Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1974 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketcham 'OPEN VDUR WINDOW, Ate. WILSON, AN'TELL us XJUR FAV'RITE TUNE '* iiiiMiniiiiin^ HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL North w**» Arkamai TIMES, W«A, May 23, 1974 'Other Man' Was Only An Excuse Dear Helen: I was very unhappy with my husband of five years so I decided on divorce, using 'Over-The-Hill' Gang Seeks Depression Withheld Wages CHICAGO (AP) -- An over- the-hiil gang of former Chicago policemen is out to get $3 million in back wages from the city. But there doesn't appear to he much hope. "Our bunch numbers about 1,500 and WE think the city owes us about $3 million it look out of our pay checks in the Great Depression years of the 1930s," s a i d Abner Bender, ringleader of the over-70 group. "If we are going to get the money it had better be soon -a lot of us won't lie around much longer," he said. "Maybe we should be called the under- thp-giin gang." Bender, 74. was on the Chicago police force from 1922 un- Lil retiring in 1950. His group lias hired attorney John Cusak Jr. to push its case. "Back in the Depression the city simply didn't appropriate the money lo meet the full paychecks, it didn't have the money to give," Cusak said. "There isn't too much hope of getting it now. but we are researching the entire legal question." NEVER PAID "Almost every payday the another man as an excuse. This fellow is 18 years older than I am, and he is divorcing his _ as you second wile. Now I'm not sure I want him. but he stays glued to the idea that we're going to make it together. He says he loves me and my kids, and I must admit he has been good to us, but it scares me to think I'm going to be tied down again. I got married at IB and didn't have a chance to meet anyone but my husband. (My parents were strict and believed it you dale a guy you marry him.) I'm young and want to enjoy life for a while -- and enjoy my beautiful children, too, whom I love dearly. Must I jump right out of one f r y i n g pan into another? I know this "other man's" wife will lake him hack, only he claims he doesn't love her. I've discovered I don't like being the other woman! Really Confused Dear Confused: If you don't want marriage ust now -- don't marry. It's as simple as that. But don't et the other man hang around, n case you change your mind. A clean break may send him back to his wife -- if anything Dear Mr. and Mrs. N.: Since nudity, to these girls, means nothing more than being without clothes and evidently embarrasses neither them nor you, why make an issue of it would if you self- consciously looked the other way? If you don't approve, Mrs. N., then ask the girls to shower in their suits. -- H. Dear Helen: In response to your column concerning beards: I grew my beard four years ago. In the interim, I've had to give up the privilege of holding a sharp steel edge to my face, thus missing out on the opportunity to slice it up. This sacrifice hasn't been without reward. I've enjoyed five to ten minutes more sleep each morning. R a z o r blade purchases have become ancient itisloi'y. People recall my name more readily as a consequence of my bearded visage. Your reader inquired, "Are By JOHN CUNNIFF Business Analyst NEW YORK. (AP) -- If you begin your day's activities with a pocketful of pennies, you soon will have .none--thanks to sales taxes, those 89-ceul bargains and an array of former Ifl-cent items that now sell for 11 and 12 cents. If you start out in the morn ng without any pennies in your pocket you soon will have iome, for the same reason. Thus you should be in great shape for the next day's transaction. You should be. hut you probably won't be. · The pennies that you galh ered yesterday and which could be used today quite likely end ed up in a coffee jar or a desk drawer, retired from circula ion as a nuisance that wears hrough trouser pockets or mndbags. And so, while currency of all sorts declines in value at a steady pace, the demand for the lowly penny is rising. The Lf.S. Mint claims there is a lost lode of copper made up of bil lions of these lowliest coins in the realm. "Somewhere in country of ours, in excess of 31 billion pennies are in hiding.' says Mary Brooks, the mint di rector. "They are in dresser drawers, shoe boxes, pickle jars. These are the pennies 1'rr looking for." The mint now offers an Ex ceptional Public Service certifi cate to those who cash in $2 worth of pennies at a bank nex Appearing Ad month. And some hanks on their own offer a liny bonus to entice coin hoards back into circulation. In spite of effort, there still remains some question of whether the coins will sit or circulate. Besides being a nuisance and the most versatile coin at one and the same time, pennies are saved because: --Just because. Americans in he past few years have taken to saving almost any kind of s o l i d object-medals, commemorative plates, gold coins, barbed wire. Presumably they present stability in an unstable world. ; --The price of copper is rising. The value of copper in tftt penny is worth just a bit less t h a n Us face value. But wUh copper prices rising, the penny soon may be worth more than one cent. --Fears exist that a less expensive metal will be substituted for the copper in pennies. Aluminum is most commonly referred to as a substitute. ~, For these reasons the U:S. mint just can't keep banks supplied, although in the past 514 years it has produced 62 billion pennies. Mrs. Brooks pleads: "['m calling for every Amefi- can to get the penny back'in circulation and keep it there/' men hiding behind their beards?" My response IE "Yes!" l''in hiding a smile some silent laughter. There is wry humor in a half-conscious man staring at himself in the mirror, trying to shave his face safely. Shaving is an "arcane" rite preserved facturers Defreeze Funeral Is Beset With Threats CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -The funeral home handling burial arrangements for Donald DeKrec/e says it has hired four security guards as a resuR of throats. A funeral home spokeswoman said Tuesday the firm received telephone calls threatening to burn the funeral home. The funeral for DeFreeze, de- · scribed by police as a leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army, is set for Thursday. DeFree/c's brother, Delano, called at an impromptu news conference Tuesday for ",i revolutionary leaders in the United Slates' to attend the fn ncral. DeFreene's body arrived a*. ' Cleveland-Hopkins International · Airport Tuesday night. Police, . including FBI agents and air- · port security guards kept newsmen far from the area where · the coffin was removed from the airplane. ; Delano DcFrecze asked the media to investigate why the FBI in California held the body : so long. He charged that the agents sought to inflicl a hardship on the family. · He also charged that the FBI tapped his phone and that · newsmen have harassed the : family. cily would withhold $10. $15 or even $20 from our paychecks," Bender said. "They said we would get our money hack later, but we never did. In those days patrolmen got $99.21 every two weeks. We didn't quit and get another job because there weren't any." lie figures those still alive -including widows -- are entitled to about $2,150 each. Henry Wcler, Chicago corporation counsel, shudders at legal problems involved. "For instance, the heir.s of lead policemen might sue the cily for money." he said. 'They could contend Chicago was discriminating against men who had died before it decided to pay." Weber and Ctisafc agree the case comes under the doctrine of laches, which holds Hint a lawsuit must le filed within a reasonable period of time. But Cusak adds: think the old timers are Setting a kick out of the whole thing. But it is typical at this juncture to try to get them something or put the matter to res for always." will. -- H. Dear Helen: With all the "streaking" this spring, we want to discuss similar situation. We have a secluded summer cottage on the shore of a mountain lake. Our daughter, a popular c o l l e g e freshman, always has several girl friends around as weekend guests. After each swim, these youngsters enjoy using our open backyard shower. They have so much fun that they don't even notice the presence ot my wife and myself. However, there is one little hitch: they prefer to TAGO GRANDE BUY 2 SANCHOS AT REG. PRICE- GET THE 3rd FREE-WITH THIS COUPON THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. H* PIZZA, being en- swim suits. shower without cumbered with Because of this, my wife always sits with her back to the shower and argues, without avail, for me to do likewise. I enjoy watching this innocent sport and claim that if the young ladies aren't embarrassed, why should we be? 1 also say that the girls have cleaner minds than my wife does. Anyway, we would like your opinion before the summer rolls around. To shower nude or not to shower nude, that is the question. -- Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bridge Construction Work To Begin Soon Washington Comity has rec ved a work order to liegin con- Lost Confidence BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -Premier Sanya Thammasak says he resigned as head of government because some cabinet members had lost the confidence of the public. He said there had been no pressure ' from the military or the National Assembly. 10 as (lays on what "lowi branch slruclion known Bridge" on Morningside Drive in Fayelteville. The country has contracted to build (he bridge for the city at a cost of $92,700 under an agreement reached earlier about the status of the bridge. The county will have 181) days to complete the project. Road Bids Go To City Company The vStale Highway Commission has opened bids on two Washington County road projects, with Anchor Construction Company of Fayelteville, low bidder on both contracts. The two projects include the paving of a little more than five miles of H\vy. 303 from a mile east of Spring Valley north to the Benton County line. The contract bid was $219.421. Tlie other project involves paving 6.73 miles of Hwy. 265 from Highway 45 east of Fay- cltevillc, east to Anchor's hid on was $088,475. The Highway Commission opened bids Tuesday, with the Highway 68. that project apparent low $10,720,181 for counties. bids work totaling in nine REPLACE YOUR OLD DISHWASHER · 4 Cycls · Buill-in Soil Food Disposer · Dual Detergent Dispenser · 3 Wash Levels · Rinse Aid Dispenser · Sound Insulated HEW FC110 DISPOSAL DUNAWAY'S 6.E. 11 E. MOUNTAIN Willilmfburg. Virginia May 5, U7t Residents of Washington County f \vish it would have been possible for me to accompany my father En his campaign travel-? about the County, personally meeting you and asking for your vole. It is in this space, however, t h a t I wteh to tell you of Wayne Hyden He has devoted the last iwenty-five years of Ms life in public service lo Woshinglon County, Although no s t r a n g e r to N o r t h west Arkansas (he graduated from Springdale High School), he w.i.s transferred to Fayeltcvillc as a stale trooper in iftss. A few yrcars later, he became Springdale's Chief of Police and over the next twenty years, led his department to achieve a state-wide re.specl for profcsifonalLsin .He always placed duty above self and has demonstrated the courage of his convictions under fire. Wayne Hyden never fnltcrod in his attitude that the law must he equally enforced and that equal protection must be given (o all persons. He has an administrator's know-how, which he obtained as a chief, together with a patrolman's empathy which he has never lost. His interest In youth has hcen memorialized by a Little League- baseball field that bears his name. His devotion to hi* home and church is in strong evidence. Wayne Hs'don knows, the problem* of Washington County from almost all angles. Such knowledge cotiEd continue to be of tfreat value to him a.s County Treasurer. It is with a hopeful eye on the f u t u r e of Washington County thai this »on a.ikj your support for his f a t h e r . I ask you to remember these word* when you vot« Tuesriay May 28. OPEN 11 A.M.--CLOSE 11 P.M. SUN., THRU THURS. 11 A.M.--12 MIDNIGHT FRI., SAT. equipment. I'm smiling because I've kicked the habit! -- Mike NEW moist and different With Kindest Regards Jim James W. Hyden ELECT WAYNE HYDEN (Subject to Democratic Primaries) TREASURER Washington County Po! Ad. paid for by Jim Haydcn You read it right. We feel so good about Choice MorselsTM cat food that we're wi I ling to give you a box. Just take the coupon to your local supermarket and turn it in for a free box of Choice Morsels'", either size. Your cat will feel good about our offer, too. Because Choice Morsels'" comes in six flavors that not only taste good but sound good. Del icious meals I ike Lobster and Beef, Cheese and Egg, Shrimp, Tuna, Liver and Tuna, and Kidney and Chicken. And no other soft moist cat food has more protein than Choice MorselsTM. Few animals, as any veterinarian will tell you, need as much protein in their diets as cats do. Every pouch of Choice Morsels'" is a completely nutritious meal that gives a cat everything he needs to live a healthy life. And most every cat we've seen comes back for Choice Morsels' 1 'once he's tasted it. So maybe there's a catch after all. I GOOD FOR ONE \ '·FREE I PACKAGE OF I CHOICE MORSELS · FROM PURINA j ANY FLAVOR. · RCP JBA rur juvr pci » ireaiui vcc juur TCIC:III»*MWTI «ii*nMiij« ·· · w ~«*«is«w ,,^-i Mr. Cmtr: YOJ are airtfiarind n our tmt to redeem this coupon for til full shelf price' of any size (6 or. or 12 w.) Putin* Cfiolce Mofseli' M .we will pay you ttw full thelf price plut 3( handling charge for C3ch of these coupons redeemed In accordance with the terms of ttiTs offer. To obtain payment, i*nd to Ralston Puiini Company, Bo* 1107. Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, · Mo,631U. C«Monswill not bt honored an* « will be vofd If presented tfirougTs outside · agencies, brokers, or others xtio ate not retail distributors d our merchandise, UH kss specifically wrthorlitd by us, Sal*, ttv NMKtta paid ky CMS*****. Invoice* proving ouichaMS of sufficient sloe* within We past 90 diyj to eovtr coupon* pft- sented *or redemption must be Wiown on lequest. Coupon fe void H tutd, restrict* or proh ibittd by law, c*Vi rtdtrnptton vafw ofi/20 of if. Qtttt «ood only to UA, ; "Shelf «j^ r For your pet's health see your veterinarian anmiafly. ..u

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