Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 27, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1974
Page 17
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CLASSIFIED INDEX - BARD O* TMIkMKs) -- Schools And Instructions «VIHT« I-- UXT · rOUHD t--THANSPORTATIOH . MUSI MESS OPPORTUNITIU ·--MONEY TO LOAN " ·-CAUESPERSONS WANTED · U_MKk.P WAHTIB ., U-- «ITUAT10H* WAHTID II-- SERVICES OFFMID - IMOATS «. MAHIHsl SUPPLI II-- CAMPING SPORTING ««$ORT» EQCB SCHOOL AT nui awarded - Flolah R«pMt7. Write for Crae broctttr*. Ajr«rieaii Bcbool of Chlcsio. D»pt U BO HB. LttUs Art. nan. --lost t Found FAR* ·~JS!SSS - . MneHAHDNC HTI«UU -- POst «AVR TOm IXALI OB THAVf Ifr-WAHTCD TO "UV -- OUPLIX ran nnrr M_MOU*U pen RENT nu-MOBILE HOMU » «PACW O_WAHTCD TO R«MT «_REAL UTATC--WMTTI* 44--RIAL E»TATE-- ' (ALB OH TRADB 41-LOTt POM »ALB M-.PARIII* * ACR«AOB« , 4I-REAL «»TATB-POR «AUI . LEGAL NOTICES 1 --Announcemanti PAn£H classes at your ooaveoienee. ·hone 321-S108 att«r S:30 p.m. Have euree. r: 7 week old SI. Beroanl pupn'. Brown and with blacfc mask. lAnce Reward. Phone 751-36T7 or T51-7953. 7--Busines: Opportunities-10 STATION unisex beauly salon. Gx- duJsil. decor. Plxne 63^6800 or 63S-78OJ. E SAFJ:: 1KM45 rt. Hwy. front* ffe Hwv. fi2 In KHvollevllIe. Also several nlal duplexes, phone 521-4739. BUY equities or trad* In equities. Houses-Commercial property. Mall aU .details to Box 11-33. c/o HorUuresI Art 9---Sales Parsons Wanted KEV PI fringes, li CHRP: itust SPECIALTY SALES ¥15,000-$30.000 is th« iverage commission Income range for our sales force. We are a national company seeking aggressive people interested in high income as well as a solid future. Draw against commission , protected accounts with renewal factor. For p«r«iOT.Bl interview call collect, Mr. Mark, Paymaster Check Writer Ca., Atlanta, Georgia. (4M) 3216000. light Ivping, work only. 10-Help Wanted CONSIDERATE WORKING DEPUTIES P E E V Y is the Man KELLY IS COMING TO TOWN! ;; vum PAYWB, FORMERLY A-I " TAXR3, 8PRINODAJ.E, is txwr at Hickory '^ cr»«t Marina irhera B»T bare all faculties lot work on any engine or boat, ' A n y MM. W« are now O.M.C. frfinchlsed Mercrulaer Iranchlsed. CSirj^Ier ouUlriva r * npain. Btarerart bo«bi. T51-7W6, P I Z Z A HUT SMORGASBORD Monday Night 314 So. School 1 AU THE PIZZA AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT For $1.45 19 STATION unino: hetuty »slon. - qolsue decor. Phone "' --· - "*-' rH.U^-A-STOHV. Chilrlrcn hear a Bib!« meMaire anytime day or niiht. Phone 4424161. For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 2--Coming Events ·OBTtXN MOUNTAIN HJSA XARKE1 May HVZ7. outdoors Bl Counts Shop ' And Irtstrocrtoni BE IN DEMAND! B* a Sacretsrjr. No better way fe become an execuUve thaa taamin vy with one. FAYtnEVILlE BUSINESS COUEGE Bl S. Locust. Phone U2-2SI1 ·Uc. by 9taM Dept. of Eduesti; IHUVER eduration claries, enroll ·r laosner driver training dust- Si ra««evill« Adult raomtJo. Pro Sam. P»a* 4C.73O tor lam Hfoma VETERANS (nvn row «t th« rAYFlTlVBiZ 1JOKDISS COLL2OC. JUcelT* fOO MCI np per mootl. (or fuU time T»» free, from V^. Sew t«nr ^e. Kxm. WrlU to 01 S. Ixxnisl ·r Pboti* M2-KC for ^« Catslo FAYETTBV1U1 BUSINESS COUEGE Us. By liU Dept at Itfaestfcui Individual to do Supervisory and Public Relations Work for This National Company Contact Jack Deason, 751-8221 - 636-7526 WAWTEn. APPLY * B KAR-IK1UE. ANTED, ysnl mowlns done by the oath, new power mower fumlsbed. tune 321-1077 liller 5 P.IU. SECRETARY -ccentric execuUvt, and local anufacturinp; plant I* looking for tolerant, intelligent young lady ho can lypc. m a k e coffee ani «ep secrets. Attractive salary and ene-fits. Please address replies to Sox M-S4, c-o Northwert Arkansas Pimea. ER: Full chan«. 30 hr. wit. all, quarterly reports. Start t* ·ocn. C*U Carol. J TRN'BE: Mix material for 1 HS'irad. W25. Call Jan. tORDIKATOR: Keep record*, skills Lests, take orders, con- ens-In short, run Ibe office. ., fee pd. Call Jan. M: Choose shift * Fay. or ISO. Call Jan. .: Right hand to well-known ullty. Good skils *et «T9 up, res* reimb. Call Jan. FT: some We bkkpf. BrP PS. «00. Olt Carol. RECBPT: $350. Call Carol. BK: D«s1re u work A leam rant cooking Supper cook, ef cook, $407 A wkenda off. xper. Call Vergil. : Elem. * see- openings hi t elsewehre. Call Verail. R E R : After Irnin?, can mabe NW A rk. Ca tl Carol . L M-GR: NW Art. SUrt to nego. Call Carol. GR: Decree. Coordinate dept, r NW Ark, platn. To R3.000, Call Carol. WAL SALES : Extensive ·ogram in food sales. Start c. u p, car furnished, more In NW Ark. Call Vergil. WKTEN'AKCtJ TRNEE: Nerr! ude to learn thw hlRhly re- ·.de. rrf80 up. Call Jan. 5210 up. Call Jan. GMNT: Rranrti mgrs. for NW ce groups, *SWO up. Need loo. Call Jan. r*R: Prefer loo.intf bacfcsmd. fee pd. Call Vergil. f\ /\ AGENCY t E. Emma, EprimldaU iig Siring Uoenaad Ac*ncr Ttw World's Urgnt Employment Servto* KY for: NCH: Nice office, exceUen 7 INSTALLER : Interesting n 55200 plus. Mature, stable, Tocat co. Irom Cust tflk* prifie (n ability. To ONTST: Work with public, light art J5350. IV1CB: Experienced, pays more ixxl training for new sales 00 plus c?omm. R: Oiw L or sa nHa ry, exce!- es, from ?12,5QQ. L. OPFIOE TRAINEE: TyplWf, .Ing. mature, JS90. RLBS for: EDITION MECHANICS Arkla s, io 83100. 3 CLERK: Light typing, fringes OFFICE: Payroll experience, ng, 3d hr/wfc, J299. , ASST: Not rtg., morning -. to W50. IBP: Deareed, experience pre- r furnished, good advanci-menl isbl, to 39B60 pins canon. j OFFICE: : Mature, use ca] o Ivping. to 9125. 'ARM MANAGER: Fee negol. CEIi MANAGER : 600 worke ^rl S7SOO. TOR. OPERATOR TRAINEES Er intres, team * earn WOO. WELBER: Rtilrtln* A. deliver produd. 1o S?B60. IN1CIAN: NW Ark. small town 1 REP : Plenty of P. R. Ca out 2 nlghli a month, degreed ·J- 2140 N. Oalteg TBR nwded, nlgtits. cWIdrer nd «. Will consider Irte-In, ul Phone 442-2973. IXG JOBS OPF.N: Public Wtet} Keypunch operator. Slide tec) ecretaric5, Stenographers, Clerl *ales cashier, Upholsterer, Bin Drker. Boiler operator-licensed workers. Food service worker rkers. Plant mnintenan.ce coord rofesslonal engineering work and coord IrtatiiMi ot mai nleivanci University phj'sical Plant R« mergency requests lor malnle r repair ot buildings and Cflcl \ develops preventatlv e mAtntf nd modernization plans. Assign ormally received in (orm of g«i cv directives and are perform* s-ideraWe technical Independent-t inZ degree or equivalent expe d (raining pin 5 minimum of perience in all aspects of bu 1 ntonance Hilary negotiable, li LAFF JUSED -Brs~icARS __^i ". ^kjCMBiiy.-^ j£,3|/ J"lStL SZIiy§E!ii : . A - RAY T ^^ -51 ! § K S C 1 s . ss^ i "^-^L _.. -- m^*iSb fe^^SW^ *^! I ) ^te.oaWg^iaaCs Ja|aiSffP^3l..laaBV ·aamwSSSS^laammmmmr"^^^^^^^^ PW** s ^C.i0.6it..O "It was owned by a little old lady who drove it only to visit her optometrist" 10-Help Wanted PART Tlirr. CAR WASH ATTE [-TDANT. Keml.rclired preferred. CaU U2-fr3U 7:30 la 10:00 PJD. AVON says. . . . BREAK OUT INTO A WIDER WORLD. Meet new people, make new friends, and earn extra money selling the world's most famous cosmetics. Live a more interesting Jife, b* a more interesting person. Call: 442-9836 NEED EXT31A MONEY? Do you want a part time Job with belter than average pay, ra pld promotion opportun ity with automatic pay Increases, clothin s provided at no expense to you and free training In almost every field of bun- ness with an "earn as you learn" pro- Rra ra Included . Do not delay, contae Gcore« Parks, U.S. Army Reserve, 306 Civil Affairs Grmio at 442^8111 today. NEED someone to help me part time in wholesale-ret Ail business. Phone (or interview only, 4SM6Q2. MATDS needed, apply In person, Ramada Inn, FayelteviUe. $680 PER MONTH need 8 good people to start immediately as manager trainees. Phone 521-6371. 16-Serviees Offered KAY HAULING. ba« prlc* ISC fie] ID bam. Phone Allen Shumate, 6C-2I5B BABYSITTING wanted, tenced y«nt, hn mrjils. fill hours, by reliable peraan. 1] Berlha. LIMITED openinBS for children *Kts two lunches, school are children welccfn 413-5115. Termites? Pests? ^L. *A Better Ceatml*^ ) ' ^*" ~**^ t Roy Johnson 521^750 U-STOR SELF STORAGE \ HOUSEHOLD AND BUSINESS NEEDS 10x10 to SOxfiO ISM Lowell Hd. SPR1NGDALE j CALL 751-9163 or TS«-!32« i ;PF 6-S*rvic«« OHered MI3CEU.ANEOUS wot*. reasonable, ard work, lawn mowing, carpeting, tile emodellmr, and palnUog. pbone 839-^9, 7-Beols And Marina Supplies 4 FT sea Kinir v bottom with trailer. t2S. Phone 2E7-343I. 8 -- Camping And Sporting Goods CAMPER RENTALS lo.iday* - Weekends - Vacations Call or write lor reservations NOONAN REALTY P.O. Box 734 Rogers, Arkansas 72756 Phone 636-MO juxury Motor Home -- Sleeps ( or S 413 Dodge motor --.less than 25,000 miles -- 2 air conditioners -- anks power steering, power will trade for property. Ask for Mr. Pickering, Off, 1-63*5-3218; night* 1-636-7127. XXNtFUTTE i*si golf dubs, Wilson 1500' s complete skin-diving wel suit Call K3fi- 6029 Rogers. 10!*. FT. cabover GoMUne camper. All fiberglass. Clean. Phone 751-1130. inrTS SPARTAN travel trailer. Air conditioned, carpeted rear bedroom, sacii fice at $3.500. Ptxwie 521-1510 alter 6:00 20-Motorcyclm 1971 HONDA CT90 with helmed. Exec lent condition. Trail »od road bike. K» ·M3416Z. 1059 H.H.RT.BY rwvMson chopper, $1S« or make offer. Call 521-3274. 1974 HONDA. CB J25, 770 mites, SIKH room condition, complete with cm* bar and helmet. Pttone 846-2760. 1974 Zl 900 07. Kawasaki, brand new, (« riric buy. Phone W6-3369. 21-- Automotive For Sola 1974 TOYOTA Cillea $SXO. Phone 846-21S ask lor Jim Bone, S a.m.-5 p.m. 1969 model Austin American. 4 cylinder shape. 5T50 cash. Call 331-781. 1972 VW Squarebacfe. Clean. One o»ne Priced lo sell. Call 918-723-5153 or 723 5S31 for Jim Talbol. 1955 VW, new engine, great condil or Phone Fol-CS37. 1EH2 JEEP, good motor and bo-ly, ne brakes and lop, make ofter- Phone 44 3S06. : r i A I 1-- Automotive For Sal* on, 3,000 miles.' FM radio, sun rod. 974 CORVETTfi -- Burnt orange vith uddle Interior 974 CORVTTTE -- Red with black nterior. 974 Corvette -- White with bur- undy Interior, 973 CORVETTE -- Green with AddEe interior. 913 CORVETTTE -- Blue with sad- lie interior, BILL YATES B U f C K FORT SMITH; ARK. 501-646-4376 971 VOLK5WAGKN, .Exoe.lenl rendition. Must sell. Hurry! Don 1 1- miss this tood leal. Phone 521-5170. TRIUMPH Spitfire IV. Good condition, Ca I 442-6133 alter 4:30 p.m. lOTO PLYMOUTH Fury IH, a1r-condli!on- ed, power steering, power brakes, take aver payments, WBO. Phoiw 412-1K2. L967 IXDGE Coronet. S cylinder, standard transmission, (ioort llres, Rets 17 mlJes per gallon. «25. CaU 521-4^1, 1972 GRAN Torino, J2.SOO. 1967 Wf, JSOO. Phone 5341M. . F DUNE buggy, 1983 VW, newr en sine, Io1s of ctiTome, safety Inspected and licensed 442-7358 or 848-3817 after 6:00 p.m. 3973 PONTIAO Ventura, excellent eonrti- Uon, (SCO down, laVre over paTncnt';. Phonp 521-5887 Irom 4 lo 5 after 5, 7Sl-i«7D. J9TO VW Sedan green, am radio, good condition. I1400. Phone 443-4039. gal. Spotless, must see. Calk 1B-3117, B to 9 a.m., S bo 7 p.m. SAVE MONEY BEFORE YOU PAY YOUB AUTO OR HOMEOWNER'S I N S U R A N C E CALL. STtVE LE1CHNER FOR A QUOTE. 9 A.M. TTL 5 P.M. Ul. 6840; EVENINGS 443-26*7 1368 T-Bird, four door. Landau, loarie real leather upLolstcrj', tape deck, Ro^er Ark. PJione 636-31G5. 1 M3 MODEL Ch n vrotet pi ckup, shor wide bed. Real cowl runniiifi condillo Call 442-7997 or 443-1615. 1065 RAMBLRR, overliaulF*! engine, ne tire s body In good shape, 6 cyl i ndc slandard. $350. Pho^e S21-33fr3 anytime 1^71 CHEVEU.E Mallbu coupe, faclo air and tape, .bucket' seats, console, e cellent condition, reasonable. Phone 43555 alter 4:30 p.m. 1373 POXT1AC Grand Am. Excelle condition, under 7.DOO niiles, power v. dows, bullt-Ui 8 track laps and rad condition. W3-3266. J---LT- J-.-u-LTV-u J-J-U-X. .1. ,-LftJ- Equipment HA.VE sold my lanit ami will now s my hay- equipment which includes Fo d esel traclor, mower side delivery rak baler, and truck wilh 14' bed an3 cat rat*. Total J4000. Owner, 443-4461. GOOD John Deere manure spread Phone «Z-245j after 6:00 p.m. , 9N FORD IraflKor. New 12 volt syste Complelelv rebuilt, some equipment eluded. M.OOO. Phone 443-2O30. . r ·~~**~~~*~~~~******TM*~*****i**'***+*+* 8 23-- livestock-- For Sale 3rd A N N U A l . * OKLA HOMA SANTA G E R T R U D J S ASSN. SALE J U N E l r 1974, 1:00 p.m. Tulsa Cow Palace · Tulsa, O k l a h o m a Polled', and Horned " 125 Purebred Cows Calves. Be . 40 Classified Purebred Bulls 30 Commercial Straightbred S - Heifers * For Catalog, contact Sale Management Service, Bill Company REGISTERED horned Hereford bulls a heifers, 1 and 2 years old. Silo Springs, across from Wal-Mart, ph 534-4319. orlhwMl Arkansas TIMES, Mon., May 27, 1974 0 17 AYKTTBVI1.LE, A R K A N S A S -- Livestock-- For Sale G R A I N /c^l, hogs, Take one ot 1 . Phone 4W-Tii~i. 1 KF or d a i r y P.I.VPS. Weaned ami vac- iilod. 3V1-:00 Ibs, Cnod selection, fliiry ·Clelland, -Cane HUf. A r k . Kit-3330. REGISTERED ASK5US . CATTLE rf or ma nee tested bullc and guar- oose frob. Come see us. OUNG'S A N G U S FARM Re, 1 -- Summers, Arkansas Phone 4-12-5121 or 824-56S7 .lACK gcliline anil bay mare, cent'o tliildroji. both well mannered anrl In cd, atso sadatos. 1 IW2TI. U D SI5R\1C'B : Rcc' stcrc '1 A pji!oos,l illions. Reasonable Ice. Visitors wel- -ne. Phone 833-2S11. RTIFICIAL, INSEOMINATTOS srrvlc*. All eeds, top bu! 1 s, fast ef f icieri t sc rvlcr, anywhere, anytime. Ileasonable rates. Phone Gt32!69. VRGR QOAMTV Uorthcm Holstoln iringers,. Chtanlna bicd and open town Swljss. IVyarl Bradlyern-', two ties North of GraveUe on 59, one, mile ast on r,=cky Dell Hishwar. R E G I S T E R E D A N G U S c are doing. We also have a fcv/ mntr bulls f o r sate. 20 years o irodiicing fins breeding slock, 'hone Homer Fry 443-2529. P R Y ANGUS FARM EG1STERED riORNED IfEREFORD ULLP. RAGSDELL FARM. PhOTirj" SL6- ijSr, PR.MRFE GROVE, Javis LMihei (Piot-- -ssaaoie* A Tick, {ffp«lred or (Sistnm nude, tiwr 170. 4-- Dogs, Cats Pets BEAUTIFUL AKC ptippSes: CocTcrr, Toy lord, Cane Hill. Ark. Knone S3I-S551. AKC FAINT Bernard [mp5, J75.00. Stll- wcll, Okla. 918- 771-13.^5, 442-6,768, FREE cute litler liaincrl IriLfcns jjocul home. Phone 4*3-35l. 'HEIKR hcauliful rrd AKC rrjTlilcrt!( FREE to eooA home lemalc. black an while. E Loe kitten. Female, fluff v. gra box (reined. 839-32M. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Deportment Name Brand Line 1 : ComplrCs selection ot all veterinary supplies. EverytMng for . yom anitnal- Easteate Shopping Center. Hwr. IB East PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johnson. Groomer Ind.'viduul Attention -- No Tra quilizers used. Personalbed groom .ng done with tender loving car OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR A1TO BREED MAUREEN O' real N I) G A doff a room sen-lots, rpn-ionatts projcs slonal 2 room in?. Call 44247«. weeks old. JoO. Call 521-1G or It answer, 321-7272. AKC ItEGLSTERRD \Vciniararer pa Excellent pedigree, goxJ pel, hunUng o watch HO2- One blue, three gray. 442 610L COLLIER R E X A L L EAST A L L B R E E D S DOG GROOMING For Appointment Call 443-3441 Collier* has SO [b sacks of Wsyn and Ktsco dog food Complete Line of Pet SuppllM a ·11 Collier Stores Ins und y*t siock. Call 521-51SO alto n:SO p.m. FREB: Part Siamese Icitlens and wl o mother. 751-5497. 5 Hom« N««d»-Fer Sol* ON'T merely hrlghlen ctirpels . . . t i\il shnmpooor, Jl. P*Tk Furnlturt, ·hlSMl Kl. VK Hi ?! Clean rug f.n-1 u^y!rfei7 fi B!ue Lustre. IConE electric ihatn- icr, il, l-cwii Bros*., on the s^u«r». CA WMrrpooi air conrilltDncr. 12,501 2-1 CBS alter 1 ji-iii. WINO niaclifro, TV set, washier mt- ine. other usclui houwhold llems tUd 0 Billy goat kidi. IS-3366. MATTRESS SELLOUT n u s u a l selection of quality mat- rctss and box .springs seta offered you at discount savings A*. rted degrees of firmnesfi, wid« hoice. Chetk our price, $99 full. Isa have iw\n, queen and klnf 7.0. All sizes are offered at tr«- ondous savings. United Freight ales, Hwy. U? W.. Fayelteville, rlc. Open 3-9 Mond-J'riday. till 00 on S a t u r d a y . jlKK n e w , wiiinul d]ninyiwm lab, sit phoUlcrcd cliairs, large buffet Call S3i- SS after 5:W p.m. WOOD D I N I N G SETS v 'ahfc w i t h 4 hardwood chain. tain and heat resistant tabl» op. $169, cash or terms. Thi»' ship- m e n t includes many styles Om« v i t h matching china cabin«U. United Freight Sales, Hwy. 62 W. '·ayeUeviUe. Open 9-9, Mon.-FYL 11 6:00 Sat. OUBLK-DOOR refriRerator with ice- maker. Almost new. Harvest so'A IMS, none S2I-K100. FAFF, Vikinff, Etna, and Neochi s«». ng m acti 1 no.5, salps anri strvicc. Compete J i n e oT cabinets. Commercial pfatfi n slock, National Fabrics, »S Youna St. pringdale, 751-335, ALL NEW! Sofa and c h a i r groups; 2 piece Mi or S93. Hardwood frame* upholstered in durable attractive fabricB. terms. United Freight Sales, Hwy. 62 W.. F a y e f t e v i N e , Open 9-9 Mon.- Friday, till 6:00 Saturday. NEW- jii luiiriyc r^fc* USED *"· WIUUIU Uh^» HOME FURNITURE ' Nome Srandc At Oiicounl PriM* PK«n* 321-304i 410 H- 'iTIrpi FOR Lnnser wear keep oirpeU' deal w i t h Blue Lttstre- Rent electric poo»r {1, Lewis Bit*, on the ·qoan*. KEKP carpets beautiful despite. FooUtec.* of a busy fnmiry, Eux Biue I^ualre. Rent electric shiimpooer Jl. Polk FuraitaT*, B03 \V. Dickron. 26-For Said - MiseelTanMM 13M BALBS of oat hay. behind th« htler. 521-3YJ7. winrfows, lour pane, awmna type. Ftwdtj s e l l i n g at a saciilice, IK. Pnow 4^3-5515. TRACTOR, vs-alkiru; parden type. CM. Bo\ !»|." Prairie Grove, Ark. 72756. 1 EFFICIENT RECORDS P E E V Y v V' is rhe Mon i.^ : '.-t / . ' · · ' · " · ' · POTTF:RY suppitcs, prazp?, clay, »cii«. «·:·. A (so 18$.) Chevy, good condition, $200. Call Larry, 833-25?-'. 1x5 TOXGUE it groove Western Pin* previously u^ed to panel resort Clean, deep slain, beautiful. Call Larry. 839-'J53 OFFICE tfcsks a n d furniture 2 chai» - IFUVJ, 195S Ciicvy carrv all, 4 wheel driv* - metal shell camper. W2-S343, 751-TSlfl, or aflor $:CO 4434724. o LITTERED Fescue hay, behind t*w baler V L r i M L e Okla (11?) T23-32 To H4.000. 521-7111 niclan, S dery we Cuslcxiial Farm wo nalor: p work in ttlcs anrf menls IK eral poli with con Engineer t-ncc an years ex ,ns mail - -. ral berefjls Senrl rfSLime lo Director at Personnel", University of Arkansas. Faycltevitte. ArV. 72701. An equal optwr- ttuiHj' employer. ANDSOAPR MANSER: invoices pining and advJsiiiB on tandscapiNE una m«lnl*n*nc« of campus grounds anil recotnniondlng UM of appr*pria1e pUnta ·nd lrwi, works witii eonsideraW* in- entfcnce under adnunistralive su?er- Tlslcm of prij-sical Plant superlnlenrient. Collene degree required in landscaping, lamticape *pchit«cture or horticulture, with minimum ot 4 years expetlenc* In landscaping and jrrounds ms I rrtenarrC*. »Urv negotiable. Uberal beneflls. Send resume !o Diredor of Personnel, University of Arkansas, FayeUevilie,. Ark. 7ZM1. An equal or-portunlly employer, ^UTJ,. nnd pnrt time help needed, Apy In person atler 8 p.m., Tri-Cily Drive- ORNINO WAITRESSES nHd«t. Apply person, FUmada Inn, ' BCRETARY (or Jot'il law firm, ex- cE preferre*!, typing, shorthand, ght booUceepin^- RcilV M Box M-3 Norttnmt Artan*a* TUn«, Fay* fen or women, 19 or over, fre* la travel s»te area. »nl b» n*«t *ppe«rln anrl ol good cftimrttr. We a re now Ira 1 riff photographers to photograph ' r.d Unres In the «1 M*rt [l*C(Xir.t No experience neceaiary. Fix- REWUTOER TO EMPLOYERS: FayettevttJe High School Placement Service 1« geeklnsr to place itudenw In job* thU Spring and Summer. Interested employers may contact the Hl,Th School Placement Service, ROGER WILLIAMS TAYETTEVILLE THGH SCHOL W3-353S BACTKRtOOOIST (o worfc part-lime In sprinirricslc. 20-.H hours n*r w**. S«nA mume to box 73. aprinfdilt «r call 731-T4W. W A N T E D : Mature, lnto!l!«pnt Individual to work with physician In p-alient care, Will t r a i n , no bookkeeping * and saTary"paFd durj'n* "trirnfnB. or typin* needed. Must b« high car fuml*erf to those who quality, school graduate. Send rwume and TM erpenie allownrjce .urf «lary. Ap-|r*cent photograph -jnd mr*m Tef- ply in p*t»on, Partw ATafon 9t*ii«, 128 erencei to BOK M-51, c-0 The BWlo, sprlntMal*, M 13 or 1 to 3. Time*. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you uy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 TRUCK OPERATIONS MANAGER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY To SBCCTTlM J» unit i»*rl«»rated fleet. Mart be service oriented «rul completely famillsr with safety, malr,ten»w» Mid re«olstion reqult*- m«nts. Bsttturoimd should itnliKie pri«t« wrUi* snrl/or public esrrlcr r-- · »n-r.» aintM bensdts. s*Ury cammensursU with experience. CAIi. OOtLaCI -- M. L. CTTMKTNS DAT* -- m tn-n*t Stocker Cow Cow Calf Sale Wed, May 29th 7:30 P.M. FARMERS LIVESTOCK AUCTION 1301 E. Emma St. Springdale, Ark. 220 Santa Gertrudis Cows 130 Calves ot Side 41 Hereford Cows · 33 Calves at Side 2 Hereford Bulls · 49 Angus Cows 40 Calves by Side 1 Hereford Bull 18 Hereford Cows 10 Calves ot Side 25 Mix Cows 16 Calves at Side 24 Mix Cows 13 Calves ot Side AUCTIONEERS NOTE Most of these cow* ore of outstanding quality. Th«y ar» milk giving cows ond raising at good a calves at you would want. They are not culls from anyones herd. They are complete herds. if you ore going to need replacement cows, this Is the opportune time to buy mem. Plan now to attend this Sale. More consignment* by Sale Day. FOR FURTHER INFO CONTACT: Jr. SERVICE D I R E C T O R Y -Air Conditioning -Concrete WorkCON'CRF.Tf: -- CARPKXTKP. WORK Of ALL KINDS. PATIOS. nnivmVAVS A N D Jim Sargent^ Code 501 751-9384 632-3442 Harold Sargent 751-4348 Office Phone 751-5727 --Piano Tuning-- PIANO CARE call SHEL.TOS SALK3 i SEP. VICE -H3- 9340. Y O R K Bales A Servlrt. [nils Matron, healing-cooling tfurti. Lot A catcutallws- Free Csl, CaLl Paschal's. T51-01K -- Bulldk'zing-- ABLil RATES- 751-33ffl. B L L ' PAUI/ft TRACTOR BEXVICE. PHOXE ·M.1-4973, L( no «njwer call ifier 5:30 p.m. --Corp.inf.4r- REMODELING nna cabinet work. Quillty rraf hi p. Very r*3 s o^hl e p-i cc 3. Have Tt:er*nces. Call Dsvid VlcXerr. 521^511, RfmodelinB, Carport A.d rlltl on ». Palioi, HffJJ* Leveling. Kaofln.r. Pilntlftf. PSo«» «3-l07fi, 751-1774. R«m»]ei1nz. n«nem R»valrs. Room Addition i , Homes twl It Expe rl enc« Wwk Guaranteed. Ref«rene»i. Elappy Andenon. Call 75*35S4. evenings tnd trefkendk -- Corp«t-- %\ _^ TfifM*$ictf $$mkmd J^Carpets. e.HiAk»»»M /C.M.MI" CARPET WAREHOUSE X-5 W. 15th. piye'.levl::* 1 Kock Ww* *f 3ir. Quick. Kwy 71 S. !;-one 521-5094 Open Friday Mfhl 4:00 p.m., Gat* Ut r.oan -- CorKr«t» Work-- OOMPlsBTil HOMK REPAIR, «xp*rie^C* «rp*n',er, we rfo carpetit«r *orK th* your hu«band won't Photia 443-2104. MACK M I N E R CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Home Improvement* · Pttlo* and coven - Driwwayi · RetaltvSni Will! · Ftalwarte ^ all K i n r f s : Ficxsrs, etc. - tt'aler Oral ProKemi · Onlvert* - WMH Brldtei Trailer PJ*. N'O JOR TOO SifAU* DEPTNOABLl BERMCK, HACK MIXER. 41^-1315. coNcurra WORK', nut* - nauinin wills -- Drlve*»*ri -- C.irpe^ter, Ms sorry wftrlr. Srott it Jack iarvar, 4*2-7309 442-ttU alter 4.00. FTC. REPAIR AND KKMOIWLTNT.. IJKK ESTLMATEU. DON" ZLMMKHiUN, «-3125. -- Dirt, Gravel, Top Soli-- HONK 412-SKO. -- Ditch Digging -- ACKHOE and D u m p Track Work John liller - Phr-r.e 4^J.ST3. -- G r i n d i n g -- -KKCESION FSfARPKNINa -- P a w j -- A l l l'V:s -- Owric O r l T - L n z i *rv]ec. 6SO HunLsvli:* Rd., 521-3W9. -- H a u l i n g -LOOK! fliullntT. moving * irfUrt service, la vc i ruck A f.oeK rack. Voy n nm e it --Janitor Service-D B r K N I U R L K office Oanir.j. rc!cre.i' cej. 5/1-5519. --Landscaping -La^J Tea pdnK, I^eve^n?, Top ?o!l A Creek Oravel. Doicr Work. Call tiSK-fl --lawns ft Garden*-- I»A\VK and j[aM#n care, rommercial or res*:r!#nt-al, OYp^rionce'l y/Jit*ous i«r- VA-O. mnwir.n, roro1ill;na, ligM ha'Jllnj?. FOR Com !tc la «n ca re by contract or by the job ca!l Dene''i Janilor * Lawn Service, 442-71, -- Music Instruction -PRIVATE pi »no f voi(* Irv^tmcl ^on B a.E. (u«ilc frftm tllfr t'ofA. S yrs ex perlence, Kn yl* sr*:ez/ci( : . 5T5-JOW. -- Paint Paper- - FAFfTED'j pAintlrl FfrAre. Inrtoor^-il door and odd Jobs, wort; jr^arante^.1, fr*e eilirmte anytime. TA P*ir*o:i at 521-5074 SKADOWFAX PA INTER J, (re» e»timr*tP 4 i?-tU23 or . r fll -151 "i References ; Ca r pcfttry, Rooi;ns, an4 mir.or repair*. AVOID O09TLY REP1IRS by malnten ·rrf* p*:ntifi?, RM-Jentt«l, commercla t»nu new house i. etc. M j^ear* ifierl enrt. IVet esilmaU'S. UJ-S»3. PAPER " HAN'OrXO. lnler[or/*vl*no r»!n.iryr. For Fr» I^1m-1te Phon* S2- 3VXJ or »»3CT= We«l Fwk. PA1NTIXO. I*?er han.Tin?, apray pain Ln, »h**t rock flniih, luUer*. oarjwaln 1 nxftic. Wl-WW Phone (Ml) 442-77ST -Plowing 71X)iVIN i n - Cultivating -- Bnu* be* frinz - Ftn« jiradinic. Free Mtiaute Cd U'aynt Tackett At 521-L183. Real Estate R«ondhHonlnf HOUSE c:cdnlna. lam lerTie*. tnsh baulin?, bruiM-.ogjring, fencing. TTM Wr. v; te L i a b i l i t y taiunnc«, pboo* 8B9-3UL ,, · -- · R?:SEW YOUR atphaU rooi *n4 drive. V,'iirranly. Inl new colftr in du'J, JUelesi. h.n^c-i. rfionc 52K"oS. --Septic Tank Servic»~ SEi'nC TA.SKS PUitFBO LUiM Repaired Lowett Kat..* Local Business. Phoc« H3-MM. --Sewing Machine Kepair-- V!rtinjE M^china f»rol:emiT Shaw'i »*». iqae w i i l repnlr any mak«. W« ar* your au!'^)rlie1 \\"n:1« and E!m* d«!er. W* ciiissej. Plior,« T51-573i. -- S m a l l Engine Repoir-- I^wnmo^en an4 sjrull f^pn*» repstlfM 6; tu.icil, Kr*e pickup ar,d daUrerr. »* 453-3 alter 5 p.m. ·- -- Tree Service -- TKKR aM shrub spraying, stal* Kcvna* bandMl. Phone W«y» Tre« «-irrt«» st 7M-3?y:. TRIM. Cut and remove Tree*. LfaBfet.. Ins u rod. Phor.a 53*2690. TREK Top?^.?, Trlmmln*. .waUafr m* rsUir.a'.ei. io'i^KS. --Upholstory-- XEW SOFA hlde-a-bed., CScic* .« flO rl« Irom J3a9. C!at!e's U;«.o:«(.?rT !·· South Hwy. 71, ?hn£da:i, 75L-T4.HL -- Veneteion Mind* -- VKNTF-HAN BLTNDfl U7AIKZD ·** b!ln:1i maila to order. Pbo»* Cttto 0*.* er 4.1.T255. -WelU A Pumpe-- WARD BRCfTHERi WATKR trVrBM pu:np, Filttrj, Purtflcatom. AA »·*.» aer,-:c«l. 1'herve 5J1-4496. TO PLACE Aff AD d THIS SPACE WOULD COST OMLf $14.3 Pa» MOXTB

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