Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 26, 1974 · Page 40
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 40

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 40
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NorthwMl Aifcanns TIMES, Sun., May 2*, 1974 rAvrrriviLLE, A~ -NOW Opens Conference In Houston HOUSTON. Tex. (AP) -- The president of the National Or- ganixation Tor Women said Saturday that both men and women have been dehumanized by the, intellectual, political, economical, educational and reli- gious.rape of women. Wilnia Scotl Heide was one of the firs! speakers as NOW opened its seventh national conference. The meeting runs through Tuesday. Mrs. Heide referred to the "You Can't Stop NOW" theme of the conference as she lold "about ,1,000 delegates, inast of them women: "This is the place, thi.s is the time: We are Hie people to vanguard the end of the "feminity 1 game crippled by the "masculitiity 1 game and create the 'humanity' game. She said that "rape of women intellectually, politically, economically, educationally, religiously as well as physically may have been th elate original 'sin," that resulted in the dehumanizalion of men anrl women, Mrs. Heide criticized nnii- abortion forces--who were represented \vitih pickcbs outsitie Albert Thomas Convention Hall the Albert Thomas Convention Hall whore the meeting was held. "Every child may have a right to life--if that is wanted by her and his parents, especially the mother whose body is inhabited and from whom the h u m a n embryo draws subste- nance." Mrs. Heide said in a reference to the name of one of the leadin ganti^abortion groups, Right to Life. "Compulsory pregnancy is utterly obscene," she said. On another topis. Mrs. Heide also said NOW was involved in negotiations with the federal government and American Telephone Telegraph Co. over another multimillion-dollar settlement, similar to a $15 million settlement last year. The telephone company agreed in a 173 consent decree to pay some 15,000 minority and worn en employes $15 million, much of it in back pay, because o[ alleged discriminaton. Mrs, Heide said the now set tlemcnl would cost Mir company about $50 million. She declined to elaborate ami said she expected an announcment next week. Premier Sunday Crossword Puxzlo ACROSS 1. Clothing . size 6. Buzzes 1(. Former First Lady 14. Hebrew patriarch 13. Arizona Congressman M. Of the ear 21. Outside: comb, form 22. Haitian dance 23. "You Can't -You" 25. "Over -» 27. Fencing sword 28. Bully 30. Cereal grains 31. A coin 32. Saints (abbr.) 33. White SI. About House pet 82. Wander 34. Large SI Formed paddle 38. Record 38. Sailor 39. Earth 49. Secured 53, Bay window 54, Actress Merrill 55, House wings 57. Musical direction 58. Shakespeare ». Native policeman 60. Australian sea miles fit. Yugoslav VIP 63. Compass reading 64. Matures SS."-a Horse" 67. Festive «8. Pitcher S3. "A- Misbegotten" 75. 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God- dcss of harvest WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY W A L - M A R T OPEN 9-9 GIGANTIC WE SELL FOR LESS WAL-MART Discount City Health Beauty Rids] DISCOUNT COUPON S A T I S F A C T I O N . G U A R A N T E E D . Sout-hgare Shopping Center Mon. thru Wed. SALE N Fantastic Savings On Famous Brands You Know Discount Coupon BUFFERIN Analgesic , 225 Tabkt Bottle 'ei,rf I herbal I 1 essence 1 Average time of solution: Sljminntes. Power Blackout Threatened In Northern Ireland BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) -- Protestant m i l i t a n t s said Saturday they would impose an immediate power blackout if British soldiers were called in lo break their crippling 11-day-old general strike. The Ulster Workers Council, which organized the strike, said it would also suspend the few remaining services if the army is used in any capacity to break the walkout. Britain's administrator lor Northern Ireland, Merlyn Rees, r e t u r n e d to Ulster earlier in the day carrying British plans to break the strike. British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who has refused to negotiate with the strikers, scheduled a WltHThlt Coupoo ttakl Expires 5-29-74 Discount Coupon Discount Coupon Cialrol HERBAL ESSENCE Shampoo Normal-Oily A SOz.fl Size milhltJ Coapon LMtl Expires 5-29-71 PEPSODENT Toothpaste WtliTMi Coupon limit I Discount Coupon Balsam Body Instant Conditioner 8OZ.I Coupon Itattl Tame Creme RJnse Tome Creme Rinse V^ -y WthBodij-160z 98e Expires ;l-29-7 Answers On Page 6A tional television address on the crisis in tile evening. There wei'e reports Hie British were prcnared lo use troops to restore essential services, such as distributing gas and oil. It \v;is feared such a move could trigger more violence from the strikers who have en- forced the shutdown with barricades, intimidation and attacks on police. The strike has idled about half or the province's 250,000 work force. Strikers' demands include new elections in the provincial assembly and rejeciion of an agreement aimed at binding Protestant-dominated Northern Ireland closer to the Irish republic, which is 95 per cent Roman Catholic. One thousand troops have been airlifted in the last few days lo reinforce the British garrison, which now has more than 16,500 men. Discount Coupon ExpiresS-29-7'1 Discount Coupon WAL-MART Discount CJIy BRYLCREEM 6.5 Oz. With This Coupon Limit 1 CLOSE Toothpaste mint or Reg. 6.4 Oz. Tube up IWIthTMi J Coupon Unit I Expires 5 29-74 Discount Coupon Expires 5-29-74 JCPenney Auto Service Center miss Cialrol Creme Formula 2 Oz. Size Choice Of Colors Discount Coupon Clahol HPPPINESS Foam In Hair Color Choke Of Colofs 25% off Survivor 48 batteries. Save 8 96 Rc» 344S. Sale 25.99. Survivor 48. Ttw battery lor the on-the-go motornt. Check oat our great guarantee. Polypropylene plastic case. 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