Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1974
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Dear Mrs. Y.: D e s p i t e n e w HERTS -me UOK.P-FA/MOUS BEA61E SCOUT ON A HIKE tT WAKE? HW REAUZfi JtWT HObJ EASV IT TO OPl LIKE THIS MAKES itJU LOCK AT LIFE PIFFERENTW- SO WHAT?r GET LOST, SHOCTV' KICK ! MV DOS 15 TAU-EC AND LS. THANVOU.' HANDSOME? I JUST GROW SLOWLY.' MEET VDU AT THE. SAVOY AT EIGHT, OOLLJ MEET TALL HAND5CME 0CH MAN",' ...THEM SUMS HIM TO THE WALL T S(VE up i I'M NOT A COP, MR.SULEMAN, NOR IS fW HE'S A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ANP WE WANT 10 BUY THAT ' COIN COLLECTION, dUST L1KEX TOUP 17 H A WHIPLASH MOTION /PEPPER JERKS 5UUY FORWARB WHITEWASHIN'THE PICKETS J'UU 0UV -tM-'W I IS SONS TO RUN FOR. Office J'tU SHOW ALL. THAT J'Vg LflNDO'GOSHEN!! IT'S FIXIIM'TO POUR DOWN flW I'LL NEVER MflKE IT BflCK TO TH' HOUSE f AFTER 59 VEARS OF THIN KING Y/' , WAS _ Y" -ONCE t KNEW ME ,-M'VE RELEASED , THE BLOOMER. FIEND.'/ COULDN'T ENOCH wy RETIREMENT VWinVlM INSIDE-- WAS INCAPABLE OF MURDER.."" [ IT OVER, BLOOMER FIEND, V IMSPECTORBLOGSTON1E VJERE I INCAPABLE: cp MURDER.'/" YOU KlpOIU6?.' sue fflJ 1RUADOS AUP HOW ABOUT MOTHER HOOCH THAT iu MAP A Ufft£ NIP To WARP off me 6V6UIUG CHILI. CASANOVA MISSED/^ THE POINT LOOK- Ce4R,TH£RES A FULL MOON M THE SKY WHERE DID YOU EXPECT rr TO BE? 1£W^--Believe /I orJfrt/ Noil* w««t Aifcanm TIMES, Friday, May 17, 1974 · AVBTTKVILLB, AUKAMM* TO PARISH CHURCH Of Wt«IS,Be1SI«, BUILT M IH5 WftS CDMSnwCTH) AROUND THE BELFRY OF ANOTHR CHURCH ERKTB200 YEMf EARLIER FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope SUM MOHAMMED ben AISSA HK-1533 ! a Moroccan holy man, M THE BELIEF THAT HE COIID STUDY BEST AT N16HT, READ THE KORAN ALL NIGHT THROU6HOUT HIS ADULT LIFE -KEEPM6 AWAKE BY TYING A TO of m AIXAOUAS. A 'my OKKK Hf FOUNOtD. STILL UCAR f LONG LOCH OF HAIR IH HIS HONOR A TREE BRANCH LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Exploratory Operation Establishes Diagnosis an "Exploratory Mrs. J.Y., Ind. techniques. sometimes the exact diagnosis of a condition inside the abdomen is difficult to establish. Even with radio-opaque dyes, conditions of the stomach, the gall bladder, the kidneys, the liver, the intestines and the pelvis sometimes elude the keenest observation. When this occurs, physicians and surgeons suggest an exploratory operation, or "laparo- tomy," to confirm a suspected diagnosis. SAFEST WAYS At first, it may seem that this is an extreme way to approach such a problem. With the safety of today's anesthesia, ·apidity with which the abdomen can be opened, the ex- ploraory operation is often the to determine unexplained symptoms and to reveal hidden disease. In some inslances, the exploratory operation can be considered the most conservative approach, rather than an apparent radical one. By this method, problems that evade proper diagnosis can be identified so that complica- not ensue because of delayed treatment. Before an exploratory opera- performed, physicians and surgeons carefully evaluate of safety and the advantages against other, more involved approaches. I have a 15-month-old daugh er. Naturally, she raises a fus whenever I give her medicine So much spills that I don't kno f she's had enough. If I tr again I worry that she gets to much. Have you any suggeF is? Mrs. W.W.F., Tex 11 ·MUDiwnniiiMinH iiiiiiiMiiiiiirotiiiiiBtiiitnu Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find r hat your outlook is, according o the stars. FOR SAT., MAY 18 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Stimulating influences now oster inventiveness. An excellent period in which to try out new devices and methods, o capitalize on unique ideas. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) You may have a tendency to » too impressionable. Avoid Becoming involved in ticklish situations into which you could be trapped -- and which could cause trouble later. (EMINI (May 22 to June 21) A fine day in which to display vour showmanship; also your *ift for being able to come up with a switch in tactics that changes the humdrum into the CANCER (June 22 to July 23) In both business and financial matters, use only procedures. D o n Dear Mrs. F.: I have an excellent one which ; not mine. 1 recall that this clever idea originated with Dr. William Sohn, in Pennsylvania. Many of his little patients ere deprived of medication when it was given with a teaspoon. Even an eye dropper applied inside the cheek did not always work. EMPTY NIPPLE He tells the mothers to hold an empty nipple in the baby's mouth. They then put the exact dose of the medicine in the nipple. The baby sucks on it and gets the entire dose. Now I know what you mothers are thinking. "Suppose the baby doesn't like the taste it sucks the nipple? .Then what?" All ideas are welcome! time-testec t attempl anything risky now. And don'l :ry for the unreasonable. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Make time count. Whether handling large or small mat ters, don't let nonesscntials gel in the way of steady progress Personal relationshps high!} favored. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Without realizing it, you may be a victim of your own fear.s and misgivings. Pull yourscl together. This is a day which c a l l s for clear thought definitive action--and self confidence. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You should make fairly gooc headway in most activities, bu don't go off on tangents o cattcr energies. Either couk ffset best endeavors. CORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22} Stellar aspects give a lift t our personality, help you t lur activities to a lively pace 's a day for achievement! AG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 1) Try not to make drasti' hanges in your schedule. It "ould cause delays, disturb ssocialcs. Keep everything on n even keel. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Don't listen to what others ay when you have reason to Believe the .source is ques- ionable. Stress your good judgment and objectivity. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) A day in which the Aquarian's abilities can shine -- especially his gift for judging he advantages of a situation which confounds others. 'ISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Good influences. Occupational nterests. domestic concerns, educational pursuits especially avored. YOU BORN TODAY ar8 endowed with a fine mind, unusual versatility and cx- raordinary business acumen. You are extremely ambitious -not, as many Taureans, for great causes or for the sake of achievement in itself -- but more personal and material scale. AND. because you have the tenacity to keep slugging toward your goals and the concentration of purpose and needed to achieve them, you usually succeed -- often acquiring a fortune along the way. With all of this stress on material a most p Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and, while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1. Resin 4. Copper money 7. Assumed 11. Minute particle 13. Statute 14. Russian name 15. Beverage Ifi. Erist 17. Disembark IS. Masts 20. Arctic animal 22. Sweet potato 24. Fixed the cost of 28. Struck 32. -- Peninsula 33. South American monkey 34. Twitching 36. Muck 31. Betel palm 39. Castle keeps 41. Fester 43. Affirmative 44. Sensed 45. Cinder SO. Outdoor sport 53. Flounder 55. Comfort 56. German river 57. Australian bird 58. Without DOWN 1. Young girl 2. Above 3. Musical passage t. Wing S. Auditory organs G. Brush lightly 19. Weaken .21. Fortify 23. Joined 25. Muse of history 26. Merit 27. Stains 28. Heavenly body 29. Spend it in Milan opher (L.) 8. Eggs 59. Worthless 9. Operated plant 10. Finish GO. Communist 12. Former 6L Guided movie star Avg. solution time: 25 min. Answer to yesterday's pozzle. 7. U.S. phflos- 30. Solar disk 31. Performed 35. Demure 38. Pub specialty 40. Bom 42. Church official 45. Subdue 47. To lade 48. Anglo- Saxon serf 49. Organ part St. Exclamation 51. Lyric poem 52. Famous general 54. Mac's crony gain you are, however, hilosophical individual and can take the bad with the g o o d with considerable equanimity. Along artistic lines, you have a strong affinity for music and could make an enviable name for yourself in this field. Other careers which you c o u l d successfully adopt: d r a m a t i c c r i t i c i s m , playwrighting, business counseling. finance. Traits to curb: intolerance and dictatorialness. Birthdate of: Sir Bertrand R u s s e l l , Eng. philosopher; Perry Como, singer; Dame IMargot Fonteyn, renowned ballerina; Jacob K. Javits, U.S. statesman. You are vulnerable, jeen: South, both sides The bidding has North · 2NT East Pass Pass South 1» West Pass iiiiiniiiMiiiiminrniminimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiitiimiifli innim inininuiiiiiniii minimum iiiiiniiiinni [niiiiiiiniiiiin B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) mr » ·m number for a slam is 33, so you are on firm ground in raising partner to six. Further more, you have a notrump type of hand. i. Three spades. This hand also has a huge slam potential, but it is not a member of the notrump family because of the singleton c l u b . Suit slams generally don't require 3.1 points where there arc distributional values that compensate for a shortage of high-card points. The spades are mentioned, not in (he hope of finding North with four of them, which is unlikely, but to try to represent the 4-5-3-1 distribution for slam purposes. The intention is to bid four diamonds if partner's rebid is three notrump. North will thus learn of the club shortage and (his will make it much easier for him to choose the best contract. \. Three notrump. It is un- n e c e s s a r y to bid three diamonds, since by far tbe most promising path to game is notrump. Nine tricks in not r u m p are apt to be easier to negotiate than eleven tricks in diamonds. 5. Three notrump. Hands with singletons are certainly not ideal for notrump. but there is What would you bid now with ·ach of these five hands? 1.4KG3 VQ7542 * 62 + J73 VKQ8G3 · QJ +K92 course shows ame, 1*872 VKJ954 AJ76 * 93 J7G42 4 10 *A85 . Pass. The two no t r u m p bid s not forcing, though it is of highly invitiitional. It a strong interest in but at the same time emits responder to pass with 10 values beyond those already [uaranteted. As the heart re- ,ponse was based on minimum f a!ues, the wisest thing to do s pass. Point count can be used to reach the same conclusion. The wo notrump rcbid theoretically shows 18 or 19 points. The c o m b i n e d values therefore cannot reach 26 points, the number usually required for hree notrump. The fact is that making even eight trtcks is far "rom certain, 2. Six notrump. Point count s helpful here also. Your 15 points added to North's 18 or .9 bring you to 33 or 34 in .he combined hands. The magic better sight, must be alternative Obviously reached. contract game the combined h a n d s contain at least 26 points. The only other bid to consider is three hearts, hut it would he misleading to rebid such a weak suit. PONYTAIL "liable, this a your lucky day! Sue and 1 are going to let you give us a ride home from school!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try'em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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