Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 23, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1974
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

II Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thurt,, May 23, 1974 rAYCTTCVILLK, AH KANSAS JS--Horn* Ne«ds--For Sole L.TXNARI frosHroe rcfricenUor IS cub:e ir, Ii«1i1 vcirow. 15 mtwlhi otJ, excellent f on i] U Ion. Fho.ip SJ1-U1. -·-, UKB new, wnlnul tU - ttphois-tpird t-hnirs. la ; 3S8B after 5:00 p.m. WOOD DINING SETS T.ib!e w i t h 4 hardwood chair; S l a i n a n d resistant t«i!!c * -iop, §V69, cash or terms. This ship ":, mcnl inclitdcs m a n y styles some - with m a t c h i n g china c.ibinol.s. United F r e i g h t Sales. Hwy. 62 W. - F a y c l l o v i l l e . Open 9-9. Mon.-Fri. .. till fciOO Sat. noUBLlMXXm rorrJcerator, maVcr. Almost new, ir.irvcrt nwne 52I.G3QOL ilb ice- 1 tTFKll, 2V: ton. Carrier rcrtral n!r-co.idi .tioticr. Call 521-*» a f t e r 5:30. KUKP carpets beautiful dejpilc footsteps . tA a busy f.imiiv. Buy B:uo Lustre. Hcn1 . electric shampooer $1, Po'k Furniture wilh Blue I-US!TV. K e n t electric pooer (1. I^vis Bro^. 0.1 tho srjua NEW- USED fr * i « M HOME FURNITURE Nam* kramh At Difoount 7^1043 410 N. C0JI«9« PFAFF, Viking. Kin a, and Necvhi Inc ntarhinos, R.^!PS snrl Pcrvio.v Om plcle line a' cnbinet^. r^mmerciai plaff In storl: Fabrics, SIS Young 51 ALL NEW! Sofa and c h n i r groupsi 2 piece sc for S99. H a r d w o o d f r a m e s uphols lercrt i n d u r a b l e a t t r n c t i v e fabrics F a m i l y room favorites. Cash t e r m s . U n i t e d Freight Sales, H 62 W. F a y c - t t c v i l l c Open 3-9 Mon. Friday, till 6:OD K n t u r d a y . 26--For Sale -- Miscellaneou; OF]-1C*K f u r n i t u r e . Two calj'nets. Desk an'] chair, lablo. Ail tor (IfiO. Ca!i l- ANTIQUE wnnlrolic. Birder ye m.iple hoi nice collectiai, a r t j f n c t s . IKVI! e,it mattress, plass, mirrors. South Mc.Neal stoic. -JS7-CGS1. AQUAIJ1UMP. Ion set-up. Pho - HOMKLITE, i . Ptio c'lialn saw wllli 13 ar olrj (jju ·H3-3510. STAY TAG romb ; condition. J^. \ SsTOOO. 2-oclavc 22W. Billy G. Son ARMY SURPLUS FIREARMS 2243 N. College Fayetteville/ Ark. .22 Mini Majjs £1.50 per IKX 5 Gal. G.I. Ga* Cans J7.35 G.I, Sleeping Bags 520.00 MANY GUNS AT rtCDUCED PKICES EFFICIENT RECORDS P E E V Y is the Man 7--Musical Merchant M HUM. 1 ?: ·:. SPI !.i I flake rr*l K\\' Spinet p'jino.s JL.Vr.OQ -nc* orCAns h n u i o rtivthm WM.OQ -- »e Imancc nil , \ n r t v collect now! P1S-2C*-2U2 R. Mctllln Co.. Vinilrt, OJcla . STEREO COMPONENTS il Kutfi in ban-home walnut finish w orld famouv 3 spcd 1 auLnmalic tti: i l j l c , I'J vd* sponker a u d i o syMor M-KM and l'.\! stereo [uJ!y rai3:o. with f i v e control', exti-mal for t a p e decff recor-l nnd p'ay ard phone Jack SLTt.%. Cash or terms; il Frciirht Kilos Hw'. ffl W.. Fay- itle, Open 9-9 Mon.-Fri., till 6:00 lf i AN. Mafin a vox, sma 11, two ard electric. Walnut rah'^el, ] ndillon. (ADO or best offer. Call 3»7 STEREOS fi de!u\c solirt state (ally 1rar,sislori7cd phonii-, hj^h l i d c l i t y consores i i f u l riant) rubT»rl finlih. Detu\ reconl changer anrt ·* speaker audl - Save f 1 30, our price £K9.K nlv, JiW. Cash or t f r m s avail ih'c. May be Insnortcd al United Freljjh s. Hwy. 62 West, FaypUeville, Ston.-Frl., till 6:00 Sat. 28--Antiques--For Sale Battlefield Antiques F u r n i t u r e -- Primitives -- Glasc C h i n a -- -- CoMficlor's Itema Prairie Grove, A r k , Phone 846-288 scat and . Phone 44329-For Sale Or Trade ANT1QUK 1!fil Cadillai Call K1-20W. 30--Wanted To Buy iT ST PRICES FOR GOOD USE FURNITURE i APPJX^NCES INC1-UI NG ANTIQUES 442-2S1 WANTE D 2 ton ' S5-'TO model Chev? GMC, or International wither wlthou bed. Musi be pood truck. 751-B3OT. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 190% ABOVE FACE (Subject to datly change, call !o quole) Also need s m a l l com an stamp collections, top dollar pali FAYETTEVIILE COIN STAMP 251 N. College. 521-M21 c s C O I N S H O P PAWN P a y i n g 390% over face for Silvc n u y S«1] All U.S. Coins 1MB S. Thompson 751-17 31--Wanted To Trade CAN OFFER S!\TATJ, 3 ROO FURNISHED HOUSE AND UTH ITIES TO YOUNG MARR1 AGR1 STUDENT IN EXCKANG FOR FARM WORK. CALL 367-36W DOGHOIJSK, K» Sot of finer'cfiina, Onei da s L l v p r w a i c , "t!h never tinparkeri 751. "6S7 a f t e r 5:00 [t.m. · OOOD, laiyc homemade desk anil clot lie. 1 rack. Fruit jars. Jfower pots. Piwsie 521 OFFICE def.V:s nnd furniture, 1 rhnir with \i-i IKVI. ] f»?3 Chevy p/ckup w i if- metal shell camivn U2-SHS. 751-7SIO. or afler 6:OD 413-1724. FACTORY BEDROOM SUITES 34--Apartments For Rent limited W. F; i l l 6:00 styles served -- iioa Freiphl ?ville Opcr 16 MM s 270 rrr 3(M3 ba . 21 ini-h Ivcyclc. infl Howcll iVi l,| ;CVpe S21-S1T6. SLIGHTLY SCRATCHED in shipniejit. 'S) zis^ai; sew^n;* m^chi NationaUy ari-vortsNDi! b r a n d for SW Tnc *?. ma rti; nos m a y bo insrK-cicd United Freight t^rs. I Ivy. G W.. Vay- el1evil!e. Or«n M Mon.-FY;.. tii! 6:00 Sat, FURNITURE and OFFICE EQUIPMENT 33--Rooms For Rent KIIEK room for Christian l^VHGE rooms m-nliabre jray Block, .^larc livlngroom. kilchen. S50 per month Phone 412-S71X nfler 5: CI.KAX, 2 iKdrooiu Turn : university, air or paid, lo 5115 j she-! aparlme ondilioncrf- I as paid. NICK downstairs, sninll three room f nishcii i i p a r t m c n l . bath, private entran fisic jvr.son over 50. 550 i»er month, u 1lic paid. J!2-!S13 alter =,. 310 Is". Wn SPACIOUS one bedroom furnished apa m c n t , rnrpctcd, heat a n " OXB bedroom mobile home. lur air-con il i liait'd, on ly S30 pc r moj Villa ^[obi]e Home Park. Piione 4-13-2S. AIIl-COXnniONKD, carpeled bcdroc and share home. Elderly I arty able m r e for seff, working or .w^iool ', siHED. I Ix-dtoom duplex in Farminsion. Adults oily required. ]*itor.e 26"«-32y. I--Apartment* For R«nt f i maid .sorvir* or without. Also dry .cry, K.ibv -- oHer. I'hrxic i12-l'J» 4l2-li«. Tw]n Ardi Motel. LSHK!). two bo.tro*m.s. rarivl. Uisn w f l ^ k i n a dislsnc-c fl wmpus, ott- jxirkinj;. $13) p'ui uttLliti. Call '-71 IS nJlcr 6 p.m. XHKD clficlcncy a[Kictmcnt mobile home, Wl per w e e k . ' P,Hd. Airport Mold, 44^'2i32 or HKDltfXJM nircly ftirnl*M ap,irt. . HifK-h Irwn cAinpx*. Fully r[ctc'l lical-air. All u l i l i l i e s nai*)- 11W . S3]-6166. Available July 1. URNISHKI) very fjulet location, rooms an] bath, am['C off slrocl R, utJlitio.i, [aW 1'»0 per m us deposit, l^hon* -M'J-yJB alter 6:00 S'K h(x5rw*ii campus, IT M. J35. CVil] apartment, i pels, a l l R N l S J I K f l -- v i t a n . neat apartment for t a l e lady, tins* to .square, bills paid. ·ivole drive. No pets, m 413 W. THEimtE WOMAN J4--Apartments for tw* UliMSIIKD. quit* aparimcnl, uLUtiej single mature person, 170 month. 412-6110. iway "fi2 Wrsl. ' Phone 41'3-WW or 267- TO!. \KGK two bedroom ,wal1-1o-waH car- Pl, cenlrai h e a t / a i r , cartwiie disposal, ood f u r n i l i i r e , of! itr«l parkin?. *13- after 4- TJRNLSHBD I Whilliam, 2-1 y2. r unfurnished, 1 bedroom 2 blocks to University. 1CK two bedroom, i t n f u n heat antf alr-fon«]ili islnxj, carpel- icrtions. cen- icd, 443-3565 or -H3-1S16 "I keep saying to myself, 'who am 1?*.,. but nobody answers." 34--Apartments For Rent FURNISHED apartment--«f ficie-nni es, one and two bodroom-somc-air conditioned; in very q u i e t environment, ctoe to campus. 521.2236. \LMOST NEW two bedroom [umishe artinenls. 2 blocks campus, centra r, summer rates. 521-10*9 or 521-5389 ftcr liDO. KNISHKH one bedroom pfflciprtri.- all pet Mtower], water and gas paid, per month. Phone 11^2fi39. FURNISHED APARTMENTS 'wit hc«l rooms, c e n t r a I heat and i r - c o n d i t i o n i n g , disposal, off treel p a r k i n g no pets, vailnble imined lately for sum- icr and fall. 105, plus $50 deposit. W i t h fireplace. §135 R u m m e r . $150 ah. Call 521-6543 or 521-1539 KTUOKNTS: F h'.rxis from ca try, 10 mlnulrt Phone 4I2-K83. rnished apartments, pus. Collages in cou from campus. 165 u iMIA'G S Al'ARTJrBSTS. Now r (or summer. Close to carnjws. I wo bedrooms, (urnlshe4. Phaie IRED OF BIG COMPLEXES? Tow Ijea^ing Nc wApnrtments At ·Ji.13 Sycamore Six 1-Bcdroom A p a r t m e n t s Eight 2-Bcriroom Townlioiises I.iixurioirsly Furnished d r a p e d B e a u t i f u l h a r v e s t gold'appliances i n c l u d i n g dishwasher. W a t e r and gas paid I n d i v i d u a l fcnccd-3n patios Call Vic a f t e r 3 p.m. 5BI-15M TTJHNISHKD ajwrtmont. i'dncle ma rar stoics and University, ISO inclwlii il i I i li cs. Phone M-CKT. row Taking Applications for SUMMER FALL Call 442-8722 Corner Hill and Putmon Sts no pel! FREE RENT THIS MONTH New a p a r t tnenta now available Move in now and get the month of May rent free. Special summer rates. Two bedrooms, furnished quality built apartments with aV the extras including dishwashers Call today for an appointment ONE. two, and three bedroom furnisher apartnents. WO lo 51W. University cam ales. Phone 442-ZTiO. FURNISHED vcrj- nice and wmv Nc-tttcshtp Aprts.. 15W NeUleship, ' ter 5 call 4J2-KMS. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency (urnishei apartment. Utilities paid, S'iO. From 8:00-5:00 call Scholars Inn. 521-5K3 After 5:00 and weekends call 442 9198, DELMARR 2 bedroom townhouse. Bath ',2, fur nished or u n f u r n i s h e d . Utilities no paid. Married couples only. Phone 521-2292 or 443-351S. SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Leverett 521-2761 1. Z. and 3 bedroom furnished _ unfurnished. All utilities pafd, twc swimming pools, tennis courts laundry, grocery. «as facilities, air conditioned. TOW K R APARTMENTS. One bed room, iblied, close to University, available lor summer and fall. Call 571-3MS or 442- FURNISHED Irl-plfx. save gas! Nca iwmpu, 1 ;, one bedroom, paneled, tile cr nnd tub, married couple. Also on efficiency for mature sludfnt." phone 44! K bertroom ajwrtnicnts, (S3 to (IS, all utililitfs paid. One bedroom duplw, water and gas pairf, $100 per monlh. No REALTA' NICK, one or 2 bedroom apartment on Kay wood Lane. Phone 521-4730. NEAR. UWIVEKSHT, one bedroom, carpeted air conditioned, J100 month. All itilities paid. 44L'-SM2 or 52MKM. NOW LEASING Friendly Family Atmosphere. 1. J, 3 Bedrooms- Furnished or Unfurnished. Starlins at $101. Central heat air. All u t i l i t i e s p a i u except electric. Complete l a u n d r y facilities, Daycare center on premises. C o u n t r y Club Road Office Open 9-5 521-7201; A f t e r 5 p.m. 521-8796 MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two, three or f o u r bedrooms -- Furnished or unfurnished. 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 -- Office in Apt. 1 INVESTIGATE ALL RfPORTS ONE BEDUOO^r apartment, fumistied including dlsriwasher, ffarbace disposal, central heal and air. Completely rar- poicd. $H9 month. All b:I!s paid. -142- SftW. rail before 9:30 a.m .or after 5:00 p.m. 50x40x10, wooden, me with com- 1 I ' · 1. Bookcases, shelves 2, Tablc.5, stcc! fr£ posile top. 4Rx?0 3, Tables, wooden \viih two shelves ·18x96 4. Tahlp. ( y p i n ? . m o f a l , 17x29 .1. Chc-ck i v r i t i n g m a c h i n e 6. Drawing board, -S^xM 7. Modern o f f i c e chair 8. Time clock 9. A d d i n ? m a c h i n e 53I-J172 or 442-S.TJri KIMl'ALL ^pir.ct p:ar,o. 'J Urin trc~'?s ^r.d h-ir ?pnr.-^, A"J roL-;r msp. r a :i ri'JlvVPS Bf.o P E E V Y is the Man ;vid hard f-:W p m. ON"B bed room turn ifhefJ. 590, iwid, no jfts, Ea^t 15. Phone H SUMMER SPECIAL 2 bedroom apart' mrnts 7 So. P uncan. tt'elt f u miihed, cc n1 ml al r. di shwa she r, disposal. 8125. phone 521-50TT. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished Way 15th. for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 WATH1AS DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve LADIES S u m m e r Shoes -- Jl off Discount Price. Good selection ladies' i men's western boots -- Tony Lama etc. WESTERN Shirts -- S7.SS up. Western Blouses -- M.5-S5.33 AMERICAN m a d e c a n v a s -- S1.50 up. UUMES bras -- Carnival brand -Vt Price. GOLF SHOES--Ben Hogan A Foot Joy BASEMENTS WATERPROOFED WITHOUT DIGGING Stop: Water Seepage through porous cement, cracked walls or floors. Harmless to Lawns or Pets For Free Survey and Estimate Call 846-2434 or 846-2527 -- or Write F. BLAKEMORE 123 N. Pittman Prairie Grove 72753 GREAT PLACE FAMILIES" FOR One Bedroom Two Bedroom , . . Three Bedroom .. All u t i l i t i e s p a i d , a/c. u n f u r n i s h e d . 107.0 125, 143. central heat an families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1665 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sunday* SPECIAL SirMTWER RATES RAZOKBACK P1»AZ.\ now taking applic lions lor June 1. Furnished, 2 bedroom 2 iMtti fully carpeted, distiwaslier, poo nil bills paid. Walking distance to Ui ;i1v. Phone 521-5170. FURNISHED npartmcnl and furnisher e. Deposit required. Ilai W, 6ih St. Plione 521*6: mobile Marine, i CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Featurp.s: Cenlral \ Air · Shag Carpe _ Queen size beds '· Frost-free E frig. · IHshwasher DLspos Pool » Free TV Hookup, Lo summer rates. S117,50 -- One Bedroom $121.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electric 41V3216 FURN'ISin-iD aiMTmcnt 5l?o per moni Unfurnished aparlm«it ?100 per monl AIL bills paid except n-Jier. SH Whithai 4--Apartments For Rent SUMMER RATES : urnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING r Immediate occupoancy. Also for une Sept, Completely carpeted. II utilities paid except Electricity. rkla j?a* heating and air condl- oninj. -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-bb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complde Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office 443-3141 -- Apt, 100 THE~SUGAR TREE TOWN HOUSES Thfl ultimate tn 2 bedroom furls hed and unfurnished, H'j b«tha enced patios washer-dryer con- ections, all electric kitchen, 1591 Leverelt Street. Phone 443-20T2. 'ew town houses. 182S N. Gregg- 'hone 521-4975. SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUK INSPFXmON: CHATEAU, INC. 1764 N. Ltverett Fayetleville 521-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1764 N. Leverett FayeUeville 521-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland FayettevilEe ·H2-89S1 Mjr. Apt. No. M COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett Faycttevjllc 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 J E N N Y L Y N N 11 South Duncan FayeUeville 521-72.10 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Faj'etteville 442-8W1 Mgr. (Ken-Clair« Apt. N M) SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PRIV. UNFURNISHED apartment, Iwo 1 Doms. $5Q-S(* per month plus 525 rl ip deposit. Itetcroncc rniulrcd. t Block Sts., Apt. 12. 442-7790. T.TIRNIRHED one bednMiu, carpel, al cwiiliUoncd. private parking, sinffle male. S». no pels. 442-1MS or 442-6T53. G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenbe 632 Putman -- 442-663 35-Ouplnw far Kwrt 34-Moum GET TAN On redwood tundeck it rear of two bedroom d u p l e x , clo*e lo U n t - veraity. Paneled throughout, stove and refrigerator furnished, (166 per month. Call Lee BOM 521-7772, TWO bedroom dup:?*. WS a month. MJldred Gnuc, 4*2-43*0 or Sb.«ecoat*i Heal KsUte, 53-1JW. FURNISHED, 2 bedroom, carpet, aU conditioned. J115 month, $50 deposit. No bills paid. Phone ·M2-9Q20. 2 BEDROOM, central heal/air, car stag carpel, washer/dryer connect i disposals, furnished, very quiet. Gacdci space, couples preferred, no docs. 442 AIR-CONDITIONED fum!*«i. carpeted J96 ptiu irtilltJes. I"hone 443-20'J9. TWO BEDROOM, riirn it. no utilities pai rfietl duplex apart . Pljone 521-4W5. \VB3T of Universltj', one bedroom, furn Lstwd, ISO per month, bills paid, one stu dwt. Phone 442-88N. T\VO three anrt tour bedroom houses for rent.' furnished, completely carpeted, ccly ilecoraied, dcslgneJ Tor stu-lentfl nd faculty members. -U3-21H. URN!SHB13, 2 bedroom, washer and rver, carport 956^ Camomia. Phon« ·S7-5115. DUPLEX, unfurnished, two bedrooms, dults preferred, on Whlllock Street. Phon 442-9554. TWO bedroom. furn1*ed duplex apart ment. no irtllfflfl? paid. Phone 521-JW Also a%-a!Lable, urtfumlshed duplexes, NEW, two bedroom unf ment all utilities paid, f Phillips Drive, 521-7106. TWO bedroom furnished apartment*. T105 wr month plus utilities. Close to c 701 N. Garland, -H2-M18, HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS bl ock south of the Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished apartment, vailable now. Also leasing for summer and fall. Summer rates 521-3833. NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APIS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large pool*, recreation room. Summer rates ef- iective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL 6 GUARANTEED QUIET. Couples and ma Tire singles only. TWO bedroom nn- ilhsed, except stove and refrigerator 1110. CaU 5Zl-l«n attei 5 PJQ- TWO bedroom, sh«6 c«net, stove · reTriffsrator furnlstiH. Oentrai heat air-conditioned, R» rbaye disposal, wi ' Irj'sr ooonectJonB. 442-8878. 36--Houses For Rent OLD HOUSE, or 443-9458. AVAILABLE Jure 1. ed, on Mrse ttrt beautiful lr eretl Sctiool. Carport, ercnces anrl 1 year family. 442-2170. mill 3 bedroom i *il]i (tarden spo 1 ·s North ot I/; 510S month- I lease. Couples TWO bedroom house, stove and ret era tor, close to elementary school UA, J130 per month plus deposit, fai inly. 143-4175. MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two blocki ot campus. Summer Rates. 442-4460, 521-4249. or 5Z1-23M BEVERLY MANOR ARTS. NOW rentrne tor summer and fall--one and two hedroom apaiimnDts. Kerr In- vcsimmt Co., 521-4190 442-25,17, 5'214316. rUTAb^N-HILL APARTMENTS IMrnished two bedroom apartlmpnLs- aif rulilloncd--carpet--gartm^e rtisposal- ir Universily--I42-SV97 after 4 p.m. tfv^v*nr^-*~fvvvv~-*r~~-r+^f^*f**^i+r*f* 35--Duplexes For Rent LARGE, unfurnished. 2 bedroom brick, r conditioned, range, refrigerator, automatic washer, dinette set, and living room drapes furnished. AVarried. couples or ma re adult only. No pels. Large yard id jjatio. 5115 plus utilities. Phone 44" ·jj after 4:00 p.m. NKW. 2 bedroom duplex. Complctelj- fur : ishcd. conii!e.s only, no pels. $125 plus eleclrlc. Phone 52I-Sb~J9. if no answer. T\VO bedroom duplex, near UnLversily ifunnshcd, J100 per month phis uliliti u] denoiil. 1'hone -)4'S49]4 after 3 p.i EXECUTIVE HOMES FOR LEASE 3 bedrooms. 2 baths Fireplace Sh a s L-arpet Fantastic view Bra nd new ,$275 per mo. SchuHz Taylor. Inc., 521-2T1S FURNISHED, Uio bedrooms, ai ditioned, carpets, panelinR, new aiicei. furnished, garage, washer illrts, no pets, deposit, married i ' FOR SUMMER month*? -turnlsheil hoc Mission S1 Nn pcbi coup!e only, C after 4:00 p.m. 412-BJM. SMAbt, partlv furnished two bcdroo J73, Orecnland. phone before S:00 -M3-W87. available June 1. 3 BKDROOM brick. Ait electnu heat air. Ruilt-rnK. f«nced janl. Unfitrnisl Phone 361-2614. ««nt KW;R thr** bedroom hottw. 114 tatta. itral air and heat, rai*e *ni re- Jcritor c!os« to U ot A. dw»lt ifr Jred. H70 per nw.Ui. Pho«« «vwlnW 3-,tl5T or -M3-IW1. VO bedroom house, stove and refrir- clQs« lo elementary sc-hool an* A JISO per mortb pli» Jepoill. t*m\\y |v. H3-I175. . VO 3 bedroom tnobll* homes, $!1* onth. Ona 1 bedroom mobile horn*. 35 month, All air-conditioned, carpet,all bills paid. $35 cleanup depOiit. 7-Wobife Hemei Spaces For Rent VWwdroo in furnished, mobile home. r-condilioner, wa she r-d tyc r. gas an«f nt paid, available June .1. ['hone 442-71M. 'A'i WITH 6'xS' sludy, modern, UOFA. J7S. you pay bills. Phone H^/- shady pa rtt, rlose-in. bciJroom. fi andoati Villa, ·H3-1757. rnished air-coiiditioncd, JltO. gas pviid. JTion* 'I bedroom, central air asher and dryer, ]ool. 1U udent union. Wcslcru Hills. FURNISHED, wrdltioner. nlles from st .21-6900, 3^-olFi __ TWO bedroom furnished trailer, 3W: milci out on 16 VVes!. J100 per month, billi id. I'tone 113-21 IS. _ beilrooni frailer, utilities paid. S?0. \[.irried coupl* only. Phone U3.5M7, 0 furni.shed. -'2 bedrooms, central air ttioninR, water and Eas pa'd, n» pots. Phone j»7-J51!, KarminRton. Villa UOBILK HOMK PARK Ccn(ral location · Ovorsuied lots · Pn%-0(! Streets · Swimming Pool · Plai'sround · Recreation b!lK » Storage? bldg · T!rJi;r- Eround utilities · Oft Slrecl Parking, Hwy. 71 N. 443-2214 Entrance \crosa from Holiday Inn B R A N D new Iwo bedroom, ;)Qxl2. carpeted, nicely furnished, washer d r c r tioofc-up, nir-rondi1ionH, gas isilic^L, Tl'Jiir $oO clcan-up deposH, bloc'k North CollcRo. -H2-3J'J. 1-TJRNISHKn 2 bcitroom, air-eowUlioiiol. mobile home, nmst ha Qiiinl nuil re] i able. no chitfJron. no pcLs^, J l l D month, cab!* antl iililMios pnld. Also Ivdilcr spaces, small tiTiilcr wricoinc. $20, sewer paid. NICE three bedroom tracer, partiv r nlsJwd, bills [BiM. Coii:itr- living. 5100 per month. Also two bedroom duplex, S65 per month, with lease. Phone -M2-TW. 1 ;. FURNISHED, '1 bedroori house. l',i id eal for thre« T\VO bfdroom with rantic and on large lol. prefer couple, nt flRi per month rfus deposit. Plioi a bpriroom, furtiishrd duplex, 14 bttx-k n campus. (15 per month. Phone 5'Jl- 11S a f t e r 5:00 p.m. DUPLEX apartment, tarnished, two bedroom , air-conditioned, summer, $00 -fall, $120 plus electricity. MOT H. Lev- eietl. 413-7418. 521-ISfi'a. DUPLEX, u nf u rnished, two bedrooms, atful Is preferred, on Whillock SI reel. Phone 442-9351. TWO BKDROOM duplex, unf urn i shed slove, dishwasher, disposal, washcr/rtry- er connections, fireplace. Hoot School area, f u l l y shag carpeted 1 h roughaul, central air/heat. $130 r*r month. Phone 5ZMG25- NICK, clean, n i r conditioned rvie hod- room Near UofA. Wn(cr-s*wer paid. *12S. nejvMit rt-niiired. Call J4'AS93fi. FAR.MZNGTON, new three bevirooni brick home, complelelv furnished, washer and dryer. SISO month plus utilities, deposit- LUXURY PLUS All conveniences and shag car- R et in two bedroom, unfurnished awnhouses, great view, (230 per month. Call Lee Boss at Gallery ol Homes, 521-7272. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 FUHNTHHKD, extra nice, two hertr T pfiirt, air-conditio?icd, coupl ll fa mily. (11D pc r month. "267 COUNTRY . living, small irarden, one bertroom house, completely furnisher!, :" iles from square, couple only, wm onsitter 'student if year rnund reside Phone aflcr 7. 4)3-2!3fiS. T\VD bedroom furnished, central air- it, in Korlheal. ^ ¥ o pels, deposit required. Jl^i monthly, Immcdia1 e wrti- ino-. 44.1-3107 or 443-20IS. TWO bedrooms, larce den, Iirep!iicc, bis fpured hacftvard, half block from can pusf. S21-72T7. 1-TJRN'ISHED mobile homes. Also sp,i ren t. Wayne Hi nkle Mobile H Park, Hwy. 16 East. Phon* 443-265S. GOOD COUNTRY living spaces at Green Acres, 16 Wesl. Piwie iLVlKS. SPR1NGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY ,1 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ark. PUiza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2J52. UCff VOK mobile homr. r,;is and [urnUhed. ?-0 a month. Phone ST connexions. Space bedrtiom mobile home, lioned, washer/dryer 133 .\rc-Klm ^[aIlDr 1 NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK Spaces A Alr-oond moWl« borne* rent. Good living at Good Prices We«* r.3-5323 or 521-5510. ml. N.W. of OoTA. Call 1^8 acres only 20 miles Ironi FayeUeville jnsl off Kwy. 16. C a b i n , well, creek and several springs. Price 5130. an acre. Priced for quick sale. will sell all or p.irt- $200. an Bal. la N c g a t l n M e . Creeks We had an answer to the gas problem long before there was a gas problem. 5000 acres south of H u n t s v i l l e . Owner acre. Terms: 3 yrs. Interest only at 5tt springs t h r o u g h o u t . 10 to 40 acre tracts short drive from Eureka Springs on Hwy. 23. Lota of trees, excellent views. Price **00 an acre. Terms: as tow as 10% down over 10 years at 7% simple interest. 100 acres on R-aver Lake near the Dam. Over 600 [t. of lake frontagt, Already set up for subdivision. Only S miles from Eureka. For Price Terms contact McClung Realty. Eureka Springs. Older home nn Ltf. scenic lot to downtown. Price $12,!WO. W« have m a n y o t h e r homes duplexes priced fro mSlS.rW) up. Write For our spec sheets. Extremely profitable Business Building downtown E u r e k a . Tf you like working six months ouf of the year hut s t i l l want a year round income this business can make it for you. Confidential-contact us For details. TV Sales Service (only one in town) Services all Mnicls in town. £2.000. plus i n v e n t o r y . We have other business opportunities build- ngs in Eureka. Interested in a lake lot on Beaver Lake or Table Rock, we have It Plymouth Valiant. METAl* Detectors -- Garret!. Use Pr fesslcaa!'* Choice. Gold ari silver coir.i twjKht and st£d CMII Ab* Uncolr,. *, IB57. Ro?ers, Art- 27--Mvsieor Merchandise CONN ELECTRIC ORGAN Beautiful Ion* -- excellen! condition. 23 instrumental lone stops. Priced to seli, $575. Call 443-5515 for appointment. : stere* «yii*m. Oxnp:«te. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates.... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call of Come By University Housing Razorback Annex - 575-3951 14 years ago, wtwn we put our first Vafent on display, it got a lot of attention. And why not? it ·as part of 3 new jxeed of small cars that offered good, solid value in a compact size. A small car that featured easy handling and parking, nice low price, room for six inside, plenty of trunk space and good gas mileage on regular fuel. Back then, ibe otber auto companies came out with new coo- pacts, too. 8«t white their Snes have faflen by the wayside, Valiant has kept on going strong. In tact, over 2.3 million Valiants have been soM since 1960. So we figure we've been doing something right. And naturally, Valiant's good gas mileage is part of it. One good reason why America's No. 1 selling compacts come from Plyrnoath. Stop m today and we'H show yo» plenty of other reasons. REALTOR' McClung Realty, inc. Two Locations To Serve You Hiway 23 N. 45 Spring St., Eureka Springs 253-9862 or 253-9635 See us for eight great smaR car buys* IVEY MOTOR CO. COMING --OR --GOING Bl'fHBH WAY WHY DON'T YOU PHONE US? We'll f i n d just flu riRhl h n m e for you if you're NEW TO FAYETTEVII-LE. If you'r* leaving we'!] find the RIGHT BUYER for the HOME YOU LEAV2 BEHIND. LIVE A COUNTRY LIFE 453, YET only 15 MINUTES f r o m TOWN. This 3 hodroom home on ONE ACRE with BEAUTTFUl. VIEW also has l',a baths, ccnlral heat air, nice kitchen, carpets and 2 car garage. A GOOD BUY listed by Mr*. Hammers. APPROX. 132 ACRES IN FAYETTEVILLE M-411. WESTT of Cross Over Road known as HAPPY HOLLOW VALLEY. UTILITIES AVAILABLE. MARKET PRICE KLEXI8IJE TERMS. Listed by Hal Modtin. NORTH OF UofA U--159. And on a DEEP LOT w i t h SHADE TREES. This neat I! bedroom frame home has living room, den k i t c h e n wilh b u i l t - i n range, dishwasher disposal. REASONABLY PRICED AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. LOOKING FOR CASH FLOW??? H-451. Thi* 4 Unit BRICK apartment house will add approximately WO per month to YOUR INCOME. Each COMPU7TELY FURNISHED unit has balh. Jiving room 2 bedroom*. EXCELLENT LOCATION -- CALL FOR DETAILS. Listed by Mrs. Hammers. $15,000 DOLLAR BARGAIN M-4S5. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, range, w-d connections, carport. LABOR FHA LOAN «nd on a Quiet itrect in SPRINGDALE. Listed by Hal ModJm. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY U--«« EXCELLENT RENTAL -- CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY. 2 bed. room*, kitchen, living room, bath nd garage. PRICED at ONLY 511.500. 620 NortK College 442-8691 UTLEY and Company, Inc. OnthtSquowSnoBWC OFFICE 442-8241 HOME BtAUOO Mr*. Hammers .. 443-3083 HalMod'm 521-4108 H. L Utf«y ...... 4424044 Rnpemibl* Sak$ R«pr««ntotive»

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