applying of the pledKed lo the reiicclive Iiinils created hereby. Section 10. The bond.i shall be subject i prepayment prior lo maturi ty In a manner in accordance with Ihe terms in the Bond Form in Section registered assigns, soti'ly Hwcial fund piwiricd as l lorlh. Ihe principal Mini of TWENTV-FIVK THOUSAND TWO K U N D H K D FIFTY DOLT.ARS wilh interest on I h e unnuM naliincc of tba aK B r*«ate principal sum at the rnlo ot six and onc-IwH twr a-nt (fili) per cent) per annum Irom the commencement date hereof. Tho ti cipal .inrt interest -iliiill lw iinynt1c ·uch coin or currency it ttie Unilcd Stales of Amcrlcn us nt 1hu lime pavment shnl! be tiT^l tenilor lor payment of debts tiiifi Hie United Kl of Am«rkn nnd shMl be \myahle Ihe fnHowinc installments, nn or before the (otltvwfn s dales: princi ifll and tCTPsl In the amounl ot J3512JO. on July 1. ]07[i, and each July 1 IhercaMcr until 1he principal nnd intcresl .ire fully paid. ·xcppl that the linn! payment of Hie enliro Indebtedness, it not ·hail be duo and payable ten dd) years Irom the dale of this bond. PHvmenls of Ihu principal nnd Interest I n s l n l l m e n l s due her«oii shall be mndc escnpl tor tin;d payment, wllhou nrp.scntalion anil surrcaiJer ot this boitrl, diriTctly to Ihe registered owner at h! aildicss snosm on Iho bond registratio ·biMik if Ihc Cily, and such payment *lml[ fully discharge the obllgntinn o Ihe City lo tha extent ot tha pnyment: ol Notion i PI i [mill I Vlliitu my ourl ihli 3* tta itovt enlltlrf h«nd in) M«t x thl« a*/ o May, 17T1 Alma Kolkmyer Chancery Clerk By X«» Cbinxll D.C. 0 », 3, II. 1 On State Visit ALGIERS (AP) - Soviet De- ense Minister Andrei Grechco as arrived here Tor a slate vis- , his second to Algeria in four :ars. Grechco arrived Monday, and tficials said his visit will in- lude tours of industrial plants nd a conference "·'" "res! ent Houari Boumedienn*. Pickens' Surgery NEWPORT, Ark. (AP) -F r e d Pickens of Newport, :rtairman of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, was reported in good condition at a Houston, Tex., hospital Tuesday after undergoing open heart surgery Friday. Wayne Boyce. Pickens. law partner, said doctors performed a triple bypass on Pickens. He said the . operation involved grafting vein tissues to three arteries to bypass heart blockages. Boycc said Pickens walked in the hospital. had cJLaauliK SL Evelyn Hills Fayetteville op WE'VE MOVED TO EVELYN HILIS For Those Good Values . . . Come See Us L i ·o ade. This bond is issued for tho purpose I ol fiimncliw t!ic -o*l (i the City of con- ·t rue line an airplane hnn^er f a c i l i t y al the Favcttevllle Mitnic Ipal A i rrwri E)rakc Field), anrl costs nl aulhorlzlnp anil issuing the bonds, and is issued pnrsnnnt lo nnd in f u l l compliance with Iho Constitution and laws »t Hi* State nf Arknnsns, including parlicnlnrly Act Nn. li.l ot 1W9, and pursuant (o Ordinance No. 2009 of the Cily, cinly adoplerl and approved on 1he 21st day of May, 1971 (the "Authorizinjt Ordinance")- Prepaymrnls ol principal installments, or «ny portion Hiereof, may be made at any l i m e . Such prepayments! nol a f f e c t 1hc obligation of l"C to pay Ihe remaining installment*. This bond rtrwa nol constlluto an debtedness nf ihn C i l y wilhin any t-n Uitional n r slalutory limitnlion provision, nnd tha lasinn power nt Cily is not pleased to the p a y m c n the principal of or interest on llti The bond is n special obligation : by a pledpe of and payable -vilely from rvvenu PS derived from Lhe 4 hereof. Section H. The C i t y will keep nr.carnc lo be kept proper books nt accounts and records (separate from all other tcrcounts nnd records) 1n which complete i nri correct entries shall be made of ill (rvinsnctlons relntfnK tct the airplane hunger tat! i lily iiulhorizcd hereby and Uie operation therrol, and such books sh;\!l be available for Inspection by the holder of any ot Ihc bonds nt reasonable es and under reasonable cl, stances, c'clion 12. Upon lh» occurrenca of event of default, any bondholder mny by liliiiK written notice with the CIU Clerk declare the entire principal be accelerated -and du* and payable and may exercise and pursue any remedy or remedies available at In* : in eqiilly, including without limitation i n m l a m u s nnri receivership. Section 13. (n) Moneys held lor the credit of any fund ttiay, al the optioi ol Iho City, be inveslect and rcinveslec pursuant to the direction of the Ci(j in direcl oblications of or obligation: ol, or obligations the principal of and interest on M'hich nro uncondilionally piinranteed by Ihe United Staler ol America which shnll maliire, or which shall be" .subject lo redemption by Ihc holcfer thereof, nl the option of such holder, nol inter t h n n the ifntc or AMvs when the moneys held tor tho credit ot Ihe particular fund will be required for the pur[»of-i?s intended as specified by the C i t y , (h) Ohligallons so purchawd i t m c n l of [nrmeya in any such fund hall he deemed at nil times to be n art of such fund nnd (he interest ar-- ihrrpon .ind any profit realized rorn such inves(mcn1.s shall ha t'rertitori o such fund. Section M. Mayor, i bond* nf the Virplane'hanRcr facility lo ln ronslniclK anrt financed hy tlic sal« of this bond sufficient amount ot hanger revenues has I* airport lacilil} and pledged as a special fund for lha purpose, i d e n t i f i e d as the "1SH Airpor Impmvemenl Kcvemte Bond Fund. rn;aled by Ihe Authorizing Ordinance The Cily hiis covcnnnied nnd as In mainlain lease rales for utc oT .inwrt hiinccr f n c i l i i y which shall he mes at least to provide incipal and In oulslandii In City the event Clerk. the office Board ot xufrinlenl (or the payment; lercsl installment bnndr; to «h!ch snld h n n s c r lacilily revcniiea nro pledged as They become rim. This bond mr.y he usslniwil, and upon a^sfenmenl Ihe assignor shall prompllj 1 n o t i f y the City Clerk by registered m»ll. »nd the assipwe shull surrender lhl» S d r.VSlfo?«p C o l S " T lran - "-" xhnll lake Ihis bond - - nayments and prepayment* o f ' p r i n c i p a l knd interest (as rcllectetl by Iho Payment ll«ord maintained by lac city Clerk), prior lo siich surrender for traia- /T IS IIERBBY CERTIFIED, KFCITED AND DECLARER thai nil acla conditions ami thinns ren.uired hy th« ConsUtullon and statutes of Ihe Stale DirL-ctor.s shall be abolished or i , or niuro ot such offices shall be mcrccd msoliUnlcd or in the event Ihe dulfcs particular ol/icc shall bo transferred ncHher nTfice or o f f i i ' '" L-awn of death, rcsiunalion, removal rom olTice or otherwise, or In the event itch officers s h n l l become Incapable of performing the duties of h!x office rea son 0 T s ickness, absence from (My or otherwise, all power* conferred and all nWiRalions and duties mpowd upon such office or officer shall « performed by Ihe n f l i c e or o f f i c e r succMding lo Ihe prlnclnal functions thereof, or by lhe oflice or olffcer upoi whom such powers, obligation* and alics s f i n l l he imposed by law. .Section IS. The provisions of this Oi dinance sliall const i Lute fl bind ins fin between the Oily and the holders of the ouLsmnrfin£ bond!;, nnd the City Him:* s t r i c t l y adhere (o the provisions hereof nnd lully discharge nil of Us obligations hereuncicr. Subject - . - rnnlaincd in Ihis sec wise Ihc of Arkansas tr cslsl, Isappori nnd be Derformed prcceifcnl to and in the Knee of this bond, do exist, have happened and have been performed In regular aiwt due time, form and manner M required hy law: that ihc bond does not exceed any constitutional or statutory limitation of indebtedness, and that provision has been made Tor Ihe payment of th* principal of And inures! on IIUs bonrf. as provided in tha AulhorUin* Ordinance. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, tne Ctly o' Fayellcvllle, Ar*«M, has caused ftif bond lo be ei«ut*d In lla name by ru Maj-or ami City Ctertt, Ihereunlo duly authorized with lh* manual siRnalurcs rf i£! Mayor «"« City Clertf and .« corporate seal to he ftffiMd, all « « the first fia)' of July, 1K4, The fntcresl commenccmenl Mle o "cfr?OF'FAYETTEVJr^.E. ARKANSAS B V:TWO COLUMN ffEK OOPY MAYOR ATTTEST: CITV CLERK Ihe terms anrf provlsi: nrt not other- holders of nol Icfs Ihan ·nly-fivc per cent in KKf.rff.nie principal amount of Ihc bonds then oultandinc shall have Ihe risht, fnun time (o limf!, anything ctmlaincil In Ihis Ordinance In ' contrary notwithstanding, (o consent and a pprove the akpt Ion by 1 ha City of such, ordinance supplemental hereto as shall be necessary or rie.siruble fir Hie purpose ol modifying, altering, amendins. flddinn to or rescinding, in any na rlicul n r. a ny of Ihe term s or provisions contained' In this ordinance «r in any supplemental ordinance; provided.' however, that nothing herein contained shall permll or be conslnwd pcrniitlinfi (B an extension nl rhe m n t u r i t y of any Installment nt principal nd interest payments on nny bonrt I: heminder, *r (b) a reduction In the rincipal amoimt o[ any bond or the 1 ate of Inleresl thereon, or (c) Ihc ftratioo of a Men upon or · pfedffc ·nxies other tt\*.n ai expressly uthorized by the appmprl»le provisions this Ordinance aa now artopled, or d the crention of a privilege of priority of aoy bond or hoods anr *tiy other (onrl or bonds or (e « reduction in he ag^rresate 'principal amounl of lh« bonds required for consent lo such jpptementfil ordinance. Seciton 16. The M a j o r [9 hereby directed lf publish I h i s Ordinance for ine liwertlon In a newspaper published in the City and ot petwml dmtotlon Section 17. As u«d In Ibis Ordinance. ihc lerms "holiler" arrt ihall Include the rea-lstered O*MT of iny bond aulhorlied hereunder, Section 1ft. When lh* bonds have been -.iroiled and the teal of UM Citf im ireswd as herein provided, ihey shall « delivered w llw purcbasert thereof ipon payment fn cash of the porch*** prie* of |-W.50*M plua accnwd InwrrM from UM dat« of UM bond* to tb* tfau JCPenney Sale 178 Reg. 219,95, 6 program cycle washer provkles the best washing conditions for most popular fabrics. Features soak setting, 3 fifl level .selections, fabric softener dispenser, ki choice of color at no extra cost Sale s 138 Reg. 159.95. Matching electric dryer features automatic time control to prevent over-drying. Has 6 program drying selections and Renew-A-Press selling. 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