Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 6
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6 _ NOITHWIST ARKANSAS P.MB, F« yt «,»J!U. Arkormit School Lunch Program Group Plans Trip 1 A C?w? 'r*m the Fayettev :!'«· school lunch program «iil attend tb» 13h annual me*ting of the Arkansas School Food Service A* soclatwn In Uttle Hock at Cmtrsl High School October 3 and 4 The group will Include Mrs. Madge Hudgens. Mrs Jn Anderson. Mrs Merfarrt DeWitl. Mr* Marie Me · CuisUon. Mn. Grace Hopper. Mrs. Of Interest To ^Reception For . Foreign Students W O M E N pianned Af UA Edited by Marv Alice Pearson * Dail Calendar of I; vents · Tonight . ail\' . . . "··} L - ark , U m ) I,, r^ · DorU Cooper. Mr* Mary Ann Glenn. Mrs. Allle Ovhorn. MM Irene llanrey. Mrs. UUw Norwood | H!/tJ) j,j, eliwfr ornpan* Special attraction* Ihe earning cfiiooF. |OOF llnll. I October : bejm w i t h a dinner lor I Executive hoard mrmbri and n |T*/J hJbilori at « o clock ut the Cm j tral High School cafeteria. l)i«-| play for exhibits of lo«rl. _njuipM ment. s open at HCKULT The Saturday rwetinc be gins with rrxiitratlon at t » with time to Visit exhihltj until 10 W Highlights of the sessions w i l l I* an address by Mrs Bernire Brown McCullar, chief public Information srrrJc* of the state department n! eduratlca in Atlanta, da She will speak on "Where Do You Put the PleT" Others on the program Inclui VTrfU T. Blossom, superintenden of the Uttle Rock School system Mrs. Bruce Campbell. Fort Smi school lunch supervisor: Mrs K. Lowry. hwtorian. and Mr Robert Blackburn, membersh chairman. rietene Wet-ironic Dr. MIT. l'a-nn li:-1: i'jnt-1 Ilrmj:«. ." The Foundation for the International Exchange of Students entertain at aa Informal recrpimn Wednesday. Oct. I. at 7 M p n it thr Fine Aru Center CalJrry Thr party will be held In to.'' ril dll kludenls attending the ''r v e r m * (J Arkansas from rountnnl .1 round thr world. Everybody »hn' »i-.i!d like to get acquainted »i:li members of the internonor ! iiroup is invited to attend : A Unit SS foreign students * exiled at the L ' n i v e i - n '·· »i::.rViT. including eight ·'·''''' ·.-.k on exchange srh»br -t - i ; I t r Inundation u the orx*'*'- 1 ''-' Ti:t»M;!h which th** Fullt'f!*' 1 ' * OcttW I. 1931 WIM510W Ui and Mrs. frank far ui*p«t?wo vt*ta Woodrum ti Antelope nuntiaC there of^WhSrry'Ke "VTM4 **** r spendifll nvxt of the pail ..,, months visiting relatives and friends la Illinol*. !owa and sever Winners Are Announced Mri. Pearl !·«* and Mr*- Daryl aj other states. Mr. «r.d Mn. winnen at Monday night's dupli rate Bridge Club games in the Stu drot Union. Winning second pile* uere Mrs. Klixabeth Patton and Mrs. Mix Thompson o( Prairie Grove, and i third pl»ce winners w»re Mrs. OR- Jeredon Chandler ld«, Shirley and Mn Lonnie Hall. and daughters. Jena and Vicki.l.\(ri. Allan Gilbert. J r . and Kd ; p«rt the part weekend in Tuba;p,rambliU were fourth place win tilting Mr. and Mrs Marvin ; nen . Smith and children. While there thry attended the State Fair Ice Capadei. Mr. and Mri. Johnny Shipley honored h»r parents. Mr. and Mr« fharl« Clark, on their 25th ued- rlmj; anniversary with a dinner at HINDSVILLE Marine Corps H r v - r v r . Hall. Fairicro-indx 7 National riusrd. Ho.. ;md ll'i H.iitery 9X. Armcrv. . i Mental Health A.«xiali»n. tt.-l.-r in.m Mall. «_P_TM_ ll.^ls and ho«lr*v5 r.iMixi will be: Ian l t j l p h Bamhart. Dr. «r,,l Frjr.klm M. Bridge. Miss i \!:« M c ( : K . Married irn.ine of Mi !i^l:!rr nl \lr n of Mr. ;ird M." i.'.' BUITJ I'.irk. ' Wade Guina a Little Rock and of: Mark Guinn of Siloam Spring! '· visited I L. Guinn. dale, u the e\-aneUst and Jaik Tavlor is pastor. Mri. Ezra Clark was taken to he Sprmgdale Memorial Hospital. Saturday. Her condition if reported to be tlifhUy improved. Mr. and Mn. Nolen Chappell and son. Jim. and son-in-Lrw and daughter. Mr. and Mn. John Davis, and dauchtrr. Ancfla. visiiH relative! and attended church in iarrison. Sunday. ^ home, Wrdneidjy. All «.. . . . . . . , ., their ch.ldrrn were present eicepi; visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. ;,-ne (lark, .-ho is ailmdini! Klei- !»·»"· L : Gulncn - !»* P^ 1 »?* He |, j Other vis.ton. Sunday were Mrs. G"'nn s sister. Mrs Mafgie Claw. ironic School in New York ·*ith the I S Army. Mrs cake KveniRK vLntors were Mr.iL w : KeUy * ad Olive Allen Name Of First Bapfisf Circle SPRING DALE Special - The First Baptist Woman's Missionary Society orck of which Un. Dal Reed U enilrmBn. will bt known as tn« Ollvt Allen Circle. Offlcm will b* Mrs. Gtrtl« Colppcrt. cochairman. Mrs. Carl Carmack procram; Mrs. G. K. Aday, mis lion study: Mrs II. K. WUaofl Community missions; Un. Jack and secretary White, publicity trea*urer; Mn. WUllt Cadley. stewardship; Mn. Richard Miller, locial: Un. Dale Graham, youth A' jubdce chairman will be select ·L A Phone Committee and a Car Committee wrrt »ppointed Other memben of th* cirri* ar* Mn. Dill Haney, Mrs. Delia Canup, Mn. E. E. Jones aad Mn. W. U. Stewart. Un. Reed *UJ b« hofteis for the October mcetlnr and U not provt his worth. It U strwife that wr treat G«1 i much th« same manner with hich wt treat the people of whom t are Mhamed, We prartirnlly Jeny God U there U a choice lr- een Him and tome popular hu I BEE YOU-The excltlnc llnei o( a smotirsUck srrm to have inspired this winter coat that throudj the wearrr from no«« to katet. Ditplaycd in Paris · pc.-t cf the Basla cnllectlon, ifi called "Wink.- which U about all the youn lad/ would be abl* to do. Thinking It Over By Rabert L. Dleffrnbaraer. D.D. (Written fur NF.A S*rvicei The celebrities »e have met ma not remember u«. yrl »e b»J«t about know ing them. We build up few words of conversation int. Personals Mr and M r * rrlurm-d to " vi ay Ni-v* ("lint W.ilden h a v e "'' h'" 1 "' "" !l " : ''' a f t r r «|»m]inj; a »ei-k in Helen Graham. Mlu Helen ^'vonn«· Huchfi. Dr. and Mrs. AM::.'-I A v«hrtc she was HomerunnnK rji Katun. Mr. and Mrs. J H r u c e . S t . I'atrnk's Day \itrv(\ and ec- Krllur. Mr. and Mrs. J'*n I. a retary ol her senior rlu\« Mr «nd \ n r k Mr« A H Willtxirn airneii today (nun ti.-nH. ( -!if . f»r a month'* v i s i t » i t l i her rt.iuijhu-r and M f i m l a « . Mr and M r ^ Joe Mobley. I)r()fe^^nr annu'.i.'iird by h«r p a r e n t s The f«)k. Miss Mary ~Droke~'lT .indjuwple married Augu^ I at Us Tliurvlav after MM. William S. Folkman. HTM \j:a.v Nev. Mrs. McCoy « - "^.1- lurnrd hom ' Tliurviay. alter and Mrs. Matt lioltzrn of Brer.t- wood. Mr. and Mrs Frank Lotan re- vallard. Dr. and Mrs. illiair. I Mrs. McCoy are at home Noyce. Mn. Jessie O'Krll). Mr |lerton. Calif. and Mri. Charles Okerblio"'.. \' r ' and Mrs. Harmon L. Bernm-l. Mi" h^ll-. r-m m -. n i « J « « Cecilia KusselJ. Dean and Mr- 1)6113 U a i U m a Pledge James H. Scott. Dean Grace \ :.i yard, and Mr. and Mr:. J.n^ Vinier. ., . " drain of a nephew, who vtas killed in an accident. Sunday visitor* of Mr. and Mrs Parrish were Mr. and Faddu. Hrrrrjn Is teaching the Pillrim's Rest school this year. He taught the Mayfleld school the put two yean. The Hindsville Women's Missionary Society of the Baptist Church met at the parsonage. Friday, at I I a.m. A co-operative dinner was served at noon. The program was , M r t)onny Parrish and children, rv~,r«- iir. 'of Fort Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Mil-1**** ^f °P* n Door * · *'"· I n n Parruh «nd children. Mr. andi c '« d '» Starnes. president, had j M r v Charlie Fine of W«t Fork **"** °'. .V", annu ? 1 buimeM !«nd Harold i Mile. I The Parent-Teacher As«ociatlon a lengthy dialogue uhen »e tell I of ph»m .it the I ' n i v e r s i l y . »ho abcu, our p.Mng the time o, day ^TM^:^^ Parrlih of Fayette I . .M- Class Officers Named ch.iptrr of IMU Thursday, at 7:30 p m meeting following the program Mrs. E. C. Blanlon was elected president for the new year tnd Mrs. Fred E Reed. ST.. was e- Announcements »lth some well k m m n per«(n art proud of being distantly rrlJt ed to some wealthy pmon or to lomeon* in the public eye. On the other hand, many |»-»tle shun th»ir poor relativei They I leny being arqu«intef » n h a Tenon who has been dishonored! who may b* unpopular thouiih lonesL A person »ho has been aUrd. rren unjustly, n avoided irarhms and r e s e a r c h duties | Chapter S. PEO, will n.i^f Schwarli w o r k H »t the Tn-hmon the home of Mrs. Maurice Hrr.n liven a chanrf to mily Jo Joyce Is Israel InMituto of T«hnoloKy' in a program of theorrtiral physin «pji|ied to atomic and nuclear problems. Mr. and Mrs Raymond i-etirh were vei-keml gimt» (if his MV ters. Mrs. II 0 Daviv M r ^ Cecil M y r r s ar-d Miss Alive I^-t- nch They were returning to their home in Waterloo, Iowa alter Mining in California. 731 North Willow Street. »i p m. Thursday. Mrs. E. H S man «ill be co-hostess. Amerlrai Lr£t»a Aaidlary The -\rr.enisti Ieflon A m i l i . " will meet Thursday at 7 W ;· m the auxiliary room of the l.« urn H u t All members » i r i - i ^ to »tien«l Mlha O... _ _ , i . ^ r i i i i u vrf-oniy at ihr l ' n i v f r « t : ) Mr and Mrx C.len Duncan d.n r « r r t l ) rlitlrd the lolloviini: fed Mr and Mrs. Dick Pajr and j.^li'r dj« ol(icrr prrvid.-ni Mr and Mrs. Ed Larwn. Sunday Misan Krnnon 1'i.nv \\cv ptrM Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith visited .· ; I^n«- Ilati-li!) North L i t t l e tf »eir children last »eek in Tul?a l i m n .«-rnar t:,-,,»urrr. Iv^y »nd Sand Springs. Okla . Mr. and K.n!e» ll^mrvillr rrmir- Mrs. M.n'tn Smith. M:. and Mn. Jnckir Elliott North I.ittlr «r Smith. Mr and Mrs J R ami historian. J u d v Teller. 1 Watkins. Mr. and Mrs \ernon ,4,1!,. ' ;.Mills and Hugh Stonesll Sunday guests of Mrs. Susie Tom- 1 .* man. unr H(x-k , , Drlta «.amma niPiii \ r k a n w s lli»..ter club . . . -rt ol the are Judy dner. l a r a - : Mm Janet Ennler. dauchirr of, Mr nnd Mn. Kyle Kngler. KK l Highland Avenue, bi enrolled Mrnljil ll-allb Aaaoclatlaa Ttir Mental Health A t M x i . i l m n viili nirrt Thursday at § p m :il Hall In thr panel di»- . cuition v» ill [* Wayne While. M (I. sophomiire at Park Collegr. P . i r k - | K M|JJ S|r ,| a Hj|11 am , Mlv , villr. Mi^ouri. She b a g r « ( l u a t e . , , v ,;.,,,,.,,. Evcrvonp it invited of I'mversity high ichool. Mr? Clora J. Gibson of D«-n vrr. Colo , Is visitinit in thr N-mr of hi-r niece. Mrs. Roy W i l l i n i n * s o a t t e n d Rru Sllm». Kptllon Sl(ma Alpha llrtj Sinniii chapter ot E[«ilon ·u Alpha will men Thursday. Mrs Andrea Kobiruon and ; children and Martha uouifl. i children Afternoon visitors wrrr Mrlta Gamm;is who h a v r be«n ! Mrs. Otto Hi'hop and Mrs velittrd minbrrs "I 'he v a r i i « w | W a r d Turner. AsAociatrd Women Sludiiits cucn-| The Order of th? Ecitcrn Star mittrt-s are aj (ollo»: Querns win jponvw a rummage sale. Sat- (ommiltir. Barbara King. Mai- urday. In the drug store from 10 vern, a n d Dulaney Gardner, pub-'a.m u n t i l 4 p m . hcity. Susan Kennon. vocational: .NVvrton Und of Shreveport. Iji . KUidance. I'aula Fans. Bentonville. I arrived Wednenday to visit his si.v Student Faculty Relations. I.ibliy · ter. Mrs. Glen Duncan and other irdner. Warren, and Margaret 'relative* here He will spend sev- White. Clarksville: Volunteer Ser- eral dayn In Fnyrttevllle with hu ice. Anne Simpson and Paulelte'vui. Na»ton l^nd. and family. i^nrrr, Fiiyrltcvillv: social. M a r - i They ere all former residents of i Varnrr. 1'oteau. Oklahoma. ;indi\V'"!o , orlnpr Mn. D*ck Johnaton and Mr*. Allstrr. at the home Dick Johnston on tbe naad of Old Mr* Wlrr th a whit* llnei. culwork cloth and held an arrangement of pink aitoi; »lln silver candltiticks nx pink Upers. Mn. Louis oyce. mother of the honoree. prf · ded at th« table and served punch ram a cut glass bowl. There were guests present. Roberta Gill Becomes 01 John 5mM SILOAM SI'IUMiS (S)«cLl' Mr. and Mrs. Jl U OUI announce the marriag* of their rUughter. Ko- berta. to Mr. John Smith on Train day. September K The double nrg reniony «.is performed ir. the ·"irst Baptl't church of Pineville, v»ith the Hev. Mr. Cornelius officiating. The BriKm i» thr »on of Mr and Halph K Smith al»o ol thr At present the yotmK couple cholarship Awarded o Kenneth F, Tyler Kenneth F. Tyler of n*nUm. a *nlor enrolled In th* I'nlveriity ollefft of KngUieenrui. has been Jl) p m Juli* Mcl'ike. 131 r*Btl»tk C*»tnry ° Bk ·n»a Twenltalh Ctn^n Club wil niwt rrM*r ·» »:°° PTM with land Mr* I. B, Ham will reiu-v* "Paths of f'pace ' hy \1ctnr H Wallace, a study of »ar. Its causes and prevention. Mn. city. are makmc thnr homr at Vfl S Ilitipital. IVright Slrrrt The l»ride attrnded the Colcnrd Mr. lh« hom* o Mrs. Jackie Klllott; Kash'ci Ktlqtietle. V o E F I. Tulva. Ukla- wmn, and Lynda llorinn, Iloone- Carol · n d lie; Ottlce ManaKrmenl. 'age. Slkeston. Mi»»ouri. Student Union publicity committee. J*n«U« WlUon. NathvUlr. Binhs Mr. aad Mn. Frank Jcors Mr and Mm F r a n k .l»nm o( K u r e k a Springs announce Ihe birth, of a un. Septemter 30. i\ I imrt) T. ' 0 CL-b Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs Jack Stocklmrger were Miss Glen Stocktxirger. Mrs. Ethel Jo Mrs.. Bill hey and children and Mrs. Don Phllilp* «nd son of Fay ettevllla. Mr. and Mn. Roy Land and daughter. Baundra. of Baytown, Trm*». arc vUlllna; hla molh*r Mrv I.aura I^nd and other rela lives here for a few days. ilgh school and Hie groom ed the Sllnani Sprinci hij;h aid Mn. llrrmai Cat , You can mix t»o parts of un The Friendly Circle Club met , al|rd vegetable shortening with Tu«~vdjy evening »ith Mrs Hu K h onr IMirl O f flour and use. It to Jrti. hojl,-Nv There u e r e 'evenifoat lftf \^\ Ae of · pan In which memlwrs present and l u o K m - x U . , , butter-lype cake is to be baked. Mn John Z. Clark and Mrc I llutih Wilson. At a ihort Ixisine-u se«' proj- erlii fur the uuiter uerr discussed (James were played vnth nil members Mr and MM Fayt-tteville anno a son. SeplemlN Small-fry delight Ker^i an e i t r a Hospital. .. t of iin-lal or bright-colored pla« ' amed the recipient of the A r k ( l | c mra , ur | n8 .poonj on hand m ! M r aad Mn. Kldon i*rrj inaas Foundry Scholanhlp for the lhf iu t c r ^n' V.Kjng»ler, v«(m are Mr. ind Mr K.UV,n Ucey of winning prues Ite- hment.i »ere served by Ihe e^» The nejt meet ing will be. Cox o f ' " 1 'he home of Mrs. hoy Olivers birth of | on n.-tol.-r M County nnui ATTW sTlCONYDrTOfT /MD ECONOKICMJ FASH ION SHOP II lementer. President John T. aldwell announced today. T h e cholarshlp pays a stipend of IVO semester and is awarded on Ihe u U of location and scholarship Tyler. th« son of Mr. and Mrs C. Tyler, is a Korean war vet nan. He previously attended Hen lerson State Teachers College. He s a member of the American So lety of Civil Kngineers and Tau ieli Pi. an engineering honor oclety. age w i l l think they're Fayetlevllle ar.notinre the birth of great for me.iMiri.ig out 'A-ind a daughter. OctiJ»r I. lloipital. cakes and pirv " «t County M A R K THE DATE 1 TURKEY DINNER. Tu^rta Oct. 7th. At St. Joseph'i Scho (all starting at 0 p.m. A'lulU 113. Children «ir Adv -10 4t-c LITTLE ROCH'S FIDEST HOTEL pr . , ' : ' r · ' Featuring. '.'-".' Family Room Ralti · C o n n e c t i n g Garagt Woridtrful Food · Convtnlent Downtown Shopping . WALTER E. DAVIS, Min^rr. " . ' 7th and SCOTT STREETS · PHONE F R i n U m 2-5211 ANNOUNCING Mr. Bob Newberry Has Joined the Staff of RITA'S HAIR FASHIONS Mr. Nawberry Is Post StyU Dirtier on d Active Member of "Tht Hollywood Hair Daiign Coun t i|-. H» Hoi Won 46 Mojor Hair Styling Cont.n, Ha» TooghJ In Mony Cities in lh» United Slates. Euro p t on j Japon. Mr. N»wborry's Association Mat»i "ombla Our Salon Having Our Own Exdusiv* Professional Supplies Uuie I BIO happy U anaotiDrr I kave i«U my Kaln* U Rock. Ark., aad will U U my KalM Wr« I DAYS A F^jll Suff Now Makes It Possible For t),, r n,, 1:00 a. m. Until 1 p. m. Monday ThrouKh Saturdm. -- W« Now Hove a D«portmeni _ SHAMPOOS AND WAVU $, J0 PWMANINTS $10.00 and RITA MIWEI Suit* Rita's Hair Fashions Stort) tldg. Newsworthy fabric--Dellcato . . . . makes of the r-fw. est. Vovelitst line of fashion . . . tn« chemise. Wllnesi th« ·oftly-full impressed oleau In back . . . beneath the wide- circling flattering shawl coL lar. In front, new triangle push-up sleeves and a f listening rhjnestone bocquet on her left lap*! made her the picture of fashion? Completing this" high fsishtnn pvtralt . . . Fashlonbilt'4 elegant »rn- hrcidered Mllhim Satin lln- ing W.M Use Our Layrway R X C L U f I V I * Mrs. Bonnie Mr. acd Mrs II. A Carter of West Fork visited Mrs. Carter's sister. Mrs. Slcll* K. Maaoo. Sunday. , Mr. and Un. Burl UcGinaU and family of FayettevilW were gueiis of Mr. and Mrs. John Davis. Saturday. The Spring Valley Baptist Church cnnUnumg their revival services through this week. The Rev Oscar C Hill, pastor of the Caxi'.e LITTLE Llll Th* nrw mirccle drugi iburxj ' W gocd rhot If you're healthy you *e«l like you're miwing jomething r-BAMCOMlA CNIMA SWIFTS n North Block St Wood floor care can be easy! World's largest maker of hardwood floors tells how to clean and wax them m half the time THE HARD WAY! Meaty loap and water washing ca,n ruin thr appearance of your wood floors. And e»en the hardest scrubbing just can't rcmovrmost stubborn dirt, mark* and old wax. THE EASY WAY I A f t r r years of testing, we know ilrr cleaning does the job easier. Utter. Pour Bruce on the floor ind ill dirt, marts and old wu wipe awiy easily. JUST HALF THE TIME I As the dirt wipei off the floor; a new, clean coat of wn wipe*, on the floor. A lJ£ht polishing and yon're all done . .. ia half the usual tiny;. TWO KJMDS! For hr., 7 duty waxing u*e Eiuci CUJL-V IMC WAX. Wbera lesa w tx wanted, BM BIOCI rtooi dZAjrau Both work wooden oo h'ooievm floors, too. ·** ·*· ·-»·-·-*·-- /or jfoori ... we Bntctl .H. w..

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