Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1974
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

34--ApgrlmtnH for KOW r*nlln« lor wmmcr tn4 f«1J--Ofv* ·ml two bedroom ijwrlmneti. Kwr I t Co., Bl-4100. 44MMT, ·pvrtmnrt Tl?0 per month. Uatun.lB.wd ·pttHmmt HOD p*f month. AIL bill* p*M txctpi val*r. §41 Wtolhtm. FURNISHED one b*dr«om, carpel, air- cordlHoned, private parking, Mingle tt~ nuto. IKS, DO P*U. 412-JKS8 or MltTW, H G L E N D A L E Renting for · t' i Summer | '$125 Per Month I 1 Bedroom Furnished i Also Renting for Fall: j j All Utilities Paid, L '· Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg '- 632 Putmon -- 442-6638 . AUfOST NEW two brrtroom lumlstied ajwrtmer.19. 3 bldckn TMmpi . air, dimmer rates. 521-1049 35-t)upUx« For R«nt 3* HOMM For Rent -tntNUKRO. 3 bedroom duplex, per month. F~J5 N. Willow. Phon T\VO BEDROOM .«, ! !ihw«sh«r, er con rwcl Ions, d uj*'«, unfuinl shed jpocal, washer/d ry- , fir*p!av«, loot c«n*4*4 . . central tSr/hecl. CM per mootJu Pftoo* 2UES. LUXURY PLUS AU convenience* And *hag carpet In two bedroom, unfurnished townhDUove. great Virw, |290 month. Call Lee Bo« »t OaUcry of Hom«. 521-32T1. GET TAN On r*dwood atlndeck at r«ar 61 Iwo bedroom duplex, cloa* to Uni- veraity. Paneled throughout, atove and rerricerator furnithed, S196 per month. CaU Le* Bo«a 521-TZn. brtrown Iwui*. t-lockj from Campus, Ld** I (or mtlt*, Phw* 44MW. FAtUQNOTONt ne» thr»* bedroom bclck home. compi*lfly larnUhed, w»sher ind fr. $150 month pJw MUlttet, d*po*it. rURNIE«KI) extra nlct, t»0 w.vler paid, tir-cofldilEontd, couple or lt rimllv. HIO p«f tnonlti. COUNTRY llvln», «mll mnlen, on« bedroom house, completely furnished. !x rnilw Crorrt sqiure, rouple only, wauid romldtr Btudent It year round retldcaU fie «ft*r T; M3-W3. IWO 1 bedroom mobile hnntM, CIO m6nth. One 3 twdroftm mobile home flJ5 month. AH alr-coodlllonrt, carpet H .*!] bLLIi P*ld, »3B cleanup deptelt 37-MobiU HOIMS A Spoon For KM* FTTRNISKED mobile hof--. .. - tor rent. vrayM XUal* Haetl* BoaM Park. Hwy. U Ea«. Plx GOOD OOVNTRT IMny ·«·«*« a. OMea Xcr.i, U WeM. nw T\VO bedroom duplex. $1S a month, Call Mildred r.raUe. iK-\ Real Kslatt, 521-1160. SUMMER RATES FURNISHED, 2 bedrtom, carpet, conditioned. ¥115 mdnlh 0 dep No bills [Mid. Phone 443-0320. 2 BKDP.OO5I, central heal/air, carport, shftK carpel, WR!tttr/dry«r connections, disposals, lumtafwd, very quiet. Garden space, couplei prelcrred. no dofs. 4427269. AlR-OdNDITIONSD fumlrfied. carpeted, SDo plus ulililies. Phone 443-1XG9. T\VO BBDHOOM. rarnlshed duplex aperi- menl, no uUlitie« paM. Phone E31-KM5. AVAILABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 1TM N. Levcrett rayeltevllle S21-3313 Mgr. Ap*. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1761 N. Leverett Fayettevllle 531-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. I KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland Fayetleville 442-8981 Mir. Apt. No. «4 COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett rayettuvllle 521-2110 Mgr. Apl. No. 1 J E N N Y L Y N N 11 South thin can Fayettevllle 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Fayetleville 442-R981 ' Mgr. (Ken-Claire Apl. No. SWIMMING POOL OR POOL, pmv. 35--Duplexes For Rent t University, one toedroom, tarn* , ished, $90 per munlh. bULt pctd. dent. Phone 44 2-883*}. , LitilumWiert two feedrtonu, ferrH, on WhUkick Street. Fbone TJ, three .and lour bedroom houaet ror - completely carpeled. Mobil* Horn* Own*TM SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up for a limited tun* onjy. Can today EHXNANDOAH MOBILB HOMS VOXAOE. Hlfhway 1« BT-P»aa. UJ-47S7. Swimming pool, rtorafe OFFICES FOR LEASE Up to 4,000 sq. ft. tn n*w professional building. Will inish to suit tenant. Ample irking »pac». UTLEY CO., Inc. 442-8241 bulldlna, pall"Laundry. aa and , faculty members. 443-2141. , for itudeats 38-Mobile Hom*s For Sol* FURNISHED, 2 bedroom, washer Mid dryer, wrport «9Vi CmLHonii*. Photoe 37-MobiIe Homo Spaces For R*nt SUITABt-B for couple. A1 r ccnrtiUonea Iraller. 1*0 plus electricity. Ptwie 2S7 MOO. 2 BPIDROOMF. 1", b a , , pelrf, alf wndtHonefl, aUtonrJillc watrt- er. No pots, gas paid. JIOO month. 4425490. TWObedroo m furn'mhed. mofciie h alr-condlllofier, washer-dryer, gas lo* paid, available June 3. Phone 4-12-7156 TWO bedroom, ttml*h*d duplex apart- metil no titlUUes paid. Phone 521-4MS 'avAilabia, unJurnlihed duplexrt. I-JRW, two bedroom unlurnlslied apart- rnenl all ulililies paid. J135 per rodnth PhliUpa Drive, 52-7108. aUAHASTBED CjtriET. Oouplei and slnfflei only. TWO beflrtom un- fnrnlhsed. except itovd and refrigerator, SUO. Call Z1-1S21 aftei 5 v.m. .IOBILF. Phone 4 shady park, c!os«-In luxUTrCUs 1972 12x« rur- BrmdnMr*! Central air, skirlin JTOO.OO equily and payments. 443-73H, ONE bedroom trailer house, furnished reasonable. Phone 357-5466. BOIS0 OLacaite, YMD, im Central all u n and Underpinned. Phon« 4ti 574S. 1973, 12x55 two b*4room rOo 1300 down aftd aMunM l«cn. X37J. 12x52 BOTSE Cascade, furnished:, dllloTipd, encetlenl oondlUon. Loc«led a McKim SEanor. Call SSWS2 in the « TWO bcdrootn, lurnl*hM. , . , Villa, $110, gas paid. Phone FUROTBHflD, 2 bedroom, «nlral air conditioner, Washer artd drj'*r, pool, lii miles Irom student union. Western HLlts. TWO bedroom, Shan carpet, ·tore ind tfrigeinfor filmlshrf. Central ht«t and alr-condlUoncd, garbge disposal, wash- r/drycr conrectlors. 36--Houses For Rtnt U NFUR.NI i^lKD, t!hie« bedrooms, balhs, BVAlIablc now, flJG month, ?T5 iJcposil. Phone 44Z-B2TO. LAKGR, 3 bedroom house on 2 actes. JtllS moTilli plus V- utilities. DOposil re H u l l e d Call 531-.004. LuMtGFl Iurnlsh*iJ two bedroom house !ar campus nice yard, air-conAitioticr, ratable UiroU^h Aujplsl 32, deposit required Plionf 41^2237. xPO furnishid 2 bedroonin, central air nditioning. wat?r and gas p«1d. no pets. Phone 267-3519. Farmlngton. A 12\GO, tol and carpeted, central heat and air, skirt nd outside building* Included. Pbon 8x35 $800, *WOO, Both MDy fam- , , , ished. Both in good comiilioa. Call MOBILE HOMES 2SM ML Comfort Rd. _ 441421* FayetUvUU Spec*. 43-WanMd Tn R«rtf Or UOM T hob** M«4 r«v*lrt ctrfttnter, f to work foi 1 oartkl not. SMka aid looatloa. UMOT. OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT N. Collet*, t offtcea and _ ·ptiott room. OH Jarno Baker Ul-UM. BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College RCMKM 521-1300 j , TftWBahlp Ro* under construction 3*00 Mu*r feet. Lonj term lease available. AU «f p«rt. Ideal IW aftjh ' ·pftc«. Phone 443-WR. wareboos* or offlct ffi," 0 " 1 ·ad 71 B *r. 5.000 . . *4«ar« feet, IndoAea «lr, caTtfttt. two brntbc aad lonM Otri Ofilller al 44* IMD ·«. Ft atope on WMl DMcaM »· »«»alW. Phone «S«tt 4O--For Kent Of Uo*» 24XM GARAGB for r*M OT l«r._ busin«s. ln(|alr at cxmora slatlfln. H way Tl tlorti In W« Fort, 7 aj 7 p.m., Monoar tm«*iJVlday. Northwwt Aitwitwt TtMK, FrMoy, May 24, 1974 AVBTTCVILL*. SECURITY SEIf-STOIAGE PMaaj Kl.TIM ·A-llf -- BMutUvllT rvd tended lawn. 1 Bit 2 ba. home niMlltitt condition ha« a lar«e ormtl dlnlnc room and informal ' '. area la convanlent kit. Near , and Jtool School. For an pL to M«, caU Ptulln* KcKln- y at 521-ijob tt nlt«. MMM». o cmiil i and rtil'd Iwtlnf tar M rmt (M4-«r OBOon 16 bojr In TMl J»tjl«|,, MM3S. 43-ftM| Estate-Wanted WANTED to not * Mai: raabre lairf, ,m aero ar nan, any and all «t» aflar I'M 45-Hot. For SaU Acre*, unimproved with acceM td, email dawn, tfrme, |3^00. t Aerec, unimprcred, beautiful , *m»U down, term*. BUILDING SITES LAXOX LOIS. CLOSI at. NEW ARIA. HAi A BCAUTTTUI, VttW ALL UTIUniS, YOU WILL RAVI TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARK AVAILABLX. BY OWNER 46 FUIIIII A AcrodgM LOT with teauutiii ««». netnt on Xaat RUimy. IUOM. Ph6ae ACRES, Ural Mr twttua; «U, OU mllM weal at VnMraitr. FUcne IMAIX MUe, 1440 aoo. IT mllei from rayettevine. I mil« wot (prim . PMne M«-7TT8 30 AORKS, park like, pOnd, vprlnc. pi rats road, 85% flat, some timber. * emjah, n*,,r WM* Fort, Pfm* APPROXIMATELY 3) cleared acres, mile trttn lake, U nille from D CasA, temi or contract. Phone tOKOTCAK LOAira em lam am i Villa UOBILB HOMH PARK Onlml lomllon · Ovorelz*] !tx · Pa\-ed SIfcBLs · Swlmmln? Pool · Playground Recrontion WdK · Storasft Wdg · Unfie round uUIities · Olf ELreet Parkins. Hwj. 71 N. 443-1214 Entranc« ACTOM from Holiday Inn SALES and PARK O»tB tU I CMh EVCBlat I^EIOH furnished h nk-c yard, winrtow aL. ,,. able LliiDiitrli AuBUsl 22, ?20u. deposit rc'iuireij. Phone 441-2227. HSWAY 16 West, clcan-up d*[»sl1. , |25. LAKGE, unturnlalieii. '2 bedroom brick, air L-ontliHailed, range, rcdigcralor, nulo mallo washer, iJIneUi- .sot. Anil Hvlnit itioiu drapes (dtnlshcil. M'arricct couples or mature a d u l t only. No pels. LHTCC yanl am) pallo. J115 plus utilities I'.ione Jl'J- 40ffi a tier 4:(X) p.m. OI.I1 HOUSE. 1 acre. Goshcn. 4^3-4541 AVAn.AJlI.E June 1. 3 bedroom unfurnished on larKe lot with Harden spot b f H L H t f u l trees. 4 mites Norlh Cf Lev- orotl PL-hool. Caiporl, JlOG month. Rc( orence^ and I year .tease. Couples or lamlly, 4-12-3170. TWO bedroom house, stove and relrl«- c rn lor, close to etementa rj* school , aad tuUoowld*. IOO kppm**. Phoo* BRAND new tiW b«rlro*m, 5M2, fully carpcieil. nicely furnished, washer and dr/'er hook-up, Rll-condltiotied, gM furn- Isl'ied. J125, KO clean-up deposit, IdOO brock Norlh CttllMe. 442-MM. FURNISHED 3 bedroom,, t7Wbil« home, rnmrt M quiet and reliable, no children, no pfls, J11D month, cable md utilities pflld. Also trailer spec*s, small trailer welcome. , paid, J4KW, 2 bcdrootn duplex. CompMcly fur- nlaheit, rnnplM only, no iwls. $123 plus *1?cLr.r, Phone 5LM a"i), if no ansv\er, TVVO bedroom cluptcx, n e a r Univers unlurnishcd. J300 per tnonlh plus wlili ·nil tlcposil. I'lioiic 4U-S011 n t t e r 3 p CNK httlroom, fumlsthcd duplex, ^ block from campus }i"» i»cr monlli. Phosie 6416 alter 5:00 p.m. / DUPLEX apartment, furnishes!, twn bed- foom, air-conditioned, summpr, ?!10 -- , CHll $120 Plus *ielt. 412-7418. , , oJcrtrlrity. 1107 N. Lev' DUPT.EX, unfurnished, Iwo lienroor ·dull* p refr rreO, on Wtiillock 5lr« Phone 442-53M. J1SO pi- only. -142-1175. wnth plus ilepoa.!. family J'TJRNJSIIKU two trtdr ilitloned, carpet?, panelln ancps, furnlslipd, RnraKfl, oiiltcls tio pels-, deposit S11G- 413-15M, 4I2-R7R1 nshcr-itry«r ried couple. ]-X)U SUMMKK months--turn!shed hon . Mission Kt N'o pcli, poup!« only. Call a f t e r 4:00 412-BltM, SMALL partly JutnlAcil two bedroom, STTi. Orcenlainl. Phone before 11:00 p.m. ·1I3-IIS7, available Juno 1. 3 liUnilOOM brk-k. All electric heal anS nir. Itntll-lns. fenifil yard. UnTurnLshed. Phone 3GI-3rtU. _ _ thrw belrooni trtller, partly fur- nLshert, b i l l s paid. Country living. Jl« per monlh. Alwi two hedrfxwn duplex. SS3 por month, wllh lease, Phone 4-I2-7S45 NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK f * AJr-coofl. moMlt bttntf tor Oocrf UriDg tt Good Pricei W*«t -- 1H ml. N.W. of UoCA. GUI or 50L-5S10. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ar* Plaza on 71 byp.iss »nd Johnson Kd. Phone 443-2-152. WESTERN HILIS Mobile Homes Llkt new 1972 nd im Repoa. Free Delivery Setup Hwy. 62 Wut *t 71 BTTM* CAFE FAMIIY-STYIE X -s. v r t y {jr.^d i^. · L. - ·-· ^-ur l.i.*-.;rK'i" '···· -· ··-·· e. 1 iu;;u-» 361- ^3'.'5 4 30 p.m., ronhto -BY 6WNER: 160 aer**, near D* D«n. mosfli- wabdM, mountainous, cftard, log coaiA, -e«r raed ' C. 113 31». 47-Reol E»tat*-for $al»- PASTURE FOR LEASE IW Acrv ,lu«h permanent paature, two ponds. et« atirlng »e* tr*«n, riv«r part in city limits of Fay- ·tttvllle, hay available, food tei M. barn coml. Phon. tu-MK. FOR HOME OR INCOM LDED BUT IN GOOD OOWT ION. Two bed rooms, carpeti vlngroom, kltchen-dlnlntf »r*i urniihed; Renta.1 value t l K monl NEW 1XW PRICE, 110,000. N BETTER BUY. J. D. EAGLE REALTOR 45 r*4n Eart Center Street 442-21*1 6r 442-SUS 41-for Rent-MlK«ltaneeut WILXj reftt panturo for hofi*« In dty lortMaM naw MnrtlaM total. Fhooe 44WM. LOT FOH mobile home. Oai and w^ta furnished. S30 a month. -Phon* KT-33S FURNTSIiED. two liediTioin mobile home, carpeleil. air-Donilitiixied, wash«r/dr'er conncctLms. Space 133 ATcKlm Manor. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need ipecial turnmer ratel We offer reaionable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorbock Annex -- 575-3951 BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 618 N. Colleoe IB REALTOR 521-1300 Acre* In national foreat. accejs road *rm*ll down, tttm*. $1.000. Acres with lO»« trailer, plenty f good wi,Ur from walled up nd well houae, Lit mile* from own on blacktop, 11,300 down -- «,000. ADAM REED REAL ESTATE Adam ataed. Broker aod Realtor BEALTOft Linda Bead, Saleaman. CM-MS Winilow 634.242 acrtt. two V«lr houaea, S2.000 capai?ity, natural etc, oMtr hMM, LUv coin aehMAa, tM.OOO. FtMn* SH^TM. S1QAR ut. OamMrl, Juat outaMa efl imLfs. ftprinv fH pre*k, g«o4 (rail. Vai Uful tMlldlng lit*. 442-ZTtt or 44V41M. NORTHEAST ROOT SCHOOL ft have two extra nice larxer homea with family Moma, fam* roonu, flrepUcat, 4 to c bedroom.. tudy office. I and i bath*, nica arnetina; all bulltlni In kitchen, nd outiiandrng floor plant. Both nd«r fSO.OOO.OO. HOME AND GARDEN SPOT This J bedroom home hat extra arse room* and Is located on larg* haded lot with garden «pot inctud. n« Mrrln and tnlll t«a«, tile* quiet area and In low *»'«. NORTHEAST We hav« under construction a 4 bedroom 2',i bath brick horn* )ust waiting for you to choose the carpeting n n d wallpaper. Located In new area and wanilnl dKtance or Root School. BUILDING SITES W» have two approximately one acre lott Highway « lamt. Ut ua ·how you these today. WIN WOOD DEVELOPMENT CO. 17 N. COLLTOI _ aunt O. R. Gamble Glenda KObtrtaon Milll Hood K»l«n Xlrby Mildred wtnbom Mariar*t ParrUh 44Z-I734 442-J540 44I415T 142S063 4*2-7619 »V OWKKR: S year Ola. 3 b*h»m. 5 bulb brirtr. Double zatage. formal living room, paneled den with WBFP, bullt-iny In kitchen. Root adiM. U4.5M. 2177 Wlnwood. S21-S309. PBRFEa KR A HOBBYIST If aomcona In your famllir la era- atlva with hla handa. Oiera'a a wonderful hotihy ahop with thla older home. Ne«da interior paint' and fbdng. MEDITERRANEAN STYITNG Colorful dectir and untuiul ma- terlftla t*ke thi« be«uty out of the ordinary. It'a Northeaat, tKree beH- room, two bath, separate den. near new and Alrtady financed. Let us show you. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION If you're ready for a*tion, this may b« Ideal.for you. Large $ bedroom 2',i bath imm*culat home with excellent financing. SEVEN PERCENTER Excellent condition, almost new carpet and mechanic*! Mulpment In a brick veneer three bedroom home. Separate den fenced yard and an *9Ub4i*hed lawn. AU thia with a "can't b* replaced" loan. WHAT BECAME OF THE ONE-CAR FAMILY? Aruwer: there «r* silU plenty of theml If yours ii one you'll appreciate thla wetl-buUt home with a i-car (arage. THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR WIFE Are ftpent In her home. Make them wonderful years with a houa« -like this one. Brand n«w -- r*ady to move In, FAYARK Realty M. College Otfic* J21-5J50 WE FOUND THE SPOT Located In rural surroundings, but closet to the Ptaza Shopping Center, Butterfield School and right next door to Paradise . Valley Golf Coune. The perfect place to have a home. Lott are now available with new houie construction on the way. Drive by today. Pick out your spot! MEADOWBROOK FARM BEQOETTE-PERRY CONST. CO. Office In First Federal Bldg. Ph. 442-2559 - 443-3780 PICKUP YOUR FREE Norman Rockwell Print Our first Norman Rockwell offer was a fantastic success. So successful that we're giving away a second classic by America's favorite painter. This beautiful new 20x20, full color reproduction is an antique stock, suitable for framing. Yours for the asking at LEWIS FORD, licensed drivers only. Supplies limited, so don't miss out! Pick up your new Rockwell print today. And while you're there, TM the elo " ic new Fords for PINTO No. 71120. PINTO j-door. 4 apccd, bright blue. $2441 NO. 71221 PINTO RUNABOUT with sport. 1 ; accent No. 7422.T. iroun vinyl root Itecl r.i- PINTO RUNABOUT, .(-speed, d i a l lire*, t apeed trarnmis- accent jroup. radio, bumper ·ion, radio. «uard». $2730 MUSTANG No. 7-.2T7. MUSTANG MACK I, V«, Crulsco- matlc, l u x u r y inlcrior, radio. No. 73855. Mustang 3-ciopr 4 cylinder, crulaeornatic, hltmli*. ». 7*193. FORD HANCH WAGON, 400 VB, power, crui^eomatlc vel«ct air cone.., AM r»dio, tlnt«d glass, whit«w»d trim. L E W I S F O R D ' S F A B U L O U S F L I V V E R SALE CONTINUES THIS IS THE GREATEST NEW CAR SALE EVER IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS. HURRY! DON'T DELAY! PICK OUT THE NEW FORD YOU WANT TODAY! FORD'S PRICE INCREASE DOES NOT EFFECT THE NEW CARS IN STOCK- NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! MAVERICK 1974 DEMOS: $4197 $4249 $3677 No. 73665, 1974 FORD LTD 2-Door Dark blue. whit« vinyl roof, iflect air. 4«ft V-«. lUdio, protection group, tinted glui. S1000 saving!. No. 73746. 1974 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 4-Door Discount S1000. Yellow with gold vinyl roof and match- Ing interior, air, all the nice extras. No. 73761. 1974 GRAN TORINO SPORT Bright red and biaclc beauty. Mai wheeli. Open wfn- rlows, A real ·how car. No. 73760. 1974 GRAN TORINO BROUGHAM 2-Door T»rt Olive Oeld. nuichlng loltl roo* tnA ·uptr urft vinyl Interior, a teal dolled up beauty. No. 74066. Maverick 2-door, factory air con* ditloner. -S4 Kyi., ndio. $2953 No. 742M MAVERICK, 2-door. « cylinder engine cruU*-o-matlc tT»n»mlaB:on. whitewail tlrei, brKM tlu« color. $2944 TORINO $4335 No. 7419«. GUAM TORINO WAOON. 351 V». power ateerinfY deluxe luggafe rack, front bumper guards, aelect air conditioning tinted glAM, wheel cove». $4077 No. 74774 GRAN TORINO ELTO. T»n with white vinyl roof, 3M VS. power it«*rlr.jf ·[r-conditioning. $4328 Win your very own little Model T Ford. Thers hain't DMn a car lik* rhli since Mother war* tights. It's called the FABULOUS FLIVVER. This is not a toy, but you'll have a barrel of fun, if you win. The FABULOUS FLIVVER features sturdy iteel body construction, aluminum and rubber wheels and a 314 h.p. engine. CONTEST RULES: No purchaM neceMnry. Entrant* need not b* present to win. Employee* of Ford Motor Company, Lewia Ford or other Ford Dealers, !ls advertising agencies are not el[- gih'c. Drawing will bt tMtd Saturday June let. 19T4, 4 p.m. Wo, n*W. GALAX1E .100 2- rioor Hardtop, 400 V», power ·leering and hraXes, Eelect air conditioning, while sidewall trim, cruijecmatic. No. 73791. 1974 BRONCO WAGON 40/5 302 V-8. rear .eat. Shield plates, crulse-O-matic, p»wa» ·teering. Extra, fuel tank, whee Icovera. like rww. All Demoftstrotors Corry a Full 12 Month, or 12,000 Mile Warranty PICKUPS Kn, 7491*. P-lOO St?!««td« b-wvy duty bumper. MIYMsW 'THE BIG SPREAD" LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301

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