Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 19, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 16
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N«fthw«* Arkamai TIMES, Sun., May 1», W4 · 3C F. A. Scroggins Anti-Hunting Proclamation Sure To Bring Repercussions How's that agairu Guv'nor? or Game and Fish Commis:. You're for liberatmg Hie ani- s · mats: joining hands with "Pre- / .' sident Alice" (Harrington) and c. the group of anti-hunters. To r my knowledge, to date, there · were only three Governors in the United States who endorsed c '.' "Animal Liberaion Day 1 ' Octol c :'.'bcr 13, .197H. They were Gover- t ~ nor Dale Bumpers, Arkansas; t ," Governor Edwin Edwards. ; ' L o u i s i a n a ; and Governor . W i l l i a m T. Cahill, New Jersey. V The proclamation reads: '-^'Whereas -- · Non-humans are "deserving of respect and love; - and . Whereas -- it is obligation of · humans to see to it that no ~, undue harm shall be inflicted -' upon non-humans by humans; ; and 7 Whereas -- eaeh year ^ - m i l l i o n s of animals are the -- · unnecessary victims of cruel traps, guns, contests, and many ^ - other human-inflicted tortures; ' and " Whereas --preservation of the £ . Individual wild animal is a J growing concern in America .;; today; i. Now Therefore -- We. Gover- ;· nors am! Mayors of American -^ Slates and Cities, do hereby « proclaim October 13, 1!)?;) as ~ Animal Liberation Day, for the . prevention of cruelty to all ani- » ' m a l s , wild or domestic; and to .f.ciill upon all citizens to refrain ·;" from participating in cruel acti- ~ vitics and sports which lead to 1-.. such cruelty during this period f- and throughout years to come. A September endorsement FOR "NATIONAL HUNTING ,-; : AND FISHING DAY," recog- ·· nixing all hunters and fisher". men. Then one in October for i " A N I M A L LIBERATION It DAY." That reminds one of a ; former Governor who was ;· running for re-election and · challenged the other candidate ; to a "talk-ii-thon" debate on ; radio. When askert what his ; position was concerning a cer- j tain issue he said, "Well, some . of my friends are for it, and '; some are against it -- I'm just ' with my friends." His opponent, ; who was elected, replied on his radio time, "My worthy opponent insisted on this talkathon and that's what he does; he talkelh on and on and on, and - sayeth nothing." We've read and seen on RV the appeals for funds to support "Alice" in her campaign to save the animals, "wild anc domestic". One must wonder il she's a vegetarian. Maybe; but · the majority of Americans are not. Who doesn't enjoy a six iling steak, a roast, hamburger or the ever popular hotdog? Where does the meat come Domestic or wild animals f u r n ish tlie meal for the ma r . course of manv meals at home and in restaurants. It is no wanton killing or cruel for s - hunter to enjoy double pleasure in taking wild game of any size for his table. It's far less erne to Hie animals than pcrmiUmi them to become over popnhitei to starve or die from disease. It really staggers the imagi nation to think what it woulc he like without game manage ment and hunters in this coun try. If "Alice" has her way Uiere'd !e no n e e d fo . N a t i o n a l Wildlife Feder ation, olher wildlife c ub throughout the stales, Burca of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife ions. That's only a few organi- ations who are dedicated to onservation. and preservation f our wildlife. Dedicated to naintaining adequate habitat or healthy animals to repor- uce their kind. A little time nd effort to take a long look t the other side of this pan- ake, should convince Alice and er group of supporters that hcsc people are striving for the ame purpose; prevention of ruelty to animals. Without the vatchful eyes of these nrgani- alions and the cooperation of he hunters would mean chaos n a decade or two. On the domestic scene for nstance; cattle ranchers have spent much time and money to n-eed the best stock to bring he best prices on the market. They don't overstock the acreage of grazing land. And yes. Alice, they do raise cattle for slaughter to feed people. How senseless it would be to try to ceep every animal. People have been plaugcd with kittens and puppies dropped by the roadside or in .heir yards by folks who "ditln t lave the heart" do dispose of Lhem, or couldn't care less what happened to them once they were out of sight. There couldn't be enough animal shelters maintained to keep them all alive and healthy. Some must be destroyed. Cruel? No. It is cruelty to abuse or neglect animals. Hunters dollars pay for much more than just a deer, a few squirrels and quail each year. Funds are also used to provide pleasure Cor non-hunters. For sightseeing, picnicking, h i k i n g , ilrdwalching, etc., on land pur- :hased with revenue from uniting license and excise tax on guns and ammunition. Forty surveyed by U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. The final figures showed that 90 per cent of the people would not need a hunting license to enjoy the scenery in these areas paid for by the hunters. True sportsmen do not like to hear of game being destroyed by poaching or spotlighting, or any other illegal means. The majority of American hunters kill only what they can preserve to eat. A deer, elk. squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, and quail m a k e fine table fare, and when .a meal can he prepared from the freezer as the result of hunting. t sure does help on the food budget. There are a lot of Arkansas hunters unhappy about our State Governor's name being on that proclamation, and are asking: "What next -- antigun?" H might be well to remember also, that most of these hunters are voters. ANYONK OPPOSED TO FISHING? Keep on reading and watching newscasts. Some body else mav decide fishing is cruel, especially with live bait. Put- ling a worm on a hook, or a minnow, crawfish or cricket. Then think of the poor fish who gets hooked. Tsk. tsk. Let your imagination run wild for a moment. You've seen protesters and revolutions; but you ain't seen uothin' yet, compared to - the "uprising" you'll see if the millions of hunters and fisher- 1 men are deprived of their , sports. Bureau Of Recreation Ranks Hunting 27th The long-awaited Nationwide OuWoor Recreation Flan, prepared by the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation as a planning guide for America's future _outdoor recreation needs, contains both good anil had news for Aincri- c a n sportsmen. Typically, there's a lot more of the bad · t h a n the good. Based on their study of · America's favorite out-of-doors pastimes, the BOR Report concludes that the "simple pleasures" are slill the most ' favored, will] swimming, picnicking, sifihlseeing. driving for pleasure and w a l k i n g for pleasure heading the iial. Beyond the questionable inclusion of driving for pleasure as an outdoor recreational i i r t i v M v . I 1 - conclusions are grossly mi leading in that they mii.-ct i for the summer quarter only! W h a t states have open seasons .in the summer? Not surpri- : singly, hunting ranks low on the ·popularity list. What's more, there is no mention of oilier national recreation surveys which would balance tire view GUARANTEED AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR FITS MOST US CARS you own Ht« car wi which initall.d, Montgomoiy Wan) wiH f irruih a f re* r*fjoc«- mtr,r for any W a r d ) 5upi*m« inally !mroll*d Hi* muHUr, il will imtatl Ih* f*plac*m«fvt I («». 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Also, the 1970 National Survey of Fishing and Hunting, published by the Department of the Interior, places the total number of days spent hunting each year at 203.7 million. In contrast, the BOR survey shows a figure way down at 17.5 million days afield. What could you expect for the summer months? It would seem that the BOR findings on how we spend our lime out-of-doors are aimed at boosting an Administration proposal, also contained in the Report, that would channel Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) monies into high-cost inner city recreational projects such as swimming pools, picnic jirciis, tennis courts and the like. VOTE Democratic Primary MAY 28 0$TM£YER COUNTY JUDGE MANY THINGS NEED TO BE DONE PROPERLY, FOR INSTANCE: PerMic report* will he made public UirMgboit my term of office, CM- eerniig Ike slate ty finances, eipe riutk, .stndaril in pmresn, fnimf, propmwtl. Pol. Art Paid For By Cus O-stmeycr Wash. 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Evelyn Hills Open Thurs., Fri. Till 9 p.m. 443-4591

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