Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 20, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1974
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 Nenhwett Arkamat F»yrrrtviLL«. TIMCS, Men., May 20, 1974 DRIVHN THEATRE NOW SHOWING i un, Mat " t ^ fl V»f J-5J 1 f.m. MU NEWMAN THE STING W I N N E R OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Ftt. 7:30 9:20 Sun. Mil 2 p.m. Funniest Western since "Cat. Ballon" (g) Mel Brooks S71DDLES Nm . WVr,71H.«»LUMMUa A2MH9 . an i:» Fet. 7:15 a; 9:10 (·» Gregory Peck Desi Arnc? Jr. n. n s. 4 nonius MUJ Fet. Sun.-Thuri. 7:45 Fri.-Sat. 7:OO-1:W tun Mat. 2 p.m. (PC) l?sr GRT/SV Sun. Wat. 2 4 P.M. Fet. Biteuit 7:00 -- Cat »: (G1 Walt Disney DOUBLE FEATURE "That Darn Cat" "The Biscuit Eater" The TIMES It On Top of Th« Newt Seven Day* a Week ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO S E R V I C E Free Pickup * Dell»er» "Celer SswclalilH" 443-55SZ or 442-S35* lS-»% ejai ·H. Call 1*r tree Book Selected A book edited by Dr. William C. House, professor of q u a n t i t a - tive management science in the University ol Arkansas College of Business Administration, has been picked as the main selection for May of the prestigious Library of Computer and Information Sciences. The book, entitled "Data Base Management," was described by the Library as a "practical, user-oriented, wide-ranging volume lucidly surveying every important aspect of data processing management." Robert Redford .'Jeremiah Johnson' A SYDNEY POLLACK FILM The man who became a legend. The film destined to be a classic! ROBERT F1EDFORD in A Sydney Pollack Film "JEREMIAH JOHNSON" A Joe Wizan-Sanford Production · Co-Slarring WILLGEER ALLVN ANN McLERIE · STEFAN GIERASCH · CHARLES TYNER · And I riliod u cing n HI E B OLTON - M usic by John Rub hstein a n d Tim M clnliie Screenplay by John Mil ius and Edward Anhall .Pioduced by JoeWJ/'aa Direcled by Sydney Pollack - Panavision^.Tecrintcolor'-- Ctletulma Wain«i Broi, SOili A m i , « n « i y * A Warn*r Com *un!califln» company ONE WEEK ONLY! MALL TWIN CINEMA #2 MINITEK #1 (Ft. smith) STRAND (Clarksville) OPENING FRIDAY, MAY 24 (Pan Ust Suspended) Check Theatre* tor Show Times Goodbye m · · · m Say (jootJoye to Ihe same old ho-hum meals. Get Kentucky Fried Chicken and lixln's and start your family laughing, smiling, and having a good time together MOUTH OF MAY SPECIAL 1.00 off Buy 12-Pc. Bucket or 21-Pc. Barrel offer Good At Any of Don Carr's fn«d ^k 514 North College 2768 North College Fayetteville Si loam Springs -- Bentonvilie "The Colonel Will Cater" Have a barrel of fun/' HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Long-Kept Secret Is Best Not Told Dear Helen: 1 was pregnant when 1 married, hut my hsuband was not the father. He knew, but never once by word or action did he differentiate between my daughter and our son. He was a wonderful father and our daughter doesn't know the truth. Here Is the problem. My hus- b a n d , and the parents of the child's natural father (they also knew) had me promise that I would let him know about his fatherhood after they were all gone. The mother and father were wonderful folks and felt badly that their son wasn't man enough to assume responsibility, we all decided back then that it was best not to tell him, since 1.wouldn't marry him. Now, 45 years later, I am a widow, and the natural grandparents are dead. Does.this promise still hold? Should I -tell this 63-year-old man that my daughter is his child? -- Confused And Reluc tant . . Dear Confused: Can you think of any good that would come from this revelation? Since your daughter believes her legal father is her natural father - and he was certainly her real father all his life why -risk her finding out the truth? She doesn't need a 63- y e a r - o 1 d substitute now especially one you're reluctam to reveal. Let sleeping promises lie! -- Dear Helen: "Alone Again" suspects her alcoholic husband of too close a friendship with the man who joined him "on the wagon." What she doesn't realize is :hat alcoholics must hold toge ·.her to help each other. She is feeling left out because she s no longer her husband's 'keeper: 11 Mates of problem drinkers o f t e n subconsciously resenl heir husbands' new, liquor-free ife because they are no longer in control - they've lost the "baby" who depends on them (and on whom they can blami all their troubles). So the; become very jealous of the per son who is helping their "problem child" lick the habit. If "Alone Again" would come to Al Anon m e e t i n g s , she woul learn that m a n y other wives went through this same jealously too, before they coul completely accept a whole man again; -- Been There too Dear BTT: "Alone Again" described tw arrested alcoholics who spen all their time together, exclud ing their wives from their new dry lives. Somehow I don't think evei Al Anon could reconcile then to this kind of rejection - i it continues. -- H. Dear Helen: My daughter asked me a interesting question. She said "If you were doing a movi of your life, how would you rat it: G. PG. R, or X? I answered. "G," and unde *THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. H* RZZrV MMPWrtl SUPREME? Rosamond Claims $10 Million Misspent NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) More than $10 million was lisappropriated from the orth Little Rock city - owned ectric company before Mayor ob Rosamond took office, osamond said Saturday night. After addressing the annual .evy Day political rally, Rosa- ion d to'd reporters that the al- ?ged misappropriation pc- urred over a 14 - year period nd might amount to as much 5 414 million. He said it was this matter he ad in mind when he asked leg slative auditors and Pros. Atty. Lee Munson of Little Rock to m a k e an in-depth audit f the utility. The 14-year period would cov r the tenure o( former Mayor William F. "Casey" Laman. my breath I added, "Unfor unatety!" Frankly. looking back, I'd much rather have ha life that could at least hav ranked on the "restricted" list Kit I doubt that many of ui lave. Then, when you reach 50. you begin to wonder what you'vi missed. Start rating yourselves Helen's readers, and you'll see what I mean. -- Regretful. Dear Regretful: 1 did. and I do. -- "G" -H. Got a problem? An adul ;ubject for discussion? You can alk it over in her column i you write to Helen Bottel, can of this newspaper. DENNIS THE MENACE c JUST NOD in*. HEAD." NOW SHOWING Ploy Boy Magazine ANGEL TOMPKINS IS LESSONS KTttTJUGHT AfTEftCUSSt COLOR [»- TKTEMHElWn: MCH.lHMtMS HKKVAR FMEUCTIOKS. ISC. -CO-HIT- TO THEM LJFE iS A BALL CLASS oi"74 BLE FEATURE PROGRAM First Run: Plus - C O U P O N 1 FOR THE FAMILY . . Ken's Pizza Parlor 409 WEST DICKSON 2. Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! This Coupon Redeemable at KEN'S in Fayerteville DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tuba, Channel 2 (Chanel I M cable in FeyertevlHel KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fart Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tuba, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tuba, Channel 8 (Channel 4 « cable in FayettevIM KOED-TV (ETV), Tuba, Channel 11 KODE, JoaGn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 ICXannel » on raMe in Fayettetffle) CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Time · Weather · Music 9 Channels · FM Radio All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville Phone 521-7730 O MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-7 - "Shoot Out" (1971) Gregory Peck, Pat Quinn, Robert F. Lyons 8:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 - "The Executioner" (1970) George Peppard, Joan Collins, Judy Geeson 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "Band of Angels" (1957) Clark Gable, Yvonne DeCarlo, Sidney Poitier Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "I Love You Goodbye" (1974) Hope Lange, Earl Holliman 8:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "Cry Rape" (1973) Andrea Marcovicci, Peter Coffield, Greg Mullovey 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16--"If He Hollers, Let Him Go" (1969) Raymond St. Jacques, Dana Wyoter AUTO INSURANCE · $50,060 Liability · $2,000 Medical · Uninsured Motorist · S Year Renewable Guarantee Safe $( £ Hf\ Quarter Drivers elOiOw Premium McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE 442-niS COLLEGE GET OUT OF TOWN Drive MR t* Hickory Creek nee. Area and din* at THE BARN XI East *H Hwy. Steaks and shrimp, In rolls. reEshes. and salads. family i«yle fnn fry Friday, ·ar BQ Kiki Sabinlay. Open i-u p.m. ·at. and Sn. U !»·*.» fun. Cln«d MM. and T«v. C«m» it* mt at kcattifal m*m**r Late, MONDAY EVENING * S:0« - New« I World Report , 1C Andy Griffith « Milter Rofen 11 Troth or Coiuequenct* T To Tel] TbaTTutb 1 * 5:» Electric Company II Twilijht Zone M »ew« 2, 3, 5. « T. 12 Truth or Conaequencea I * !;·*- Rodxepodxa Lodge . . . 1] ·few. 2. 3. 5, «, 7, 12. » 1« » *:*Dragnet 5, « TV 7 Closeup 7 To Tell The Truth 2 Untamed World 3 Open Door i 11 Hogan's Heroes 1« Let's Make A Deal 12 * 7:«« Rookies 5, 8, 12 The Place for No Story 11 Gun.'.moke 6 16 Magician 2 , 3 , 7 * »:·"· Sam Francis: These Are My Footsteps II Here's Lucy 6. la Movie 2 3, 7, 5, 8, 12 * 8:39 Book Beat 11 Dick Van Dyke ' «, 1« * :M - Medieal Center «. 1« 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 23J3 N. College 442-8575 Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-TWI SPRINGDALE, ARK. Washington Straight Tali- . 11 *9:3fl Today's Yosa .................. ji * I«:H News ................ 2. 3 6. 7, IS * 10:15 News ....... . ............ 5, g, J2 * 11:11- Johnny Carson ............. 2 3 7 Mo\-ie . ................. t, 16 10:45 in of the Wo]f ............ a, 12 Johnny Carson ........... s * 12:00-Tomorrow .............. '. 3, 5 7 New-s ....................... g 12:55 Project .................. , ..... a * 1:00 Religious Town Hall .......... 2 TUESDAY MORNING * «:S5 Moments of Meditation ........ 9 6:30- SMS Forum .................... 1 Garner Ted Armstrong ........ · * 6:35 Inspiration ...................... 2 New* * t:« News Light of Life Today in Agriculture * .:K Harvest Time Tabernacle Project * 7:M- Timmy and La»le CBS Ne»» Country Marie Tun* ... Today Captain Cartoon Circu* Bfcmt u * 8:MOklahoma: Tuesday 8 * ):N - 9-A.M · Dinah Shore i S, 7 Sesame Street Joker's WUd ]· Movie * It's Your Bet 12 Gambit «. 1« Jeopardy i S, 7 Love American Styto 12 * lt:M- Now You See It «, 1* Wizard of Odds .'.... 2, ». S 7 All My Children It * !··!·- Hollywood Squares . . . . t, 3. J. 7 Love of Life «. 1« Brady Bunch ». 12 * !·:».- Coffee Break News * 11:W- ft U .V,. . 1.1. T Mike Jackpa* .. ................ »nd tha BestVsa sptn Baffle ................. Search tor Tomorrow *11:SS - TUESDAY AFTERNOON * u-.m- All My Children 2, S. 7. 12, If New! Phil Donahue Tabletalk * 12:15 Leave It to Carol ... Three on a Match .. AM the World Turns Let's Make a OeaJ .. Melody Matinee T Guiding Light «, 1« Days of Our Ltves 2, t, S, 7 2 3 ... 6, It 5, «, 12 Newlywed Gsma * 1:1 i, u of Night ·. I« My Lift Edge ol Girl In Doctors * Mi- Price 1s BKht ..... Otntnl Kospttal .. Anotner world ..... w tilt- Match Game ....... How to Survive m Marriage ......... On* Ufa to Ltra .. Uncle Zeb ......... Lucy Show ........ Petticoat Junction . Dinah Shore ....... All My Children ... Three on a Match Dick Tan Dyke . . . . 12 ''».». ». 7 t. J, 5, 7 2. J i, 1 Cartoons ..... TatlletaJes .... Today's Yo«a To Tell the Truth 121 Somerset 2, 3. S. 7 * J:J»- Petticoat Junction 2 Dinah Shore 3 All My Children 5 Three on a Match 7 Joker's Wild 6 Human Relations 11 Petticoat Junction 10 Uncle Zeb » Lucy Show 12 * 4:N- Star Trek '. 5 Merv Griffin 2 Jeopardy 3 I Dream of Jeannie 7 Fugitive U Bonanza ... ;.. 6 Corner Pyle. USMO Andy Griffith 12 Sesame Street 11 Beat the Clock ; 3 Beverly Hillbillies 7 Lucy Show TUESDAY EVENING Twilight Zone News And; Griffith Mister Rogers To Tell The Truth Truth of Consequences . . * «:»- News . . . . 1 l,i, «, 7. I, 12, 19 U BicenteanU] Lecture 1 3. i, (. T, I. 12, * «:» Dragnet Let's Make a Deal . Hogan's Heroes Dusty i Trail . Ozzie'a Girls . . To Tell the Truth .. Dragnet W 7:»» Maude Happy Days Adam-12 Bill Moyer's Journal Let's Make A Deal * 7:M Hawaii Tive-O Movie . I . 3 it K . .1 la , 15 J 17 II .. : i, . . 2, 3, Black Journal * »:M Movie *»:·»- Police Story z 3 Marcus Welby l ' a ' Candid Campus ' ' * »:1» Today's Yoga * l»:m- 3 1 a ' ij ' u ^ News * !·:» Death to Sister Movie Johnny Carson w - * «:45 Project ........... *!:«·- Oklahoma Forum ... 2. 3,5. 6, 7,1, 12, U ft ·J k I 2. », «. '

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