Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 18
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Antonio ft TIMES, W«J., May 77, 1974 Ifiers Claim Cunningham To Return PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Tht? Philadelphia 76crs expect Billy Cunningham lo rejoin; thcin for the 1974-75 Nalional Basketball Association season. But the Carolina Cougars' star says their announcement "is just a let of words." ."Cunningham is expeclori to resume playing for the 76crs this fall," the 76crs snici in a statement released Tuesday. But the American Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player in the 1972-73 .season, readied at home in North Carolina, said, "It sounds more like anticipation than a victory statement." C u n n i n g h a m , who jumped from the 7ficrs in 1972 and has fulfilled two years of a three- year contract with the Cougar. 1 ;, said.- "Nothing's been resolved at all between Mr. (Todd) Almi- chak (owner of the soon-to-be- moved or disbanded Cougars) and Mr. (Irv) KosJoff (76ers owner)," Cunningham said. "It W.TS ^ shock for me (o hear it (the statement). I spoke to Koz Sunday, 1 had no idea..." In his announcement, Kosloff said, "recently the 76ers . .. won two decisions on jurisdiction (over Cunningham's con* tract) in the courts of Philadelphia and North Carolina. The Yfiers now assert their exclusive rights to Cunningham's icrvices." WFL To Keep Up Bengal Player Raids CINCINNATI (AP) -- The world Football League has at [east two more weeks (o at- iGmpt to recruit Cincinnati players while the Bengals are busy signing their personnel to muUiyear contracts. U,S'. District Court Judge David S. Porter, who earlier ruled against the Bengals in a suit against the WFL, Tuesday refused to grant them a temporary injunction while their case is appealed to the 6th U.S. Circuit Jourt of Appeals. The appellate court will- not ·esume until June 3. Cincinnati sued -to stop the WFL from ·ogning players still under con-tract to the NFL franchise -to future contracts. They also nught to n u l l i f y linebacker Bill Bcrgey's $525,000 contract with ihe Orlando Ambassadors,starting in 1976, when, his NP*L »p- upn runs out. ! The ^Bengals . .meanwhile, s i g'ned th'ree more '· f*t6 ra ns to multi-year contracts Tuesday: /[Tensive. 4ackle Rufus Maycs. wide receiver Chip Myers and linebacker Ken Avery, Center. Bob Johnson, tight c-nci Bob Trumpy and line- hacker A\ Beauchamp signed last week. All had received offers from WFL franchises and Johnson testified in court t h a t the competition "improved my marketability." WFL Announces 20 Game Grid Slate NEWPORT BEACH. Calif. (AP) -- The enthLisiastir. World Football League has announced a 20-garne schedule for each of its 12 teams. The .slate, made" public Tuesday, starts with five games on Wednesday evening, July 10, followed by a nationally televised game July 11. And they all count in the standings. Portland is at Philadelphia, Hawaii at Florida, Southern California at Birmingham, Houston at Chicago and Detroit at Memphis lo start the season. Then .Jacksonville hosts New York to begin the television Aeries, carried nationally by TVS Snorts Network. Hawaii deviates from the Wednesday night-Thursday night schedule by playing all xnne games on Sundays. T h e N a t i o n a l Football League, whose season extends well into 1575, doesn't kick off until July 26, when the champion Miami Dolphins play the College All-Stars in Chicago. Then -it'll be six more weekts of NFL preseason games, which don't count in the standings. The WFL schedule concludes wiih a simple, three-game playoff schedule. It works this way: Winners of the league's three divisions. Eastern. Central and Western, plus the second-place team with the best record enter the playoffs. The four teams will play two semifinal games Nov. 20 and 2!. with the championship game a week later, M'ike Quarry Scores Victory HOUSTOM (AP) -- Mifce Qjarry of Orlando. Fla.. seeking a spot among the top 10 jightheavyweighls, scored a unanimous iO-round decision over Karl Zurheide of Milwaukee Tuesday night. Quarry, younger brother of heavyiraigh't contender Jerry Quarry, weighed 178 pounds and'Zurheide, a former University' of Houston student, scaled I 75 - ; , Then were no knockdowns. A Crowd of 2,341 saw the fight In ttw Houston Music Theater. Quarry boosted his record to 44-5-3. Zurheide now is 37-17-3. ·Quarry carried the fight all h» wav and seldom was Zur- gjfc a ble to beat UM Florida boxer to ttw punch. Soft Drinks Charcoal GroundBeef U90A Cboia* Be«f Oiutk Hams Roast Crogmont Carbonated Canned Beveraged Assorted Varieties Good Tasting! Ozork QuaHty, Even Burning Hardwood Charcoal Briquets! 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I wu coKtidend » tomboy," said Hits Html recently. M It still hoMs trot to. day. Most women athletes arc labeled tomboys." Miss Hunt, 17; stM it wasn't so much teat she wanted to play oo the boy*' teams in high school. But, she had developed some talent in basketball with the neighborhood kid* art wa* disappointed that 'titan opportunity Cor gM« n sports. . . ' "1 talked to «tr feted sowr- mtendent (boot the poatftility or girls' t*anw. 'she add. Nothing came of it : When ahe-weat to H»Oaiy asitt ouoob dtttmk, · ..' "There wu DO ant then to say. TH bate fws. 1 We war*' still to a enKnral period .whan opportunities weren't opta ta women," she said. ' '."Miss Bunt said «be oootM,. ered sports a "way of .''n-'· pressing ymaneK by nafng jenr'.: body, and women, have the same rights of getting tins satisfaction as men.". ".' She isn't demandiBg that women be nllowed'on the var sity basketball and . track teams, but "women'should be allowed to develop to their full' potential, and if this means playing oo men's teams HMD I'm for it." With improved etathinf -to high schools and eoOeges.. she said, "We're la/By seen* .a great change In skill levels for women athletes.** ·. · Miss Hunt, a teacher ami coach at Wooster for It rear-, was named athletic direotot last year to replace Bob Bruci while he took a ena year sabto 1 . tical leave. · Joe FrazferY GireerCoukf Ride On Bout PHILADELPHIA (AT) - Joe rrazier'i taxjaf csnr coiild ride on the fanner ht«vyw«sht against Jerry Quarry Jane 17 in.New York. . . Eddie Fntch, says he's advised Joe to quit tit* rtig if a doesn't beat Quarry lataew- sively. "This it something w* hen agreed oau" Fnteh said Tots' day before sending his fighter through a training session. "Joe has to win and he hat ro look good," Futeh explained. "He has to shew me that he br longs ifl this xve^i bostoess. Otherwise Fd Hke to tee ban --_i Mn t. jj If. ^^^1 i^tiH* «ll*^a«M*Ba* B* 1 * OK* VI K OBD ····« OirBjejIaiwBj i his energies m sane etttr direction." It is ofcvioos OMt Tvksh mi Frazier htve.taJked. My aboat the Fraxier eenUnuing as a Futeh said rraxter eat of the fight with AH in great physical shape, and is three and a otJf weeks ahtsx) of the training achtMc he kept for the Ali fight. Crazier. W. tott te Ali J«. » in New York in his first fight : since.he lost the title to Ctergi Foreman in January UT1. Patch and Frarier still his the power that carried USB 16 30 victories--25 by kneckoot--« ii» 32-flght career.. Be pidiirts Krazier in the best mental and , jhysjcal condttioB since he was mocked out by Foreman. · Fraziar is crjaAdent bel beat' Quarry and go on to a return title bout wttt Foreman. He wants to keep on fighting. "M; next step is gsang tack to the championship,*' rmier said. The OM.»m heTJ pn^Wy cam rrom fighini^ ^onrry is also a big iiiceotivt. he aeMt- ted. "In order to mfce at) wlf Investments thai I have fa. it takes money. Thtiafcii I fttl that this fight will'help me to invest more, Falhtinniie. ·! tike Nghtmfr I feel 1'wj in «Md shape." This wiR be the second ' ng between Frarier and ry. Frarier won by · ssthi«V«l cnockout after the seventh round in June. 1M, whan he cut Quarry's right eye. . Delta* Ma Tw» DALLAS (AP)'.- Tl» Nrtnh- l Footb«n LXJW ooys ·if t . . KMbMfetr frna UCLA «rhe wu the OwWji' IhM round dr»n cfciin. ww ri«M Wcdnciday. And Ocne KiffiM. i M. » pound tackle from Tnrntnet'. [who was Uw Cowboy V Mlh I iniin i ^t^^ ^ · · nnmo n iTuttday.

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