Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1974 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 27
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N*fthw«l Arkansas TIMES, W«l. f May 22, 1974 rAVCTTKVILLK, AJIKANSAS SaU HORFT, trained lo »wk with c*«!c, IXSEMWATIOS' wrvlor. AL top botti, fart c/f ideal irrvir*, »nyvrh#re. anytime. Rr«»onablc ralrs. REGISTERED AKGUS i Invite you (o visit «tirl see ·« »re doing. We also have a few young hulls for sale. M years ot lnfi ilne breeding stock. Homer Fry 443-2529. FRY ANGUS FARM LA RGB QUAIJTV Northern HoU vriftffert. ChUnVn* bipd Tirrf Brown S«Jss Wvatt Bradbom'. irt!« North dt Gnirette on », «i« mi!* bA on Rack?* Del] Hlrtnry. REGISTERED ItOIWED HEREPO K7LU5, RAGSDKLL FARJL phor.t ! SW3. TRATRtK GTtOVE. 24--Dog*, Cots A Peti FI\ r E, long-Jwlrc^ kittens lo be · w»y. Oil :S7-3516 nflcr 5:0). FRFE cute litter trained fciltens lo giood hcnie. Phase 11J-W!. hfititif u) red A KC rocLs'.c itnd puppies. Phone 635-137). AMERICAN Eskimo [*:ip?ir'. A:x w old, fenwlr (35, ma!* $50. fully register ·d. Ptxne S3-S751 filler 5:00 p.m. FRKE lo cood home tcmalo. btacfc «nr w h i l e . « toe Wllcn. Female, Huffy, pray bo\ Iralred. S33-32JS. AXC RBOISTKREI) CoriLp pyp **p)ts old JSO, Cill 521-IW5 521-7272. AKC RKGVzTKKKD Welmaraner pupj Ercelte.v, pedigree, yoo| jvl, hivnlin w B icK do?. On« b'.ue, Ui rce ?ray. 4126101. mcse kittens and oiltcr 2 BT.UE TICK* cwn hounda lor sal months old. Call SZl-STHV 1FEISEI filler puppier, beautiful, 6 w o'd, AKC rpgislorcd. three male, on male. Call S3J-3715. JRI5I! SI7TTEII AKC roistered pup Kxcellcnt pc^J^ree. Joe Gardner. Phon 44.1-317J. WAUREE:; Larpe anrl KDGA dot- jr dofl cnjom COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment Call 443-3441 Collier* bu 50 ib. *acks of Wayn · nd K*sco dot food. Camp/etc Line of Pet SuppUea all Collier Slom. PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING CynUila Johnson. Groomer Ind.'vidual Attention -- No Trin qullizen lued. Persona!tied groom- the done with tender loving CAT OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED Pbo ne 442-8592 day* or eventn AKC \Veimaraaer pupplrs, excellent dun Ing und p«t Block. Call 521-»!60 aftei 5:30 p.m. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines Complete selection of ftU veterinary lupplle*. Everrthlng for you! ·te Sborplnx Center. Hwy. U Cut 25--Home Needs--For Sola MUST SACRIFICE Lovely blue-green silk dam a ·ofa; Leather-lopped l.unp tali; TV.-Q in A(ching mahogany tables £ing]e-J5iie innersprift inallress box springs; 3ma» li^ht green d mask lounge cliair; Kneelmle ilc. with 7 drawers and exlonslo leaves; BW Magnavo?: Conio TV; Small limed oak cabinct-ha .Formica k i tch e n tab! e. -t ch a i r Bookcases: 35x56 and 48x18; fiG p Dinnens'are set; 5 place settin "Swendla" Stainless steel flatwa: (31 pcs.J; G.H and Vornado Ete trie fans; Pollenex hand-seld ma eager w i l h heat; Hoover clcctr can opener; Electric Knife i Scissor sharpener; Hooks recoi drapes, c u r t a i n s , mirrors, and mi celianeous. Phone 442-2C?. SKT\'1XG machine, TV ?.ct. \va chine, DLhtr useful household i two Billy goat kid,. 6r,-SO;. REPO. : BKi'SEn Electro!ux for sale. yt»T guarantee. Fhoro 413-i:»43. MATTRESS SELLOUT TJniuual ^election of quality' ma tres« and box springs sets offer 1o you at discount savings, frorted degrees of firmness, wi choice. Check our price. 593 fu Also have twin, tueen and k *ize. ATI sizes are offered al tr menrfous savings. United Frcig Salw, Hwy. 63 W,, FaycttevL! Ark. Open 3-9 Mond-Friday. 6:00 on Saturday. MATTRESS, box sprinif, Jranie, Nfart*- new m?:al daiecior. J50. i fis-Sms motor, JIM. Te.i!. S15. 442-:O l?r 1 p.m. FORMAL dmtna table w;!h six : holsteirt c?iairs by D;c/:sw Poflernial wa'ji - Jl fLiish. Price $700. Prme 4i2-?t LEX.VAP.D irosMrrr rcfriffcralor. IS b:c [J., llrnt ^^".lt·v. 15 m'Vilh.: o'r], c*I!ent condiUo.T. Pho-a KM-H7. E r,«w, walr.ut^rooni table, oistered chairs. !ar£e baffel. Ca'.; ftfier 5:00 p.m. WOOD DINING SETS Table with 4 hardwood chai Stain and heat res Lit ant t a t lop. JIW, cash or terms. This sh merit includes many styles soi with matching china csbine United Freight Sales. Hwy. 62 FayetlcviUe. Open 9-9, Mon.-F till :00 Sat. DOUBLE- DOOP. refr ; ;r?r^o:. vr.-h maker. ASnc5t E^W, Ifiives*. so'.A I Jt»n« 32I-S3J). USED, 2*3 ten. Carrier centra'. jiirK-o: toner. CaU 521-3w5 etu;r 5:30. KEEP carpets beautiful dejp:te ly^', ct « b^sy family. Ejy Blue I,'j=.!;?. R ·'eclne shtmpooer tL Po'k Kurr.: ti «3 W. D^ckson. FC* lma«r wear fcee? crpets with Blue Lustre- P.erA electric ( ·ooer Jl. Lewis Eros, on the jt]^ vscuan clwrer for sa'.e, K.T cxr^il'on. AttscJ'.mer.-j, S150. Ph --Horn* N**dt--For Sal* tW- SID U WIUWS HOME FURKITURE 410 R C*U*»« AIT. VjkSnc, Klfla, . le lire of cabinet*. Commercial PJaffs k NnHonnL Fabrics, 919 Young St - ALL NEW1 fa and chair groups; 2 piece set r 503. Hardwood frames uphols- rcd i n d u r a b l e attractive f a h r ' m i l y room favorites. rins. United Freight Sale*. Hwy. W.. Fayettcvllle. Open 9-9 Mon.- iday, till 6:00 S a t u r d a y . 6--for Sat* -- Mhcftllaneous 31-- Wanted To Trod* jHOU-^K, W). F*t (A tint citinn. One!silverware, both never unpacked. 7M- 1 after 5:00 p.m. OOU, tarce hwnemflde deslc and rlo Fruit Jars, flower [wis. Phor.e 521 FFICfJ rtcsta anrl furniture 2 rha ws, 10*55 Chevy c^rry all, 4 wheel dn win ph, ]!*7I tThovy p: rtrup w i th ctaf shell camper. H2-S4;, T1-7S10 adcr ti:00 413-1721. and fuj-nllure lit sal' ACTORY BEDROOM SUITES 10 deafer?, please. Includes Iflr? psser, mirror, chest and hta-lhoarr! opular designs In different sts'les \i-ii?f. First comr ( server; anlilfes arc limited United Fr ]f*. H n-v. E3 W.. Fa v rile ville ) Mon.-Fri., tilt 6:00 fat flYS Fchwitin 2£ Inch bicycle, n salEon aquariums with sl e!c scl-up J*5. Phone- 5'J1-11 i MM sound prolcdnr. Hell a/ "D KemlnElnn pump ride w t-M bolt acllai r i f t c . Phone iRANDFATHER CLOCKS Ui wcitfil drive MHbur c l l l . Phono 731-H13 Kii*icr Ave. Springdnle SLIGHTLY SCRATCHED shipment, [3) zigzag sewing mach li^^d 11 y n d i-er1 iscd bra nd for $10.9 cse macilines may be inspctrletj .iled FtciRht Safes, Ilwy. (K \\\, F; tlcville. Open D 9 Mon.-1'Yi.. (Ill 6:00 Sa 0--Wanted To Buy B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 190% ABOVE FACE .Subject to daily change, call for uoe). Also need small coin and tamp collections lop dollar paid. FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2561 N. College. 521-«421 C A S C O I N S H O P PAWN 3 aylnz iWTr over face for Silver. Buy Sell Al! U.S, Coins R S. Thompson 751-3710 CAN OFFER SMALL. 3 ROOM FUHNISHED HOUSE AND UTIL TIKS TO YOUNG M A R R I E D AGIU STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOU FARM WORK. CAI.L. 267-S6W 33--Rooms For Rent FRKK room lot l i l e r l v la'ly. no r i l i t L C T . Call -ll3- ARGE rooms available May 15.223 "Hock. 9ia re livi n R room, k itch en, balh $30 per monUi. 1'hone 1-1Z-3T.13 aflcr 5:05 KOOM For rent, cnrpctfl, central h lir-conditioncd, UK Katf. Rirtse Drive,, Fayellovllle. Phone 412-671!!. 34--Aparlments For Rent K ITCH iKXKTlT.S, nion ihly or ^% th mafd service or without. Alsc iTicry. Hnhics -- older. Phone 41 or 442-l'ilfi. Twin Arch Motel FU FIN ISI IE D. two \ Within w a l k i n g dislnnc it reel parking. *120 ·H2-7J25 alter 6 p.m FUnxiSHKD cfliciency apaclmenl small mohite home, 5JL per wci?k Itiej; jwid. Airport Jlotcl, ·M2-'j£i2 112-077-1 TWO BKW1OOM nicely f u i n i s h H : iriele'l. h o n t - a i f . -Ml u l i l i l i c s pair!. 51 ontb. 521-61WL Available July 1. ran NISI rp^n very ri u ict loca t ion, f^r^e rooms anrl lialh, smple off parking, utilities patrf. J!fO por r pi us ilcpoii t. Phone 412-52C(1 after FURNITURE and OFFICE EQUIPMENT Bookcases, 60x10x10, wooden, 4 shelves . Tables, sleet f r n m e with composite lop, JSx't! i. Tables, wooden with Iwo shelves 48x06 . Table, typing, metal. 17x20 . Chctk w r i t i n g m a c h i n e .. Drawing bonrri, 42x30 . Modern o f f i c e chair . Time clock i. Arid in2 machine 521-:U72 or 412-3315 CO-OPERATION WITH ALL OHOANIZATIOHB INTERESTED IH L»W IX- rORCEMCNT P E E V Y is the Man LAFF-A-DAY O Kin* TMTJIM Syn-frjit. be, I9«, W'ojld ri«i»w "Didn't you see this game last year?" 34--Apartments For Rent TOWER APARTMENTS. One bedroom, urnished, close to University, available or summer and fall. Call 3Z1-2S16 or 442- D22. O.VK bcilroom nparLinrnts, IS.J ti 112"'. I utilities jiairi One bc-Jrwm duplex. ,itcr anrl ^as pair], J1CO per inocith. *No Els. Phor.o iJUl-'J'K!. ONK bedroom turn^hsyl. $GO, ulililles :.l. no pets, Kasl -Jo. Phone IW-1SW. n?;AI,T.Y NICK, one or 2 hednxwn apart- l rn Kaywunii Lfinc. Thone 521-1130. -,'KAP. UXIVEI'.SITV. onp bcdrconi. car- wle.J air condllEonrd. ?1CO month. All UilJlios paid. 4-12-S3-12 or 521-7624. To Place, Cancel or Correct Your Classified Ad for Tomorrow's Paper CALL BEFORE 4:00 P.M. TODAY 442-6242 Ask For Classfied ·\I M BALL spinet plnno, rcs'-cs iinI box spnn? ock maple. Call ^1-5 2 t ma1- All solttl hurd afier 6:00 p.m. VII1TE F.Viibanl shop lias new slock oT ·cities anr] coihini! for everyone, free ? v.itli JH purchase. We also buy. "and Uazorback Hd. f,KR OOLnKN TOUCH AND SEW -- jei's famous macJiine that (!oe,s it Tlicso niadiine.-i have n e v e r liccn tj. V\'J]| do built-in buttonholes, decor-e stithies plus unique self winding l-li1i;n. an.l nnicti more, niiis m a c h i n e jM nojnially rost VOH J500 but ran vours /or oily ,VSH*. Cash nr ICJins iilab!e United Frejphl Sales, Hwy, \V-, Fayctlevillc Cpon 9-0 Mon.-Fri., till G:PO Kal. MATHIAS DISCOUNT 71 B South on Curve LADIES S u m m e r Shoes -- f 1 off Discount Price. Good selection ladles' men's western boots -- Tony Lama etc. WESTERN Shirt.i -- S7.S3 up W e s t e r n Blouses -- f4.S5-$5.8S AMERICAN made canvas -- $1.50 A: Up. LADIES bras -- Carnival brand -i' 2 Price. GOLF SHOES--Ben Hogan foot Joy METAL Deteciors - Garrei!, Uie pr ifonal'i Choice. Gold and silver colni ho-.i chl and so 1 d. Call A be Un coin. 536 6357. Ro^prs. Art 27--Musical Merchandise STEREO COMPONENTS 5 Karti tn'handsome walnut finish v.-or!d famous 3 sneed aulomatir I labfe. 12 WAV spoake r audio syst em AM-FM and FM sicreo fully tniiwiMoi izert radio, w i t h fire rontrols, f.\trrn.i jacks for lapi? deck record and p'ay ar.i hoartpisone jack. J1T3.P5. Cash or icnns- Um'cri Freight ESles. Hwy. tG W., "a rtu'ville. Open 9-9 Moa.-Fri., till fiiO USED Rcali-V.ic f?5. Call ^J-6-1 slcreo sv-rtcm. Complete DUG A N , Ta«i a voy. s mall, nl e'wtric Walnut ca b i ilif-on, WM or best ofJer. 3302, Famiinplon. , Call 35; STEREOS (S) dij^ave iolid state, luliy Iran t o r i e l s'.ereoin'soriir, tilg/i lidclity vo i o o hoaui'tui hand rubbed [jni^h IV u RSR record rhan^er and J sjvaker au svs'.om. Sa^e Sl~0. our pricr K££ ' ordinarily, J.~W. Ca»"n or trims a^il ab'e. MaV be inip^rteii nl United Freipi Sa'es Kwy. 3 \Vc!, FaycUe'1 1 .le r O;w 0 9 Mo^.-Fri., till fi:00 Sat. 28--Antiques--For Sole Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitives -- Glas» China -- Bras -- Collector's Items Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone Sio-2SS' 30-Wanled To Buy Hlf-KEST PRICES FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE A APPIOANCE3 IXCLUD- [-VG ANTIQUES W2-2592. WANTED 2 ton '65-*70 mt3el C CMC, or Istema'Josaf w!lho; H bed. Must be good truck. 751-5395. BASEMENTS WATERPROOFED WITHOUT DIGGING Stop: Water Seepage through porous cement, cracked walls or floors. Harmless to Lawns or Pets For Free Survey and Estimate Call 846-2434 or 846-2527 -- or Write F. BLAKEMORE 123 N. Pittman Prairie Grove 72753 ONK bedroom fur ampus, no . ?!*,!. Call ri2 ished apailmtiil, clns ir. no pels, 'all bil " pels, !«0. US W. NOW LEASING ^ GRANDVIEW ^^ t APARTMENTS J "ricndly Family Almosphero. 1, 2 L- S Bedrooms. Furnished or Un urnished. Starling at S101. Centr; icat fo air. All utilities paid e: :c[it electric, Complete laundry fa it)ties, Daycare t e n t e r on premises C o u t i t r y Club Road O f f i c e Open 9-5 521-7201; A f l e r 5 p.m. 521-8795 MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVILT.E'S FINEST Now leasing one. two. Ihrec r four bedrooms -- Furnished or un furnished. 3001 Wed ing ton Phone 52L-720G -- O/fice in Apt. quiet apattmcjil. nli lilies -n atu re po r son. $70 mon th. THUKE bedroom, un Tarnished ^partmc "' a- 62 West. Phone ·HlMwilG or L two bedroom ,wall-low all car- Tat heat/air, tiailxi^'p dibpo.-al, good furniture, off s,1rcel I'arking. 113- ""·" after I. _ ·wall carpel, rcn- disposal, drt-i-nt parking. 413-35-16 ON'B brriro nll-lo -II \\Tiitliani. 2 rifunii-slicti, 1 berir( blocks to Univer ROOM furnishci! B.irapo Hi air conditioner. Married _ ndu.ite iluilcnl No jwt*. N ULililics paid, Plione ·JJS-WoB apartme couple NICK Uv wasft (ral liral ·ouplc. n iflcr 4. bedroom, unlurjiishcd. raTpol- r nnd dryer conn erf ions crti- anil nir-con*li1inned, iniirricd ii els. fall -m-ZSra or 4-13-1616 ilNJSHKH one tedroom cfti iall pel allowed, water ant! sa; i per montli. Phone ·ItS-^O. FURNISHED APARTMENTS T^vo hcdroruns, central heat and air-iMjnrti lion ing, dLspo.sal, off street parking no pots. A v a i l a b l e immediately for summer and. f a l l . JlO.i. plus (50 deposit. With fireplace, Si35 summer,, £130 fall. Call 521-0^13 or 521-1539 TIRED OF BIG COMPLEXES? Now Leasing Ne wApartments At SS3 Sycamore Six 1-Bedroom A p a r t m e n t s Eight 2-Bcdroom Tovrnhoutes ' Ijiixtiriotisly Furnished X: drapcci * Be.Tiilitul harvest gold appliances in eluding dishu-a.shcr. * W a t e r and gas paid * I n d i v i d u a l Jencetl-in p.itLos Call Vic a f t e r 3 p.m. S21-15S1 p apartment, j and Univrr«il hone 52I-65S7 JSO i ow Taking Applications for SUMMER FALL Call 442-8722 Corner Hill and Putman Sis. ONE bedroom, U AI'AUTMKNT. Brown Aapa r tmcnls. 221 Xo OXR EEDROO%r apartment, iumis incluJing dishwasher, garbage dispo L'ditral lie at and air. Com p:c lei · lifted. 51-10 month. AIL bills paid, S«H). CM 11 bolore 0:30 a.m .or a 5: CO p.m. '.NIPIIED apartment-- olfiricjicics, on Tntl two bedrooni-.sornc-air conilitic-n very iuiot environment, close to ca [ins. 521-2226. _____ UMME J t S'PECIAF. 2 bed room fl IS icnts, 7 So. luncan. Well [urnish central air. rl isti ivnshc r, disposal, $125 Phone 521-5071. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May ]5th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 STUDENTS: Furnished apatlmenls, blocks from campus. Collates in con 10 minutes from campus. 565 u Phone 4-12-K53. _ S APAKTMENT?. Nnw rer ummer. Ci£C to cam[i*s, 0: bedrooms, lumlshe-1 Ph«n FREE RENT THIS MONTH \v apartments now availabl Move in now and get the mon' of May rent free. Special summ rates. Two bedrooms, furnishc qitnlity built apartmonts with a (he extras including dishwasher Call today for an appoinimcn 443-1757. ONK, two anr] three bedroom far apartnents. -500 to 5130. University earn [His aioa. Plione Ul-TtlQ. PUP.NT3HED very nice and coaven:er N*?lt!eship Apis.. 1510 NettieaMp, Pi 521-3372 Titter 5 cat; ·! 12-90-19. 1972 FORD PINTO 4 speed, factory air cond tioning, vinyl roof, 19,00 actual miles, a real nice ca Wheeler Motor Co Inc. »S PHONE 443-3458 |g Highway 71 North K FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer r a l e s . . . We offer reasonable rent AIL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfumjshed, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By Unjversily Housing Rozorback Annex -- 575-3951 4--Apartments For Rent SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER ne bedroom e f f i c i e n c y lurnishedi p a r f m e r U . Utilities paid, $70. From 00-5:00 rail Scholars Inn. 521-592.1. ftcr 5rOO and weekends call -1-12- DELMARR bedroom townhouse. Bath \'z, fur. ihed or u n f u r n i s h e d . Utilities not irf. Married couples only. Phone Jl-2252 or 443-3515. SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Leverett 521-2761 2. and 3 bedroom furnished or nfurnished. All utilities p a i d , two w i m i n l n g pools, tennis court*. u n d t y . grocery, gas facilities, air nditioned. P.N15HE D trl-pk-s. save gas . Nea r npui-, cnc bedroom, paneled, tile show- mid tub, married, couple. Also one ;ticienc- for mature sludent. Phone 442- A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" )ne Bedroom 107.00 'wo Bedroom 125.00 i'hree Bedroom 143.00 Ml utilities paid, central heat and a/c, u n f u r n i s h e d , families. WASHINGTON ·LAZA APAHTMBNTS 1655 N. Lewis 551-3073 O f f i c e Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sc Sundays SPECIAL SUMMER RATES RAKORBACK PLAZA, now taking appllea- ions for June 1 Furnished, 2 bcdrooi bath, fully carpeterj, dishwasher, r all bills paid. Walking distance to I ·crsily. Phone 521-olTfi. 34-- Apartment* For Rent ' FURNISHED *p«rtment fiyt pff month. 1 Un uralshH ·p«ftmtnt 1100 per month, c Al b l l l t pair) except water. 611 OThlthun. i M2-IJ62. : ALMOST NEW two bedroom rumlshM apartments. 3 blocks campji, central air. summer rales. Hl-1019 or SH.-IMB after \ : 00. f/MaM L/ F^flpflRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or U n f u r n i s h e d NOW LEASING For Immediate occupoancy. Also for June Sept. Completely carpeied. All utilities paid except Electricity. A r k J a gas healing and air conditioning. Beautifully Decorated Frojrt-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft, Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office 443-214' -- Apt 100 THE SUGAR TREE TOWN HOUSES The ultimate in 2 bedroom furnished and unfurnished, Hi baths fenced patios, washer-dryer connections, all electric kitchen, 15ff Leverett Street. Phone 413-2072, NEW town houses. 1828 N. Gregg. Phone 521-1975. TWO bedroom MrnlshM apartments, $105 per month plus utilities. Ctrw* to campus. 700 N. Garland, -142-M16. ; SUMMER ' RATES AVAILABLE FOB YOUH INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 17«4 N. Leverelt Fayetteville 521-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV nl N, Levecett Fayeiteville 521-3213 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 K E N C L A I R E 1900 N. Garland ? , Fayettevllle 442-8981 Mgr. Apt. No, M COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett i'ayettevitle 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 J E N N Y L Y N N H S o u t h Duncan 14-- Apartment* For Rent rURMSHED on« trtrnm. «r[*l. ·]'· vnlllloned. privtlc parklnl. llns!e If na c t». no pel*. «Z-*H« Of 413-lnS. ; G L E N D A L E - i Renting for Summer ,$125 Per Month 1 Bedroom F u r n i s h e d Also R e n t i n g for Fall: All U t i l i t i e s Paid. f_.-i S w i m m i n g Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 P u t m a n - 442-6638 HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science Engineering Building. One and tw bedroom, furnished apartmenl available now. Also leasing for summer and fall. Summer rates. 521-3833, NOW AVAILABLE 1 i 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT G A R D E N APTS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large pool recreation room. Summer rates ei feclive June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL 6 MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Summer Rates. 442-4460. 521-4249, or 521-2»S BEVERLY MANOR APTS NOW rentinz lor summer and Tail-- on and two bedroom apartmnels. Xerr In vestment Co., 521-41UU, ·H2-a5a? 1 aSM^ PUTMAN-HIU, APARTMENTS Furnished two bedroom apadlments-- x coniHl innort-- ea rpcl-- (ja rbnge rti sposal near University-- 143-8TO7 after 4 p.m. 35 -- Duplexes For Rent NRW, 2 bedroom duplex. Completely fu rUshcd, couples only, n o pels. 51 23 t! cirri rl r. Phone 521-3623, il no answc 521-2*3. TWO bedroom duplex, near Unlversl unlurnishcd, $100 per month plus utllil ONE bedroom, furnished duplex, \t. b!v from campus, JTo per month. Phone Ki H6 after 5:00 p.m. FURNIFHED, two bedroom duplex, g and water paid. ?135 per month. PJio 4 42-5931. DUPLEX aparlment. furnished t two b room, air-conditioned, summer, $39 fall, fljio il«s electricilv. 1107 N. Le ereL!. «L'-?4LS, b2i-W28. DUPLEX, unlurnishcd Iwo beJnxm a dully preferred, on WhUlotk SUc Phone -142-935-!. 1WO BBDUCX»l tiijp'cx. imlurnW stove, dishwasher, disposal, washrr/d er connections, fireplace, Ktvot Krti area, f u l l y sfrag rarpolcd thrmitfio central alr/hcal. 5190 per month. Ph S21-1G25. LUXURY PLUS 1 conveniences and shag car" "wo bedroom ""'"'""^'J ownhomes. urcal vlc *",' 2r 3° 11 j!ri nonth Call Lee Boss »t Gallery Homes. 521-727?GET TAN 5, sassissa*^ ;"«"·- e" 5 llv. Paneled I"TM":? 1 ' 011 ';,!'" 1 :; nd refrigerator furnished Slfc per onth, Call Lee Boss SZI-72T2. TWO bcdicwm duplex. SITi a month. Call Jldrcil Crane, 4LMIK) or Etagcroam CO' Estate, Kl-tlSO. ·UEIN1SUHU, ^ bedroom, carpel, aif TM!littaei!. JUS mon*. »» de «" Ml - t Uitls paid. Phono 412-35M. Nl.-UHN'IFHKD 1 bedroom brick. ?1W1 is JM deposit and bills, 339 HoHy. none «!-!031. Alter 6:00. ffi7-3S6. BEDROOM, central heal/air, c-arporl, hai; c-arpet, vi-aslwr/ciiyer conntellorn, Isposals. luinished. verj- quiet, uardm pac-e couples ptetetrer], no dozs. 412- 2S9. AIR-CONB1TIOSBI. turnislipd carpeted, S35 plus utilities. I'hone 4l3-?(rj:t. ·nVO BEDKOOM, furnished dup!« apiirt- menl. no utilities paid. Plione s5l-!OI». Wt:bT of Unhecslly. one bedrion\. wrn- istied !50 per month, bills palii. one stu, dent, rtione H2-SS30. t DUPLEX, unrumlsned. livo bedrooms, a. dults prertrred. on Whlltocfc stniel- Pboni 4J2-33J1. TVVO bedroom, fumlslied duplex apail. Also 'available, unfurnished dup^cs. NE\V. Uo bedroom u n f u c n l s h w j atvirt- mTMl all utilities paid. !13o per montrl GUARANTEED QUIET, ojuples and ma. lure singles only. TVVO bedroom ur.. urnlhsed except stove unit refrigerator, JUO. Call 521-1621 aftel 5 p.m. T\vo bedroom, shaj canwt, stove and refrigeralor furnished, central heat and alr-oondilioned, garbage disposal, vvasn- e.'/drj'er connections. 4J2-SS7S. ^^·^ 1972 TOYOTA 2 door hardloop, aulomatic transmission, air conditioning, vinyl roof, .an es.tra sharp car. Uunaalar Mnf/^r i A Wllcclcl nOIOf LO. PHONE 443-3458 fefl 3244 N. Collage B9 (Highway 71 North) FURNISHED apartment and fumLslied nubile home. Deixsit required. Hanna Ia rlnc. 6M \V. Gth SL Phone 521-65S5. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: i Central Air · Shag Carpets » Queen size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dishwasher Disposal 'col · Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates. 5117,50 -- One Bedroom §127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electric Fayetteville n21-7 240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland rayettevillc 412-3981 Mgr. (Ken-CUlre Apt. No SWIMMING POOL OB POOL PRIV. UNFURNISHED apartment. Iwo rooms. S30-S0 per month plus !S up deposit. Heference required. * Block StS. r Apt 11 443-7790. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 Buick offers two economical small cars: Domestic: Apollo [6 cylinders] 0250-cubic-inch, 100 horsepower 6-cylinder engine, standard 02-door Coupe, Hatchback and 4-door Sedan body styles available 0111" wheelbase, standard ^3-speed manual transmission, standar 0 Butck-tuned suspension, standard f Added sound deadening and insulation, standard 0 Full-width steel reinforced bumpers, standard · Cut-pile carpeting, front and rear, standard 0Buick-auality upholstery material, standard 0350-cubic-inch, 150 horsepower, 2-barrel V8 available 0Turbo Hydra-malic automatic transmission available (Model shown has optional whilewalls, deeluxe wheeicovers, bumper guards and protectivee strips, and body side mouldings) mported: Opel Manta [4 cylinders] · 1900 cc (115-cubic-inch) 75 horsepower 4-cylinder engine, standard · 4-speed transmission, standard 0Rack-and-pinion steering, standard 04 models available: Manta, Manta Roll ye, Manta luxus, and Opel Wagon 0 Reclining front bucket seats, standard 0 Front and rear stablilizer bars, standard · Full-width aluminum and steel energy-absorbing bumpers, standard 0Power front disc brakes, standard · Automatic transmission available · Sliding steel sunroof available (Model shown is equipped with optional road wheels) in Every Driveway" Our Goal' "At Least One Buick, Ope! or Mercedes FISHER BUICK, INC. 2396 North College Phone 442-4261

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