Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 21, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 21, 1974
Page 8
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Northwnt Arkoniot T1MK, r«TITT»VILH. May 5T, 1974 Still Considers Self A Newspaperman Thomas Now In 70th Year In News Business by JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK AP) -- Ixiwell Thomas, who joined the fourth estate as a newspaper boy in the rowdy Colorado mining town of Cripple Creek, now is in his 70th year in the news business, by his estimate. Although the 82-year-old CBS newscaster hasn't regularly worked on a newspaper since the early 1900s -- with the Chicago .iournnl while in law school--he still considers himself a newspaperman. "That's the way 1 started." said Thomas, who still does a show for CHS Radio. When Sept. 29 rolls around, he'll have logged his 44th year on the network. Oddly enough, the veteran globe-trotter, auihor, chronicler of World Wars Otic and Two and friend of some of the most f a m o u s names in modem his- LOWELL THOMAS . .at 82 looks back on 70 year career Public Now More Aware 01 Means Of Cancer Detection DALLAS (AP) -- The American public is more aware of th means of cancer deleclion an makes better use of them no than a decade ago, according I a report released Monday h the American Cancer Society. Dr. William Griffiths, chai: man of the society's public edi cation committee, said a Gallu Ford Favors Release 01 Some Tapes TACOMA. Wash. ( A P ) Vice President Gerald For says President Nixon shoiil give special prosecutor Leo Jaworski those portions of Wa tergale-relatert tapes "whic are relevant to a criminal p ceeding." Although Ford's words at news conference Monday nearby McChord Air Fcrc Base were in fine with prcvio' remarks, they took on acidc significance in light ol U.S. Dis Irict Judge John J. Sirica's o der that Nixon surrender i tapes demanded bv Jaworski The White House said would appeal Sirica's decisio on the tapes, which Jawors wants for an upcoming trial "I would urge the Whit House to cooperate to the ma. imum," said Ford, who fie here from a two-day respite i Hawaii and then returned 1 Washington, D.C.. on an ove nighl Might. Ford's first visit as vice pre. ident to Washington slate wa to boost the congressional can didacy of Republican Secretar of State A. I.urilow Kramer who seeks the House seat bein vacated by Democratic Rep Julia Butler Hansen. At both the news confercnc and a speech to 750 persons a a SlOO-a-plate dinner. Ford sai Republicans should be proud E run on Ihe foreign polic achievements of the Nixon ac ministration. GOOD RECORD "No president in the hislorv of the United States has a bet ter record of peace than Presi denl Nixon." he said, addin, lhat the nations of the worlc "look to our President for lea dership." He said progress toward i Middle East settlement is evi dence of "the strength of th, Nixon-Kissinger policy in thi Middle East and elsewhere." Ford declined direct com ment on Sirica's latest orde and Jaworski's contention tha White House efforts to restric his right of appeal would make a larce of the independence o his office. He said he wouk make a belter judgment afte/ reading more about it. He asid the important thing was whether the materials re lated (o criminal proceedings. "If they are, those portions ol the tapes ought to be made available," said Ford. He added that he has consistently urged the White House lo display "more cooperation than has been given at the outset" in dealings with Jaworski and the House impeachment inquiry. Jaworski said in subpoenaing Uie 64 tapes that they are needed for the September trials of several former top While House and Nixon campaign ·ides on Watergate cover-up charges, I survey of 1,500 Americans 1 and older shows a "significan increase" in Americans wh have had tests for cancer. He said the greatest increas was in the number of wome who have had a Pap test fo uterine cancer. Last year, per cent of the women sm vcycd had a Pap test. In 1963 only 23 per cent had the tes The 1973 survey also showed slight increase in awareness o the test, showing nine of te women know about it. The survey also showed f h a about half the adult smoker surveyed would like to qui smoking, and six per cenl about three million persons- says they would be very inter csted in "slop smoking clinics' to kick the habit. Dr. Luther Terry said "man persons appreciate the fact tha smoking is a heallh hazard. Terry said about 29 million per sons have given up smokin since lie first released f i n d i n g linking cigarette smoking lung cancer as U.S. surgeo general in 1964. American Cancer Sociel president Dr. Justin Stein sai the c u r r e n t Gallup surve shows slight to moderate gain in the numbers of persons ha ing a wide range of tests cancer--«hest x-rays, skin, co Ion and rectal ami breast e.\ animations. He said the encour agemcnt of f a m i l y physician was the greatest factor"leadin individuals to have the exan inations. Stein said, "ff a doc. tor tells a patient to do some thing, they are more likely do it." The survey showed an i crease from 56 to 72 per cent the number of persons having chest x-ray since 1963. Twenty two per cent in 1973 said the. had a skin examination, com pared to 13 per cent in 1963 Ten years ago only 15 per cen had a colon-rectum exam ination, compared to 24 cent in 1973. Paper Endorses J. W. Fulbright LITTLE ROCK .AP) -- The Arkansas Gazette endorsed to day the re-election bid of Sen J. W. Fuibright, citing Fu] brighfs service to A r k a n s a and the nation. In an editorial, the Littk Rock newspaper said the return of Fulbright to the Senate \vil serve the country in a way thai the election of his opponen could never begin to equal. Gov. Dale Bumpers also is seeking the Democratic sena torial nomination. The Gazette said t h a t no man n Congress has done so much or the cause of peace as Ful bright. "Let us recall t h a t Fulbright vas urging a policy of detente imong the great powers long jefore detente became a house hold word." the editorial said The Gazette said Arkansas landing in the nation and the vorld has been enhanced be ause of Fulbright's 30-year enure in the Senate. Fulbright also received cn- lorsement from the DeQueen lee and the Carroll County 'ribune at Green Forest. The Nashville News, which ndorsed Bumpers, said the overnor's ties are closer to the olifical philosophy of Aransas. The editorial criticized ulbright for being too -pre- ccupied with foreign affairs nd neglecting the "needs back icme." i lory, isn't Ihe gabby sort o man-about-world. Asked alwul an old friend the late Gen. Henry "Hap" Ar nold. head of the Army Ai Forces in World War II, he re calls him thus: "Knew him , long time. We used to fly to getter when he was a young lieutenant. "Crashed together once ou n e a r Coffeyville. Kansas Pieces just started Hying ol the plane. Nobody was hurt though.'' · Thomas isn't the kind of vcl eran journalist, cither, who known for strong public opin ions, particularly those in volving political jousts. For example: The Teapo Dome scandal had Congres and the White House in an un roar in 1924. So how'd the moo of the country and its news papers then compare with th uproar now over the Whil House tapes and the impeach ment inquiry by the Hous Judiciary Committee? "That's pretty hard lo com pare because it's so far in the past that it's difficult to re member," he replied. "Ver difficult." Thomas, who lives on a 50( acre farm in Pawling, N.Y., 6 miles from Manhattan, wa asked how he got into broad casting. He said it was in directly due to his celcbratet travels with British Col. T. E Lawrence -- "L a w r e n c c o Arabia"--during World Wa One. BEST SELLERS He'd written a best-selling book about the man and was on a world tour, retelling the slo ry, when he finally got fed U] with speaking engagements anr settled down to write othe books. But a man from the new Co lumhia Broadcasting Co. c;il!e and talked him into auditioriin as a replacement for the com pany's newscaster, war corre spondent Floyd Gibbons. He was met by the coi.. pany's owner, William S. Pa ley. now CBS board chairman and led to a microphone in i studio here. Three musicians whom broadcasters then a] ways kept on just-in-ease duly also were there. "Mr. Paley said, "If you don' mind, we'd like to have you talk for a b o u t 15 minutes,' ' Thomas recalled. "I said 'What about?' And he said 'I doesn't make a n y difference Talk about anything.' " He decided to hold forth o. matters in Burma and India among other places. Befor starting, he said, he told th musicians: " 'I wonder if you' play some soft music.' I su; gestcd some Oriental thin The rest is broadcasting his tory. Coon Discusses Road Promises ROGERS, Ark. (AP) -- Ken Coon of Conway, a Republica gubernatorial hopeful, sai Monday that he thought Arkan sans were insulted by canrii dates who run around the slal saying where highways ough lo he. He criticized former G'ov. Oi val E. Faubus for promisin highways to various sections o the stale. He said David H Pryor also was advocating north-south highway for th state. Coon said he thought it wa the "height of demogosuerv" t "go around the slate promisin' highways." Faubus. Pryor and Lt. Gov Bob C. Riley are seeking Ih Democratic nomination for eov ernor. The location of highways i the funclion of the Highway De parlment, Coon said. The 'stat Highway Department is one o the few things t h a t Arkansan can brag about, lie added We re -No. 1 in the percentage of completion of interstate." Coon said a proposed westeri corridor of a proposed sune; iighway system is not cominj hrough Arkansas. He said that it was comin; .hrough Oklahoma, but. if elect ed governor, he would work ti .ry to get it into Arkansas. Naylor To Appeal Land Decision LITTLE ROCK (AP) well Naylor. executive -Do Jresident of the Maumelle La Jevelopment, Inc., said that he firm would appeal a dec sion by the federal Office of In erstatc Land Sales that the irm s property report for pros ecutn-e buyers was deficient. Administrative Judge John G made the rulini Jndersood May 8. Underwood found the fi deficient for failing to ineluuu n the report a prior violation )f the Securities Exchange Act y one of its principles and for mproperly slating that the development's loan guarantee had een approved by Ihe federal Housing and Urban Develop- menl Department. Xaylor said the deficiencies vere mainly a matter of differ- ng inlerprelations of HUD re- uiremenls hy the government nd Maumelle. -The firm is developing a 5,00-acre model city six miles ·est oi North Little Bock on he Arkansas River. Pryor Wants Hike In Teacher's Pay LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Da vid 11. Pryor. a gubernatoria hopeful, said Monday night that a 10 per cent increase in teach ers' salaries each year pt the next biennium is both f a i r anc reasonable. On another topic. Pryor toh [he Political Action Committee on Education, which has en dorsed his candidacy, that he also favored providing funds to establish a statewide kinder garten program. Pryor pledged that he would help the Arkansas Ecucation Association meet its goal for a 10 per cent salary increase. The average salary of class room teachers in Arkansas now is $7,881, he said. "This means a dollar in crease of 5841) in 1975-76 and $925 in 1976-77," Pryor said. Pryor is one of three con lenders for the Democratic gu bernalorial nomination. He i opposed by former Gov. Orva E. Faubus and Lt. Gov. Bob C Rilcy. Teachers made about 8 pe cent more in salary this yea than they did last year, Pryo: said. He added that the cost o living rose 1114 per cent during the first three months of 1973. He said he always had beei committed to fairer pension, and across-the-board increase i n state-funded retiremen plans. Teachers retiring in A r k a n s a after the 1972-73 school year re ceived a median benefit of 52, 317 which is considerably les than the benefits received b.\ retired persons nationwide Pryor said. Toward the end of his speech Pryor said, "We can restore our faith in government by put ting into office, not simply poli ticians but public servants, no cronies with commitments to a few, but, independent official with commitments to none." Questions About Social Security Editor's Note: This column is a joint effort of public service by the TIMES and the Fayetteville Social Security Administration office, Mrs. Hose Newsome, district manager. / Anyone having a question about social security in invited to send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES 72701. All inquiries must be signed and should include address of sender- Names will not be published. Q. -- My mother - in- law is 8 years of age and she has n income of any kind. All she ha is her home. If she sells he home and moves to Florida t live with her daughter or move into an apartment here, will she still receive the supplementa security income payments What effect would this have on her eligibility for Medicaid? A. If she sells her home and does not re-invest in anothe home, the net proceeds of th sale would be counted as resource. If her resource exceed $1500, she would n longer he eligible to receive th payment since the exces money is available to meet he needs. Neither would she be eligible for Medicaid. Aftc using up the excess resource she could again become eligibl for SSI and Medicaid. Sh would be eligible to the ful amount of the payment if living in an apartment as. head of th household. If she is living ii. the household of her daughter the payments will be reducec by one third. Q. In January I received a letter that my benefits wcr being suspended because earned too much money in 1972 They are not only withholdinp the amount that I should no have received but the amoun of one additional month' benefit as well. Why are they doing this? A. An additional one month', b e n e f i t amount is bein; withheld as a penalty bccaus you did not file a timely repor of your 1972 earnings. Q. I understand t h a t paymcn of Supplemental Security In come to the aged, blind and disabled is based on need. Wha safeguards do you have tc assure that the person actually s in need? A. The applicant's statement about income and resources are verified before payment begins All cases will be rcviewet p e r i o d i c a l ly for a rede termination of eligibility. Any person who makes a false state ment or misrepresentation o material fact in an application commits a crime punishable mder Federal law and may be prosecuted. Q. I have not worked since 971 and will not he 62 years if age until 1976. In a receni discussion with friends, one woman stated that a person needs to have worked at lea si a part of the 5 years immediately preceding retirement n order to qualify for social security benefits at age 62. Is his correct? A. No, this is not correct, but I is a misconception that we ear repeated frequently. To be ligible at 62, you need to have ne calendar quarter of work redit for e a c h year elapsed Between 1950 (that is, beginning vith 1951) and the year you ttain age 62. In your case you eed 25 calendar quarters ol redit. These quarters may ave been earned in years beginning with 1937 and need ot be conjecutivt. , Margin Customers Increase Debts To Brokers By JOHN CUNNIFF Business Annylisl NEW YORK (AP) - The latest signal of a deterioration in ,he quality of credit comes :rom the New York Stock Ex- :hange, where margin customers increased their debt to brokers by $40 million in April. This figure in itself may have only minor significance to a] but those involved, but when placed in context the point is quickly understood: It is the fourth straight monthly rise and it hrings to at least $5.4 bil lion the amount of borrower money supporting stock prices. It is hardly safe to assume that the total amount of monej owed on corporate shares isn'1 even higher, because margin customers sometimes borrow from other lenders too and are known even to mortgage their homes. Margin in the stock market is like a down payment in the au tomobilc or housing market. A' NEW YORK STOCKS Fanimml by Ark Best Corp 814 Amer Tel Tel 46% Ark L a Gas 2IH', Baldwin y/i Campbell Soup 32'/« Central S W 1 Chrysler 1 Del Monte ' 1 Dillards lJi/ 2 Easco A G Edwards Emerson 3J Exxon 70is Ford 49% Frontier Air 514 Gen Growth i; Gen Mtrs 46W Gordon Jewelry 9% Intl Ifarv 2 I-T-E Imperial 1 J C Penney 70'/2 Levi Strauss 14'/4 Ling Temco 9% Marcor .v 22V Pan Am World Air ....r.. Phillips Petro 50'/z Pizza Corp 11% Pizza Hut 22 Ralston t. 43^ Safeway 42% Scars 8 Scott Paper If Shakespeare · Sou Pac 29% Texaco 25'/i Tri Slate Mtrs 7% Union Carbide 30% United Air 27% Victor TA Wai Mart 16'/s Ark West Gas 13%-1 Citation %-IVi Kearney Natl 5V'z-5! Minute Man 1V4-1 7 ; Pioneer Foods S'/a-S^fe H K Porte r...- 30Vi-31',4 Std Regis 14V4-15 1 /! Tyson Foods 12'/s-12 3 , Yellow Frt 47%-48% Averages Inds up 2.7' Trans ·...., up 4 Utils down A Volume 4.320.00C Commodity Openings July corn ..... 2.62 Nov soybeans 5.35 Sept eggs 49.41 July pork bellies 35.6C July wheat 3.42 P2 outlines - New park . . Ballots Invalid In Conway County CONWAY. Ark. (AP) -- Spe cial Judge Tom F. Digby sail that printed ballots in the Ma; 28 Democratic primary for th" Cadron township race in Faulk ner County must be reprintet arid that voting machines mus be reprogramed. He ruled that the ballots a printed violated Arkansas stat utes. Digby directed that a! candidates appear in the mu nicipal building here Wednes day and file anew. All absentee ballots alread: cast will be voided in regard ti the Cadron township race, hi ordered. Joyce Small, Mary B tidhS- Joyce Small. Mary Beth Sud deth and Richard Hudson, all o Conway, had filed suit alleging that the justice of the peace candidates had been assignei arbitrarily to positions in th race. The suit accused Newt P. M the lam of Conway, chairman o the Faulkner County Democra ic Committee, and Jake Sims t Greenbrier, county committee secretary, of not placing the justice of the peace candidates m positions in accordance with election procedures. Sims testified t h a t he had er J m not having candidate- file for positions, but said tha' his error was not willful Pros. Ally. Alex Streett o Russellville said he had in vestigaled the matter but t h a i he planned no criminal action. The investigation did show numerous violations of electioi procedures, he said. Street iaid he thought the violation' were a result of a lack 01 knowledge and were not delib erate. Digby was appointed specia ludge for the case after Judge Russell C. Roberts of Faulkner County Circuit Court disqualified himself. Roberts daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jack Roberts, is a ' j u s t i c e ' of' peace candidate. the Any Side Effects? SEATTLE (AP) -- Gary lloss would like to know if here are any side effects ass ciated with eating ants. He ate 236 of the little bugs ver the weekend at the 'World's Second Freestyle Ant bating Contest," a competition eld at a camping and back- ountry fair. "I wasn't tasting anything nfil it was all over." the hamp said. "Then I swallowed or a final time and wham. It was like I'd been drinking vinegar for three, minutes." .e moment it takes 50 per cent own to become a margin cus- mer of a broker, who lends e buyer the remaining funds. However, as anyone .knows ho has ever played the stock larket game, the price per hare of a company can fall as ell 35 rise, and the former as been the case for hundreds stocks in the past few lonths. The effective margin rate, herefore, often drops below 50 *r cent. In April, the exchange noted hat "the quality of security ·edit deteriorated noticeably." largin debt in accounts under 0 per cent equity rose to $1.98 illion. And the percentage of uch accounts rose to 16 per cnt from 12 per cent of all largined portfolios. As the prices of many stocks ontinued to decline, the colla- :ral left in margin accounts hrank, of course, by about $680 nillion, to a total of $13.2 bil- on. The signal that flashes from uch statistics is the likelihood t more margin calls, or demands by brokers for custom- rs to put up more funds in or- er to maintain a certain level 1 equity. If, for instance, a custome. as $10,000 credit on $20,000 'orth of stock, he has 50 per ent margin and 50 per cent quity- But if the market value hrinks to $15,000, he now has 7 per cent margin, 33 per cent quity. To safeguard his loan, the roker sends off a telegram to is customer, notifying him hat if he doesn't produce a ertain additional amount of ·ollateral by a certain date he 'ill sell some of the securities. Nobody is ringing the alarm rells about the condition of lock market credit at the mo- nent, but concern is rising, ust as it is in other credit reas where deterioration is howing up! If the trend continues, the alarms will go off. Bank Deposits ;.. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Up_tp $55 million in stale funds will be invested in one-year time. deposits in Arkansas hanks and savings and loan associations, the state Board of Finance ,'otcd Monday. State Treasurer Nancy Hall said the interest would be 6 per cent on the first $100,000 placed with the institution in the open accounts and 8 per cent on funds in excess of $100,000. The investments will be made June 'She said the funds would be distributed in proportion to the capital structure of the various institutions. j Experience In Management and Personnel VOTE Democratic Primary MAY 28 'GUS' OSTMEYER COUNTY JUDGE MANY THINGS NEED TO BE DONE PROPERLY, FOR INSTANCE: On* of «l» primary functions of II.* County Judg. ·» that of Road eoiMniMiMW-- If elected, I will hM.H *· monsiUiliti*! «f County Pol. Ad Paid For By Gus Oslmeycr Wash. Coimty_ LJT Poly-Puff Shirts For Summer New Mimmcr blouses from (he expert . . . Judy Bond. Prelty poly-puffs in 100% polyester for cool, easy care .summer living, Four styles from vyliich In choose , , , nil inn chine wash and no iron. Si?,cs 10 (o IK. A. 'Top Form". 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