Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 9
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NOtTHWHT ARKANSAS TIMES. Foyeti.vill*. Octeta* 3wttm* Edit**; ay UM rajfttrrtU* Elf* aVfcee) Jttraall* · CUM "Pie I Peppers At Harmon Playfield ; Thf IVppeiv under ihr ^ipmmnn n! .' |*or. run onrr j utrk in J'j! ind tuice- j :inj praclire ,1! H.irn.on PLivfield Hrli:n. »l (or n \P*PIy :SludenI$ Have Fun - Many Ribbons Won j Fio · »rr e v t r . r F r r r r \ : h : - . c · .~*id (iris I .* t h r v M [ HOUH- and Wrier! tnrt terr ' Wr ::g A · * . r i l i!vl'«-1 out r.f !hr Fun th.« «'.r. , r v , :ff t h e e x r i t m i t . t h n l l - j c l o M M I ' : . : l l : S .pion Sieer, M.( in t a k e Fi.r." il'.i- If v«i »tnt to h « i » a rtil pen In t'ie 4Ctivltiet f vour % Thr"l. vour chance U cm.Ing up (\tok-*r 10 in the farm of the annusl FIIS Magazine Drive. Orlftnatlr the various schocj orgaruratloni held croject after for the txiiT'ne of ralimf money for lr»ir actixitlei. T*ier* »er* tIn.»X- circuses, candy sales; it · is more work than it w a * worth. In 1!M the organisations; vo«eH lo i*iio!ktia'* their efforts't l o n«;i Moft-«r S. into one bJg projec*: the or'y all- MTVKT nn 57 sc^r»J mnr.ev -nik'.r\t drlvt. !y I Dr:\r are added to Uio»» front the jrtanO.u :· ··: !.'· |lrx«jtore and Concession* «nd[Srcirt '. «.':,'r. then apportioned to the crrsnlia-jKno)/ir^'.i| .!··« tioni In the .chool year 'M 'Jl | Steve A n ; - . ; the Maga/ine Drive nccounted for II.TM n( tS« total P KU. Ti^ ririve lartj tv 10 cVs and i' fun for r\»r»-lnrir ronc.-rned. Tlirrr ir» prtr»i «»»rr!»-d to th* high isle.tmen and to tha hom»- mr»mi w i t h th» )ilt;heit salei. Tiose mho have sold their qurta i--i receive a pnt» if th«lr Ham* jf dnm-n at CM erf tU Tn«»r cen- vocation!. i Hem»mb»r' The mere magazine lubscrlptloni vou sell the beU !ier benefits you will rec«lv* for Let's make thl e year th* National Honor Society Pledges Seventeen New Seniors Ellis 1$ (o-5ponjor ' , . ' , . . . ; , . : : ; : Initiation Is October 2 :.,;:' . : . ; From The People trr;hi;j jr '' tru- i.- h- :i MIS ..i lijrton "t. IWt Pearl WhHIock Woman Of Year : ;;' In Bentonvllle u.. v »-vl M p I N t r w W and ions than »v*r before. »ub«crlr Sirif;r ·_· "1 r.e i v l a t l l( ,j;«1l,|,. !, T O f I ' , ] ,, , ·'«tr;- Uir win- Y . i u l ' i Talent participate in !. Joe Anne '. I had reason to b* proud of ; th« students w:r» had exhibit*. . Leo la Ijrif won threr blur rib- , bons; Albert Wynn, one blue n b - | t ( , - S:.: bor. too: Or.r.» Meredith. » jri-- 1 TH;i',:'_ ond and a t h i r d plure P r r i t o n -V'. L*v Minor and llrrii.iall H o r d i n g , "'*' a fourth. ' l '*"'·' ·'"·· /ord. N.ici.i:c Trolnigrr. anr! Hi- forrn:i:,t, »el and Jarr-.e p a r t i c i - , "IVnn :Uv-.:n,-k E*rv,,;t;on at fort,' Im ( , El .,.i. : _ TM ' ' ^ ' lrr "*tr Science Club Splits Into Two Groups . The FHS Science Club voted lo,erU. spontor. isld the large .diudr into two rlut«. imdlcresve in membership to jphysual. l.-ut Friday noon in the »ix u re-ixmsible for the dining room per- ·· e » rrjj. n r t Srr.j'h Ongmg *!*." Y \ n n e. 'if. r»rn!r. »nd e corr.ijove the »is- Irom Sptiiigddle Mr tun,: there :ind a'.-o w i i r k n ) .1! radio Maliun im .1 p m ^ - j "The Djnrmg I ' a r f " He hulil* a list. ir,,,,. Slate Tr.nher» Collier .m from thp t ' n u e r j i t v u( \ By DAVID I.EHN "' h »* l" n «- Minur.-r ., I, ··-x;*-!. 1 The Fayettevill? Bullrlotj r»me "' the l n n e r « i l y u! I'm" tilrn! frcxn behind Friday niftit to beati has atlrndfil the Su:nn;rr the SubJaco Trojan* U-f. It m-a*J Instituu- at the t . ! A an importaal vtrtorr for th*'DoCi I AskM il and « h v rr ;.i Dogs Tnmpled Subiico In Muddy 13-6 Victory Roberts Heads Science; Woods Joins Math Mr Jne M(.l«rt.. i»ie Mr ! tcience departinrii! tem, year Th« U)ji'l ''.rvwf -j'.; ' tlflied \j!'i..M~i - ' . K i l r i rr.i inwxirU W \t) tin i \tf could trim th* miller !t-«i. I) mills No». 3uo«i»n lir ir.:!lt etjuali V*) i»« Pni I/ minul MAJ OUU r-jujU ll'iR i»n than the Uwir-; neri! lo the schmi iMtem. KUNToNVIlXr-: "Spefia!' -Mrt ' On Srptm.l-r i* f i J lU · Prarl B. Whitlock. o»nrr of the b»r of (oiniiirrir. the Ir-l WhLtliK-k Iruursnre A|enc. is foundation. th» Junior Chjin "Woman of tb* Yiar" ID Benton- Camnnrct. »nd_ tb« O; J ulle for HM Th» B*nt«nUle Bu«mris and Proffiilonsl Wom-| «^"^-^aK^""^ESE^ ·n i ( luh made the announcement. | M r t IVhitlcx-k tsme lo Renlon-' ^illr (rmn Oklahoma la 1MV She, trirhei l u prrienlly trrrtnf ai a mrmberj .ine leon ·' lnr BnarO o( Dtrertori of thai I Chamber of Commerc*. serves on' I *nr! »ji, l h * I'lanrunf attd lonint twninii-' p^ for'sinn and »n uutrumental in ar- "V4 lo IM7 r i n f i n j the citv-wid* fire m»p*c- ;nri r »l at (t " n ' rll) \tr~ .«4 C'»»a . . . M*IIM»M|t ·ALT aiACM !*·. «rn« C,i *Tk* ri*4« ta »· ho COQK'S PAINTS EVERY ITEM REDUCED During COOK'S FALL : J u n i o r |trr. Be f. i »lft. L'-sd* «t nr'.r diu(h- ·iKhlh grad* h»nl : Prrseni club members cjn be .Tonfi In either one of the '.u« new . Ueluba but not tn both. Mr. J'je Rob^any Supplies Needed To Serve 2,600 Daily : atom, bow would you like to jrian *nd prepare meab (or a tamily oi i.eoor Mrs. Hudjen», yupcrviior of the public fcbool luncliroomi. don thu five days a 'week. "Toil .number ii tha lufeti ara hate aarvad la tha Uatarr tt |he Fayetterilla, Public SctxxOa." tay Mrs. Hud«*en«. . . : . ^-'Supplies IndudinX 1.COO pound* butter. of flour. pound* of nv*l. 1.000 loara* jf and 60.000 half pint* of . Jnilk .ire nerded each »e«k lo leed · Five women and sn student help- tn prnurt and serve the meals Jet th* high school The high school [Cafeteria also prepare* meal, !cbee*e. bread, ind Ice cream for ! the other public schools. Slock Market Hits Record Highs In jiclive Trading : M;\\ YORK tAPi-Proiit tak. lot dimmed the stock market's rtocued advance to record hi(hs {B ictJie trading early this alter- Ao«n. · Jeadlnc ilotLi were off lr#c- Uon.' to alxi:i a point. A few scattered KiiinrT» rinvaned. ^3isurs aflrct^J by ipeciil news rficlc -ome v»«ler mo\M to the (fawnside. Ai lh« »Lart. the lickir tape was U-liind for M?vrn inn Otf« Tradmj; became more mc\ «EBlr a» pnce'N jave grourd on a fcroad I rent, · Stei'l*. rriotori. rail*. a;rcr»fls. latwccw. dru.'i and chemicals wtre ronsijlrn'Jy lovier. Oils, in- ipired by utrentth In Ro*l He added that rarh club will have serrate officers, but both will be under the present constitution, Kach member u erpectad to buy a science club pin and support Its activities, the nujor one being the local science (air to be held next February. Journalism Makes Plans £ d r Week uf National Newspaper Wc*k la be JM-ahacrvttj hi rayattavUla Biale* Witt. October I* Tb* Jaoruttm ^I«f1 If ftmitfttltf j TlSlt 10 Oil Nortbwaat Arkamaa Tlnw. tat wfll edit a special mlmeofrapej adltloo of the Junior Time*. he first newspaper. The Pennsylvania Gazelle, was printed Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. . in 1728; the first dally newspaper was printed in I'M. In 19^6 a combined circulation of daily newtptpers printed hi jlish totaled S7.I01.1IO: Sunday newipapers totaled 47.1S2.24C. Iraqi Premier Plans Land for ihem this year. Fumbles hamper**] both teamj all evtnloj. Sublaro aoorrd thflr touchdown lata In the first period. Fayauevill* came back to tie the «re M a* Bobby Wnlt/ield ran it ovtr from the one yard In th* third quarter. Sieve Gumming! iccr»d th* touchdown and Fr f c v Blew ran th* PAT to end the tearing for tb* night. The F*vetl*vlll» defense looted e«peclsUy ntjorf at times and Cum. rrungi and WhlUield did a fin* Job *f ruuiAf *· fro tU^arr field. The 'Docs pl*T another 1-AA nnw Friday night at Rof«r» The Mountaineers have man* pliyers back and ar* much Improved over lart yttr's team Roccrs bas a 3-1 ncord *e tar They hava beaten Grove. Okla, and Bwrtoovfll*, aM bav* lo^t !· the strooc Van Dorm Pointers. Tbe return of Van (much here. I think the «t.tdi'nt 'titude it inuih more ncadiinicjUv tnclinrd than in moot nchooN, and the ntudmu are very r.icrr help Mr t»0 h Ite hobby u operating un amateur radio llr h*» nn M A degtee from. the f r . n e n i i y of Arkanm. and! l) » r ol Jh*. American Li a mfinU-r of the education frs-l'^* 19 ·.,-...;"«·· "hi rvita Kappa and Nationil Fire, Prrvention Week last )»*r. She *!·· So a»iilrd IB plsnrirg dinner) irr\rtl at the 5PA dedication last' June I Un. WhiU**fc ai a IMM tm* 1 mrmbv af th* F*4«r*llesi ef Bu*i-i dan la' 1 "*' and Praf*ui*n*I Wanteaj'* {Clubs and has held various office*| that club She 1* the only mrm- AuiW' of lh*j American Lcfion put hare. She' PAINT REG. TO Rdbert^ U married and has and onr f i r l Hi« lavor- !oi,-|.j l)(.:j i' Fi'hinc and piioiocraphy ar* I* of Mr Woo.)*' !Rtrre«t.i uuutde - VTAC tt alat«*U Air; Werl4 War II. I school !!»· »pon«nrixl a I Club Ml Urj! Fork Hifh Sch Junior guard. «U bolp OM BuU. do« liat. Br«w«r haa Weo out ? actko ilnoe tarty in tha rear due wffl atalwt, Bogara. Music Club Orprjiitd [ones, Willis Sponsors Tha Musk Club.. club* o( FH3. am* into being at a DOOB macttu. September *, U Room US. If advw of tha dob ar* la mule. musician* motJot! trp*ri- «nc« Jn perfonruaf baferv audJ- a ·cure* Mr. enoti. and to pnwld* of pti u iTvn fQr.tjCAool OF munMr pmjpatni. Mill Evalrs JSSM a*r1 . W. WUIU. tpmaon. th* r!e*lrt for aH «1v« ara tMaratt- rd la ^alaf th« rhtb aa oem »· ht nczt ma«Ua. to ba held adMidar. Octtter 1. at 4 p. m. a Room 113. CAIHO « A P - Premier AbxW Karim KavK-m of Iraq ii reported lo have rt'ovH to ronwilid^tr peavant b.irunt: (or lu« revoli*- nor.ary r.-;in,c wih a l-inrf reshuffle wlnli rrr,x)ur.K » potential rival. which 11 i-urtrclled l) the t ml-rit lailn lnr ·« American Laundry Makes Great Htt With Russians New Custom Introduced By (served a I Force R»!- She 11 a member of the official board and the Flnaae* frrr.rr.liiioa *·. thi Tint Methodist Church. Jhe also serves as rice chairman, «f the Weslr*n Senlc* Guild. WHTTl C* ANT STANDARD Child Fitillv Injured ilnTumblt rr«m C«r Tbr nlferint of an Invocation at the football lamri by a rneinlrr of the itudetit body Ii a cu«l«n n**ly introduced to our »chool by In chars* of this service. Man gave tha Invocation at tb* lUit Birr*, and Marcu* Ranucr ··* It at tba second tame. · · · Tha Twenty SU Oub haa alerted faw MW Junior and icnior m«tn- bara. They are. Charle* Jnhnvm junior; and Becky Iludton. lelano Co'ton. and Ste\e Cummmp. ir». A constitution committee btrn appointed conalstlng ol Focv tclne nkhardsoo. Anita Greer. and Carrol Jean Whalry. ThU committee vUl study the recflnunendatlea) lo limit the membership In Ike Twenty Six Club to UWM narsan* net belonging u, aaaUw Mrrka J\CKSON\'ILLE. Ati. ·veer-old bey was alally Mar Jiduaavllla «Af- Injured yaatsr club. Tb* SAVE ON ALL OF THESE FAMOUS QUALITY COOK'S HOUSE PAINTS · COOK'S HOUSE FAINT AND · SUPEIWHfTE PRIMER · SUIDI 1 · lOW'UrtTtl HSUM PAINT . A.KRYL-X AUIOMIT PAJNT SUBURBAN MnMY-IMUM HOUU PAINT BIO SAVINGS IN EVEKY DEPARTMENT Emttr COOK% GALLON Club ata* d«carMea gotl pocta before every fame. Sophomore Members;^|JfS"i^'.V: 1 Eight off aopbomore members of the Kay dub were InllUtrd at th* firs* meeting of the club Wednesday. New members are Coy Kaylor. teJBudtfy O'llara. Mike Oliverj. ("had ~" i. Jimmy Smith, Don Brown, larmoo Remmel, and tJdie Ad*ir. Mr. Powell Hines. new sponwr of K*y Clob. replaced Denny Win- bom. who 1* now m tb* Junior iUgh faculty. · · ··· A* It* project* for tha year th* club spcRscTB the Annual Paneak* Brenkfist. and Safety Patrol Day. Other activities are r*lii.ig **4 lowering of the Hug each day. aae 1 imrroving the school lawn. The divisional Lieutenant Governor of (he Missouri-Arkansas district »1I1 be Eddte Morrison · LOS ANCKLES (AP)-Hamabvi lo sbxr» Mawtrw oft a U.S. fair west ^ , Hrp . lt)llC » ald m Ba ; hdart [hjt Kn.v«-m the drain. But he cleaned op had I" 1 th * Sovlr Union anyway. I announced the land program In a broodravt Kaiietn laul the {[an would Iree Iraqi jcivar,li Irom leudil domiaati-n. the agency rriwrted. Tlie govern i rnt «ill break up btg land .^j dormi the Kit five a tt-y«ar-aU d*ai*r hi laundy e«uipm«nt, fire; hem* t* Lo* Angela* to avail urrrtl W Wbert's th* mocry from? Tb* Rutslan*. "It all started at a potaatial tai- County Judging Teams Take Part In S!s!e Livestock Show under Way In Little Rock A mnr.bcr of Washington County f*iie t^ their Angu* e*Ule on dl»- restdeoU. in addition to member* (:*. and Polk Bookout of Sprtag af-tb* Frt«n»loo Servlc* sUlf. are dale U dltplaylng sheep, b* in Little Rock today and to- arrow with exhibit* at the Lhe- ock Stow. A pixiltry Judfine team ronsi«t ng of HiT«chrI llardin. Juri I1rn les. Leota Lane a ad Ann Harbiw.n 1s ta tike pan In the stale f.n teiti. a dairy Dutch, pofctrd sains Nonierroui y" rar4 fire Junket to Rossi*," ·nrtals and moil order* »ere ir- B, C | jn dl(.rd were a bulwark ««d- "I heard Iher* wts te b* an regular. 'of the royal £o\crnment o( 'h«|American trade fair th*r* and ^"hile Ihr ovi-till rcnncmic' lau- I'rrmirr N-n Said «hich Kas-'»imel up for a Uualry and,seni mcflhrr* July M remained quite gooO C o m m e r c e Secrel».-v Sinclair j The No ? man in tnc result and the nr* rrpublican reim«. Brtg AU!ul Sal.mi Aril, ha* b^en r»- lieved of hn poll as deputy premier, tho rirw* agency mid. Arif has been named imbaiiaclor to Germany Nc reason for the dcrnotion and. in elfect. haniihmcnt ol A'if was given. There have, liowever. he*n rumors of djffrrerct betwcca h'm and Kassein. Sws from Baghdad Week* said the busmjss outlook wai the "brljliteit ei ihu year," higher Interest charge* and predictions of another bomt in tre discount rate had a c' UDdcncy. -Ijikeu Sleel dropped abwt « point* following a dividend cut U C crnU from SO ctnti. msure Warner-Lambert fell about 4 and Reynolds Tobacco B more then 3 Ii. continued reaction to ccBflmaUwi of merfrr di»cu*- itoni. ·Royal Dutch was fractaaaily hxher or. a 10.000-share openlnj bck and forged ahead more than · .point. Gulf OiH waj aliout a pgrnt hlghtr an^ ther lr»/fi«r cG; 2 and Pfl- Marck fail roon trr more than a point Lcaset of abaH a painl were taken by Ana ertJia, AisrrlCMA Smeltij aad ford. U.S. gorrrcnwil bonJs went to new lows for tha y«ar - Tb* oe- by jwb- Matiur boart hi the discount raia rai vaa acrnmpaniad sf*culaUoa uM Arif hai beer l»hev.«J advocat- liiX clo«e Iraqi tic* u i t h Preside ft Nasser's l i . A . H . while Kitvm's public atlioru; an inlei- tion to maintain a sr|)Arale course uithin Uir over-all put trr n of Aral] unilv V. iiJtoul i-jlicitint iit whom his remarks Here cimed, »f«««-«CTi laid In his rcpcrted broa^tatt: "I rorsider -t my duty lo reaffirm that I and the rmolultoary ·%*· eminent will b* on the lookout for anyone who tries to hinder Vn work oa the path to rorolutVm- ajv iinai." ' . · u · .Lex! redistribution U (ha prln- fann. K bawl- (or bolldlac udaTr*- oas quoted a* Then 1 jstherad togethtr foor ac- of Rlrrurd and fUusell Klark jid Ronald Wraver. A llvi-stock j')^^ ing team wlQ be made up of J u n far Meredith. Jhiks Wynn. Hurl PheUn and WenOU Phillips. Dairy cattle will he dMplay-l I'v Rkhard and TUmell RUcb: Phillip and Jimmy Cat* will have .lrer» on nhihit. and there «ill I* 1 'pens of broilers at the poultry shew. These ar* hi ihe junur di.uion », In Ihr open clas^e*. Keith nr.d M Hal ShMncr of near Klkini h « \ f i ; £i jiicam Springs 7V Northvknt Arkansas Pear* n ' t rrr«' monthly iiiertmg was heU 11'' nii-ht ul thr Spot Tbealrr in Vlo.iin Sprint'. \ ihnrt tjiIk l/r Impectw Cart Sm^ina of UtUe Rock was tol- loi-d by a spnt-rzl dJK-usilaa «-(.iurrement of laws and road r ' c k . M by Washington County Sii'-ilf Hollis Spencrr. presldVol b! (lie association. l.'ie reilxniition of Donald Da»ld- ·in o«/ociatior, secretary, and the counts to aopplr lh« machinery |M . ... and put everything aboard a hip n)f|(UY|||6 bound for Heldnkl. rinl*nd laundry »ai (till on th* hirh teis when h* got new* the Moscow fair nad bem called off. II* went en anyway aad mad* a deal ta dtraaaitral* hit equipment at a Moaeow bousing pro- jext. "We coulda't put up en* of th* modern type American Una- tt the iurnectlon of Vnf. dnc*." he laid, "but we. took over a basement and bunt out a sicn. Prirtically ir.erycoa hlfli n Russian circle* except Khrcsh- chev and hi* Cabinet visitad oar uhibU. They all manatcd at tbe speed with which our American maxnbe* uorkad. etaariajh/ th* shirt-crestiaf ao^pcaaint." Inadrj crattaf my far about hre weeks wbm a Uaacov dry S*rM official tppnwdMd din nd asked what b*'d taka (or tba wwta. H* that wa* IL EWJTOM t Mr*. hi* prk* ad ftc? neapt WWi* tk« SarMj witb Ttckaa washint marbtars, th* rYal iSdr pmousl lvn£r/ by head. Is Injured In Accident Mrs. Ca/l Ball. 17. of llm.s\ ·:.'· Root* 2. was injured atxi-'- 3 ' Ttstardar aftermrr ^km h«-r ··· collided with an automobile d ; u r by Robert Zander of l'j)'-' i .r John r'lynn of Sprmfdsle. as- .jtion chaplain, were accepted, r'lynn ii coinj lo the Country (·,,-.», Metliodin Church m Kansas , ( . · · . . Mo . at pastor of that church. ., ! Uavidton h*» renitned as d*i l .'v m Washington County to ac- j o 1 1 i job with the Ford Motor |( i.-i.pany fn Alabama ' ."-ncrr wid hr will handle th* ' - . :i-tary'« dulifn umil the elec- i - T nf new officers Ihr first of th* nnt m«ctlns will be held l!"t:rrs. October 28. left and Baxter Lai* Police Ha Id the Hall ^ r moving wnt on lla«trr l^i- the brake* failed T1f ci'r bito the side of the 7jr»kr In* t* It wa* Iravelmc n.r Colkfe. Un. Ball »ai tn-aiH i..r Iruisc) and some CUM *' * Janld Byrd of Fayfi"'"' - ind Bldaay Carrllle of Residenl Of HunNlie Injured In Accident ·il'RINGDALE «Speiali - A!«viUr resent. Arnold B*ub- 1:! .ullrred a Uokm Irg afid shock; a t))e result of a two-car accMaa* Ihghway 71 about »:» «OL BoubUt wa* Injured wbra tbe were drivlnf vehicle lmoled in IW9 PlymouUi he ira* drirteg onU · minor crash at V v * n yr«i«*- th« highway, tod a 1SS7 Ford drtT- day it Ihr Inteoeviion ol Vla'jon en by UuUay J. Diwson. of Hl- Md Campbell rtreei.. policr ««-'·«··, coGJd«l. Police uld tbe Byrd w» morlm east M Watioi dut Us* CarriU autfl «*« north U- r-bell *' the 1 . xmagdaw polk* cited Baublit. who »«· Ukaa to Veteran Ikapi- ··»' · Calllsoo^bKO ambuUac*. »"» '«£'ur» to y\eU tb* rigM-of- 0«t your tntry bUnk tt our tton. NO OBU- OATfONI tafcr. Tbo «tr. VM Aaffivw UN FOR EVEftYOME LKH.YETHYUNE HOOPS! ·^ wlm ··*««'·· PMMT'I ia t«wa I

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