Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 28, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 28, 1974
Page 13
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NOW Calls For Impeachment Of President HOUSTON (AP) - The newly-elected president of the National Organization for Women says men have nothing to Tear «nd everything to gain from the women's rights movement. "Men don't have to be success objects anymore," Karen De Crow said Monday In her acceptance speech as the head of the feminist group which claims some 40,000 members. Delegates to the seventh conference ended a three · d»y meeting by approving several resolutions, including one calling for the impeachment of President Nixon. The resolution said there is "substantial public evidence to Emmys To Be Presented In It 'Supercalegories' Tonight , By JAY SHARBUTT ., NEW -YORK (AP) -- Tele- t . vision's 26th annual Emmy .; awards show gets under way from Hollywood tonight on NBC-TV. What makes this year's bash different is that it'll arrive with a mild case of pali- lalia. Palilalia is a speech defect in which the last word or words of · phrase are repeated several times. In the Emmy case, the the winner is some shows that the academy finally decided to attempt mollifying the outraged. It's trying this with a "playoff" in which academy judges review the shows and performances they've already winne- rized and from these declare-as you'll see tonight--the elite in 18 supereategories. NO HAIR-SPLITTING In this approach, there's no c a t e g o r y hair-splitting, no awards for, say, "best producer's relative in a wretched series." Nope. The academy for the ''-' "-: ~ -* ! ng awards for .nd actress of i' nounced the season's Emmy any series, best actor and ac~, winners in various categories of tress of any special, most "out- words are , ; Signs of the ailment were de - tected earlier this month when 'resident Nixon's participation n high crimes .and misdemeanors." It also said there is "substantial evidence that he has obstructed the administration of ·ustice and has repeatedly reused to comply with the requests of the House Judiciary Committee." The resolution, which NOW spokesmen said was approved by a unanimous show of hands and was met by applause, said the President "h a s unconstitutionally impounded funds appropriated by Congress for programs in education, child care, health and research' which are vital to the needs of women and children." RAPE LAWS Another resolution adopted called for a revision of present rape laws. The resolution said the current legal procedures "often contribute to the victim's humiliation, stress and pow- Cox Says Nixon Refusal Of Tapes 'Impeachable' ConfKlenlOIVerdid f Reinecke Continues Gubernatorial Race Northwetf Arfutmo* TIMES, TIM*., May M, 1W4 · tl says there's only a very remote jossibility -- one chance In 10,- XW -- Uut he will be found juilty at perjury and be unable .o take office if elected governor in November. "It there is any fairness and erlessness." It would community "· the National Academy of Tele-(first time is giving /·vision Arts and Sciences an-1 the best actor and f, day and night TV effort. landing" comedy or dramatic , It- did so because assorted series and so on. ' ttiespians and production folk were griping so mightily about Example: It's already de clared Alan Alda of "M-A-S-H" involve NOW in and legislative the category classification of an Emmy winner as "best lead actor in a comedy series" and Telly "Kojak" Savalas as "best lead actor in a drama series." Both arc competing tonight or the "Actor of ine Year, Series 1 ' award, one of the su- percategories, according to the academy. An NBC spokesman says the already-announced winners will get their Emmys tonight and. if ---- ~ . . , . . -_ they win again in t h e finals · a cigarette machine at Razor- competition, the news will be back Bowling Lanes. 632 W. made pu bij c for the first time Dickson St.. according to the on the air Money Stolen At Bowling Lines i'i r " An undetermined amount of "' change was stolen Monday from planning "to revise the rules of evidence which place the victim in the position of being on trial, instead of the accused." Miss De Crow, an author and speaker, who was elected on the third ballot late Sunday night, said "women are entering the mainstream. My philosophy is to do it more rapidly." "Gender should make absolutely no difference in life," she said. "The movement has gone beyond women's rights to human liberation." She said the women's equal rights amendment is a means to an end. Its main effect, she said, would be to make "thousands of anti-women laws unconstitutional", saving women the necessity of testing them individually in court. On the issue of participation in NOW by anti-abortionists, CHARLOTTESVTLLE, Va. (AP) -- Former Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox says President Nixon's refusal to surrender White House tapes could lead to impeachment. Cox told newsmen Monday that if the Supreme Court should order surrender of the material and should Nixon continue to refuse to give the materials up, it "would, in my judgment, be the most serious of impeachable offenses." Speaking at the University of Virginia Law School commencement. Cox said if Nixon should refuse a Supreme Court order he would "defy the essen- ial constitutional guarantee hat the executive be under the law," and "would assert an arbitrary, executive power to block full and impartial inquiry into executive, wrongdoing." Cox, ordered fired by Nixon last October, said there are three potential grounds for impeaching Nixon, including a continued claim of executive privilege in the face of any Supreme Court ruling' U n d e r , normal circum- stances.he said, the right of ex ecutive privilege ought to be respected, but that it must give way when there- is "a prima facie showing that it cloaks evidence of a crime." Cox said that in this case "there is a showing that criminality corrupted the same high levels ol the executive branch." . He said another ground would be withholding from the House Judiciary Committee evidence the committee believes essential to its . Watergate inquiry, and a third could be Nixon's failure 'to restrain and direct the activities of both the Committee to Re-elect the President LOS ANGELES (AP) - Cali- 'ornia Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke manager, Larry Fenner. Fenner told police he hac closed the business at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon and thai when he re-opened it at 7:35 p . m . , he discovered the machine had been pried open. Police said it could not be determined exactly how enlrj to the building had been gained but it was believed that a screwdriver was used to pry open the machine. Fenner told police the machine had been burglarized three times in recent months. Enters Plea Rickic Wade Cagle, 2! Springdale, pleaded innocent in Court Friday to a charge o uttering a forged instrument. Cagle's trial was set for June 11. He is free on $2,500 bond. SAME SYSTEM The same system, on a limit- Id basis, was to be used earlier today in the academy's first separate Emmy awards show, aired by NBC from New York, for outstanding daytime television achievements. That show was made separate. NBC's man said, "because for a lot of years the daytime TV people and a lot of viewers felt their awadds were more or less ignored in the nighttime (Emmy) telecasts. "And they've been waiting for a long time to have their cwn awards show. It kind of makes sense because they have their own following and it's rather a world of its own." Don't think tonight's show concludes the Emmy season. The'academy is nolding its second annual awards show for TV news Sept. 4 on ABC. she said she 'did not believe there should be a purity test for joining an organization. "But I don't think you can be a feminist and be against a woman's right to abortion," she said. The new president said she would oppose payment for the NOW president during her term of office. She said she has been able to derive an income from book royalties and speaking engagements. and his White House aides. Town Prepares For National Fink Day FINK, Tex. (AP) -- "Oscar's getting pretty deaf," said Mrs. Oscar L. Fink. "But that won't keep him away from Fink on National Fink Day. He's been busy making Fink fiddles, Fink and Fink walking WOMAN'S WORID 538 Breezy or balmy -- thi jacket is ideal for all days. Openwork pineapples add see thru charm to a jacket tna teams with brief or no-sleev fashions. Crochet of 3 pi fingering yarn. Pattern 538 sizes 12-18; 38-44 included. 75 CENTS each pattern -add 25 cents each pattern to handling. Send to Laur Wheeler Northwest Arkansa TIMES. 450, Needlecraft Dept Box 161, Old Chelsea Static New York. N. Y. 10011. Pnn Pattern Number, Name, N S EW! 1P i974 Needlecraft Cata log covers the creative seen - knit, crochet, fashion, embroidery, quits, more! .. NEW! Sew plus. Knit Boot hi basic tissue pattern }· NEW! Needlepoint Book ..» .' NEW! Flower Crochet ··-»}·' Hairpin Crochet Book .... J ·' Instant Crochet Book * .00 Instant Money Book .. --*|. Instant Macrame Book ..._$!.' Complete Gift Book »].' Complete Afghans no. 14 .-$1. 12 Prize Afghans no. 12 50 cen Book of 16 Quilts no. 1 50 cent Museum Quilt Book no Z .. cents 15 QuBt for Today No. J A Convenient Sewing and topping Guide far Today's Gal on the Go. wagons canes." National Fink Day comes on Thursday, June 20, during Na- ti*ial Fink Week, of . course. And Oscar Fink, this town's 87- year-old poet laureate, is getting his annual Fink poem ready, despite reports he's been ailing recently. Patricia Albright, mayor of the tiny town near Lake Texoma, says this year's Fink Week celebration will feature a War Games Made More Realistic NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) - In an attempt to make war games more realistic, the U.S. Naval War College is replacing its traditional tabletop method of fighting battles with computers and movie projectors. And sometimes even politicians. War games are regarded as the cheapest possible way to d i s c o v e r and demonstrate faulty combat decisions, and the new methods being tried here make the center a trailblazer in that area, says Capt. Don Henderson, director of the college's war gaming- center. · Since politicians often are looking over the shoulders of military men. politics was injected into a recent exercise, Henderson said top-level State Department employes acted as umpires in the game and controlled the escalation of involvement, "to the complete frustration of the military commanders." "It was so realistic; the end result was it helped reach the objectives of gaming completely," he said. Ariukovk Still Fights Deportation LOS ANGELES (AP - In the tranquil Pacific beach town of Surfside, Andrija Artukovic lives in quiet seclusion. In Yugoslavia, he is charged as a World War II mass murderer. Artukovic, 75, has been fight- ng deportation to face war crimes charges for more than 20 years. He says the charges are untrue. He claims he would be a dead man if he were returned ;o Yugoslavia, where, as minis ter of interior of Croatia, he is alleged to have been respon sible for the deaths of as many as 200,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Only recently, Artukovic wot another round in his long figh to stay in the United States The U.S. Immigration Service decided to continue a stay o deportation. Presumably, hi will be able to live out his lifi here. Artukovic, who was a follow er of Hitler and Mussolini, ha been denounced by some as mass murderer and defends by others as the victim of a political and religious vendetta. Militant Jewish groups hav demanded his deportation. Artukovic became minister o the interior of Croatia after th state was established by Croa tian fascists shortly before Ge many invaded Yugoslavia i 1941. Croatia now is again part of Yugoslavia. He entered the United State under an assumed name 1947. In 1952. the Immigralio Service ordered him deporte for overstaying his leave as a alien. But in 1959, after a bitte legal battle, the deportation o der was suspended on groum that he might be persecuted f political reasons if he were r turned to Yugoslavia. Artukovic was Croatian, R man Catholic and anti-Comm nist. His cause attracted man Catholics. Croats and anti-Corn munists in the United States. Charles Posner, executive rector of the community rel tions committee of the Jewi! Federation Council, the pare body of 535 Jewish health an welfare groups, said: "We have no grief for Art kovic. But the man is 75, an maybe it's time to forget." slice left in this country I will cleared of all these arges," said Reinecke who is eeking the Republican guber- torial nomination in the June ;alifornia primary. Reinecke. appearing in an in- rview on KNBC television turday night, was asked if he uld assure Republican voters at he would be legally able to rve. 'Nobody can make a 100 per ent assurance of anything," he eplied "In the one chance in ,000 that I could not get a fair al, then I could not take of- ce. That is such a remote pos bllity that I think it is ridicu- us." Reinecke was indicted April 3 a Watergate grand jury on ree counts of perjury stemm- g from his testimony to a mate committee about his ile trying to attract the 1972 epublican National Convention Anderson Says Rebozo Paid For Improvements Bumpers Discusses Freshman Senators WASHINGTON (AP) -- Columnist Jack Anderson reported today that President Nixon's close friend C.G. "Bebe" Re- tmzo in 1969 paid for nearly tl2,000 in improvements at the President's home in Key Biscayne. Fla. In his column, Anderson wrote that an Aug. 8, 1969, check for $11,978.84, signed by Rebozo and drawn on his personal account went to pay for electrical, air conditioning and painting work on Nixon's bay- side home, adjacent to one Re bozo owned. Anderson quoted reliable sources as saying Rebozo also paid pool San Diego. He pleaded innocent, but iled in his quest for a trial efore the primary in which his lief opponent is state con- roller Houston.I. Flournoy. The trial now is scheduled to )en in Washington D.C. July Reinecke said he is remain- ng in the contest because he is "onvinced of his innocence and people are saying, 'Hang in lere, Ed. We like a fighter. .nd I am a fighter." The questioning by members f the Senate Judiciary Committee that led to Re'inecke's ndictment centered around ifhat he told then Atty. Gen. ohn Mitchell about the' $400.000 aledge by an ITT subsidiary, heraton Hotels, to underwrite he convention. for a swimming pool, a table and architectural services for the Nixon home. The columnist said he was unable to give exact figures for these other reported payments because he had not gained access to the canceled checks for them. Anderson said the White House declined to comment on the matter. He said Rebozo, contacted through an intermediary, said he did not have his financial records at hand and would have to check them. TEXARKANA. Ark. (AP) -Gov. Dale Bumpers, seeking the Arkansas Democratic senatorial nomination in today's primary, discounted Monday night the assumption that a freshman senator can have only limited effectiveness. In an apparent reference to the problems incumbents majr face in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Bumpers predicted there will be many freshman senators in Washington next year. Bumpers is opposing the bid of Sen. J. W. Fulbright for a nomination to a sixth term. The governor made the remarks on freshman senators at political rally here. Fulbright 1 s niece, Patty Fulbright Smith, spoke for the senator, who was at a rally elsewftere m the state. Referring to Fulbright's 30 Ellington Buried NEW YORK (AP) -- After a eulogy of word and music echoed by thousands of mourners, azz giant Duke Ellington has been buried in the city where he first rose to fame half a cen- :ury ago. "Duke. oved us madly," the Rev. Norman J. O'Connor said Monday we thank you. You 9 Killed As Bomb Explodes In Italy BRESCIA. Italy (AP) -- A bomb exploded at an anti-Fascist rally today, killing nine persons and wounding 50. offi- years in the Senate, Mrs. Smith said, "Bill Fulbright's record of achievements is better than Dale Bumpers' promises." Bumpers said that one reason for the national government's credibility problem is that the people see that some of the weathly are not paying their fair share of taxes. He also said the problem was due to inflation and "working people who see prices at the gasoline pumps go up and hear reports of big profits by the oil companies." He said Americans recognize the predicament they a r e in and want a change. cials said. President Giovanni Leone in eulogizing Ellington before 10,000 persons jammed into the h u g e Episcopal Cathedral ;hurch of St. John the Divine for the Duke's funeral. Another 2,000 stood outside. "We will love you madly today, tomorrow and forever," added Rev. O'Connor, Roman Catholic priest to the New York jazz community, in paraphrasing Ellington's own tradi tional signoff. ···'*""'*·· called the incident a massacre and said it was "clear evidence of an attempt by tiny and squallid terrorist minorities to throw the state and the nation into chaos." He urged the government of Premier Mariano Rumor to pursue those responsible "with the utmost energy." Police said they could not immediately determine whether an explosive device was thrown into the crowd or whether a time bomb had been planted in advance at the Piazza Delia Loggia. When the bomb exploded, workers participating in a four- :iour citywide strike were listening to union leaders urging the crowd to "be vigilant against the permanent Fascist threat to Italian democracy." A union official said there were indications the bomb had been placed in a sidewalk trash Killed In Wreck By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Five persons from Memphis, Tenn., were among 16 traffic deaths counted in Missouri over he Memorial Day weekend. A car carrying one Memphis amily smashed head-on into a ruck early Monday on U.S. 61 about seven miles south of Hayti in the Missouri Bootheel. Idling four and injuring five persons. The dead were identifed as Raymond E. Gibson. 28; his wife Verna, 28. and their children Parsha, 3. and Keeta, 8 months. Wade Advances BOURNEMOUTH, England -- Virginia Wade defeated Julie Heldman 6-1. 36, 6-1 and Hie Nastase beat Paulo Bertoluccl 6-1. 6-3, 6 2 to win the singles titles in the British Hard-Courts Tennis Championships. 4783-^1 SIZES 8-18 10/2-18% Fink Folk Festival with everything from an old-fashioned quilting bee to exhibits of buttons and barbed wire. Most of the. action during Fink Week, which starts June 17, will happen on National Fink Day. Anyone can attend, but the special guests are named Fink , Fincks. Finkes, Finques, Funks or Phinques. It's also the day when Fink holds "our usual free barbecue blast," says Mrs. Albright. "If the crowd gets much bigger than last year," says Willard Albright, the mayor's husband, "I may have to go steal a cow to feed all the folks." Mayor Albright says: "Fink really is growing. We have two stores and service stations, a doctor's office, city hall. Fink museum and we have a rodeo area under construction that Is due to open with its inaugural rodeo on National Fink Week." She said the population prob- I ably has almost doubled over a year ago and should be a baker's dozen now. The mayor says she doesn't like this mushrooming growth lhat has gripped Fink the past year. . "It brings too many prob |ems," she says. "We're starting to get the big city burglars in Fink. They broke into the Fink Museum and made off with WHlard's gun collection, then broke into my office and stole two rolls of half dollars, a pair of binoculars and Willard's powder horn." In dark room at the war gaming center, combat situations are plotted on a large movie screen using 48 projectors along ..with, hand drawings and paste-on cutouts. A computer tallies the damages and determines the weapons strengths, courses anc speeds of ships and aircraft in volved. The huge movie screen also is used for re-enactments of famous naval battles of history. Actual films are spliced into the presentation on a small side screen. Sound effects and flashing lights depict volleys and direct hits. The games include combat situations ranging from a single aircraft against a submarine to a major conflict between tions involving decisions fleet commands and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The center is developing a digital computer system to let many more batants take high-speed com part at once to add more . realism to the exercises, Henderson said. Clark Critical NEW YORK (AP) -- Former U.S. Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark returned from a one-week visit to Chile and criticized U.S. silence in the face of what he termed a "reign of terror" there. Clark said Monday that de : mocracy no longer exists in Chile. ZIP OR BUTTON UP and dash out looking crisp and fresh this no-waist-seam shape. Jhoose shirt collar or band -both are Pattering! Printed Pattern 4783: Misses' Sizes 8, 10. 12, 14. 16, 18. Half Yardages in peHHMHMHHHM Sizes 10, 12%, HVi. 16W, 18V4. Yardages in pattern. Send Jl.OO for each pattern. Add 25 cents for each pattern 'or first-class madspeHMial 'or first-class mail and special handling. Send to Anne Adams Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 43*, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York. N. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. DOUBLE BONUS! Choose one pattern free in New SPRING-SUMMER P a t t e r n Catalog. Get one .free pattern printed inside . 100 beautiful fashions, all sizes. Send 75 cents New! Sew plus Knit Book -has basic tissue pattern --fl.25 Instant Sewing Book $' ~~ Instant Fashion Book Sl.OO ·T 1* Jiffy Rug» .» cent* wo M jam gentlemen's whiskey in Kentucky since 1800. And everything we know has gone into Kentucky Beau. We took our time nuking it Take your time drinking it. 86 Proof. 6 Years Old .Kentucky Beau Straight Bourbon Whiskey DROP OUT? Very unlike)/. The successful newspaperboy n at opposite oolei from th* quitter by th* vary fact of having a newspaper route. Hi* experience shows him that the rewards for the goof-off are slim; that there's no room for th« quitter and thai the laurels of life go to the person able to meet challenges. He's found that initiative pays big dividend* and there is no mbstitute for learning to deal with people. Guided by men who are trained to work with boys he develops responsible attitudes, and for the first time, money becomes more than a hand-out. Nothing can replace the satisfaction of purchasing with money he'* earned on his own. You would be surprised to know how many of today's leaden built their ·uccess »torie» on a newspaperboy foundation. Growing With Northwest Arkansas"

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