Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 15
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"Your Newspaper-Guards Your Freedoms" Is Sloaan Adoofed For National Observance fi« DEA\ IRA w. roi.r (MnlUt SrbMl ·( J»urp«ll«in Nnrlhvnlrrn t ·h»rilt» ' Kach time \mi rr*d nur n e w · pafxT. \"U J T P m i - u i n x a »(,TC».I km«! «f rrf*t. » rrjwiri you msv not recotni/-- Y"iir wu«paprt trine* jou mr.i-U.ins '»«»« than a mere rrtital ol har-prrunc* It brink-* »ou · report cm ynur freedom.* IV«-« Ihr f-rirral. »ljt«-. or !ci4l ;int to read Threats He»*alied Hiil b» Lit Hie nui»! ::ii| xi!:niun£ to pre«» IHT-IMII ml (onwijuenllv to all t ' l h i r I f torn. l» that pwed rr »-iw- S"- ·rnnirni official* at oil l-\e Su 1 ua Delta CTii. piofe»»im*l """ allttic fraternit. recently i*»u«-d » ifport '« f.mermi.rnt»l wt rr TrV report fitr» Donanmrr.t ol IMmv ti Mlir.ony to the elf-« '· I.'-'' mure th:m or* niillum !'«·!'·'·'' - 'an n f f u i a l »h" ervi- to tf.e Mi,'* *«- i C.|,tl.!lJ.T Iff NORTHWEST AIKANSAi TIMES. »ion. Convinced, u » ou |,j lrctll ' · »!«.» iar r» Urr Hh;i , ,.' t.-t Hun the puM* h* It 1-JJ.r^e.t . "· -..-Me. thll lyj* C | ojl,,,,] , M . k , ·i) !-prne our citizens of t h j t in j'.-niution uhich u mrntui if, i J h e m in their exerrw* ol the ,:-. jrn'i rr*pomirllitin it ,A a ! wlrtl *' lrDUc « ui1 ^ i:«'*rrniiirnlj] officials ol!ke. !h:.t **·"·«. October 1. our c o m m u n i t y * The nr»« MrTI- " h u h In the uncrnMrrd ur-»» of America u r l y " " n " K Thrne in £o;rrrunrnt »l»i uoulii that m a n y iill lo aliridife vour freedoiru bv ri-t»" »n*-'M t item Thai haw tenet secrrt that the public, arin-d »i(h ir.for- thow «ho would lake away your freedoms. So In a very real serae your nrujpaper guard* your freedoms Thert Is nothing new abort thl function of American newspaper Before the L'nlled Sleales of Amer lea came Into being, colonial ed torn foucht courageously for th freedoms of their fellow dtUeru Many early editon were Imprisoned, or deprived of property, or fore ed to flee to avoid prosecution, because they battled for the firedomi of other men. In his brilliant plea In the defense of John Peter Zrnjrr. a col onlal printer accused of seditious libel. Andrew Hamilton nald: "Thu attention before this court, and you. gentlemen of Ihe Jury. U not small or private concern; tt Is not the cnuie of a poor printer, nor of New York alone, which you are now tryins. No! It may In Its consequences affect every free man that live* under (he Britbh gorern- ment no the main of America." Vlg-llane* Held Needed The nation's foundlnr fathers re- cocnlird the need for Ihe sort of \irilance which newspapers could provide The fint article of the nil! of HishtJ forbid* ConsreM to make any |nw "abrldclnf the freedom of uprrrh or of Ihe press " Ami Thomas Jeffersoa iurely spakt for other American* newly fr*iM Irom tyranny when Vxt said. "Vftr«j it l»t\ Inr nw to Pack Sidewinder Punch J. Sun Sie-wen. sqiindron leMflpr of Chlni-ne NntlnnnUnl ir Fore*. U nhown vrllh pUoU o( hln nqundron on For- noam. All h»v« «Ur« cm Vhrlr p\»ne» for hhcwtlnn rtow rhln W Thr SnlionaliM pilot, arc u«. o'^rnment. I ihould not in«r U. S. Air Forra "Sidrwindcr afr-to-iur RUnJwl niif momert lo prfter lhe/ fl |]pii. . . ( N K A Tolephoto) heiKate latter." · I The flr«f article of Ihe Hill off . nil-Ms WHI a milestone In the fijrht flUJO of the pre«« to ruarrf your free-, Jornn Hut it was not nn end to the r . T Ul.,1 Mam nil if flCht Ncwipapers encnce In a con jeill 10 nCJ! FieillpniS tlnumj: riolilr icuirwt attempt* from many dir«tion* to restrict An Omaha. N e b . man arrested car Ihot wni Mnlm In Slireveport. (.a . tlie sheriff unnl. Spencer 5ald U right admiltrd lo c.uhmg some liad chi-tks in K.ivrttfMllr. Van lluren, Fort Smith nnd West Memphis and lo ilr.iluik; the automobile the p're»s as a fint »tep In limit- hrre a week aso last nijht in r.m nectum with h«« itnlrn car und l i . i j j n the! ins "11 your other freeiloms. Some of the*e attempt' to rei . . . . . . . i t r i . t i,e prr*« are mn.le by r r i m "''l"^ ,"' *"' Memphi. i-.lue \ mnl. u n o fr;,r esj«.ure. The ed.. 1 M'"'" H" 11 " M-n,rr «"«« H'-V Kir w h o tell* thr t r u t h atxiut I Ion llnlirT ' W n i ; t " *'· u n t l l i r n ^ E n n ^ i( s.uiiblrrs -*lio erk tn "* rr '" Wr *' M't"l'»" vetefd.i ? ··pinve in" nn » r n n i m i m i t v ri«.k« « r i »: t l t v% 1 ' n r r e t t e d on Dick»on l - . l i l y i n j u r y or r x e n oealh One -^'^ *1 I) 't' l " Sh "-iff Hill nf ll ir m n r t » T t of AmeTii-nn JVwirn-i Hrixiks snd St«(» Trwuwr Diiryle .,1,,,!! » n » Pn II M i l U t t . e)!lnr ]\i,\r -, Onni tx . UTTHiniia ICEU* cui IIKhwi fit llir t intnii ' O l u n ' N r » . (,ink.'« l Mi-l'.ri', in ln» n » n .m«r In- »;i« t r i n k , V i ' f H i * n^v^^;.,l|«·r ( n m .-ik t l i r i r hnil fi I nn h.irf m hn r»«» DRIVE-UP BANKING 1 sIHAIIONAlBAHK r r ir, .vlr njht ot Charuf No. 73*4 Inarw* District No. I HKIMUtT OF (OVnmOH OK T1IK FIRST NATIONAL BANK !ut In the Stale af Arkansas, at Ihe (ln*e nf Builneis ::.-,;-iv -;|..r -.. i.. \noll,.! e i l i t m . ,,,, Sep trm bet J4. Hi* lublk«bei] In ltrsp«lie Ui ( a l l M»de b» I onip- r . l i ! . . n I I n \ r ) . ' '.'-I i« » ' i « r lie trn u rr o f |hr CnrTerM-y. I'aHer Vrtloa l:il. t. .«.. I t n t w d Sututei « u i ' ( « n ' r i | »l»litiiin i)f « l a \ e r \ in hl» ^SS^TS \ l l , , n . l l l l m . i " n,-«M...|-rr i , ( -,., h ,, -Urv r , u| , h ,,,,;.; ^^^ ,,,, I l j ( ! . n 4 . ... Soinr vilio 'erk In ducredit anil n - r i r ln.*rk». *IK) cmh Itrnn in | » . . M i.f i n ! r r ^ l r i i t the prr\» np| lo lit-lie^r !· . IK n t 3 1'CJ ;',', V . u i i t h l n c ii» | ui Ihr J 1'iuled Stjiiei (loMTnii.rnl n b l i ^ n i k i n t . ! , : . , t mxi \ii-,.tu-;.n nr»vi,.,i«r 4 unnnt I-- a ,.,,,ntrr,1 ' i:\\r^y. u i i r t l i w b i l e I ' e i M i n t in l h i « £r(iii|) v ( l f i l i » » i i . , i : i t.f Si«lr( .·irwl i » i l . l n al «i,!«!r.i»i *L- I ' t l T i W * : ] ( a \ n r sunic suit ul rr^ul.ition v t h i t h 4 Otlirr l»ixU iiotri. »i«l i!i (« iin,r.'« u p i-o A- nniilil |rernt r m r new»[ia|xT J C'or|»rnle «-.(»-k« Urxliirtins SU.Vmur) !·· , ' . fri'Mi o l l t - r i n c ) i « i t h n l u t i i , li . M r . M . r n l H r - r r v r !,.,;.« , j; W) no " · · · " " ( I I . M I L -irKl ,!)»..i.Mt i.i,. l,,,:in K l l T I J l - n ..v . · ' | l h r i ' ' . . - . .. 4 I.M 9M 14 T. lUr.k i i r r i i , i « r « n» ne«l V.I.MHHI ·· f..rr.Hi.:t- nn ! ' I '"'··'· "'"·" . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' IVexi^ AS.SKTS J I « l - t , M I 11 I l . I A M I l . I T l h S 13 r^-nijirvl He(»nls of I n d i v i d u a l ^ , [ u t l n n « ( . , ; . « 14 Tmir il«-|«,Mti ,( irvliviit'.i.ilv j i « t u » - r i l n ; i » . .in.t I I I J i l l U l l l l l l l 12 ol t'nilnl Stalri i i i n u » c»f SUtri umi (Mil :fiT (a Hifir,; t i t *;;· ui, 7i TlJTAl. UEI'OSITS . . . liihlllllr« .. TOTAL i.iAHii.iri f : CAI'ITAI. ACCl)t.M, 1 Si., k (' J t * ' k , tiitiil |i.r U'Kloii) «) | i 7 VI .17 i ·,·,· w H.VJ M 1 1 4 W7..141 73 Graduates Friday l«») on » .V«» IIKI (XI lnl j.nifit" . 379.1M 4i TX)TA1. CAPITAL AtVOl'NTS Tt'TAI. L1AHILIT1HS AND CAI'lTAL ACCOl'NTS llfi IM.iM.U MEMORANDA AJ.M-U lOrdcnl «r nuiKnrd lo secure '.liibilitirs iirvl fi« ..(hrr PUII-T. . . _ t 3C.7JOOO I. HrrbeH A \jrx\i. President nf \\f ntxjvr n.tii;i-rl h^nk, do JlCa L. Uerly. S. N . CT»1iMlr w i l r t n r l r » » r » r thnt thr ahnve statement II triir lo thr tteil of FrldJT from Ih»"tlnlU d Slate* Nu\ nn knmleH(e and belief aJ TroJalnt Onter la San DI.KO. I I K K I I K R T A LKWIS. IVt-.i.leni C'*1L'.. U)d will pc°d a Mil.iv rol(ItK(T-A:t-i Kllu E. Sitlt»n. 11*1 IVut;l.». Clint \V«llen. l«ave'h«rii with bla parenu. Mr ' Dire^-tnri ·od Un. Raynxind LJerlr. He » i l i (« ol Arktmnu, County of Wjublnelon. ss thtn return to San Ditto lo rei-ft .S»oin io ami tutMcrlhed I*fore me thli 3Wh dur ( ,| Se-ptcm- to the UniUrd Stltn NdVaJ Sdnil '»r. IKHI «M I l.errlir crr'.lfr {hnt I **"· nctt ·" "'-'"T «r illrrctor for radioman training, and w i l l \i-' f thu Iwnk rr fo aboard a uriip out ot Lo» S K A I . r N A M i C A I l T N K Y . Nutjrj Public. ABtfelei. Mj i i « n r i . i . » w n f » i m r s Sriit. I. l!ii» . Ml-r \..,i.i.,n n«'*'paper, indepeodent trojed the »ay »aj clear*! lor «ri.! u--·"'"' " th * PMIest the deitnirOoo of othe* 1 "****% .,.-«; '' j: * ;l ' k u h a v r , t o P 1 " 01 ** 1 ln Mm* «vuntn« today./n*»*»° , o u lr«x" I '' " aho * oujd ^t'oy.-omeo ruk their HVM £J**f£ · , nrmwi« f ; i: ntl °' Orl 7 Amer- sraps trf informatioB from ioe ,'in "i"TM 'oulwde »wld. We »-' et .'" o ^ n ;2«i -n r.i»to:y fontaini many tunau. but r»en la in* LBIWO ,;,),'·» ,( aitempts to destroy Stales'there are nirrrnt e [iei-d"'M« rl 'he individual hyiol communities in which ' f -.."'r'!liRi{ I' 1 * press. In Cer-Icils ha»e aitempted t , ,n li.-'.'y. m Hums, in Ar-'newspapers from "'"f . . , d.'i!.i:»r» x-rr |uuk to:the puMic intrre»t Uy te^iioivr ,".' u ,; uf,.-ii 'ti- cili/en'a free- lejuUtion and pun.tur taiatiort ·,, ',',M....i the r..-*i »« 0»-i»hicb strikes at the rood ot pros la Us efforts to (uard your free- _jtn*. the American newspaper don DM and cannot stand alone , The newspaper will be tucreatfuli aj a fuardian of your freedoms i only to lon| M oa recogmn? what it U ooinf and offer it your support When you hear that the pre»j it in conflict wilh £o%ertment on the iuue of the right to gather and print the n«r*s. you may retard thi» ai a "newspaper [if}A..~ Noth- Ing could be farther from the truth. Such conflict b not a nevspaprr fifht. but rather ·your* fi£ht. Whenever a newspaper anywhert \otn in itj efforts to brmj to lU read- en the facts whkfa will help them protect their freedoms, it u you who have lost. With your continued luppnrt. thi*. year's National Newspaper Wttk slofiln "Your Nr«-ipjper - iuw^ your Frreilotr^" -- »:l| rx as true tomorruw as it u toda. 604 WEST DICKSON--PLENTY OF EASY PARKING FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Prices Effective Thursday · Friday · Saturday Veal Cutlets Sliced Bacon Picnic Hams Pork Roast C«nuln« Wisconsin Miik Fed Vtal, Stacks U Pound -- Each Lean, Sugar Cured Maurer Neucr Chuck Wagon Ib. Fully Cook«d, 4 to 6 Ib. Avtrog*. Maurvr Ntuir, Rodeo Lb. Cut from Northern Pork. Ham end of Ihe loin Lb. 25c 59c 43c 53c All Brands ^ p or Crackers Wesson Oil Baby Food Cocoa Toilet Tissue Napkins Sunshln* Krispy 1-lb. Box Quart KottU C«rbtr t Jlrointd Hinh«y's Instant Hb. Can Soft W»av» 3 2 ror Roll. Charmin M Count 25c 39c 19c IQc FROZEN FOODS Vegetables Dinners Grape Juice Perch Frmly Atr«s Your Choic* Banquet Chicken. Turk.y, WtUh'i 12«s. Con 19c 59c 35c MUtl-Mb. r»kg. 2 40-60-75 and 100 Watt Popcorn Asparagus Coffee Pizza Mix Pumpkin Apple Sauce Buddy Bo r Alma Brand 303 Can FoJgtr's Instant Applan Way 303 Con lucky Loaf 303 Con 2 ib - 25c 2 " 39c ·t «lvv 6 - oi - j « 98c 3 '$ 1°° 2 -25c 2 - 29c PRODUCE California R»d Tokay Olant Stalk U.I. He. ^ EiftMt 2 Mb*. 10 4b. Bag Mb. C»(U

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