Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 18, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1974
Page 7
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Standard Oil To Pay $2 Million In Age Damages WASHINGTON CAP) _ I,, the largest age-discrimination settlement ever reached, a division of Standard Oil Company of California will pay $2 million back partment says. A consent degree embracing Hie settlement between Stjmd- ai-d's Western Operations Inc. the department was entered Thursday in U.S. District Court at San Francisco. The government had charged Western Operations with violating the 1967 Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which forbids Hie discharge of nersons between 10 and 65 years old for reasons of age. firm but agreed to rehlre 120 em- ployes dismissed between Dec. 1, '1070 and Dec. 31, 1973 and Klve them back pay ranging from less than $10,000 to more than $50,000. The largest previous settlement under the 1067 act was a $250,000 payment by Pan American World Airways in 1972 to 29 employes over 59 years of N»tHiw«« ArtmntM T1MB, Sot., HUy !«, 1«74 « J * WILD WEEKEND ;SUrrint CINDr Wit JON DICK CASSIOT 3 SHOWS NITELY _ CONTINUOUS FROM DARK Thun-Wed. Open--7:45 Show--8:30 HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Psychiatrist Needed Along With Romance Consumer Alert UTTLE HOCK (AP) -- The attorney general's office has begun an investigation of a magazine sale operations reportedly active in Central Arkansas. Ally. Gen. Jim Guy Tucker said Thursday that the Consumer Protection Division of his office had received several complaints against a company known as Opportunities Services which, he said, had been using "high-pressure sales tactics" to sell magazines. The salesmen say they arc earning points for a certain youth program. Tucker said. If the consumer refuses solicitation, Tucker said the salesmen often become obstinate uul frightened customers. NORTH and SOUTH SMORGASBORD ALL THE PIZZA ond SALAD You Con Eat $145 1 MONDAY 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. BRING THE KIDS Only lOc Per Year of Age Sirloin Strip Dinner This tantalizing cut ol steak beers our brand proudly. This dinner includes a crisp salad with dressing of your choice, a hot baked potato and a tasty slice of Bonanza toast. restaurant even father could to»». 2356 North College - Fayettevilto Phone 521-3565 ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO SERVICE Free Pickup Deliver) "Color Specialists" 4J3-. r M2or4l2-»3S6 Stereo equipment X 15-3»% off. call for free Rap: 1 am IS and madly in love with a guy who thinks of me only as a [riend. Last time I wanted a guy to ove me, I ended up slashing my wrists because I couldn't wait until he came around. He never did anyway. I get depressed easily am! don't know how long it \yill be bctorc I'm desperate again. I don't need a shrink. I jusl need love. How can I speed things up? -- E.M. E.: If you get so des|crate you try suicide--just because you "can't speed tilings up"--you may need a shrink more than you think. Talk to a counselor aboul ttii'se desperate moods. -- Sue Dear E,: The surest way to "s 1 o w things down" is--desperation Few boys will take a chance on a girl who needs love st badly she'd die For it. ...Settle for friendship unti you understand yourself mon thoroughly. -- Helen Open t:K 'at. 7:10 iun. Mai ·"»·'»»'- 2 p.m. MU.IMCWMAN ROBERT RtDTORD THE STING WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Killed (PG) sun. MI 2 p.m. Funniest Western since "Cat Ballou" (R) Mel Brooks SADDLES Sun. Mai. 2 p.m. Open G:1S Fet. 7:15 Dear Helen and Sue: Can you beat this? My sislc who has always resented me is crazy-jealous because I'n having a baby. Last night sin screamed I only did it to maki Mom feel sorry for me, am get her consent for marriage. Everything I have, she wants including my guy. Mom signci the papers for me, so (here'l be a wedding, and my siste is trying her meanest to brea it off. She even told my fiance th baby isn't his. but she coul nave a baby for him any tim he said the word. I'm afraid that just to spit me, she'll turn up pregnant, Sh 'BILLYTfflO PBS To Telecast California Documentary old me last night that if she ocs f she'll swear the father is iy guy. So far, both of us are trying j ignore her, but when she's basing him, and trying lo p«r- uade me she's already got im, it's hard. To top it off. Horn wants her to he maid of onor at our small wedding, ilanned for lale June. What do you suggest? -Sisterly Hatred Dear S.H.: We'd suggest a smaller, ooner wedding, like about next eek. with only your parents attending. Scratch the maid of lonor--you don't need one who cherries to edge you out of the unning. -- Helen and Sue Rap: My mother hates my best girl riend: first because she was 'wild," and now because she's 'too changeable." See, my girl friend wasn't ever rotten, but she took chances, so Mom figured she was a bad influence. Then my 'riend became a Christian, and \lorn now says she's a Jesus 'reak, and "one extreme is as lad as the other." She's not extreme 1 Would you please say something to mothers about letting children choose tticir own Ticnds? -- Jenny. Age 17 Dear Mother Of Jenny: Your girl will face bad and .;ood influences all her life. Your .lob is to teach her the difference between them, not seal her off from all "contamination." -- Helen Dear Mother OfkJ.: Since when is Christianity a "bad influence"? Why not forget your prejudice against Jenny's girl friend and give her a chance? -- Sue By JAV SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- Some low-grade g u r u here once called California a state of mind, not a state. He was daft, of course. But a nifty TV special arriving next week may help you decide the matter yourself. It's called "The Place For No Story," comes from station wine and KQKD in San Francisco and is being offered the nation's public TV slations Monday night by the Public Broadcasting Service. We tout it now to give you ample trme to cancel scheduled engagements, chill a jug of Big Spending Plans, Short Money Supply Mean Problems By JOHN CUMN1FF A Business Analysis NEW YORK (AP) -- Despite interest rates so high they haven't been exceeded in this century, corporations seem undeterred in their plans to borrow record amounts of money. The confrontation of tall spending plans and a short money supply is being blamed fot- Raising business costs, at [east temporarily, which then are passed on as higher prices. --Drawing Funds from the sayings or thrift institutions which reduces the amount ol money available for mortgage loans. --Threatening the economy with a money crunch that could bring some corporations to the brink of disaster and badly ,, impact the expected upturn in expand. he second half of the year. The latest survey by, economists at McGraw-Hill, Inc. ndicates that industry intends .o spend 19 per cent more than year ago on improvements to plant and equipment. T h a would mean, a record increasi of $19.4 biliion to $119.1 billion. Explained one corporate trea surer, "Any business that ha to borrow is convinced it mus do so without regard to cost When you borrow later on, in evttably the dollar is worth les than you have to borrow mor for the same results." Donald Miller, executive vie president of Continental Illinoi National Bank, offered this ex planation. "Businessmen f e e inflation isn't licked. They don see a recession; orders ar good." And so they borrow t mily TV set for thi one-hour erial and ground tour of tlw romised land. The show, put together by; hilip Greene, is the first Call*' irnia documentary I'v» ever cen that really has th* feel- the place, from snow-capped lount Shasta to the continuing mog festival of Los Angeles. ·· · And he docs it in a wild, im- onvenlional way, with most of he tour filmed from nelieop- ers. light planes, even an old B2fi bomber, working at alti- udes from five to 15,040 (Ml nd higher. He uses snippets of sound'--. ushing wind at the scaeoasi. ttv egislatt mumbles in -Sacri* mcnto, a woodpecker tapping in a lumberyard, flower children inging the joys of pot in a pasture, the urban clash . of ·adio · news, traffic reports, imog alerts, rock and Bach. One radio slice from the hot, 'ertile Salinas Valley beautifully Hustrates California's dual cul- .ure, as a pitchman hawking campers and trucks ends his ·apid-fire spiel with: "...and S£ hablc espanol!" It's typical of the brilliant earplay abounding in this sensory travelogue, which starts iji 'he relatively unspoiled beauty of northern California and heads southward to civilization. "The Place For No Story" is one f i n e piece of work. Greene and his cohorts deserve profuse cheers. And I hop* some of the cheers are in th'» form of underwriter cash to support new efforts by them. United Artists Gregory Peck Desl Arnez Jr. «.* nouiita wu* Fct. Sun.-Thurj. T.K Fri.-SM. 7:00-9:40 Sun Mat. 2 p.m. . IPO GflT/BV if* |gy*Ji*if Sun. Mat. *OV»NW«N-HI.**« 2 4 P.M. fft. Biscuit 7:00 -- Cat 8:45 (G1 Walt Disney DOUBLE FEATURE "Thof Darn Cat' 'The Biscuit- Eater' THE HOT DELIVERS! CALL 521*3011 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. H* RZZA r MHTWIrt} * Sunday with BOWEN' RESTAURANT Located in Northwest Arkansas Plaza Serving From 1:00 a.m. to 8'00 p.m. ENTREES · Braised Beef Aujus ·Grilled Pork Chops · Deep Fried Shrimp ·Breasted Chicken · Deep Fried Filet of Fish Always A Delicious Variety of Fourteen Salads and Eight Vegetables From Which To Choose. At our Moderate Price of $2.95 for Adults, Children 6-12 . .1.50, Children Under 6 Always Free! DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 I ·" obi. in Fiytttevillr) KTU1, Tuba, Channel 8 rcMnn.1 4 M cakto in KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulso, Chamti 11 KODE, JopGn, Channel 12 KUHI, Japlin, Channel 16 [Ch»nr,er ) on r «kta in FaytttrrUM NOW SHOWING Playboy Magazine Angel Tompkins CROWN INIERNAllUWPICTURtSpi 65 enls BBP1HE TRCKER SHE CORRUPTED THE YOUTHFUL MORALITY OF AN ENTIRE SCHOOL! ' . f "i f* - '·***' 4 HER BESr-1 1ESSONS WERETAUGHT4 AFTER CLASS! ·IHETUCHIR 1 :,:-·.; COLOR riSGlt IOVPKIN: , ,, ' r J A t r H t t jiWW S ». A ! ' F E _ I CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, W Time -Weather · Music 9 Channels - FM Radio All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville Phone 521-7730 CO-HIT CLASS THEY TAUGHT MORE THAN THEY LEARNED! A GENE »AL FiLM COLOR GKT OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek Ret. Area and dine ai THE BARN ?fr* EMt »ff Hwy. 71 Slvafct »nd shrimp, hotnemacte cJnn*m*il rolls, relish**, ami Mlads. Family sty I* frth fry Friday. Bar BQ Rrbt Saturday. Open S-10 p.m. Sat. and Sun. 12 noon-10 p.m. C toted Mon. and T«c. Come »ee us at beautHuf Beaver Lake. MOVIES ON TV FRIDAY NIGHT 7:00 p.m. Ch. 2 - "The Love God" (1969) Don Knolts, Anne Francis. 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "Captain Nemo and the Underwater City" (1970) Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6 "The Disorderly Orderly" (1964) Jerry Lewis, Gtendo Parrel, Susan Oliver 10:30 p.m. Ch. 8 "Torn Curtain" (1966) Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Lila Kedrova 1:30 a.m. "Diamond Head" (1962) Charllon Heston, Yvette Mimieux, James Darren. SATURDAY NIGHT 7:30 p.h. Ch. 6-16 -- "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (1973) Kim Darby, Jim Hurton 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 - "Two Mules for Sister Saral" (1970) Shirley Moclaine, Clint Eastwood 10:30 p.m. Ch. 12 - "In love and War" (1958) Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Bradford Dtllrnan 10:45 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "As Long As They're Happy" (1953) Jock Buchanan, Jerry Wayne T0:30 p.m. Ch. 3 -- "Forty Express" (1953) Chorlton Heston, Forrest Tucker, Michael Moore 10:30 p.m. Ch. 5 -- "Isn't It Shocking?" (1973) Alan Alda, Louise Lasser, Ruth Gordon 10:30 p.m. Ch. 7 -- "Picnic" (1955) Dilliam Molden, Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell 11:00 p.m. Ch. 8 -- "The Uninvited" (1943) Ruth Hussey, Ray Milland, Gail Russell AUTO INSURANCE · $50,000 Liability « $2,«M Medical · Uninsured Motorist · 5 Year Renewable Guarantee Safe $« |» f*fl Quarter Driven XOiUU Premium MeCARTNEY-FAUCETTE PftWN U2.ZOS 21M H. COU.ECI 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 4428571 Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Mott. Lawrence Carpel Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY fig WEST 751-7M1 SPRINGDALE, ARK. 11:30 p.m. Ch. 5 -- "The Chase" (1966) Lillian Hellmon, Arthur Penn, Marlon Brando 11:30 p.m. Ch. 16 - "Slightly Terrific" (1944) Leon Errol, Eddie Quillan, Anne Rooney 12:15 a.m. Ch. 2 -- "The Gypsy and the Gentleman" (1953) Melina Mercouri, Keith Michael 12:15 a.m. Ch. 7 -- "The Man Who Reclaimed His Head* (135) Claude Rains, Joan Bennett .. 6 LATE BONUS Graduates SATURDAY E V E N I N G Bnl Newhart * ft:0[ -- ' " "" HnrlfiepoiJgc Lodge? ... 11 J i m m y Dean J News 2, 3, 5, 7 Lawrence \Vclk 8 J o h n n y Manns' Stand Up And Cheer Hoe Ha w * 6:30 police Surseon Treasure H u n t Girl With Something Extra ... C^rracolendas ilorn Brothers . I've Go! A Secret T h a t Good Olc Nashville Music * 7:(K1 - ParlririRe Family 8., 1- Emergency 2, 3, 5. 1 Zoom -- r All in the Family 6 1 * 7:30 War and Peace - 11 M o v i e H, Mash , ' 6, -tr S:0ft -- Mnv:e 2. J. M;iry Tyler Moora *· 8:30 - ·Miss U.S.A. Beauty Pageant 6. IS Nexus 11 Owen Marshall 8. 12 * 10:00 -KS 8, 13 ·A- 10:15 -News ^ 1. 5, 7 * 10:3(1 -Movie Horn Brolhera 10:45 -Movie , 2, 3, 3, 7 ·*· 11:00 News 8, IS Movie 8 + 11:30- Movie «. '* *· 12:15 -Movie 1. T News" V Wacky World of Jonathan Winters 16 Wrestling . . 6, IS Don Krishner"* Rook Concert * 1:M -- Tram SUNDAY 'MORNING" 6:00- P a r t y Line Across the Fence , :3« - w the Fence Sarrcd Henri Today's World ......... 6:45 Pastor's Study With ihis Ring Davcy and Goliath Search Outreach Music And th« Spoken 1 Kid Power Amazing Grace ·· · Voice of Victory Faith for Today ........ -k 7:M -- Osmonds GcrSfK-l Sinking Jubile* . Voice t! Victory This is th« Life Thy Kingdom Ccm.s ... Encounter * 8:0» - Rclieiou* Town hall ... .. 12 .'.. (! .. 8 .. tr .. 12 ... 3 .'.'. IS . 12 '.. S '.. S ;. 2 . 3. 3 .. 16 .:. j Revival Kirc.s . James flobijon Bailey's comets Day of Discovery .. . * 8:30 Thy Kingdom Come ·· Billy James H a r g U .. God Sfjua d , A m a z i n g C h a n Herald of Truth i Oral Roberts 1*9:90! Candirt Camurw · Evansreltstie Temple . Gospol Of C h r s t . Let The Bible Speak Herald Of Truth ...... Rex Hum bard Insight 9:30 Source Look Up and Liv« ... K a t h r y n Kuhlman ... Vision On Day ftf Dicovery .... Oral RobcrU ,. * 19:00 -Faith for Today .... Call the Doctor Oral Robert* .. o 8, 12 7 16 3 II 19 , 3 i. 3. ». n, I. R. P u f n s t u f Revival Circs lerry Falwel! Jilly James Harjrij Day of Discovery .. ' !0:J» -Dialogue 16 Mour of Power "" "« A Wiih Jimmy Swaggart .. Bookshelf To Be Announced . '. 11:90 -Church Service .. . Webber's World . . ' . . Other People. Oth*r 11:50 -Church Service .... Meet the Preee .... Big Valley ,.. 1 Is The Church Btfevut? i CBS Sport* Spectacular .... ·. U Wrestling T Evangel Temple 9 Directions § C r a f l s With Katy !» + I2:M Meet Che Prem t U*u« and Acuvwem t, I, 11

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