Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 26, 1974 · Page 42
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 42

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 42
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Page 42 article text (OCR)

«·*·*·« TIMES, Sun., May 14, 1*74 MKAMIM Ttw TIMES b On Tap ·* Tfc* Now* WVM Day* · W««k Arlington Cemetery Attracts Visitors STARTS MONDAY ·HO MAKE HM OF ma Acopcjurr RBUBE! By FREDERICK L. BKRNS TIMES Washtiftoi Barra.ii ARLINGTON, VA. -- Strangers. Known and Unknown, famous »nd forgotten. Presi- dents «nd privates. Heroes and havenots. Year after year. their presence at Arlington National Cemetery attracts visitors. Day alter day. .NOW SHOWING Unlttd Products in Color R AND OFACOP CHRtSTMAlNieERfi TOX STING W1NNEB OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including BCTt Pirtur« four million ]e visitors 517 acre ..... . markers with names they don't know dating back to wars they don't remember. Thousands of per- ions gather here every Memor al Day to pay homage to stran- (crs. l a n d m a r k s attract them gravesites of Prcsi- Kennedy and his irst -- the dent John brother Robert, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. What oilows, for most of the visitors. are the strolls across the grassy 'ields. the burying place of 16.1.000 persons. Some were ·soldiers, some were their kin. All. now. are slrangers. For the visitors, there are 'requent slops to read inscriptions on the marble markers. On the stones are the names and the wars -- the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War. the Spanish-American War, World War I, World a m i l i t a r y cemetery in 1864. When, in the beginning, the Civil War dead were buried. Civil War legends were born. Some say t h a t the 500 gravestones in the Confederate burial ground on the cemetery's west end arc pointed for a purpose. The markers, they say, are designed to keep the Yankees away. They were soldiers once, ihtse slrangers of Arlington. Some lived f u l l lives and passed away quietly in retirement. Others fell on one of a thousand battlefields, or died of dysentery in a distant hospital. Some disappeared decades ago in the mountains of B u r m a or New Guinea and their remains were discovered only recently. Most of the deceased, like the cemetery in which they lay. date back to a lime when identification was d i f f i c u l t . Only 58 per cent of the Civil War dead were ever identified, partly lecause soldiers then weren't required to wear n a m e lags. That's why the identity of more t h a n 4.000 persons buried n Arlington is unknown. The renovation project around the crypt that will for a Vietnam omb. It is DC saved unknown -- a crypt that probably will never be filled. "It's very unlikely we'll find an unknown from Vietnam," said Raymond J. Coslanzo, Ihe cemetery's deputy superintendent. "Today's means of idcntifi cation are just too sophisticated." Experts can do today what their predecessors could not -identify battle dead from dental and f i n g e r p r i n t files and other techniques Arlington, records. If have . identification changed at War II, the Korean War and V i e t n a m . It was an estate once, this cemetery. It was the home of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general who gained possession by marrying the daughter of a wealthy land owner. The government took It over in 1862 and used it as an army base for two years before the secre tary of War designated it as markers have not above names their graves hut numbers. *··. Ma*. I pan. (Ml ROBERT BEDFORD This th*at«r Js r*nt«d tjy WAR IROS. for this *TMzaR«Ti«Nt- Th*li l«[on it ADUT.TS S150. CHILDREN .OO. (P»u U* Bupcndtd) Puniest Western since "Cat Baltou" (R) Mel Brooks S31DDLES Fat. ·en.-Taie*. Mi FrL-ftat. T.11 i-H to. Mac. 1 sun IPO) Frl. **t- 7^ tot. a. (on. -tl« |C) X. 1 P.M. "TTf /MorkTwoirft JHuddebeny Jeff East Paiil Winfield rW«l. Ifoid -'Jeremiah Johnson" ASYDNEY POLLACK RLM Theman who I The film destinedtobea j£ classic! -^TA ROBERT BEDFORD In A Sydney Mack Ffci "JEREMIAH JOHNSONA Joe Wizan-Sartord Production · Co-Starring WILL GEEH ALLYN ANN McLERIE · STEFAN GlERASCH - CHARLES TWER · AlK) Introducing DELUE BOITON · Musfc by John Rubinsloin and Tim Mdntinj Screenplay by John Mlltus and Edward /Wall · Product*![by Joe Wizan Directed by Sy*wy Pollack · Panaroonf -Technicolor* Hill IBIi null H M I I ^ J l ^ ' i - * -- · -· ONE WEEK ONLY! MALL TWIN CINEMA #2 MINITEK*l(R.ftBBh) STRAND (ClarkmW.) NOW SHOWING THRU THURSDAY, MAY 30 (Pan UW Suspended) Check Tlmlrsji lor Show Tfcnaa At Bonanza you don't have to eat in the parking lot Drrse-his are mcc. 'For kids. Kids dwi't take up much room, ao they doc t miikd tile cramped quarters of a car. Tliey don't mi nd if they get ketchup on their clothes and mustard on their nose. They haven't worked all day, so they don't crave relaxation. And they tore hamborgen. At Bonanza, our parking lot fe for parking your car. You leave it then and have* quiet dinner at one of ourroomy tables or cozy booths. instead of hard cement and headlights we have soft wall-to-wall carpeting and indirect lighting. Of cooree, your kids can still have hamburgers, but you can haveasteak. Don't you deserve to have what yon want to have for dinner? Bonanza 521-3565 Confederate monument commemorates 2,111 unknowns who perished in the battles of Bull Run in 1861. The most "famous" unknowns arc those buried beneath the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier It is under this tomb, which is protected around the clock by a military guard, that three unidentified soldiers are buriec -- one from World W a r another from World War II and the third from the Korean War An empty crypt is being added as part of the $5,001 REDECORATE The finest In residential interiors and eiterlon. JOSEPH G. PRICE Contractor of Fine Painting. 521-1598 little else has. Still the military burials take place, about 13 a day. Still the military guard maintains its 24 hour watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Still the markers go up at Ihe nation's largest ceme- ery. So it will continue. Cometery dministrators expect to have nough grave space at leasl hrough the year 2,001). Costanzo says hu "can't fore- sec" the (lay when the gate t Arlington will shut for the ast lime. B u r i a l at the cemetery is restricted to persons who di urine active duty, retired ncmbcrs of Army. Navy and other services, Medal o onor recipients, and their pouses and children. Officials say that only a small xrcenlagc of Arlington's visi- ors are relatives and friend f the deceased. To most of he visitors, the names on the iravestones are unfamiliar. They are names belonging t irivatcs and generals and, mosl if all, strangers. Engineering Hall Of Fame Taps Diffey Alex A, Diffey of Houston Tex., a graduate of the Univer sity of Arkansas who retired recently after 42 years of ser vice with the Exxon Company was inducted last week into the College of Engineering Hal of Fame at the University, ac cording to Dean Loren Heiple of the College. Diffey had been manager o specialty products in the EXxxon Refining Department for si years prior to his rctiremen' A native of Cotton Plant, h received his degree in median cal engineering from the U in 1932 and joined the Humbl Oil and Refining Company (tin forerunner lo Exxon) that sam year. ate Rep. Henry Wilkins III of in* Bluff said Saturday he ad been threatened politically xcause of his position In the .S. Senate race. Gov. Dale Bumpers is oppos- ig incumbent J. W. Fulbright or the Democratic senatorial omination. Wilkins, who has criticized he Fulbright Campaign Com mittee lor spending money to et out the black vote, is sup porting Bumpers. He said those persons who ad decided to support the gov- rnor are "now being subjected j pressure from the estab shment and the vote-sellers nd buyers. "I have received threats con erning my stand against vote iuying and selling," Wilkins, a Jack, said. "The threats lude: 'If you do not shut will see to it t h a t you have DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM First Run: Plu. St*****^* I ADULTS ONLY-NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED CONTINUOUS FROM DARK 3 SHOWS NITII.Y _ PH. «23-«010 M1VMN 1HUKI PH. 7JU Wilkins Says He Was Threatened PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -- hem and also friendly with 1 im," Wilkins slid. "I wouldn't all his name." Wilkins also said that attorney M. J. Probst of Little Rock, Fulbright supporter, had written him on May 13, demanding full-payment by Tuesday of a balance of $400 owed o Action Resoarch, Inc., a research organization headed by Jim Ranchino of Arkadelphia. "Now, professor Ranchina and 1 are fellow political scientists and had an understanding well-financed 976.' opponent "The Independent Arkansas Voters Association sent it (the alleged threat) to me second hand, not directly, by an i n d i idual who is associated wit] concerning debt," Wi ig th ilkin: the balance ol th« said. R a n c h i n o , denied there was any political that con- But. he said, because of his position in the Senate race, the demand for the money was made. However, Probst, who represents there . . nection. He said he had written the letter at least a week before he even knew w h a t Wilkins' stand was in the Senate race. "It's just a straight legitimate debt," Probst said. Wilkins said he mailed a $401) check to Ranchino, but Ran- chino said Saturday he hadn't received it yet. THE PBZ A HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. R* RZZ.V ftwma SUPREME? DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject la change without notice KTEW, Tuba, Channel 2 (clwniMl I M cabl* In KTUL, Tuba, Channel 8 IChaniMl 4 ·« cafeto !· KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tuba, Channel 6 KQAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, JopGn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 {Channel · MI c*bl» in FsyaimllW) CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Tim* - WMther - Music 9 Channels-FM Radio All on 'The Cable" WARNER CABLE of FayattevilU Phone 521-7730 MOVIES ON TV SUNDAY NIGHT 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "Joy in the Morning" (1965) Richard Chamberlain, Yverta Mlmieux 10:30 p.m. Ch. 8 - "Souls at Sea" (1937) Gary Cooper, George Raft, Frances Dee 10:30 p.m. Ch. 16 -- "Dr. Goldfoot and rh« Girl Bombi" (1966) Vincent Price, Fabian, Laura Antonelli 11:30 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "Coast of Skeletons" (1964) Richard Todd, Dale Robertson, Marianne Koch 11:30 p.m. Ch. 3 -- "The Buster Keaton Story" (1957) Donald O'Connor, Ann Blythe, Rhonda Fleming Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 5 -- "Kid Galahad" (1962) . Elvis Presley, Gig Young, Lola Albright 8:00 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "Hello Down There" (1969) Tony Randall, Janet Leigh, Jim Backus 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Seven Brides for Seven Brothe'j" (1954) Jane Powell, Howard Keel AUTO INSURANCE · $50,000 Liability · $2,000 Medical · Uninsured Motorist · S Year Renewable Guarantee Safe $| £ £»f\ Quarter Driver* XOiOw Premium MeCARTNEY-FAUCETTE Mnna 442-21}! 1144 H. COLLICI 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound Z333 N. College 142-S575 even a father could love GET OUT OF TOWN Drive ««t t» Hickory Creek «ec. Area "THE BARN 2C4 Eatt off Hwy. 71 9t**fc» and shrimp, homem*** clniumwi ·vlto. rcKiftes, and salads. F amity ttylc ftsft fry Friday. Bar BQ Rib* Saturday. Open 5-10 pjn. tot and Sun. U noon-16 p-in. CtoMd Won. an* T»*. Cimi ·*« u *« Beaver Lake. SUNDAY MORNING + «:00 Party Line * Across the Fence 3 + 6:30 Today's World t Across the Fcnc« ft Sacred Heart 3 * 6:45 With This Rim 12 Pastors Study 8 Davey and Goliath 3 * 7:» Search « Outreach ·.... « Music and the Spoken Word 2 Kid Power 12 Faiih for Today 1ft Amazing Grace _ Voice of Victory ft * 7:38 Gospel Singing JubiEee fi Voice of Victory ft This is Ihe Life ....' 2 Osmonds . . , . , !: Thy Kingdom Coma 3. 5 Encounter . , 16 * 8:00 James Robinson , T Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Mike It. Where You Get The Bett And Save The (Most. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-1M1 SPRINT.DALE, ARK. Revival nre Bailey'. Co! Tulaa Youtt Day of Dia * 8:M Thy Kingdo God Squad Amazing Chan Billy Jam. " Candid £vang« Insight Gospel of Christ Let The Bible S Herald Of Truth Rex Humbard 9:30 -Source ... Look Up ; Ksthryn K 1 Vision On Day of O i s _ _ Oral Roberta * 10:00 Dialogue Faith for Today Billy fame* " Call the Dot H. R. Pufnsl. Revival Fires Jerry Falweli Oral Roberts Day of Diic * 10:30 Hour of Poi Make A Wish To Be Jimmy Swaggart Bookahelf . * 11:M Other Peop'... _ Webber's World Ch'jrch Service Church 9ei . _ . M«t the Praaa * 1Z:(H- Movie Hcpes Or Fears? Name of " KUHI Nes Wrestling Direction* Grids of Katy Evangel Tei SUNDAT f * !*:» Issues and . Meet th. I * 1:M Galaxy '74 Kate Smith .. Meet the Fran Big Valley Baseball Pri Ac I ion 14 Baseball .. at 1 'M -- neU Forum n Come m ........ ruth ..... .7, .*..'.. t - ,.t ....... Temple Tiriat . ..'.'.....*. ale Speak rruth rd id Live ..,...'.*.. ilman . , , ,, , x3ay clor t u f s ' , ·n s overy sh ounced ggart e. Other Places orW ... fic« 3, , fi. yjC» r*M oars? - . ..' ie Gram* Special a'ty"'. '.'.""'.."'.". mp» \FTERNOON Anvwer* ..... 5. PTCM TS-aaf ".*.'..'.','"'.. *~.?TM,'.:' ::::::;. ..,., ,..,., . 16 ... 2 8 12 ... 7 Jfi 5. 6 ... S ,. 12 . . 1C ... 3 ... 7 t 6 . . 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Columbo Indianapolij Mannix Maiterpiec* Th*atr« ... ^ K*2A -- Bamaby JonM Th r M tseeke rs Tiring Line ^ 1'U -Conversation With . .. Pol-lLcal Talk Sanford and Son Happy Day» Classic my I ....."... l 1 3, '.'.*'.'.'.. 1 S P S '.'.'.'..... 1 '.'.'.'.,.. 1 3, 6, 1 1 .... 8 t 2. 3. 3^ '.',,'."."«! · .. 2, 3, . 5, 8. 1 «, 1 .... «. 1 ".-.::;:::; '.".'."t, i. Bobby Goldaboro 12 Fishing with the Pros 16 J. i. i, t. T. !. 12. 1« Owen Marshall 5 NBC News: Special Edition 2, 3, 7 Movie « 8. 16 Championship Fishing 12 Jl:00 -Virginian 12 * 11:30- Beaver Lake Show 5 * 12:00 Social Security * 12:38 News MONDAY MOUSING Momenta of Meditation * S:3« SMS Forum " Garner Ted Armstrong ' + 6:35 Inspiration * 6:« fi:5« - ishing with 10:M - Coffee Break News * 11:H - ackpot Mike Douglas "'he Young and Restleas 'asswortt * 11:11 Celebrity Sweepstakes .. Search for Tomorrow iplit Second * 11:55 - f ews Religious Town Hall MONDAY AFTEaWKJN lews' Phil Donahue . Z, «, T. 12, II 1 Tabletslk 1 All My Children · * 12:15 - Light nf Life Today in Agriculture .... * 6:55 Harvest Time Tabernacle Project CBS News Coui try Muate Today Timmy and Lassie * 7:M Cartoon* * »:M Cartoon Circus Captain Kangaroo . Seaame Street * »:M Oklahoma: * »:" It's Your B«t » A.M. Jokers Wild Dinah Shore Sesame Street MOT!* * *:» Gambit 5. 7 Jeopardy Love. American Style) How You 9M It ... Wizard Of Odda All afT Children * I»:J» Brady Bunch . . . . . . . Love Of Life Hollywood Square* . 8 if 10:55 -- i. l: i. u I X 5. 7 3. i 7 * 4:30 Beat The Clock ................ I .ucy Show ................. Bonanza ............... 12 Beverly Hillbillies .............. T * 5:00 -To Tell The Truth ... ---- ....... J 4ews , .................. 5 8 Andy Griffith ................ I! rruth or Consequences ... ....... 7 Mister Rogers ... ............. II World Report ................. ^ 18 5:30 Truth or Consequences .......... 8 Sleclric Company ........... 11 News ... 2. 3, 5, 6. 7 12 Twilicht Zone -. .............. IS M O N D n V Leave It To Carol Three on a Match ,. Let's Make a Deal As The World Turns .... * 12:35 Melody Matinee * 1:00 Days of Our Lfva Cuiding Light Newlywed Game . Doctors 1C 2. 3 ... 5, 8, 12 6. 1« J. J. 5 7 Girl In My Life 8 Edge of Might «. * t:M Price is Bight S, ._ Another World Z 3 5, 1 General Hospital s ' * «:» Match Game I How To Survive A Marriage 2, 3. One Life To Live 1 Tatlletales «. Cartoons . . . . . . . . To Tell The Truth 12 Today's Yoga 1 Somerset Z, 2, 5, ' * 3:3* Joker's Wild Uncle Ztb 8 Dick Van Dyke 1« Big Easel -- Art 1 Petticoat Junction Lucy Show . All My Children Dinah Shore Three On A atetefc * «:» Star Trek Fugitive Jeopard? . Corner Pyle. USMC I Dream of Jeannl. Her* Griffin Bonanza Sesame Street U fTodgepodge Lodge News * «:» Political Tal* Dragnet ..... Wild. Wild World of Animals To Tell the Truth Untamed World ...... .... Open Door Hogan's Heroes ' . 2 . 3. S. (. 7 I. 12. II Let's Make A Deal * 6:45 Political Talk * ! : · « - iasebal[ World Garagiola ---Rookies ..... . Gunsmoke 11 16 U ot Joe 2. 3, ^ 8. 12 *, Ik The Chrome-Plated N i g h t m a r e 11 * 7:15- Bascnall ................... Z. 3. 7 * 7:3»- Political Talk .................. I * 8:0» Here's Lucy ........ . . . . . . 6. 1R Movie ................ .'... 1, * 12 The Gloucester Men .......... 11 8:3« Book Beat Dick Van Dyke * *·» Medical Center Washington Straight Talk * :» Today's Yoga . . . ...... ......... 11 * I«:N New. ....... J, J. 5, «. 7. I. 12. 1« 11 «. 1C t, 1« .. 11 Johnny Canson 2, 3, S, 7 In the Steps of a Dead Man « 13 * «:·» News Tomorrow * 12:5i Project IT i. i. J 7

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