Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 26, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 13
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.In Impeachment Study NoHhwMt Arkamcn T1MB, Sun., May U, 1*74 f ATCmVILU. Action Is Behind Closed Doors WASHINGTON (AP) -- The impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill is historic and momentous. But it's like being invited to a Hollywood premiere and not being allowed to watch the show. The action takes place behind closed, paneled doors on the first floor of the Sam Raj 1 burn House office building on the southwest side of the Capitol Anyone who doesn't belong inside is. told so by an armed policeman at the door. Those who insist on a glimpse of nistory-in-the-making must stand for hours in the marble corridor, waiting for the entrances and exits of the 31 m e m b e r s of th« House Judiciary Committee. If you're only there once, it's hard to figure out who's who. The chairman. Peter W. Ro- dirio N-N.J., a short, impeccably tailored man with wavy, gray-white hair, is easy to spot. Almost everywhere he goes, at least a dozen reporters and photographers surround him. President Nixon's lawyer, James D. St. Clair. is another crowd-pleaser. Each time he emerges from a secret meeting, reporters pounce on him, peppering him with questions as he walks quickly down the corridor. When John M. Doar. the tall, lean chief counsel for the committee, came out. he, too, was followed by questioning reporters. Doar was silent and kept walking. He reached the end of the corridor and knocked briskly on the door. No one answered. The chief counsel began to laugh. "Hurry up and get me away from these people," he pleaded. . So it goes. The committee has held six sessions in what Rodino calls the first phase -- Dear's recitation of all information available on the Watergate break-in and cover-up. St. Clair. a short, stocky. gray-haired man, has per mission to attend. When Doa finishes. St. Clair may respoi on the President's behalf. Rodino has . said the com mittee meetings may be made public within the next two weeks. The committee room is small and will hold only about 100 re porters and photographers ol some 1,000 who have requested to be admitted, so the television networks have built their own accommodations. They have set up a small air-conditioned stage on a scat folding outside the windows ol the committee room. Known a the "tree house." Hush Puppies Ilushpuppies Sandals White · Navy · Red · Multi Combinations A very special group of famous Hushpuppies* *andals reduced for Summer Sale savings. This does not include our entire stock but there is a good variety of styles, sizes and colors. Crinkle patents or smooth leathers. Be early for best selec- tion. Orig. $18 11 9O Sorry, No Mail Or Phone Orders Women's Shoes--DILLARD'S--First Floor Book Publishers Clearance! These are' books orginally published at prices from 2.98 to $25. Make great vacation time reading. 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Gorgeous volume 1 ol detailed draw- Ings and fascinalinff hjstory of such prea[ ships a s the paddle wrheel Ctermont, TMant i c, Queen Man-, United Stales. lOKxll. Only Orle. 18.50 THK F1XKST ROOMS BY AMERICA'S fiRKAT DECORATORS. Ed. by K. Tweed. Inlrod. by Russell Lynes. 143 photos. 53 In lull color. Fabulous cross section ot America's most beautiful houses and apartmenst, the finest examples of Irarlltlonal dccoralion including trie works of Wm Baldwin Ruse Cumming, Geo. Slacey, Sfis. Henry Parish ir, Michnel Pub. Only Orlft. fl.50 A FINISH OK FTRI.DS VKRBAI, AXI VISUAI, «KMS FROM THK FILMS OK \\-\ FIKI.DS. Ed. by K.J. ,\nob:lt. Inlro. by Judith Crist. Over 700 pholos. Hilnrions Fields movies -Mv Little Chickadee. The Bank IXcJc. Never Give a "Sucker an Even Break,. e!c. Wildly f u n n y Incl. scenes with Mae West Baby Irfroy, more. Only Ori*. *1-i THK HISTOHV. BK\|iTV AMI K K H K S OF THK GAROKXKKS WORI.IK By J. Von Mtklos * F. Fiore. Hunlreils of exquisite pholos. over 200 in sparkling full color. The most beautiful book of car dens and flowers ever produced, com- plolnh- comprehensive -- covering every type of flower and radiant in its e.vcellence of co:or reproduction. 8xll, Only r,I.ASS AM) (1IASSWARE. By G. .^aVage. 225 lllns., 90 in full color. Sumptuous presentation of one of the most unique substances known to man. T-uscions- and (tfiaited niiotos illus. the hundreds ot uses slncp Hie discovery of tfla;s in tha 17th ce ntn ry IS-C. i nd. Tiff.iny la nips and clian- dcllers. Persian g!fl=s, cut crystal, blue and ruby, flJiss," drinhinc flfanscsi vases, gobldls, much more. Extra value import only «ois *- csonnKssES or THK MOVIKS. By J. Kobal. Over -100 illus. many in co'.or. The glamor* otis stars who make trie movies what they are for-luniorrow-we-die beautiful people -- all In n magnificent, comprehensive book on doings on and off the screen of Gable, Garbo. Monroe, Dietrich loi.^ more. Evlr* value import only HF.RAIJ1KY AND RKGAMA OF WAR. Ed. by B. Filzsimons. Lavishly illustrated throughout, many tn full color. Magnificent collection of military memorabilia and paraphernaiia inclurtiny hundrods tf ttis!ftna, deMJra ttons. uniforms, helmets, nrmor, flap? and banners, posters and much more from ancirnt decorations to modern ones. Exlra value Orir. K-Vl" THE HKRITAGF OF KARI.T AM^II- TAN HO HSfS. By J. D rury. Intro, bv' Vince nt Price. '290 photos, 40 In full color. Massive, in- fnrmalivc volume provides detailed history of 63 distinguished pre-1850 American houses, their architecture and ButhcnLtc interiors, their Inhabitants, mivch more JK'iXl2''t .Only Or1». K HOW TO REFVRNFS1I OT.n ASIKRHTA'S HOUSF-S by H.U Williams O.K. Wulliams. More than 150 photos drawings. How to recapfure the cha rm of a n old Am«rioa n .selling in vonr home Bhowlnp room arrangements and I n d i v i d u a l pieces, wallpapers, rugs, draperies, clocks, anlique.s. fur- nifure peprod 1 ; ropies, etc. New. comrJete ed. only Orir. i*.ss ixniAxs AS THK WKSTFHNKRS SAW THFar b\- Ral|* W Anrtrewi Over 200 pholos inch works by Curtis, Jackson. Barry. Rinrhaif. and! others. Old manuscripts and pftiofos reveal the experiences of pioneers .wttiers, traders, (earnliters, and army wives with the Indians of the Crest Trains, the way of life amongst th? various tribes, their stniffcles, etc. New.' comp:e^c ert., onlv- TNIiOOR riANTS. By lAvell Ueniamin. l?.l beautiful full co'or photos. Gorgeous complete ffnide to prow- In? plants for your home. Discusses cultivation ·nd care, effects of liphtinsr and heatinc, folfaee and fiowerinjr plants, bulbs, rwtms. Terns. rn.= ii. carti and bottle gardens. Spectacular plioio^ show you what you can achieve. Extra value import only Orte. 17.9^ THK I.OTOMOTIll'S THAT mi.mVTX BIin.T. By F. IVpsltnjf. Over 300 p!ioios, manv previously unpub'ishert. Ahsorbinn slorj' of the great railroad manufacturer, !nc*. compt. ftur- srmlle of the history of (he Baldwin loro- molive works mi-l!tt1- SMvlO*; Onl- Orig. I9.M THK IjORK OF THK TKATX By C. HnmlUon Tlllis. .S9 woodcuts, cn*mvin?s and f i n e palnfines. 57 In b r i l l l n n t full rotnr- Evo'ution nt the train from Trevilhtrtt's first l^H tramrod locomoUve (o tomorrow's hish.5peed aerolrain. Stenn- *leotric and diesei locomotive?, p^ssenper, frei.sT 1 ^ n nd ffmvinl cnrs. |1»! \ 12. THE mVF OF HORAFX A. Alcwtr. 1'fl full coloc T*o(O3. Staf-nificent volume of exhibition and competition horses, rodeo stars and horse show umrv er.T, etc. A complete picture (ruide to srTendiiV steeds from Russia, Cermanv, Arabia, a'l over (he worM, anxl2^. EslM v^lue In^rt oilv Sl,1 STKRP1 FX:»S OF HIM JCA I, ART. Comp. by AiMinguiittrEt hoard of eriilors. Hundreds of f u l l rolr reproductions, Siipert» collection of ouJstanrllnj; relfffious p«intin?s with an Hpr-ronriate passnrff trnm trie Bible and the artist's stunificanty In the hts- tor- ol art. Including Botlfwlli, Yrrrorfiio. K1 Greco. Bosch, Rubens, Cira vagffio olhers 11D5 Value MRRRY nmTKS. Ponirs for a Saturday nijiht- K'l. A n rra njied for p! n no X- tru i t^ r hv " Nrvrm an Cazclen. riir;. nn unpvpiirgated ro'Iertion o( de- 1etrt,ibTp son?ff and balladi. 5t seclions t*-ith words and rmislr. S'JvlO'*;. FOR .A MAN. TWO FOR A HORSK -- A pictorial hislory, jrruve and c\-m!c. of patent niedk-inon. B:/ OeraM Carson. Hiindrerfs of rare, o!d nirlure.T. farts, follies ?nd foibles ot MlJ-docloring In grand- P,I'T rtnv, Jbct'J'i, Only ' fon nrc , relishes, con^ervre. Jellies. rnarmal.Tdcs. riiulney.?, lams, fruit bulfers, catsups, mincfmeafs, sauces anrf candied fruUs. Onlv orfir. jro rirroRiu. F^TYa,orrrnA OF PUNTS ANO FLOWERS, By F. A. Xovak. VA. hy J. C. Parlon, American ed. II- W. RickeK. 1170 suoorh p:ctu res, many In fii'I oiTor. A hu tre refr rpn-e work covers entire p!nnt VIntrdom from al?ae (o free, throughout rhe world. Sff) pngps. Onlv Orftf. ,« 01 R DAfT,V R R K I P by 5(rl!a ttflndaM. Introd. by Andre Eimon. SA5 re-i[es for wo-idorfiil hrc^)5, whole-grain breads, truldc breads, cotfcft rakes, feasl breads, fritters, nconrj and paneaVe* -- pone for every day ot the year plus an p.vlra for I^eap Year. Onlv Orfff. ».« A r»TORTAT. HISTORV OK M\O'C AM* THK PrPKRXATrRAI. Rs- T. IVssy. 1,000 pSo!os in wide rAnv\nf hislory of mapic nnl rnvTiticIsni from pre-his1orlc t;mes to present sn- asl ro!o?y, lo% c po' 1 on s, s e\ ual a nd f i*rl 11; ty rlt ? *, voodoo. Hack masse*, vampire j, Initialfons. f'c. Size S'ixll .New, rom^'cte- ed.. Only om,nr; .is .% HOUBV. By n. nrighih-n. Over 100 Titus., 4 In full color. Vivid ty i l l u s . booV fu;i of ideas for wearing uprfflre!. hoii'tho'di Jlcrrt? antt (rifts. Inoludra pat(ern *nl InsfmctJons for b^l quill; and coverlets, etc. New cornp'oie H Only M A K I N G THIXr.S FOR TOt T R WOMK b- V. Janitrh. K full co'or photos. Create Aarz'.lng and ornampn- tAt accfr.^orie* for every room In your home from readily available materbil* -- 40 projcctn w i t h clear, irtep-by-s'.ep ifljilmolln* -- ho r*»ds, tote-bags. «proas, more. Kxlra value import only Or(, 7.*5 n.VWOOn WOUKPtr. FOR r.VFRV. HOnV by J. G. Rnoa. Hundreds of step-by-slep pSoto* nhoj* and pot tte, nvnl tftvn it Ino-lti'lin* fin!p- mrnt, hdsic Korlc prncsswf, plan,c for hone projects, mnre. NVw. compXe edilion only OrtiT. «.« FORTH AFT THK r^MFRfiFACi: OF JOHN F. KKXM»V b- J. I/we, rhV.f* thrn-j^fxyjl. In- timale cJironitrle of the late president -- foun- riation oi family Torture by srandfalher Ilor.ey Fltr, rtiiMhood M diplomat'^ son, nurrU^e In Jack:*, astonish In z noMicaL achievements, « pcr- iraricnt pictorial treasure. S*ixllTi WINI-S OK THK WOfftr.n. Ed, by J, noberti ami J, N'onh*y, IK fu!l color photns, 34 maps. Hraialil- forward ru:-1e tn Hie wlnw rf the world, reading dnd understanding !ab«ti, ho-* spflrttle li put into rhampajir.e, how tTM« sfcerry It m»At. Il*iv3*;. Kctm 7.95 4.95 7.95 6.95 4.95 6.95 5.95 4.95 4.98 7.95 2.98 3.95 4.95 3.95 9.95 4.95 5.95 2.98 3.95 1.98 4.95 2.98 4.95 1.98 2.98 3.98 3.95 THK WOKI.n 8KXEATH THU SIT.l, Jiv M. Torchio. 127 lull color photos. Superb ohotos, rfraniaiic- text, fend all the wonderful animals and planU bcncatli the sea -- octopi, snonses, jc!l[ish, the e f f e c t of lldal eroiou on lanrl fornialion, more. Eixl^, T.xira value Import only WARPIJlNfiS AMI AIR R.tTTr.lK OF WORI.R WAR II. Ed. by A. Xcr.sliaw. I/ivb!i1y Illustrated throughout with hundred^ of black anI svhitc and f u l l Lotrvr illu'.lraliDns. M.ignitifcnl volume traces the use of Bin-ran, in WAV. II, Extra value import only WARS HITS AM SKA RAITf.KS ( I I 1 WOltFJ) WAIi I. By li. Kilzjijnwis. H u n d r e d ? of illus. in black * while, and full color. Tap inll sweep of tlie Ti'nval ronniols inclurlinj; ih c technical nttvnnccs the war Inspired anrL a look M Ihc more e x c i t i n g and si£- U-boats, Q-5hips, od(lilies ot the sea, arvi more. Kvtra value import o:ilv Oriu. 5 .S 5 W H V mil TJ11; N A.M K I T. by 11. Campbell. How Lucky Stride. Uumta-Bftave, Old Smuggler and other famous t»r;mdsi got their name.s, in a lively piece of conteinpoiaiy Amcricaan, ^ew complete ed., only BIRDS OF THK T K t l l ' K S, liy John A. Durlnn. Ovcr 10 1 ] lult coior pholos. BeautiCuL ilcsci ipliaas in woixl*; aJid ]holos about t l i o most unusual and Fllhopian and Kn ul mrtlcal rcglruis. anil Llin tropical ot'pans and filnnds. Hisplay. feeding pa Hern;:. b r c r d i n f - . niigiMLinn, ecology, plumncr, courtship rituals, more. 'Ivll^i extra value imporl only THK 'WOltLO OK JOKSII.S. By n. Pinna. l?f full rotor pholos A ftiscirmtiiu: s t u d y of Invcrlehrato fossils -- ivhat they tcacii u? abonf cvolutinn. Krology, and about life in general. Including classification, collectin?, preservation, more. 9x12. Reduced (o onU' TIIK noKiJi OF STIXI;KAI.S. By v. ttc Michel?, 385 f u l l color pliolo 1 :, 2] iliagrams. Sparkling collection of the mineral kingdom, fi-om the rare diarr Mes f zircons, much moru. Glossary. 3x12. K\lra. value import o n l y . THK \VORr.I OK KKPTtlJlS AM) AMnilHL^K. By Dr. M, Kurlon. 121 snot:1 acular color pholrw. Little known, niKuirtcrslood worlrl of snake.-;, liz- Iiill 'licht in this book of pxciuisite n i f u r c "[ihotos and i n f o r m a t i v e text. KMri i-.r-rc import nnlv THROUGH Tin; r/ioKiM; CL\SS AVD H H A T AI.TCK I'dlLVh T11KK1-:. Ky Lewis Carroll. With the original Tcnnicl ilrawin^s. '11 ic companion volume to Alice's ad ventures in \S'onrl(!r'ani1, a treasure In own or give. Brown simulated feflllier rial value only TKKASl : «V Ol-' AKKOI'-S IMBMiS. 68 freaiurcd fables with ill us. by Thomas Bewick and the Life of Aesop by Oliver Goldsmith. Bound in brown simulate J !e;ithcr with simulated goM «1 a nipi n jr. F.vlni s i i w f a ' val ue only TKKASITIIV OF I'HOVKKKS AMI KPlfiRAMS. Ovc r SOa of th n h psi siy i nss «l Ih e «i oa t Jja 11- simulateti leather u-itli sinni!n(cd B a l d stamping. E\1ra special \-ahte onlv Ortif. 3.9H BU.r^'S MAfilO K ( K ) K , Hundreds nt · stcp-by-slcj) instruclional dniwiiitff. 17 mnfik 1 tricks that anyone can fearn -- coin puzzles, tricks with string, ro-po, · b.ills, L-anis. minrt rmtlin* nml hmin teasers, comedy, magic, etc. New, complete ed. only K1CTIMIT SHAFKR'S All. TI.MK Gttl'VT Bt.OOP- Y.n S. I !lu s. Uirnup-nout. C'Liss ic on -the-air howl- crs and boners thai turned those laces red . . . Johnny Carson, John Lindsay, A d l a i Steve si son. A ^ainbi^n radio announcer, the Lena Hanger and 500 others. By the hulhor of the million-seller bixik anil reconls. Orl«. $3 TAItK AMt R K T A I K OF AM 1(11'KS By T. H. Armsbee. With 40 photos. How to fccep old furniture In pood condition, restore broVen ami neglected pieces; icpair and enhance the luster in silver. o!d Shoflield, pewter, brass, copper, china, ulass. pottery, olii pnlnUng^, other Kew, complete ed., only Ori«t. 1?.?.0 SAVK Till-; Cim.ORKS, AN OVUR- VIfW OF OM-: flF THK F.AKTH'S MOST \'AI.t r - AB1.K Rl^OlllH'KS. Ed by \V. Potter, Fore ward" by Judy Collins. 33 photos. Universal book of children brinsintf io light a new nuarcnoss of vital t r u t h s -- thorc is only one world, one last chiinco lo rebuild the destruclfon of ccnerallons-, Bc^Ltiful toudiina and " Uioughl-pitjvok inff. S',-'\9i Onlv Orte. ?!.?.l THK \\'\'KTl\*. By ST.C, Wyclfi Ed. by Bc-tsy Jnmr^ Wj'oth. 107 illiiK.. some in f u l l co'or. JTn^lcrtul group portrnit of the a r t i s t , his / n r n i l y nnrt the mm! Ameriran countrysidfi frrnii which IIP drew hh inspiration. An in lima tc autobiography seen thrn.irh a collfc-tion of tetters spanning 4 THK IVOIII.n'S W K A T I I K R A N D ri-IMATT-S. FOTP- ward by P. Moore, 12T full colnr photos, 77 diagrams, " lavishly Jllus. rn'nnic cxrliin? Ihe ln- nlmi^pherc, weather h'-izirdi. poll u If on. rhnnjrn;; rliniates. more. Extra vatno import rvilv Oric. 1.0S ALL ABtH'T IUH K fiAlini'VS AND ri-AVTS. By \V,A. Kolng.1. W illui. manual for hcPinnc.r to pro on every nvinner Ot rtw-^r pir- flcn_ hanrtTcprt'hJef size 1" rnllsn* - ! - - --" "' AMKRir.vN- r r i J N A H V so IT;TVS I H - I I I K TO ri:rirpTT COOKIM:. By T. Pa it on. over -r-ft full color Illui^. over 13-V roc: pi" s. I'.!unrint reri'ti-s pancakes, etc., plu,* ba-iic tiThfii tint's, valuable ip* on Irceztnjj and Mori/!?, h^nrllist^. Special va'ue I- TTIK .\MFHKHX rn.lNTRV m.TV.Ut Krvs i . m n A H V or S I I ; I ' - B T - S T K T N noKf. T :v. Inter national HOTS Tl'Oeuvrcji. Trnni. bv Nr.C. Omle. ^3 fii'l color jthotos. A cnmnlete hm': on, Orflf, R.S5 . V M K I C i r i V Ffll.K .HIT b;-' J7.S. Knrilnrj fi] illu?. II in color. Ideas. design*, and sVjv bv-.^pp (fchntqiros for rferoralintf hum en o'tl articles w i t h fhe cay. colorful pitlem; of t r a r i i t ' n r v xl American folk art, Ir eluding rcvrrs.' p a i n t i n g on jr'a^T a well as on t i n sn! woo-3, New corn- p'efe od.. onlv ple!e frirtto lo ITIh. Vsth. find CJrly I'li'i r nn- (t-n.- styyps -- Jacobean, rh-n;fn'Ia:r. Karly \'ir- nicn. t h p regional chararti-ri^lc,- of N r w ?:-igHnd. oric. c.9i' A.MrttirAv i.rxoTnTi\ fN A rifTon. m, l i i x o n n nr STKMI VOWKK E9M-i5on. KV ATantic uml Prairie ti'pp.-? and ninlloi.; to t i i e E^ft-ton rruvislerj that er.lwl the aw of stt'am rL»- THK HOI.V I-INH. f'omplfd by tfie Aix-JweoI^TL- nn-l po'-CD'. rVi^njpn's Tcmp'c and M:i--ul3. the ori*- i .'.in T H I : AT:T or nitvi\(t ITANTS A\n . , . OrJif. Sfl.T THK KIBTJt'AL \VOII l.T» A i r o \ % i t v n i - nmr.frir, .irtniAKOi,o(iv. ' , . rni.on T H K A ^ I HV or ntvsTu-P, r.y - r.f n,? hi" cofor Alt the beauty an.1 ^v I a - I : n e iwk? and m i n o r u N frc^i proi-:nn porrn 1r c-omrn^n but hodiitiful flcmi-nt? -- \nf.r s l r u r - OriV, i.w ( O M M f i x SI;NSK" s i r . n r r f X K Ry r. ir. Rsylor, .M.I\ Parefully ^r.lti-n. n«iiratc. IV-;^ the i'aro ol o'd-time doctor booV w i l h a. tre-^h Ionic a ( cvcnMiv an'I Hi usual si'mc-nt*. O-iV.- Ork i'lO 1VTKT1MTIOVAI, W I N K ,v F«»r1i FO- rii:fvs nr IDF, TO TIIK (OMMONSI.NSI: or HT\K. Ky Andre Simnn. Intro bv Ar.ilrf Manroi*. ATI yo'j Tie? 1 1 to know, for ho^inncTi fit cvnuivc- jftir^. rViTiprchensivr useful Infiinnation arran??'! In oaw question and an^.sor format on virii'lic^. vlu1a?05. relation to foo.:I. mi-th^h o! *crvlnij a^d oir?. *i9^ THI: rimrr.Kn: ROOK nr i?oTr; RI:MOIKT INC;, IMI-KOVKMK.M. AMI I;I:PAIK. al WitK Only one, i.'.os T H I : rown.F.TF, BOOK or irom.n rOOKF.RV. Forxard h;.- A 7- Pimm. VV Ih ?5? sunvo- luous Hlg*., 13 In fun crt'or. 7n\'a:u3h crtl'p,-- tinn of Z»ln dflc'WH, a u t h e n t k * rccitv? frr-rti ·)! VHintr:i-* -- Frfr.cJl iJucTclinsf r^l*, Trl-h sol.\ 5.98 Open Monday thru Saturday American kitchcni OiiV. 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. for 4.95 4.98 4.98 1.98 4,95 4.95 4.95 4.95 . $1 $1 SI SI $1 SI 2.98 7.98 4.95 1.98 6.95 2.49 3.95 5.95 3.95 3.95 1.49 4,95 1.98 1.49 2.98 2.98 6.95

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