Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 28, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1974
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

M»»---BcttoTQ ft orAfot/ I) / OD PIERCED MINE A LONS TIME A60! TM THINKIN6 OF HAVIN6 AW EAR* PIERCED.,. CO THINK I SHOULD ? HOD KNOW WHAT I'M THINMN6CF KXN6? H'OU M16HT AS blELL MICHEL CKOZ. A MOOMAJN OTDE WHO SUCCKS- fUUY aWBED WAS SO STFDNG THAT HE COULD LIFT AND SUPPORT WITH OUTSTRETCHED ARMS A VOH ABOUT S!XOt?6O TICKETS TO THE POLICEMEN'S BALL.? WW A BEUEF.' soRRyieoTSo OUT FOR NOTHING AREA/NOSiGN OFAPR3WLER THE CAVE MAN IA HUMAN FACE OUTLINED INSIDE A GWml- THE EtBURZ MOUNTAINS HWR.TEHERAM, IRAKi AM7MWU ROCK FOKMfiTION Nor*w«« Ariianm TIMES, TIM*., May M, 1«74 · BffltUIHtWWI'llBltttnSMII FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope SSL WORSHIPS) 6V CHflKACHAm RHODESIA, IS A WOODEN IMAGE IN AW OX'HORN'WHICH IS STUCK. INTO THEGKQUMD WHKT, -YOU NOT V IOOK, SUEBM'M WISH STEAL ODIN \KERE TO BUY THE PONT NOD UMDER-^ STAMP? I'VE j GIVEN WtfWOKP- ! MO DOUBLE CROSS I .NO QUESTIONS VOU STRAM66 BOY/ YOU PEAL HONEST WITH THIEVES. AFTER VOU BUY COUECTIOM, HOW YOU KNOW THEY WON'T STEAL IT BACK? GOD OPK16HT HiiiiDiimiMniimiimiiwiiraiiiiraiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiffliiiM COLLECTION THEHWESTCA BACK SULLY AMP SAME TO POUBLE 4ROS5 YOUR MONEY? AT ANYBODY. HCttSAHW WON5HMK- AN- KK6B1WS CUtE COWiCAi 51SIK £!**«X!»««rwK iURwe«uRcw,vwsA«; CAN-/OU 1 MAKEUP TAKE US / VOUR MIND, TO A y MAC.VOU GOOD · WAMT IT CHEAP ^ GOOD OR HOTEL? J CHEAP? (-AM THENIUEVER POACH- CAR!_TOM. r . r TASTE. AUNS MOKE TO DIANA KIGG!^ .' DIPtJT TbUR PAPKUTS 6V6R f£!-U TOO IT ISMT i TO PtAV IU M5UR FOOD ?.' " YOU TMAT MlM UP \\ALL THOSE NEV NFRA'RET? ELECTRONIC WE RE MODERNIZING RUMNIHG WATER WHAT1S ALLTHAT RACKET SOIMS ON BACK THERE L COLEMAN, M. D. Various Associations Pounding Of Heart What causes the tips of the fingers to become thickened and deformed? I have noticed this coming on in my husband's hands for a long time. Can this be arthritis? 54 --Mrs. H.Z.B., Mich. Dear Mrs. B.: Such deformities are Bome- :imes referred to as "clubbing" of the fingers. Observations have been made years that there might be ah association between clubbing of the fingers and chronic lung conditions. Swelling of the fingers and rounding of the ends has been noted in young people with congenital heart disease. Arthritis, too, may be respon sible for the condition you describe. A thorough medical workup will pinpoint the cause and indicate the nature of treatment. ALCOHOL FUMES Can alcohol fumes be dangerous to an infant while it is given sponge bath to reduce a high fever? Mrs. G.J.. Del Dear Mrs. J.: Such baths are usually given in a closed, confined room. The alcohol vapor may possibly pre sent an irritation, or even i hazard, to a very young infant Although the danger is no great, it certainly deserves consideration. I recall VIoss of that New Dr. Malcolm Jersey once and substituted simple water as an effective suggested that alcohol vapors might be toxic to a young in- ~5nt. tepid sponge bath to reduce fever. I had surgery for the remova of an ovarian cyst. Even though I had never bad symptoms of appendicitis, the appendix was removed too. Doesn't this additional sur gery invite possible trouble: Mrs. H.U., Ga Dear Mrs. U.: It is not unusual for surgeons to remove the appendix under such circumstances. During a routine removal gall bladder or as in y o U r case, a cyst, the appendix i: frequently removed. USELESS ORGAN This totally useless organ car be a troublemaker at som future time and its removal a this time is advantageous. I considered good preventiv medicine and is performed only in those cases where there i no evidence of infection in tlv abdomen. This additional surgery doe not impose a longer time fo recovery. I/ook in the section in which your birthday comes and f i n d what you routlook is. according to the stars. FOR WED.. MAY M ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A day in which to be up and doing. Don't wait for fate to deal you a good hand: you must make your own "breaks." TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Alternating influences, mostly on the bright side. Avoid gloom and pessimism. There should be no receding to yesterdays, look forward! GEMINI (May 22 to Jun 21) You'll have an opportunity to express your' ideas now, make the most of it. Later .. the week you conic! face opposition. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Even if you recently made some domestic adjustment news you receive now m a j cause you to think about stii further changes. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Some discussion of job plans ·idicated. You may want to ke the initiative, but c u r b ur strong drive for the mo enl. and, at least, listen to hers. IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Keep all senses alert. Some ie who has been somewha ystifying, given lo unusua loods, ma yactually be trying T tell you something. FBRA (Sept. 24 to Ocl. 23) You now have a good chanc o get a footling in a long-smigh rca, a project long desiret ut don't rush in unpreparec iscuss angles with exnerts. CORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Work lo reconcile conflictin iews and get your importan rejects under way. Stellar in uences presently stimulate perception .increase mental pro iietivity. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to De Accelerate the tempo of yoi Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Satisfied 4 Prefix for god or tone 5 Mexican card game 12 Japanese statesman 31 Roofing material 37 Conventional 39 Dove murmur 40 Ampersand 41 Elicits ·S3 Carry on IS Leaks $4 Walked slowly 55 Actor Ayres 20 Wing 13 Man's name 45 Mica of 14 Carnival muscovite 48 Stacked pack of cards 50 Kind of exam 51 African river 52 Decorate treat 15 Herpes' labialis 17 Furniture style IS Habituated U Machine part a Wrath 22 Salt of oleic add K Underground vault 29 Palm leaf (var.) » A fuel 11 Dregs It Ruminant's mouthful S Rudely concise M Alfonso's queen 35 In favor of DOWN 1 Field creatures 2 Jacket 3 A balsam 4 Abandon 5 Wear away 6 Russian 23 Large toad 24 Bakery product 25 Italian noble house 26 Word with bass or treble community 27 Western 7 Frigid 8 Shape or fashion 9 Free 10 Harem room 11 Muffin a cake Avg. solution time: 23 min. city 28 Time period 29 Pronoun 32 Deli ham, for one 33 Stratus or cirrus 35 Winnow 36 Repaired a lawn 38 A twin crystal 39 Musical instrument 42 Cover inner side of roof U -- homo 44'0blique course 45 A barge M Macaw 47 Loiter Answer to yesterday's puzzle.. 49 Poet's word 4 ctivities but avoid the unthiilt- IK haste that makes the pro- erbial waste. You may h»v« make some concessions but will pay in the long run. APRICORN (Dec. 22 to J»n. Favorable influences. Awareness, keeness as to w h a t ' t s Uing and what will please sip- nors can put you in a better position lo advance, increks* irestige. "·· AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 3»)' Finesse and, possibly, a mar* nginal treatment will brighten veryday routine and stimulits 'our mind in more taxing maters. A good day for accom- ilishment. ;; MSCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20)" Plow through mazes with onnd thinking and acting Don't by-pass the suggestions if others without giving: them careful consideration. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a brilliant intel- ect and a great love of learning. You tastes run toward the iterary and you have an unusual flair for the dramatic -a tremendous asset should you :hoose the stage, politics or the law as a career. If you write, your best work would evidence itself in essays, criticism novels and detective stories. But don't count out journalism and t r a v e l literature -naturals" for the restless, curious Geminian. You have great gift for oratory and, if starting out in politics or the legal field, this advantage could quickly propel you to a top spot in statesmanship or in the diplomatic fiels. Other areas suited lo your talents: exploration, archeology, music and sculpture. Birfhdate of: Patrick Henry, early Amer. statesman: G.K. Chesterton, Eng. journalist, author: U.S. Pres. John F. Kennedy; Bob Hope, comedian. iiiiiuiiMinniniiiiiiniMiiiiiniiiiiiiiiifiniiiinaniiiiiiiini B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridqe (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Playi itNiiiiiNinniiiiMiinituniiiiiieiniiiiininiiiiiinHiinuiiinuiiiiiuiiiiiin^ NORTH * K 8 7 V A9 » Q J 10 6 2 + K 9 5 WEST *6 5 3 2 » 4 2 * K 7 * 8 6 4 3 2 EAST *J 10 4 ¥ K Q 8 7 6 » A 5 3 * J 7 forth dealer. know an opportunity to shine 'orth-Soulh vulnerable. passes you by and it is too late to do anything about it. ·' Let's say you're East and your dear partner leads a heart against three notrump. When dummy follows low you win with the queen and return a heart to the ace. Declarer now proceeds to establish his diamonds and it does riot matter what you do. The only tricks you and your partner can score are two hearts and two diamonds and South makes three notrump. Now let's go back to trick one and assume that this kind soul we've been talking about gently tugged on your sleeve the moment declarer played the nine of hearts from dummy. In tluil case you'd play th« eight on the nine in order to allow your hearts to get fully established before your one and only entry - the ace of diamonds - was forced out. If you made this unusual play, declarer would go down ,, , . . , , . regardless of how he continued Opening lead - four of hearts, thereafter. You would score Bridge would be a much sim- three heart tricks and two dialer game if. every time you monds. assuming that West won lad to make a. crucial play to the first diamond lead, and SOUTH 4 A Q 9 » J 10 5 3 » 9 8 4 + A Q 10 The bidding: North F.ast 3 NT South 2 NT West Pass or break the contract, kind soul would come make .ome along and tell you to take your time and be especially careful at (his critical juncture. The trouble is that such situa- ions sneak up on you unawares, and the first thing you South would have no one to blame for his downfall except your good old friend the sleeve- lugger. But, of course, if you made this play without your good friend's assistance, that would be oven better. PONYTAIL BE A CUT-UP! You can save many times the small subscription price of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES simply by clipping the money-saving coupons that appear almost daily in the ads. "Ob, 1 bad a very stimulating conversation whU» ym were getting changed... I know all aboot rdxaldte toe traoamiMioa ui a '68 Chevy!" -TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try'em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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