Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1974 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 26
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CATS PETS 2S-HOME NEEDS - FOR SALS 2t--FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS 27--MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 28-- ANTIQUES - FOR SA1K 29--FOR SALE OR TRAbf 30--WANTED TO BUY 11--WANTED TO TRAOK U--FOR SALC OR RENT S3--ROOMS FOR RENT 34--APARTMENTS FOR RENT 35--DUPLEX FOR RENT »--HOUSES FOR RENT 37--MOBILE HOMES SPACES FOR RENT 3*-- MOBILE HOMES--FOR SALS 29--OFFICE SPACE, BUILDINGS FOR RCHT 40--FOR RENT OR LEASE 41--FOR RENT--MISCELLANEOUS 12--WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE «J-- REAL ESTATE--WANTED 44--REAL ESTATE- SALE OR TRADE H--LOTS FOR SALC 48-- FARMS ACREAGES 47--REAL ESTATE--FOR SALB LEGAL NOTICES 1--Announcements --Coming Events I.K: sale--Friday, -May 31, localcd al -Jl West Park. Prairie Grove, bt.nitii;£ at complele t room house or lur- iiro. ItijT chest lyiw iloo]i freeze, 19;7 Lnii'k, it not soM before sale. 10j7 vniQiilh. 1C nol SOW iicforc sale, libcr- *s iwi.nt. niolor. anil ir.iilor. jf iiol %l liernre sale, n h.p. j;iirlcn tiller, jnser tyiie washer. '11 l i l t e nn.l If. ine s l m l y u n . ^:iriten tool;;, tvvn r-roiidUicuicrs, lols of iniscellanc, iifh i l l uoon. Owner Joe Asher, y. r-Kenzie and Barlliolomew, ; --Schools And Instructions M R G E ixippy licii now liT^nimj:. \'ls tors u e k o m c , l a k e t«:rtuix.'5. trollanri' Ganlcns. R.]t. J. notice is herel.y Riven tlial tli YA Hr.*|iilal. I-',oeltcvilte. Ark. i n l c i u l s I *\rcn1c ;i kMse of ai'iioMt^iate]y 10.00 sfiu.n.- f.-rl nf Miat-e in K n i M i n H N of the l u i M i i l a ! to \Vasl!in::ton C FLOYD PAYNE, FOrtMHr.LY A-l RE TAIUS, SP!tINC:lAI.E, is novr at ISirtiorv Creek Jfarmn. \\iiere they Iiave dll fneil *io.i lot woik on any cosine or ho? Any size. We. nro 11017 O.M.C. franchise Jlercruiser tr.ineliiseil. Chrysler outrtr repairs. Slaix-i-an boats. TT.M365. RURAt COVERAGE by SHERIFFS DEPT. P E E V Y is the Man |f* Employment Scrvictt Cull r H A K L K R for: SALKK REP: negrocd, exi«nonce preferred. Home every n i t c , far plus ex- pciiic.s. To SSW60 plus comm. G E X K R A L OFFICK: Parl-time. excellent to* Calculator expedience "necessary. To 511:5. .STOCKMAN: Kccd lot breeding experience, (o $12.000. KOUTK BALKS TJEA1NKK: L'hOrl train- S U K V K V OftE\v MFAERKR: Some ex- jtcrieiu'c pays up in 53720. PRIIiiONNEI, ArANACEJR: Relocate within hlale. "lo 57SOO. , J A N I T O R : Nile work, liondable, n a l E . co. full licneNls, Lr JjlXX). R C l O K K K K l ' K K : New offices. Must be SKCKKTAKY: Frcstifious position, fio SH. niUVKR-WELIMOR: Out 2 nifes per week. Bcnelils. To 55HCO. Call B K C K Y (or: K K V PUNCH: IBM «]tiipmeiif, excel Icul (rirces. To SHU. ACCOUNTS BKrPMVABIjB CLERK: Larfro co., full benelils, ID SIM. li ECEPTl OX 1ST: Light t y p i n g . Person able. Start S350. ELKCTRONIC IXSTAIUilll Need somi clct'lrtcnl cxperienco. Fiom Mm TVPIBT: Nk-e office. S-3. no Sat. Start SALES: Kxcollenl CO,, need sharp rcr- THE LITTLE . WOMAN "Herbert, iTs for you, dear.* 10-Help Wanted i f ' i v K l l oilucalion rliiss?s. tnrol 1 innirner d r i v e t ' training elasMS KiivcUcvjllc AHutt Education i , Phone -J^-T-Jil (or more tnfornm , , :;idi£r will Io Iu1orin£ in reading, malh ml language ails. Call 442-TiS aller PVRA.M1D Life Insurance Co. has an l i n g tor an asent in tlie Sprin?flale- pro^ram thai enables a new ageni Lo earn In ot $7000 extra bonus li IJj-st 9 months (rainmTM, plus one of th hishebl commission schedules in the en t i j u induslrj-. Veiled renewals, liealll), lili- and dlsaljility income ijwuranue ' fcac( Mipporl. Licsnscrt a^cnls this could lc tlie ojj|orluiuiy oo've been lookj for. JJcnd resume or work hlslori" lo: P.O. IJo.x 1177, Fl. Smith, Ark. All replies conlidcniial. a\LKS KKP: IJcflicc In marketing, cx- L'cllcni co Wiiolo.salc ai-cts. only, nut ^ Jiilcs- month car tunusTicd, lo SM.CHXI. J I N K K I t : Civil or Winilary. Meed vnv waslc vviilcr cs:p*rionce or ulilily taRcnicnl, From SIL'.500. vhcn int SOT112 ligiil housework cfflclcncv- afKirlmcnl, cc i nn. Ca n h.ive work elJ SKCRETAItV for Taw f i r m i K M i o i i L e nreferreiJ, typing, short litfht Lioofckccp-in£. Kc ply lo Hox (Mi XorthwcL Arkansas Times, ctlcvillc. W. A. KltUKGER Co. in interested in hiring p r i n l i n c 'Hraduales or pcivionncl who a re (ami li «iv w i lit all pha ses ot jirinlinR for a ruslomer scrx-icc repre- jjosilion, Good (raining opp ellent benefits. SALES REPRESENTATIVE FOR THIS AREA need cd Immediafely. This is 3 n Oiipor- lunily fo tfel in on the giounil floor with ·d Jac^o na1 ional homebuilding or^anira- tion. Stiaf^ht commission or salary plus com mission position s avai lab'c. Mi ilo!lar ad campaign in profjress i Excellent advancement opportunity i Iho ishin; l-'rinnc benefits for safaricil emp!oycos include: I?- year relirenicnl -- profi s h n r i n s program -- stock pmcfiasr In vc.^nienl program -- MTe and hospilnll Talion. insurance. Must have honest character, good ncTsonalily. be ready and willing 1o follow up Iparts and seek and talk lo home building prospects. CONTACT LARRY KAHL HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME )ip1ofna swarded -- Finish Rapidly. Write lor Irec broctum. American School Chicago. DepL At Sat T3K. Utti* Rock. Ark. 723)7. ANYONE who w o u j d Like Jo teach Summer Course at the FREE Jmversity, Please Calf 443-3043 KvVS! A 3 ^SriS. ^! s - RA in j| M WALTERS HOMES Mi-JKclon. An «,«»! ^rtunity en, J " ^ W^^ f ^TMKTMT B pl ° ier - 30!-7fll-IHW 5--Lost Found LOST: 7 wook old SI. K c r n ^ n l puppy. Rrown anil w i l l i Iiliick miif.h. Uirac Re- tl. Phone 751-3S77 or 7SI-7EI33. 6--Transportation ItKI.P! 1 sluil ,in Will .411 Tall 5'Jl-!S3i ivts lo Calland mivinff. 7~ Business Opportunities- I PALK: 100\M^ U. Hwy. Hwy. ii_' in K i y p l t c v i l l c , -Ms liil dtinle\es. Phone S2l-17i!l tails to Bo: quities or lrate In cmiitks. inercial property. Mall a U de- M-33. c/o Northwest A rk. I-'OR SALF, 01 iii-nnlitul Lakf C-cntc ivillo, I' lease. Nice; rcitnurant neat K a l h l j i t n . For ilclails, call DEPARTMENT HEAD Women's Ready To Wear. Permanent. Excellent opportunity. Salary commensurate with ability and experi- ence. Apply BOSTON STORE · Northwest Arkansas Plaza PART TIM'S CAEl WASH ATTENDANT ii-rcUrihf preferred. Call ·H2-9all 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. HKF,P wjinfpd. nay tiL^vvaslier, d man and breakfast cook, -\pply maila Inn, "Ml Norhl ColloKC. ly bell ai Ra WANTED: KMiericncecL l a b tcchnirla by June IS lor p!i-icians office. ASCI not nccGiiary. Salary open, tlopula hours. No nisbt (MH, Pcnrt photosrap} resume and Uiree references to Be M-51 1 cr-o Northwest Arkansas Times. FOLLOWING POSITIONS OPKN: Public safety ottirvrs, Keypunch opcralor, fc'ecic- laiiC£, Clerk slenosriiphers, Clork typists, Clciks. Postal clerk, Salcs cashier, Find- cry worker, Upliolsterer, Holler oiieralor (Ijrcnseil), ^is1odiiil worfeers. Fa r m workc «, Fi n;! se L-VICC- wo rkors. A pply \V13 IIAVB OPENINGS ON toy shit Full or part time. Uniforms furnished experience necessary. Apply in Ken lu tky .Fried Chicken, 7fd CoHepe. . [Tn[ of Arkansas. lovor. KEWAKIX Anyone FOX'S frigid rcniclcry .sf-r- vn'f Flimsy. M.iy -r.. Fotcr K s i y , Unilc.l Gunpus Mmisler will le the spanker. For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 NEW OPPORTUNITY Notional Company seeking qualified individual to sup- ply company establlshea' ac- counts with major lines of record albums. No selling! rt or full time. Excellent in- come possibilities with $3,500 investment. If you arc sincere your own / call COILECT and looking for a business for Mr. Elliott (214) 661-9208 2--Coming Events ' n i J M M A « f 3 r - n l p : Ir^inii T t f f i j ' K. fi:0ft Ji.m. Six:i^ S i « m a rh.ipter ot KSAY A F ; i sale. S a t u r d a y . M, fi p.m. E-'irst iJrivciv.n;" I* KLkms dily limit si^n. IT ... _ bed. nnnrsss .-inrl .spring, ilrcsscr. doth- F.T. PAUIVil FJjriscopai Ilirift flioi* will be clos for rMccordtm?. rnnrchw rt Cor 2 v rcclcs KoriH Summer Employment '15 h o u r week m a i n t a i n i n g air con- d i t i o n i n g system and supervising .tndial personnel. Contact Bob H a r r i s , 4l?-B2-r. cvonuiys. RALKS llKl*i:i-;:1EN'rATIVKi If sdmhlc, hnvn a ilrjrrer nt m a tut hkf peoi!o lliis joli p;iys r car. fall S J 1 - 7 1 1 I . Fnelll Ring Agency, 21-10 N. College. ha nils iiflcr -UX p.n: per bale. Phone N1NCJ WAITRKPFES noetic*]. Appl, n person, Ramada Inn, Faetteville. AVON s a y s . . . . K A K OUT INTO A WIDER WORLD Meet now people, inatic new f r i e n d s , i r\1rn .money selling the world t fa niDU.f costnoti cs. Live a Jiio rehUnK life, be a more intcrestii person. C^ilt: 442-9836 N K K I l someone to help me part ti: wholesale-retail business. Phone rvtew onl\', 41'J-ISO-'. SBBD EXTP.A JTONKY? Do you v a p«irl lime job with Iwttcr than avct pay. rapid promotion opportunity · viiloct al no expense to you antl ness vvith an "cam as you levirn" Kmni includei], I» nol dotay, con Ccnrj;c Taiki. U.S. Army Kesrrvc, Civil Affairs Croup at 142-Sl-H to«lay. nccdrd. apply !fl person, Jnn, I-'nyeUcvllle. 9 Sales Person* Wanted SPECIALTY SALES Mo.OOO-Sofl.OOO is t h e a v e r a g e cnni- mission i n c o m e r a n p c for our sales fon- v c. We a r c i n a t i o n a l c o m p a n y seeking aggressive p e u p l e i n l t r c j l - c(i in liigii i n c o m e n ^ w e l l as a .solid f u t u r e . Draw flRainst commission, protected a c c o u n t s w i t h renewal factor. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS 1. U n i t Clerk -- w i l l li« p r c p a r i n s i n s u r a n c e forms oihcr p a t i e n t accounting d u t i e s , t y p i n g : ten- key oxporiencre necessary. Will be working some weekends. j y room clerk -- Hif^ 1 hcml R r a t t u a t c , m a t u r e i n d i v i d u a l . knowledge' of i n s u r a n c e S: medical tormiiiolosy h e l p f u l l y p l n K . k e e p - ing records, c o l l e c t i n g p a y m e n t s m e e t i n g p u b l i c , 3. M a i n i e n a n c c -- Incensed boilrr o p e r a t o r , or w i l l consider · m o n t h s boiler e x j i e r i p n e c q u a l i f y to pass test. .[. D i e t a r y a t t e n d a n t -- Genera] custorlla! duties in k i l c h c n , Transport f o n d carls to p a t i e n t areas Weekends required. Contact Personnel. R p r i n B d a T e Memorial Hospital. 751-5711 between R a m. 3 p.m. Mon.-Fri., S-12 noon Sat. A n Equal O p p o r t u n i t y Employer For persona! i n t e r v i e w call collect. Mr- M a r h , Paymaslor Check W r i t e r Co. A l U n t a , Georgia. {-JOI} 321-' - $680 PER MONTH need 8 good people to star immediately os manage trainees. Phone 521-6371. 16-5efvices Offered . , wnrk. laisn nio'^ina. carpoUnp. t l f l i n a . anil pa i n [inc. phone S39-33 for Bill MrC^nn. 6--Services Offered HOUSECLKANTN'O phone 21-y510 otors Steam Cleaned $4.00 ar Wash .......... $2.00 ube Job .......... $1.50 FRANK'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION 30 Mill Si. 442-9713 LL. babysit in my home, n^cs h J up, 5?i per 'lay. Also will hnby: Saturday, fa. Thone 442-5M9. OI.E-EGE siuilcnl will ilo house ni, r e toe room anJ btwrd. ri XPBniKSCKn nrdcrlj ily in home or hospil; :00. Ask for Irexc!. will Jo privj !. 4-I3-Z260 Eicro OMB baked pics Termites? Pests? ABCON ·A Belter Control iay Johnson 521-3750 U-STOR SELF STORAGE HOUSEHOLD AND BUSINESS NEEDS 1CX-IO to 50x60 ISOti Lowell Rd. SPR1NGDALE ALt 731-9103 or 756-3328 7--Boats And Marine Supplies ! V holtom with trail. 0 H.P. Johnson outboard 51S5.00. A Dave at 511-9397. lEGRETI-'Ul'IA' 1 must sell my bou , she's truly the mosl [uvuriou bo nc are.i. Call for nppointmcnt to i;W3 aflpr 5:SO. 18--Camping And Sporting Goods SCf jTOlf ptubs. Wi!iOn T.'OO is s.ilf bag and car£. A" -divinR we", suit. Call 6 30V- 1'T. cabovcr fil»rj;]a»s. Clean. CUSTOM factoiy bull camper bed pii'liup. Call 44'.'-9713. AlH I-Camping And Sporting Goods u x u r y Motor Home -- Sleeps 6 8 413 Dodge motor -- less t h a n ,UOO m i l e s -- 2 air conditioners -- mplele R c n e r a t o r power -- '1 gas nks power stccrhii:. p o w e r tkes -- PRICED TO SELL -- or ll ( r a d e for properly. Ask for . P i c k e r i n g , Off. 1-SUS-32IS; g h l s 1-36-7J27. 7AEE.T .22 bo» acfic caver i\'x scojn?, jri^.oO. PJione 8 stiol rifle wjlh n e w condition. l . ! j M 24121. . JSOVE It cam [re r for Ion:; rku p. E loops 1. Con iplelc ly all huilllns. J1-5547 or ARIP. whccllKi s (u mbhci) Space 31. O-Motorcycles HONDA 5M. SI i II nc W. On ly -1 os. old. And 1600 miles. Call 521-511! 11 KOM)A CB !So, ^*?0 miles, om condition, complelc \vi1h crash bars id helmet. I'hone 516-ifiH) 74 VA. WO if. Kawas buy. PJionn SJB I KA1ELEV Pa roxinialcly 1200 79 . iki, brand new- son Sportster. !TJ KAWASAKI .ISO X cylinder, me. $.505. Vet: at SOO S. Co]lrj;p. t H A K L K Y Sportslcr XLCH, custi n1. f c o t i t cflil, lies wheel, mut'l omc, runs 3001!. J-'.OOO mi!es 5 me 25H-S512. !l--Automotive -For Sole 937 CI!KVEtOI.K,T 2 iloor hanllp. :!2 v i I h hi sh ri s c iiif ako 1 lol I v ca rlinro I' . speed tr.insm^eoii. 4-11 rear cm!, fin :ood Jjk'c intp c ior. Noiv i i res, ch ror Tiajj Wliccf, en-iWt or 677-?I14. - WJLL1S JCCf). 1!J67 G.MC' ~\ Ion, Ext-cllent condition. 6 oylJn ! -MKIICU11Y Jlonlcrcy. Go.'l Ihca. Ciemi, aurjc:livc, conifo md car. SIC'5, Phojiu HJ-^S-iS. , , 01- SIB-3817 after «:00 p.m. CIlBVIiOLKT pickup, 6 crlindc s l a n d a r d , I.-.vH, ^cwl shape So73. 1065 P^YMOirni J (J ur-^oncliHonnd, radio. ir. v?, q i i l n m a t i clean. ?:E!5. J361 CTU : i\ r !tOLBT p i c k u p . 5 O'liml* yi);o, L\VK, c-'vtra fjood. SU5. Call S 35SX 137T1 rONTIAC Ventura, e\cellPiiL roi n, fiiffl ilosvn, take over payment i o n o 5214SS7 Irom 4 to 5, alter il-]6TO. 500 ^ DATSUN 2 door scIan, 30-JO n "Hi. fpotle^s, must sec. Call SIS-311V, fo 0 a.m., 5 to 7 p.m. 1IW5S T-Bird. four door, I.-mtiau. fnatte l leather uphoEslciy, tape deck, ROJ Ark. Phone 636-3165, O R . \nUATION Chevrolet- OnP !?,00fl aclual mi · 1f70 school ) IJU1CK Skylark. KM Turquois L . and white, low " W73 MONTf: Cnrto, liiml Phone Itt-oSSO iifLcr 5:rQ Call 4.L'-7M7 pk-kup. flu .nning CO!id,iti 1'Jfi.l K A M H L K E t , overruled c tires, body in pood shape. slamiard. K.'A Phone M1-;^!»5 CHKVELLK llalibn coupe, tacit and tape bucket feats, contolc, ait coiitiitiw, rt'asonabltf. Phone 4 alter 4;W p.m. 1073 SUJPF,!t 15crlFc, I^. fret t-ondilion, 52,500. Pho r«0 miles. ne 551-1174. PO.VTf.-U: ; rand Am. Kvcc!! i ition, mulcr 7.WO miles, power w . h u i ! i - i n S track taps and iwd 1971 VW K back, extra SIJ-DA 1 ?. I LTT.S a PA KTA N travel t I'd i [er, Air con- dilioticil carpeted rear bedroom, sacr Jico at !3 f -5BO. Phone 521-1670 afler G:DO. 1973 DODGE DART 2 Door Hardtop, sunroof, ar- tomalic transmission, power steering, factory air condi- tioning, power brakes, 14,000 actual miles. Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-3458 j|i 3244 N. College *·* (Highway 71 North) t-inFO- class line mechanic. Kor-l. Siltwm s*|Tin^-i. Ark. XTl (A N' J C w itli fcnowlod -e iiipmrnL Spiingdale Traelor 7M-HTO. ATTENTION TEACHERS Teochers needed for summer soles work with opportunity to earn up to $1,500 during June, July and August, For happy, profitable, summer, write Box M-49 c/o Northwest Ark. Times.T-6. OAKF'ORT EM'e: JTnple hern I to li'imer e l e c t r i c stnve, nillcd.Hilc ndds anrf MiK. 1017 Oslo Sprii T r u l a y a^d Ka ti i rdn y. 1973 TOYOTA PICKUP Automatic transmission, air conditioning, 3,500 actual miles. Local one owner, in like new condition. Wheeler Motor Co. PHONE 4 4 3 - 3 4 5 3 tal Highway 71 North 0 MECHANICS WANTED Do not apply unless well qualified. Good working condition* and hene- GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO. 331 North College Av«. F a y c t l e v i l l e , ArX. Phone S. T. McNair -- 4*2-5321 College Students -- Attractive Position Full or port time sales openings with Field Enterprises Educational Corporation explaining to porents latest educa- tional materials to help youngsters make the m«t of school- ing. No sale* exprience necessary. Free training. Exceptional ncome opportunity, for interview appointment, write Box M-50 c/o Northwest Ark. Times. L-20 QUALITY CONTROL AND PRODUCTION WORKERS Now needed ot Scoll Paper Company's newly developed plant in Rogers. Good opportunity to pin this growth oriented non-wovens manufacturer. Permanent posilior for dependable aggressive individuals. Good wage pro gression and solid company paid benefits, including group insurance, paid holidays, vacation, retirement plan, etc Complete on-trie-job training program. Expedient work ing conditions. Three shift, icven day operation. Apply employment security division, 700 Cypress Rogerss, Ark. 72756, phone 636-4755. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER tl CUKVELLK SS · ir speed, air t,ho'. terior, !150. Pjionc rthwest Arkansas TIMES, We*, May 22, 1974 AVETTEVILLC, AUKAMSAfi --Automoth !) FOKL) LTJ. four Ioor. full pmver L air, new tires best offer. I'none -20D. 22--Machtrwry And Farm Equipment S GTO. po"'cr stcerlnL', alr-foiulitinn- -, 4 spr«l air ilioiths, new tires, ·ellcnt londilirxi. J^Wt VW. fiootl iiiarP. n Hillings. l-JIff-TSOO. I Wf, Krc;it condition, $1.800. Phone I-5M5 a tier 5. \VHEKb drive. 156 t)cxli:e liuck wilh Wo low and heavy duly trailer. Phone ··^·loT. E l k i n s aflcr 6 p.m. BI'J TOVOTA Coiora, air-condilfoned. ivl (op, ASt-FM slerco, In excellent "' SAVE MONEY EFORE VOu PAY YOUR AOTC R HOMEOWNER'S INSURANC* ALL STKVE LEICHNER FOR A UOTB. 9 A.M. TIL 5 PJI.. Bl. EVENINGS tu-zem. 2--Machinery And Form Equipment F-SO hay conditioner. C004 condition. Avcr' Iractor with cultivafori. Phone JAMKSWAY Iniiubalurs. STndcl IffiO. nyrl Dcnl. Ofjdcn, Iowa. Phone 515- rE^ATIOX.Uj rub tractor r .t cuitjtTitors. Cail 443-IK MACHINERY and EQUIPMENT I , Benches, steel f r a m e , cet top 18"xW" Benches, wooden with ^w« shelves 18"x%" D r i l l prL*s. Dumora precision, 17.001) RPM 4. DriLIpress. 15" Delta, floor modrf w i t h \'* H.P. moior. 5. Sander, orbital, Power Kraft i n d u s t r i a l 6. Sabre saw, Craftsman, I-in. stroke, 1-3 H.P, 7. Lathe, 9-in. South Bend, model A, \k H.P. -H3-3345 or 5?1-M72 23-Livestock-For Sale lidt. PASTUU8, ponef. and bam, jusl ( town for rent. 510 per horse. Ffcwi* ·IW1 days. Dr. Oillund. inc and bay mai holh well niiinr BAY mare. W e l l mannered arri l i v e l y Renllo pot. Kxccllont (or children. ¥35 ' KTUI" SKIlVICK: Rc^stered Ap slalliony, »oa?onahtc fee. Visitors coino. PJionc 83U-3S11. POLL WORKERS WANTED Woshington and Benton Counties. Good pay--One day's work. Tuesday, May 28. Call 751-9659 after 6:00 p.m. PUBLIC AUCTION ROBERTS AUCTION HOUSE 3100 N. Thompson or H i g h w a y 71 N o r t h . Spnngdale THURSDAY, MAY 23, 7:00 p.m. t PARTY HOME SALE PLUS ANTIQUE FURNITURE B e d r o o m T u r n i E u r c : 2 d i n e t t e s ; 2 nice rofrigtiralore; Deep frtez*, ehwrt t y p e ; 2 washers and dryers; -I nice couches and c h a i i s ; 2 nice color televisions; '1 black ami white portahle T.V.S; Hand tools; Garden tools; A s s o r t m e n t of new la nips; Ceramics: Fishing equipment: Carp e n t e r tools; Air hoses; Electric power tools; Assortment of li^ht*; Electric grinders. ANTIQUES Old sideboard; C o f f e e tables; 3 ok! Iceboxes; Kitchen cabin***; Can* hot torn c h a i r s ; Old s t a n d table; Large oak 1 ' desks; OaJc drop lea* tiible: Cast iron k e t t l e ; 2 old wood heaters; Oak t a b l e and * chairs; Old 1M1 r e f r i g e r a t o r t h a t works, LOTS AJtD LOTS Or' MISCELLANEOUS. ROBERTS AUCTION COMPANY SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning -- i;c.-.irfcnlial Si Commercial SA'CS wire lcrifin;r Air Cvx-jrlit:onin lilt SHELTON* \LB3 SKR\'ICB 443 awo. 'URK Sales Servics. Inslallalloi, _ w l i n TM ducts. Load calculations. i Ksl. Call PaschaJ's. 751-0195. noon mvKii TOP SOIL AND GitAVtx. ·HONK ·MJ-S'JCO. --Bulldozing-- poxr^., REASTON- --Bushhogging- --Carpenter-- T.I\'« and cahinel ns.'i:p- Very reaso ferrncc-s- Ca!J D^ PAENTfN'O AND CAEITKN'THY -- OUTRIDE A N D IN. HAVE '-KXCKS, KAY KAG3IALK. ttxive e, Carport Addition), Pa vpllns. Roofinz. Painting. Phone 751-1774, tomalclln?. Ot^eral Repairs. Room ns. llomei buUL H\iicric^ce. Worlc raniceil. P.cffiencoj- Happy Adders Call "isit-Kff\, evening! *nd we«k«.idi. --Carpet-- jLK.VAaJU,3*SC/J /C*'iVf ft-ir.' IARPET WAREHOUSE 5fi3 W. lots, Vot! I Block We A of Mr. Qu ^k Hwy 71 tf'! p.m., ClOi« S --Concrete Work-- MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION N'O JOB TOO SMA1J* nJIPK SF,i:v(PF,. MACK M I N K I : . 4 O'XCRETB WORK. Pallo; -'N - · I)rL\fivaj.M -- Carpen rv «^rk scon or Jiiok Miner, I N I ^ . I'ATlOr ] J U \ K W A Y S A N F: K.P .\ 1 1: A M r. BM n [KI jxr KSl'liLVTKU. PON KIMMK1^U -Concrete Work-- ort, patios, Tslalnlng wain, p,i Irs. No ioh loo small. Mack Mirer. 413-4315. --Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil --Difch Digging-- ·UCKHOE anrl Dump Trunk Work. John l i l l o r -- Phone 112-6S78. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY J14.2o PER MONTH --Garden Plowing^-- Ixr, -- Hirrowins, yard !*vc" irjujrirr*. R.tK Trac-.or For -J 13-^)13. Rc-aso^^bla rates. --Grinding-- -- Saws -- ^ r k n r j n d i n j --Hauling-- V A C D J Tu ol. Fas! Oer, Ket l HcLablo. Ph. :,OOK! EInullnH. moving * I ·lave truck »too: racK. --Landscaping dscaping, Lovcilns. To? t\i Crctfc Gr.iv«l. I)oz?r Work. Call -HiSfrSO --Lawns Gardens-- ·i^ht hau Pl« - rvji-rjn 4*;:ci 3. FOR Compete l by the job 4; Lasvn Sonp-icc. rave -Music Instruction-- iin- Iro: Kay la --Point Paper-- I-'A^TKH 1 ? r « r r , j L n ' j ilixr ami 0-M ]Ob?, AVOIR ro.^TlA' RP:PAnt1 by tmintei nnce pa inl msf . Rft»!x!ont;Al, ccmnie cvia barn^, R O W hoysc«. Plf. 30 varj cxper HA.VOINO, For Fioo Kit PAINTINT.. [vipi'i ha Irij. (^ocl rr^k liciih, rncne i spray pa Tuning-- PIANO CARE Phone (501) 412-779T TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PEB MONTH --Plowing^-- :/J\ViNG -- Cultivating -- Brush hr us -- Kine'Srading. ?"rcc estimate. Ci Real Estate Reconditioning JUUSE d?an1ns- Own servie*. traik baulinji. bruaWiogalng. fancina. Tr»« sei* Liabillly Insurarc*. pooc« 809-3HL ^Roofing-- N'KW YOUR asphalt roof and Varranty. Pul new »lor in du'J. lit bmzlcs. Pfcon* 52KT6M- --Septic Tank Service-- SEPTIC TANKS PUMPSD Lines Repaired. lxm«t Rat** Local Easiness- Phoc« U3-3200. TO PU^CE AN AD TN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PER MONTH --Sewing Machine Kepair-- Ntociiine ProW«ms? Shan'j SM»- w i l l repair any maVe. We are yout iwrt \Vhile and Elma ilpalcr. W» leo service worlc. We a!io h«^ sewing accf^soriea an] tewing --Small Engine Repair nmowcre anil small enziaei or lured. Free picfcup and d* - JTtry. aflor 5 p.m. --Tree Service-- CHARTER OAK Tr(* 3CT\-: !.;W,000. Frea estimates, triramin*. (*«*· Ing, bracing, icmoval. 4i2-217. TEiEB Toppinit, Trimming, biullng. Fre* l mates. TO PLACE AN AD IN TH» SPACE WOULD COST ONLY *14.2S PtR MONTH --Upholstery-- ritH fiorn $2V. Clark's tlpho'j-tcrj- M SoLith Hwy. 71, Spr inflate. 7S1-74J6. --Venetoion Mincb-- VKS v n-rrL\N Winds er 443-^100. BIJNDS P.KPAJRBD to order. HMO* Oab* 9 --Wells A Pwinp«-- WAHD BROOHKP.3 WATER Puttipi Fillerj, Putlfic-attKi. serv.ocd. P/»n* 53144W. TO PL.\Ct AN AD IK THIS SPACE WOULD CO6T ONLT ju.25 pm MONTK

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