Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1974
Page 13
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23-L1v«tocfc-For Sal* ·run SBRVICK: n«isie re Aiwi jlalllorw. li reasonable ice. Visitors ixxnt. Ptwne 839-0611. S-ttom* N»«dt rar Sol* » 15 YOUNG blartc cows «xw, The« cowi arc y ' calf ralifrs. P^one (41T) and ffoo«i TOITU yoiwjr Antfus sprincer cows. One ·mull Holstcln h«Uer. Juil frftA. Matec good f ami Ly cow. one A II l*-ci»Lm? rs pull-type combine. KM-3763. HORSE, trained to work wilh calllc J30. Curia Roberts, 767-3317, TOO lb. pony, bridlo. and nearly now Mddle, gentle for chllden. Oil) ·nor · 4 p.m, 8437:t7. RKOISTRXBD Argus bulls. President Md ; Ballrt bretlln«, 12-15 monlhs oM. Jerry Frills 738-'£*l or Harry Jat-kson Jr 4M-3163. ARTTFTCTAL INSEMINATION service All ' breads, ton bulls, fast erficiejii service. go sn^herp, anytlm*. Reasonable K · rhon« H3-2MO, REGISTERED ANGUS We invite you to visit and see what "we are doing. We also have a few young bulls for sale. 20 years ol producing fine breeding stock Phone Homer Fry 443-2529. FRY ANGUS FARM IARGH QUA1JTY Northern Hols springe a, Chlan i na bred and open Brown Swl ss. Wyatl B ratlbe r IT, two miles North of Gravelte on 59, one mll« East on Rocky Dell Highway. REG1STE RBt HORNED HEREFORD BULLS. RAGSTELL FARM. PROM 35P3. PRAIRIE GROVE. Darn Leather 9bop-»«a«ta» « Tick, Repaired or Custom nude, Efwr Fnmilirton W-3808 24--Dogs, Cots Pets AKG TINY TOY POODLES. CKHAMTj 3KIS1I si-TTTtlR. AKC registered Excellent pedigree. Jw Gardner. Phone REGJEfTERED Australian Kh^erd piin- pics. 8 and 9 weeks old. Phone ·M-ZKX · BliACK and tan coon hound popp'cs, J10 J-'onrter Jnzz hass, Fender riurasoni Kenricr bassmRn, s! I vert one plffgy back 4I3-5OT1. ' FKKK cute, 5, black short hair kitlens ft weeks old. 4-13-4669 after 4:00. COLLIER REXALL EAST AIL BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment CaB 443-3441 Colliery has SO |b sack* of Wayne and K*sco dog fool Complete Line of Pet Supolle* all Collier Stores. MAUKKEN O'neal NDGA don croonirr Large anil hunting dog snxmiinn. Al ·ervice5, ivasonnUe professional groo Inc. CalM 12-17-13. AKC Weim Itic und v 5:30 p-tn. c^t puppies, cxrellcnl Ininl itoclc Call 521 -51 GO alle COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Nam» Brand Lines Complete ielectlcm of all veterln. * «ry supplte*. Even~trilnj! for youl animal. Eastgat« Shopping Center, Hwr. 16 Rut PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cyn thl a Johnson. Groomer Inrl'virtual Attention -- No Tran quiliters used. Personalized groom- Ing done with tender loving care OCCASIONAt, BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED Phon e 442-3592 d ays or evening 25-Home Needs-For Safe IJ-JAVJXR A.H KANSAS SALE from Fi *riornoon, 1 M«y IT until sold. Qu fiirniUire: Forest sretn sofa $S5r s »ea preen lounge oh al r J?S; Lea on lamp table $0: Like new *vo I*iin rxiy rccllncr !T: Danish rrc J20: r,irn«d oak rhpst and douWe with hov: srrln?s and mallresT SIM Twin-sire 1 mutt re AS nnd hn\ sprmirs SIT Kncc-liole desk and diair !A3: Sing sleeper sofa J20: I.lined vik porlab twr SLf: 2 iViihojjuny lamp tibles, J 1 fnrli; ^Ivftfl Y)rni1ca dtnctle iatile (c irn Mon I c-af Rlsol n tid -i chal rs, $~ ·IS^LH nrdar "hope" chcsl - S-1S; !" 5??-lvanlfi porlahle color 'TV willi c.i Jtl?^: 21" Mnsnavov console T«-\V 1 RiO: Bookcases: 3fi\43, 5-: lf.v-1S, $1 two 36\3fi. J.1S earh: TSiwivnlcr m mirror Si': PHtio rli.iir anl lontiRc T5 set; KuHcascs: ? iind ST: Vnrioi tamps, rtl-shcs ,Rlass canister Jun .slnl less sfrrl (ablcwRre, inltcd prnnts, re onlsr. booXs. lares. n r n n V f t s . ndnlts KM ner ciinlweil I-ane nnd Oliver, nca Itn.VTIMr, stove. S tilacic"ft"while T.V 1 nice Orfion cook slnvo. 1 nnlique me. bcd^lr;id. 1 scJa. 1 roclcer. tvilh need re covering See n[ Jiiv's Drive-In. ]K" p, ivhofll or rail MM 13-1. TISKH Frisldalre rcfriRcrcilor. Oftod ro "ion. MO. Phone THRBK plec* Fcclioual. Danish mo, «Ulc. brown nylon, like new. £17. WI-S Al Wilfcins Home FiiTilure, North ( KIRRY vatsinm cleaner Inr Kilo, r.^e Itrnt conflilion. AttnrJiments. $1:"0. Ph« 521-fiinl after 5:7.0. 31 IXCII fJ-K- co!or T\' r ninplc cftl»ir Kno,) working raiditlon, J3T-. Htme -11 HORN BROTHERS Full j[7.e maltressc- 1 ! or box spring $44 Maple t n m d l c lied. Complete wi 1 maltresscs, makes into 2 beds. $138 2 piece modern I [v in S room su Sofa anrt nintching club cn.n black vinyl. $148 Swae lamps. Choice ol colors. $8.73 Orltl headboards, $2.88 Bunk beds. Maple finish. Complc · w i t h mattress, ladder, and g u a i Tail. Also makes into t w i n licds. $98 '.'4 mile w«sl of Siloam Springs ( Oklahoma Highway 33 9:00 to 9:00 Weekdays 72:00 lo 7:00 on Sundayj DOUBLK OARAGK DOOR, 7x13 like nc Ptione 11?-SI71. HOSPITAI. Bid for tale, »a. Ilmne t bright an flcarscd irilh Blue I-U£li«. afvimrooer ft. Lewis Brrfhers, nn tf 7XST hrishl Oirprt ro!oti . . . rcslr them wilh Blue Ixlstro. Rent clecl ·hampooer H. Polk IMrrrllare. SCO TAPPAN* GAS RAN*GK. \\tnrE, GOO ·OFA; 5 dnswtr, 2S" sleel *ft* whlnel- steel %Llchen (»b; ho» spnni tlngre her! size; I/in«r sprlna rmllre ·Infitc berl size: Sin?1« bed: bent sprtn standard ^i«; Jnn*r sprini? maUr* ·tandarrf size; 11" GB portable telert.- iwt with .stand. 4 dining room cha wcord plaver and rtanA, 50 records. ( K1-HK5 between 4 pud 7 p.m. ·RASD NEW BITDRCOM HErTS - fcve arrived «r,d bi«»le l«r«e 'f Wjth mnd'hlnff dJMl rlfhly fnmed m Kr «»4 he»«»«rl ill for only IU3.» ·MM) K/eliht S«le«. Hwj- 62, W. Flyrt , mi «:» «^« · months, p.m. BI'S, .rrouilit Iron rallln* (or mobile , »" an4 w befcht. mom FA ASH CKAm . OVERSTOCKS -- » shipment ol br«nd new Omoui me urand sofa and chair MI In B ge lelecllon of styles tut Ohrlct. seti rt » only 1123.99 tor lofi M «wiv*l air ids, osh or lem*. United FreftW lw. H«y. ej w, Fayotteville. Open 9 Mon-Frt., 1111 S^ bl. Battlefield Antiques raralture -- PrlmiUvN -- Glu* China -- Bran -- Collector's Itenu Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone M6-2S81 'AFF, VikiBff, ELni, And Necehl i a madiinej, Ales and Sen--)c*. oom- wt line o( cabinet* 1 . Cflmn«rcl»l pfsfTi fir. NatlwmL Fabrics, J18 Yoong W. ringrjale, 751-9385. ·V1KG. Q*arar«! PorUble drehwash- , drj'*r, Bx9 ^reen roe, iron bed frame, un jack. AOer 5:00. 4C-23W. c s C O I N S H O P PAWN Payitif 190% over face for Stiver, Buy Sell AU XIA Colnj 208 S. Thompson 7Sl371t TOP DOLLAR for clean H-6S Valiant or irt wjth xood bo*. Alter S:DO, 442-2364. UAury chm as beauUfui hantwood "oh*n«"c«b- cli In a choice of itylc* with class c.raed shelving for only ¥149,95 or irrt«ood table and *a!r «-'j with M and scratch resistant table top* id lour matching dialrs plus exlra leaf. Hy $169.95 E-Z terms available. Ur»*d reiittu Sales, Hwj 62 W, Fayetterill* tfng-gMori-Frl^ 111 6;l» Sal, FOIl GOOD OKBD FURKTXURK A APPUAMCXS D*CLUI INO AERIQUKS «439R ' PANTED 3 wn -flB-T* mode] CTwvy CMC, or internaBooal wltMr wllbnt bed. Must b« good truck. 751-6393. 6-For Sale - Miscellaneous OWGR TOOl^: belt sander. KO. Jointer --T, *150. Jig SAW, J85. 10" radia saw. $130, All with stands and TS. Excellent condition, 1 h, p. rotary pard en llller, com y rebuilt enslne with new Mt fTO. Phone 731-9080. CM ovctlicad c,impcT-, wie 4W-34I9. RANDFATHER CLOCKS afip walnut or 4wrry. Equ!pp«( ith weight driven (Wrman works. Xlllburn Ncitl. Ptron* 751^413 M3 Either Ave. Spdngdale 3Tio (smHll) 5 octav*. Music iland. Two tslr cabinets (homemade). Tape re .rtlor, evlra tun«r to match. Se-l OL ix-ktal] drums. Hotnetmide rlrawinjt iard. 4 chairs, dlnlnjr, modem. Rotlsseri uircaaler grill. s*wln« machine draw ·s, \ drawer metal cabinet. Table saw indcr, wardrobe trunk. This Is qualit fi02 N. Catlctl, Prair rove. Phoa» 8IS-3B9. iVO lfO:K white lelfrr tires LNed »p- o\iiu^tel- 300 mites. Bargain [or X1CUST pnsl, vi-ini!ow nir-ronditioner, en re central lieHl/nir-c«idlt!onlni syslem reserved logs, hand hewn bv *1 STRAWBERRIES errics p'cfced Tor salt GOc q u a r t or J9.5 rale. L300 llollini Hllla Drive. 3 block ast of rcrt light at 71 Drive-in TAic Call In your order. 53-1465. ING Kit GOLDEN TOUCH AND SEW -- ntfor's famoiis machine that does II. These mar-nines have never be* .ert. W[ll do built-in NiHonhoIcs. deco (ivc slitchM plus iinifjue sell windln oulti nnrmally cost you J500 bul ca yours for roily I2S9.95 Cn-Lh rr ii ,l!ab. Uniled FteiRht Rules. Hw 3 W, Knyptlevllle. Open 9-3 Mon.-Fn 11 B:00 Sat. EC-ZAG SEWING WACHINES -- Brand :w z i R . zny nalioniillj- advertised ma lines thnt do butlonholei, darn, mono ram, eft*. Tor M?.?J cash or terms aval btr. May-be Insrwded flt United Frtlah ; Hwy S3. W. JSK D anl Lh-Coron« electric porhib .'pewrlter. Good condillftn. Verj* r blc price. -.i2-iw7J after 4:00. COI.OH. T.V., gas range, refri^eraln washer and dry*r, Old Kentuck;- rlfl 06S l^nnderblrd. phone Sn-tlM. SaU !0-Wantad To Bvy BAR UNlViJlRSTTY, ooe beirootn, carpeted, air conditioned, 1100 nxmtb. All UBlles paid. 44^8942 or SS1-T63*. TJRN1SHED, graduate student only. · jm nice efficiency aparimeM. AJr con Honed, no pels. Wililie* and cabK paid. |83. Phone 442*8692, BW, 2 bedroom duplex. Ctompletetj uml.Owd, couple. 1 ; only, no pets. $12 electric, phone 521-83 after 5 p.m FURNISIFED APARTMENT. 221 North CTiurch SI. Brown Aapa rtments. 442-4444. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 190% ABOVE FACE Subject to daily chantf*, call for quote). Also need email coin and itarnp collections, top dollar Mid FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 2561 N. College. 3Z1-M21 .Nt, BEDROOM apartmem, furnished nclud i ng dishwasher, n rbas« disposal *ntral heat and air. Completely car Kled. T140 month All bills paid, 521 S67. Call before 9:30 a.m. or aJtei :DO p.m. . · 31-Wanted To Trad* CAN OFFER SMALL. 3 HOO\ FURNISHED HOUSE A N D U ^ n*IES TO YOUNG MARRIED AGRI STUDENT IN EXCKANGF FOR FARM WORK. CALL 267-36*7 32--For Sol* Or Rent THREE year olrt Rortwood, IJrfO 2 bed room fully furnished and carpeted, cci tmt air, washe r and dryer. Sealed iround outside of IraLler, Cai] 442-214 rfter 5:00 p.m. ^[*y finance. 33--Rooms For Rent PEOPLE'S INN, 511 West Mountain, ha a lew rooms open Eroni J12L50 per weel Phone 521-TO97. LA RGB looms nva Liable M«y 15-229 Block. Share lIvlnRmm, kitchen, hath ptr month. Phone 442-ST13 after 5:0a ·nvo sleeping rooms (or two male si' den!?. Kliare bath and Vilchen. Wfclkin distanoc ot Mmpus. Private enlrani ·J -12-7317. ROOM For rent, carpeted, central hea conailloned, 1106 East Ridirewa ve,, Fnyrtteville. Phone 442-S74B. 34--Apart merits For Rent FT JRNISHBD one ho ttroom c fliciem Small pet allowed, water ami gas pa 875 per month Phone ^3-263! ONE bedroom tumislieil u pity ins apai menl. Gas and water fiirni'shcil. Gradua 1 student prcferrci). Available June Phont AW-SS35 afler 5:t» or Saturday. ONE bedroom, t-arpcled, new rieoor !"0 [tins utilities, iroup!e only, no pel Phone 443-1063, 2 BEDROOM furnished apartment con tral air, rarpo), large rooms, clo-,els. Qufel. of£-s(recl locfllion on Nor Garland. Teposit and lease requi No pets. Call 44?-4nS, TOW'ER APARTMBWT3. One bednwm furnUfiei], close 1o Unl\-ersllj', a^ for summer and fall. Call KH-'Jtt or 44- 40K. iTATTRBSS AND BOX SPRINGS SBT Ten year puaranteetl orthopedic sets with ir rnsupjwrl only $89.95. Some queen ind kins size .lels a\ i ailab!e akrv ·ish or icniis ft\-ftllab!e- United Freight s, Hw v KJ. w. FiiyettevHIe, open ^i-Kri., till 6:00 Sat. MATH1AS DISCOUNT 7 T B South on Curve ALE -- Ladi e.s' casua 1 ] either iiindals T\\'o pairs, SS.OO jootl select inn ladies' men'* vestern boots -- Tony Lama etc. WESTERN Shirts -- $7.SR Jt up. Western Rlnuscs -- J4.8fl-5S.88 AMERICAN made ranvas -- |1.50 tip. braj -- Carnival brand -\'y Price. GOU* STIIOES--Ben Hogan Foot Joy MBTAL Deiectoia - Garrett, Uw Pr onaVs Cliotce. Gold and illver oplni hl and sold. Call Ab* Uncoln, S3 27--Musical MerchandiM ,TION Lrgcnd vuitar. Less t h a n six mr»n1h.7 o^l. Kcw L-osl ataosl |500. Will for J100. Phone S21WW._ ORGAN. Masnavox. small, two Scey- ioari1 electric, Walnut cabinet, pond condition. S.1CO or best o«er. L'.ill aj7- nKR jruihtr. T«'o S-trark tape players. Set o* Rolf i-luls. T'hono S21-3IK6. STKF5KO ST'l^AKRRa -- United Freic S'.ifcs lias jusl received a brann" n r . ipmcnl ol Mmous name brnrni n i r ·sTirn.sion speakers. These speakers arc i-nrry a "· year wurranly anil prices ·:lari al just 52fl.95 a pftir. Unilerl Freifdit iWtf. ]|wy bl W. FayetleviLk. Oien 1-3 Mon-Fri., till 6:00 S«t. SUPKR (M.\n i ONKNT SYbTBMS -- Just received (10) super rompotient srslems which Include Orurard proressional turn- Inblc. extra powerful 250 wntl AT/Ft mullip!ex receiver, provisions lor 1ape rcc^irdinn and playing plus a jumbo 12 iv;iy air susponsiofi audio speaker sysic Ilicsc srL-; have a oo* year parts arid»r sunranlee and have a normal rel. 10 of S.V21.W but can be yoiirs I Sl'SO.Ki rash or terms at United Frr^lil Sal PS H*y *P. W. FViyellev Open fl-! Mon-Kri., lill 6:00 Krtt. n*.\iTF:n CY»TTONEXT .TPTTS -- we arr cleanup out our unclaimed compon- e n t sels. Tlic sets biclude AM/KM si- ^hina f-poaiters. Tney will be sold (or ' £B.« while rhcy r«*t. May be In- lci! at Unilert Freight Kale?, Hwy fi? W. fayctteville. Open 9'9 ^^o^-F^i., Ul fi:00 9dt. 28--Antiques--For Sale A NTIQUB sofa, love 5 ea I and rfi s tr, ^X), Needj reooverin*. Phone 4O-3KW. BVER.YTW)DY read* tt« TQCE3 WANT ADS. You ar«[ To Place, Cancel or Correct Your Classified Ad for Tomorrow's Paper CALL BEFORE 4:00 P.M. TODAY 442-6242 Ask For Classfied JENNY LYNN 11 S, Duncan -- Faj'etteville 521-7240 -- M*r. Apt, No, 13 SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE LA HO C [urni shed, on e lictlroom a pa menl, close lo campus. 5S7.50 [XT mo,T Oil 521-D063 afler fi p.m. NOW LEASING 4--Apartment* Far font 34-ApartnwiM* For Rent U bedroom laral*rt, |M. ullllll« d. IX prts, Eut (5. Pticmt H3-UC6. KU, Lonttd cl««n, Mrnlikcd, «» ·dnxra. nurrlM coupic. JT5 piui atlli- s. no don, Inquire at 309 We* Sprlm. HICK, oor or 5 brtnxjra apart tnl 00 Ka^ronl Lull. Phone SZM739. MAPLE MANOR APTS. rAYETTXVll.LE'S TTNEST ow leasing one. two, three or ur bedrooms -- Furnished or un* urnished. ZfXd Wedinjton hone 521-7206 -- Otfice In Apt 1 P^TTMAK-HILi, APARTMENTS Mrniahed two bedroom dlttoned-- carpel-- *-arhta,EW disposal- near UnlvtraHy-- 44M797 after 4 p.m. WO bedroom fuml^cd apartment, air conditioned, dishira*er, carpeted through it, IVi baths, summer reduced rates OT University. Oakhtl. Apts. Phone IDS or 4-42-#M3, "VRNISHEU apartmtnt--efficiPnrtM, one nd two bedroom-some-«Lr ccndllioned n very qu!«l environment, close lo cam pus. 531-2236. UMMER SPECIAL 3 bedroom aparl ents, 7 So. Duncan. Well furnished cntral air, dishwasher, disposal. e 521-5971, BEHIND THE WAIL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer and Call. Phone 521-2761 mJDENTS: Fu rnished a pa rtmenls, locirs 1 rom campus. Collasos i n coui r-, 10 mlnulei from campui. $55 up ~ lone -H2-K283. CU.MMIN'GS APAKTSrENTS. Now ren up for summer, close to osmiias. On ind two bedrooms, MmkliP4. Ptwn FREE RENT THIS MONTH apartments now availabl Hove In now and get the mont of May rent free. Special s u m m c rales. Two bedrooms, furntshe quality built apartments with a ,he exiraj Including dishwa^heri 'all today far an appoint men' 44^-4757. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER bedroom efficiency curnishe apartment. UtilitLe^ paid. $70. Fron 8:00-5:00 call Scholars Inn. 521-5923 A f t e r 5:00 and weekend* call 442 9198. DELMARR 2 bedroom townhouse. Bath \'z, fur nished or untarnished. Utilities no ·aid. Married couples only. Phon 521-2292 or 443-3515. LEASING FOR SUMMER Corner of Leverett Lawson. trir. townhouse apartments. 1 hath, central air, frost free re (rigerator, dishwasher, disposa Furnished or unfurnished. Wate hill paid. One unit vacant May Is Five units vacant June 1st. For IT formation and application ca Bryce Davis. .121-8660. 808 TOWNHOUSE M--Apartment* For Rent SB, l«ro. and three bedroom _ __ YwnU. HO to ILM. Unlv*ra£tr c*m- ir*«. Fhooa 442-TTIfl, vrry n1« and convmlent Ants., 1510 Xtitleshlp. PboM after 5 call «2-9MS. renting tor summer *n4 tall--«n« nd two bedroom apcrtmnets. Kerr in- eatntent Oo. P 21-4190, 442-2537. UI-I riy*tt*ville'« Newest Apartments Garland Garden Apts, 2000 N. Garland Fayetteville PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS FUR SUMMER RATES * AVArLABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION: * ' CHATEAU, INC. 1764 N. Leverett Fayettcvllle * 5?1-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 , CHATEAU !V 1T64 N. Leverett Fayetteville 521-3213 , Mgr. Apt. No. 1 ·i KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland Fayetteville 442-8981 1 M£r. Apt. No. 64 COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett Fayetteville 521-2110 M$r. Apt. No. 1 JENNY IYNN 11 South Duncan Fayetteville , 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 i GARLAND GARDENS 4 2000 N. Garland Fayetteville 442-8981 Mgr. (Ken-Claire Apt. Ni M) SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PRW. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Fayetteville 442-8981 -- Mgr. Apt. No. 64 SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE ONE BEDROOM apartment nltroty fur 1 =h*d, but no a i r. 5S5 month willio utilities. Sorry no pe\s. Call 521-S16G atl 5:W. UNFURNISHED apartment, two hoi rooms, $»0-IK] per month plus $55 clca up deposit. Reference required. Sou Block Sts.. Apt 11 442-TT0. FURNISHED tr!-plex. save gas! Nc campufi, one bedroom, paneled, tile »ho c r and tub, married couplt. A Iso efliciency for matur« »tudenf. phone BASKMENT efrtnmcy apartment, rooms, 2 Wocks from campus, lor v quiet student. fSO bills rwid, 521-3263 TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is o 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-230 Friendly Family Alinosphere. 1. 3 Bedrooms. Furnished or U furnished. S t a r l i n R nl 5101. C r n l r heat a i r , AH utilities paid except electric, Complete laundry fa- dlitte*, Dayt-nre c e n t e r on premises, Country Club Rond Office Open 9-5 53I-T2011 AHer 5 p.m. S^l-STM T\VO BKDROO.M nicely furnished (t[art- eills. Block \'i from nmpns. t^llv nwtcd heal/air. All utilities paid. S L I month, 521-6166. Available Mav IS June I. July 1. COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverelt -- Faye(lcviH« U2-98I -- Mgr. A p t . Xo. I SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE N'KARLY new, nice two bedroom unfurnished except slove nnd iclrigeralor, car- pclej, air and centra! heat. Married [, Nu [«s. Call after A:QQ. GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. G a r l a n d -- FayeUcvLUe U2-SP81 Mgr.--(Ken Claire No. «) SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE TWO bedrwxn, unfumishM. All paid, lotfiletl off Hivray 71 JVw(h oc Chcrrj- St. Exrr-llMit localion lo ries, JIM monthly. rh(Mi LEASE YOUR CAR A NEW PONTIAC- CADILLAC OR ANY MAKE OF NEW OR LATE MODEL CAR OF YOUR CHOICE. CONTACT: HATFIELD 22 E. MEADOW - FAYETTEVILLE PHONE 442-2303 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rotes... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Rozorback Annex - 575-3951 LUBRICATION SPECIAL! at HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS, INC. Now Thru MAY 31st On ALL Chrysler and Datsun Products Oil Filter Special -- Reg. $8.25 SPECIAL . . . $5.98 Lube Job with Oil Special 99 Pack Front Wheeel Bearing and Check Fran Brake Linings. Reg. $12-98 SPECIAL . . . $6.98 Disc Brakes $3.00 Extra We have an expert body shop to repair bod damage quickly and efficiently. All Specials Effective Thru May 31 tt HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS 3372 N. College 442-425 A GREAT PUCE TOR FAMILIES" Jn« Bedroom ]«.« "wo Bedroom 1HOO irec Bedroom 1U.OO 11 utilities paid, central heat and c. unlurnlihed. lamlltea. 'ASHTNGTON LAZA VPARTMENTS IKS, N. Lewk 521-30TJ Office Hours «-.10-S:30 Cloxed Saturdays Sunday* Norffiw*« Arfnntot TIMiS, FrUoy, May 17, 1*74 AvrrrrviLi.1, « THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES Th* ultlm*U In 2 bedroom fur- nUhtd and unfuratotied. Hit bath* enced p*tto# wMber-dryer connection!, All electric kitchen, 15*1 Everett Street. Phone 443-2072. lew town homes. 182* N. Greu. Pbon* CREEKWOOO VILLA Check These Feature*: Central Air · Shag Carpet* Queen size berfs *· Frost-free rein. · Dishwasher Sc Dtapoa* Pool · Free TV Hookup. Low ummer rales, 5117.50 -- One Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electric apartment £1?Q per month, imlshed apartment fi.00 per month. .. bills paid except water. 841 WMtfaun. IJ4362. RPflRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING or immediate occupoancy. Also lo une Sept. Completely carpetet Ml utilities paid except Electricity rkla gas heating and air cond! oniiuf. -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Ib. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complete taundry Acre* of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1WO Melmar Drive Office 443-2141 -- Apt. 100 ~UR iN'ISHK D a paitment and fumlstt^ nobile home. Deposit required. Hanna ~ ~ne, 600 W. 6lii SL Phone 521-6M5, \LMOST NEW two bedroom fumishrt pnrtmpnts. 2 blocks campus, eentr .i r p su mrner rates. 521*1019 or 521-S3 .Her ):00. SPECIAL SUMIVrfiR RATES RAXOKISACK FU\ZA now tskln^ apptica ions lor June 1. Furnished, 2 bedroom : bath Jully carpeted, dishwasher, poo ill bills paid- Walking distance to Unl ·ersitj-. Phorie 521-517S. EVERYBODY readi th* TOIE9 . Vou IP*! · T3 4-ApartnMHte F^r Itont TWO b*4rooni MmlihH apirtmnvti, r« per month p4iu uttltUM. CTow to campus. 700 N. Garland, 443-M18. ; ! G L E N D A L E v -j Renting for Summer r |$125 Per Month · j 1 Bedroom Furnished ..Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Etsa Rosenberg 632 Putman - 442-6638 SKULL CREEK APIS. MO N. Leventt 531-27«1 . 2. and 3 b«droom fumlated or ,nfurnl»hel. All uUlitlo vald. two wlmmlnf pooU. tennla oonrte, laundry, (roctrr. m facillUw. air HOLUNGSWORTH ARMS One block jouth of th» Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished apartment available now. AIco leasing for cummer and fall. Summer ratev NOW AVAILABLE 1 Si a BEDHOOM UNITS AT IEVERETT GARDEN ARTS. friendly atmosphere 2 Urge pooli recreation room. Summer rate* ·( feetlve June 1st. CALL 521.7200 9 TUX ( CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 1TM N. Leverett -- Fayetteville r. Apt. No. 1 SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Two blocki of campus. Summer Rate*. 443-4460, 521-4249. or BEVERLY MANOR APTS -Apertnwnta For Rent FURK1SH7JD one tiednKni, carpel, a! conditioned, private partial, slnre I*. male. J83, no petj. M1K8 35--DuphxM For Rfmt LUXURY PLUS All conveniences and ih»K car- jet in two bedroom. unfurnl»h«d lownhouses, great view, $230 per month. Call Lee Bosa at Gallery Of Home«, 5?l-7272. GET TAN On redwood tun deck at rear ot two bedroom duplex, close to University, Paneled throughout, stove and refrigerator furnished, $1G5 per month. Call Lee Boss 521-72T2. TWO bedroom unfurnished near V. \. Hospital and Kvelyn dills. Single pers " . J75 per monlfi . Phon TWO bedroom duplex ?13 a monlh. Ciill Mildred Grauo. 442-4310 or Slagecoat-h Real Estate, i^-llSO, n\X BEDROOM duplex, unlurni.^cd JtO". - «, dtshwasfter, disposal, washcr/rlry- «r connections, fireplace, licxrt school a«». lu\ly \*g va rpe Led th roa^nout, central air/heat. J1SO per monlh. Phon« 521-1625. FURNISHED, 2 bedroom, carpel, atf conditioned. ¥115 month $50 deposit. No bills paid. Phone 442-3320. UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom brick. (100 plus J30 depoiit and bills. 23:# Holly. Kit 44Z-70B1. After 8:00, 267-3336. TWO bedroom, unfurnished, stove anfl refriKeralor. f75. Phone 44^^2 BEDROOM, central wat/elr, carport, shtar carpel, waster/dr-er f-onncctions, disposals, furnished, very quiet. Garden space, couples preferred, no rio-^s. 442- ATR-CONDmONBD furnished, carpeted, » plu* ullllUos. Phone 443-3T29. DUPLEX apartment, (uraiiticd, two bedroom air-conditioned, summer *SQ plui electricity, (all $120 plus electricity. 1107 North Leverett, 442-7413. ^___^_ USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE 1973 MONTEGO MX 4-Door, power and air . .$2995 1972 MONTE CARLO, power and air ..,.-- $2895 1972 BUICK LeSabre 4-Door, power and oir $2995 1971 CAPRI 4-Cylinder · - . .$1995 1971 MUSTANG V8 ....-...,., ...$1695 1971 MARQUIS 2-Door Hardtoop, 23,000 miles $2495 1970 MONTEREY 4-Door, power and air $1095 1970 MAVERICK $1395 1970 OLDS 98 4-Door $1295 1969 PLYMOUTH Fury III, power and air $1395 1969 CHEVROLET 4-Door $ 695 1969 RAMBLER Rebel 4-Cylinder $ 695 1967 BUICK 4-Door $ 4 7 5 1967 MERCURY 4-Door $ 595 1966 OLDS Toronado $ 475 1965 CHEVROLET 4-Door $ 225 1965 DODGE Dart, 35,000 Miles $ 695 1961 FORD 2-Door .. $ 195 GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO. 331-337 N. College Ph. 442-5321 or 442-7022 Mean Mary Joan, Superstar of our Economy Team, aays: Duster vs.Vega and Pinto? Small Competition. Passenger Capacil/ Front Shoulder Room Rear Shoulder Room Front Hip Room Rear Hip Room Trunk Size (cu. ft.) Ignition System Duster Fhra 514' SS.O' 57 J' S7T 19.1 Electronic Ignition V»fla Four 51.6' 49.5" 49.2" 42.S' 8.7 Points Condenser Pinto Four 55.551.0" 51.8" 41.6" 6.3 Points 4 Condenser PAA Plymouth Dwter. on* of eight great ·mail car buy* from ^ Plymouth.' IVEY MOTOR CO. 620 N. College 442-8691

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