Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 26, 1974 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 15
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As Nixon Fights Impeachment Nation Seen As Leaderless By RICHARD J. MALOY TIMES W«sWi(tM Bvreu WASHINGTON - Here is a roundup on news items gathered in the nation's capital by the stagg of our Washington Bureau. L E A D E R L E S S GOVERNMENT -- Sen. Henry Jack; son has voiced the fear that the American ship of state is drifting aimlessly in stormy seas because of the impeachment crisis. President Nixon, the nominal · captain of the ship, is in no position to take command be; cause of the impeachment pro. ceedings. the Washington State Democrat said in a speech be; fore the National Press Club. "Let's be candid. . .let's face up to it. . .no one is in charge · of the government today," said Jackson: ; Jackson expressed a concern £ which is shared by many ob ; servers at a time when Mr . Nixon is preoccupied with fight." ing impeachment and has sunk ". to a record low in public opin ; ion polls. · "It is painfully obvious lha ·J no one is in charge. . .that the 5 president is govemmentally in J capacitated pending resolution .' of the impeachment question ' ^ said Jackson. ' Jackson said he was not going ; to express an opinion on th ; guilt or innocence of Mr. Nixon ; since he expects to have to si ; as a juror in a Senate tria ' later this year on the ouste nf the presidcril. Nor does hi ," favor Mr. Nixon temporaril; " stepping aside in favor of th , v vice president, as provided un » der the 25lh Amendment. ; However Jackson did call fo ·-' the appointment of a respecte i American to a new position L · economic czar in Hie White · House during this period o ^ leadership vacuum in order t X take charge of a federal effor · to deal with pressing problem " of inflatio nand business slow " down. ; SCHOOL COSTS -- n . · costing an average of $1.120 I educate pupils in America The HEW report also said the verage salary for classroom eachers in American public chools is $10,670 this year. During the school year, which a losir s about to come to an end, costs, otal U. S. public school enrollment was 45.5 million pupils. ublic schools this school year, ccording to a new study by le Department of Health, Edu- alion and Welfare. There is a wide difference be- ween the states in per-pupil ex- lenditures, the HEW report oted. Fer-pupil spending is ighest in New York State 'here the amount is $1,809 and owest in Alabama where it nly $716. fut. It is called "Childrens Books 19711." put out by the Library of Congress and lists 200 of the best books for youngsters among the 2,100 children* titles published last year. A copy of "Childrens Books 1973" may be obtained by send ing 30 cents to : Consumer Information. Pueblo, Colo., 81009. INFLATION --· Housewives aren't the only ones battling inflation today; state and local governments are also fighting a losing battle against soaring An example is the sharp rise n the cost of highway constr- POP TOP CANS -- Those iw pop-top cans are conven- ent, but they can cause injury f used carelessly, according to he U.S. Consumer Product iafety Commission. The commision monitors ho's- pHal emergency rooms across he nation to detect injuries caused by consumer products. It discovered that an estimated 4,405 persons were treated *»t hospitals last year for in- iuries suffered while trying to pen pop-top and zip-open cans. Most injuries involved cut lands or fingers. FUEL COSTS -- Gasoline prices are continuing to rise, according lo a new federal report. It showed the average price of regular gasoline last month was 53.7 cents per gallon, while premium gasoline was selling for 57,3 cents per gallon. This was about a one-cent per-gallon rise from the previous month. The average family, which ha san annual income of $11,000, will have to pay about $1,000 for fuel of all kinds t h i s year. This amounts to 9 per cent of (heir income, compared lo fuel expenditures of 4 per cent of family income last year. SUMMER READING -- If you want your kitls to help pass the time by reading some goon 1 books during their summer vacation. Uncle Sam has a new publication which will be help- uclion. new report by the Fedora Highway Administration dis closed that the cost of road con struction has rocketed 36 per cent in the past year. Concrete structual steel and other items hvolved in road building have all surged in price. AUTO DEFECTS -- Auto makers had to recall more than seven million vehicles last year Because of defects, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There were 251 car recal campaigns last year, involving 6.6 million U.S.-made cars anc 334.000 foreign-made cars. About half the recalls were ordered by the federal govern ment, and the other half wer made voluntarily by the manu faclurers. M»rrtw»tt ArlcmM* TIMK, Son., May U, W4 · *.'· 'I Watergate Investigation Near Completion WASHINGTON (AP) --, Marking Us first anniversary, he Watergate special prosecution force announced Saturday t h a t its investigation of the break-in and cover-up is nearly completed and that its probe of campaign dirty tricks is in its "inal stage. Spokesmenl for the prosecutors said the greatest number of criminal investigations still pending involve campaign contributions, including those from dairy-farmer cooperatives. Other investigations also are proceeding in the ITT case and in matters stemming from the probe of the While House plumbers unit, including al leged misuse of executive power, alleged illegal wiretapping and alleged misuse of the FBI the Internal Revenue Service and other government agencies, .he spokesmen said. In a 10-page report, the spokesmen gave a box score of he year's activities: --36 men and 13 corporations lave been charged by the special prosecutors with some federal crime. Of these, 22 men and 9 corporations have been convicted, two men have had rtdictments dismissed, and the remainder either have yet to plead to the charges or arc awaiting trial. Those who have pleaded guilty include former A l l y . Gen. Richard G. Kleindienst, former White House aides John W. Dean III, Jeb Stuart Magruder, Frederick C. LaRuc, Egil Krogh, Jr and Herbert L. Porter and the President's former lawver and fundraiser Herbert W. Kal mbach. --Legal papers have been iled in court on 54 separate occasions, including an historic court battle over the first sub oena demanding presidential ape recordings and documents Tom President Nixon. -One briefcase full of evidence pertaining to the House Judiciary Committee's im jeachmcnt investigation ol President Nixon was forwarded 3y a Watergate grand jury through U.S. Disl. Judge John J. Sirica to the committee. The anniversary report made no mention of Ni.xpn's firing last year of the original Water gate prosecutor, Archibald Cox or of the recent troubles of his successor, Leon Jaworski. The report, issued by publi relations spokesmen James S Xyle and John Barker, said · ask force of seven lawyers aligned to the Watergate break- n itself is currently preparing or the September trial of seven persons, including former ,Nix- u aides U.K. Haldeman. John ). Bhrlichrrmn, Charles W. Colson and John N. Mitchell]' "The investigative work of this task force is nearly completed and future work will b« ronccntratctd mostly on preparation for trials," the report said. i' A larger task force of It lawyers assigned to campaign contributions already has attount- ed for charges against {C individuals and 13 corporatiqBjf. "It is the (ask force with thejlarg- est number of criminal investigations still pending." the report added. '"'· Th. TIMB h On-Top of The News"*. Seven Days a Weitf Live It Up By H. D. MCCARTY Chaplain of Hie Razoifeaeks EDITOR'S NOTE: The Rey.| Mr. McCarty. who writes this column weekly, will be on vacation during June. The column will he resumed the first Sunday in July. Someone has well remarked that busyness is the great .sin of our age! Even those who supposedly have everything don't have the time lo enjoy it. Comments of "I'm so busy," "I'm too far hehinrl," "When T find time," "This week is too rushed," etc., seem to be on (he increase as never before. The great prayer of our age could easily he, "If f only had more time!!" The greatest lesson God has ever taught me about t i m e came as a result of a phone conversation w i 11] another church member. In concluding the call the good lady commented, "Paslor, you're so busy. You need thirty hours a day!!" T user] my most humble voice denying this and mumblec something about all of us needing more time. After hanging up the receiver however, I leaned back in m!i chair, meditated on my s e l f a p p o i n t e d importance, t h e critical nature of my work anc decided that I did need thirty hours a day. I was joyfully meditating on all T was going to accomplish with this "extra" time when the Truth of. God. in ils usual fashion, blew my m i n d with a different thought! GOD'S VOICE .seemed t( speak to me saying. . ."Wha an oversight on My part. When ' I created the twenty-four hou ! clay, I didn't anticipate that H ' D. McCarty would come along , and need thirty!!" Zap! Pn\v" : Boom! Ugh! What a shot The the trulh began to dawn ; Returning from Isrcal a fc\ weeks before. I had experienced me of those "thirty hour clays." We flew and flew with the sun. and it never got dark It took me a week to recover my lost sleep from only one "thirty' lour day! I The profound truth for all of s (o realize is that God has given us all the time we need o do all we were created to do. Twenty-four hours is enongli "or any man, woman or child College students often complain o me about how little time they lave. THE TRUTH is t h a t thcj lave more free time in college .han they'll ever have in their ife! The person who says, "I 1 Behind" or "I don't have enough time," or "I'm fratil- . trying to catch up." is admitting he is occupied with areas God never intended him to hp. concerned wilh. Jesus Christ had plenty of time lo do all the Father sent Him to do. He was never ir hurry. He was always schedule." He never allowed second-rate activity lo pul! Him away from first-rate priorities. Thomas Fuller said, "Time misspent is not lived but lost!" A . person doesn't "find time' for anyting; he must dedicate it. Time cannot be expanded, accumulated, mortgaged, hast ened or retarded. It is the one thing completely beyond man's control. The only way man can cscaper enslavement to time is to make time his servant. The God who made time is the only adequate source to this discovery. When Jesus Christ said, "My time is at hand." He in- dicaled He held the key to Ihe mystery and power of time. I hope you'll "take time" to check Him out! SORRY, NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS. LIMITED QUANTITIES Terrorists Reportedly Were Unaware Of Police Buildup LOS ANGELES (AP- -Neighbors tell of drinking beer and visiling with Symbioncse Liberation Army members until slwrtly before the six terrorists died during a Shootout with authorities. The people on 54th Street watched the four white women load guns and ammunition just before the gun battle May 17. They saw a black man, later identified as the "Cinque" of the Patricia Hearst kidnap communiques, sitting on the porch of the little yellow bungalow They saw a man. later identified as William Wolfe, sitting on a top bonk bed. twirling a pistol cowboy-style. They heard a tall white worn ·n say: "We've got to be alert -- got to be on guard," And they heard the whispered plans to leave that night-plans that were never fulfilled, for the six terrorists who had vowed to die for their revolution died in the f l a m i n g ruins of the little yellow house. TV bungalow on 54th Slrec WM known lo neighbors as a party nous*. People dropped in ill the time. The SLA terrorists were odged (here after offering Christine Johnson $1(M) to spend he night in Ihe house she shared with Minnie Lewis and Minnie's five children. The children left for school he morning of May 17 unaware of Uie fugitives hiding in the ·car bedroom. But by after noon, neighborhood children were dashing down the stree with the news "those SLA' K-oplc had turned up on their jlock. "We saw him sitting on Ihe [Xrch but we didn't know he was t h a t SLA guy," Florence Lishcy said Friday, referring to Donald DeFreeze, the SLA leader "Cinque." "They were partying all day over there." she said, "but lha wasn't unusual 'cause they par ty in t h a t place everyday." "One thing's for sure," said a neighbor. "Those SLA peopl picked the wrong house nn the wrong street in the wrong town Nothing slays a secret arounc here very long." Model TE 304 G.E. "CarryCool' Air Conditioner Orig. 109.95 99 The lightweight air conditioner that gives you heavy duty cooling. 4,000 BTIJ and just 43 pounds light so you can take it where you need cooling. Install in any window opening 22'/j to 36 inches wide, 15 inches high. Model SF2101 72-INCH DIAGONAL GE. Black and White Portable T.V. 74 95 89.95 Quality designed to give you bright, crisp, black and white pictures. Monochrome hybrid chassis incorporates integrated circuiting and many solid state devices for cool operation and a long dependable life. Model M9162 25-INCH DIAGONAL G.E. Solid State Color Console Orig. 599.95 499 100% solid state... .no more tubes except the one you look at. Features one-touch color system,., color and tint range lock, automatic fine-tuning® control, sharpness control and G.E. instant color,' picture. Mod*! TBF21 G.E. 20.8 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator 399 Orig. 429.95 No-frost refrigerotor-freezer hos giant 6.96 cu. ft. freezer that holds up to 243 pounds. Jet freeze ke comportment with Ice'n'easy service. Only SO'A inches wide and 66 inches high. J301 Continuous Clean G.E. 30" Range 38k 169 95 A roomy oven wilh removable door is a special feature of this range. Easy cleaning highlights this quality electric range. Storage drawer and pushbutton surface unit switches are two remarkable features of this range. Appliances--DILLARD'S--Second Floor Model SC461 G.E. Portable "Potscrubber" Dishwasher Orig. 259.95 This useful dishwashere rolls where needed now and can easily be built-in later. 4-cycle selection Power-ScrubTM get pots, pans and even crusty' casseroles sparkling dean. Open Monday Through Saturday Nights Until 9.

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