Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 16
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It's Spahn vs Ford As Series Opens Stengel Has New Plan For This Year's Encounter With Braves SERIES RECORD MAKER - By Alan Mavtr MILWAUKEE (AP - Tw 3 ct :eitnt Irtt handeu- _ Warren Spate acd ' New York'i Whitey Ford - .rre npected to rruke It* op* cf the ua World S*r:r» a s::z:;.-.g pitcher*' ij'-ir! today . Dejpite the fact that the S*r:t-» j wai or*nmj In Milwaukee and · Ford had not won a » d hu ; f i v e Series triumphs a*av f - o m 1 j Yankee Stadium, the Yankees! ; ruled J'i to w i n the. lirit gaine } and 7-S to capture the S»ne* i : Prrctdrot «aj a g a i n i t the ; Brave*. No Natiooal League chj;:i · pion haa be»n »b!f la »:.» :wo October clasiica .r. accession '- since the New York Uisr.t.- : whipped Miller Huggms' Yarkte* : in mi and 1(2} ': .in? ,5"d r'^nS, ,a'«i I**"TM* - TM««*« Br.m · tnee. They r«ued to the Braves. a;ioni ' '-easue cna,T.pions) \ a ' however, in the last one. in sex en Sr * Vork Yankees 'American · gamei -League champion*i. : Vanket Manager Casey steng-l.' Length of imea - Beit four of : itlll anuniRg from that Ion. | blamet it on loir.e bun' adk'ce .ir . ii«d rrcviveti trom N a t i o n : league friends He vawfd thu : time to follow hii own judgment. : ''Them fr!Jfr» lure gave me f bum iteer." he said Tuesday : night. 'They told rue 'F.ddlt' I Malhrwi couldn't field and lha : he «M just a fair runnt-r The : Mid 'Lew BurdeMe couldn't be* · ua. Well, you know w h a t Lew did againit ua lait year and he w*i ' JO games this y«ar " lie aald. "Thia time I'm going ; t» uae my own judgment I . aome Idtas of my own. If I'm go- practice ar.d ar.i ·-- ....... j . »-;*.ir -'-» .'!. « ·'-* to lote I rught a* w»U blame|t. cf; Howard. U; Berra. r '::*·!.'. not aaytwdy five BJ: IjSkowrou. Ib. Carry. K. KiiUk r. ^..i.-ki-d. ' ! : ' » up to r:::i: " ·*·»! Jo: t exprt! !u lc%r I d:d etou«!ii»i Kord p \ n o l h e r Ijitor in Stengel's o::r losing to those guji laat y«ar." I Fariier he had hLiied itrerg: i\«nje of miml r.».:!d have bern kee Stengel didn't di*c!o** his Ideas-that Eliton Howard would be in lur.k · Wori.i Ntio record He But he notified repor.m hit li.wp'rght field in piece of Hark Baurr. )..«. hit a!e! in hn Us: II Serin H *TM ld **' '«r.o had a lore left u n v t Strrsrl n*.... Bauer, rf; McDoufaid. »j Man-.then watched Bauer njjrn i«rral In*ert:r« Howard j) lelt fit-Id The Classen Says SMU To Scare Irish, But Lose : ly HAROLD ( ·' Aa**etatr4 Prna Spotta WrtWr : STW YORK ' A I » -If nu r.H " for Jon tn the World SeriM oj ! ar» a champ If you hi! for l«-i!i · than 100 In football vcl. cUoni you ; in a chump Lui »e«-k i rrroid : WM 4J correct and II wrong for Hrrt art thu »t--k-nd « w Cklahona over Ore ion Th/.t i * new ball-bearir.g offers of the {iJtoonen 'irvdi Oregon no mort difficult than Wwt Vi'jr.iila Ian foih. · Auburn o»rr ChatUnonfA Aj: hum held Tennessee to mi.Ti.t , : yardage lait »r«-krr,d. , o n d · Washington Slate o v r r Call- ' Q m : fomla Thu gime lollnwi World 8erl»« on your TV Ohio State ovrr Waihim The Buckayea Infantry f »all even If Frank ; docin't heal In time. : Michigan State over Michigan: · Thia u a family war but Michigan I State'* sophomcre* «rs the pick jevrn (hough Michigan boatti one jof ths country'i beat plungtri In JJohr Htrrnitein. : Army over Penn Stale The IfadeU baiooka oUenae no lorfcr ·ii a iiirprue but tho*e !uo h i l f - l r o rbacki. Pankini and Ander»on.| J^ I will ihock th« Pennsylvania Lionil enou ' h iFOR SERIES \ Notre Dame ovrr S o u t h e r n ' ' ^ " ^ Jl-PMl-J ·Methodiil. Don Meredith will ;icare the n a v l l c h t i oit PI the Irlvh · hut In the end they will prevail by :»bout the margin of a lin'le ·touchdown : Clemjon n\er Maryland. · Carolina Tigrri »rn ilieir lown {victory under Coach F r a n * How- 1 ard lait wetkend Thry itari or. I their lecond century lhi» *r-kfnl · Skipping over trie oth-rr* in : hurry Figures On '58 World Series Milwaukee. Friday. Ort J. cipvn 1 Tlinr -- 2 p ::: day for traxe!: Saturday Or; wanker Norn ' h ' at New York; Sunday. Ott *, a! r\rejt Sur.d-iv gai New York, stonday. Ck'. t. *'. I p rn. iFST . New York \ii necrtia.*)'. Tjr ; S*rir» oJJ» -day. Oct 7. (open date for t r ; n e l ' . ' (){vnmg xiir.r |W'«lne«day. Oct. 8. at .Milvmiikre (»prn:ni: d«y !· · 9. Sp.ihn - r i l 1 f ' T Whiter- Ford Ml r n.'ia'j^ 1 . jimauiznon i.-.r-i. IK Ed Ma,h.w,. Jr, ,' n ° ^down M.lwavkit Broyti uniform b'S Itagu* bat. tri«t » 0 gat attention from hit Ed, Uft, who ittmi Involved In bonitring ton- the v»r»ation with hii Milwoukt* t»amrTvat» Jo* Adeoelc Th» K * nt d « vtl °P» d °« »h« Brav.i worked o«r for th.' World ^«* -^ .*.· N.W Y o r.ST 1 at Mil-'Bo»h ler. · ! · it \f* York I'rohir/.f nr a: \e» Y o r k . i a n c e -- *"« | Hadio »-1 \ J -;ii-.i 7 to 5 iBroadia-'.r.i- -:i» -- K\en | Serie* «lj .·:»·: i -- Warren League J .S. :; V *.ii.kee ind !_»»! ei; i rr or New York ' ( N L l 4 ».i r»i *.» Throughout Series Stengel Sees Mound Battled ' 1 tMink we'll ' « m . hut it i to [«· a tm fie all de » J T I t h i n k w e ' r e .11 e.rnly mitcl.iM at !* train* cun be Why. we i \rn linlihed w i t h t) e ijinc won and Imt recprd I lutik 'nr brefki to dr ide it. Nal.iralM. hope tr* brr*k f a l l our »ay " M I L W A L K L L 'Al'i _ Maoafcr.ian* ytari." tald Catey. "and Stengel of the \-A York 'who'a Yankevi figures thr 1'JM WorM M which iifirnt lirr* l(»liy will bt a [Mlchrri KTIC» " l h a l Spahn uina S) gjiue* (..r lo t«ll m« how to Almost Nothing Could Top 1911 Series' Weather him? Who knowi how* "A man wtna JO for nine yean to be a great pitcher and on* · Ho kncwt ho» lo pitch tt r l s l i i hand*TM and left randeri So »h.if fnotj M it If wi put m ill right |hand**! batteri againtl h:m w not'" Warren Spahn.the Bratri* »(t who won n ihu nuun. matt hi 1'iltaburgha Rob Friend lor I National Ltagua high. »a Milwaukee itarter today. Whitey Kord 11-7) wn Stengel'i choice, making It an all toutnpaw opener i!l itart for th« M1I.WAUKLK ' A P I - Tocne U«»ea in the lecood garre. rvld. r.nn or high w j l e i . ih» \9M\ "^** f Burdelle." Stengel »3n1 World Series m i l l h a v e · trxii;h'" l!t rnakai everybody »mt Ui- Ime tnpfins thr |s;i tiMiith..r. \ ' n * n *trr wrong becaute hr »mi that ran from (M 14 to Ort » ^ ··"»·· ovrr In that league Ihli The nirrrr.t «rrnt t.»(»mi Ilir : * a r - ln ^ he i only k»t three i l v a u k e e fira\f« nrxl New York." 1 ' All Star Came, ai-.krei may t i n i r to iruc'Vi "A lotla people tell you bur- »ilh t h i l l v wirvU. topcu.iU ami jdrtte wain't really a gieat pitcher Auburn Guard Wins Lineman Of M Honor N08THWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS, FoytrttvilU. Arkaman, WeHnaedoy, October 1, 19SI 17 ong unricrw-ear hould the txiyn nul of the Itenche* In Misquoted On Stengel/ · ^ Spahn Offers Apology son MfLWATrKEE 'API -Southpaw Warren Spahn. ulartina Milwaukee pitcher In today i opening game |mjt tr[tliu of the World Series, lnswt.% he s u ) ( f ||n ,. never urd the term "a clo»n" In and ,:,,,._, ootball aeaaon Back tn 1*11. the Philadelphia A t J 1111 c i and the New York Glanu pUyed the tonfnl aertet e\er. r*or a while on* »«* they ptajed pinochle in · hoUI lofrby wwUhaU Che rain rtream dow» Ow (root wiadow* Aner 10* inird |«ne it raln* exactly · week before I her could eiume. The boyt finally crawled hon)e In tim* lor th« rabbit a#a- Th*- pottpcnrnit-nl Ihjl rud Ihe lind th* way to beat htm n dnn'l mt any laft-haaderi againit him. lut hla maaaier pltchaa him three ilmaa ta the tail S«iee. end who ie H wbe beala m? Burdelle. rVata ca thrwe Utnea aad we get heal. "AH O**t,?*cp5t Wl me how ponieCte can b« beat hut 1 notico Man ahto ie de M 7e ttM laazue.- . 6len*el than touched on Ua Ya» ttt. ·-.- .-· ... - . .* ··-, "We ««a the pennant because early in Ihe »ewun we gel loin* aln and you think that might hm u. but rt helpa ua becauae I r Tough On Prognosficafors Injuries Form Cloud Of Doubt Over This Week's Grid Games ·y TVt It a tt'orU* tcfte* lunr and lUi the tlrr.* of jear U i t a r t p.ik'Jig Uncman vt Ih* Wrk. Mt failed tfl m«ke a llrrt down agaiait Auburn laat Saturday, for hit ptrt IB helprag la N w g thia about lekt VniUi. Auburn guard, today wai named th»- drit Lirwmaa ef UM *'e»k lor th« footUll aeatott. The llfrpuuad )unwr low-U urh other linemen M Bill Km. ndiana ruard. and ROT Luciam, yracuae UckW. IP The AiatciaLr! reaa poll o ipwta wrtUft aed j The Aaeaetete* PTT One ol the three great r nrt in college football Ihe Injury _ t* nuklBt UM evpena Uta m 0 k»cr Uat week to Pna «UU mual face the Indlaw wttboat Fied DaUtn*. vbeU tVgbt fcalteecfc wbo tutaUd OB WAU. D«Utt» M ttw " InceiWve ««d mud -- the other lw» -- m plcalcr "* wlaaiff. ou( the re- lurn or loaa af key plc/wra to nloS teeek maJiea things more Interett- That could be the ca»e at Dartmouth Saf'jrda) where Prna. a «- imlih. who aUa4t M. WM test OR *"jfl**«T; H* ** John Marchiano la alao out. - w the New Mll.WAl'KKK ( A P - The r f ( M t on * «-nrf. re-|pnch my two beet. Ford and Turr. I9JI The Y a n k i e » l | f ) . in almoat all Of Ihoet early ttftr fns . 1i;r(1 ,,, or.rl £am *,. 1 ' a ' h " )ne1 ntlgHx)r - ' A n d «h!U I'm at N. Turley i. |hp w . but blan · n . ' t h e I»fl World Serie* between the Milwaukee Bra\ea and the New York Yankee*. The weatherman lai »iHild be partly cloudy r»m wan in « ' K h t Hr j»d topcoat*--and perhapl a ; krl--to kc^p warm. · Southern California orer Nonh| rrarcllna, George Washington over · r^irman. Quantico Marinea over : Detroit. LsATt'RDAY t EAST BoUon College over Vil with the Alter thrre eaiia-^. Hie Glanii km alrr.idx iixrd A l l i e IlO'- Ir.nlds. Kddir Ix-pat and Vic Hi.;- j t h l . Ca*ry Slrncrl WM caught »hort w i t f j nolxxty lor Ihr founh. Hrcause IJH Durocher cam gamt. H« woo Jl for ui and hr m - the j Aikrd lo dnrnh* Ca*ey ., 'manasrr with the (travel 18 yean'hled ard «n on Dave K'wlo In the t no'** 0 - s P lhn *"" 'l"-fd ai l a y i n g - 1 opener, the (liaiitt hod Sal Maglie: "He vaa nothing but a clown ",ready fur No 4 ! f)nturbed by tne puhllihed quo-j [t poured t h a t Sunday morning Ution Tue»di. Warren aaid. "1 nnd continued during trw n(t«-i · 11 muunderitood What I actual rjKn Comrrii»ioner Ford Frkk ' j l v laid wai that Ca»e. In th»e u f v r d the held and finally had |4iyv «ai a l w a y t clowning \ 0 C »H it o(l around" U«.day turned out to he a He located Stengel and cpolo- -wxj rlay and they rnuned Mag irliXtr N C. -- Bob B*kw. gn*d pera«na!ly |ll. «:ill wj» ready. |xrhj|« o ^ r r - jlanova. Naty over Boa:on L'nlirr IE". Piiaburgh. knocked out Wa-. Stenjr! r e a d i l y aeceplol the learty. fiT h» wai»-d H Iiity. Yale over Brown. Bucknell ban Thomaj. 1W. Charlotte. 4. lapology and told Spahn he rr- Strr.xri ncj» lud Heynoldi tfl »i:h Wn-rr Carnegie Tech. Rucm o » t r ! Juarrt. Meilco -- AI Zuany.Carded him at one of the li.W. ihree f!.i. ol ml. Alllc won .in.I ·rolgate. Cornell over Harvard.'!«. Juarez, outpointed trrard gentlemen in ba»rtwll ai *tU ai'lhc Vjr.k-. tu»k the wiJ '.wo '.Of Dartmouth OTfr Penn. Holy Cro?» Charln. 1W. f.'indnnitl, 10. " Turlry, a right hander. waa only conalaunt pilriier the had. and he »ent Into a alump. Whttev T'-rd began g but of late hai bern ham- 1 by a acre fiber*. *artr /amte. ttrt Utilf -·a* far thf wtth ·* kiwt fajtary to I fayrtte gam*. · · a three point farulw, out of the Bit Tea lo Dur- |1M. Ctter . aterjketl, laetie J** Jeffrey aw re- JCarr. M wmrd " for hai p»ay for Ihe AtUrtk Co*jt Can/errsaa'aIMMM LMke ami will hate U get ' with anJy limited aervlce. at r*r*in aad fullback Jack i M i n u i Hr pulled a le( mu«cla »tjm FIGHTS ·over Syracuse. Princeton over Co i M I D W E S T : Wuccniin j.Marquette. Hcuitcn over Clndn ;nau. Weit Virginia over IndUnft, iKanaaa Jlate over Utah Slate. Colorado ovrr Kanaas. Pltlaburgh Vrrer Minnesota. Ntbmki ovrr Iowa State. Northwnlera over ·Stanford. Tulca over Arizona. Ok 1-ondon. Fjifiland -- Brian London. 207, London, flopped Willie over Castrano JW4. Miami Beach. Fla . S Oakland. Calif -- Johnny Con- aa.lves. 136, Oakland. C a l i f . out- pointed "uco Andr»o. IJi. Compton. Call/. 10. Indianapolis -- Franx Sruiina- Jahoma StaU ovrr Wichita. Iowa jn-er AL- Fere*. : SOUTH: Ululailppt Stair over H'ennraae*. Vaadcrbilt ovrr Ala- tami. Dariditm ovrr The Citadel, JrtlnoU over Duke. Wake Forest irrer Flo. Ma S'ate. Grr.rcu Tech bwr Taliw. South Carolina ovrr ieorgia. LouliLana State ovrr Ifardln Klmmona. Virginia Mill- Jary ever Richmond. V'irylrja Tech pvtr William and iUry. Norh rtrollna State ovrr Virginia. Uia- flalppi over Trinitr of Tnu. : IWITHWEST: Mliml o\tr Bay- Jar. North Trui Slat* om Ne* Mexljo A4M. Purdue over Rice. Texaj AM over Muaouri. Texas Oniitlan orrr Aikanuu. Texas Trdi. Rady Sandy bout postponed U : FAR WEST: Arlxona Stale o\rr Wart Tttaa SUl». BrUham Ywng Jvtr Colorado StaU Unirenlty. S/ Maxiea «rrr Montana. On- gad Stata ovrr UCLA. Utah over Idaho, Wywnlni ovtr Doirtr. SuHars Ankle Injury ' t BOSTON «AP» - D«n rtH*. t BOSTON tn« of flvf rookUa (or lot* with th* BMloa Ccltka d the Ha!ioaal Bukdball Atm.. lo- ·ay t^pttrod Uel for thm »«ki |ecauM « « cfalpp«d boa* la tto tight mil*. ' · " --.··-· : Flor*. · ·! backrourt cartdJdala from Waahinglan and Ltr. wa» in- krtd tanispd pr»eUc« That Connd Guy Mutt Be A Philly Rooter MILWAUKEE 'API -- §CaJprr» note: one Mil*auk** man woa a World Scries ticket aad tats) |ave it away. William G. Conrad, heed of the iruat accounting «kpartnxnt at a local hank wai OM tf eighl winners in a drrwlng (or World S#- rie* tickats araoaj bank tnv ployet. · Conrar 1 Mvr U to OUvar C. Sindorf. an t~2x; at the bank. explaining Sindorf it n trttat fan and would get men enjoyment from the Oklahoma, Army Move To Front In Tolal Offense Mr Tilt AttOHATCU I'KRM To the aurprUa of no one. par tr.i!arly Weft Virgin:* and South c jfolma. Oklahoma and Army rjrA*d 11 today In total offenae rdini to National Collegiate oc Bureau lUUjlica. Sooacrt. No. I lo Ihb werr'i LINCOLN IN TECH FIELD Lincoln High School i« on*- o/ II which wuj make up ihe firiJ In the annual Aikanaai Terh In- vllatlonal K^tketball Tournament nen J a n u a r ) . Intitatloni navejttly be ·n.hout firat a^rlcx qtiar- already te»n prejiared lor M trrhack Bt* 5pco. out »ifh brvlaad i _|__i_- jn ·chooli and the remainuig l»o ·in'rib* luflrred agauul Nefaracka. | TT7T~ t4 icifci*il in ihe n*nr future u The rt«u«riiakrra are 7 point: uuw cording |o kr. announcement from f a v o r i t e agamt? trie Owla (ho ww 1M M performuc* ' kdd u , B^T, 44 j,^ ^m tfi* mJautea tb, ktr PUT Purdue, worried enough Itlrv'a powerful etienae. will ably be ·n.hout quarterback, ao hard M I rumbled Lodano rrcavrttd lha ball an the BC B. A tow pUyi later Syranaw acwtd th« to»jrn*merit olfiriali In addition to Luvrdn inulitiuni; *'' I"" 11 ' h a v e been nlnxKd In Kurrka '*! bpringi. Valley Sprmii, Hone Waldo. Pyatt. Pcrfitville Jeine vllle. Boonevi:, Manhall. Ml Bergman a a d fill hat \»-to luted aa early ever Minnreo- But the »ti:l dun i know Uw liurt«Thaki Bill haa a bruu*4 .nilep. Paothrra lUitua e/ ·ho .0 Tow In. Vrrnou. 5cra.'.'jm. Uwer j pull/d rib rr-wl* and Bill KaUy. a »praknrd ai.kle. Otiia Slate »ul be the latorttl over the WaWttnxlon Ilinktea IM- uro»y. Ut the aueeme U Buckee r'*rtertack frank Kremblaa (ouli; take id toll Kremblaa' r^» mg (air Weufy Hayet hvrt a trufi from hla (rouad o( frnae In Uteir 8-20 Southen Mrth- rladod «**tar Dor. Warburtoa work Brown (or hu d*(ewi»« agaimt ColumbLe. LarlU trrtel aad guard George frttin- gar o Naty ier thetr work tgai^it WiUiam attl Mary aftd guard Je« Abtaliefl* tt North«w«n lor Ua pliry ajamR WaaUUtM Hate. irrs co avnruxa! i Mat*, wtth Kl yardi »n m \Mihr P»»'.-*no .· the latnt Jofcn , llTrftJ , tm M latJT7 ,1^^, Kama, a U 12 victory over \ir.a U» trip on h.* rating ; Tot , ^ , M7 ,,' ^^ |hf k _ 8r fornla. Co!l*se of U* Pac.fw j^, thlf( j. r aftkH n«imnr l,om lh , Wplvrrine, agalnat Mxhlgan with 4VI yarda average M , - n ., B*ach. Tij . lo«t on a f i n h ' s i a t * TS* Sp*iUM a'» 1] poial ,n :»o faraca. while Wasniuglui rtntna (M - h r.:,al knud^i. t^cauw ; ilu u«. but Hrrnufen la loakan saie haa averaged 41? yard! u u a ^ , n(T h;i iff! e7e. to ,,, ,, (h , poa».ble equAhter iu lint two fxmci. B r l t n h heavy»ei|m ti-jirrnma «)P kMd all coUegt ta rush g r ian Ucd'i Tueviiy nut! 4 UK "Uh a 171 yard per game av- (ynl . u , : s,^ 14. tidd* Ma rt*i*. with Purdue aacond with ft)irt unbeaim and tV \u : ion i4 Army k» third ·Uh 944, Brig- ^g^ (rorn C'aU , aai ham \o«a| fturth will- Ztt.J and ruu^^d in the fir* found 6y .Soi!b»e»Hrg fifth *Uh SM. European champ*n Ingerrur Jo- Tte Coewr* lop the (arward hJnuon of S-eden , 11, duped hu erUxe l«7 em not ;»,ih 144 yard* gain*! agah^at : Sou;hrrB ("jlilornu laat wcat. Vormf two tourhdowM MOtTMWOT AJUCANSAS ENOEAVINO COM»AWY HcmusSiyi He'll Put Stin Back In Outfield IT. LOLIS «AP)-SoDr Utfliu, new manager of the St. Louis Car- ouuli. haa «naov»a£ Kft jolrg fCHOYW KU OOAl-Ker. HoH, IdaKo hack, left, k la Pttf SUB iiuial 6«± ta the kJtkin8 0 f,.|d 300! for It* VandoU in »eood «, U orit 'J'" /. |Woho-MI»«K;rl 0eiM In CalvmUo, Mo. Hall pet fh« ' ^ rtn JM yardi. whiie Bobby Newroaa hae Wash- lUioa SUU attend with bla paaa uu lor a 3U» yartfa par game a v - erage. SoUban kathodart and ,(uirt*rbaick DM tlandhk. though |Ustin| 23 M to Obi* State, are third with n yertfa. y, rlt tll MI it IMA* Bill br , folley. Uwle Sam'a No J from Chcndler. Ariz. IU Henry Owper on Ort, It TDtti b DM bawt tM7 few ·tfrertbiatf dallarl 'I rkml eel ndud fbMl bt laid. ......;''.." · ad. Mittot/rl »;orvt a (th« game 14-0. (Af lait quarter towchdo*" » wi WishiflQlofl Trinsfer 4 Slwage 17W H. (oltefle DIAl Mitt . Oar Specialty Sprinodale Subscrifers! - T O , - :-;·--.. ·-.-.--IE. :.·»: 7 . To w«j»t am «r eoll TIMES' Phone Pleasant^l-5111- Northwest Arkantos Times ; NMrfy

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