Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

8 NOETHWIST AUKANSAS TIMLS, Foy*«·»!»·- Arkorap,, y, October 1, If 51 BUTltt FORD ,,.. Mr» " » *'tmoB that Mr and Mn Kit»rt Klmtr of SeatU* Waih are the parent! cf a §00, uhu'h'hJi been nan.el JeHery. El. ,.,-r u in w r \ K f . »lalloo«l at "^ ° 7" vTttlr Mrs u the former ' K ! M V i Helen JUiae Swriwn Mr. and Jtr». ^ , ,,,1 .siiinion JH-li-aunu by plan*. llerU-rl Shockley nade a bu«i .ie»i trip to Joplin. 1 Me «a» arrornpanli tri.-r. Jirn Shockley. ' ljud* J. Graham and U . i l t e r "" KrVaS? 7r ' UrWlay I U h l r r " *£.«· of l.uckner work .. "' ' ' « . ' " i J « y at the Howard Haney Mn. Kierelte AndCTwn and M.- ,,^'^,,'r.g insL.ll a uater iy»- Ollie .Simmon were ihoppi.-.^ ;n ;";;· r jetteulle. Wedne»day , ,. ,, ,.,,, i, im h«- , , , . . , . ·»*"/· ., ^ itu'tV i « j « i i i ^ iumDer Hurl Nolan baled hay for ( . J , j ( ; ra l ; .,:: ; ,,· !Ne N u b saw ( i r j l u r n . Thuriday. ' , ' t. ;. F'arkin ipent the «.... a[ l.n ranch h«re and le/t l"t Inrr.e in Dallai. Twin, 7 ..-.!. He luj one of the larger '..·· »t H l j c k A n j u j cattle in :..r r ..rr.-ce Andrr^in h:n :S-e (rjint ., i,ii the new add/iou to h' fOOTWIAf TO BOOT-ICi l«oot» an.! boot-I.Vr ahoei fur footwear n t v l e to beat the weather tfcli w:uUr, ili-Ut o \ t r tlir iti*kinr»J ffft. Tuu'U J'md them In v u . J lunri. Inclutlinc ru'J ««1 ulvrik ;~rv,: Savoy Ballroom To Be Leveled For Housing NTU M H I K ' A I" - There will IK- nn !i;ote ' Sl.xnpin' at the 1! Uir lidlnl Iwllroom'l pl- .iiKi i k'unr -- the n o r m thiit jun-,!e.f urvler the talented linreri of Duke KlImklMi. Count Bane. r'nli Waller. Krroll Garner. Ttte puno went Tuetd^y. by the t h u m p of *n auctioneer'* cav- rl in the room »here once the nation i br^t druniniift supplied the tMMt The Iliturm were auctwint-d o f f i a final prepurnlions m-rc made to tear down the Saxoy in H a r l e m to make way lor a houMiiic proj- iet-t. In the d:iv« u h r n « * m K w.n i n n . the Sjnoy w.-n ine o( its lillttrrmi: throne N e a r l y y name tund nl the late ii\ .UK find 4(H tn-Kinmnn wliri U n i t y ollr« and Uhani Jonet, M i s Kriulal Sigmon SMI.' T', r ·)., u i i h Mn. Raymond r .·· : ..- »,.-r mother. Mn. Ulanrh.- ! ...:; W j l u r llerry waj a juji;"-' - ·' in tin- ('. J. Graham hoc., i .· (!.,', 'Id.- v « v « - n monUi-old li:ih · ! '·'.: ii:id M r s UnKhaun it 3 p.,; .·:.: i tl.r Spi nmdufe Mrmoriul l i - i i 1 ..I f u r IrcalniPDI and is i r n ; . - ' ..r, .·inrt i% expected to be (!IMM"the I n t e r part of this « · · · I l i ^ a r d llaney wai A \ . · r i 1 the Ume of Mr. and Mr* ' . ' · ! ' J. (ir;ihjm. Friday. Mr jnd Mrs. Tommie M "' and children viiiied Mr iir.,i M r Mill Walters. Sunday. Word has been received t v Mr l ^ r l l ( m ^ t r J t l l l l i'l:!i ^ i.nri.e o( Mrs h-:.;:.i! Red China Celebrates Its Ninth Anniversary LONDON (AP)-Red China cH- ebratad h* ninth anaivertary today with a maulve miLtary parade ud calls for the cooquert of Formata and the offihore islands. About 600.000 China* marched in Pelpin; ihoutinf "lon| live world peace" but demanda* "iib- eration" of Formata and Quemoy, rartio reported. Pope Pius Fatigued A f t e r Busy Month - \ 1 ! . I . f;.-\M)0|.KO ' A C !'.;T l':-M X I I li (1-n-nlf.l '.,: .· :M! luit r.ot i l l . . i l t r r i n '·.,· !,,,-n-.| montin of his I 1 * \ , I ' M . i n circles, ai k n o M l i - d k - n " :;:e ;:J -ar-old head of t f i e i .I'.'mlic Church u;n tinii i!e :-:t-c| today rumor\ he u a ^ ( i ; h t - i::» a new attack of hii-i 1 .:;^ It .i lour year* ago he wa» r-'uundlinKr r'r.^inj: in age from t'.vc weeks to two years Long Parade Of Babies Dog's Lire On Quemoy A im*ll whit* dog named "flhlno PP*. M pet of « Chin we Nat/onaJJjt troop unit. p**ni out of IU nhclter on the Inland. The pooch's soldier PA'S decided it needed protec- t-on--Jifcp them--from Communist shellinjr «nd due out (he tiny shelter. "Shlao Pci" liken the spot and rarely comes out. When he's forced out ho runs hack »t th«- first opportunity. ( A l * Win-photo) . im m i l l i o n dollar nir conditioned home. The infants. 275 of t h e m , made a block-lontr move safely with the assistanre of 1 /O nurses, 30 sisters of Charity and volunteer workers. (AP Win-photo) Marines To Seek New Offlcen At UnlveniYy Th« United SUt« Marine Corj» officer idertJoo team from Oklahoma City will visit the University campus October 8. 7. and 8. to ac cept applicitioni from Interested freihmen and sophomore* la Ihe Marine's Platoon Leaden Class end it* avUiloQ counterpart. Capt. C. S. McNeil, wmmandlnic i the tram, will be located at the I Student I'nlon during his three-day [ stay on the campus. Freshmen and tophctnorei in good standing are eligible to apply for Platoon leaders Gas*, which I le.idx to a rommiMiun as srcond Lieutenant ii[»n crarluatioo -- and require^ no on-cam[ui class attendance Studenii attend t»o six wetk summer training co-jrsej during their rollejje career, and art assured of d r a f t deferment. The TIMES Is the best bqy for your advertising dollar! CHRISTMAS CARDS Classical CoUerUonv V.'ith or Your N»me. Republic Prntq. Co 528 N. MI.Minn Ph 2-4 24U2 UML contain a Urt* ·- tiakrd on Agreeable To Meeting Si-iTttnry of State John Fouler Dulles Is shown nt the Hewn conft-rtrnce i» Washington at which he stated he would b« willlnir to meel with Chlne«« Communist Premier Chou En-IJil If there la reason to think they could achieve aomethlng pcwltlva tow» n j. esiuins th« Formoaa, criala, fNEA Telephoto) DR. ERNEST STANBERRY announces the opening of his o f f i c e for the practice of dentistry at 125 WEST MOUNTAIN STREET Tip for brides: That pot roast will be most likely to taste tender and flavorful If you simmer, rather than boil the meat. SEIDLITZ DECORATORS LATEX PAINT · Beautiful. Glare-Free Finish · For Interior Walls and Ceilings · Eaiy to Apply · Fast Drying · 100% PVA Latex Fayetteville Painl Co. Zll Vi. DlckM IU Z-UH Frte. Easy Partlaj Slevenson Critical Of U.S. Role On Formosa Albin To Lecture At il State Teachers College 'j K.iljar A Alliin. prultnMir of art I I K V K H I . Y IIH.I.S. Calif. \F "' th I ' n h i r M l y . » i l l speak at -- A ' l l a i Slr\enon » J » Ilic fiicht I lie Co)nnii;ni[) Korum Irctum at VJernoy and M.iUu n a ion- \rkan.«ji« Male TeniheM College nt lin.i»l...n H China-. ( , v . l .ar and t i n - I intrl ^:atel lin« no l.ivMni-*» .,,,,,,,,,f ,,, .,,,,.. ,,,,,!.., . j.-,,n, r , 0 ,i M i M - n M i n . »ho r w e n l l y re r r:ir nl I'J.M .V.. » i l l d:-.,iivj ' Some :iiri»il I r d i n r t l e n « n i ' t r a \ e l » I m i ^ r ^ m i n i n f I n d i a " M n lecture viid tin- I S |-.!KV in u l ! | ,.. |, ] l l v l ,., ( ( ^ W l l t l , t , r u , f 0 | ( t i i r u n)rnir..iniU l i l l l e i « - i " i t or ,,,| c)r ,||,| r , A U V r K T l R t Mr.NT · It »hmild l«- rwiin-uleri-d nnd rr«Ulel without (Irl.iv " hr tulil .1 ll(«t n pl.iie IVrniK-riilK 1 r.illy The People 60 to 80 Copy Bowl Thit Hint Anil Address Now . . . . »n.l w yo l i T t r . f r u r i i lh.- i i f M x i i e i l . i t i l u( i;i.i-[|.n» ,inl a^rreriirjlt iw'.Hi-rn Ifir N.ithm.ilw ;iid Com r r t - j r i i v l I'Jimeie lo UMni' forrr «t.iin.«t r j c h ntlirr. und t r a n ' l t l o n nf h'orrflm.i f r u n i a ( hi | i#*f « f j t e to .1 Ktirnii».in ^I3tc] l-ri-iis-tn) hv the I ' n i t n l Nations. lie iTitinziil Tn-iidret K u e n - j t,.i*er f"r i l a t t l l y i r g as "appcus-l rn" r i l th«i»e u l n n|ii*ne u a r | » l h Cl :n.i n r r l;i.iwv I I. -I. i ) M r i u l init »U!1 B p p l y fur » uiirun.-f- i - ' l j . y \a - nf f i n a l r i | K U J w « M a i l « J»ilr»nl ur I ' l l r r . ( n i'( J u u r nanir. aililrrtf utl y.-:ir nf birth t « : M I D W F U S T K K N SKCfHITY i.m: i s s t r u A N f K C.OM- I'.v S v ,,f T K X AS. -M* .South lUr»nii|, l)»llmi. Trill. Turrf it nf ol'Iiimtinn -- aitj nc ere will 'all r-n jrou. You ran h«n1l» th« » n t l r « trmnnnrtinn by m»il. ( A d * . ) A $269.95 VALUE YOUR CHOICE General Electric Washer A A K E IRST E D E R A L IRST For Savings and For Home Loans M M btfor* tk« IStk ·f a«y. roeata wtll em dUldeMlt frvra (W firtl «f Uw tamt PM«I« CASON UDO · Famoui G. E. "Filfcr Flo" · 10 to 12 Lb. Capacity % 50 to 60 Diopcn · 5 Ytor Tranimisiion Guoranfc* General Electric WITH TRADE Refrigerator · Big Family Six* G. L · rMli Width FrMztr · S-Ywr CONVENIENT EASY TERMS FACTORY-TRAINED SERVICEMEN

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