Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 4
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MOtTHWtft AKKANU3 T1MI8. t, 19SI NOBTHWES! MKAIBiS IIHIS D«ih Dem tft «·**» »y FAYETTEVIUJ: DEMOCRAT PLXUXH0M1 COMPANY J««e 14. UX Eatwwo! el tb» pact offlf* *t F*«tlevtlU. Aik.. M boon* GUI M*JJ Uatttr S*m E. Gtarhan. Vtr* Pm., General Uaaagr-t Ted H Wrtk Editor Hal T DcueW Pufc!l»h4r _ Phot** 2-Mi-iaW __ MEMBER OFTHB ASSOCIATED PRKM Th» Aaeadated Pr*ee n «cluilv*ly tniiutd to the us* for mruU^atiaB of All MWI du- patent* credited to M or bM oth*rwl»* crvlltet! Ui thl* paper aod also In* JocaJ n«w* pub- bahfd herein. AD rtlihu ol rtpubticttlon at rprctat dl»- patehee a«r*ln art *Jao re»ervtd _ ~~~ suwcaiPTio?* fura P*7V*ek -- ------- Kto (b? carrier! Mali rafti la Waihlnftofl. Barton Madlaon. onutrtl»i. Ark., and Adalr County. OkU OM month .._______ -- ____. tte Tn«« month* . -- . .. « *» Si« merrthi ------- "»» On* y**r ........ ..... ----------- ro ° Mill In countle* other t h a n abowi On* month ________________ *' 10 Thr*« month* - . , . ·' T * Sit monthi ____ . ------- u o n One year ...... - · ------- " w All mull r*iynlle In ·,h-*nY Mull iub*crip4lr»i« are wt acrrptM in F J » - etlevlll* whrr* Northmen A r k a n « a « Tln»t enrrlrr tervlo* It maintained _ _____ That "Testy" Feeling: The national a d m l n i n t m t i n n . *nv«. James R«-*ton of the New Vork Time«. N b e R i n n i n p to nound u l i i t l i te«.ty. C r i t i - ci.»m by the people jfet* under thr « k i n Of thrwe in charjre. Thty don't credit the j*fiple of t h i s democracy with m u c h ·en«e. t h e y seem to nay. If the people Indicate t h e y don't like all th»t 1* jn'inir on. This in particularly notlCMbU In the Qtttmoy and MntfU-Fornou iltuaUon, w h m adminintratlcm policy do«i not meet tin approril of many Amtrlcana. Amervani, My* Reiton, hare born tnughi to do to other* wh»t thiy would like to have cAhtrt do to thtm-- "and everyone knowi what Atnirietn* would do if the ChlneM CommunJiU wire helping · friendly rtflrnt on 8 tat en Inland." American* writ* Jctttn to Waihlng- ton and put forth thll nctlsn, and because thin Idea If not farorabli to the adminUtratlon policy of itayini on Qua. mor and Matru. even fighting for the inland* only a few mllM from tht China coajt, the admlnlitrttion makti no bone* of not liking the renultinc mall. Indeed It doe* M4m a n t t l e "Uity" to ^how resentment at this kind of reception by the people. Could t h i n fMllnjr come from the fact t h a t even »omt of hjjrh In the idminUtrntion are bt- to wmUr alxiut the jolicy of t h e inUnd* alunf with to large a p«r- c«nti« of lht population? . , John M. Virdtn write* In th« tfavj Timea about an "Ouu-k Edm" In Ar- kanaaa. And he makes It wound *o rnn- rincinjr that it mu*t attract other reiU drnU to tht "Garden." it N'orthwMt Arkanaai. Among the thinft he aayi the p*opli of thf Otarka do not hare art "traffic Jnmi. nor tht ttnulont br»d by the rat- rare of u r b a n living. Ulctn an almoit u n k n o w n , and henrt attacks nro vory mre. In abort, theat ptopU live the ?ood l i f t , with all tht conrcnlence* and f r w of the b u i l t - i n annoyances and har- Me tells of tome of the t ) i e Oznrkfl offer. 'Tht m o u n t a i n s are h i p h rr.o-- *h to M«ure cooler s u m m e r w i - i i t h i T . and winds from the jrrent p l a i n s r.f t h ? Southwtut temper t h e v r j n - t«-r'« cold. Tht iprinir and f a l l in the O r a r k s nrt tb»oluttly d e l i R h t f u l and t h e iv-cnery ji magnificent. It is s l i j r h t won- drr t h a t the novellut Harold Ih-ll W r i j f h t rhose thll lecllon of America as the s r i M n g for hli b«it leUInx lKH-ks." 1'eoplt lovt tht Ourks because "a h u b o l l n g ipring buiti out of a l m o s t ev-ry hill and a branch roared down every holler. Some lay t h e y l i k e the 'rlendly. alow-ipoktn but c o m p l e i e l y honest peoplt up hert in these m o u n - tain*." He llao mention* t h a t the best q n n l l h u n t i n g to bt found a n y w h e r e m n y be enjoyed in tht m o u n t a i n s of t h i s aren. A m i g h t y fine picture Is p a i n t e d of DREW PEARSON Merry- Go-Round Wuhlflfton-ThU) begins · month of politic*! debalt «nd controvtriy on which dtptndi ih* qualltr of American demurr**? Between now and November 4. ih* Am*ric«n ptopl* ru»t to read ·bout. h**r at«xil, wm*tlm** get fooled ·bout th* men ih«y wUI chou** lo run Iht na- tlmi (n whether thty art fooled or educated, whether they tee through th* campaign talk or underitard the itraight talk, will dtpend Ihe n*»ty of gorernmem *lter eltc'lon day la *n effort to prnttrit* iht oratorical fa- Ihr political thi- cclumn will report some of th* facti thai don'i app*.ir on Ih* surface during the tltiiion campaign. Hert U ont ntuituia affecting Iht I'lird »ig- g**l *l*clural italr in th* union--I'mniyhania -which hai tlerUd Republican governori In ·11 eirepl thre* raaei since in* c i v i l war. In in effort to continj* ih.t tr/tdiin-n. :h* Republican high command ihli year r*r;ed · relatively unknown |rr!irl m a n u f a c t u r e r . Ar- Ihur T. McContgl*. In urtfrrenc* 10 Harold i. hard ttorkir.f aid* lo I'reiident Ki*en- ind negotiator for disarm wiient. Me- · ai publiclird ai a Milf-made. cleann: huilrturnsn «r.3 uculd bring * lu»lnesi- like ;r»rnji-.enr to the itatt of I'enniyUsni* H* w|i prornj'.ed ai · "w.intl" men »no n*d com* up tnr harrf »ay. In rontrsn to Stamen « h n ·nr.v.fh foriurr [r»ildent of ihr I'nlveril'y nf 1'rnr.tvliar.i.i. wai too libers! t * » * lo M anA rny M . ( i n n k a r t u l r iiul»- S.-jitrnihrr talk »(·,! hit IUCC'M i!nr» ' I ir..mjged 10 trrai-- ::.i- 'I Sroihrr Hay got ihr i.iirr JIMH «.iirl nl hinistlf In * hn:l..' l.vid; !i»hr,l (,, th* Phil;iirl|hi.i In.) t t j r ! ' Vni) w i t h Kn-,r \ r r v necessary hrlp from a" hr eor.tinuH. ' vn- look ovrr." Thni hmr*er. ».n not n.-iclly the circum- i t j m r undrr *hi h thr (iOI 1 c.indidatr for iov- rrnnr of I ' r n n l r l \ anl.i cot hu start as a pro*- prrcxn i r r l i r l mncnalr and hrad of [tachmnn rwikrrici Jlrpubllran Iradrrs who fought Sl;iv «cn and rh.»r MrConiglt have been quaking in ilinr t««jt, IMI Ihr true facti leak out. It hj[i-n« lhat thr true fact* art a matter of court rernrd and thrrefore not suhjert to arj:inient. Thty ihow that McUonicle'i undoes i s t a r t » m by no mean* (he American nu · reu Hory. but that pretzel manufacturer Me- fionlcle (ol to twlstrd making a success of pret- rrlt lhat hr. hli brothrr and their ·UOClltrl h/id In couch up IIM.MQ. plui $50,OnO In attorney's fern. The record. In the U.S. Dlitrlct Coun for Kajiern Pennsylvania, September a, 1957, ho»i in brief lhat iht OOP candidate for (overnor w«i appointed ai * receiver of H*rhman Rakem* to protect Ihe Interests of creditors, sold thr company to himself. Briefly, her* |§ the detailed slory u l m h Pennsylvania's anti Slnssrn politico* don't published: McConlgle was appointed March U. 1M. at receiver for Ilachman Hiktrlen in Heading, a company of uhich ht had been tier preildrnt Hr wax appointed by (he Berki County Court on Ihe nomination of Loralne J. S h u - msker uno controlled Amtrican Con* and I'm xei one of Bichman'i chief creditors. K i k h i dayi later. March 31, Mcflonlele turned around and sold Bnihrnan's to Herbert Fields, of the laurel D U t r i b u t i n g Cornpiiny. for only li.lW The asitts had bem valued at IVl.e57.GB. 1-aUr it wai charged that Laurel DUrtrtbuunf wa a "UcUUoua purchaavr." tor* Juogi- WtlUam H Ktrkpalriek". Jr.. w h r n A I. Hall, a iharrholdrr for A m e r i c a n Conv and Pretxel. brought lull agalnj) Mrtinnlgle. hu brother, and ·jMclaln. · Ai Ih* luJt w*j .nllrd for lllK.Vn. the fallowing colloquy Inok place in court "Cotinielor. ere your client* putting up inn I1MJOO?" *ikod Milton Sehg. reprtmnllng In- Managemenl Company. "I want lo ay we are puttlnc up · crrf»lder- ·bit portion of It." replied John 8. llhoda. atlor- My for tht UTJ McUonigle brothvri and Ihclr compinlli. Reading R:'.mg and PrrUrl and B*chman Bakerle% Thll'l the Amrncan HUCCMI itor) of thr candidate for governor of I'enn'lx.lhli Putting un a good part of $lfvi.iW, pluv rm IKD ·tlornty'l I***. »ai good buiineo For ihr MrTionlslM later *old naohmnn H.ikrn.^ fur a reported W.5«i Ort) * * ¥ Krirndi of Vice I'rniilrnt N i n m c o n f i d e he u »o di*lurU-d oxer Ihr I l r i n i x - r a t i r t r e n d that hr ii U i l k i n K p n v a t r l y alxiut a iti vorce from Ihr, Kisenhower adiniiutlraMnn Hr t h i n k i hr m.iy h n \ r a t*tlrr ch.inrr lor thr ]'·) prntldrnhiil ran- by I n k Ins hli cmn »l;.nfl running on the Llx-rinnwrr reror'l Accordingly Nlion will stirt Milking more for hlmielf and leii for the R d m i n t M r a t l o n lie «ill not critu lie the .Ktniinivtr.ilion Inil s i n , p l o l f r r hu own opinion* * W » Too f « \ t pick u p -- ' h i r l KronmniO H a m o n d Sjulnirr h.ii reported lo Ihr pretirlent thut thr country u pulling out of th* ieci-lM a l n « » t ion rapidly. Tht rtCMiion. h* layi. dlil not f! low the uiual cr«»crnt-*h*p*d cune. l.;i (int plungrd dovkn and ix nou hixiliiiK Up I)r Snulnirr private!} crrilil* Ihr n u i r l i - alu«rd Nr« [ «i!h hrlpmR pull ih* c o u n l r v l i f t - i n o u r A r k n n « i i * f ) r n r k « -- a p i c t u r e - ple.iMinille enoujfb. to m a k e u-* :ill \\hn l i \ f ln-n- k'lml we c|o n i i d t h c i s c \v H d o n ' t already w a n t tn mo' f amontf UA. LOCAL BEAUTY S1LO4 STRESSED I THAT THfilR V)6ITlMC» PRETTlPlER A SPBCWUST~4M They 11 Do If. Every Time SPECIAL* WEEK ONLV// WE K4VE , WOOLD- RBNOWNED WAIP STYLIST/ MISTER CASMOQ WILL COE4T1 MDU ALOHK UT -rOU WI6HT JUST 4S WELL DO THE JOB YOURSELF FOQ ALL 7W£ peasoMLiZEO SERVICE HE 6vEa vcw DOES MODOM fJCEPEP 4 SMOPT orr o« 4 LONC3 cirr? OCR* MOOOM H4\-E 2E HJia TrllNHED OUTpp MJV8E BJM6S MOOOM LIMM6 PP noes 2£ rUif? OJ r -N ZE MIDDLE i IAMES MARLOW The World Today By WILUAM L. EVAN Under Qunal NUMT'I leider- In today* »orM market, but (hi ihlp. mlad«d Arib' · will tasr to ytan to comt The Arab leaden Intend a icrl- out challenge to UJ. policy. A ' M of thinfj to come ii found In lltfle-noticed development In Nuarr'i eapttaL Tho Arab Ltejua It InvhUni *0 U member «Ulee to *end delef a- loni to wrnU U beinf billed u the flrtt fttb oil conference." icbed- ltd for Nov. 1 In Cairo. Thll U on Nauer'i InltliUve. He i puihlnf hard for the ld*a of ruttr producer-itate partldp*-! Ion In the oil Induitry. ill the, w«y from titracUcn to marketlnj. I* wuti a cut of the oil rkhet. Amoni the project! to come bt- cult ud far mart expttuUve ail th* time. After World W«r I W«ihlnxt/.n · the future of . The Bute IV American commercial Initiative to the hilt In the ·etrch for new icurce*. When the fabuloui field* of the Saudi penln- tula proved to b* the world'* great ell bank, U.S. policy moved to make certain these reserve* did not fall under potentially hostile control, Thii to . . itow #? ' uc TM" ul tht prwerrt Weitern-controUed net. and a propoul -- from the evolutionary IraoJ reflme-- for an 11-Arib tanker fW. TheM may b back to economic health after World W*r II. If control of the nil out of once *g*in would be endangered tht iime kind of reiolutt funp now. They ilio need to look w*y the wind blow*. The U.S.! * NuitTt bur '~ n jig Prtmler Houidegh. back In HJ, hid hid jKceu lo --even · handful of could hive muketed IrinUn nd triumphed In · danieroui'y".. 1 "! J UTTma . n.rWestern crUi* in Iran. | *" h ntt . on ' .^ One of the moet ImporUnt n*-j qi tTM:' (i « in the Cairo meeting will be ? · V M J year-old Sh*ik Abdullah Tar-l. A r ' D .fTM !ikl. director of Saudi Ar*bla'i| tant " n TM Department of Petroleun A f f i l r i !f» alnn .. II. .. .n mrAmnt n . l l n n . l U l _I|V. ! D '*' Wiail. °\ era ""* rU " ive oil ,, and other nnn. n He *rdmt nitlonalUl with grudg* *gilnit tht United nut of the doldrumj. New deal rtfjrini, hr told Knenhovtrr. had kept Ihe couriry'i purchai inj; pourr up. IHJI he li now wofrd lhat ihr abrupt ri*r will cau.or skyrKkttlng price*. HOW TIME FLIES News Of The Past Thirty V**rt Ago · F . i y i - t l e v i l l e Daily October 1. l»ai Mr nd Mri K j r l Crrrnhiw and children of HarrlncTn, navt rented iht cot lag* of Mr*. H .) Warla on sit"m Street, and irt In Fay- r'l.-Mii,. io mak* Uinr homt. Mr. Qreenhaw. · l[ut:imtnt ittorney of hli community, tnd · rrcent candld/i'r !«r C.S. Congren*. h*j entered pnrtnwrihip » i t n Major fl. H. Dnr!d»on In Ihe l.iiirr » office; hrre. Mr, .lulun HrrM)n and Mri. Harry Deiu clump rnI«Tl.nnr] yrlltrday with a four table bridge p.irty nt the homt of Mri. Btrion. hon- orlnc Mr« K c.'Bobertion. Mn. C. M. Law- «nn ret-eived high »«ore wlie and Mr*. Georgt Applehy received to*. «r«. i\ob*rUon won guest prii*. (Northvwt ArmaaiM Time*. reictMT 1. 1«M) John F. Helltrotl came from roeatello. Irtuho. to C;me HUl Ihu wrek lo cl-iim hi» i w e f t h r a i t , Mm Irene Cox. daughter of Mr and MM It. v - rrund ("OK of nrar Morrow. They » r r r rml hrrr in a tingle ring crreinony K r i j j v a f - ternoon by B. K. Harper. Justice of the i-'.irr Th» romance began vomr four or l i v e i - . i r « ago when Mr. Heiitron waa vlilUng at Canr Hall, whrr* he. met hu future bride, then « ichoolglrl not yet IS yean old. "I've l o ^ f d her ever ;lnce nnd Juit had to eomt bark and claim her." laid th* groom. Mr and Mn. F J Skellon today celebrated their Mih weddlnc arnlverjury It thr hnmr nf thi-ir d:nirh!er. M r » olln Karnei ol F.iyi-tte- v i l l r W W W II Tear* Age ' N o r t h w e s t A r k » n i » « Time*. October 1 IMI Mm Marleen Mi Krrhan. daughter of Mr and rr.l ,K!y (Allege M r « I. I. M r K M - h J i n . h.c hi Nriad.1. M o . whrrr the w : i l ipwullie in i i i U M c She wn gr*d ;*t«-f) ''"m l n i r r « i ! y cla»». iind a s c h o l a r s h i p ! r t . i : i I c "· ·· ' ci.'tr »·· awiirdfil to her Kappa Alpha f r j t e r n i t v ·'· of M r » Gerald Tripleti. rw» a ten j M l e r d a y aftrrni«in nl AUnit 3D prrioru called i.-.-d m honor Questions And Answers Q-Whai li rejarded i« one Of thr grratMt enilnwrmg nchiex«-tr.ri,:« of .ire-«:-i.umblan Ameri'.-a' A-The J.JOO-miU itum p.ived .li^hway built by Ihe Inca» Q-I)o turd* and ammli Ulk to each oihn? A-- Monkeyi chatter luck and forth lo one another, titii aivturr each other'* »oni *nd many amnuin have p*c!*l calli lor th»lr younf. Theit .ire only lomt of tht wsyi ulrflj and anlmali ' t a l k " to jiih other. Q--li th* NUt a naviiablt river? A--Th« rlv*r U navlgablt lor nearly ill toUr* Ungth of about 4.000 mile*. Q--Tor whom wu Mount Ev.retl MmtdT t ^T"* 4 ^. a ??* m E'"^ 1 - ·urv»»or.i*ner H | of India, who determined the height ol iht ptak La drferuive chain T* Ar»b nl! The uther links »-ould from · highly flexible irnnvort .iltujilon and rrf.rer ("'faVikl hop*, to periuad* l i t t l e " OT "" f»ci!IUes In Western Ku- Hr!!nh prnlrrtrd K u w a i t . rnn«t r "'f f.ihulouj producer in Ih* world _. cannot drink t!ir !r oil to Join In the** lU-Anb «chemeil/ 1 * ) 'J'. niK1 f · llo L rf " ny lon| irv to .eaken the Western position |l"Tuptions In !ta flow, unleu they ' w a n t to n«k new resolution* I If Iht Western position ronlinue* Tim li · matter of fravett Im-'weik. Uie Arabs ar* likely lo talk por'.ance for Amerlein policy, hlackmiil If It I* «tronc they There ii a Irmporary glut of oil are more likely to t.ilk srn.vr SAM DAWSON I. IK9. "Black Fri'i-i*'" A -- I t n .r rcfrrtnce to an attempt by finnn- cn-r» Gould .ind Fuk to corner th* gold m*rket Uiat resultri! In complete panic in Wall *'(n-*l. Q-Who (orr.mandM the famoui Kngllih "t.u'ht H: .'Mr' i; U i l a k l a v i in tht Crimean A-Jarr.i» Thon.i, l i r i n l r n r l l . 7th Karl of Car- dicnn Q--Who 'j.ii the f i r M K n c l i s h man to l«- j ; - \ r n the t i t l e ol I ' r i m r Minn'.rr* A--Sir K.'t»ri W»iix)li Q-- W h i r n rhar.tctrr in Lon\a M i ) A l o t " i "LltU* Women" reprMenti (),* ».,ihor' A--Jn The hmk 1» a record of her uulhood ezptriencri and lho«* of h*r three mtrri The Business Mirror NEW YOHK AP) - Buiinwi New York, warn* today igalntl enteri toda what li widely ex-'nptctlng loo much from Iht con- peeled to b* the b««t quaner of.iumer or loo hlf · Jump In hl.i the ye*r. Confidence ha« been upending. It say*: growing with th* vig ( rr gf th* re- ··Coniumer mar'ket*. while has. coyery from last A p r i l i low point, (rally strong, are far from ember. Coniumer i up a b i t . am People ar* «(lll buying care- And ipendlng li f f l e r a l . itate full* and are reported to be ei- ind local governm^!'. i« increu- tremrly price coniciou*. Llkeuur. Ins InroacU .irr at l,nt hrin? lonliing lo the future, m«rt esti- mide Into the total of k job mntm today are that tales of the Im. * IW!» lulni may .-in to 3 ! i million If consumer spending continues -d good »r»r. hut i.'r from « ban- to creep hishrr. (artorir* tin »tep ner on* " up production and r r h n e Hid oil The hank al«o «ayi the r r v i v n l men. of builneti (pending for new plant Rut moil consumer* hav* b»en and equipment could tUU be *om* ·pending Juit about all they h»d **y off l*n a/tee U»«*. True, iht rait of Noting the contlder.ihle eire« Mvlngj ha* been up u Ihe cau- ( productive rapacity and illll hlch iteu* watched the courie of the rt- un«mplo)-ment. the hank econo- 'eceMlon. but that rite U mill *.nilii* [olnt mil lhat the grtx* na- very imaJI part of total income, tfnn.ii product -- rlnllir value nf What has held many comumeri total output of goods and lenlcei back from buylnR the thing* they -win h a v e to Increrne t^iite a bit wanl but can wait for li (hat they;to take up the slack (had tiken on all th* debt ihty; The l.itixf «urvey by the Secwl- could h a n d l t . Now ihey ire tir« and Exchange ' CommlMlon Ithotijiht to hav* paid off encmgn and the department of commerce, I of u to b* In poiitlon to l»uy more, on the other hand, shows that the lAppliinc* dealers, for one group, long decline In business ipendlng i.iy t h n t if ihr casr And the auto for now plant and equipment his i n m k r r s Invtntly hop* It u so. 'ended. A slight li looked 1 fnr In the fourth quarter thit Hut ("ha* Manhattan Bank. lUrta today. by H) U VANWAY «r-«u mi If U U «···* »M*M^ If MU IvAi. W. di.wn "Slie'i |. .t :nr in i ipot, I-*nt. | uon 1 1 know to do a t - u t Ui^t ran.-h. ihrrlfl. TV* fit uj |i v( , T rry- bolt a fair ihnkr .r uy to And we'vt got courta of Juitlre tn fit- rid* Ullngs l i k e Um Tcitngl Creek qutitlon · Lan* U«Jii hn IH- ..(I Ux ,1«k ".Veil, regardlrti ,.( «·-.,. ,,,,, v h*aiJ about n«. I -. cowt.,rvt not a j\jnflj;hirr »n looking lor g r a n i r t i I thu.l. M un.1*r*iandi in at " out lh« throaty nk« U the woman held angtr. Lane uy (her* ind IMmrd for half ID hour or morr. t r y i n g to ltf hope Ihr/d f r t . r r j c k al Ih* nnUrs. Lent mad* ar- rtncemmu with 0*orc* Kinr- w«lt for saddlt horw* tp UM In rounding up thr Tmir-Arrow rt- muda. and on thr third clay, h* and IVdro Ilodncurz jot * »i»- mulr team and »ax»n fruni Kinewalt'i yard to move Irma and her aunt and hou*«krrp«r out to the much. \Vith Uie womenfolk* eit*b- In th* nrwly rurnlih*d DOROTHY DIX -Etti D D«ar Ktla- Ifi doutxful If you 1 can rwnplettly change your pen- go back to ll»*p again, but thej r . n c n hl)UM . §fld W ( U l b((ndy . convtrulloo In the arijcnnlng letgfd Hfnfy . hul ^ 3n M room w*J (omethlng that couldn't Ignore, armnho*-. It Wasn't C*rkU Mcndoza tn Mr* with Dr*pvr. b*cau»e it wagat her role*. Lene de-idrd Inen that the handaome banker wil - ladlee' mtn. having mor* than oo* on hli itrtflg. At moment, th* woman In there with Draper cried out, not loud 'hit enough to ·rouee the hotel, but oud enoujti to gtt on John Cant's nenre*. He swunf out of ted and pulled on hi* Levl's. be let hlmieif into ho hall, and r»pp*d sharply on )T*PCT'» door. "Wbafi tolnf on kn there"* Th* door op*n*d. with Dra- wr*i murUchtd t*c* p*ermg out. e ,,|MU own Umpllghl rrrsaled Iwine ilanding lh*r*. and h* said. "What do you W»nt? range C O ok. ln.tallrd in th* F o u r - A r r o w cookihack. L a n t took the re*i of ih* crew into th* foothill* of Lam* 8l**r Mountain on · none bunt, heading for an old muitang trap thit Rosa Mc- Keniie had bulll around · ipnng In Muiacre Canyon. Th* it* 11 lor. lhat kilUd «IcKenile had txm caught In thl* trap. In J«a* than two w***~ thry ad penned 100 held, a frw bring wild stallion* and mar** and coll*, but moit of them were g e l d I n f i that McKenxJe had Branded. inr.a helped them haze th* Un bunch Into the) corrol MAT dark evening Discusses Your Problems rVnr Dorothy Dlx- I'm going to vlu my dauihUr. who Is his pliy- get fired from my Job In a few mate She Iidn'l care but I'm »eek« if I don't have hHler hand rrry -j^* about It We were al- writing than this Can pu tell m e ' w a y s good friends but I haven't how to improve? _ _ ipoken u her nince the party. -Mrs. T. T. Dear Lady Neighborhood feuds manshlp in · few weeks! but per- irt Wrtrr worth ihf troubl* of hapi th* bail will relwit I! you'^mtaining them The eicuae u i ihow lorn* Improvement «nd prom- c »[ t » m| J 1 w «k. but since It 1* the Lse more. Oo to the library and get ?" ly mf . 'onncomlnf. take it and a book on handwriting, or buy one " ir|rt "^ 'P 1 *^*(or · dollir or so. Do the exer ' ---else* pitltntly «hd ?«llhfully. intl Dear Dorothy Dlx: I'm In love you'll noon writ* better. A lip- Bt,*' 1 " * boy In my claw. He doe*n't coniistrni w i t h site of letters neem to notice m* although I do Krrn the imaller letlen of the al ·v-Tythlni I can to attract hU «t- phabet. luch H l. c *. I. o. u, ""»«« - *ven to cleaning out his etc.. the same height above th« desk. Mother s*yi this Is puppy line; keep the kmger letlers - b. '«'·· but I know id the real thing, d. f. g. etc. -- a* much above and --Jennie --or b*low the Une ** the other! Dear Jennie: At lent l:'i good. 'trier lettrrt 'clt*n lovi; However, it t*«ms 'doubtful that It will ever b» pro- Detr Dorothy Dix: The neighbors I ducUve of snrthlng but houseclrin- ·cross th* str*et from us recently ing tiperlence. Look for · boy who (gave t birthday party for their ,winU · pil, not a de*nlng wo- i eight year-old ton ud forfof lo in- man. ·till in IO-A r. " Ijrie grmnr.1 ~T 1 ^- , m a k r any l / i ,.! :, ;, , Tn«y wouldn't 1^. « ,..-, i », · while ago If ll hi tn'i t^» your deputy.* KhKlrT Colr'i mu.-jri.^ lhow*4 diab*ll*f. Tl« chain and IO!M ^ not*l lobby wer* d*Mru4 th* man behind lh« ii»u g1ano*d up sleepily M Lan« upsUlrt. Lcne Aotr4 off lo il«rp a ( but cvnit a w a k e i f . n lound nf fcxitite(* in1 \, Uie adjolnltig n».m if,. "You're making so much nol»ri [ can't klc-rp." Lan« told him. Hr tried lo |M*rr pajt th* banker, but Draper kept the door nearly rloccd arvl Ll.x'lud the Oprnmf with hu own body. I -All right." Draper Mid. -Ill rut out Ihr none. Oo back » h r r r v«u belong an4 Blind your own tHiilnexa." I The wocrmn f*ll th* lanvr w a y , Obvlcxialy, for lh« remainrd il- Irnt, so l^ne went back lo bed r.AClNO aim In the _ twilight, the girl Mid. "John, I tad judgment In moving IRMA Webster railing in th* for Unt when r* cam* .t ih'.iout of tb« hotti djrjpg ru.rn'th* «*7 In rour-Arrorw ·fTUr». and ui Inert morning. IXawboned and om ilark-«xnpJ«lon«d, W*bit*- waj that tli* clerk -aid H l i i :rap, r ' P ij« to f«t bick on th* Tour"" ' Hid I-in« Mt Ollt lo locelher. tvenlually Four of them. ^l"" 1 " 1 . l w . , ! Arrow. Thtre wae Ulk b*tw»-n . m , n , f , , ,,, and a woman, pitched too low n | r)n g , Ha for Ijne to n.akt oul »hai ««· Myinc. b«i » bark 1i«rt.' Lane *»id, Trt b**n thinking about that, Irma. Wtll »e« how many htiftr ealvtl wt brand. If it uk« all your h**vy neen to pay off C o l o n t l AlclianU, It might M a food idea to veil of! iom« of you/ ibt) gtuff. Maybe next iprtnf you can trail , mixed herxl of TtMT own irp to riU- H* eouldn'l promiM her any thing. becauM · tot could happen btfort lh« cocilng roundup wn ovtr. Do Ida. Sheriff Cole. If Irnu merrltd him. woiiM hav* a :,k, Webiter. wert old Four- hamtx »nd Wnd owt with! might even penuade tht girl to dbpocc of th« tpread. Did Irm* really lov* Tom Coir? w«ll. the undoubtedly did. L*n* tald h I m i e I f. or irm «t)nldn'l b« all i*t to marry lb* BILLY GRAHAM My Answer qUtSTION: If our Lord knew that Judas would betray Him why did }I* permit bin lo continue a* r. D. i. ANSWER: It to not always prof liable for us to aaatrM the action of the Lord Jens Cbrfct. How. ever, wt know that He Btrtr nutfi mlsuke and that He did -all ihlngs wefl". It nu*t b* remcnv bered that Christ ctme Into rhe world for · definite purpo**. II* knew (kit the Crou fu*d Him ·nd that oc th* Cross II* wi suffer the punithmenti (or our sla*. H* could have destroyed (be trees from whleti ffli eroei lw made. He could hare called to ill assistance thousands of anf ill. He could have itruck th* Roman soldier* bllfld so (Vy CAild BOt have carried out their talk ti cmcifrlnf Him. He could have ·truck down flUU of Qtftut wtti a look And He could hivt driven Judas from ihe company of tot disciples. Rut He did none ol the** things. The*« men were merely agenu bi · plan. On the Cro»* Our Lord prayed that they might be forgiven and unqucillonably many ol them w*re later ·motuj who believed «t Pentecost and afterward. The only recorded Intuao* of Chriit'i mJnf force had to do with Hli deantlnl of the Tempi*. Hera He wai Httttf an dimple afaimt tht defllemaot of to a rptrUoaJ plan with Mrulir mat- ten. Now, aa then, men iixoe to |hfi»i*^i beJas confronted with Owtr need ol Iftro. Many may come through uaworthy moUvn. Trire may b* many te ih* who hive never been Chrkt bred Judag and H* oven men today, ymtuag over ih*m that the/ ma/ repent ud tan lo Hkn.

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