Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 2
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2 NOITHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS. Foytti.vill.. A,.oruo.. Wedrmdoy. Oct*b«r 1. 1*31 DENNIS THE MENACE By K«tchom CHARLES MERCER On Radio And TV St.U *OI!H · \l'i _ Garry '.'.lorre Ijumr.rd t r,-~* vtrrkty I'Arrkly »how on C H S | \ Ttrid.iy i nuhl that PKHIIIK-S lu «dd t new '.iiiiciuior U* th.ii tired "Id fpcc..s "I tckvltkm rnlntjinr ent called ihe tnrieljr pn.cram. I U it artiuiin^. iiiu.f/ni tur. rliv 'in»riive 1 The irtrrxlniii i-, nun.;. - .., MUlird llou ill j,,i I'd!'! j ·lio.»*" Monre i;i.n.(j. it im- an "*ri ai (he hi.ur prurient ' \cu lake i-,,ii.rdiriire \|.IM..H ji-ail. Then mid .1 jur»- lik- .'i::;- ll'aixe leaiiunc «itli Mix!- m [ |»onj sketch «L»vii mi.ur.: :.. i 1 . . countr Ami ih-r« u. .1 » .-t liki ' 'He,' Skeltno numr/ ...n,. n, im.ulti and * -irner !'«·· liarfii-r', 1 Mi fU« »:'··,; i : :i.;.»ic ·'» : Negro Found Guilty lo Tmrtai Murder THREE-WHEELER-lJ"*' «try In the im*ll cir .weep- V ! J * M thu thr*c.whrr]-d JUlo b'-Ji' » t»* -in'-jini-ion nf 10 milr« In Ihr (il)on and j I"P i;*f1 «·( *1 m ; ·-. (':;- 0.' Tiny I . ' . - A ! . ! - . | v»hirlf» d r . , , . d (,s !'..· I!.-.'.-' .r. :re l-n! 20 v r i i . rl.r tar II Ihe II a. ' M.i ' -· iriefl. wu 5!ten o dejtn The other t»o Necim-: Hod and WiJli* Bjro. .1 ing retrial. -fior, Last Marines Pull Out D,*.»_. A J i ,,L, Darrered teoanon Miller WALTER LIPPMAN Today And Tomorrow "OU jyST SMF TO HAVE A LlTTU CF JCX/R vt«X CWN TO PUSM AAXMO T ' 'II i;-o\t nf Ihr i i i-ik lilanketi ! ll-.t .Vrutiar. If llir deiu f.i.e-l Ur a N - on S.,Mi«ir... pilr · s " on iwued » vtaienirnt «a\ i (hat he had tci«n iluxrked wrr"i !ir rrad Ihe mornlnf paper* Thert-l in'd Urifi a new itory carrying tr.rj iinlornmtmn Ihit rut of aluml j W M ipnniimit. U) | x-r werf ...·.·'i.: It u true ·n::.1 1-o'iiv u olten unpo( and !i;i! I'ovet i-.J!.rr.: which let -lvn le Kovrrned by opiniun polii ire wrak and are very often 'rone Hut it m;iv n!«o I** tr;i* iljt t).'- | X l ! l l (:( till 1 fcUVi-rn.'Tli-nt s v roiiii and that tli'.-e uho cr TEXARKANA. Art. «A i Boone. 14-year-old County Negro, hai berSSijST^ aa eldrrly Vvtej BURLT. Lrtwnwi -MM - ji IIlrt I S . Murine ha:uiii,,i in A Miller Circuit Court jury Ira anon * aiw " rly todj ' for the death penalty on Bon* .·ff)ffrfi*»titf fof 31, hour veii«rtay. KormaJ ter4eflcc will be hiodot down later. Boone it one of four N'efroes rharied bi the death of M. R. lHamif. 71. · retired farmer |»bow body wu found near Tea larfcnu Hay IS. IMC. I The four aibo are _ robblnf Hamm of $10. They tried together previoualy sad all %entenc*d to death. On appeal the Arkanus Supreme Court act uitt ""'·he death tantnux* and i-'-'.'iu unh Uie US wh JletC :ii- :rd tuitjlion. Mb Marto* lii'-'init-nt. u lo rrmjin :th tfce 1.111 in the Mediterranean It ctn- *i»l* nf \'JIM mm. · Tl'r Marine clc|i^ri.;t,. |, n ,li||. ·' !··» tlun l.'M) Ub .\rii;i tn » ctttipostr in*- Chofin . iy lor Ike BOB THOMAS From Hollywood I(IJ[.I.\ \\().J[» 'M'l -- "IlltC Muui .! J rJCh Illr KJMII fjin unlit f a i l ' ; Tc,n ^0*1 th* oli) |o| iun£. 'luny Hurt Vir lu ill II lud hi i ion |» itonn h- srl l.ut \rar tint :' lutunl iul la hMr lliu»du. u ultrr linn.. - - · - - . ''.M\r fni Tony, uho nr\t iraihinl latiif n\' l n lllr " iptinn ioun]i con- luck vuurielf ee»f r.£ :-i,t l^ac!.* of tun Ki-hrr. run-inn *a( X nnhi n\rr MIC TV. m t \ouns man ' \ i t d MH'.'hi' nur.d tw-Mdf* .1 tfl'i.1 ul llir ;idnunutfdtion'j p"'.' y a i(!ic .ind (i[)|«ir i'. t. id txttcr If* Qurmoy nnd Miitvi Mr. Nixon wj«!ii»Vn«-«l t' thockrd IHXJUM th'-rr uai »o inuch.dili*. That »nd l h n l (Mr hvid new i h»l he us-. «u ttie at (he that he that the adinir.i- a |*licy on if: the policj i me debate. Thr policy i- and »-n^ in be true in can pretend r.iti-ifl has «n clear · nff'hore ulands not open to geou- 1.1 f;ict. net vet hn H i role arriued UK .nl..n!hiate| tfr 'nined. and in Hie oiuntry. es- ' ' i«i rivd a- affiiirj. the .it miriinf ;; th«- |ilui f nl.ri Ui ippt ai . i. 1:1 ' oli ( pt un " I in .1 |r;i\r. «nd he MJM ···! i\ |.irl i reated h A ' - 1 n thi- film 'Tl-e I .,;. ^di«'- " Kor liie l u - t n»t nol t',ntr ol rn lunn.iKt yuun^ LI ton. Uit ··"" * ' lie Cttdo more than mined* Ik "'"' 1"" '' '° »"·· and,- waved faat wf*n h» did the H. I.. * lul "** * perional hl( In a in! Mencken role In Irrw-rlt u,e'nnd-mu. «h.»w. Wind." abotttha Scope* trial. ' TTlr n ' M ' "··'* in ""* W^ He waj brourti to Moll) u nod hv 3Xh Ctntury-r'o* and rraile M h:i j'^|' ( "' *u\+t\ ,,,..,. .... ^. ^ j,., ,., lrr o f in l.ut .1 «»e it 10 a i.'i and nelif*ralr - ((,· ncliry iir. Thu i an.t il i» ""· ,| o-rr liK'tit!; new trial*. The defendant* then rhoae to be triad lepnrately. Jame* Moore. 21. first to be rt- . , T1 , rs Iro u pnce«-.Jtne All the iijjn, | fln i, , nd , h iii Into an attack upon the mainland. Our immediate policy is ta help Chlaof run the blockade. »hich probably mean* th^t there uill be no deciiloo at Queinoy for tome ttrne to come. Thuj ihere li 'VM to be time for mediation h) »ork. If 10. there b also coins lo be lime for a debate In this enuntry on whether and how our China policy ihould be revUed. The de- h.ile will turn Hrrt of all on how Chiang's army and from the of (shore li- ourteh lo · '""imtinit runuctinn thut «hiih ;|hr ' admmitr:i!nm hlunderrj 10 lr ri " n "»«' filmi. ui«v| raitj hln It'-xnoldi in "Th Spoil Rock Iliinler." Tlcn he »»» '*.'·'"', I i · ^'B^^M^n^S cn,r. pj ;;con,,dr,r. in "The ^ouiic Lmnj " , lie wu title 1 for hii awtumei i u . , «/-»«, c and varclnalrd lor DM- localim! riML. o\J I L.C . trip to Germain fojr da\\ before . he *fti ichr!ulrd In lcjr. lie wot told he would rot do Ihe picture. The explanation hr Mai civen: Ute repreacntjilue ol a powerful, aftnry went to Ihe itudm Nu, aoo ealo bran Martin ir.uit hr cut In the Itandall role l! nu .ittrntion. Ki'her. a« J|J.IM. w I'allnd tli'fer lln' Jt *!ill i« nut * ' t r u n c ' ereinonif· At HK.'I '.· i» m-.. ,,,,.., call He il an Mr per|-n:irr «hu ,,hj, ileprndi on hu futitf nern' Althmjjh Krnie Koian and ler ,,,.,,,-( rv l.e«i«. Ihe principal vi:etl h-il ret'.in weak material thr nelied I" (ov!- rarry the ihn» ' ( ,^ , t tt.'idh^ Ir the uordi of jn Kddi» h i\hr: ,,,,.,,( * «!i*i their mail »how« ic opinion. Yet sud(len!\ ·m prolrtm-s to be » »!'i urh « new* »tory that l.i k i[ no Fcr' l-rt e. .in,| ihul it nerds heln "what n tre- u Ml »take in th« fl nrter ifi (he coune ol qaii norn-«I and standard neu-paper prartn-e On queition* Of wld' pul- Iir intrrrkt it u a very common ;'i ·· o( the American Drc»« in ,i«k tt-r White Hmue. the r !r Jr K.ut " Tlidt rnav Iw true. But il Ihr »ho!r frr»- u-orld |o»itioo in Kant rui» roinr to be at en on what n to be the future of Formoia. once our 'iillitar- «-H nolili'-iil menu ha\e been reduced to Formosa lUelf and the Pwcadnrrv A» Forincia u invulnrr;ihle to military conquwt by the Rod Chin e«e. ai It can be taken only by i coup trttn vitkln. the problem «f; KVOO. KYTV. KHOG, KNAC. KOTV. KOAM. KTUL. KODE. Tulso. Channel 2 Springfield. Channel 3 Fayerteville. Channel 4 Fort Smith. Channel 5 Tulsa. Channel 6 Pimburg. Channel 7 Tulsa. Channel 8 Joplin, Channel 12 .ItlMt MX. TTTDNE3DAY KVENIXG-- Klnf * l:10_ ..... url 9trcru Lawrcnr* W«lk ..... * «:41_ nau»ir» o« Find* 7:»ft- 11m Drinu ........ 1 t i * !?: n. W...TI1 Turrj * I 2 - 4 S -W . . I M -.-ric * 1:00-- ·» I : 3 C !!-. ..,- 1 Vr Dn ^ :-rxi IIT P. In. i Atlon.ty tlfbl Onto A Hurlvl TELEVISION SERVICE Dunaway's Radio TV Day 11 EAST MOUNTAIN Nighl 7-630S Formoaa -- unlike the problem e/, * !:·»-- Quemoy -- U a political problem. 'Kraii» It is a problem not for tht- I'nlted ^* rt j, run ,-' 1 , mm . Sute* alone but for the »hole in- N«H \^, on »orld i al»-:rd ° r ' '1 Fnher »mg U " h th ' v '' Mr Views The fly IIIT.II A. MLTJ.ICAN M.n U/llK ( A P I -- W h i l e i ally In l^rt-»r chair* ever n i«i in io» n*nujiu loir n nm mnjannr artKie* on fly li-m^. raced with u:ltdelity. what cat ; '.V Drando and Clift »-ould be pulled rhlr oier(., luntin k and love nlo..: 'he uu* »|fe aob" "Hjnd'inR a t - [?. " yw '" out w "Th* 'iounf Lloni ' |, n , it^,,, /jnitxie. their um-s «'ohollc huiband.i " "Can U,i5 mar- jT' ^ CAN I.T| Ihe furailure* ile iii'-n "Are »omfB behind political- er in.ilc ''* ' "How to talk to hu^bandt ' fl) living, r'aced wllh u:ltdelity. what cat ^iniie a hrlplcM official i «h«i ·irre there anv truth In ilir a (Uv.itiiiti. uould be a higli inni. scjiiwt his country. So we muit a*k whdl'T x «r NIXOB pre«umM to ity r.u' th reporter had no rlfht to n-k 'h question nhout the State Iv ( .sr ment mall. He will net prr«;:m that Then what rl',- itakr in Qiiemny. then they have ir.'iih to nn««er fnr to the Ameri- and at th- bar of hii- .;i..v»r.l thr whole IreeiiemaUonal "community" "·" In l^ winked on »o "TSii^M^^^^^^^^^^^^H thi- olf^hore u- ^^^^^^TM^^^^^^^^^^^^ CALL Fdyttttvill* Plumbing id'-nrr (hut the Com- ^VBBG^ u ·t« to m\ndr guemoy. ^*^^»^ Meatinq ll.i-rc M KIXM! evidence that ur do ! no! mean to ollow Chianc tn draw J. 3 ' M . r k r t Raikrl .| If look hrxiirid the nnjry ·*.:('.·. u h ' i t : if :».in' rxiinngeil. II.r artuxl Mtuation hat for the thr Illl! to an»« OOP's Old Guard Aims AI Control Of leadership ·nr.n · · · · · · i.lTr It III'* irTJSUiy pHIKH (Jlfr^l'I'K !··»·- iw n»»i-« tn ·* my 9 iu _ . . T«ny taid (I* itudio chitl l«-lil lh » 1 in»"1i'«« Irnarrit of thr V.OM : nake your marna|e more *»'"-' r eiorter question? Or ih him. 'Tm aorry. but » rouiii ( ' n · ir.;u.umei ! Ini havf J|f(J {Q hjm , I d«? Th* picture had In »'*rl in In Ihr nr.ri cold war beUr.n Theie are juil a lew arllcle j^ r «^j xon miu j p^ m »k ~- i ihe irxev. inn u likt plUin« i"i» llll » 1 tu| led from uiuei «''rc'ckiwi and unfounded accu U«ld«n book* for children aiiliul|»r»enaU e( feminine «Ilremon., agll | n .| inn^^rt rnet. The ..·* Ihe Ut«l tuir.ini minusU «M Ir-e » r eomparlion. ll.e i.venfr. reminder that there !.-. :till m* i Army Cclle|e man I maganne u at loothleii aj the old Ni*on. whom the new Vi The incn'i pertoOiral* are for, ·* l' on on Lh« library InirtL (O n it auppoxed 10 hai'e outfrcwi e\ape and relaxation, the HWIH-/ (For it »aa Ihe practice of the ol en» for deadly ierlo«ia atralrryj The iaflammalorj fodder fed|Nlion lo Irnply thai thoe i ami nltiMiMe roctqueit ,female reader* almo«! ImarlaLiy | whom he flirt nol ,-iiree »?re ihjice due: a full pj»e -larl* wiih the premiM.- that her Ihe verse of treason I'u-iure ii!l(njt of Aaita Kklwij;. huabard U at heail a h.irmleav; hate *eain-t · whole phalani · I 'riiky oaf. given to vhnldaig hur On Hit--.ulwUnce. it I*, of court* WASHINGTON ' \P -- Old line'" 10 "!!)- mdi«nant clercymen. p - - »"1 barkuif loo loud, n.ho can be true that fiireign policy cannot and pjrty member* a-e rru-n-u»erirn"'r"»lrnti nr.d marriale roun.« Hirried aod roinbed. taushl a few should nn( le conducted by count quiefjy lo block air "Modern He- '" ri arrreil In the leetl. v»nli inck. but n»v»r »111 cmerfe Jvn mj; Ihe letter* which rench the pabllca,V from carn.irU't Ihe GOP l - jr " i h l ' l t x " r ' "«» '· ^ ff V " ' ' or * rtn1 »' h » l "( ) 'on Th* «hole St-Mta leadership fur e.iri In " la l» ur"n-.:il «( kay. iruvi nr.. 'i*a u l*r UV iurf«nnf *pou*e lo ID ne»i rfnl k»rp him trim icatrh earn la lite with the IMJ). o«ee _ . |, r - t iipft | Juj ,ht IB obey hu ma»- icr of cmne cume. Thll li th* aiiTi r( uilltienilal n,4mt)crk H|)II n a \ e littlr i-nth^t luim lor I'rr^ident Ki»rrmo»ei ideal ol nuxlrnihinf ttir parik iie«pint Thrv hate but pUn iliey hope Mill jnoinpli'l. Ihn ir r.llt vrhrn a r r» lloor Ir.ntrr i (tioien In iuirrr.1 rrl rnii; Srr William I'. Kntwlnnc: 'lli.iiii'. S*n K.err!! I)irk»rn - H I'l' \icrnui iU|Miilrr nf ll-e l..:r v-n Knben \ T-lt - I t Ohm- -nih.-.h:) Silver Tone 22 Named Champion Male Bull i.mi .triii n r (I'll U K ' A ) ' - A jiinmr S i l x e r Tone n. to.·'« i h.impi'm bull at t i c i.rtlork f!lpa«ilii -i «nhi- it nil- 1)1 I ii..lli-n;i M and pi. 1 L !·*! t.) i l - t in t-ir hn- || i r t V uli-p Illr IIM.'SI. '\]\ , p .li!ic_n Puin.) ;·! mtj In i r IJH-M- tnj; iii ,r..i,ri »l.ip ban- le l-rii.idrm I i v n.r i^ .liUon n( an ;i- .''tj.-.i lr., ic-. j« While Hrl'J^-i » i» :ini i;iikmr ,-|i'jt «!tn micli: hll MI. l .'-i .1- -niant'i IHI»I. ilirrr vi.i n:iiiu-rii .i'e iprciilitmn it wrn.l't Z" t' 1 "··' 11 the cnnier\.ilnr Ilepi.!-Iirjn- In thti cnnr.dticn tlw naiuc- ul Vnator* Juhn \\ Ilruk.-r il OlHn. Karl K. Mum!: rf Svj:|. i;.ik.,u nf N r l i r . i - k . i u c r i rana have pn I :-rt t.'im i T bv proirntu i [f the lead. r-i,,p h-nr i ed. there U \mr.e r»;-«it. n modern UrnuMiijn f tlie whip a»-ii;niiir-i' in e»U o| outvv;irn p.irtv Hut hla charirt- .il t';r be lc*iere) («- i I'irrr r'irm i.( '.:. A Mf» .·rl riltlf ert»rr.l I Allt.«-ii;- i r t l r r d * ) I;.il ] The fnjlilroins thmi i« thjl 1 IMIOII all Ihtie arlicUt ait w r i t t - n t:y men l In ' H m a v t to ir..iki vm,r r,i;p. ri*te mort exnriiK." \lci j.l'» thu month ^ H f f :h« r r u l t of i n a r i t a i IT* n 'nrm:n.i ^r.l|(M |ir»»idin| over ti a msn. A'l'un I'lrulhn»r n \ i r ;vmrirnt n !lpt 'en. Darton. Dtirttme \ (i«i«;rn Here at numheird in ihr H T I U ' P tur.rfi | Kill Die -/ "'.· »ile « nerk onie a d.i. : I-..| · il»avi think vim l j \ r tn n--, MHII ihm up i is * 'inli «'-r " .»r innlhertnf vou 11 (lii'i« II. a L"'. n-*iird h\ M ' I t i -I VAnitli. ~lt\ \ ^u:i Ihr .hanipwjin' v «nr M I \ 7.atn lin ~. MILi l-rilrr rail i li.niipioii r emair --. r 'f .1 junior te.irir lii| lr S llanrh o( M ile wanli in I l i c v U '·jrl T. Curtu inentionrl nm i :l r \rk,viini I'olled ll" V V M .! it« annuil meetn I I ' H . l i ' I . C » l » Of ( i l l , : tn. Milrni. Hnlen K. H-i lix i · K r prrndent. Hv - (kii · » nf f'jrnfo-ild. trt i r. · :n-i . r M (.argent · .niii'iiik ll.-irrv Tollofk i S;:. 'I. (...fnlt Vncarrn · » . - . I ll.i.t Cray ol J j - ' r. .uu; .u to .. liejid. cm.-'ji .ifr v nrk * l,i ' 'f Inn: N-f-ir.' il. · i.iv paiiy 1 .r ,-u ·nir.r i.thrr (i-n.jir TMirvi t.i a^kinj · i r » t »ertfar.t TI, pi ·nc r Iir alu.iM ;'ia( lice tetiiori, 4 :.'»i. ' Men. Irrat 1 m would vcmr u i il!: an nih r.ic t Ih:-' ·; M n! t, 'lit tllr cdrtl lwl'k , r u knti:i k - r ; iu' io crt »h-i hour i. up . i t^rn 'i, in-c.m tjrrei itli l*-r ndmnm lhr»f r (let a« (r U,p in nM v r r i n x m i r r " i,,|,,M n i - h t to in o,/r iJ.rrrtmn A NIW MOVIE THRILL T O N I T I ! ?M\ F R f E E S K I V O STICKERS TONITE GOOD FOR Ft IE ADMISSION IACK H'tJDAY -.;rp l.i ' r^h.|l. Army Separates Elvis From German Fans thr oldrtt fair cjv. ire the »ncient 1 ' i lu 1 \iciert mountain M..III m t'hma Uut. thu oldt - t. un ulmh datei of urn.- l» i n .irfinitelv e^tabli»lu-l Mjii' In KS)f) w h i c h d.'i r thr ·riMiiii millineum B r. BRCMF.HHAVKN. Pi -- Five hundr onfjten lurried j:rtt Ehii l';e«lei . . . r i n a r , / il ». n-.itiu/i« ·:! I.K|.IV lo - i ;: thr Army kep tt.rm well ···[·.uatrd Pfiwley. an Army pru.iic. ««« ont ef 1jno snidirn arri\m( on th* trotfMbip (irneral Hanil.ill D. S. millt.'iM polite unit (r nivt police ki-;.l nid'-r MI.I.IU' ihr »lrlt -- nvxtly Kirls about 1? or II - Prr*lr. li »r.n i.l'l TIK k r ' n,li IIT.SIT. «.« rt-x;l tin- h«-h r::i:: off (he ihl[ j.nd IK- wjiv Mlmnl gulck2y a t'lah'l llr«t trrritdiijil (. KlIl/tVTte u ii«u a run .11 LracU 10 TOO i isltoj* ann. 'l'.il at I t t t SAVE FIRE WEAR SMiulua la CTftMl flltjulna Younkin Sons, Inc. NOW Open 12:45 -t 1 07-- 2 OA-L.09- 7 10- 9 11 THE FIRST QREA LE Tkttf***»*· finst tkeatm NOW · Open 6:45 k t 7 9 pin. Joy Color Cartoon * Mft-- I'lr i;ol · S*crrl D«n|rr II My Ilut ninf Cr*bjr * 8:50- ThU il lh« atorr . llru-lurr D«r Thu Li Your Ulr . . Armitronf Th»trr . * t:JO-- Mutrrr on file ..... KM! McCain ...... Brekin Arrow ..... Clvtvj Showroom . . . . ·k »:·»-- Mr»l. Wfitlur. Sporti A M \ 3:IS- 1 ri-l St..n ..),. M Wr » 1:JA-- t.i Hi- Ann, v I'd,-i- of M»" VM . I) , ^ ( , u * I INI-- FUndil»nd Mi ni ». », T FOR TV RECEPTION AT ITS BEST "Get On the Cable" Call «r C«me f.\ for Cable laformalica TRANS-VIDEO CORP. D I M . I - T 1 I 1 in W. MOUNTAIN* I1MIHCA1T OH cncun rv. CHANNII WtDKMDAT KTKMKO "e-UO New** 8:13 Dinner Muilc 6 JO Otark Sporti Revlr» 1:41 Film--Cloeed Circuit Jtueriatk Round-.:; T.M GilK«n'i Ctlltry-- C1e««d Circuit 7: 00 Cl»l^lc*l Hour 9 00 Nrwi fl 04 Muuc- -Rouid 10.00 Netrt 10.03 Uualc-o- Round 10:U Newt kummarj I0:0 SifnOff r Mo»l» ,Tumsi)7\T Monvtsr;-- .VJO Pllae N 1 Ihm. 3:30 RJTD. 1410 6 00 Rite tt' Shine fl;30 Uarketaand WiaUier fl Jl RUe N'Shine 0:43 Riw N* Shine 7 00 RIM N* Shine 7:13 Rue K" Shine 7:10 Momini Htws 7:43 Job Cajltr 1.10 Uornini Show 7:37 Plrdfa nf Allegiance 8:13 Momini Derotlon* 8:30 TIMES Morr.uif Edition 8:4) Centnl Auembly of God 0.00 SUnryck'i Choice · 13 Nmrl 0:30 Weather Watch 9:30 Stanryck'i Choice 0:31 Neva 0:00 li W. Mountain* 0:30 Weather Watch 10:30 Lawrence Welk University Theatre ^111:00 New* 1111:03 Starwyck'a Choice 3 '11:10 Weather Watch 11:4J Mid-Day Me!odJea presents DESK SET One of the funniest comedies of recent yton--guorontetd to set you laughing! OCTOBER 7 thru 11 Box O f f i c e Opens Tomorrow--) to 5 p. m. RESERVE A SEASON TICKET WHEN YOU CALL TBDUDAf 112:00 Neva 112:13 Mid-Day Melodies 12:10 Band Box i;-O Market! and Weather 1:00 Newt 1:03 KHOO Record Room 1:30 Weather Watch 2:00 Neva 2:03 KHOG Record Room 3-30 Weather Watch 2 JO KHOO Record Room 3:00 Neva !:M KJIOO Rwort Room 5£« 7«vMr Watch I:M KHOO 1Ue«rd Xoom 4:00 Newa 4:03 KHOQ lUcord Room 4:30 Weather Watcb 4JO KHOO Rac«rd Room ».t» KnOO Racord Room 1:11 Market Ntwt ··JO nta»-aae4d Clmilt . »*» DLwMr Mutlc RCA VICTOR I:J3-- »i * 7:BO- Akin. Up S«r*rudrrf 7:10- C«pl K*nt«roo . . 1:13-- Memlni D**oilon . 8:44-- rrltn C«U ..... »i .......... I:S3-- d«« ..... Co(l*« Brt«k ...... * »:IO- E»u«h Ki *l Tor Ivir« or Man*/ , i t i,..«-n ix.,r« ',., l.i Marx llrt V(,ur I . 12 t. 1 J » 7,* «. I j ' T o Announced 1, T at ENTERPRISE TV, Inc. Oty/taw Mm MI* t-tm "We S«D Tn« B«st - - Service Th« l«*t* * 11:0*-Pi-to* b murbi 2. i Arthur Godfrey 103 W Mountain it 10:»-- C«iumtriu*n I. . Tof Dollar * Il:6»- Ler* W U/e It CouU Be TM B««rcli f»r »«m»ir Kcm ll:t»-- · » « » t L T .Coh Cummlni* 1 |Lnlnn ftctflc a '* l»:00-- Nrwi Wr»th»r iport* . t. I. t. T. a lli(hv«r Patrol 4 fnlnn Pirtflc 0 w 10:1J-- CUT Itrtx-tlT* 7 Ilrtt of HoUjW9»t · * 10:14- · Pair ATTtatNOON-- . I I. · * 19JS-- it l«:43-- MOT(« Mori* * til 1.1

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