The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1936 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1936
Page 2
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•MttMMll The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, August 18,1936 BACK TO SCHOOL -" -• _. "^™ ff^^mm**mmm — u «.- ~ •_•»_— *~,;.-. — .*m*---^fmm* j.^-ua--jgr^r:is..-.-.^?^gagiL^m&-..^- < -. ! -;j....... ^.-M^J-.-'ag' I»M —<gasa»k .M&aBBIKttnBKMMMK *•*• JX •^•^HBHPMMBr , t Public Schools And Academy Announce Teaching Staffs For Next Term FEW CHANGES ON PUBLIC SCHOOL'S FACULTYROSTER Some Classrooms Redecorated; School Opens on August 31 Algona's public school system is ready to open, Monday, August 31. The faculty for the 1936*1937 term is listed as follows; STwt grade—Naomi Hewitt Blrtt (high school)—Bertha Godfrey. Second grade—Fern Pederson •ad Lynor Olson. Third grade—Maxine Jones and JEstelle Arnold. Fourth grade—Georgians Plender and Katherine Carlson. Fifth grade—Frances Clayberg and Margaret Hullerman. Sixth grade—Aria Rocksvold and Dora Carson. Third Ward Madelon Hess, grades 1 and 2; Ruth Arnold, grades 3 and 4; Gladys Beighler, grade 5 and 6; Carrie Durant, grades 5 and 6. Junior-Senior High Hattie Wilson, principal and reading. Jrann* Coon, arithmetic. Laura Hoelscher, English. r*ST*a Phillips, social science. Jaise Mahln. reading. Pnal Berg*r, manual training. Mrs. Winifred Gillen, home eco- BTBSJCS. Floy Horn, science. Doris White and Leona Krampe, English. Rath Kriekenbaum. commercial. Arthur Lukcnsmeyer, science. Principal anfi History John McDowell, principal high school, and American History. Mrs. Ruth Stansbury, history. Alvena Miller and Esther Quinby, mathematics. Florence Young, English and Latin. D. Wane Collins and Margaret McNown, music. Kenneth Mercer, coach. Gladys Prescott, girls' physical education. Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse. O. B. Laing, is, of course, superintendent of schools. J. E. Mason continues as janitor. No Special Changes Although there have been several changes In the faculty, no special new Innovations have been announced for the forthcoming semester. The schools have been prepared for fall classes, and some redecorating done to get classrooms in shape. ACADEMY OPENS AUGUST 31; NEW PIANO CLASSES Dancing Classes After the Regular School Hours Also Planned St. Cecelia's Academy will open on Monday, August 31, it was announced this week. A group class in piano instruction will be offered and in addition to the class, instructions or pupils nutside of the Academy will be offered. Those interested may apply to Sisters at the Academy. A dancing class to be conducted after school hours is also being planned. On the faculty this fall will be Father Ahman, and Sisters M. Michael, Edmunde. Ellavene, Laurayne, Beatrice. Paschal, Loras, Isadore, Clarice, and Zita. Sister M. Zita will instruct in music. Read The Want Ads—It Pays 4/v«~4v Ready To Go AT Hawcott & Ogg's /JA Sheets of |J _ DU Filler paper DC School Supplies Low Priced School' Paints, per box 9c School Bags, OC~ waterproof, eaclr™'*' School Binders each 9c Paste, Ink and C- Mucilage, bottle _ JC Shirley Temple Pencil Tablets, C« each _"*" 'Beats-All' Junior C« Pencils, 6 for 'Spiral' Note & Composition Books Cp each CRAYOLA CRAYONS 5c 8c 15c The (tore is full of new merchandise novelties of all kinds. Fresh Candy Orange Slices lOclb. FRESH CANDY Pineapple Slices 8c Ib. 3 color Corn Candy 15c Ib. Children's School Hose Full and knee length Pair, ISc, 19c, 25c THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES 5c IOC 25c Hawcott & Ogg $1.00 and up vOQ David Ward Going Into City Business David Ward, well known and popular instructor in the Algona high school, is retiring from teaching and will devote his full time to a business enterprise in Kansas City. Dave had worked during the summer in a grain cleaning firm using an electrical process, and business was such that he decided to devote his full time to the enterprise. Mercer Offered College Post At Beloit, Wisconsin Kenneth Mercer, local athletic coach for the past three years, has been offered a position at Beloit College, Beloit, Wis. Mercer would also have a chance while there to work on his master's degree, which is something he has desired to obtain for some time. Although he had signed his new contract for the local school system, it was understood that the school board would release him if he desired to go to Beloit. The board has made it a policy never to stand in the way of any teacher who has a chance for advancement. The Long Run It's cheaper to start him out this fall in goods shirts that are pre-shrunk, have fast color and have plenty of smart style. Boy Blue SHIRTS Size* 8 to 14 75c STEELE'S ALGONA PUBLIC SCHOOL Announcement % The dividing line hchv.-cn tin- Hrvani and Third \\ r ard K i- a dc Mmldiiiffs assignments, grades Mi inclusive, will )»«• the same as <lunn»' the past school year, which is as follow: north Minnesota street; (-a.-t State sln-cl iVi.ui the corner of jn.rth Minnesota to the ' . i\: N. \\ r . track.-; ('. & \. \V. n- ai .k s extending south from tin- east State crossing. All north and east of that line will he assigned to Third \Vard and the remainder to the Hrvant building. Other announcements will he made later on the as.-i^nment to first grade- rooms or kindergarten. % A child to be registered in the iii>t -radc must have been horn on or heinre December 1.',. li,:; t ). In case a child in this a-e irn.up has not already resist en (1 in the health examination period which -Miss Honnstelter held laM May, the child should ).<• n-i.^ered at the oft ice of the superintendent of .-diools on Saturdav Aii'Mist '>•> <•!• M.»nday, August L>4, at the Jii^h school building Teh-phone 1><>5' £ A child to be eligible for registration in the kindergarten must have, heen horn on or before December \~>, l<m (this date is set tentatively in order to determine the. number of children who will be eligible). Parents of these children should register for them in the superintendent's office on either Saturdav, August 22 or Monday, August 24. Telephone 295. £ Pupils who have second hand books for use in junior or senior high should leave those at the desk in the superintendent's office on Sat unlay, August 22 or Monday. August 21. 0 All Students who will be in the seventh grade should report to the junior high study hall in the high school building for a brief meeting uu Saturday morning, August 29, at !) a. in. O. 11 LAlNii, Supt. McGuffey Reader Paid High Tribute By Local Writer In the August 7 issue of the Des Moines Register appears a letter from Fred Anderson to Harvey Ingham on the McGuffey school books. It may be a series of books can not always remain in our schools, but McGuffey readers under revisions weathered the efforts of mercenary and ambitious people to replace them for over fifty years, and are the only series that have lived in the remembrance of those who used them in school. As Mr. Anderson says in Ms letter, there are many lessons in McGuffey's readers that hang in the memory with as great tenacity as texts from the Bible. As a matter of fact It could not be otherwise since the selections were chosen and written with a view to developing moral character. Moral character was not alone the aim of the author. The blood of youth was made to tingle with patriotism and love of country by deeds and events of heroism portrayed on a mental screen. The love for mother, and the conduct of the Good Samaritan were woven in among other selctions to entertain, instruct, and impress the student. And that they did so Impress is evidenced by the respect and praise accorded the author by so many students who were privileged to read from those books in the formative period of school life. The folly of pride as personified by Miss McBrlde, as she minced along in fashion's tide, downC^iroad- way on the proper side. The egotism of the Freshman who had ne'er before set foot upon a foreign shore, And the Englishman who sought to make sport of his valet at dinner and found his well-deserved rebuke. In short the characteristics of mankind were all set before the student in such variety of prose and poetry as to hold his attention and impress their meaning. Is it saying too much to say of our present school readers that they Inspire no high ambitions, teach no moral or spiritual truths, tench no lesson of the Good Samaritan, and leave all the Mirny bumps of pride, egotism, intolerance and other undesirable attributes of man sticking to the trunk? We have substituted manual for moral training. The kind of moral training contained In Mc- Guffey'a readers contained no denominational dogma but reached out for that liberal interpretation contained in the injunction of Christ to "Go thy way and sin no more."—S. H. McNutt. PLAN MIXER FOR NEW PUPILS AT HI SCHOOL, 21ST Kindergarten To Open This Fall; Other Official Announcements Birthday Surprise Party for Robert Dreyer on Friday Lotts Creek: A birthday surprisn party was held in honor of Robert Dreyer Friday evening. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin, Mr. and Mrs. John Schall- in, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wichtendahl and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Otto I,leaner nnd Lorina. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dreyer and Victor, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zumach and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz and Edward and Arthur I-eudtke, al.vo Alfred Meyer of Whittemore. Appendix Removed Lillian .Schallin had an appendicitis operation Thursday evening at the Kossuth hospital. IJrs. Cretzmeycr and Janse were the attending physicians. ' Aid Meets The Ladies' Aid society met on Friday afternoon in the school basement with Mrs. Arthur Zu- much as hostess. Visitors werq Mrs. Walter Peril. Mrs. K. F. Mey- t-r, Mrs. Arnold Meyer, Ada and Hannah Fiene, and Mrs. Carl Peter and daughters, Gertrude and Caroline of Algona. Mrs. Harold Smith and son. Parker Allen, left Thursday evening for Illinois, to visit her mother. Mrs. Herman Reisner attended the Ladies' Aid meeting Thursday at Hurt in the church basement. Mrs. Herbert Potratz attended the Whittemore Aid which wag held in the school hall Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kressin of Wisconsin are visiting at the Albert Kremlin home this week. The men are brothers. Lucille Meyer, who had visited her slater, Loretta Meyer, ut Ames it-turned Monday evening. Loretta is employed in a rehtaururit there. . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer and Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin atUnd- (By O. B. Lalng, Stipt.) The Boar'} of EJi-cntion has authorized th» establishment of a public kindergarten In the Algona public schools to be started this fnll Announcement on registration of children will be found elsewhere In this Issue. Further an- nowements on the same matter will be made latj-. I-iiday evening, August 21, at the 1'iRh school build! iij, the rural 8th irsde graduates of ths surrounding territory who plan to enter Algona high school will be entertained at a brief mixer and program at the high school building. Parents of the pupils ara also invited. At that time prospective pupils will have explained to them cuch things as program of studies, student activities, classroom assignments, etc. Refreshments will be served at the close of the meeting. Any students who cannot come at that time are asked to register at the superintendent's office either on Saturday, August 22, or Monday, August 24. School opens on Monday. August 31. at nine o'clock. There will be a faculty meeting on Saturday afternoon, August 29. C. E. Ridenour of Kingsley, Iowa, who has been teaching in Glenwood public schools, has been elected to the position vacated by the resignation of David C. Ward, who has bone into business at Kansas City, Mo. Kenneth Mercer has also resigned as athletic coach at the high school to go to Beloit College. Beloit, Wls. as assistant coach. ed a birthday party at the Frank Schumacher home, Whittemore, on Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin and daughters. Lillian and Marie, attended a quilting party Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Geo. Grlmmels of Falrville. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Helnrich and daughter of Addison, 111., visited at the Otto Wichtendahl home Friday afternoon and Friday evening at the Kenneth Bellinger home, Fenton. Dorine and Alice Kohlwea, Austin, Minn., who have been visiting with her grandmother, Mrs. Louis Hlntz, visited with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kohlwes, from Saturday to Thursday. Mrs. C. Siems and daughter, Eather, Whittemore, attended the birthday party of Katherine, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Reisner. Katherine was six years old. Others from here attended. Albert Schumacher accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schumacher of Whittemore, to Watertown, Wls., to attend the funeral of a sister of Mr. Schumacher, Mrs. Mary Duryea of Algona, also accompanied them. Rev. and Mrs. E. Fiene left on Monday morning for Charter Oak and Denison and returned Thursday. The Rev. visited his sisters and brother, Paul Fiene and family. They reported the crops there as being very bad. /WVrWWlrWWrVWWWWVVift School Dresses Chriscliilles & Herbst We have received our new Fall print dresses and they are the cutest, most adorable garments you ever saw. Made from fast color p:-inU, daintily trimmed with washable materials, they will be just the thing to *end the daughter to school. These pretty dri'ttaea come in size* from 6'-j to 14 and are priced at $1.W upward*. Alao new Fall print dresses in sizes 1 to 3 and 3 to 8. Very reasonably priced at $1.00. OTTOSEN NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Percy W&tnem were Algona callers Friday. Ole Ellingson and Martha were Fort Dodge callers Friday. Helen Davis, Livermore, is visiting at the Feeman Hanson home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henrikson and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacobson spent the past week at Spirit Lake. Mavis Holt, who has been visiting at the Bernard Jacobs home In West Bend, returned home Thursday. Mrs. E. Hoflus and Mrs. gaw- thorne were hostesses for the Community Ladles' Aid meeting Friday afternoon, August 14. Joe and Melvin Longseth went to Casey, Iowa, Saturday to visit their sister, Mrs. Alfred Lemke. Bertha, who has been visiting there returned with them. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Watnem and daughter, Lola and Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem and children left Saturday for Burlington, where they will visit at the Thorn Wat- nem home. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Coyle and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Coyle and family and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash and family left for Illinois, to attend the Nash reunion to be held on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Enockson and daughter, Frances, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Enockson and Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Jacobson and children left Thursday for Lake Okobojl, where they will spend a week. Read The Vnat Ads—It Pay* SCHOOL ? 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School Bags _25c Water Colors lOc Mucilage lOc "School Supplies _•.——^HK I I sum^. Loose Leaf Notebooks Stiff black covers made or wear lOc Note Book Paper sheet* of watermarked white paper 4c Pen & Pencil Erasers Red, white e_ blue OO Coil Bound Notebooks Ruled paper fa Pencil Compass Gilt finish B Free-flowing ink (n a variety of color* Oz. Ink 5c Fine White Paste 5c 3 oz. of school paate with handy rubber spreader W. V. ButlerTOwiier

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