Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
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i*r»i«i, FV / "~ Th " i" / as- 99rh YEAR-NUMBER 93 LOCAl FOttCAST- /'j/r::».Lj jftd v*;nrty fjir trvi ftf'sT 'Cully and taftifhl. fJ(M lrr»: I W M h f . (jii; jn/J Af, King and NEA faatum Newtpaper 3CT03E* I, 1958 Attodatod Prow leo»«d W,r« .jM JIB. Hb!j / r r - '··''·'· )»«f«r-i-y «|. (-» ! i.f? .T n :» Mish '»mr^»tart yrv « !···..!» «i. ki« ;» ·..'tii nnrr.fatf. A ! I j m . WJ.-.v^ # II p. 31. 70 MOfS-FTVI CtHTf Calls For Compliance ;'s Integration Ruling Warns Resuiis Throug h TmPress For Fullba fiiriet .Hay Have Escaped From Alcatraz Can Be Grave 'AP'-Preabieflt Kurnhnrr today eallil cm aO .Unmcan* to cofnp! »S «·«· %». jprciw Court's «cVxd iBtrgraUoa Wtt there t» ~pat« coo- ,,iar Well, It's Closed/ Anyway sai ; ! he TM from , th « Private Bchool corporation in ,,, front of Central Hiffh School Myiniachool iado*d s.« F3 \Miscn · \ -JSfcJ~r -1 ir:nipf · , ( ;3r-^r« i.-k lvj,r» . i3t f.r .- r.l»,*r, tiJT r " ia t,-t-r-n 3OOTT 'I « U winx but that U f* away from j" E^enhowtT souttjed the caB- ,him almoit as soon as he started:^ both public afflriab and prt- »at» ciuirca alike--a; a rcwi confer mce. lie was ailed wbrtber. la lh*/ llfitt. M the rrvrV* dectataa. A** fl/// 77jf *' -- "The Wj.'trr Purgrtt. 71 -year-old Mis -ini mo- Miun k'unman ·fw «Mi M'mJj). he and another prison, 'her rod rr. ('lyile M Juhnuin JH a con-! van Knn M. !H hank rohJx-r from Memphis. 1 L» lUT1rT "M anothrr prisoner. i- i .IP ' : r ( Trnn . (.Kjr.J a tuard while ser\- »hcm he did not name, told him im to ihr .n- »n a;e detail and x a n jBurgeU also rfnj have had such kansn aad Virginia shtuld i.iiii in a foe. Two hour* !»!rr i hi;, whlcfe he could blow up their rlom* M4mU - ' und ihnrring ' ' ~'^ -'- ~ J -- L ^^ th* fadercJ Seems Near i.asanr"*- - :.*)«· .% ^T '" u -t!cf jj»l oil ihore. flushed A % M i»i* Warden Joseph " ^ Ljliiner sjid Johnson told norl " 1 - authoritiei he had had » . .\aroo fMg »htch he tried to me as a air and as* (4 keep afloat ~ ,oa the long, chilly grind of mewjini D. than a mil* to thf Saa Fraaciscal short acroM aa ebb tld» nearly 10 mlka aa hour.. LITTLE HOCK 'APi-The head!' of the L.ttle Rock Private School; ·-- -Corp promised a new plan today SUICC TCI If afAIsCll fnr the city'., four hifh schools.'Knit ItUj KURcAl shutttTffl nearly five ueekg because of intecration .strife. MHDIRK Tfi WAIT Or. T. J. Raney 5.1 id "we »ill/ VLI ' IDU '" "All announce a plan" but did not specify nt time it would be revealed He Ls president of the' corporation formal lo open the 1 «cnools on a private, segregated' Others, however, cast doubt on any private school plan. "We are it the end of the line." raid a source close to Gov. Orval E. Faubuj. · . - - - - · · The prlrata group sought to open the schools jraatardajr. But they did Dot da tn after nn court orders nullifying a lease of ·chool propartlej by UM corpora* tlon. · · · · · - -··· - · Meanwhile. S fa t c Education Commissioner Arch Ford rereal- *\ his department haa cut oft state aid to the Little Rock School District j The department withheld the) funds, he snid. pendinc outcome: of a federal court hearing next; Monday on a temporary In June-i tlon to keep the school board from leasing the lour high schools tn the private Rroup Withholding of fund* from the district ts required by Ihe school clo«inc law under which Faubus shut down the high schools SEOUL. Korea (AP) -- "Keep your powder dry anrt bop* the opportunity trill come briotr long." President Syngman Abte told South Korean troop* aj Iber observed tbe third Armed Forces Day today. nhee apparently referred 1 to *a opportunity to fllht aaJa*t UM Coaimunlsts to brta« ·hoot r«aat- VcUooof thtdMdcd Chrysier Union In Contract Talks DETROIT AP-£hryskr Carp, and the struts led United Auta Workers today to break tbefr contract necotiaUons deadlock -on the e\e of the union's thtwst- ened strike st General Motors Corp The t'AW hoi art a General Motors Mnke for 11 a.m. Thursday unlns a contract is reached rr» More negoUatiooi nightlong Chrysier ourned about 1 a.m. The Chrysler talks, reportedly The restraining order Mocked ,,,.i orp , h ,. n , Qr CM ., jy, QQO ^^ plans to o^n the four hich nchnols to their approximate 3.300 stndenti yenterday. T«o judges of the Rh I' S Ciuuil Court nf Ap peali Lssued the order at Omaha i l j l k * w *^ e Monday. ~~ Judcei To Deride The Judges. Joined by .1 third, wi!! decide ( a temporary step after a restraining order -next Monday Judge M. M. Maltr-.M of the cir out court sjid the three prob- j company bargainer, attended the ably will pass on whether a three-'owl-hour discussions. · · .' - flruther moved into the GV l%diase Area Planned hot* land will vnipnMd ur" * nvdcaca Slraet LUu cjo by '""liililM lhai rat'mhTg lotfay by r« JS4H. Ma*.-w«n oitiMf. amid Ury fjrtrr,, If ilftfa «ll»«M4jf)( f f T}| Browa,^rmt lo.ibc.. « at tte tha»iaaA wnu. bn workad raqaesl o lb»-Acui7.^-ii he jfltrr ntituit · ni"* JUM Daftr r*v i - wUI U» a/- "trr-irw-taka; Parish said. ·jatrtherw- nrt to. rorns ir oJ- tier bad calkd. lo report aha inH a-hcn X)r. f^ f i 11 * r ui return Ihe coll iietir.M^ tnswcred t^*' ^CUTIUM^ P tome, be ckcidcil LJ _ui lAtreU Ctiic. .a {"ri" ·'' off duty at hu Mrs. Farru; «» tif toal ra the Fire the . or broader houses in the jgaavi' uJba* area. ". e- + tier =i .Srwrr Cc.Trut!re cn« i .[?· Council ynterday ap- , £.1 Cdcaall to irruro ease- r:cm*-oi-»»y fnr the line* reeded in ;-..·· vacs- a at i*w«r ezpansioa ;4^aBBU.viil wont on securing inns ni»iriT nf Ttn abstract Arab Diplomats Ask immediate · . · '· w " Troop Pullout _ aDa ivail it» The Scptso Coort, hi Ka optnion reedaftd Vlotvday. anca 1 ·gala haa lurtrvi with nnanimlry OB Q» nwatttr of eauUty o( op- tsoMT tor exSaratfaa ra th* aa- tton'a gvLUf reboots. It h aacum- beat wpon all Amcrioaf, potlis rflarlab and pnvata ritlnxa to racognin their duty «( with th« ruUngt of Qm ' court to UM land. Any ai I hr»t uid bt lorVf wouu bv irjugat wuB gf avv satd UNITED NAT1C». V.Y. IAPi| -.imerlcaia hart arwayi btta UArau lUDtortiaU fctlis! taUy proud that Iheir tastttutlata rwt ItlJf S?^-' 1 *'^?." P^n-len tn« ceacrrX of equal Justlrt en- Jorcaa. llhal t!s« rytfts ei an e( ia dcptf^ A spakasmaa lor Q*» United I cpcn mpcd to Uu bwfaHy ti*. l/Utb tupcbUe mad* cie« ass. U\Urm5aj=i il^Ui a eeth »I o. M . tffftft Ua«v, ^ukk5ylwia. naUen. wt raatt s=sv«%p «a r*!f«t guarding the Strait. He relieved Vlf* allac* U. Beakley. - «AP Win whether lo mue, predawn noun for a second fuc I n j j n r t m n -- oeit cessive day. . . Neither Walter Reuther. tbe on iiuej of seniority and; A hcalux unit t'l' 1 '-- '· '- employn* pay. mot, inloj iastalicd in iLe IftvSi JWKU, huute aad been put up. court is necessary lo rule on legality of the private ichool plan Next, he said, the validity of the Arkaiua-t lau permitting the leasing of the schools mint be determined. Dr. Raney yesterday officially announced the '-rKTM;!' v.£-!d nol open tx-caun: of the rrstrainmg ion president, nor Chrysler'a Vice Anmr £itfPC 4JbaJ i ¥fl» |4 *~' 1 President John D. Leary. chirf'Wwf ,Vin»,^!XS^Ku ^ Cot rPBBhaaid ha expects U* ·tj-armw ia FoyttUviUe ·atrwiil forward half moved hours after (ailing to settle at At Ihe time he expressed coafi- tk-nre of a quick Chrysler seUie- mcr.l. but Lcary Utcr did not jam him in « h i t _ Tlie contract drive for Chryv ller's 70.000 ttmamaaatta-eadi of the two jiftjettrriOa. th* Pint randrtha- UeOroy. for o ATLANTIC, arv. Tbe Arm/ uuci ui. 77 d cauting ^ralMt vaioos · will i«..4a with tiv« ba'iU^m The aw -Wreckage Of Naval p^ta i ·laairiiiir'fanar Frond At- Sea h-ZT \VLSf. Fla, 'API-Wreck- Gen. Uaxwtll Li. .£-*^ · ?^ J orkers followed UM dear that Ihe «ino -J*-.r»sr^ JBl But h« Mid. "We are Ur Iro.-n union's agreement with Ford. Thai ahaodomcfi ^£ ^soa : L v 4^v'^ finished We can't Rive up." ;mcluded a three-year contractjcut Uci tie aue.otjiia «w Speculatjon here was that lhe.»'th improved layoff pay. a aewj Talcr noted ia.a.,ajB»ci^., private corporation might seek to provision for severanot pay, and j the anh armiuii miJifiMr.6: hold classn In churches and pub- continued cost of living and pto- flaitfcal Guard Juj- \ie buildings Idurtivity wage Inceasw. (Army bad r'^-"-*-* iii-J Where financial .support could| Ford and the UA'J? rtacbed|reduce Ihe-Guard 1+-J he Icund without violating court i tvreement Sept. 17. shortly aflerisUeBglh. Th». wcuki i rulings uas not intmediatcly ap-'3S.OOO Ford workers went on strike jdeacUyiitkm parent. |OCTORS the country. The ecttto-ltbe climirj'.iftin ti«m.4 Faubus. who fathered the Ar-imt-r.: was estimated ai 24 to -30(Supporting aaiLi. ocx ilisapoearwd Murday with crLwnuar RB beta found :n t ·« . r^Tir+.^iLtJfCrct here. No ratts were ^aV.i- v^naraokantcr. PlV Chamber Of Commerce Board Members Named Four new members of the Fay- eriievdl* Chamber of Commerce Hoard ol Governors hav« bacn Uu~«ed. Acnounormaat WM made today by llal Oouglai. chainnaa of the Election Commltta*. Tba new board members will taka oUct when they are Inatalicd at tba annual Chamber o/ Commtrc* dinner, tivt data of wblch win ba act later. Henry Shrere. John I. Smith. Dr. Coy Kalor and Richard Walden ·ill Join the board, succeeding W. C. Whltfletd. Jr.. Paul Young. Jr.. Ellis Sltrlton. Jerrme McRoy and Siorm Whaley. ' W«UVn and Billy Dick McNair by the membership, and the elec- ton was decided by a /Up of a com. Also on the board are John Kan«. a:.'tun Wade. Herbert Lewtr. Jr.. 1U1 Douglas. L. L Baxter. Marvin Murphy. George Tturel and Jasper Pyratt. Th« ciatt-natloa Arab Ltagoi. rneetlc* la Cairo today, wai peeled to fa ortr the Hammar- U)old r^uii jirid nup out a count of action. - - - . - b his report. UarrnianaJoU iald Lebanon and Ihr Uctud SUlei boned to MO cwnplrt* withdrawal of UJ iqrcea by the end of October. U the security ih nation cocamei to Improve. 1U taid Bntala and Jordaa hoped to acftouncc a decitloa U be(in wtthdrtwil In October and that Ih* pullout will ba compVtd M quicmJy as the aituatloa pcrrnits. BrUsln has m*U claar thr wante the U.A.H Uockadf of oil supply rnd plan* trtw^irt ktto Jordn lined bcftre she be(in* »UMra*aL la Or* ttoc* Aaf. 37. Tbot other On* UTS wrrt touctjd «: FAR CA5T-£liateww old that as an old aoldkr to heOnnM U U not a food thtat far Iho Cb»- MM Naftnciltrfi to urt cone**- traud M mart a* their maitar? powrr on UM ottihsv luaod «f Qutmcy. Ila added a cucvaeat Hut allki do ban dif/erfocct-- lamJy dlfftrrncci -- «od ft r«- romea oacnaary to try to raaohw difterst ·( » AJ 1st tha Far East crulj la general, the Proidesi said the bask *uie hi to areid rrtrest to UM (an cf fere*. It also taid Q* L'mted Eutra wacii la rrdd tu« As lirr. Icr U£. «»:' P h r t l y (CXlNTTNUtD ON PACK TllRI^) kansas, priv.itc school plan, de-'cents an hour per worker over three yean. - ·· · · -- · · Tbe average boeriy wnga toe aulo workers aa a wfcoit under old contracts waa about O.O. .. POULTRY MARKET The poultry market today M reported by th« Federal and State Market New* Service. Unlvenlty of Arkansas and Ihe U.S. Department of AgricuJ- tore Arkatuas market: Offerings short trade needs in the Northwest, ample lo «ce*si»e other points hi (tale. Prices paid and roluma distribution at farm 34 hours coding noon today. Broil- en and fryvrs weights 14 to JH pounds. MT.MJ bead-* per cent at undetermined prices. 40 per cent at IS cents. 1 per cent at U «r*ts; ratra- compasy aate. « l«r cent booked al IS cents. Prices ODOeicrmfflcd Incrad* lo*! onder contract to Buyers, thoM aalas baaad on th* market and thoat ulea oadetcr- mined for anr other rf»w» tjqt »ty» |Simply Can'f Believe Everything You Read aecretary fif drirmr ia*T^« creasing Gmrd, aUrajihpjBtJg MO. Taylor aaid. TZ -70." As Reds Remme Tests lorrct M lo W Iratt-corttaaat aad eiurmt 1 Mlul a lot of dlllcrcaca a r-jal-4r. to u rlrr-ahrr 'ccmrru and a period can mean. Thursttay with h^nnl The wrong figure--by nor* than ' 17 000--was published yesterday In Jthe TIMES' story regarding UM ftUng of campaign expenses. In rrporUn* lh« expense acrouai filed by J. K. McCkUand. nomia- aled M alderman hi tht August primary, Ihe newspaper carrtad the ngurt n.W- It should have read 171 JO. WASHINGTON OUM . -United RMft, *^«^*^ fa* Union (or nsumlai aackwr tnap- ons testa, sayi It wffl g* whh pUna (or a oaaytair U5. tact suspension if tba SoriaU wd W- low suit · · . . - _ · . - - - . · Tba SUU^^ ttaJt f f ** rt ***^' ·*··'*· ·· TajJattaUX aaH^M a short tlma after tb* Alatnse Ca| crjy Cocn mi u kr° vhrt Union hid mucb-haralded but suspension with a( kaat taw blasti. tot * · ft National £ 6 ft NEWSPAPER WEEK W±A*iL!'//0, ^ the talks to lh« departmeet thai Sonet L'nioc .oiaK ItaSBBt: tcata. atter nttotia- tha Lolt«l to with- 31." ks con o aloinic (Mts at Grounds, but twfore No Privacy Left Hcr«5 Something htd to rive vhm a trortor-trailer backri Into an «lley at I'rtuprct Park. Pa., hit a nt^l pinlrr, collap*ln|f the hrick wall of · necnmi floor Bpartment The bedroom and bathroom wrrr rxpoaetL The occupant* wrrv not at homo when the accident occumil. · (AF Wir^holo).

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