Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 10
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October 1, 1958

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Cadniac For 1959 On Display New m«li-! Cadilliu-s jro en ili.|.!;«y t.vUv a ; t h e Ibtfirl.l F' At.ovr. a l!.yi (.':»ili!l:ic S«Ti«vs Sixly-T«-n «i\.iMiiili.w -e-Ln. ft- t'lrniK vnriml rnginwrini.' and ilen^n i hararterMtii 11 * «f tin- i» "·'· : r . !v Navy Offers ROTC j[j n j on Scholarships To k . College Students r f ,,, , To Stop Work TJir Uth annual natmiul mm- prtilivr r»«mination' for Ihr llr.-- Naxal Hr*rr»p Officer Trjm- ing ("orpi will br jivrn I" inlrrfl- «riool M-ninri NKW VdllK ' A P - - l»«k HIM rr urrr oidrfed hv thru nnii.ii jtr^ un Drtnnbrr U Application!luday lo quit vn.rk m. .1 major form* arr now a\jlhihlr and inu»t In- rrrrivrd Iwlnrr Novrtntwr I Opera Workshop Plans Tour In East Arkansas Tl"- 1 rnviTMtv O).'i v ili lu'ir K;i«.! (Miiber J..«). in .1 I.ill pHtflnitjnti nl (iil- Arfcon««, Wtdn.ul« y . Ocfob*f I. 15JB Wayne Powers To Be Freed From Prison VKHDl'N. Franrr A P th* Mo . ;[. who hid out for 14 years j . '_ t]fj/C m hit French firl fnmd s honi* .··'·.lUjt* ·ftrr d«-rtmi durirut thr *«r. «-. j iftfv- Marinoni Sworn In ... br rrlravrd from prison Oct ». thr Army ar.nouncrd ioda Hr will havr srrvrd * littlfl t' tnotr trun t»o rnnr.thi of thr m- t month icsi'""" irnpo»*d nftrr hr 1 rd pjilty trlvre jn Army I i^urt m a r t i n i to a drarrlion' (hirjr I · [ · · ' T^i.- p.i««rorl will enable him. -- i» iiM.iin .1 Krrmh rrj,:drncr prr- mi 1 He ha» \.iid he plans lo rp- !':rr. tn hi. fjiiiily in Kranrr ::f!rr| ..,, P. iM.n ut.i j f j ^ M:,rinoni. Jr.. Route -1. Favetteville. !· sworn in ! l'ir:n^ h^ h:i!:rj in thr littlr · , . . , . i ' , · 'MII.I-I- di M(r-' d"nrr m nortli "' ' ^i )l I'Try K. l,r*k*. a.-i.-..nit reserve ur.:t advisor vm Vranee. PimeM lathe'ed five in Favc!!i-\ille I'iiul joined the -Jt'.Hh En^'ini-erin}: Com- |«i,; ti V \ t ' t , - !!e!.-usr Mis- p;my and will \n- deferral frnm hi« ·jjx-month active ! a [T' il . y1 .v v ! l l t v trainino; until July next year. IN- i.-' the first hifrh si-huol s'-iii'ir to t;ike ai!vant;ir" of the dpferrw! training spai-t-s recetitlv authorized the Ki-st-rve Unit Advisor's joffici-. in Favt-tteville. Public Relations Award ' K c n n c J h Qsbornc Will :'··'«·" -t i.^ rwk .hm , h . 10 University CrOUp !-· * » - - ,lr.r:it, church uas coniiruiled in tei!i!e null while hor:;r .ind did '.!'.* Cupid Wins Over Courts m tl Init.d |,,,e ' tin e, tor K.i.neth 15.,111-nsrrl"""" 1 tl " 5 ;it Haltiin.." Sljlei pJ^^e^.l;rr .'ind drv tj. ^n ^riiiiuini el Iml.n | fijtnct*. Jami'5 A. Hallni. l)»-«ISnrl In »upplrnirnl the old- lleei* d.i-ed MI Allantn. and l.'.li ·]·(,,. a.,,1,,1,,,,, .i,],.,-^ *i!l ,ip|v;ir' g v i about the *' r »(0 r ! rrr iHitpnl of thr Naval Ai»drinv.i(.'oj«l l*^ ,,, \,, r i|, |.,ii|,. |;,« k .l.u kvi.nv ille. I *"'' " Ihr MIOTI' pn^r.iin mak« it P*-I 'Mir unrk .lopp.i;r a.iv ialli^l K,,, r ,-,' i \\ W . * t ·.li-inptii-. Mark-!--" r rH ''lt'r frnm Ili^ I 1 uhlr for a younj; man lo r.ini j|j^vm-t .1) ..iri;. «ii-aiinh_ip MHH- ,,j | r( ... H l v t h e v i l l e ami P.ira-i n» auto collision. The n:» ·; r. j :ary tiT.\ 11 u ::h h.i d.ri.led 1.. »«ll,iiry. N. .1. ar. V- "ne s ., \V. icmimnuon nhilr ·tudymtlpanie* h Ih'- »\ Ihr civilian colln'r of hi« hnicr i/ahon ol M.ivlrr*. Miilrt ,md l'i «hlch hjn an MlfrTC unit All tu»-tj , r linn. fre« and h(ok» arr furnuhrd AUml I.Jriii hui (;lliier» -rr pn . In- Ihr Navr. artd Ihr »ludmt rr Ivoln^l , irnr* an anniul rrlainrr i( l»W)j Koiliiialri ol the numtn-r nf thipx A for fiiiir v r n r « During Ihr MJIII .illett'i run^- I I J I T I ..«i In 4m mrrt Ilir »t.ilrnl £i .-^ on fj»i'-Ship» at xi'.i » t - i e tml :n li.dcd i In: training crime-* a» a mid^ip 'he lo|i«oik oidn m.m ( TT« f U (,tr»i I l»Ue«i thr MM \ Aflrr compIrlinR Ihr u«ual lour .'nd tl'«- \iTM-rlcan Mrnhan: M.i vrzr collrgr cournr. hr l tnniiTii* 'rint Institute, uhuh rrj rrw (Play Organ At Searcy ! ;·· I v n e r M t v Section h.'n hern ' · . M .,- ., retipiei- o! it..- t'tVi K'T.Wh II rklxjrne. prcife^«ir of TI:.I-: ' hi micnl S x M \ - l.oi il n: 1 .! 1 c -'I the 1 nivrr»:lv, mil play r.-i piiMir relation* j w n r d H ;,n inc.jn rwilal M the .v-.ircv '.'..i.'ier.. rr.e:TirVr*hip srrre!ar [ r:I) | tv Kpl%copal Church. (KtnU-r M The Id lur plnved liv K. . .,A;,rd re.roii/--* o' |,, rr ^ ,, pro | )a [)ly thr nldwt m ;,,!·,i, r«-|i-i,.n . . i v v . t i e . t'v uilt , 11is U w.t built in IHT.' and 1 *.·.!,·[!· of the M S m MTU:. rr]()V( ^ to Srarcy Irnm Christ luini. iind l.iri'e umiip* Thi- _- . j SPEED-WASH Loundryctte 310 W. Mountain Fayotttvllk'i Finest en!.i ,.-! l»f I.Mir lln, k ,,nd Mrm- · a o r « [ r u n . It.'ilirna.T «;it«1 I before the i.^ rrini: in Ihr vfii.u- ui!| lt Vln (rn: nl IM!.hurt K.m . till- nf I iitlr II.-k J.micr Hihbarrt of r .ivitti-villr V'nn!-, Stir Damon of MMrirvilir Mm.'rifr Vincent of .lojilir Mi . .md i narlei Simond ";' nnd It.-ilpli :.ale of Sprin^dalc Th HrjiJsr Na-.v mid · iipiwrtrd hy a IT- t!rr JU i-unspanit'. ripi'-l M«mr. .iriunf quol» M.- -, jineh! Tue«Lr 'TM' '^ ^- '"i:TMKT imn l. duty a« a prrwprttivr cnro r nf ! TV iinum iwdrfMi thr inen nui ' ' ' ' : ' ' '' """n*"" 1 'TM, *"' ' fa-rr »ilMh N a v v For thmr »hn lo wort wilhmi! a .D.ilrad. ar.d ' .'!* ' ''" . '"' .V " ," , " Vr " »pplr and qtwlily'. m.mrdialr a » jrjllrxl Ihi Mli.atlon j ' t.r-.p " , u "' ' infl Ann Ml TM "' ""P' · icnmrnl lo night tralninc uil! op Halph K. Ca.»r. prnldrnl o,' I he' Vl ''"" lhl- production - vthlrh rn new ciirirrs in naval nvbtion. etnployrr froup. ulled it j " «he»lnlrd for Fayrltrvllle No- IliCh vhool urnior* and jtrfldii-|"Mrikr " rnil»-r '. - urrc de^ignrd hy BUuk .it« brlwrrfl Ihr auri of IT and .'I ] Tin- o n t r 4 c t dlMKr«-cmciii« ;in(i ·''"' Sh.tfrr of IJttlr Hotk Cov may apply for thr NFIOTC njii.|i..-,-»- lelully rrporlrd to nincrni """« "'rr drslgnwl hy Mary D.I-. tuilr tent. Thouc who makf a I vacation, prnnori JTH' v»rlf;iu " of Ihr Collect of Arts and S i ifvinc Ktirr will tx» ci\m a riiidj'*n»li(». Thr union hai no' »ouj;»ii ' ni ' l *' n "physical riam r.irly in UH9 Troni.a wage incrrasr Ihr pool -jf quallfird ywmj mrn Thr Cnikrl Suits Luin. anlid rrmalnlnc In comprtillon. approtl iiiatrly I BOO Mill br trlrclrd lo br- Kin Ihrir ruival carwrs nnt Srp- patins a tiru|\ puilponnj nilcly thr of Ms lniil)rT jliri-n icheduled lo Ir.ive S'r* Thr NROTC rollrRt (rainin£ pin |lor Kuiupr Thiir»cj tram U al»o nrrn In rnli«trd men 1 Thr dupulr rV^-t not Mint Wi-t m a c t i v r I'uty with thr Navy and CouM *hip o|rrnlcTv Neither Inr applicant! Irotn »ilh-lpanir* which havr conLrntts with In lhr*r »rtvicrt. lanothrr ulltcrn union. AppllcilUm tormt ·*· avilUbtak Mso nM klltcttd era »bout X ·t »U hllh srtvooU, eoUiiM. N«rj\comp«nlrt. motl ct which UrrroMlng SUtlon* or Irom thelonr nr IWP ^hlpt Thry h^vi Chief of Naval rersonnrl. W«h-Jcurrtr»cM with Ihc Maitrrs, M union iJ. D. C. !·"* HOT DONUT5! SEE THE NEW THEN VISIT McilftOY BANK TO ARRANGE A Cewnpori»on» will convinc* you trmt th« flnonflnfl of or.y n«w or lato-modil ui«d car CMfi I«U on on* of Mcllroy's aulo loans. · With "cash In hand* from sw«h a loan, you can volo« shop tht wholt market . . gtt tho b«st pov- sibl* d*al on any makt of modal. · . NEWS WHILE irs NEWS IN IHE TIMES METCALJE ·"i meow JHO Dempsey-TegclerCo. f. T-..t Stll [tiki"!' i^Vr-VsT^T;' '^'J-^ W^iVU.'/^;:-^---; The Power to Ask Protects Your Right to Know - ·(*?·' ^i. omc policv-makcrs in c)'^rr'-r-._( 1 t / or leader;, m other v*::irs c? life, make decisions *'·''" ^ r-:l|y a f f e c t vour future G'"i t r . c t of your family |fl ^'2r; countries of the world \(HI * ,.!,} b c forcH to fallow " l '^ tl c'ums blindly, unnb.c to c - 1 *' .. c r m monv cc^cs unnble evi" t 0 I .v jw that they had been '"'"i vnca, everyone v i t h ic 'tsponsibility knows he br prepared to answer for cricn^. He knows that your representative -- the skilled reporter of the daily newspaper -will appear, pencil in hand, to ask pertinent questions that he had better be prepared to an:wcr. Every day your newspaper, through its reporters and wire services, covers a multitude of newsfrcnts probing for answers to the whys and whcreforci of actions that affect your job, your home, your family and your safety. The answers published in ycur daily nev/spoper ore not fleeting messages, but are an indelible record that give you and your neighbors the basis for discussion and for rendering the ultimate decision on unpopular and unjust actions. Thus your daily newspaper is an extension of your power to ask questions about policies that affect you. The answers furnish you the basis for constructive action buiit on an informed judgment. The newspaper is a guardian of your freedom. National Newspaper Week October 1-8,1958

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