Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1974
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Mey 17, 1974 F A Y t T T E V I L L E . A R K A N S A S 35--Duplexes For Rent 36--Houses For Rent TIVO RKDKOOM, turn I J^cd dup'rx »r^rt- tnonl. no uiLliiirs jxVil. pii-i-io wi-ioij. WECT of University, o^e brslioant. (urn- ishrI, JfO THT nif«:ii, billi jvii-1 or.e slu- *cnl. Phone 4i:-?S30. DUPLEX, unfurnished, two h dull* preferred, on \Vhil Sock Sl 443-PS54. TO'O bedroom. ftirnWied duplex n]wt n«nt, no utilities [\ilci, r^onc 52M15 Also available, unfurnished duplexes. NEW, two bedroom UTifurniihM «r«rt. mcnl all n l i l l i l r j ! pa 1 '!. $135 per Phillips IJrivc. E21-nOP. tore sintfrs oily. TWO bci!rfim -.. ftimlhscd, except slove «_id refnperato*. niO. Call 521-1621 ftllci 5 p.m. TWO bedroom, shn e carpet, slove refrlpcrstnr fumKheil. Ccnimi heal 36--Houses For Rent 3N JOHNON. O-« housr. Pinp;c odutl poiri. !-?0 mrT,: p TWO hoi rivm f urn ' ' h cfl , wn I ra v alr- hral. In Xrvrthc.i*'. X» TV Is, rJpp-,.(;t ro- q u i r r i j , H?ii nio.'.'.fily. tm rn.c'rU.'i I c occupancy. 4-l~)-.HF-7 or M-^inc. NICK Z tv-Jrr 36--House* For R»nt HKUKOOM f u r n ( s h H hOJie. 4 b'irVs nun new PliHent U n i o n . K!0. Available ummc-r on:·. -113-'1£5. VlnwTi. hnrk honir, ro-nplelo'.y . h r a ( . wa:.firr ami t:y- n m v r r l ' W . f Vi!l "-'lor 5, Mrwlay- a l l i.iy l-'-ilurdny nnd Sunday, 'HVO bc'irvm, pait'y lurnlOwd. Jily. Oonlart Cat: hot ween 3 * 5 XffJ. «fi«r S SW-'JTO. _ __ an, older home. 37-Mobib Homes A Space* For Rent 37-Mobik Kom*» ft SOOCM For Rent AIR-COSlmoNE» trailer, I-lMl lor ·Aoi-k.njf roup'e. (SO. pay electricity. W7- iiai a f t e r 5:00 p.m. 2 HKDKOOM, , , *, rtrapc*. fci'.rhen rnjje. tur . Some jha? t-nrpeling. J)cl.ic*! _'a race. Jl 'Si p-fr monUi, p:u« deiXHi ·'hor.B 411-3300. i HKrmoOM. w a i k f n s distance lo UofA. cA- tor ronr'o or ? fluents. Osrtv ·HVO Ix-'lrocm UA. (jry* prr ; r. Move aivl relrlir- :mrnUirr sohoo? and i plus deposit, family TWO 2 bedroom mobile homes. $110 ,th. On« 2 beJroom mob!!^ bom*, S135 month, AH ali-con.'ilti'xied. carpel- .All bills paid. f23 cleanup deposit T-hone * 12^871. 7 HKDEOOMS, niM.VGKOOM. PARTT-Y FUP.NISIIKO. LAi'.GB iJOT. CAIJ^ 4(3- . , SI25 per month. I r no.ic KE1\"ER tbrec hcI]^t,^^^ ho-Jsc. 1^ central air Rr.d hoaf, ranee z Irj^erator. o:osc to U of A, r]n| fl nircd. Phone cvcnlncs ^^3-."lo7 halh.5. T1IRKK bodiYKim. ntshPd. avaliah'o Ju In LcvrrcU-.Vbiy] per inonih. Ph'-rio rvJl-lS31. MCK. clean, fvni:'ior,cd, f* JTo dfportt I 1 carpeted, nlr- r.rar UA, tl2, FURNISHKT1 1 b?d Univfrsily. Jl^j pin " THHKE bodroom brick horna. completely f u r n i ^ M wiih washer/dryer, ccr.tral hral Phn.i" n f t r r 5 MoTiday-FrHay, all day i 1 .! turd ay and Kun-Iav, 357-3251. KUIINISHKU houie near , male slurleMs. Phnnt 4-13--3601. T\\"O, three .an*) fojr btdroom houses for rent, f u rnl.shori. completely ca n-? led, liccly dLX»ralc'l, designed for fitud ind (acuity members. 113-2141.. Ft NISI IE I). ·} bed room, wa she r and dryer, carr-ort. 959',i C*Uf«m1a. Phoce VS7-5U5. 37-Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent ·nvo bc^lrcwm farnl.sncd trailer. 3^ milrs out on 10 west, MOO per mon'Ji, paid. Phone US-SH?. THVO ^Mrr-.'i-i fcncotl 1- ·-· a pus. 5-21-7277. ,'HJj sublease- this summer to respon b!e I n d i v i d u a l , furnished, 2 bedroom ousr. AI r condition cr], ra rpef. ]i dislrirl. "(ISO f c ^ r r d h a r k yard and s^mce. I block 1 ' dom LJ n( A r,Ttnpu^. M20 p*r month ire, 1:C plus utilities, phone 412-ETS1. , trailer, utilities pai-l JSO P!C only. ITwne 413-5 Wf TWO bedrtxwn furnished, mobile- hi wnsher/rtrjcr, gas lot pnfrl, available Juno 3. Phr-:i- -112-71M 12x60 furnished 2 bedrooms, ccnlrAl al co;;d]Lif:nin(T, walor ami jras paid, pets. Itione 3CT-3519. i-'arminK1oti. 'ICE two b«drtx«n, rumlshed. central _ir-con4iti0fi[nx. automatic washer, pool privilege located Weslem Hil!i Park. and space paid. |120. Hxm« ·H2-7T3*. MOBILE HOMX PARK Central location * Owrsti«ri lots · Psvrf Streets * S-*immlng Pool · Playgro'ind ( ^eoreatjon h'di % Storage htdg · Undei ground utilities · Oft E;tr«M Parking. Rtry- 71 N. U3-TI14 Entrance ACTOM from Holiday Inn BRAN'D new two bedroom, 50x12, fully mrpeted. nicely Furnished, waslier ant dr er hooV-up. alr-conditlotied, gas furn- d Il^j. J50 clean-up deposit, JMW .* North Cotlese. 442-2124. FURNISHED 2 bedroom, air-conditioned mobile hom«, must be q u i e t and reliable children, no pels, J110 month, cabti and utilities paid. Also trailer spares small trailer welcome. $3). sewer paid 413-5W1. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mlJe NW Ark Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson fid. Phone 443-2452. FURNISHED mobile homes Also SI for rent. Wayne Hinkle Mobile Horn Part. Hwy. 16 East. Phone H3-265S, 37-Mobll* For Rent RAND new 12x50 two bedroom, ilr- oudltloned. fully carpeted, no chlMren. o peur, (IS month, (50 Cleanup deposit. 7U paid, 442-324. GOOD COUNTRY IMnjj si»ce5 al Green \crei. IS West Phone 443-WW. 38-MobiU Homn For Sol* Mobil* Rom* Owner* SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Sef-Up For » limited time only, CaTI today. SKEN ANDO A H MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-P«* 443-4757. SwlmmLnjr pool, storaxe buildings, patio, a as grilles and lights. Laundry. VT1 MARIETTA 12x60, fully M ml s * 4 M carpeted, centra! heat and aJr, ski ting and oulside bulldin* Included. Phone 442-^27. I/DT FOR mobile home. Gas and water furnished. J30 a raoth. Phone 257 Farm! nylon. FURNISHED, two bedroom mobile home carpeted, a ir-condilion td, washer/dr - e connections. Sp* M 133 3TcK im Manor 737-5115. FUR.NTSHED Iwa bednwm moWt homi Carpeted, air-conditioned, pool privilege. and dn'er hookups, gas paid, Ca] 521-7259. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK Op* CM ft ASr-oond. raoMi* bane* rent. Good UviBg ml Good Price* We* End SI -- 114 ml- N.W. at UofA. ~ ' r21-323 or 521-5510. M-MoWU Homtt For Sol* SOMEBODY lo lake over pajmenli on «o bedroom mobile home. No equity, 'hone 2^-7375. CHANDLER TraBet Omrcy. Inc. Local a4 RlUoowJdfc ICO appnrwd Phonv 751-0821 JohflWO. AJ*. HOMETTE. Good C'oMillon. shrt, window air cor,dJllon«r. near Unlv«rslt'. $2,490. Phone U3-2227. , $800- 8x45, flMW. Both fully fum shed. Both In rood condition. Call 731 7330. FOR a better born* M* Ih* Vlndale · Trail wood, iM ML Comfort Road. MOBILE HOMES SM ICt Contort IW _ 442-129 FayettevtlJ* SALES and PARK OMB tQ ft Efttii Evening 1972 RA.MADA mobile home, IMS. In bedrooms, two baths, air-condilloned, lu nished, wa sh*r/dn'er. sldrtlnj}, must n finance, 531-1962. WESTERN HILLS Mobil* Homes Like new 19T2 and 1973 Repo*. rrec Delivery Setup Hwy. «2 We»t .1 71 Bypass OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 935 N. Colleze. S offices »ni · eceplion room. Call Jaraw Biker 21-1300. 39--Offic* Span, Buildtngi Fer Rent SCHULTZ TAYLOR, Inc. ANNOUNCES THE ONE-MAN OFFICE CARPETED AND PANELED TO YOUR SPECS. Private bath and shower Secretary to answer your phoni Copy machine service available Secretarial service available AU utilities paid J125 A Month Call 521-271T NB\V oflice space for teas* In Wos Fork, acro!i5 Irom Warehouse ilarkel ·ae 839-3268 «t(er 5. OOMifERCtAI, Building. TYwnshlp Roart purrentty under rawislnictlon 3600 stjuart feet Long term lease available. AH o part. Ideal for shop, warehouse or office space. Phone 4J3-3S86, HWT. R and VI Bypan, Westgat* Sbor* plrif Ofnter. 5.000 square [eel, include heat, alf, c«rpets two baths and som figures. Reasonable. Carl Collier at 41 (GfiL 100Q SQ. Ft store on West Dtcksoo oe* University. Phone 442-8*12. l9-Offic« For R«nt BuiMtng* BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 41--For Rent--MiKellaneout SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE 1 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT ZJGKTINO BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TERM RENTAL E. 19th ST. FAYMTE- VILLE. Phono 751-7068 wn.L rent pasture for horses in city near BuH*rlield Sdwol. rtion* 4I2-S713, . ,. 42-Wanted To Rent Or lease . - plca.canl unfurnishH. 3 beirtKnl hoose. walking dislnnro from Univcniily: needed nllcr July I. Call 521-6718. KESTOXKIBl.E employnl «Wow «rnl l\ti slu'lonl ilauglilcrs want lo lensa or rent Iliree bedroom unlurnishcd mo-lern houi» willi enough pasture for five horses. References cradly exc-hanged. ptiooe col- lecl 501-L'^-SSS!. It'.' m GET THIS FREE NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINT Our first Norman Rockwell offer was I a fantastic success. So successful that I we're giving away a second classic j by America's favorite painter. This I beautiful new 20x20, full color re-1 production is on antique stock, suit- [ able for framing. Yours for the asking at LEWIS FORD. Licensed drivers I only. Supplies limited, so ] t don't miss oul! Pick up your new . Rockwell print today. And white! i^t you're there, see the classic Mfc new Fords for '74. ·4. GREATEST ^ NEW CAR SALE ^jl EVER IN NW J"l ARKANSAS-NOW LEWIS FORD! __·_.. ..^\ 1974 DEMOS: No. 73665. 1974 FORD ITD 2-Dr 3 k ' ? Wh ' te vin1 '° a! - 5elect »'"· SIMO $4197 No. 73746. 1974 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 4-Door Diccrant SiOCW. Yellow with gold v i n y l rooi ana matching Interior, air. all the nice e s l r s $4249 No. 73761. 1974 GRAN TORINO SPORT Bright red and black brauly. Maz wh«l Opera windows, a real show car. Wn5e13 ' AT LEWIS FORD, THIS LITTLE REPLICA FORD MODEL T. FORD'S PRICE INCREASE DOES NOT EFFECT THE NEW CARS IN STOCK NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY PINTO No. 74129. PLNTO 2-door, 4 speed, bright blue. $2441 PINTO RUNNABOUT No. 74223. PINTO RUNABOUT, 4-speed, accent group, radio, bumper guards. $2730 MUSTANG No. 73855. Mustang 3-, door, 4 cylinder, cruiseo- jjjj^matk, radio, whitewalls, stripes. $3234 No. 74277. MUSTANG MACH I, V6, Cruise omatic, luxury interior, radio. MAVERICK No. 74066. Maverick 2- door, factory air conditioner, 250 6-cyl., radio. $2953 No. 74036. MAVERICK 4-door, 250 Cruiseomatic, bumper guards, radio. $2860 TORINO GRAN TORINO 2-DOOR HARDTOP Green glow metallic, economy 302 V-8, White vinyl roof, cruise O ma tic, power steering Bump. er guards, air conditioner, opera windows, Wheel covers, radio, body stde moldings. $3866 $3677 No. 74193. FORD RANCH WAGON. 400 V8, power, cruiseomatic, select air cond,, AM radio, tinted glass, whitewall trim. $4091 No. 74t96. GRAN TORINO WAGON. 351 V8, power steering, deluxe luggage rack, front bumper guards, select air conditioning, tinted glass, wheel covers. $4077 PICKUPS No. 74318. F-lOOStyleside , Economy 6 cylinder, cus- ^ torn, rear heavy duty bum- ' per. No. 73648. GAtAXIE 500 2-door Hardtop, 400 VS, power steering and brakes, select air conditioning, white sidewall trim, cruiseomatic. $2770 $3731 No. 74232. MOO STYLES1DE. long base, 360 V8, body moldings, heavy duty bumpers. $2957 THESE NEW CAR PRICES ARE LOWER NOW THAN THEY'LL EVER BE -COME OUT TODAY! The FABULOUS FLIVVER Win your very own little Model T Ford. There hasn't been a car like this since Mother wore tights. It's called the FABULOUS FLIVVER. This is not a toy, but you'll have a barrel of fun, if you win. The FABULOUS FLIVVER features sturdy steel body construction, aluminum and rubber wheels and a 314 h.p, engine. CONTEST RULES: No purchase necessary. Entrants need not be present to win. Employees of Ford Motor Company, Lewis Ford or other Ford Dealers iis advertising agencies are not eli- ^^ gibie. Drawing will be hetd Sat- .^1 urday June 1st, 1974, 4 p.rn.^^^T"' ^ ' HURRY, HURRY, HURRY. DON'T DELAY. PICK OUT THE NEW FORD YOU WANT TODAY! 1974 DEMOS: COME IN TODAY REGISTER FOR THE FABULOUS FLIVVER PICKUP A FREE NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINT! $4235 All Demonstrators Carry a FuN 12 Months or 12,000 Mile Warranty FORD 'THE BIG SPREAD" LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 No. 73760. 1974 GRAN TORINO BROUGHAM 2-Door Dark Olive Gold, matching gold roof anil super soft vinyl interior, a real dolled up hcau- ly. $4335 No. 73614. 1974 FORD LTD. 2-Door Canrfy apple red with whit« ,2 roof and opera windowSj Majc wheels, radial tires a t'^-i'ile sharpie. $4195 Noo. 73791. 1974 BRONCO WAGON 3O2 V-8, rear Mat, Shield plates. cruisc-O- matic, power steering, Extra fuel tank, wheel levers, like new. $4075 All Demonstrators Carry a Full 12 Months or 12,000 Mile Warranty

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