Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1974
Page 18
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THE FOUNTAIN TEffi · Of IMD1A, WHEN SQUEEZED EACH YIELD A FULL OJPOF- THE BASALT · ROCKS · OVERlOOKlMS Hungara, FBODUCE MUSICAL NOTES WHEU STRUCK UITHM tROM KING IMP T2ULEI2 Of VIESSEX,tNSMNIJ FKOM6a8T0726, ·ABDICATED. HtS AND THOSE EYELASHES/ I've SEEN HOUSES' TAILS THAT WERE SHOfJTEE?.' I SAW you TALKING TO THAT HUSSV/ GEE WHIZ, DAISV/ DO VOU HAVE ' TO SHOUT? THE "REMAINDER OP HIS LIFE' UORKED IH KOUEASAN VUSKHLED LABOKEK. iiiMiimiiiMiiinniiiiTM^^^^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope ALSO I WISH TO BUY THE SHOW MUSEUM COIN OOU.EC.TION THAT B SECRETEP HERE N ISTANBUL FOR THE LADIES 1WISH ...THIS PRECIOUS TOPAZ RING. IS HE? 1 ONE OF THOSE 01U-R10* SHEIKS. GIVING 2.4 PLATWU/A A PART^ v WRlSTVttTCHK ... KEMMEU iiiiiM^^ Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SAT., MAY 25 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Strive to make ends meet in a surer, at least definitely improved manner. Balance the budget and conserve energies -- with an eye to future needs. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Stellar influences indicate some complexities. However, your ability to move in tight spots and maintain equilibrium through heavy seas can see you through. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Neither routine nor other matters may turn out a; planned, but overcoming diffi culties is your forte. Plan each move step by step; weigh pros and cons. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Suggest a conference if you feel (or others do) that im THE JEWaRV STORE, ISTONBUL OH. SLICKSTSKS AN'WSH-POCXfTTflKKfTfllS, JS CUSMUP6EON HUCKSTERS. AS W00f{ A JiNfei-6 «« A CM. COMPANY JT'U. MAK£ u$ A MILUCN CAILW "Oil BAIfWfc POtKA? OTHS PAY CASH; ·J you wftt A fiUMAS MAK£A BIG SfiASH motivated only by your and faith in others' good ME OUGHT TO BE 'SHAMEP OF^ORESELF, SNUFFV-- ' LOWEEZV LIKE fl DAOBURN DOS" Afkorwa. T1MB, FfWoy. Moy J4, IWl rAvn-rcviLU, *·**»«*« LESTER L COLEAAAN, M.D. Heart Attack May Be Valuable Warning A heart attack is a shattering emotional experience. In a split second a forceful, active, productive personality is converted to a sick invalid. Such is the saga of the Involuntary sudden admission i n t o the not-so-exclusive 'coronary club." This "faternal" organization drafts people from every social, e c o n o m i c a n d intellectual group. A hectic, anxiety ridden pattern of living filled with ex; cess tobacco, high cholestero' and unsuspected high blood jressure expands the size of the coronary club. SUDDEN STOP The tireless tycoon who could not possibly find any time to relax suddenly is transplant** into a hospital, with six ful weeks of enforced bed res ahead of him. No telephones no smoking, a 900-catorie-a-day diet, and no visitors are some of the prerequteties for ultimate recovery. At first, the coronary patien s overwhelmed by the stunnin lisaster. Anxiety and appri tension about himself and h' amily dominate the ear phase of the acute attack. With intensive medical cai and constant reassurance, t h initial impact is alleviated- H learns to adjust to the t o t a dependence on nurses and fam- y and the restrictions impos- d on him. Even in the very early stages recovery, emotional rehabili- tion must start if the patient to be returned to society as functioning human being: Jnfortunately, far too many x»ple are shackled by fear; nd spend the rest of their lives chronic cardiac invalids. Respite the total physical ecovery from the heart attack,, cosntant anxiety about t h e possibility of the recurrence dominate the lives of these xst-cardiacs. FAMILY AFFAIR A coronarv heart attack is . . . . IM efforts of the members of the 3 i/» HE PROMISED TO MURDER ME, AMD SO I'M REMOVING TEMPTATION FROM H1SPATH. ??-(-!HAVEN'TSEEN BLOOMERS LIKE THOSE.S/MCE THE DAJS Of THE FIEND,ff-) -THE CELEBRATED BUOOMERFIEMD- ISWABITOFA SN IT ABOUT IT.'.' TU RMS GOT HE WAS INNOCENT- /KNOW. I'M GOING TO THE U.S.A. ·) BECAUSE A CHAP 1 SENT UP FOR 59 VEARS -- If S!V£S TM6M 50MefMikJ6 ·To DO APCTUST -To THE CW?K tt)OUP£.(?£P OJHV V00 ALCDAV5 MAV6 SAV 'AH' 60H6U rtoU UOOK DOOJM THROAT/ 3. DIDN'T MEAN WAS. FLAP/ ·i WANT TO COMPLIMENT you FOR V SLACKS ARE JUST ^A5 OOP FINE,8UT THERES SOMETHING HOW COME WOMEN WEAR t RAMTS, BUT MEM NEVER HOW DO VOU ( LIKE MY'WSW v_ PANTS SUIT; ¥$ I, . DEAR? Be highes will. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Make the most of your reall; bright ideas and concise, solii plan for achievement now Accentuate positive thinking Combine intuition with know how. VIRGO (Aug. 2 4to Sept. 23) You are one of those gifte persons who can produce orig nal or unusual ideas when the are most needed. This is you day to shine. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Plan your schedule early, an only deviate when a bette arrangement is presented discovered' Apply brakes sen sibly in pleasures, risky activ SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) You can have a productiv enjoyable day if doing yoi a family affair. It takes coordinated doctors and amily to aid in the total phys; cal and emotional recon; it ruction of the threatened life. · The greatest contribution that can be made by the family is to integrate the post - coronary. nlo all phases of the family .ife.He must be encouraged to resume all activities within the limits of physical and emotional activity prescribed for him. him. A cornary experience may actually prolong life if it serves as a valuable warning to review and revise frenetic patterns of living. , ;_ »st. But don't undertake a pro ram so exacting that it leaves time for relaxation. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec With little planetary help, ill be up to you how to handle our responsibilities and how martly you manage personal flairs. Accept obligations gra- iously, carry out promptly. APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Review moves of the past r ek. Correct where need be or more effective endeavor in ie days ahead. Use your wit nd cleverness where they will o the most good. \QUAHIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Tread lightly where there_ is riction; hold the line against jessimism, recognize where improvements can be made -- and make them. 'ISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20} Know what is expected of you md strive in your finest m a n n e r . A n extraordinary ,trofce of proficiency at a telling moment could increase your The Spade bidding has been One on your left. Two No trump on your right, Three No- rump on your left. Which card vould you lead in the following 'our hands? l.*5 V952 48743 *AK963 2*842 VJ105 » 764 * J972 3 * 10 » M » A9653 * K J943 i» 73 » AQ642 * 96 + QJ108 TODAY are prestige. YOU BORN endowed with a magnetic personality, a lively imagination and unusual adaptability. Your governing planet, Mercury jestows mental alertness, ver satility and a leaning toward Lhe intellectual. You love travel music and literature in all its fact, cnuld excel in , journalism; wouU orms; writing, make an excellent reporter editor or promotion expert There is a great deal of the dreamer about you, and this may lead to an extraordinary interest in the mystic and the occult. Faults to overcome: extravagance, moodiness a n d restlessness which causes y o u to scatter energies. of: Ralph Waldo Amer. essayist. Birthdate Emerson, Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer IIMIIIIPIIMIIIIIIM^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Bolder to Master* Individual Championship Play) iira^ ubs it would become impossi- le to run the suit, for you have o entry card on the side. 2. Jack of hearts. Defense is ssentially a partnership pro- ect -- the opening leader aims o establish tricks for the part- ership rather than for himself. he heart lead is clearly in line ith this principle, for you have better .chance of striking a lore resounding blow in hearts han any other suit. 3. Four of clubs. This offers better chance than a diamond ead. If partner has either the ce or queen of clubs, you are n business right away. Partner would probably need two diamond honors for a diamond ead to be effective. A club is simply the better percentage ead. 4. Four of hearts. This is a rather close question and much can also be said for the queen of clubs lead. Sequence leads are usually better than broken; suit leads, for they seldom cojt Iricks in and of themselves. However, on the other side of the coin is the matter of timing. It may take a while to establish the clubs if the enemy have the A-K of that suit, whereas heart lead, if successful, will probably be effective immediately. Either lead can of course succeed or fail; the problem is to estimate which one is more likely to succeed in the long run. . 1. Six of clubs. Opening leads are not always cut and dried. Selecting the right lead is often a serious challenge and frequently determines the outcome of a hand. The leader is generally guided by two factors. One is the bidding and the other is the hand he is looking at. Later on, after he has seen dummy the opening leader is in a belte position to make telling deci sions. but at the outset he mus in effect take a shot in thi dark. Here the best chance p stopping three notrump lies i clubs. You should be willing tc concede the first trick t declarer in the hope that part ner will take the lead earl enough, to return a club an sink the contract. The alternative lead of th king of clubs might easily prov [atal. If partner had only tw ACROSS 1 Vehicle 4 Caresses 8 Incarnation · ot Vishnu 12 Be in debt 13 Israeli seaport 14 And others (abbr.) 15 Insane 17 Pastry shell 18 Chill IS Foot deformity 21 The last but one 24 Negative particle .25 Aged 26 Total 28 French cap 32 Variegated 34 Supreme Being 36 Bristle 37 Abraham's wife 39 Melody 41 Promise '42 Crowd 44 Lucky numbers 46 Vacation vehicles 50 Common value 51 Dry 52 Exposure to air 56 Gaze askance 57 Dismal 58 Hebrew priest 59 Numerous CO Stitches Si Harden. DOWN 1 Fish 2 Over- whehn 3 Memento 4 Wall sections 5 Perform 6 Allowance for waste 7 Vehicle t Recounts 9 Above 10 Iri the morning (Phann.) 11 Pub specialties IB Oid French coin- Avg. solution time: 25 min. EHESSHiBHE! Answer to yesterday's ] 20 Tennis stroke 21 Explodes 22 Charles Lamb 23 Haul · 27 New Zealand bird » Daydreams 30 English school 31 Marbles 33 Laundry order · 35 Under- work! god 38 Garden tool 49 Rcnxonciv ates 0 Boasts 45 Large cistern HTranqua fl Region «Bearing , C Withered SJ Uncooked 54 Madrid cheer S Insect egg "Karen, Dial's the most BRILLIANT idea I ever tyani lor a party... each girt invites five cute boys!" WANT ACTION? PhoiM 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS Pop best result!, five ftd descrlptioB HMI (tirt jour Classified Ad lor 7 days. Yom BIT ened it when results an ebtatoed. YoiTl art? be charged (or the ·rtori amber of itayi lb» «d

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