Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

NOtTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMiS, royettefllU, Arkontoi. OcioUr I 1951 Maj. James Hoi! Assigned As Army Reser/e Advisor PRESIDENT-- · riisTiM'tD mnu »AGI · r -i r t o r i ·I I«U. ,kr The Kayrtti-iille t S A r - \i»of oilier for r r v r x r u Nurthwnt Arkansas rus commander. MJJ June* M Hull, a m '.urnn- Irom Korea, has ai the pout ol unit adv MX rrwne to this «rea Me replace* U. Col. William Kr*- gjn. uho held (he advuor po»iliaa for three yean Colonel Keecan 11 rurrtntly aitrndmj; the Command olid Ger,«r:tl Mall School .1! Fort Lea\tr;vkorth and w i l l go 'o Korra when l.'ie 14 ue»-n co-ir*e ihe Western Pact/ic. th* ^ _ \jd our meaporr) «md foff- ·'!! t«- hard to irwre are in good )ui»- Hr uid he to not too it-rr thai t., -oht the cjm-nt crisis. But a H tn-vi opportune* lo nei-otiaie. ,jn *:·.· ,, ADAMS - Kix-nhowrr natd he lir , ;w rf , v . ( n e » j did DO! ast anyone lo obtain the hi. ··1.r.;.-4irr*(,oLhr M T T N I K - W . t h f i r t l anr.i t j k , . ' ~ i r r r . ; . r ' P A \ K I . | t m « »rr «rx! '^y rt ,1* u. ,1.1 that *T«B «- ! i V, n on o-d H Ou So 1 '* bcrvtrr wrr S* J» wrizf.l to |ul!y at Snernian Adorns a* imdi aide. There hj»i br»n,of m.wj .ir. « ( j \ A"Tr-r -jrx) Major Molt Li a «MIY MT\ire u i t h During World War \ H r r a n of IE of If Hint Adjmi he had to t~ !}ejr The ri»-»iii«!t viui Adams r e - j Ki signed \oluntanl)-- (hat he |r-jnov tonally nrver asked Adams ite;iuh.if - a . lo could I- aii)tt, nc | r . % asti M l t t l P I ,,,,*·«.,·, !h , n r r l h l l M,! .rirnli.t. lT»-i(Vnt auo fiwr ulrllii lh*t in tfw ant thiiio Kivrnhr«rr · h u h m.ike it imp««iiMe lor iin:ry In cor.nrtVr the idra HM I hina tn thr I n nl \j!un \ « r\ani|p|ri. he !w O;inr«e Con aad .. rn - ri n. * } t.i.jr-l trr-.a:: huv.v«t u QO.JB 'A fannm and rutUri J M o o - u n o tuSt UMnangxl. udl- iry a art rn*nmrrrul 30O-8W. . - . - . . -r_rjT.-_-j^.-_-_i.-.-,-_-. .··""»*· »nrt rMftm ISOD-19JA. TODAY'S MARKET ^ | N A T I O N A L y U K K Y A I l b S . lil ' t ^^ u ^ in ' AP-Hugl » Vn rathrr ilrn. rur "* *""' of nm« and girtt tan itn up n.'» ^ !mrr ijxr.irr S and cm] 9 00-31 BO: rhoir* JOn-VQI) ftp ilaUfS rr rahn J 4 0 0 r « qtiUiv and 1700-noa 7W. market - Infantry he v.ved Only Two Birthdays The.« four c h i l d r e n of the Luke Jeter f a m i l y h n \ r only two b i r t h d a y s . They are. l e f t to r i t f h t front row. M a r k , 2. and (IrvKory. -|. birthdays come on Svptemlwr 28; and Douglas 6. lop row, | p f t . and Linda '.». w h o n e l i i r t h d n y . H fall on J n n u n r y Ki. Doug and Linda w e r e l x t h Uirn nn Friday I h e 1,'tth. -- p h o t o hy Kj-pyd ( ar!, Jr. j County Family Has Four Children, Only Two Birthdays A Year To Celebrate There s one family in WaOuncton | a yrnr County utuch h.i«. a knack for h3\- Linda, enitit. ^nd [Vjuul.n. i Ins children » i i h the same h i r t h - ! » i T e l«irn »n J.iniiary 11 nr» days (irenory. d«jr. nnd M a r k t » o Mr. and Mrs. Luke Jeter, n h o l f j u r n ScptMiilx-r 3 Tu tup it ai l i v e on a 140 acre f a r m »cst of Linda and l)oui wrrr born « Greenland, h a v e four chilrfrrn--a Friday, thr 13th tirl and three Iwys--liut (he children celctirate only t w o birthlayi) Seawolf Stays Under For Record 54 Days WASHINGTON ' A P ' -- The atomic lubmanne Scauolf has wl record ol M dayi of underwater Ji a rifle pUtoon Icad.-r jnd latiT a* a company commander in the lain regiment o f - t h e 25th 'Tropic Lightning' I n f a n t r y Division. Hi* unit participated in the New Gt-or- fia and Philippine liberation cam- pciCu during IS months of duly In the Asiatic-Pacific theater o( operations Post-war awicnmenl.i include company commander, rth Infantry Regiment at Fort Ord. Calif.; unit |-advisor for resenes in Ogden. Utah; battalion plans and training officer for the 8th Infantry for two years in Germany, and a full three year* tour a« a member of the itaff and faculty of the Infantry School at Fort Kenning. Ga. In Korea Major Holt wa on ad- maml for IR month* The Korea Ami) u n i t h* ;id\ ivH \\ rr*(onji hie for .ill l i i i l i u r .f'irirr' cour\r ! and bane tramir| for the H O K 1 (round armi Hi» » l f e Gloria and «on Hichard · ill reside » n h him m F n r l l e - Mllr MOKK · NEW-- Grej; and Mark enjoyed thr dim » a y »ill Iw found' ichtMili without mil Thr public nrhijrA board official- j ly kepi a hand«-off policy. It took the n t l i t u d r that the schoolj are ble a f f a i r lint Sundi). and in Ihrw clt\ed by proclamation of the and a half rnonlhi Linda and boug i K"* rrnor and that he legal · ill be honorrd m i i h g i l t j |Kround» for hii ac-lion I Jeter and hu family have f o l - j Faubu * flotf ^ !"«· vhoola even lowed rol««s fnr the nait nmelj 1 *'"TM '^ "pened IS days ago year*. Jrti-r ha« taken pan in ih«i aui * nr **' d he feared new ihowi as a contestant, clown rodj vlo ^ nce ! f '--' 2r''ion continued oirial 1" Crnl «' High School. ', The federal lovernment ln-| travel and U (till stronc- Prciident EUenhower disc!o»e*J the record at a ne*a eoolerenc^ ·today. The prevloua bc*t time Icr ·ubmerBtd tra\-el wai 31 The ScawoU. it cot, a of V* . crowinji fleet of American nuclear auhmarinw. «aU«d from New Loudon, Conn., on Au*. S. The Nary hu aaid the h*J remained la Uw North AUarOc breaking t«rt. for the record- He »aid the kuli have enjoyed e\ery minute of the roving Hie. but that h« plana to quit lolltn*- log rodcot. Jeter and hia wilt flrU cam* lo Waihlngtoo County in l*fl but went to South Dakota ahortly ·(tor that. They r«Uun*d h«ro In 1MB mat Linda waa born tn January at UO9. ThrM of th* Jatar cfaU4rm wm born la th* Citjr Ifawpllal aad Mart at the County Ho«pKai -- · Linda la enrolled In adwol at Crmlaad. In addUlon to farmlnf. Jeler haa put in hia application aod haa taken an eiamlnation to be| come a itale trooper. . The Na\7 laid th« Scawolf aub- merged on Aug. 7 two da^i aflrr clearing her home pcit of New London. · At 10.C a.m Tueiday. tt* Sea wolf poked her rjdio antenna above the uirface lone enouch t°, report the liad li-en (otnlly iub- merged. -vilboul any contact w:th Ihe earth'i a'.mosphcre lor M djyt I The amnrjn£ "f staymj, NEW VORK 'AP'-The Amerl- down for more (hjn 'A b y j '» can Cancvr Society plan* a turvey louked upon 01 of prune of more than a million pertona importance lor »e\eial rovjni .m an effort to pinpoint any rela-j hiey include ititenulional pfs- tinriihip between personal hahiti. lite demonstration of 'he hidinC'and cancer. L-anabilitin of luture miiMle sub-, Th? itudy will not be concerned| marines: and proof th.-'t men ctn pn-nnrly with nmoking babiU but live lens without reliar.ce. on tf-e « ; jl include them along with que»- creaaed Ha tUff o( deputy and I ·P*dal manhala In Little Rock trom about 10 to about M. Car Uer. aa many aa 170 h«r«. pmtanably to carry court laUtraUcn ordttw. U. S. Manhal R. BMtKlOd Mild pflnw of ui* m~ VPW rotate ham. but dacha** to xiw a raa- a« ior UM boUdnp thai Th» manliBia abort 1*0 iMr»u- i^ttB porarr ratralnia* ardor trni nuflu Inf UM prirato !·«· arraiw»- rnenL TboM MTTM) Inchxled Iht achool board member*, private ichooi board oUlclala. atal* au- horitle* and ataffi and teacher* o( th« hlgti schools. Iheir r«lr in Virt Nani ol Krd ,tire !o rr!rj*r \*n rri» thrir rrnrril rtr in the difilorr.jtu- lu-ld i -- A T »'ivnao. cbeict and f(«i lamta *rA utility i:ao-l0) the teneral public u i U know )att ibly has tx--n guilty in not having making Lhr annwcxTmetit in ad Alaska to »elronie it into the van« so that DO one would think km ai the 9(h ulate »a lout rrtnind all (hii li National ^ had arransrd to day servirei him- (he atomic submarine Soauolf hat leg-o-tards "Honeybun" new feather -float contour bra development secret, adds pre-shaped allure... For iportswtor . . . bunging . . . dancing cmalllr coMeo. New Back faten)nf for · completely tmooUs back «pp{«««ci , . . The TIMES in the bwt buy for your advertising dollar! Your saoct flatterfnf vfllMOttM Jb · pot of joer wey c cotton cUtchot cop on. ·HoneyboB* fa prv-abapHl la parouiNatly mold a rpondad boaom on a clood thin Bo*t-t*ua aUI Iker tfajw Il(ntar then foam rubber. Fab-Uslic dno atrtp* vita elaatio inertt taJ kbooldcr pofi, New flo»h ( Uck faitrner for a smooth apprkrince, eajy brok-up. In white .12.95 ' White A 30^5, B MM a», 'ia| fit CooMln, aafc !·*«· tfaea . Mccffdbj la yoor hdfht. CUUnm't (btt, (««. ·arth'i almwpliere. NEW YORK STOCKS fey TtfttW * O*, A11U Cfulm Am Air Am R*d A T a , T Arrxr Tob Aiuronda Arm 9ml Arm (111) RAO H*n Avl» Hrth Slrrl Ilo«ln Brmnlfl h* Cunp C«n · Chr« a LorllUrd Mont W« Moloroi* Nil Di»l KY C»n Pin Aincr f»r»munt ' P«nn R R Ptwli* Dod Phllro Ifillllpn Pet Rwlki Corp R«p S)r«l H J Pon'd '.ion« alout diet, exercise., jleep. occupation, physical complaints, health hirtory and oti'iei iacton. Pilot studies preceding the major survey are eiperttd to be made soon in CJe\eland; Baltimore: Nashville. Twin.. Harrisburg. T*.: and Tampa. Fia. Consumption of alcoholic beverage*, (ried foods, tea. coffee and certain soft drinks; X-ray treatments, baldnns. nervous tensions, height, weight and heredity are among topics about which quev tioos will be asked. coi rait Cr»n« Co Curt v;n*M Dr«r* * Co Doug AtT Ohio «'i H J Fon'dj rt| sr» li'k Si L^SVn. li| frit U the b«*i buy for yow deflort r*n no* Il« SIMM Oil a'» Sinclair OU 41', Socony Vfcc ·I'.SUi Oil CU1 IM'i 9ld o( Ind Cu't Kodak IJJ 1 . Std of NJ. "^ ^SSn^U« «T.!T««CO 4T*» 'Union C*r «'i Unltrd Truit »4',^S Bub H T ' i U S »««l 44'i Warnrr Bra* 47"« Woolworth G«n Elw C«n Food* C«n Motor* Goodrich FATTTTWlLLf DRUG STORE E. Sid* Square . Kt. 2-7345 |Ucomin«nd« U-fA4-£X TO EASI MlHOt AKTHXITIC, IHIUMATJC U't ouir on III Ccn I T. a, T. Ait*c Oil * CM ArkaiuM Wat. Ou Btd RttUUr Southern Union Ca« Can D«IN . ·'· MU-WMt Abrm»l« _,» " DOW JONES AVTRAGga It JO It IndL JUIU Uul*. Vo --J] -- TI m itr MONUMENTS We ·jwlltj k ousI4«rt4. Ike WHOLESALE PRICES aJ erect ejuOty BaMfAetare, HANKINS MONUMENT CO. ' . . Fajattertttt. Art. the-Hta ian Lineage interpreted by (For Left} The lengthened, lonVy look of tn« ·loppy |oe era while Introducing a new era Of tUlrm*. We point lo the interet'ing placket rubb*rneke^ almoit lo rhe hem, and ihlnlng with m*tal burton*. In Jan-khora (wool and vlcaro), 33.40 ilzet 12.91. Succett Skirl In won»#d Bermuda Flannel, 8-IS ilzei 12.91. Featured In Glamour and Mademoiselle. (Ne«r Uff) Jo mien tranilotet tKe chetnlt* Into noble ha lion rlbblny^ and one of Hit wncrtetl eweateni of the yeor. Meet the "DucheMi" In ·uperb Jan-khara blond of wool-vlcaro. 11.91. ·CobbWroo*" twe«d tklrt 14.91. Shown In Otamour and Modemoiwlle. ,·10% Hold* Your Choke In lay-Away rawtam* Relaxed "i \ ' ^V; ' Sweater S'-Dfess m Find of the »taMB fnr th» woman who lore* to drtaa ekKaaty catuaj. A kalt wtth M aeior'a abl^y Jbr chan«- bu tecr*. Cbrmtoe ouw--add the contour leather brft aad tt becomta · Umrieu. aieatM ciait'j to cbaac* wUb acor*. aork* and occaaloM. Oiip, Oat Roma kilt wool vtth rib. bed fwcater Deck. SUei tW. narmnmnimi

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