Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 7
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NOrmWEST A R K A N S A S TIMIS. Foyrtftvilta. A,l 0 n W l . WITH TWO JUDGES MISSING Backlog Of U. 5. Court Cases In State Mounts By CORDON' B R O U N »ear. dispcied e/ 21 case* during WASHINGTON 'AP'-The hack-jlast"Jane JO ' ' ' 'tog of federal cwrt cave* in A r - | In the Western District Court karuas mounted :n the |u»t ejr.||J criminal case* were pending -'POMibly reflecting ir, e f J C t that|Ju!y 1. 19J7. the court disposed of ·the itate is shor. t » u L'S Jis-jiM during the year and only five trict judges mere still pending lat June 30. However. :h« cro»:=i: docket The report showed that in the . j a m in Arkansas u in line w i t h Hasiern Dutnct the 17 cnil cases · a general tread according to the tried *ire heard in leu than two annual report of the A d m i n u t r a - ' y e a r s " bve Office of the Cnited States filed from the time they seven of the cases change. Incidentally. In the Aik..r. til judgethip picture since '.or. creis adjourned · month .ifu without acting oa the oon:iniii«i. e( J Smith Henley of Harrison u » r f r From The Guinea Takes iis Place As Free Nation October I. 1951 i'j.: 1,11 i n I i j: Integration Protest People T(,r I'.T.-r.irr I.'J.'or: ,«·», '"""/Signed Al Van Buren atl IW (ii'.ii!r liri a tuft · an ,t-t;i. ur..Vr A r t i . k j V A S 111 l l r S V» ' A T ' - * nl » tli J:;il t - M a C J M - ' n r'.E-J !l,e a i t u l e »J » a i I r..|i KtMol. Kent *f · boyrnft I *jj:nj( urtegra(iM) M*ttral wetkj ago i Sara Cot Jr . pre««i?nt of Ux Citiicm Couofil, taud tujnt trvf ( ' rn * MatV»i. twin* KMpmdril ' rorn t - k| * wrxxl (or miubortfiu tk * h *d b** n r»icstat«J « their on pr» lead* - The picture in \rkar.ta* n t h i i . , ' In the Western District 77 casesl ; In the F.aitern Dutncl the back-!«ere tried, 2i of «hich were I . lo of c m ! cases increased from brought to trial in less than a ?19 on Ju:, 1. 1957. to III on Jiir~ v e a r from the t i m e they »ere 30. ISM. although the court d u - filed The other t » o uere tried ln| Aoted »f y ca.»ei during the t » o years or \t\\ i r jear. The district haj Is+n short The Judicial Conference of the ·ne Judge for more than j tnd another vacancv 6r\ the vacant bench In tht Eastern JfK -y srjlertiter I. iiJi Couples ' "Uriel. . rbtrd over the fact tlw «rte m o v - j President L'uenhomcr. if lie ins into ne* apjrt:in::;« parted x*e«. tan give Heney a rete^% muvinc in druvr» vtt-mter 1! appointment which would enab!e''rain' Mud cakrd f;.mr\ were' -. .md vet :.e ol the I Ullry- »:'..T Kr»i-e to .', in j ! r r - t a |**:tirr pn-i-'lir.i mte(r*lK« The boyt «ert iu«prndet tfl an j( Ian ilorrn II, fh Vhro!. im irVe: liA^rfjtg a revert by oo« lv cir.lly ,..· 'iim lo %rr\t. la that case tiien-! scrubbed, again Ixmer would be required to re-lajam. tfu-n and * K ' submit the nomination lo the Sen-lelaticn has u o r n t h i n 1'nitrd State? hai tet for « goa a Knod of in nxcths from filing -- .rwtnlly » i t h retire.T.rr.: of Juiige to tr.a! for the normal civil cai« ' ; Harry J. 1-emley ;i!:houRh the national median for la th* Western Dutrict the in- the y » ^ r covered wn arotit 17 «Tf»»e »a« from W to !J4 »l month* The cor.ferenre holda that though 30 civi) catei mere term- when a caie down't reach trial InateJ. The p i c t u r e un! wa» cenuiderably differrr;'. ' Eattern D i s t r i c t had T» pending at the \tart of i^.c IS monthi after filing the ;«.ei ilelav could amount to a denial of The justice for the litigant Involved. ·a»« PU-ture t'arhanred i»ril There h»i been However. Sen. John MiClellanjrurr.e ' D - A r i ' still r-M hoprs of u o r k i r . g l A n y c^t hu plan for filling the va I cancy. | This would I n v o l v e creation o f 1 a new post on the Kight.i I ' S Circuit Court o/ Appeals and pro- I prn|Ki«e ' Mi.rt ion a n.ji'i, ^ f ^ ^ II \ lip.,.; Clalg Tav motion of Arkansas District Jud;e John Miller to thli oftice would leave a vacancy ^jncreased Over 1957 Weatern dutrlct In which Henlevj .._, ,. .... ... lives and permit appointment o «- ITT! - K U( " K ' . C J Two More Nationalist Convoys Reach Island TUI'J.1 ronij*«a i . \ f - - Two ::j'e Ni'.iuRj!ltt «J}'pI) f t m v o » t a \ e ir*!xxd Vurn-^y cjripile thr hejv:e»l r o m n i u n u t Nirr.lurdrrirnt erk the De.'rnie «.r»Jj .j:.1 lav U,!l.ami in rvan rt thai · Negro Hudew. tint lh« pe- jt''.on »i.uM tf pcrvmrrd to th* u : t » \. tv«.i i.iird toon j |u(uU!ion cX about 7.000 Nathaniel Somood ipat CO him. · s or"o*«l d«J»*d lh« aocuiatjon. Th* »hil« boyi »»re for refmal to ref^ra tc Nejror* are atending th»'»r»eo ordered to do ta someone else for the no* exist me enue Drpartine vacancy m the Eaitern D i s i r u t u p in N :ile:iilrr Arkansaru have chjected! pjrr1 '" ry on the grounds ' U ;·'*'! ( en rrw) *n ^-Guinea's Premier Has Second I Thought On Complete Freedom This By D A V I D HSOV _ PARIS ( A P » _ - We *ar.l a free and dignified rr.irri;n;e and not divorce." laid the trouMiil Pre mier o f ne*ly I n d e p e n d t - n t Guinea. ''We don't » a n t mclr|»ntlrnce T'urple »on So Some to Henley oa the groui,^, . , . that he is not · resident of thei .. o u t - a r d ' ^ W TM District and J t that he'V" e was in the Department of Just ice)" . c _,i. when that agency drafted the order ·ending (roopi to Little Hnrk In the school row a year ago. The proposal for a new circuit court post was contained in a bill ^ . . . -not acted on by Concres*- 1 =*P»«"»«' · which would h a v e let up a batch of new federal court hidgeshipi. Farwer* Happier , Arkansas farmers are leportedj ,, the ssnie iwr LllxTLJ The M» !·. lt .-.w.,.rn Sundav i icr.i 1 .:.;^,,.. duni « a .»'· i, ,T,J [· kou Tm:rf « TJ! r.e ?' doe«n t h.i. i- j \jf , ir or any n! 't.r i:''j- , M Soil of njlinr.toir! In I'jm i'rrrr. r: ?., were.his Cjbine 1 rotn-iSunilaj itir eariunder \ir , or.-rii.iuji ' e v e r » h i ' i f m t.v Mr Or-:exccpt (.^JT» i* i , j , r. rr.(Xf lh M.nnln taid ti«J* In Jitd.tidn to \. i.ith M»ndi\ irv-l ;^ie» »ere par at t:. \i-»tcrijj) | rejection ol tnr rmr ;on ln:ur« French t r t r · included rrvenu*- J ' 'M. tt» M JJ ».;: V)T I l u l i n t i o n s in and immediair Toure \*. tn lji:nh c · Kc[Hit)' '· n*d u ulion r»y ) iTini 1 t/,e i n i r u t r ) ur.ry...r,i»^! i Thr n i i n n t r ) d»l r.i.t 'ier of »hipt and p!ann ir. t o m k r - thjt ' Vi.ZM. 080 S2 ioll»ttion« ne» nation did rxi «ant to It lales tax srr.rra! revenue cant ron.pletrl ! ' I n e v r r v ipbrrr '·u'n»« »ih three per cent; tern firs' of all to Trance." t e collectitmt totaled W.-isaid "We win 1 , to r r m a m in Ihf r !!:o.K! sbcr.s the;'Frescfc' f r a r r t=w !: u o«! .! umouai collected in Seplember. J6 year old Toure hat by the Agriculture Department" to -· . . , . ' . . · _ . ' . . Ux t ° JllfCli(XU dropped IIC.IM compared to the same month last yri.r Total for hn own l i t t l e empire, an alumi-!be faring flnandally this year nuin and iron ore rich nation on about as thev did la«t \ ! r : r a - t »e«! rna.t | A Department report jhows thai *· P .V' Sf « )1 " nbfr "" MI3.7S4 · True to his promne \,, any lerrl.,"P ^ Aug. 1. 1«M. Arkansas " u h l l f ' yr * r a£ " " *" t )u . ·gainst France, but rather » i t h her." the handsome, hlari-iuited Negro leader eiplained to a reporter in his distant c a p i t a l at Conakry. : Results of the Sept. It French constitutional referendum lTMm[!rr*4nrnoi his the rainswept tropical country-1 frenchmen aide showed a margin of tS-l against (ien. Charles de Caulle's lory w h i c h voted down his coniti-i'» rm ' rl look '" from IS7317. w» are not accepted that wt will turn eltemhere "tt w i l l determine our foreign policy In new of our own interests ·nd we will try to mak* our view point p r f v u l « i t h m the fran.r work of an aisociation w u h France. But If »» An not find a ARTHIMTIS tm* b ·»«*· ··» »*·'* T« E. *)4t iTIMI AGAIN POt mokt them at horn* quick and *oiy with Kraft tl Caramels SCOTTS from cr«v i. en mor.tlis nf »»i up nearly 10 mLllioo dollar* |a tution. De Gaullt gave Guinea it|l M ' M rt CT OP« «nd livestock, corn inty at midnight Tuesday P*"^ WIlh niOJ18.0U) a yea Begin, T. Worry ei [ lttr , . .. , a r m recepiti Iready. Sekou Toure (prtvu_ y.j ,. nl ^ v Say-coo Tour-ay is hav.L tar "^ e ^ down some seven mi -·· thought! about the lion do)Uri 4l ctxnpared '. · in 'P'" K . i y e a r ago. the repo-t showed, whil ,, . . . . , ln * Uulnea i income from silei of livestock wrt«. po»tal. telegraph, phone r^dic nerncev and French c . - . jleacheri. w i l l decide In two Sekou Toure. a former French,' m o n t h , whether they van! to go trading company Junior clerk,home or work for Toure I whose ancestors help«1 fmind the French a r m y ur-- will FM.II *.,, 12 ^n Afr ; c r "·" Kmpir " ui ' 1 -"«"«"m^ta. 2LS "! had jold hu folio-m tn vole tfn »\ and external security to ·L 0 - Guinea Tom toms beat out the word. French aid. which hat totaled The whltt baliou 'yes' meantlrnnre Ihnn I X billion francs in 'hilt Frenchmen. Dark purple|million dollars' in tht past 10 jneant HseJ)i«k man.|y P arv w i l l be cut off j This leave* Sekou Toure pretty i much alone w i t h his V, million Fu!l-h. Mullnkt and Soujsou tribesmen "Even if Frinc* wanU to abandon Guinea, she will remain dt- lM. alleta Rip Van Winkle Couldn't Sleep with NaggingBackache Injunction Sought In Little Rock AFB Strike LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Tht N». tlonal Labor Otlaliaaa Board wants V£. Dlatrict Court here to iftut · t temporary bihmctVoa againal · UtUt Rock union lo M tnuti aaiy vtcoodATy bojrooctj Btytterfll* Air ram Da*«. · Tht court ywlerday M an Oct. 9 b«armf oa llw Injunction petition which U aimed at Loral Jtt of th* International l/'nkm of Operating Engineers. I Sanford B. Teu II. injunction »l- l«T»ey on ihe General Counsel flaff at Washington, said a -*«;e ule arose lietween the unitm Peter Kicwit Sor» Co of iha. N e b . w-hich n building w a » and other instsllat-ons at Biylhrviil* bane said the ui.on niemt)rri, Tt ot bulldorers ana othr equipment, itmck Sept Id began picketing all gale* »l base The attorney said a gin- work itoppaee occurrrd when e» of olfitr construction flrrru refuted u crosa picket linn. Tht picketing ended last week and union members returned to work Monday but the wag* dispute remalr.1 unsettled. Teu Mid. Judge Albert L. Reevei of Kaa- tai City, who hat been given a temporary assignment here, will prwld* at the hearing. The temporary Injunction was asked pend- taf · NLRB hearing aoti order oa tbt dispute. - Tamminy Hall has been the rul- hi off anliation of New York City politics most of the time since ISOC. -Tie FRANCONIA Price -Patton MIN*S iplt* herself." Toure said. "Colon- Uatloa baa ita poaltlv* ihlnga. We will kt«p a ita poa . Ftmch culnira. We waat la tUy in tiki fr Tor the moment tit arao't rrtti Ihlnklrui about our mra tjr. aor vvta tar own Qaar.** PRESENTS FOR 1950 A DRAMATIC NEW REALM OP' -.7 A tingfc gfay«« te/lt yoa, beyond any qunt/en, /A»/ thiJtcr* si* mtmil'vii' ^ msfnificnl Cadillac cart ever created. Dialing lo tfad/ tfXUtf, **fM"lfrW fa -·^?- "^ - - . - . - . a. ·· · - -"- ~\j ^ - - -- ^^ »,«.!; 'i*** their grace ind elegance, and inipiring in their Flectwood luxury «fld *PP^ menti--they introduce · new realm o( motoring majesty. J,Aod · tlngJ* journey at the wheel will reveal another um|ueitionible f«a--M«/ thtit *rt lit ^firj/ performing Cadillaet ner produced. Wifh t ipecticulir new engine, with · more responsive Hydri-Msric drive, *nu with improred quilitiet of ride and handling, they provide e totally new icme of maitery orer time ind diitince. ^ This brilliant new Cadillac beauty and performance ire offered in thirteen ' indiridua! body ityles. To ice and drive any of them u to recognize · new dimcniion in automotive quality and goodneta. Why not do both--tooa? Your Cadillac dealer invite* you to visit his ihorrroom it your earlicat opportunity. . Yeyr suit's opp^ororxt U vnl/ CM e*od~«i th« f«5»d« / and our ntw fail patttrnt by Styft-Mcrt bloom'with , a MW rlchiMt*. et colon, both In rtot (trip** and solids. Tht/rt loem*d wmS all tht) d«tall that Kai mod* Srylt-Mon famous. PricM start at -S.;-; T/S/T VOWl LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILUC DEALER HATFIELD PONTIAC-CAD^^ 22-24 l«fMt«rfow f hone 2-2303. V } FiytHwHI., Ark.

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